Top 50 Wedding Stylists in Melbourne Victoria [2021]

Wedding stylists are the unsung heroes of weddings. They take a lot of time, effort and patience to do their job well. These professionals ensure that everything is perfect for the big day - from hair and makeup to the bride's dress, suits for the groom and groomsmen, decorations, favours and more. The best wedding stylists have an impeccable eye for detail and will help you create a beautiful event without any stress on your part! If you're planning your wedding or know someone who is, contact us today to help bring your vision to life!

"A wedding stylist is the person in charge of making sure that a bride's vision for her big day becomes a reality. They are responsible for going through all of the details and selecting everything from table settings to flowers, linens, and favours."

To help you get started on your wedding stylist hunt, we've rounded up our favourite wedding stylist from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List Wedding Stylists in Melbourne Victoria

    Feel Good Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    feel good events

    +61 1300 134 494

    Feel Good Events Is For People Who Believe That Decorating A Party Or Wedding Is Really Important And Can Make A Big Impact On The Party Experience

    Our Main Focus Is On People Who Want Help To Transform Their Event Venue So That It Changes How Their Guests Feel

    Our Promise Is That By Working With Our Expert Event Decorators, We Will Transform Your Event Space So That It Creates A Party Your Guests Will Talk About For Years To Come

    Experienced wedding planners and decorators are helping you create a beautiful & fun wedding. The latest wedding hire and styling products are available. Expert advice to help you create your own unique wedding story that you won't forget. Helping couples to really make sure their wedding day is one of the biggest parties of their lives.

    Venue Transformations  

    Event Decorators & Planners Who Can Transform Your Venue Into Any Theme Or Style, For Any Type Of Event

    It doesn't matter where you are choosing to have your party or wedding; Feel Good Events can totally transform your event space. Our expert event decorators can decorate your venue to look like a completely different room. Using our massive range of hire and decorating products, we can create a party atmosphere that stimulates your guests 5 senses in every way. You can choose a traditional style or theme, or we can custom create a style for you. Event Decorators and Planners in Melbourne taking your event to the next level.

    About Feel Good Events

    If there is one word to describe the team at Feel Good Events, it's Passion! Morning, noon & night, 7 days a week, our team is either planning parties, setting up parties or talking about how we can make parties better.

    Established in 2008, Feel Good Events was set up to help our clients create better party experiences and ultimately make our clients feel good. Using our Partyology philosophy of many years of tried and tested ideas, we wanted our clients to be able to tell better party stories after their event. To put it simply, Feel Good Events are parties, weddings & event decorators/planners, but to us, it's a lot more than that. Factoring in every aspect of what can have an influence on your event is what makes us different to any other event company in Melbourne.

    Feel Good Events really love's using our Partyology Philosophy to help create an atmosphere that stimulates your guest's senses in every way. We love creating an atmosphere that delivers an awesome, fun party experience that connects people together, makes guests feel relaxed and brings out their inner party animal.

    What we really love doing is making you and your guests Feel Good!

    The team at Feel Good Events are experts in theming, party and wedding decorating.

    Parties are supposed to be big, bold and go off with a bang, so don't leave your party planning to just anyone. From milestone birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baby Showers, to Corporate Events, Weddings, Parties and anything you can dream up.

    The Style Co. - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the style co.

    +61 3 9425 9798

    We get asked all the time what it's really like to be an event stylist.

    It's 5 am starts, and 5 am finishes—sleep deprivation for days on end.

    It's meeting the nicest people you can imagine.

    It's working in 40-degree heat or in the pouring rain and everything in between.

    It's heavy lifting, cuts, bruises, sunburn. It's climbing stairs, ladders and trees.

    It's playing with flowers, fabrics, timber & paint.

    It's working with other creatives and people that 'get' us.

    It's putting our passion, creativity, heart and soul into a design.

    It's pushing the boundaries.

    It has the best team with us.

    It's months of planning, only hours to build and minutes to tear down.

    It's getting to know our clients, turning them into friends and creating something truly amazing for them.

    It's the look on their faces as they walk in.

    It's when we're done, we stand back and are proud of what our team have created.

    It's at that point that we know it was all worth it.

    there is nothing else we'd rather do….

    we do what we love. We love what we do.

    So, we hope we get to create something for you soon…

    P.S To all of our clients and supporters, some we are yet to meet, thank you for loving and sharing our work.

    We're lucky to be able to create, build and laugh with some amazing people,

    especially our team – the loveliest, super creative and hardest working bunch we know.

    S&S Event Specialists - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    s&s event specialists

    +61 466 097 827

    Most Stylish Wedding & Event Decorators in Melbourne.

    We style your selected venue for your special occasions.

    Make your special event unforgettable.


    S&S Event Specialists was established for my daughter's 1st birthday as we couldn't find a cheap and good event planner, and now we specialise in Weddings, Receptions, Engagements, Birthdays, Outdoor Decorations and Traditional decorations around Victoria to make your dream event a reality. 

    Our specialty is discovering unique, creative, fun and innovative design concepts to make your events stand out. We visit client chosen venues and offer suggestions on how to best utilise venue space as well as recommend other decorations that will accentuate the venue and its style. We also generally deliver, set up and remove decorations. (same day services) which helps our client have their dream event without any hassle.

    ​We also have many different varieties of decoration packages which will make it easy for our clients to happily choose a design to base their event with a budget on and make their dream come true! We have an extensive range of decorating items for hire, including table centrepieces, vases, quality table covers, table runners, chair covers, chair sashes, red carpets, backdrop draping, lighting, walking path pillars, VIP Chairs, wedding swings, floor lamps, wedding candles, floating candles, wedding candelabras, battery-operated candles, table centrepiece mirrors, main bridal table decorations, Hindu wedding manavarai's, Brass items, Garlands and much more...

    Weddings, Receptions and Engagement 

    We provide complete decorations set up for all types of weddings, engagements and receptions, including outdoor events (Beach/Garden or Backyards)

    Birthday and Balloons 

    We can proudly say that we are one of the best event specialists for any Birthday or Balloons decorations around Victoria (Melbourne), especially with theme decorations. We only use high-quality balloons, in a wide range of colours that are suitable for any Birthdays and any other Occasions. We can customise the balloons according to the type and design that the client is excepting according to their budget. We guarantee that our balloons will stay afloat for the entire duration of your function.

    Traditional ceremony Decorations

    We provide complete decorations set up for all types of traditional Ceremonies around Victoria (Melbourne) wide. Especially we specialised for Puberty Ceremony Decorations.

    Hire Products

    We have an extensive range of decorating items for hire, including table centrepieces, vases, table covers, table runners, chair covers, chair sashes, red carpets, draping, lighting, walking path pillars, VIP chairs, wedding chairs, wedding doli, wedding swing, floor lamps, wedding candles, floating candles, wedding candelabras, battery-operated candles, table centrepiece mirrors, main bridal table decorations, Hindu wedding manavarai, brass items, garlands and much more!

    Fresh Flower Arrangements 

    We provide complete fresh flower arrangements for all types of functions around Victoria (Melbourne) wide. Especially we specialised for Fresh Flower Manavarai Decorations.

    Wedding Stylist FAQs

    Is it important to have a wedding stylist?

    The Difference

    You can think of wedding planning as the basis of a wedding. Your wedding planner organises, sources, manages, checks, controls, and troubleshoots everything that needs to be done before. This can happen while and sometimes even after the wedding.

    A wedding event stylist is much more like the makeup of your wedding. Colours, fabrics, flowers, ambience, tablescape or common thread. Simply everything that makes you and your guests feel amazed and carried away into another world.

    Hiring an event stylist with a design background will help you match your wedding design with your style.

    The Advantages

    Engaged couples often don't have much time planning and organising their wedding right down to the last detail. Some of them don't even know much about matching colours, stylish decorations or exceptional designs.

    Hiring me as your event stylist will make your life so much easier. To sum up, I will create a bespoke concept to fit your style. Just choose a venue that you love, and let me treat it like a beautiful white canvas as I begin to personalise it for you. Once I know all about your visions and wishes on how your wedding should be, I will find the perfect vendors to make them come true.

    It will take all the stress off you, and in the end, you can be sure: ceremony and reception, flowers and tablescape, your stationery as well as your wedding dress. Everything will fit harmoniously together.

    Do you need a wedding planner or a wedding stylist?

    The difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Stylist is often easily confusing, so it's essential to be clear on exactly what each role entails when you're trying to decide on which services to engage for your big day. So what is the difference between them, and which one is right for you and your budget?

    A Wedding Planner can also double as a Wedding Stylist if they have expertise in both event development and creative styling. But specifically, a Wedding Planner is a professional who partners with you to ensure all the practical details, logistics and contractual "planning" processes are seamlessly developed and delivered from start to finish. In contrast, a Wedding Stylist works to assist you in determining what your unforgettable day will look like – only. 

    For example, they will help make your wedding look a specific way. Still, they won't be at the ceremony to make sure your wedding party adheres to the timing you rehearsed or at the reception to ensure the pre-reception drinks and canapés are served with the proper flow and pace. All those other finicky details you don't even realise you need until the day arrives!

    To find the right supplier for your needs, take some time to think about the elements of your wedding you feel confident with and the areas where you'd like some extra help! You'll also want to consider how much time you have available to dedicate to your wedding planning and the amount of responsibility you want to take on board.

    A great place to start is simply by compiling a list of all the elements you want assistance with, and use this when researching suppliers to see which one best fits your requirements. You can also find our top tips for finding the right wedding planner here to get started or check out some of our favourite Australian wedding stylists to follow for inspiration and ideas.

    What are the reasons to hire a wedding stylist?

    You get a professional that's dedicated to you and only you.

    The majority of wedding venues have weddings happening every day of the week, particularly Fridays – Sundays. And usually, there are just a couple of wedding day coordinators (depending on the size of the venue) who are responsible for setting up your ceremony and wedding reception – as well as everyone else's! In addition, a wedding stylist is focused solely on you and will be there on the day, putting in the work to make sure you get what you want.

    They'll stop your wedding looking like everyone else's

    If you go to an open day at your venue, you know that your wedding will follow the same set-up, which is excellent – if you love it. But it also means you'll be stuck with the same ceremony set up and wedding breakfast layout as every other couple, the same table linens, cutlery, crockery etc. And don't even get me started on the table stationery! How often have you come across the standard table numbers and menus used at every wedding and most probably printed on the office printer? Yuck! Opt for the traditional venue offerings, and that's what you'll get, but a good stylist will find clever ways to make it more personal.

    They'll bring your ideas to life.

    If you're creative and have sourced your props and decor, you can ask your venue coordinator to put everything out for you, but you'll need to be very clear about exactly where you want everything. So what happens when you know you love boho styled weddings beautifully and have hundreds of images on your Pinterest boards but have no idea how to pull that look off? Yep, that's right, call in a stylist! They'll work closely with you to understand what you are looking to achieve and bring it all to life, from working out budgets to suggesting the best ways to add some show-stopping lighting to brighten up a darker venue.

    You'll get a Pinterest-worthy day that will wow your guests.

    Wedding stylists are geniuses with props. They'll usually provide all of the props from their range or source anything specific you need, and it's the details in your styling that help create an atmosphere. From that romantic ceremony set up with candles and fabric backdrops to the perfect tablescape with beautiful silk runners, crockery, gold cutlery and elegant glassware – these details transform a typical wedding into an incredible one that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come. Not to mention providing a stunning setting for your wedding photos!

    You can focus on being the bride.

    Do you want to be halfway up a ladder hanging lights on the morning of your wedding? Stylists will set everything up to perfection on the day or the day before if the venue has restrictions and then take everything away again at the end of the day. This allows you to elevate the look of your day AND ditch the stress so you can enjoy your day knowing everything is taken care of. How good is that?!

    A note on wedding planners: wedding planners and stylists are not the same things. A wedding planner will often offer something similar – usually called on-the-day coordination – but it's focused on the logistics of the whole day and less on the styling. On the other hand, if you're like me and want to take control of your wedding planning yourself, a stylist is just what you need to transform your ideas and vision into a reality.

    What should I ask my wedding stylist?

    What colours will suit my venue? 

    Our stylists have worked across nearly all key venues in Sydney, and we have seen them by night and day. If you are in the early planning phases and haven't set a theme or a colour palette, it is a great idea to talk with your stylists about what has worked in the past. Your event stylist can suggest items that will highlight certain features and tones in the venue and offer what extra lighting or elements you might need to make your theme work in the space.

    What shape of centrepiece will compliment my tables? 

    Once upon a time, all venues had round tables, but we see more oval, square and banquet style tables become available in many venues. Rounds, ovals, squares and banquet tables significantly impact the style of tablescape you can have because the available footprint is very different. For example, if you have long banquet tables that are pretty narrow, a long trailing centrepiece will look best, and your stylist can help you figure out just how much space you have to play with so your place settings aren't cramped. On the other end of the spectrum, large 1.8m square tables look great with a significant central feature and a geometric pattern outwards filling the main tablespace.

    How can I recreate this look within my budget?

    We are the queens of creativity and here to help your event look amazing. If you have seen a centrepiece or event set-up that you love, but you know it falls outside your budget, brings in your inspiration, and talks to a stylist about recreating the look within a particular budget. We can suggest alternate elements that might fall closer to your price point without sacrificing the overall look and feel. We know our product and market incredibly well, so we can help you develop out-of-the-box ideas to customise and tailor a look to your budget.

    Can you provide flowers as well as furniture? 

    When planning a wedding or corporate event, flowers are often an essential part of the design. To save on transport and labour costs, ask your event stylist if they can assist with flowers and furniture, vases etc. At Divine Events, we can help you with all of your floral requirements, from buttonholes to large hanging floral installations, so let us know what you need, and we can make it happen!

    Do you have any suppliers that you recommend? 

    With over 10 years in the industry, we have a vast network of AV companies, bands, cake makers, photographers, candy bar companies and entertainers that can assist you with your wedding or corporate event. Sometimes it can help to get a few suggestions to explore if you are looking for a supplier outside your usual pool of requirements.

    What are the advantages of hiring a wedding stylist?

    They will lighten your load.

    Okay, so everyone knows the primary purpose of hiring a wedding planner is to have someone who can coordinate everything that can bog down couples who are already super busy. But, getting a wedding planner on board does not mean you are handing over control of what your big day will look like. Most wedding planners offer different packages, so you can choose how much or how little you want to work alongside them. Of course, the more you ask them to work for you, the bigger the price tag (but it's super worth the investment!!). Generally speaking, wedding planners will schedule appointments, liaise with vendors, and help you to plan out every detail of your wedding day.

    They will help you stick to your budget.

    While guest lists can be a pain in the backside, it is generally much easier to abide by a strict number of guests than to stick to a strict budget. However, no matter how hard you try, the temptation to add in just one more thing you saw while scrolling through Pinterest can sometimes be too hard to ignore. The result is another budget blow-out. A wedding planner on board can help keep you accountable for your spending and outside-the-box solutions that might allow you to add that extra Pinterest-inspired creation by cutting back on something else.

    They can snag you discounts.

    Wedding planners who have been in the industry will be well-connected, and they will not only know how to get you the best bang for your buck but might also get discounts from suppliers or venues they often use that they can then pass on you.

    They know who's hot.

    Another benefit of hiring a wedding planner is that they know who's who, which venues or suppliers are on-trend, and which ones you should avoid. None of this will be based on hearsay or random Google reviews, but on their own experiences from the past, so you know they will steer you in the right direction when they give their professional advice.

    They will dot the i's and the cross t's.

    The many and deposit requirements and various contracts couples have to sign to secure their favourite vendors can be a minefield, but having a wedding planner on the side will help you navigate it without fear of an explosion. When you are working with suppliers your wedding planner has worked with before, they will know the in's and outs of what will be required of you and can help you understand everything (even the fine print) before you commit to the contract. In addition, if you have any issues with the agreement, the wedding planner can act as a middle person to sort things out directly with the supplier.

    They are also designed, gurus.

    When it comes to weddings, planners have seen it all from budget, DIY-heavy, to top-of-the-line everything with glitz and glam. So, they will also have quite an eye for what will work for your decor and other elements that will help to tie into your theme seamlessly while still fitting in with your requirements. Wedding planners will also help you with original ideas that mean you can ditch Pinterest altogether and create something bespoke and as unique as you and your partner are.

    They can help with all wedding-related issues.

    Weddings can sometimes strain relationships with friends and family, and while enlisting the help of a wedding planner can free you up and de-stress you, tricky situations can still arise. Wedding planners can offer guidance on handling disagreements between the mother and future mother-in-law over wedding details, issues with the bridesmaids, and be a neutral person to listen if you need to vent.

    They will be there for you on the day.

    While most of the work for wedding planners consists of managing pre-wedding details to pull your big day together, the other part of their job (and probably the most enjoyable) is seeing what you have both worked on come to life on the day. So, if you choose, your wedding planner can play a crucial role on your wedding day, coordinating with vendors, ensuring everything has arrived and is set up on schedule, and making sure any guests who have particular positions on the day carry out their duties. The result? Less stress for the newlyweds and a much more enjoyable wedding day!

    Valure Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    valure events

    0438 502 320

    Melbourne Wedding & Event Management

    Congrats on your engagement, lovelies! It's such an exciting time, yet it can feel overwhelming. We get it! Where to start, what to book, who to book, how far in advance, so many options and decisions to make. It's perfectly normal, and that's where Valure Events come in to alleviate all of that. We're experts in the wedding industry and have planned many weddings & events. Book in a zoom meeting or phone call with us, and let's chat today. Why wait?

    Did you know it can take up to 250 hours to plan a wedding? Have you envisioned the big day itself and thought about who will assist in the coordination of suppliers, table settings, cuing music at the right time and even the bridal party?

    Valure Events can help. In fact, our "Big Day" package is the most requested by our couples.

    Let us coordinate your special day (up to 6 hours) as it ensures you don't have to rely on family and friends and can just enjoy your special day as you should. We will match you with the best suppliers specifically to you and create options you never thought imaginable. We are here for you every step of the way with unlimited contact via phone and email during the planning stages and full coordination on the day. If this isn't the right package for you, we offer partial planning and the full Kit & Caboodle package. Also, let us take care of all your worries.

    Who are Valure Events?

    Wedding Planners, designers, stylists, lovers of events!

    Have I told you that we just LOVE what we do?

    Our job is to ensure your special day flows. We ensure you have complete peace of mind and that all your guests have the most memorable time. We are organised, passionate & on-trend to create spectacular events based on your style & budget.

    We love meeting up over a latte, chatting to our gorgeous couples about their vision and using our creative styling to reflect your story.

    Flowers by Varu - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    flowers by varu

    +61 473 452 201

    Beautiful & Bespoke Melbourne Wedding Styling

    We know you want to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in your surroundings on your wedding day. We also know planning your big day can be stressful.

    But as experienced creative event stylists, Styled By Varu will help you achieve your dream wedding (with your sanity firmly intact).

    We'll take care of all your wedding styling needs, creating a fabulously styled event that reflects your story and personality as a couple and that your guests will rave about for years to come.

    Thanks to our friendly, flexible and personalised approach, killer eye for detail and impeccable planning skills, you'll have less to worry about before your wedding and more time to enjoy it on the day.

    Creative Melbourne Wedding Stylists

    At Styled By Varu, we know you want to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in your surroundings on your wedding day. To accomplish this, every aspect of your wedding should reflect your story, style and personality as a couple, creating something meaningful and authentic you can treasure for a lifetime.

    As experienced creative event stylists, we'll help you achieve this with a personalised and fabulously styled event you'll adore, and your guests will rave about for years to come.

    We'll guide you through the styling design process, offering unique ideas along the way or helping you create a vision you already have in mind. Then we'll source your styling elements from our network of top Melbourne suppliers and coordinate everything with your chosen venue. We'll also be there on the day to manage all setup and pack-down and answer any styling questions.

    This means you'll have less to worry about before your wedding and more time to enjoy it on the day.

    As a boutique company with a high standard of customer service, we only take on a limited number of projects at once to ensure all our clients are thrilled with their experience.

    Evviva Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    evviva events

    +61 409 208 581


    Welcome to Evviva Events! We are a Melbourne based event management company specialising in creating and executing amazing celebrations.

    We do event planning, styling and theming, and are passionate about entertaining, creating beautiful and unique events and most importantly, making sure that you have fun! We will bring a wow factor to your event that will leave your guests impressed.

    Whether it be a wedding, corporate event or private party, we offer a range of services to suit every budget.

    We offer premier wedding event management services, including full wedding planning, wedding styling, and on-the-day wedding coordination. We will help you bring your vision for your dream wedding to life, ensuring the planning process is fun and stress-free.

    We are also experts in delivering creative and highly successful corporate events. Whether it is an office party or an annual gala, our experienced corporate event planners and corporate event stylists will work with you to ensure your next event is a huge success.

    Our fabulous party planners can also bring creative ideas to wow your guests at your next private event or function. We can plan and style your birthday party, christening, dinner party or another private event.

    From small intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, we will do all of the hard work so that you can just enjoy yourself and have a great time with your guests.

    Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss how we can make your day fun, beautiful and stress-free!


    Evviva Events is a full-service event management company based in Melbourne. We do it all, from small intimate gatherings to extravagant and luxurious parties! We are perfectionists and take great pride in our work. We are passionate about entertaining, making things beautiful and most importantly, making sure that you have fun! We will ensure that absolutely every detail is taken care of and that you are able to enjoy your day without the stress of worrying about whether things are going to run smoothly.

    Evviva events were started by Dani McEwin, who decided to follow her passion for entertaining and creating beautiful celebrations. With a background in corporate event planning, project management and supplier management, Dani brings a high level of expertise and will personally oversee your event to ensure everything is executed absolutely seamlessly. Over the years, Dani has developed strong industry relationships, so we will get you the best service and products for your special day.

    Pop Up With Style - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    pop up with style

    +61 414 524 365

    The very first step of finding the perfect venue can be enough to halt wedding plans altogether. The options are endless, and yet the availability is limited.

    In a wedding world of Instagram + Pinterest, it can be very hard to make any sort of decision about your wedding, whether it be styling, suppliers, the dress, or the guest list (let's not even talk about the guest list yet).

    ​You're looking at suppliers which you have never met and have no idea if they will be good quality or even turn up on the day.

    (heck, it is a real risk, you're paying them in advance!)

    These are the reasons that wedding planning is becoming a bit of a drag for people...

    It's all too much stress and pressure... not to mention the fact that you're working full time and trying to juggle family and friends.

    ​All you really want is a day that is relaxed, beautiful and full of those moments that leave you speechless... is that too much to ask?

    Love is the most important thing in the entire world and you having the perfect day is the most important thing in ours.

    You want to WOW your closest family + friends with a day that reflects you as a couple. You want it to be beautiful and unique but also natural, fun and relaxed.

    You want to sit back and enjoy all of those moments, not worrying about what is happening next or what might not happen.

    To say that we have done this before would be an understatement. We have planned, styled and coordinated HUNDREDS of outdoor weddings, and we know blank space weddings back to front, inside out and upside down! 

    Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of different suppliers, always updating our lists to reflect only the best and most reliable in the industry - ensuring that you can sit back and relax, knowing that your day is going to look + feel effortlessly beautiful.

    Ivory Heart - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    ivory heart

    03 9583 2250

    Wedding Hire in Melbourne

    We know how much planning goes into creating the perfect day, and it's often those little details that can make a huge impact. That's why at Ivory Heart, we focus on those creative elements that'll take your wedding to the next level.

    Just like the venue and the cake flavour, your wedding decorations should reflect your personal taste. Hosting an outdoor wedding or a seaside engagement? Is your theme rustic boho or something more contemporary and glamorous? Whatever your style, find your perfect wedding and event décor right here at Ivory Heart.

    Hire your super stylish wedding and event décor now

    Calendars fill up quickly these days – what with engagement parties, baby showers and hens days – so it's always a good idea to organise your wedding décor now and fast. Once you've got the venue and number of guests sorted, you'll have a much better indication of what you need and how much you need when it comes to your wedding decorations.

    Need help choosing from our range of wedding decoration hire? Visit us in our Melbourne showroom, and we'll be happy to lend our styling eye.

    Event planning tip #101

    What's the secret behind every successful event planner who always has Instaworthy photos to share? They hire their décor, props and furniture! In the events world, trends have a lifespan of around one year. So, hiring your wedding decorations will not only keep your costs down (after all, we know how expensive special events can get) but you aren't left with 20 pieces of décor to stow after your day is over.

    From wedding arbour hire to backdrops, plinths, dessert stands, and other pieces, stalk our gallery for wedding inspiration or start adding your dream decorations to hire on your Wish List now, and we'll do the rest.

    About Us

    Ivory Heart Events was proudly founded in January 2018 by Hollie (that's me!) and my beloved husband, Nathan. After planning my own wedding in 2017, I realised there was a gap in the market for affordable products that didn't compromise on style or quality. Having a creative flair but working as a psychologist in a clinical setting, I knew that I had to take this opportunity to nurture my creativity and build something valuable for all future brides and grooms.

    Our business started off with our LUXE range of centrepiece stands that we so carefully designed and custom-built. After promoting this range, we noticed an ever-increasing demand for other wedding decor items that we eventually added to our hire range. These few products coupled with love, sweat and tears formed the beginning of Ivory Heart Events!

    Since 2017 we have expanded considerably and now house a range of not only centrepieces but chairs, arbours, ceiling installations and all things wedding!

    And of course, our events would not be as beautiful or run as seamlessly without our Ivory Heart Team, who always go above and beyond to ensure your event is executed with style, passion and a whole lot of LOVE!

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about our journey, and we look forward to the opportunity to be part of yours – be it a joy-filled engagement, unforgettable wedding day or another special milestone.

    A Day to Remember - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    a day to remember

    +61 405 094 303

    About Us

    A Day to Remember Event Hire MelbourneMother and Daughter team from Melbourne, Jill and Emma, have both come from retail and customer service backgrounds. This teamed with a love of planning events, restoring 'old' furniture and collecting beautiful vintage pieces, it was only a matter of time before they put these great loves together to create a business they would be proud of.

    'A Day to Remember Event Hire' specialises in vintage, rustic, and boho prop hires, furniture and decor that can be hired for your next event, whether it be your wedding, engagement, birthday party, baby shower or corporate event.

    We understand after planning many special events that there is a place in the market for beautiful vintage and rustic pieces, some unlike any others, that could be hired out at an affordable price.

    These very special events in your life can already weigh heavily on your hip pocket, and so we wanted to be able to assist you in making sure your day is everything you had hoped for and more without breaking your budget.

    We are always on the lookout for beautiful items to add to our range; however, if there is a particular item you have in mind that we do not stock, please get in contact with us as we would love to try and source this for you. Our aim is to ensure your event is exactly what you had envisioned, in turn making it 'A Day to Remember'.

    Please note we have a minimum hire amount of $100.00 on all orders.

    Bow Creative - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    bow creative

    +61 411 724 853

    All wrapped in a neat little bow…

    A brand that is committed to bringing your vision to life and delivering on what your heart desires. Bow Creative is about going above and beyond for our couples, listening and understanding our couples, and offering ease and convenience on their wedding day. On top of all of this, we ensure our clients experience the most important aspect of this journey, HAVE FUN!

    Bow Creative defines itself with its ability to mix the on-trend classics with unique details when it comes to styling your big day, making it well and truly your own. We also look to prioritise sustainable practices when possible. 

    Our Services

    We offer three key services - Wedding Planning, Wedding Styling and On the Day Coordination - that can be bundled together in a variety of custom packages depending on the requirements of your big day. 

    In addition, we also offer a range of styling props that are available for hire.

    About Kath


    "The biggest day of your life should be a day that you trust to someone who truly cares about the day like family. I value the time taken to get to know my couples and develop that relationship to ensure that we are on the same page every step of the way and by your wedding day - we are just like family, and I am as invested in making your day perfect as you are. "

    Kath launched Bow Creative in 2019 to deliver a wedding planning and styling service with a difference - focusing on the customer experience delivered throughout the process. She started the business off the back of her extensive Consulting and Marketing industry experience and has gained work experience with major wedding styling companies.

    Elegant Occasions - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    elegant occasions



    With our extensive range of services and years of experience, we know you will find yourself in good hands with us. 

    From weddings to christenings, birthday's and cake classes, you are in safe hands with Elegant Occasions. Let us take the planning and stress away, and you can concentrate on the important things - what you are going to wear on the day!

    About Elegant Occasions

    One fateful day in the 80's Yelka Jurinovic – Elegant Occasions General Manager and creative guru – was thrown into the deep end and had to organise her first function for her family.

    She travelled all over Victoria for days on end to find the perfect decor for her function. At the end of it all, she was so exhausted that she fell asleep and, the next day, couldn't face the prospect of attending her own event.

    This was the birth of Elegant Occasions and has led Yelka down a road of study and self-discovery to grow Elegant Occasions into one of the premier event planning and management companies in Melbourne.

    Melbourne Wedding Designers - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    melbourne wedding designers

    0432 324 486

    Melbourne Wedding Designers pride themselves on designing and decorating simply stunning weddings and events.

    Their talented team of designers are there to help you design and create your perfect wedding using colours, themes and ideas to suit your style and budget. They have an extensive range of products in stock, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please ask! They are always open to suggestions and, when possible, are open to customising items or adding to their range.

    Their services include delivery, set up and pack down, leaving you to enjoy the day completely, knowing everything is taken care of. 

    Whatever your dream wedding, they will strive to design and create it for you. With Melbourne Wedding Designers, your dreams really do become a reality.

    A little bit about the owner

    Shenelle has always had a passion for all things creative. 

    She has had 7 years of previous experience in visual merchandising, learning many creative skills and techniques along the way. 

    Having loved every minute of putting together her own wedding, she started to think about the idea of being a part of helping others to achieve their perfect day too. And so, with the help and support of her family, she started up Melbourne Wedding Designers in July 2012.

    Since then, Shenelle has put together an amazing team that really proves itself time and time again with outstanding results.

    Kelly Ann Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    kelly ann events

    1300 863 960

    Wedding & Event Hire in Melbourne

    Offering friendly customer service to help achieve your dream result with minimal fuss.

    Celebrating a special event is what makes life exciting and memorable! Kelly Ann Events specialise in providing affordable rustic themed props and furniture for hire to bring your event vision to life.

    For us, memorable events are all about surprising and delighting your guests. We will help you do this by using a creative touch when styling and selecting your décor, which will create a fantastic ambience and take your event to the next level.  

    Where To Start?

    Our goal is to make your special event look the best it can while taking away the stress and hassle from you.

    Start by exploring our featured categories below or grab a latte, get comfy & dive right into our full rental catalogue & start building your Dream, Wish List. 

    If you would like to see the items in person, come on into our Ferntree Gully Showroom or call us on 1300 863 969 - we'd be delighted to meet you! 

    What is Our Specialty?

    At Kelly Ann Events, we specialise in providing rustic themed props and furniture for hire. Allow us to bring your event vision to life without spending a fortune! 

    We regularly supply rustic wedding hire decor and furniture in Melbourne's outer east, servicing areas such as the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula, among many other locations. Alongside weddings, we also provide props for any other occasion: from personal celebrations to business gala dinners to corporate trade shows, and exhibition stands.

    While our range is very much focused on the timeless rustic style, we have a complete love for fairytale romance and adore all things glamorous. While these two distinct styles can seem quite different from one another, when put together well, the results are simply stunning! As such, we LOVE to add a luxe glamorous touch when styling our rustic pieces.   

    With a 15-year background in Event Management, including international Event Management experience, we have a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to adding those special touches to create the 'WOW' factor to your event space. So behind all the fun of decorating with us, you are dealing with highly knowledgeable industry professionals who can help you carefully select the perfect décor for an event to remember.

    Why Choose Us?

    Super-Easy – the online prop and furniture hiring process are simple and hassle-free. Our hire items are organised by category, or you can simply type what you are looking for into the handy search box. We are always on hand to offer expert guidance if you get stumped for concepts and ideas.

    Transparency & Great Value - All our affordable prices are listed on our website for you to see up-front, and there is no minimum spend. We invite you to pop into our Showroom for a complimentary styling consultation. We will give you advice on decorating your event space, and you can see, touch and style our items, so you know exactly what you will be hiring.

    Pride and Maintenance – We take great pride in the presentation of all our items, and a high level of care and preservation goes into maintaining the quality of each and every hire product on our shelves.

    DIY or Delivery – You can choose to pick up, set up and return your hire items yourself, or for seamless installation and pack-down, we can do this for you. We will quote you individually depending on the size and number of the items you hire and the distance that needs to be travelled.

    Experience and Trust – We strive to ensure working with us is a pleasure! We have a long background in the events industry and have planned and managed hundreds of corporate events and activations. So as well as hiring props and furniture, we also have the expertise to plan and execute your event. We hold current ABIA and Australian Bridal Service accreditation and Public Liability insurances. 

    Farfalla Designs - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria 

    farfalla designs

    0426 242 732

    Farfalla Party & Wedding Design is a wedding and event design company. It was started in Melbourne 17 years ago. For these years, we have worked in different venues and halls around Melbourne and Victoria, including the most popular venues such as Crown, Grand Hyatt and many others (please refer to the list of venues below).

    Farfalla is not just a party hire company. We are professional designers, stylists and interior decorators. This is why all our items are unique. We only use top quality materials in our decorations, never cheap alternatives.

    Being an online business for the last 12 years helps us to keep prices affordable. So you can enjoy designer quality for a very affordable price. We offer free wedding interior coordination advice.

    Our pricing system is very simple. We will never charge you anything on top. Delivery fees can vary depending on your venue location.

    We can also create a custom-tailored package for you. to suits the decor package for any budget.

    One Day Your Way - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    one day, your way

    0468 374 561

    Our Focus

    It is to make sure every couple's wedding day is as unique as they are. We present fresh and inspiring designs that will ensure your day is elegant and beautiful. As a team, you will be able to count on us in the lead up to and on your wedding day, as we work harmoniously together to deliver you timeless solutions that will surpass your expectation.


    Our planning services allow you to get the help you want when you need it most. Our partial service will allow couples to get the help when they need it most, and our full planning service will allow you to relax and leave the hard work to us.


    With each of our styling packages, we will help you create your dream wedding look. Enjoying both the opportunity to work with a blank canvas or a venue that needs one or two touches to bring everything together, you can depend on us to create for you a look that is both timeless and elegant.

    Personal Assistant

    For couples that want to plan and organise their own wedding but want to relax and enjoy the lead-up and, more importantly, the wedding day itself. They also do not wish to impose duties on family and friends.

    One Day Your Way has been creating unique, elegant and modern events since 2012.

    A team of two, we are down to earth, work harmoniously together and provide guidance and inspiration that will help you turn your ideas into reality.

    With extensive experience designing, styling and planning, we have had the pleasure of assisting a range of people create their dream events. From corporate clients looking for that visual edge when showcasing their brand, amazing couples who entrust us with an element of their most special day and people celebrating milestone birthday's who want to do it in style. Now 6 years on, we couldn't be prouder of the business we have created and the people we have got to meet along the way.

    We provide a hands-on approach that will ensure every detail is taken care of. We strive to exceed your expectations and people who choose One Day. Your Way will soon discover that although we each have our own unique flair, it is our combined talents that will really bring your event to life.

    So who are we?

    Dream Catcher Weddings - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    dream catcher weddings

    0430 399 872


    Whether you're looking for on the day coordination, partial planning, styling or the full shebang, we'll help tailor a package to your needs. 


    Discover the perfect decor, wedding arbour and furniture for your special occasion in our 'Hire Me' range.

    Grazing Tables

    Make your special occasion one remember with a custom grazing table!


    At Dream Catcher Weddings, we want your wedding to be fun, memorable and unique. We are a one-stop shop for all of your planning, styling and coordination needs and have a real passion for creating beautiful and unique weddings, from your initial idea conception through to production on the day. We promote freedom to have whatever you want within your wedding and aim to help create a day that reflects you both. 

    With such personal connections to talented, local suppliers and stunning venues on the Mornington Peninsula means that we can manage all the elements of planning, styling and coordination, saving you time, money and stress! 

    To Embellish Flowers - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria 

    to embellish flowers

    To Embellish specialise in stunning wedding and special event flowers.

    Since 2007, To Embellish have been attributed to some of the most stylish and beautiful weddings, corporate events and social occasions in Melbourne. Since taking the reins in 2012, Lauren has added flowers to round out To Embellish's full event service and is known for beautiful arrangements made with love.

    We have worked with some of Melbourne's most stunning venues to create beautiful days for our couples, with some of our most recent weddings featured in our gallery.

    We pride ourselves on selecting talented partners to collaborate with who share our vision and the desire to deliver creative and unique decor solutions.

    Our passion for creating beautiful flowers can be seen in every wedding and event that we have delivered, and we continue to exceed our client's expectations every time.

    The Small Things Co - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the small things co

    +61 466 471 782


    At The Small Things Co, we love to create!

    We have an array of styling packages to suit the needs of any modernist and creative couple.

    Our team of stylists work with our couples up to a year before their big day, ensuring every small detail is covered.

    We are beginning with a meeting in our studio, where we explore your personal style and all of the finer details that make your day oh so you!

    From site visits to recommending & liaising with suppliers.

    We design your styling concept and cover all of the small details that matter to you.

    Our Styling services include...

    • Complete Event Planning, Design and Styling
    • On The Day Styling
    • Ceremony Styling and Coordination
    • Styling of The Small Things Co Hired Items
    • Proposal Planning, Coordination and Styling
    • Styling Consultation & Mini Brief 

    The Hire Co. - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the hire co.

    +61 432 575 644


    The Hire Co. offers a variety of services depending on your event needs. These services include dry hire, delivery and pick up as well as on the day set up and pack down.

    Dry Hire

    If you want to hire items and pick them up and drop them back off to us yourself, then dry hire is for you. You can do this by placing an order directly via the website or getting in touch here to obtain an initial quote. Once your order has been processed, we'll be in touch to provide the pickup and drop off details. Please get in touch here for more information about the dry hire.

    Delivery + Collection (Courier delivery only, during business hours - until further notice)

    If you would like to hire items but also have them delivered to and/or collected from your location, then delivery and collection is the best option for you. You can still place your order directly via the website; however, we will need to calculate the delivery and collection costs for you separately. The delivery and collection costs are based on the size of the delivery, the time it is required and the location. Please get in touch here to obtain delivery and/or collection cost.

    On the Day (Unavailable until further notice)

    Another service The Hire Co. provides is on the day set up and/or pack down. Again, this is quoted separately from your hire order, so you are welcome to place the hire order online and then get in touch or get in touch for a complete quote. The day includes working with you during the lead up to your event to discuss the styling execution. On the day, we will deliver your items and set up the event as discussed. At the conclusion of the event, we will go back and pack down and collect your items if that is also required. You can select just set up or just pack down or both. On the day, we will work with your other vendors to achieve the best result. Please get in touch here to obtain more information and pricing for this service.

    Styling (Unavailable until further notice)

    At The Hire Co., we also offer a styling service. The styling service starts off with a client questionnaire followed by a consultation. Once the consultation is complete, we will put together a concept brief outlining the look we have spoken about. The concept will be sent to you and will include recommended suppliers. From there, you have the option of using this concept brief to coordinate the suppliers yourself or moving forward with us managing the coordination as well. Our management will be priced accordingly. Styling starts from just $100. Please get in touch here to obtain more information and pricing for our styling service.

    The Hire Co Story

    The Hire Co. came about in 2015 when I was looking for some unique pieces to make my engagement party vision come to life. I quickly realised there wasn't a lot available for creatives who wanted to style their own event.

    The Hire Co. is a Melbourne based wedding and event decor hire company founded by a girl with a vision, Laura. A bit about myself - Having studied the Diploma of Textiles, Clothing and Footwear at RMIT and working within the fashion industry for 7 years, I have always had a great love and appreciation for beautiful fabrics, colours and silhouettes. Within the fashion industry, product sourcing and development always brought me so much joy, and for as long as I can remember, I have had a keen eye for detail and have always been an absolute perfectionist! Alongside this, I have always had a strong interest in styling, whether it be people or events. Merging my love and passion for beautiful products, sourcing and styling have to lead me to this, The Hire Co.

    With a carefully curated range of modern wedding and event decor for hire, I look forward to helping your creative vision come to life.

    I am currently studying Wedding Planning, Styling and Design at the Australian Academy of Wedding and Event Planning.

    Circle of Love - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    circle of love

    0413 135 313

    A lil' something about us and our Wedding Ceremony setups


    Circle of Love's mission is of excellence, design, sophistication and elegance. Our goal is to create a unique event that shows who you are on your special day. We listen, suggest and plan to help create a designer event just for you. We carefully select everything for every part of your wedding, from the ceremony décor to an outdoor wedding ceremony setup and every other little thing in between.

    Constantly full of fresh ideas, our dedicated wedding coordinators specialise in designing a style for your wedding indicative of your unique personality. We endeavour to create something new and exciting, translating your individual style into a working masterpiece, which will be remembered by your guests.

    We love being imaginative and can bring together a vast range of looks from simple and classic to a wonderful world of creative explosions. We will tailor your hire package based on styling, floral design and On-the-Day setup requirements.

    About Us

    Circle of Love's mission is of excellence, design, sophistication and elegance. Our goal is to create a unique event that shows who you are, as a couple, on your special day. We are passionate about providing exceptional service for milestone events in your life. Our goal is to create a unique, chic, simply elegant, customised event especially for you. We listen, suggest and plan to create a beautiful reality just for you.

    We pride ourselves on delivering weddings and events that are luxurious, modern, creative, unique, picturesque, glamorous and filled with detail all around Australia. We are one of Australia's leading stylists as well as wedding & event planners.

    A multi-awarded company, some being 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 ‘Independent Wedding Consultant’ by ABIA & 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 ‘5 Star Excellence’ by Easy Weddings. 2017, 2018 & 2019 Designer of Dreams' Independent Wedding Consultant' by ABIA.

    Every one of us takes great pride in our ability to create real relationships with each of our clients, allowing us to create an event that reflects your complete wedding and event vision. Relaxed, passionate, organised and kind, we have the ability to make everyone feel confident throughout the entire planning process as well as on your big day.

    Your Event Essentials - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    your event essentials

    0403 047 730


    Make your wedding as beautiful as the love you and your partner share. Whatever your style, Your Event Essentials has a wedding ceremony decor package you need to add a personal touch to any indoor or outdoor ceremony. Create a gorgeous, stunning place for you two to begin your life together with help from our extensive catalogue.

    Whether for a wedding of 20 people or 800, Your Event Essentials can offer you the service and the range you need to make your ceremony absolutely beautiful. We understand weddings come in all shapes and sizes, so we pride ourselves on our versatility, creating décor packages to suit every need and to fit within every budget. Browse our gallery for many more ideas, and start planning your dream wedding today.


    At Your Event Essentials, we offer an extensive, hand-picked collection of pieces sure to add colour, vibrancy and beauty to any ceremony in any locale. Create the wedding of your dreams with items such as a red, white or ivory aisle runner, ceiling drapes or flowers decorated arches with our gorgeous white urn and pedestal with fresh flowers.

    Whether you're hosting an elegant, classical white wedding or something more modern and smart-casual, we can provide the tools you need to achieve an exceptional look for your big day. Combine our décor items with our table centrepieces or chair and table linen and create the perfect atmosphere for your romantic day. Dazzle your guests and ensure you have the ideal backdrop for all those wedding photographs.


    Your Event Essentials delivers a superior quality of service to brides and grooms across the Geelong and Melbourne areas. Whatever you need for your day, find it in our extensive catalogue. Give us a call today on 0403 047 739 and discuss your requirements and allow us to provide you with a package to suit your style and budget.

    Styling By Bree - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    styling by bree

    +61 458 480 092

    Interior Styling

    Do you want your house to feel like you just walked straight into a Magazine? I'm here to help. Let me bring your vision to life and create that space that inspires you every day. I create interiors that reflect your personality whilst also keeping practicality in mind. Let me bring out your sense of style that will make this space you want to spend all your time in. I want to help you achieve that dream home you've imagined for so long now. With years of experience in property styling and freelance interior styling, I am confident I can help bring a beautiful aesthetic to your space.

    Wedding Styling

    Got your event date & guest list in check but feeling a little overwhelmed with how to execute your dream wedding? Then I'm the right fit for you. I take pride in ensuring your special day will be one to remember. From the big details to the tiny ones, I've got it covered. I specialise in incorporating unique designs by mixing furniture, textures, florals, signage, lighting and anything that's required to bring that special spark to your day. Your opinion through the design process is so important to me. I want to ensure that this day is everything you imagined and more.

    Event Styling

    Got your event date & guest list in check but feeling a little overwhelmed with the styling side? Here, let me take the reins. I take pride in ensuring your event will be one to remember. Whether it's your wedding, baby shower, hens celebration, birthday party or corporate event, I can organise all the pretty details, no matter how big and small. I specialise in unique designs by mixing furniture, textures, florals, candles, signage and anything that's required to bring life to your special day. From site inspections to the day of installation, I'll be by your side every step of the way. 

    Photo Styling

    Do you have a product or business that needs some creative content to upload to your social media platforms or website? I'm your gal. Let me create aesthetically pleasing imagery for your product that represents your brand and everything your business represents. By combining my styling experience along with a photographer's expertise, I can assure you will be in good hands. I take time to understand who your target audience is and understand the passion behind your brand. Understanding your brand or product will allow me to reflect on this through my styling.

    About Bree

    I am a passionate Melbourne stylist who loves to design spaces that make you feel amazing to be in. I pride myself on creating individuality throughout each of my concepts, as every design is personally tailored to each client. I believe that everyone's sense of style reflects their personality. My style, for instance, would be a mix of Mediterranean meets Byron Bay because I am a sucker for the prickling hot sun on my skin, beach trips with my two golden retrievers, and I've always been inspired by the Mediterranean culture and earthy tones.

    I have worked in the design field for over 6 years, starting with my diploma in Visual Merchandising at RMIT. I gained a wide skill set within interior styling, visual merchandising, photo styling, event styling and fashion design. Throughout the years, I have liaised with photographers, florists, graphic designers, business owners, trades, venue coordinators and brides. I have over 4 years of experience in property styling; this is where I really grew my passion for interiors and homewares. I've also been a visual merchandiser for several retail stores. One retail store was Bed Bath and Table, where I designed all the store windows across all of Australia. I've also worked on big photoshoots for homeware companies like Norsu Interiors, and I've done interior design jobs for café's and designed multiple weddings and events.

    I'm a super bubbly and easy-going gal, and I pride myself on leaving my clients feeling super comfortable and trusting in my creativity. So don't be shy. Reach out as I would love to get to know you and understand your needs and carefully create the vision you've thought so much about and bring it to life.

    Keep up with my styling journey and follow my socials.

    The Super Styler. - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the super styler.

    0421 567 573

    Our Services

    Are you planning a wedding, a party or a very special event? Well, you've come to the right place! Whether you need your event planning from start to finish, styled, or maybe you just want a little creative direction, we are here to help. We are completely flexible and can be as involved in your event as much or as little as you like – after all, it is YOUR event.

    We offer full or partial event planning and styling, day-of services, hourly styling consulting, custom invitation and stationery design and a whole lot more! 

    What We Do

    Are you planning a wedding, a party or a very special event? Well, you've come to the right place! Whether you need your event planning from start to finish, styled, or maybe you just want a little creative direction, we are here to help and have various packages available to suit your needs. We love really getting to know our clients to ensure that their day is a true reflection of them, their relationship, or their workplace. In fact, post-event, our clients regularly tell us that they will miss our regular chats – and we feel the same way! We believe that everyone has a workable budget and do not implement a minimum spend. We are completely flexible and can be as involved in your event as much or as little as you like – after all, it is YOUR event.


    We understand how important this one perfect day is; and are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams. We love to get to know our couples on a personal level to create a dream wedding that is a true reflection of them. It takes roughly 528 hours to plan a wedding, and we are here to take the stress out of the planning process to make the entire journey an enjoyable and relaxing experience for you both. We'd love to chat with you about your special day!


    Well, I thought our branding and styling could help businesses engage with their target audience. We love working with different brands to create events that help them to truly connect with and excite their customers. We can help you create launch events, end of year parties or the perfect conference. We would love to discuss your corporate event with you.

    Private Birthdays

    We have so much fun creating the ultimate birthday party for our clients. We ensure that birthdays are styled to specifically reflect the personality of our clients.


    We love styling any special occasion tailored specifically to our clients. No matter if your event is a birthday party, bridal shower, proposal or engagement, our passion is to bring your celebration to life!


    The Super Styler is an innovative event planning and styling studio which brings celebrations to life. Founded by passionate Melbournian Nadia Rados-Christo in 2013, The Super Styler offers exciting and unique event styling solutions that push creative boundaries.

    The journey began back in 2013… Nadia autonomously styled her first wedding, put her heart and soul into the event, and absolutely loved every minute of it! Witnessing her vision come to life and, most importantly, the happiness of her clients on their special day was so rewarding, and from that moment, she knew she wanted to take the next step and turn her passion into a career, with loads of hard work, moral support from her husband and family. Her dreams came true when The Super Styler was born and since has styled over 100 events!

    The design ethos is to keep things simple, as simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Each and every event is meticulously designed and planned to ensure that it is successfully executed.

    From Weddings to Corporate Events, Private Birthdays and more, the super talented and diverse team is here to make each project an enjoyable, relaxing and unforgettable experience. Servicing all areas of Melbourne and Victoria, from the CBD to the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and beyond… We can't wait to bring your next event to life.  

    Made By Jade. Co - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    made by jade .co

    As a Melbourne based wedding styling company, we tell a love story through the process of design and concept building. We work closely with you on your vision pulling together our knowledge to come up with some extra special ideas.

    We have to say it, we love - love, as much as you enjoy being in love. It's our greatest joy to see you get married and bring your day to life. We spend a lot of time really getting to know you and your partner, and that is incredibly important to us in order to tell your unique love story.

    When all the design work is done, we will be there to bring everything we have worked on to live, including managing your run sheets, logistical set ups, receiving deliveries, checking in with vendors. Packing up at the end of the night and ensuring every detail is finished to perfection. 


    Wedding styling is about being able to create something unique and deeply personal for each and every couple. 

    Whether it's an occasion of 2 people or 200, we are here for you to create something that is authentically yours. You may know exactly what you want or be completely lost for ideas, but we're here to bring that all together and create a truly unforgettable experience. We want your wedding to represent you and your partner's sense of style and personality. 

    About Us

    Welcome! We can't wait to create with you. We adore curating each and every space in the true celebration of love and life. Whether that is an elopement, wedding, intimate dinner party, corporate event, birthday, we are here to style it from head to toe. Styling is about creating emotion, telling a story, and leaving those who experience it with an everlasting memory.

    Vanessa Rossini - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    vanessa rossini

    +61 413 992 571


    From sourcing the perfect space and fabulous florist to delivering a spectacular reception in a unique location, our wedding planning expertise in traditional weddings allow us to deliver the full 'white wedding' service or simply guide you in the right direction. We are happy to take on board the elements you simply don't wish to deal with, from planning the entire love jamboree to delivering a simple party in the park – your budget, your wedding and your way.


    In an ever-changing modern scene, it's now pretty hip for the bride and groom to plan their own wedding. From DIY decorations to sourcing the perfect wedding song, tailoring your own popup bar for a ceremony in the park, VR events work with you. We can either project manage the whole event or simply work with your vendors and suppliers and tie up loose ends – talk to us today about our DIY style guide service.


    VR Events have access to the countries best providers. We are not just about weddings – having worked on everything from nightclub unveilings to music festivals, corporate parties and hundreds of product launches – our scope is wide and flirtatious. Let us help you create that next special event!


    Vanessa Rossini has been a major player in Melbourne's catering and events scene for over 15 years. Vanessa's client list, straight from the red carpet, would put any faux socialite to shame. From international advertising agencies, outrageous Xmas parties to hosting afterparties for the Logies, her experience is wide, sometimes wild, but flawless in delivery.

    Vanessa Rossini (VR Events) is the culmination of experience gained within the catering, events and wedding industry, working closely in VIP services in the hushed world of celebrity hosting.

    Magical, timeless, elegant, classic, original and immaculate are words often used when describing weddings and events planned by Vanessa Rossini.

    Her attention to detail is innovative, precise and flawless. Delivery is without question and leaves nothing to chance. Customising her services to fit your desires, VR Events offers full production from start to finish, from floral design and styling, venue set up, entertainment, equipment hire, catering, wedding and event planning and management as well as 'on the day coordination, allowing you the time to enjoy the celebrations with your guests.

    Behind the professionalism, you will discover one of the most energetic and uplifting women you'll ever meet.

    Table Art - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    table art

    03 9813 2852 

    At Table Art, we are passionate about the style, elegance, and opulence table linens can bring to your event.

    Imagine an event without decorations, life, colour, or any sense of style – we're sure you don't want that to be what guests leave your next event thinking!

    Got something completely bespoke in mind? We can turn it into reality!

    Table Art can custom-make your table linens, bringing even your unique dreams to life. We specialise in hard-to-source linens and tailor a creative solution for your exact needs.

    Our custom-made linens allow you to create the look you've always dreamed of – just give us all the details, and we'll work out the rest.

    Table linen hire allows brides, corporates, and hosts the freedom to customise the style and theme of their event exactly to your preference.

    Table Artworks with event stylists, corporations, sports teams, and private clients, as well as many more. We bring our passion to your event, creating beautiful tables setting that will enhance your theme, colour palette, and overall vision for your event.

    That means getting away from plastic plates, paper cups and boring table mats.

    It also means choosing high-end linens.

    Table linens are an essential component of creating a luxurious table setting. Arguably, premium quality linens are just as important as your cutlery, table decorations, and event theme.

    We pride ourselves on our professional, long-term relationships with some of Australia's biggest event stylists and industry suppliers.

    Our expertise and reliability make us the number one choice for table linen and styling in Melbourne and Sydney.

    Wedding Stylist Melbourne

    Planning a wedding? Turn your table into a beautiful piece of art

    • Luxurious "Bridal White" mixed with gold or silver?
    • Light, fresh pastels to complement in-season blooms?
    • Moody hues of navy and forest green?

    No matter your preferred colour scheme, wedding receptions are transformed with Table Art's stunning range of high-quality linen tablecloths to hire.

    In our opinion, table linen is the most important detail of the interior design. They are the backbone of your colour scheme and theme and dictate the crockery and cutlery that will adorn your table.

    Choosing the right table linen for your wedding tables doesn't need to be a challenge: Table Artworks with some of Melbourne's most reputable wedding stylists, providing the right size and quantity of linen tablecloths to complement your overall dream wedding theme and style.

    About Table Art

    Lead by event stylist Allie Hammet and her team of table styling experts, we have worked on events for 2 people to 2000!

    Table Art began in 2006 in Allie's lounge but quickly outgrew and moved into its boutique showroom in gorgeous Auburn Village, Melbourne.

    From dinners for Oprah and the Queen to magnificent weddings from the bottom of Tasmania to the top of sunny Queensland, our linens have graced tables across the country for more than a decade.

    Weddings by E - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    weddings by e

    +61 421 757 050

    Wedding Planning and Coordination Services

    Wedding planners are more than just "planners." They're stylists, problem-solvers, budget calculators, run sheet extraordinaire's, coordinators, and an extended friend to the couple who entrusts them to execute such an intimate event.

    About E

    Hi, I'm Elizabeth! 

    I'm the creative force behind Weddings by E.

    Based in Melbourne, I know the ins and outs of some of the most unique and special spaces across Victoria, taking the guesswork out of how to create the perfect day for you and your lover.

    With over 7 years of event management experience, a keen eye for the finer details, and a passion for celebrating all types of love, you are in the safest of hands.

    Whether you need a planner from start to finish and everything in between, a helping hand to bring the final elements together, or someone on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly, I am the planner for you. 

    I understand each couple is unique, and my services are fully customisable to suit your needs best. 

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Good Day Club - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    good day club

    03 7018 8500

    Good Day Club is Melbourne's go-to for unique, super awesome vintage + retro furniture hire, and event design + styling, plus kick-arse graphic design, headshots and merch. We're for the people who're rad, who want to do things their way and want to create an event or wedding truly like no other. 

    Our unique take on wedding styling and design in Melbourne means we'll create a wedding with you and your guests in mind – how they will feel, what they'll experience, see and touch. It's less about 'let's get some festoons' and more about 'let's make this the best wedding ever. Your memories will be even better than the actual day, BOOM!


    At Good Day Club, we meet with you to see the sort of excellent people that you are, how you met, what you love, hear about all of your ideas, likes and dislikes for your wedding, discuss your venue, then shake that around in our noggins to come up with a cohesive, interesting, cool concept to base your wedding styling design on.


    Each and every wedding we design and style are 100% super awesome. We love every single one, and we make sure that it's the best possible experience for you and your guests. No cookie-cutter weddings, no doing the same thing over and over; life is way too short for boring weddings.


    Weddings can be complex to organise, and bringing your wedding styling vision to life can be tricky unless you have all time and money in the land; and really, who does! Our process is about you. We work to bring the look and feel together seamlessly and in a fun way because planning a wedding should be fun. Srsly.


    This glorious little business became a thing back in 2013. Kate was on a Pinterest rampage for her and Dave's upcoming wedding and decided that she wanted to hire vintage furniture for said wedding. While there were one or two small vintage hire businesses in Melbourne, none had everything she wanted, and it was mostly pretty rustic when what Kate wanted was more glam textures – velvets and vinyl and what not!

    An idea formed. A business idea.


    What you'll read next is a re-enactment of a pivotal moment in their lives #braceyourselves.

    Kate to Dave, "Let's buy the furniture we need for the wedding and then start a vintage hire business."

    In true Dave fashion, he replied, "But what about warehousing and logistics?"

    Flippantly waving her arms around, Kate replied, "We'll work it out!"

    Which they have – but golly, those parts have been the most challenging and the least fun, but what the hey, that's #smallbizlyf for ya.


    So, Kate – a long time eBay + vintage lover, began buying vintage dining chairs, lounge furniture and trestle tables. In Kate's sister's ute named Maxine (because they only had a Suzuki Swift named Ol' Dirty Bastard), they traipsed all over Victoria picking up furniture which would become their first collection—all the while meeting hilarious, interesting, quirky sellers, who shared their love of vintage and good chats – telling us the history of the pieces – most of which they still have in their glorious collection.

    Post their December 2013 wedding at Gardens House, Royal Botanic Gardens. They set about building a website and doing the other super sexy business setup things like registering a business name (Good Day Rentals), getting an ABN and worrying if this was a fecking terrible idea and would ruin them.


    In August 2014, they launched Good Day Rentals (which became Good Day Club in May 2019 – more on that below), while both working at their corporate jobs – Kate as a corporate communications manager and Dave, a business analyst. The furniture lived in their front bedroom, stacked to the actual ceiling. That room still has the scratches to prove it because they didn't even have a garden shed to store stuff (and still don't).

    They've both since exited their corporate flunky lives – Kate in 2015 when she had Remy, went on maternity leave and never went back. And Dave in April 2018.


    They now own a warehouse in Sunshine West, which along with their furniture collection – which is about 15 times as big as it was back in '13 – houses two workshops. One for maintenance and custom builds, and the other for rad pal slash floral genius Good Grace and Humour, plus our neon office, which is also a co-working space, POW POW!

    They've met so many terrific people – customers, sellers, other wedding vendors and industry professionals – and it's a truly amazing thing to them that people love what they're doing and want a part of it. So thanks, legends, and GOOD DAY!


    In May 2019, after many months of work, Good Day Rentals became Good Day Club – a name that much better reflects what they now do as a business. In the beginning, it was just furniture hire, then about a year in, they launched event design and styling, adding neon sign hire in late 2017 and graphic design in mid-2018.

    Along with the new name and fabulous new branding, they launched new products and services;

    • Graphic design for events
    • Workshops and classes
    • Custom + ready to ship furniture
    • Colourful, creative headshot days
    • Good Day merchandise

    I DO Wedding Planning - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    i do wedding planning

    61-04 33040092

    Welcome to Wedding Planning Melbourne

    Wedding planning Melbourne is brought to you by I DO wedding planning, one of the biggest wedding planning companies in Melbourne. We are also the only wedding company that can provide a one-stop wedding service.

    I DO Wedding Planning offers a variety of services such as wedding photography, wedding cinematic HD film, wedding planning, bridal gowns and wedding day make-up.

    Say I Do, I Do for you!

    As one of the biggest wedding planning companies in Melbourne, we are also the only wedding company that can provide a one-stop wedding service. I DO offer a variety of services such as wedding photography, wedding cinematic HD film, wedding planning, bridal gowns and wedding day make-up. We have an experienced professional team full of enthusiasm and love to ensure that every client's experience is nothing short of perfect. At I DO wedding planning, we pour our heart and soul into every wedding we take on, and every wedding is unique. We strongly believe that understanding the client's needs and attention to detail is the key to deliver the best services and a successful wedding. If this sounds like what you want for that special day of yours, please have a look through our portfolio for some ideas of how your wedding day could look like. Call us, and we will help you create your dream wedding so that it can be embedded into beautiful memories forever.

    At I Do Wedding Planning, our job is to take the worries off your shoulders on that special day so that you can be yourself and enjoy that most important day of your life. From our first meeting and throughout the process, we will take our time to get to know you and develop a sense of your personal style, and incorporate that into your desired wedding. I DO Wedding Planning will tailor that dream wedding for you, or we can make it simple and provide you with ideas based on the many successful weddings we have seen through.

    Classique Event - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    classique event

    +61 422369361

    Australian Weddings Managed to Perfection

    We have been creating, styling and Managing Weddings in Australia for over 12 years. With almost 300 Weddings to our name from every culture, custom and community, we can say that our clients are now part of our Classique Family.

    We love all weddings, to be honest, we love people in love! We have a passion for Weddings and manage them to perfection to keep our clients sane and organised.

    ​We will only use quality Suppliers who will have your best interests and deliver you what you want for a reasonable price - not the "Wedding Price" that is over-inflated and under-delivered.

    ​However, we will give you the realistic price of your desired Wedding in a Proposal, outlining all the breakdowns of each item, so you are able to adjust your budget or your expectations. We will tailor your proposal to meet all your needs.

    Classique Event is an Award Winning Wedding Management Business. 

    It all started with an obsession with perfection! Karen's professional career started over 30 years ago, slowly moving up in various client-related roles as a Marketing Manager for a leading National Business to Senior Account Manager role in the National Radio Industry, specialising in events and cross-promotional campaigns. Working closely with all Media outlets, suppliers in the talent and event management business, she had formed a respective liaison with the Industry that would take her to create her own vision in the wedding Industry.

    She dedicated her time to become qualified in Wedding Planning and Management with an extended diploma in Business Management from Australian College. Then became the research, contacts, negotiations and good business practices put in place to deliver first-class Wedding Management for all. Classique Event has won awards every year at the ABIA Awards, winning the BEST Wedding Planner in Victoria back to back. "The best reward is witnessing my clients saying I do."

    ​Karen grew up in the country and understood the meaning of hard work, dedication and "get the job done!"

    This knowledge is passed on to her staff, and she takes the time to work closely with each team member and client.

    Classique event has grown globally and incorporated the same ethical practices to destination weddings, creating a well-managed Wedding worldwide!

    "When creating Classique event, I wanted it to be unique and customer-focused, plus I wanted it to be affordable. To negotiate on behalf of my clients and get the best deals for them is a buzz. Creating something quite spectacular out of the client's ideas is fantastic. But the satisfaction is seeing the faces of my clients and the love for each other! Yep, their love always makes me cry!"

    Classique Event Ethos

    Classique Event is a dedicated Destination Wedding Planning Management service that has the talent and professional experience to design and style a wedding to perfection, within the clients budget and over the expectation. We add the personal touch, the little intrinsic details, the creative edge and the access to personalised vendor matching. Classique Event has travelled the world negotiating and creating the best Destination Wedding Package suited to suit each client.  

    ​Our clients become our Classique family, ensuring they are treated with respect and priority. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service and be that subtle helper, allowing an organised, flowing wedding to feel easy for the client. We want our members to feel relaxed and comfortable with their decisions and be excited about a dream wedding becomes a reality. 

    Lenzo - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria


    +61 3 9981 3580

    Lenzo's industry-leading stylists and creative brand strategists will share their wide set of skills with you. No matter the scale of your next celebration, our experienced Lenzo Personal Party Stylists are here to turn your concept into one unforgettable moment. Give us a location of your choice (or we can help you venue scout), an approximate guest number, and an estimated budget, and we will provide you with a perfectly tailored party package suitable to the scale of your event. From styling to catering, custom signage and backdrops, and beyond, it's your party. Let's get it started!

    As the undisputed authority in all things party, Lenzo is one step ahead of the latest trends, party themes and partyware. Shop our shiny new website, or visit our concept store in Malvern for the chicest wedding and party products curated by our Lenzo styling team. 

    Weddings, birthdays, baby showers and other special events don't come around often enough. So when you want to get together with family and friends to celebrate a momentous occasion, we want to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.  

    Pioneering the party store experience, customers will receive an online experience like no other. Start your party planning by browsing through our curated collection of party themes and party decorations, browse our extensive range of balloons and ever bloomed, and be spoilt for choice and flavour in our Bake Shop, sure to have everyone's tastebuds tingling. Book in your party entertainment and wander through the stationery suite to customise your very own invitations and on-the-day stationery. Navigating your way around Lenzo is easy. 

    Don't really know what you want or how to pull it together? Keep it super simple with our newly created "Party in a Box" - a Lenzo selection of our favourite party-themed goods. A style envy table with very little fuss (ssshhh, they don't need to know)!

    Be inspired by our renowned campaigns and styled sets via the loved, Lenzo Edit or have us plan your event in its entirety by booking a one-on-one redeemable styling session with one of our Personal Party and Wedding Stylists to make your party planning process a piece of cake.

    And who said business is boring? For those of you in the corporate world, our experienced Lenzo Agency team offers industry insight, initiative, and an imaginative vision offering tailored services across events, gifting, brand activations, content creation, social media management, marketing and PR. We provide the opportunity to share interactive experiences and digital content with wider audiences, driving strategic business outcomes and timely results for our valued clients.

    It's time to shine when you party with Lenzo. 

    JCAU Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    jcau events

    0401 486 815


    From event design, floral styling, decor hire, ceremony setups, receptions, personalised signs & stationery, we're the one-stop shop to craft the look of your wedding. Our team will help get you inspired, excited and build that perfect day that you have always envisioned. From logistical management to full installation setup and teardown, our services ensure that you will be able to relax, have fun during the planning process and, most importantly, fully enjoy your big day. We create, you celebrate.


    Anyone who meets Caroline would describe her as a creatively talented person. Caroline is an award-winning artist. Her expertise encompasses fine arts, floristry as well as designing couture bridal gowns. She found her passion with event styling, where she gets to combine all of her many artistic talents. John and Caroline met through the love of art. After crafting their mesmerising wedding day, they knew this is what they wanted to do. And so, they dedicate their gifts to bring people together and celebrate beautiful moments in life.


    Coming from a building and design background, John worked on Melbourne's Premier interior fit-out projects for many fortune 500 clients. 3 time Master Builder Award Winner and a trail of accolades, John was privileged to work with some of the best talents in the country. With an eye for aesthetic form and a love for creating luxury spaces & products, John teamed up with a partner in crime, Caroline, to create what would be the accumulation of their creative experience and life's work JCAU Events—known for his relentless work ethic and trailblazing directive approach. John and Caroline strive for excellence of pure creative expression capturing love and creativity through highly desirable products and experiences with unparalleled innovation, quality and design.  

    May you get a chance to share your creative journey with JCAU Events.

    Weddings of Distinction - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    weddings of distinction

    +613 9699 3331

    We love to help you celebrate

    We are aware that couples have limited spare time to devote to preparing their wedding day. Our consultants can help to alleviate the stress associated with preparations by sitting down with you and helping you organise your wedding. We can also assist with creating your perfect events such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding shower or kitchen tea, baby shower, house-warming party, corporate event, and many other events and special occasions.

    Provide us with your vision for your wedding day or function, and we will turn it into reality. We are able to assist you with wedding planning and coordination and other services, including ceremony and reception locations, decorations, wedding cars, florists, photographers and celebrants.

    Our suppliers in every category have been chosen based on their high service standards, reputation and quality. We set benchmarks to ensure that you receive a superior level of service in every aspect.

    Decoration services

    We have a variety of decoration services available to create the wedding or function of your dreams. Whether you are looking for chair covers and sashes, centrepieces, white wooden chairs, candelabras, bridal arches, aisle carpets, pew bows, marquees, umbrellas, etc., our consultants will be able to assist you. With many options available, you will always find exactly what you need, and if we don't have it, we know where to find it.

    All decorations will be delivered and set up prior to your wedding or function and collected by arrangement following the event.


    Weddings of Distinction is Melbourne's original garden wedding specialist. We have built an excellent reputation by providing stylish and cost-effective garden weddings for over 20 years. We also specialise in decorating, planning and coordinating wedding receptions, various functions and corporate events.

    At Weddings of Distinction, we promise to provide you with comprehensive and informative wedding or function planning services and solutions, which will enable you to enjoy your day without worrying about any organisational hassles. We work with you to create beautiful, elegant, long-lasting memories and bring you all the expertise, enthusiasm, and aesthetic excellence you'll ever need to turn your ideas and inspirations into reality.

    We look forward to getting to know you and making your dreams come to reality.

    Amethyst Wedding & Event Decor - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    amethyst wedding & event decor


    Amethyst Wedding & Event Decor is a boutique wedding decorations & event rental business based in Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs. We aim to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Our hire range includes stage decorations, furniture, wedding ceremony decor, centrepieces, light up letters, backdrops, drapings, flower walls, cake display props, signages & vintage props.

    For the budget-conscious, we offer DIY on furniture & smaller props. Local pick up is welcomed from 47 Timor Circuit, Keysborough VIC 3173. All DIY hires are valid for 3 days for your convenience. If you don't have the time or would prefer our professional service, then we can deliver & set up at an extra fee.

    Most pricing is available on our website, so feel free to browse our Hire Range menu or search keywords by clicking on the top search icon. As we are a family run business, our focus is more on quality rather than quantity. Please note we can only take on a limited amount of orders per week, so be quick & book a showroom appointment using our contact form, so you don't miss out! Min orders are required (see terms & conditions).

    Our range is constantly expanding, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest to stay up to date with all our latest products.

    Wedding Hire Melbourne & Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    wedding hire melbourne & events

    +61 404 046 834

    Wedding Hire Melbourne & Events

    Your wedding day means so many things. It is on this day that you commit to spending your life with the one person you have chosen to cherish forever. Second, it is a day that you celebrate your commitment and love with those who mean the most to you in the world. A bride is transformed, a groom is made, and an event becomes a fairytale.

    Creating a magical wedding does not happen by chance – it happens when brides and grooms know how they want their personalities to be reflected and team up with service providers that understand their wishes and unique style.

    At Wedding Hire Melbourne, we listen. We find out who you are as a couple, as individuals, and share in your vision. Then we help bring that vision to life! Working with all themes and budgets, Wedding Hire Melbourne is the one-stop shop when it comes to setting the scene for ceremonies, receptions and events.

    Wedding Hire Melbourne services all areas of Melbourne, as well as the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Bayside suburbs and beyond…

    Wedding Hire Melbourne provides equipment hire for these events and many more…

    Whether you need to hire equipment and decor for a wedding, birthday or corporate event, Wedding Hire Melbourne offers a wide range of items for hire. There are options for both DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and a full setup.

    You can choose to hire individual items or have a look at one of our packages. Alternatively, we can discuss your options with you and help to create an individualised package that meets your needs. The choices are vast and varied – we can supply everything from arches and tables to centrepieces and signs.

    For ultimate impact, you can also hire our giant Love Letters, which provide amazing photo opportunities and leave guests spellbound.

    Whatever your style, at Wedding Hire Melbourne you're sure to find a solution that fits your wishlist and creates your own brand of wedding magic!

    KW Weddings and Flowers - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    kw weddings and flowers

    0404 716 887


    The world of luxury is not just exclusive. It is highly secretive too. Flowers have to do more today than ever! We prefer inspiration rather than reproduction. We love colours, patterns, textures, and shapes we find along the way. For us, it is all about the power of making our clients and their families and friends confident and satisfied with their floral curator. 

    KW Weddings & Flowers is a Melbourne-based wedding planning and wedding floristry company. Led by professional wedding planner/ award-winning florist Karen Wang, we are an experienced but youthful team. We offer full wedding management, wedding coordination, wedding floristry, wedding styling, wedding and party theme design, and wedding venue decoration services. We have assisted thousands of beautiful couples in creating the perfect day of their life.

    Our mission is to honour the experience and create a meaningful and memorable wedding for you and your loved ones.

    About Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers

    Karen Wang established Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers in 2017, which brings together her enormous love for weddings, event planning and floristry. With more than five years of industry experience, Karen offers her expertise in wedding planning, styling and floristry services to couples all over Australia.

    The breadth of Karen's experience and her team has afforded them a large network of specialists and suppliers within the realm of wedding planning and coordinating. Karen has been fortunate enough to coordinate and manage the French pianist Richard Clayderman's Australian Concert Tour across three cities between February and June 2017. Again that year, between July and October, Karen coordinated and managed the Animenz Australia Tour held at Melbourne Recital Centre. Concurrently from 2013 until 2017, Karen was working with Ardeur Weddings and Events as a wedding planner, serving hundreds of couples and working alongside a renowned industry leader.

    Karen is well regarded for her attention to detail and professionalism within the industry, having worked with suppliers and venues for several years. These values are shared among the young, a passionate and creative team she leads, having spent months sourcing the right talent to work with her. Karen's team includes coordinators, designers and florists. The Florist team is multitalented, comprising of florists from all over the world, such as Taiwan, China, Australia and Japan. The design and styling team is made up of Graphic and Interior Designers sharing a total of 30 years of industry experience. Karen Wang has been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of Melbourne's best wedding planners.

    Karen couldn't be prouder of her team and the service she offers. Her passion and love for weddings make all the work she does a pleasure to do. Karen strives to create not just individual weddings but unique, timeless weddings for couples and their families. While Karen's efforts to make every feature of your wedding look and feel stunning, her greatest reward is being hosted on one of the most important days for you and your family.

    Ruffles & Bells - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    ruffles & bells

    We are a team of storytellers, dreamers and designers of events helping you make memorable moments one styled celebration at a time.


    The very first event I styled was a wedding for my friend, and I still remember every moment of it. 

    The feeling of excitement was something I would never forget. I love the thrill of creating a vision from an inspiration connecting the couple's story to a full day of love. 

    That's why I call what we do 'event storytelling'.

    My love for details started Ruffles and Bells in 2010, but even at a younger age, there was always this energy that drew me to colours, textures and magical ways to bring a story to life.

    Eleven years later, and here I am, talking to you.

    The passion I felt from the day I styled my first wedding has been growing ever since. I still get the nerves the day before every wedding and event we style, and I still cry (no kidding!) at every pack down out of the excitement of seeing everything come to life. And the next day, I would want to do it all again.

    Styling is more than just a passion for me and my team. It is our core value, and it's our way to touch lives through beautiful experiences …and, of course, to take the pressure off you so you can enjoy the celebration you and your loved ones deserve.

    We style to celebrate, to create memories and let the world know how beautiful life can be and of course, to tell your love story.

    Let our passion, imagination and storytelling be our gift to you.

    Décor It Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    décor it events

    1300 300 371


    Décor It Events create industry-leading events, pioneering the latest in décor trends and delivering personal service with every event we style – so you have the perfect setting for every moment that matters.

    We specialise in centrepieces, floral styling and table linen and have styled thousands of events since we began in 2000. Our event experience includes; wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, corporate events, birthdays, gala events, christenings, engagements and bar and bat mitzvahs – and our designs have featured in many awards, TV, film and sporting events.

    Our team is inspired by travel, fashion, food and cultures, and attend international leading-edge industry events and conferences so we can stay innovative and ahead of trends both locally and worldwide. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance what we offer to clients.


    The Décor It Events team is headed by our Creative Director, Fiona, and Executive Director, Gian, who provide some of Melbourne's best event styling and design expertise. Gian has over 15 years of experience in venue management, and together, they have worked with Melbourne's leading venue and building strong relationships and developing a unique understanding of their logistic requirements to provide clients with flawless management of their event.

    Our Décor, It team, is made up of skilled wedding stylists, experienced designers and event specialists who are able to offer our clients a holistic event service, supplying everything from table linens and floral arrangements to custom centrepieces and start-to-finish event management.


    Experience. We have styled and managed thousands of events. To date, we deliver smoothly-run, beautifully styled events our client's love, and we have no intention of breaking that track record!

    When we are supplying décor for your event, the pieces will be of a high-quality, delivered on time and meet your exact brief. When we are managing your event start-to-finish, it will be stress-free, clearly communicated, and an unforgettable moment for you and your guests. Your event is commemorating a special moment in your life – we want to help make it one to remember.

    PS Weddings - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    ps weddings

    +61 411 493 279


    Register to arrange your complimentary wedding planning consultation. We love to talk about all things wedding and is happy to share industry secrets and tips. Register now as sessions are limited.


    Our full-service wedding planning package is everything you need for an enjoyable wedding planning journey. We work with you to make your wedding planning process an organised, stressful free and simplified experience. We will be with you every step of the way to keep you on track, on budget, inspired and excited.

    Styling & Design

    We offer styling and design of your event, the visual elements that are unique to you (florals, stationery, décor, personal details and unique touches). Our aim is to create a stunning event that reflects your own unique personal tastes, style and overall wedding vision.


    We execute every detail of your wedding vision to perfection. Alleviate the stress on your big day by having us manage every facet of your event. Enjoy your wedding day, leave it to us to coordinate your suppliers and bring it all together on the day.

    My Event Decor - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    my event decor

    +61 1300 378 689

    Seeking Instagrammable decor to make your product launch, store opening, expo or corporate event stand out?

    Good. You've come to the right place. The stuff that most venues offer you as their "standard decor hire package" is rarely memorable.

    Did you know there's a link between home decor and your corporate event decor?

    Once upon a time, I was a journalist for Architectural Review, Our House, Vogue Living, House & Garden, and Belle magazines.

    And I discovered houses were like special events...

    Interesting decor not only has a central colour, finish or theme, it tells your guests a fascinating story about your company or your relationship, from your invitations, venue, and decor, to the food and music.

    In April 2015, I launched My Wedding Decor but soon discovered that the majority of my enquiries came from corporate event planners for product launches, store openings, brand activations, charity galas, open days, expos, festivals and corporate dinners. So I launched My Event Decor in January 2017.

    In April 2018, I merged My Wedding Decor with My Event Decor to offer clients like you themed event decor products.

    Lily Infusion Weddings & Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    lily infusion weddings & events

    03 9890 0689

    Values of Our Services

    • You deserve a wedding that you have dreamt about and a relaxed engagement period. At the same time, we give you all the support you need to plan and design your big day.
    • Our attention to detail and strong time management skills will ensure your event to be a successful and long memorable one.
    • Our creative ideas and inspirations will take your wedding or event to the next level and ensuring your personality are infused into every detail.
    • Legwork and little errands are all ours to save you hundreds of hours for beauty sleep.
    • We are your personal wedding or event financial adviser and manager.
    • We work with the industry's best, have a great relationship with lots of experienced and high-quality vendors, ensuring your money is spent wisely, high value for money services and products you get.
    • We absorb the stress you may have and free you on the day to enjoy every precious moment.



    With this all-encompassing service package, we will help you with absolutely every element of your special day, from the start of the planning process to the last dance.


    Behind the scenes, the most memorable weddings come together when talented suppliers work seamlessly together. Your suppliers are the key to making your wedding a success.


    Bespoke services can be tailor-made on request, price upon quotation, depending on the level of assistance required.


    You may already have some great ideas about the colour scheme and the look for your special day. Our styling team will be able to provide ideas & inspirations and create design concepts on every visual aspect of the day.

    On the Day

    You have spent a lot of time planning your big day, and you definitely want everything to run smoothly at the wedding.


    English and Chinese Bilingual Wedding MC

    What we do & Who we are

    Lily Infusion Weddings and Events was established in 2010, being one of the first Asian/Chinese cultured wedding planners and stylists in Melbourne.

    We work hard to ensure you have the perfect day!

    The team has a vast amount of creative ideas and inspirations. We can help to put your ideas together and adding a professional high standard touch. We create personal and detail-rich events that are tailored to individual needs, giving you and your guests unforgettable memories to share.

    Please get in touch to share the vision you have for your dream event. Our friendly team members love to assist you with any special occasions!