30+ Best Wedding Videographers In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Are you looking for the best wedding videographers in Melbourne? You want someone who will capture all the important moments of your big day – from the bride’s preparation through to the first dance. 

We know how difficult it can be to find the best professional wedding videographer within your budget. So we've narrowed down our top picks for wedding videographers from around Melbourne, so you don't have to do any research! 

If you’re looking for the best wedding videographers in Melbourne, check out our list below. We’ve curated a selection of some of the most talented and professional videographers in town, so you can be sure your wedding video will be amazing!

Ultimate List of the Best Wedding Videographers Melbourne, Victoria

Wild Romantic Photography - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

wild romantic photography wedding photographer melbourne


04 3448 4811 

Published in Vogue. 

We create wild romantic photography to be treasured for a lifetime!

Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of artists, photographers and dreamers. We are passionate about bringing your romance to life. Our documentary-style photography packages are tailored to the details of your special day. Each package includes each retouched memory we capture. We believe that great love is the coming together of two hearts, two minds, two lives, two dreams, two stories – in exploring that duality, promise to deliver the expression of your true romance. 

Our wedding photos look beautiful, but they're raw and genuine, too – with timeless landscapes, divine portraits, colourful fashion shots and dreamy reportage. We're all artists, and our clients are our muses. 

Based in Melbourne, we can find beauty in locations across the world and those closer to home. We've shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

From quaint weddings in Sydney to lavish weddings in Melbourne – our professional photographers are trained to capture those priceless candid moments of love, laughter and joy. We even offer pre-wedding photography if you wish to display your love through photos on a special day proudly.

We partner with our clients to help them navigate their big day, and we know it's just as important to have fun and be in the moment as it is to document the event.

Our photographs are taken with care and skill and made to be treasured for a lifetime.

We look forward to working with you!

Call Elle today on 04 3448 4811 or info@wildromanticphotography.com 

Love Journal Photography - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

love journal wedding videographer melbourne


04 2643 3352​​​​​​​

We are a team of professional and passionate award-winning master photographers, create unique moments for you and your family to love.

Here at Love Journal Photography, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture each and every wedding event perfectly. Our friendly team of award-winning wedding photographers have been creating beautiful, elegant wedding photography in Melbourne and around the world for countless couples over the last decade.

Every couple is different, and it’s important that every wedding is shot in its own unique way. By talking to, and getting to know each couple, we can create amazing wedding photography albums that they are able to enjoy for many years to come.

Film My Wedding - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

film my wedding videographer melbourne


03 9653 7426

Established in Melbourne and inspired by the need to capture timeless human emotion, Film My Wedding has grown to become Melbourne's premier videography team. Our strong belief is that we must capture moments naturally to ensure that the Wedding Video doesn't age with time. 

We capture these moments by utilising a candid and human-focused videography approach, which ensures that you can enjoy each moment of your beautiful wedding film years down the track while things are moving seamlessly behind the scenes on your actual wedding day. 

All of our clients speak about our seamless approach and how this contributes to the great vibes of the day. Feel free to read our more than 100 reviews on Google and Facebook that will attest to our way of work. 

We believe our Videos speak for themselves - so please go to the homepage! 

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

so many things go into making it perfect. The dress, the cake and of course, the videographer! But what is a wedding without capturing those special moments? That's where we come in! We want you to enjoy your big day and not worry about anything else but us doing our job. Our goal is simple: create memories for an unforgettable event. So let's get started on creating some memories together today! 

We're excited for this opportunity to tell your love story through video footage because we know how important it is for you both as well as future generations. 

Candid Wedding photography in Melbourne is an experience like none other, encompassing such several diverse cultures and customs. Melbourne is Australia's melting pot of multiculturalism, and it is on wedding days that you get to know the unique traditions that Melbournians have to offer. 

If you were to define our style, it could not be summed up in one, but rather a culmination of contemporary and traditional talents. Every one of us carries a unique style but a common mindset to critically think about every scene. For example, photojournalism is the current trend among wedding photographers, yet it lacks direction for you as a couple. So, we have worked hard to merge creative photojournalism with fine art portraiture. As a result, it allows you to concentrate on the special moments while in a position that allows you to look your finest.

Wedding photographers at LoveJournal are proud members of MPA (Master Photographer Association), AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers), WPPI(Wedding & Portrait Photographer International), AWPA (Asian Wedding Photographer Association) and PPAC. However, we love Journal Photographers are more than professional photographers, and they are master photographers. 

We've been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of "Melbourne's best wedding photographers."

We offer one of the best wedding photography Melbourne wide. We have wedding photographers specialising in candid wedding photography, pre-wedding photography and wedding videography in Melbourne. 

Crystal D Studio - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

crystal d studio wedding videographer melbourne


04 2456 7723

"Easy going, Fun and Candid" describes us the most! 

Our professional, experienced team is full time dedicated to weddings, making us one of Melbourne's most trusted wedding Cinematographers.

We are a small team of well-experienced Photographers and Cinematographers, maintaining the quality of work consistently when capturing your magical day.

We carefully pick the filming and editing style to reflect the vision and personality of the couple. Attention to detail and listening to our client's needs is our secret. Using high-end professional equipment and being updated with the latest technology also provides quality and timeless final video to cherish a lifetime.

Your wedding is who you are and your reflection as a couple. The same facts are our priorities when making memories for our brides. We don't try to mould your precious day into ours. Instead, we adjust to yours.

Enquire now.

Annette and Dani Films - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

annette and dani wedding videographer melbourne


Annette + Dani film Melbourne's most stylish weddings.

Their effortless and romantic style makes them one of the most sought after wedding videographers in the industry. With over ten years of experience in the industry, you'll be in safe hands with Annette & Dani guiding you through your big day.

We are Annette and Dani, and we create natural, beautiful, romantic and timeless wedding videos. 

Formerly, Burgess Video, we are one of the very few all-female teams in Melbourne. Since childhood, both creatives and artists, we are always looking to capture the world's magic from behind a lens.  

We craft candid, documentary-style films that will allow you to hold your memories in your heart forever. Our style is natural and organic, effortless and romantic.

With over ten years in the industry, we have captured over 700 of Melbourne's most stylish weddings, gaining experience filming many cultures and traditions.

FAQs About Wedding Videographer

Dreamlife Wedding - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

dreamlife wedding videographer melbourne


03 9663 1890

Internationally award-winning photographers and videographers offering a great variety of products and services at competitive prices

At Dreamlife Photos & Video, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with premium products at the most competitive prices. Using only consummate professionals and state of the art technology, we are creating works never before thought possible.

Dreamlife Photos & Video has operations all across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States and is the proud recipient of numerous awards for excellence in photography, cinematography, customer service, amongst others.

To name just a few perks of going with Dreamlife:

  • All negatives are made available immediately after your wedding
  • Each package includes a selection of enlargements to showcase your pride and joy
  • We are proud users of Pioneer Albums; bringing you a new dimension of creative album designs
  • Price and package details are available on our websit

Videography coverage is also provided and can be found in the Videography section of Easy Weddings.


Melbourne: Dreamlife photos and video Melbourne

Sydney: Dreamlife photos and video Sydney

Brisbane: Dreamlife photos and video Brisbane

Now operating from three central locations:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane

Photography packages start from $1695, and our cinematography collections start from $1995.

Bespoke packages are also available to perfectly suit your wedding day.

Please contact us for a special combined package price to book both photo and video services with us.

C2 Films - Wedding Videography Melbourne

c2 films wedding videographer melbourne


04 2153 3548

Welcome to C2, Australia's highest-rated, most reviewed luxury wedding storytellers.

We create the most beautiful, unique, and premium cinematic wedding films and photography in Melbourne and Sydney.

There are no retakes on a wedding day, so you need someone you trust to capture all the important moments without fail. Featured in Elle and Vogue, our wedding films and photography are unforgettable because we truly take the time to understand what's important to you. So whether it's priceless footage of you dancing with your grandmother, an inside joke with your partner, or maybe a piece of sentimental jewellery or important cultural tradition, we're on top of it. 

We will create a story plan for your cinematic film and photos that encapsulates it all, so you're blown away every time you view it. Simply put, we create beautiful wedding films and photos that your friends and family will want to watch again and again.

Why Choose C2?

Since 2003, we've led the space of wedding videography in Melbourne and Sydney. We know how much work it is to plan your wedding, and we're here now and on your big day to make everything just that bit more magical. We aim to delight and thrill from start to finish, and our hundreds of incredible clients and all five-star reviews tell us we are right on track as the very best in the industry.

Our passion is delivering a flawless and artful cinematic film experience that brings you right back to your wedding day, and we take it as the highest compliment when you choose C2 to create those memories.

How We Work With You To Achieve Perfection?

We are determined to give you nothing less than the very best, and no effort is spared in achieving that goal. 

We know there's just one chance to create perfection, so we focus all our energy on doing just that.

Your wedding and vision are unique. 

Weddings cannot be defined by one style, so we offer a mix of distinct genres to reflect your individuality. 

We believe your wedding should be emotional, beautiful and personal, so our films are a reflection of you and your partner: crazy, gorgeous and perfectly imperfect.

Cinematic Wedding Films As Individual As You

Your choice to have as little or as much involvement in the Look, Feel and Sound of your film.  

From slow and cinematic to uplifting and light or a happy and fun style, we ensure each film reflects the beauty, energy and style of our couples.

Cutting Edge Video Productions - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

cutting edge wedding videographer melbourne


04 0389 9709

Cutting Edge Video will turn your special moments into an everlasting and precious memory through a beautifully made wedding film.

Understanding your wishes precisely, we will ensure that your wedding video is a stylish, entertaining and unique reflection of your special day.

As a veteran wedding videographer in Melbourne, we capture all the little sparkles of your big day and create a magical HD wedding video that you can cherish for the rest of your happy marriage.

We will provide you with something that you will watch for years and years to come, potentially with your children and grandchildren.

What is the forte of our wedding videography in Melbourne?

  • Creative approach to modern wedding cinematography
  • Each wedding we film is done in the finest and unique style
  • Entertaining, engaging and stylish presentation of your big day
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Cinematic reflection of your special day with a trailer highlights video
  • Superior quality audio
  • Down to the detailed service

From elegant cocktail weddings to traditional Macedonian weddings, Greek, Italian, Lebanese and Jewish weddings, to name a few, we Videographers in Melbourne love to create, film and edit whimsical and beautiful footage that tells a story.

Shooting a Wedding takes us to a new venue, filled with new and interesting people, challenges and a couple on the happiest day of their life.

Contact us for a quote on our packages regarding wedding videography! To book a consultation or for any further information call us on 0403 899 799!

Proeye Video - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

pro eye video wedding videographer melbourne


0410 441 111

At ProEye Video, our amazing video crew knows their stuff! With 25 years under our belts, we are proud to say that our Melbourne Wedding Videography service is stronger than ever.

ProEye Video is driven by a solid history of working in alignment with our values. At the forefront of our Melbourne Wedding Videography service is a commitment to integrity, transparency and exceptional customer service.

We're not here to overwhelm you with all the technical details – we know that our clients want choice, flexibility, and to feel confident that will beautifully immortalise their wedding.

Your wedding memories are our focus, at the heart of every video we create. We are here to help you each step of the way and aim to produce stunning wedding videography within everybody's grasp. Whatever your budget, there is a Melbourne Wedding Videography package to suit your budget with a variety of additional extras available. 

We know how to create memories to suit any style or culture with an eye for capturing the exquisite and touching details of your wedding day.

Pro Eye is a team of highly skilled and talented professionals with a passion for excelling. On your wedding day, our duty to you is to guide you through the process and ensure that we capture you for who you are. During the editing process, our proven system will assist you in creating the perfect outcome.

Let ProEye Video capture the day your lives join together on one path so that it can be celebrated forever.

Lensure Cinematic & Photography - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

lensure wedding videography melbourne


0447 344 138

The wedding day is the most important day of ones' life. At LENSURE, we provide actual filming and editing of your special day. We believe that the filming of a wedding is not just the simple recording process but the creation of a truly artistic and beautiful snapshot of the day.

We never require the couple to pose; we just capture the natural feeling of your special relationship. We want the final video to be as unique as you. We want to tell the story of how you came to be and what you mean to each other. A wedding film is not a simple chronological document; it is supposed to capture the emotions of laughter, tears, and beautiful memories. We value and understand the importance of a wedding to you as a couple, and we would love to capture your individual story.

WE BELIEVE that "Real Stories Create The Soul."

Video Boutique Wedding Videographer Melbourne

videoboutique wedding videographer melbourne


03 9044 6537

We have been covering weddings for over ten years.

Every choice you make for your wedding, from the venues to the styling and outfits, are all a reflection of who you are. Your wedding films should be no different.

We know that the best moments of your day will be those unplanned, and your family and friends will be the soul of your wedding celebration.

With thousands of weddings captured across Melbourne and around Australia, our craft has been well refined. We will capture the uniqueness of your day as it happens with direction from us only when it matters.

Our Wedding Edits

Wedding Film:

A cinematic edit that brings together beautiful visual sequences, energised dance floor action and extended moments of the most important parts of your whole day in a twenty-minute finely crafted production. We love editing our wedding films, and you'll love watching yours with those closest to you for years to come!

Wedding Highlight:

The most memorable moments of your wedding are meticulously crafted to a carefully selected song (licensed) that brings to life the energy of your day. It is a highly cinematic and emotionally engaging edit that captures the spirit and the love between you both in a way no other edit can. It is ideal for sharing with family and friends on your favourite social media network.

Extended Live Edit:

We clean up your raw footage and turn it into a video that provides extended scenes of your wedding, all edited to live audio. This edit can be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours depending on your day and includes your ceremony and speeches in full.

Listen to our podcasts and read our blog posts on Wedding planning tips.

Bliss & Boho Wedding Videographer Melbourne

bliss and boho wedding videograper. melbourne


03 9498 4840

We strive to tell your story uniquely and entertainingly for every couple, with unrivalled attention to detail. We create a cinematic wedding film that you will love to watch and share with family and friends.

At Bliss and Boho, we tell our stories through imagery and light. It's the simple things like laughter, love and emotions that capture the heart, which is at the centre of every wedding film we create.

Our focus is always to capture genuine and candid moments rather than posed shots. So it's up to us to take beautiful shots without disturbing the natural flow of the day.

As wedding videographers, we also understand the value of remaining unobtrusive on the day, so we incorporate equipment and techniques that allow us to be inconspicuous. We then take our beautiful footage back to the editing studio and creatively weave together a timeless wedding video.

The team behind Bliss and Boho come with 15 years of industry experience, running one of Melbourne's premier wedding film houses, Allure Productions.

It brings with it a fresh new look from an incredible group of award-winning filmmakers and editors.

Phenomena Wedding Photography & Cinematic - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

phenomena wedding videographer melbourne


03 9868 2139

Phenomena wedding cinematography represents Master and Expert photographers who do weddings only.

Having your wedding filmed is a great privilege and a fantastic opportunity to re-live your special day. Phenomena will shoot and edit the film for you in a cinematic way, making you your film stars. We offer amazing wedding videographer services here in Melbourne that are sure to impress. Look at the videos above to see the kind of work and digital editing we can do. Don't look past our Melbourne wedding videography services to make sure your wedding day is not only captured in photo form but filmed to re-live the memories.

With over ten years of experience in the wedding industry, Phenomena knows how to capture the right moments and compile them into an unforgettable film to show to your friends, family or guests that unfortunately couldn't make the momentous day. It is also a great reminder to see how far you both have come since the wedding day and re-live it together.

Good Melbourne Wedding videographers are hard to come by. Not only is Phenomena one of the best in Melbourne, but they are also one of the most affordable options that still produce amazing quality. So give the experts a call on (03) 98261881 and see what Phenomena can do for your wedding day.

ATEIA Wedding Video Company Melbourne

ateia wedding videographer melbourne



We have 500 excellent 5-star online reviews.

Our talented team of professional Melbourne wedding photographers and videographers has led the industry in quality, affordability, and simplicity for more than ten years!

ATEIA Photography & Video was established in 2008 with a vision to offer exceptional quality, service, and value in the wedding photography and videography industry.

In a short period, we achieved our vision and now have a team of professional wedding photographers and videographers, capturing over 250 weddings internationally and Australia-wide. Our studio in Melbourne is based in Docklands.

Our Packages

Full-Day Photography & Images on Disc =$1889

Full-Day Videography & Highlight Trailer =$1989

Full Day Photography & Full Day Videography & Wedding Album with 30 Sides = $3889

Why Choose ATEIA Photography & Video?

Our studio is Ranked #1 Australia-wide on Easy Weddings. Our photographers have over 100 years of experience collectively in the wedding industry.

Our prices are super-competitive, and we do not compromise on quality. We allow you to meet with your photographer before proceeding with a booking. We are transparent and honest with our prices and packages.

We also offer Wedding Albums, Engagement Shoots, Prints, and Canvasses. We would love to capture your wedding, so please feel free to contact us today!

The Digital Poets - Wedding Videography Melbourne

the digital poets wedding videographer melbourne


+61 401 675 263

Hi, Luke here! I've been mastering the art of videography for 15 years. It started as a hobby, a means of creative expression, but after filming a couple of weddings, he discovered a love for creating poetry through the medium of digital film. So late 2016, The Digital Poets was born.

Luke is a passionate cinematographer dedicated to capturing every special moment and every key figure that was a part of it throughout the ceremony & reception.

With multiple awards for directing, editing and cinematography, he is well versed in delivering a cinematic, professional product without the fuss of a huge team or bulky equipment, meaning you can get your day captured without interruption, keeping the focus on creating memories with your loved ones.

We take our time to discover what makes your relationship special and handcraft an emotionally engaging film that matches your unique personality! We'd love for you to compare our films with others and let us know your thoughts. Hope to hear from you soon!

Visions West Wedding Videographer Melbourne

visions west wedding videographer melbourne


0438 011 814

Good memories are forever, so make them last. We will capture every moment of your wedding day for you to cherish for years to come.

Visions West Productions have been filming weddings for over ten years. We have filmed weddings across Australia, including several international weddings. We are a husband and wife filming team that understand the pressures and stresses of a wedding day; we love having the opportunity to share such special moments with others.

  • Fully tailored quote to ensure you get what you want
  • Family owned and operated a business located on the Mornington Peninsula
  • Fully Edited video supplied on DVD & USB
  • Professional, friendly and personal service
  • Pricing to suit your budget
  • Exceptional attention to detail

We treat your wedding day as if it were our own – we only have one chance to capture all elements to make a fantastic wedding film. It is a skill that can only come with many years of experience filming weddings.

DUÜET Wedding Video Company Melbourne

duuet wedding videographer melbourne


0457 099 858

We capture the true beauty and emotion of your life and love.

We are a Melbourne based wedding photography and videography studio. Our team of professional photographers, videographers, and artists take a unique approach to capturing and enhancing your special day.

Our brand is inspired by the coupling of the client and the photographer. Working as a duet gives each stunning image a joyful memory.

We specialise in natural, candid, and ethereal images that reflect your love's story, personality, and journey. Our professional team prides itself on their discretion and experience.

Your collaboration during the photo shoot, along with the creative direction of our team, will bring together stunning photographs and a truly unforgettable experience. The presentation of a DUUET Wedding Package leads the way in style and uses state of the art technology.

For more information, contact us so we can begin creating beautiful memories together.

Nova Videography - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

nova wedding videographer melbourne


04 3119 5977

We are a team of specialists in capturing your special day and the days surrounding it. We can provide wedding photography and videography services throughout Melbourne or provide a whole package for you.

It includes capturing the lead up events, the day's preparations, even creating a romantic video of the betrothed in the form of a lovers' romantic video. 

It is not a sideline for us – capturing your special day in all its magnificence is our purpose in life.

Our video captures the event itself. The speeches, the dancing, the vows these memorable moments cannot be captured by photography alone. 

Being a great wedding videographer takes much more than being able to point a video camera. But, it knows where to point it, so the action is covered, how to frame your shots, how to edit, cut in music. It's a big job, and it's very important.

In some ways, video is much more difficult than working as a cameraman on a set. At a wedding, your cameraman gets one chance. They have to be in a position to get the best shot of the most important moments.

It takes skill, experience and dedication to the task – talents that our team has.

T-One Image Wedding Videographer Melbourne


t one image wedding videographer melbourne


04 7768 777

There is no better way of capturing the spirit of your wedding day than with one of our professional wedding videos.

T-One image offers fantastic wedding videos in Melbourne or Sydney. These wedding videos are a unique way of catching all of the excitement and beauty of your wedding day, keeping the memories alive for many years to come.

There is no better way of capturing the spirit of your wedding day than with one of our professional wedding videos. We endeavour to capture the intimacy between you and your partner, the essence of your relationship, as well as the feelings of your special loved ones present on your wedding day.

T-one offers a wide range of options when shooting your wedding video; the process doesn't end when we have finished filming. Our trained specialists edit and produce all footage, ensuring clients are 100% happy with the finished product. This attention to detail enables us to create elegant, timeless wedding videos in Sydney or Melbourne that you will treasure for the rest of your married life.

SMC Studious Wedding Videographer Melbourne

smc studios wedding videographer melbourne


0403 275 414 

We are the company that 'can do,' and we won't charge you thousands in extras for the privilege!

SMC Studios offers premium quality, competitively priced film (and photographic) packages with a long list of inclusions. Visit our website today to find out why our clients rave about us!

Priced from just $950 - we are the most competitively priced company in the industry!

What's included in your film package:

  • A friendly, relaxed and skilful team of professionals
  • No hidden surprises - costs or otherwise
  • You have filmed your wedding with quality HD cameras and equipment.
  • Competitive pricing - compare us to others and see for yourself.
  • A professional finish we know you will love and cherish forever.
  • Your photos with SMC Studios will, of course, have that touch of style, creativity, and flair that we pride ourselves on - and of course, all at a very fair and reasonable price.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

Oshana Wedding Videographer Melbourne

oshana video & photo melbourne


0421 802 976

Experience has taught us that every wedding has a unique style and personality.

At Oshana Video & Photo, we will produce your photos and videos to reflect your uniqueness.

Our team of experienced photographers focuses on capturing your memories without intruding on your special day. We pride ourselves on our energetic and ever-present style with technical know-how and a passion for wedding photography.

Our creative and relaxed approach will ensure you'll look back on your wedding day with a true sense of joy, re-living those special moments like they were yesterday. We aim to capture your wedding Video and photography discreetly and sensitively as your day naturally unfolds.

Contact us today to book your first consultation.

Bright Light Weddings - Company Videography Melbourne

bright light weddings videographer melbourne


04 8181 8735

Your stories. Uniquely crafted.

We have experienced wedding videographers, stationery designers, photographers and website designers. We have been capturing the perfect wedding day for the last five years.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we create beautiful wedding videos, photos and stationery that will keep your memories alive forever.

Our dedicated and experienced team covers everything from pre-planning, filming and designing, right through to editing the video and photographs after your special day.

We film a select number of weddings each year and our diary books up full relatively fast, two years in advance. So, don't wait to get in touch. Let's chat! We would love to set up a consultation with you to answer any questions you have. So, drop us a line & we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Desiren - Wedding Video Company in Melbourne

desiren wedding videographer melbourne


04 3122 5100

Award-Winning Photography and Video Studio

At Desiren, they believe in quality over quantity. Being a small team of wedding photographers and videographers, they take up a limited number of events so that they can give those couples their very own magical wedding day that they dreamed of. They're passionate about their craft and have given the absolute best to all the couples.

You want to choose the best of everything when it comes to your wedding – whether it's the catering, the venue, or the dress. So, when it's time to choose your wedding photographer and videographer, don't settle for anything less than the best – Desiren Photography & Video is your go-to studio for wedding photography and video across Melbourne!

Allow the Desiren Photography & Video team to capture your love story with a creative, modern, and timeless approach. Our team comprises Melbourne's most creative wedding professionals, who understand and have experience in capturing weddings of all cultures, sizes and backgrounds.

Westward Films Wedding Videographer Melbourne

west ward films weddings videographer melbourne


 04870 78 380 

You decide how much of your wedding will be covered and we will film every important moment. Our mission is to make sure you have fun at your wedding because having a good time during every part of your day brings out the best in you and creates the magic in your films.

We use multiple cameras during the ceremony, speeches and bridal dance. In addition, your films will feature high-quality audio recorded with wireless microphones. And if the weather and the location allow for it, We'll get some stunning aerial footage for you as well.

All your films are edited in the house (so not overseas by an unknown third party), ensuring the personal touch that your story deserves. We'll have your films ready within two months of your wedding.

Our cost is simple: Per hour is the charge we spend on your wedding day. This fee is all-inclusive and covers the filming and post-production editing of your highlights film. Current prices are available on our website (Westwardfilms)

We would love to create your Wedding Highlights Film:

  • A cinematically edited film of approximately 4-7 minutes, fully colour graded and edited to the music of your choice.
  • Filming of any occasion.
  • High definition cinematic video recording. With at least two DSLR cameras.
  • High-quality audio recording. We are using wireless lapel microphones.
  • Video editing and production in Full HD are finished within eight weeks of your wedding.
  • Important: All editing is done in-house by Westward Films (so not overseas by a third party)
  • USB drives are provided and delivered of your film.
  • Optional extra: A Full Day Cinematic Edit (45-60min), which includes all the shots of the day, your full ceremony and speeches shot with multiple cameras ($399)

Don't hesitate to contact us so we can tailor a package to your individual needs and budget.

Whitford Wedding Films - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

whitford wedding films melbourne


0423 695 954
Welcome to Whitford Wedding Films!

We are Rachael and Darcy, two wedding videographers based in Melbourne, Australia.

We offer three different videography packages.



This package covers your entire wedding day and tells the story from beginning to end.

 What You'll Receive:

  • Two experienced videographers (Rachael & Darcy) were there for the whole day - from you getting ready through to the dance floor at the reception. We'll capture it all.
  • A fully edited 10-minute film. We work in a very cinematic style, so your finished product does feel like a 'film'. 
  • Raw footage of the entire ceremony, speeches, first dance etc., all collated into chapters for your viewing and reviewing pleasure.
  • A personalised USB drive containing all the goods.

 How It Works:

  • Get in touch to lock us in for your big day.   
  • We'll organise a double-date for us to get to know each other and discuss all your wedding details. We'll also record an audio interview on this day to hear all the mushy stuff. It is for us to add another layer to your film.
  •  The day comes. You get hitched. Lots of people will probably cry. We'll be there to capture it all


These are just the essentials, so you have no regrets. We only film the Ceremony and the Reception, up until the end of the speeches. 

 What You'll Receive:

  • Two experienced videographers (Rachael & Darcy) are there for your Ceremony and Reception (up until the end of the speeches).
  • A fully edited 4-minute film. We work in a very cinematic style, so your finished product does feel like a 'film'. 
  • ] Raw footage of the entire ceremony and speeches, collated into chapters for your viewing and reviewing pleasure.
  • - A personalised USB drive containing all the goods.

** For this package, we don't need to record an interview but would still meet up with you both for a coffee date the day before.


This package is all about celebrating your engagement. It will capture the exciting moment in your life. It can be tailor-made, especially for you. You may want this just as a private keepsake for the two of you to treasure forever, or you may want to use this as your shining moment on social media to announce your engagement to the world. 

This package is a lot more casual than the wedding day packages. We'll work with you, usually for around 2 hours, in a gorgeous location where you both feel comfortable creating something truly unique and special for you. 

 What You'll Receive:

  • The creative expertise of the videographers will take approximately 2 hours of filming. 
  • 2-minute film. We work in a very cinematic style, so your finished product does feel like a 'film'. It will be delivered on a USB.

** If you purchase this package, we will offer you a 20% discount on either of the two wedding day packages. 

Please get in touch for a price request.

We're looking forward to speaking with you!

Wedding Movies - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

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1300 426 759

Telling your love story is our greatest passion.

With Wedding Movies, we guarantee will forge every special moment in the film for you to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

We take the time to get to know you and your story as a couple. Every couple's journey is different, and that's what makes it special. We make it our mission to tell your story through a beautiful film that is uniquely yours.

At Wedding Movies, we love capturing stories, and we love what we do. We have over 17 years of experience in carefully collecting and curating your memories. With our extensive and diverse experience, we can confidently say that we are the wedding videographers in Melbourne should hire. Our team comprises several talented videographers and editors. Leave it to them to capture the emotions that transform your life on your wedding day. Each day, they keep adding to our portfolio of your beautiful memories and special moments.

Wedding Videos can provide a range of amazing packages, or we can customise a special service tailored to your every need!

So, are you ready to present to the world the heart and essence of your story? Because we sure are.

Love & Other - Wedding Videography Melbourne

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0406 180 808

Kyla and Marc are partners in life and business. With over 15 years of experience in photography and video production, they work together to produce stunning images.

We are partners in love, life, and business.​ Marc & Kyla are Melbourne based, originally from Adelaide, servicing Australia and the world.

We understand that your special day is all about you and the natural, candid moments that you will remember forever. But, every couple needs something as unique as their wedding. So, we will work with you to make sure no moment is missed.

Together Marc & Kyla have 15 years of experience in photography and video production.

We have a small team of highly experienced, incredible photographers and videographers that work with us. It enables our couples to book with confidence, knowing that it will cover their special day professionally and not miss a moment.

Contact us directly; we'd love to chat.

Native Weddings - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

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04 9784 6265 

At Native, we want to create personalised, handcrafted films that capture the beauty and emotion of your big day. 

As our team all use hand-held cameras, we can fade into the background while shooting and ensure that we capture all the moments that matter to you to preserve them for years to come. 

No moment is too small to be precious, and we want to be there to capture them all. While the team is based out of Fitzroy, we love to travel and would be totally up for tagging along to wherever you have a wedding planned. No distance is too close or too far!

We aim to get the best shots, with the best equipment, in the most discreet way. This way, you and your wedding guests will not feel like you're on a TV set the entire day!

Drop us a line and arrange to swing by the studio; we'll have a prosecco and show you how the high-quality simplistic nature of our work will give you a memory that will last forever.

Melbourne Films - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

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04 0423 8769

Our style of filmmaking is rich and fun.

At Melbourne Films Weddings, we provide truly exceptional wedding videography services across Melbourne. We aim to capture your wedding day memories flawlessly and artfully. We are proud to be taking Melbourne wedding videos to new heights and helping you celebrate and remember your perfect day. We appreciate the uniqueness of your wedding. 

We know weddings cannot be defined by one style, so we offer a mix of distinct genres to reflect your individuality. We believe your wedding should be emotional, beautiful and personal, and we believe our films should be a reflection of what makes you, you: crazy, gorgeous and perfectly imperfect.

If you have a story to tell, an idea to share or a word to spread, the Melbourne Films Weddings can help you bring it to life

Choosing your wedding videographer is one of the most important decisions and investments you will make.

True Story Wedding Films - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

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04 2182 8340

Handcrafted wedding films made with care.

Tearlach here! Don't bother trying to sound it out; it's one of those weird ones. Let's go with Tea for short as in, cup-of.

Rather than giving you some long-winded story, I want my films to speak for themselves. If you haven't already, I will encourage you to enjoy a snapshot into someone else's life & wedding - they have been gracious enough to share their days with me and to allow me to pass on that privilege to you. Please watch with joy & love in your heart.

That said, I'm genuinely inspired by you & your love. After I got married, I realised what a special day a wedding is. Those few hours we get to celebrate our love with family & friends are so precious.

It's a privilege & a truly worthy pursuit to help you remember & re-live those hours.

I want to show you what your love looks like. Because from here, it looks perfect.

I only do one thing, I'm an all-or-nothing sort of guy. So I'm not here for anything less than telling your whole crazy-amazing story and crafting you the best wedding film possible. 

So here's the deal:

  • Full-day coverage. I'll be there from makeup to the dance floor. Longer, if needed.
  • 5-7ish minute True Story film. It is where my passion lies.
  • Chapters, complete edits of the ceremony, speeches, dances, etc. Do you want to re-live your husband's ugly crying? You've got it.
  • All will put on all raw footage a hard drive for safekeeping. I also keep a backup.

Here's how things go after you get in contact:

  • We'll meet. I'll buy you coffee. We'll talk about weddings and stuff.
  • I'll come to your house and record an interview. It is my second favourite part of our time together.
  • I'll stroll in one bright, beautiful morning, and I'll follow you around with a camera. You'll get married. It'll be great.
  • I'll go back to my editing cave for a few weeks, and when I emerge. You'll get an email with a link to something truly special.

If you want anything else, we'll work it out when we meet, or maybe the day before the wedding. I'm not here to tell you what to do.

I'm here to show you how awesome you are.