What Picture Should Be Taken at a Wedding?

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    To ensure that you don't miss any of the day's most memorable picture ops, it's important to create a comprehensive list of all the places and activities that you want to be sure to document in your wedding album. These are the times you'll look back on fondly and think about the following day ("It goes by in a flash," they all say). In light of this, it is imperative that you instruct your photographer to make the most of each and every photo opportunity, from the time you start getting dressed to the time you leave the venue (with sparklers). If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography

    Hiring a wedding photographer you're excited about and having faith in their skills is the first step in checking this task off your list. You can assume that a professional will know how to complete the work because you are paying them to do so. Even if you plan on hiring a professional photographer, it's helpful to have some familiarity with the fundamentals of wedding photography. To help you plan your big day, we've compiled a list of all the photos you absolutely need to take, from close-ups of your jewellery to group shots of your guests enjoying the reception.

    In order to make the perfect wedding album, it is not essential to purchase all of these photos, although doing so is fun. (They will, at the at least, get you in the frame of mind to pay close attention to detail while you search for the perfect wedding shoes and create your unique invites.) Before you go out and buy anything or pin anything, scroll down and have a look at some of our favourite shots from real weddings uploaded on Wild Romantic Photography. Talk to your photographer about the ideas you've come up with, or better yet, email them a link to this post so they may develop their own mental checklist of photo ops. However, once you've finished that, hand it over to your photographer. All you can do at that point is trust them, have a good time, and show up for the wedding. Is it not true that the most beautiful brides are also the happiest?

    One of the most memorable parts of your wedding will be the images you chose to have taken. Aside from your memories, they are what you will have left to treasure long after the fun is over.

    Although you may think you're done with the preparations for the front of the picture once you've booked your wedding photographer, there are still a few things you can do to make it look its best. To get the most out of your wedding photographer, you should, however, offer them with a list of the shots you cannot live without having in your album. Using these tips, you may get the most out of your professional photographer.

    It's possible that you've seen some photos on Pinterest that you really like and want to try to replicate them, or that you simply want to snap a posed photo with a group of pals. You wouldn't want your mental snapshots to be lost forever, would you?

    It's only reasonable that you'd want the images that come from all the hard work you put into organising your wedding to do your big day justice. The first step in having a professionally documented special day is selecting a photographer who fits your tastes in terms of the media they work with, the general aesthetic they favour, and their degree of experience. This last bit of advice is crucial: a professional wedding photographer will know how to direct the light, handle a large group, and put you at ease in front of the lens. In a perfect world, you wouldn't worry about what kind of images they were taking or how they were taking them; the trust between the couple and their photographer would be absolute.

    We realise, however, that you'd like to enter your wedding day with a good idea (no pun intended!) of the kinds of photos you may expect to see in your wedding album. Here's where our comprehensive wedding photo shot list comes in helpful; it's full with must-have shots that have been endorsed by several of the industry's most lauded photographers. We recommend using this list as more of a guide when determining which parts of your special day you want photographed and which parts you don't. Because every couple's wedding day is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a wedding photo shot list.

    What you're about to view is a set of images that established photographers insist you take. Is there a list of types of photos that you shouldn't stress over taking? Jen Huang advises not to stress over taking pictures of things like cocktail menus, cocktail napkins, or bar signs "They don't really matter in the grand scheme of the day or the couple's relationship. While I love to shoot beautiful photos of wedding details, I think the couple should put less emphasis on them." And what about those shots that you should always duck? The vast majority of our photographers believe that it is unnecessary to take the customary table-to-table shots at receptions. Heather Waraksa argues that doing so "takes away from documenting actual moments," is disruptive to dinner service, and wastes the couple's time.

    If you ask Sylvie Gil, your wedding photo shoot list shouldn't cause you any concern at all. If you've engaged a professional photographer, you may relax knowing that they'll handle any problems that may arise in the photos.

    Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    In Preparation

    Wedding Photography

    These are some of the best photo ops since they have a relaxed, carefree vibe. Before the dresses and jewellery come out, take some cute photos of the day wearing matching jammies or robes for a more relaxed and pleasant album. You should expect to get some humorous snapshots as a result.

    The moments you have with your bridesmaids in the bridal suite will be deeply meaningful, and it is essential that you record them all. If you insist on photographing yourself while you apply makeup, Elizabeth Davis suggests waiting until you're nearly done. The majority of my women do not utilise or like these photographs," she explains, "since their bridal look is not complete." She explains that it's because their otherwise perfect bridal ensemble is lacking a crucial detail. The author explains that she photographs the makeup application by asking the subject to notify her before the final touches are applied. While getting ready in the room, make the most of its photogenic characteristics by taking some pictures to add to your holiday album. One of Moffit's favourite things to capture is the "getting ready images of the bride in wonderful window light."

    Characteristic Picture

    Even while weddings have a more traditional vibe, it's important that your individuality shines through in the photographs. Don't miss out on candid shots that capture the whole spectrum of emotions felt on a wedding day by being too serious or stiff in your poses. The sheer happiness on their faces says it all.

    Taking A Swing At The Ring

    On the big day, be sure to flaunt your new wedding band and engagement ring. Symbolically, they represent the two of you coming together. Photographer Cassi Claire says, "I don't normally wear my engagement ring when travelling, therefore this photo has been referenced many times," when she is looking at her own wedding images. Alternatively, "I don't usually bring my engagement ring with me on trips."


    Taking pictures of "things and elements that are culturally and emotionally relevant to the union" is something that Jen Huang suggests. However, as Jiu emphasises, it's important to make your photographer aware of these accents, especially if they're subtle or easy to overlook "One of our main objectives as photographers is to record all of the key moments for the customer. However, we might overlook the truly minute particulars if you don't occasionally draw our attention to them. Tell us every personal detail of your wedding, from the rosary your grandmother gave you to the photo of the groom's grandparents that served as his cufflinks."

    Preparations For The Wedding, As Seen From The Groom's

    It's fine to snap photos of the bridesmaids primping, but where are the pics of the groom's preparations? If you and your future spouse are both getting ready in the same location, you should coordinate your schedules in advance so that the photographer doesn't miss any of the preparations for either of you.

    Wedding Party: The Bride And Her Maids

    While group shots are essential, Heather Waraksa recommends just including the most closest of your loved ones in the photo's guest list. Your ladies of honour are an integral part of your wedding day, so be sure to capture some photos with them in advance. This will allow you to focus on enjoying the company of your loved ones as you prepare to say "I do." Wild Romantic Photography has the best range of services of wedding photography Yarra Valley. Check them out here. 

    First Glance: The Lovebirds

    For many photographers, the "first look" is a highlight of the wedding day. To to the experts at Koman Photography: "We love first looks since they are all about our couples!" Our engaged couples can celebrate their upcoming nuptials by embracing one another, laughing, kissing, crying, jumping, and generally having a fantastic time.

    Wedding Photography

    An Outdoor View Of The Location

    Is the drone your photographer uses for weddings easily accessible? To get a great aerial shot of your wedding location, ask the venue personnel if they can send a drone up to take a picture of the area before the ceremony.

    Incoming Brides And Grooms Making Their Way Down The Aisle

    The beauty captured in this image is stunning. For same-sex couples, one person can lead the way down the aisle with a parent, both parents, or on their own, while the other can follow in their partner's shoes. Although it is traditional for the groom to wait for the bride at the altar, we urge all couples to develop their own rituals and customs to celebrate their union.

    Portrait Of A Generation

    If your parents and/or grandparents are able to attend your big day, you should definitely take advantage of the photo op and get a picture of the whole family. One of our favourite pictures is this close-up of three generations of married ladies, all of whom are beaming.

    Group And Individual Bridal Party Photos

    Get pictures with each member of your bridal party separately. These pictures will hold extra meaning because bridesmaids and groomsmen often don't know each other before the wedding. They love you so much that having a photo taken of the two of them together on your wedding day would be the greatest gift you could give them. We love the idea of printing these out to include in our thank-you cards.

    Inspiring Scene

    You should ask your photographer into the bridal suite to capture the precious moments, just as Carlson Young did to obtain a shot of her exquisite braid. Give them an itinerary of the days leading up to the event, including when you and your partner will be getting ready.

    The Authentic Instances

    Some of our favourite parts of weddings are the ones that can't be planned. Just be yourselves while the photographer captures candid moments between the two of you. Among our favourite wedding photos is this one of the bride reading a letter to her future husband right before she walks down the aisle. Specify to your photographer that they should focus on capturing the genuine interactions between guests.

    When It's Time To Go, There Will Be Confetti

    Whether you choose to exit with confetti, sparklers, or something else entirely, make sure a photo is taken of the spectacle! For the greatest photos, especially if the party will go on late, consider creating an event. At Wild Romantic, we have the best wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula to capture every single moment on your wedding day. 

    To Start With, A Dance

    This is one of the night's most photogenic moments, so don't waste it worrying about how well you can dance. The joy of the day, like this groom serenading his wife with a song, will be captured by your photographer. (This must be one of your all-time favourite tunes.)

    On The Aisle: A First Glimpse

    If we continue talking about having a first look on the aisle, Huang will tell you that she prefers this moment (and the photos that result from it) over a prearranged first look before the ceremony: "It appears that more and more couples are choosing to forego the once-in-a-lifetime experience of walking down the aisle in favour of a practise that was created to address the time constraints of wedding ceremonies. I believe they're lovely when done right, but if you want an unforgettable first glance as a married couple, nothing beats going down the aisle together."

    Clips Of The Happy Couple's Reactions During The Wedding Ceremony

    Particularly poignant moments occur during the exchange of vows, and should be recorded on film. Any emotion, from laughter to tears of joy, can qualify as one of these times. Huang claims that the most challenging and gratifying part of wedding photography is capturing meaningful moments throughout the ceremony. She explains that it can be challenging because the photographer has little to no say over the ceremony's scheduling, location, or lighting. Still, I've noticed that those times are often the most genuine and holy for me. The photographer explained, "It's a balance that I love to strike between making stunning photographs and without upsetting the solemnity of the wedding.

    What's The Saying? "Kiss At The End Of The Aisle"

    After you've had your first kiss as husband and wife, turn around and give each other another passionate embrace as you walk back up the aisle. When Yale says something is "one of the happiest moments of the day," you know it's a moment worth recording. Helpful suggestions from Jiu include: If you want great images taken of you at the reception, your photographer will need you to go gently down the aisle.

    The Spouse And I

    Waraksa adds that taking photos of couples is one of her favourite things to do because of the quality time she gets to spend with her clients. In his own words, "I treasure the time I have with my couples during photographs," Waraksa says of his portrait sessions. "I love getting to know them better and witnessing how they perform in front of the camera, as well as seeing new places and interacting with one another face-to-face."

    Images Of Close Relatives

    Although it may seem mundane, Huang insists that married couples should never forego family photo ops. A professional photographer once remarked, "I often see family photos shot in a hurry because the spouse wants to join in on their cocktail hour, yet these photographs are the ones that end up being passed down from generation to generation." Claire agrees, and goes on to note that one of her favourite wedding photos is the one when she and her husband pose with their parents and siblings, as well as his parents and siblings.

    Enjoy Yourself

    A wedding is a joyous occasion for the happy couple, and everyone who attends should have a good time. Get in touch with us at Wild Romantic Photography if you're looking to hire experienced photographers for your wedding. If you, the photographer, are having a good time, your subjects will be more comfortable and cooperative. Some people may feel more comfortable in front of the camera if they simply smile at the photographer.


    There will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures at your wedding, and you should use them all. From detailed images of your jewellery to candids of your guests having a good time at the reception, we've produced a comprehensive list of the photographs you simply must take. You can do a few things to improve the quality of your photographs after you've hired a photographer. They should be presented with a list of the pictures that are essential to your album. If you follow these guidelines, your professional photographer just might deliver the results you've been hoping for.

    Heather Waraksa says that the traditional table-to-table shots at receptions are pointless. Elizabeth Davis recommends finishing up your cosmetics before taking any selfies. Don't forget to take some candid photos that show how you really felt on your wedding day. If these details are very delicate or easy to miss, be sure to bring them to the photographer's attention. Document "the cultural and emotional components crucial to the union through photographs."

    Before the ceremony, have the venue send up a drone to snap a picture of the surroundings. Tell your photographer to capture the candid moments where people are interacting with one another. Unpredictable moments are some of our favourites throughout weddings. Consider planning an event for the best images, especially if the celebration will continue late into the night.

    Content Summary

    1. Make a detailed list of all the locations and events that you want to be sure to photograph in your wedding album to make sure you don't miss any of the day's most memorable photo chances.
    2. Knowledge of the basics of wedding photography is useful even if you plan to hire a professional.
    3. Our wedding photography checklist covers everything from detailed photographs of your jewellery to candids of your guests having a good time at the afterparty.
    4. There's nothing left to do but turn up to the wedding in good faith and try to enjoy yourself despite the situation.
    5. The best way to ensure that your wedding photographer captures all of the moments you want captured is to provide them with a shot list.
    6. If you follow these guidelines, your professional photographer just might deliver the results you've been hoping for.
    7. Due to the unique nature of each wedding, there is no foolproof method for compiling a comprehensive collection of photographs to capture the event.
    8. Don't worry too much about snapping photos of cocktail napkins, menus, or signs, says Jen Huang. In the big scheme of things, or the couple's relationship, they are irrelevant.
    9. Even though I enjoy taking pictures of the little things at a wedding, I think the happy couple should focus less on them.
    10. Most of our photographers don't see the need in taking the standard reception photographs of each guest at their table.
    11. It's crucial that you capture all of the special moments you share with your bridesmaids in the bridal suite.
    12. If you're overly serious or rigid in your postures, you can miss out on candid images that capture the whole range of emotions expressed on the wedding day.
    13. Trying Your Hand At It Make sure to show off your wedding band and engagement ring on the big day.
    14. Even if your accent is minor or easy to miss, Jiu stresses, it is still crucial to make your photographer aware of it. " As photographers, one of our primary goals is to capture every memorable moment for the client.
    15. To ensure the photographer captures all of the moments leading up to the big moment, it's important to discuss getting ready times with your future husband in advance if you two plan to use the same location.
    16. You should take some practise shots with your maids of honour because they will play an important role in your big day.
    17. To better enjoy the presence of your loved ones as you get ready to say "I do," this will help.
    18. Ask the venue staff if they can send a drone up to take a photo of the area before the ceremony to obtain a fantastic aerial view of the site you'll be holding your wedding.
    19. We encourage all couples to create their own rituals and customs to honour their union, including but not limited to the groom waiting for the bride at the altar.
    20. Generational Portrait Getting a picture of the full family is a must if your parents and/or grandparents are able to make it to your wedding.
    21. As You Walk Down The Aisle, A Peek Inside Huang would tell you that she likes the spontaneity of a first glance on the aisle to the planned intimacy of a first peek before the ceremony, if we continue discussing the idea of having a first look on the aisle: It seems that more and more couples are opting for a practise developed to handle the time restrictions of wedding ceremonies rather than the once-in-a-lifetime experience of walking down the aisle.
    22. According to Huang, capturing important moments during the ceremony is both the most difficult and rewarding aspect of wedding photography.
    23. After you've had your first kiss as husband and wife at the end of the aisle, turn around and have another passionate hug as you make your way back up the aisle.
    24. Jiu offers some helpful advice, such as how you should walk slowly and carefully down the aisle for the best photos during the reception.
    25. Photographs Of Relatives Huang says that married couples should always make time for family photos, even if they appear inconsequential.
    26. Claire concurs and adds that the wedding photo with her and her husband posing with their parents and siblings as well as her husband's parents and siblings is one of her favourites.
    27. Have Fun Everyone who attends a wedding should have a nice time because it is a celebration of the happy couple.
    28. Subjects are more likely to relax and be themselves if the photographer is having a good time.
    29. Smiling at the camera might help some people relax and feel more at ease when being photographed.

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