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We're excited to introduce the classic beauty of 35mm film photography to our services. This timeless medium is known for its unique charm, grain texture, and authentic feel. It adds a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to our work, especially in wedding photography. Each shot becomes a cherished moment, captured with care and artistry. We love using 35mm film to preserve your precious memories.

Q: What is 35mm film photography?
A: 35mm film photography is about using a film strip that's 35mm wide to capture images. It's well-known for its unique qualities like charm, grain texture, dynamic range, and authentic analog feel.

Q: Why choose 35mm film?
A: In wedding photography, choosing 35mm film brings a unique style, evoking nostalgia and authenticity. It captures delicate colour tones and textures, giving images a romantic, timeless feel with a gentle grain. Plus, the film's unpredictability adds an element of surprise, adding excitement to the process.

Q: How does 35mm film complement digital photography?
A: Photographers often blend film and digital cameras. Digital offers speed and flexibility, while 35mm film brings an artistic depth that's tricky to replicate digitally. This mix allows for precise capturing with digital and adds film's warmth to their work.

Why 35mm film wedding photography?

Film photography adds authenticity to our work.

I love the charm of shooting with 35mm film alongside digital photography. There's a certain honesty to it—you only have one chance to get the shot right. Not seeing what the images will look like straight away adds to the excitement.

As a professional photographer, using film feels like taking a leap of faith. You trust in your skills to capture the moment perfectly and in the expertise of the lab technicians to develop the film flawlessly. It's a process that requires both precision and trust.

But there's also a romantic aspect to it all. Watching those film negatives transform into beautiful, timeless images is truly special. My goal is to create photographs that are more than just snapshots—they're enduring pieces of art meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

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We're not just capturing a wedding; we're preserving a lifetime of memories in a single day. We understand what it takes to capture a wedding in complete detail. Building a relationship where we understand and feel comfortable with each other is key for us in ensuring we fulfil your vision.

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We take pride in creating truly exceptional wedding videography. There is no better way of immortalising the spirit of your wedding day than with a professional wedding film. We endeavour to capture your love story, the essence of your relationship as well as the celebrations with your special loved ones present.

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