What Are the Best Photography Styles for Weddings?

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    Your wedding photographer's approach to wedding photography, both in terms of style and technique, is an important aspect to take into consideration. You need to have an idea of which photography style will work best for your wedding, taking into consideration the theme of your wedding and the other plans that you have for your wedding.

    In the past, there was only one approach to photographing weddings, but these days, wedding photographers often have expertise in a number of different approaches to the art. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Below you will find the most common wedding photography styles & techniques that our professional wedding photographers might use.

    Wedding Photojournalism

    Storytelling through photographs at a wedding is known as wedding photojournalism. This style of wedding photography requires very little participation from the photographer. A wedding photographer who uses the photojournalistic approach waits for all of the events to take place around them before using their natural creative eye to capture and interpret those events through their photographs. If you are interested in learning more about this technique, we invite you to read our article titled "What are Wedding Photojournalists?"


    Fine-art wedding photography involves the use of artistic angles, creative lighting, one-of-a-kind compositions, and advanced post-production techniques to create imagery with a significantly more pronounced artistic flair. Our wedding photographers are extremely conscientious when it comes to researching locations and predicting key moments so that they can employ fine-art techniques without disrupting our natural environment.

    Fine-art wedding photography begins with an image that is captured with an artistic finish in mind, which means that the "say cheese" moment is probably not the first thing that is captured. During the post-production process, these photographs are transformed into works of fine art by applying various textures, filters, masks, and other advanced Photoshop techniques in order to produce an image that is both visually stunning and emotionally moving. The genre of photography known as fine art is also sometimes referred to as light and airy wedding photography.

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    The field of photography known as fashion photography is centred on the commercial presentation of various articles of clothing and other fashion accessories. This particular method of taking photographs is widely practised in major urban centres. On the other hand, fashion photography makes use of a number of one-of-a-kind photographic techniques, some of which we borrow for our approach to wedding photography.

    These techniques include the utilisation of one-of-a-kind off-camera lighting, poses and expressions reminiscent of the fashion industry, as well as dramatic backgrounds. Because it does require some involvement from the photographer, our fashion-influenced style of wedding photography is something that will typically only be used if the bride and groom specifically request its use during the engagement shoot or bridal shoot.


    The traditional approach to wedding photography typically involves the wedding photographer in quite a significant way. The photographer at a wedding often serves in a role similar to that of a coordinator, assisting with guiding and directing guests throughout the event. Even though Wedding Photographers are not your typical wedding photographers, we have a great deal of experience directing and posing individuals and groups for formal photographs when it is required. Nevertheless, in general, our goal is to capture genuine moments while at the same time remaining as unnoticeable as we possibly can.


    The first choice that will be presented to you is whether or not to utilise digital or film capture (or a mix of both, which some photographers will do). Digital photography is by far the most common method used. The biggest advantage? Time: it will depend on who you hire as your photographer, but you might get your photos just a few days after the wedding.

    A wedding that takes place in the afternoon and continues into the evening presents a challenge for photographers because digital cameras can take pictures in very low light. Your photographer also has the ability, thanks to a display screen, to preview the shots and make adjustments as necessary. A digital photographer has more freedom to explore lighting options and angles. You can test the limits of your creative potential even if you're not working with film. When it comes to putting together your album, this means that you will have a large selection of images from which to choose.


    The photographs that were taken with the film have a grainy, natural look to them. Film has a greater dynamic range than digital photography, from highlights to shadows. However, shooting with film requires more work and also results in increased costs. In addition to the cost of purchasing rolls of film, time is also required for processing and editing images.


    When you have resolved the question of whether to shoot with digital or film, it is time to think about the aesthetic of your photographs. Classic images are those that have withstood the test of time; they are striking, gorgeous, and have a hint of formality to them. You might find some of these images in the wedding album of your grandparents or parents. These photographs depict reality (in a manner analogous to documentary photography), but the photographer has exercised some artistic licence in their creation. When you're a photographer, you're always waiting and watching, and you're always thinking about what you can make out of ordinary moments.

    "When things happen naturally, it's the best," a photographer once said. Do you adore this look? Ask to have photographs taken of the everyday moments. It is the responsibility of a photographer to make the mundane aspects of your life look more appealing. "If you like a classic look, let them know you'd love a modern take on the shots you've seen for years," says one photographer.


    What Are the Best Photography Styles for Weddings?

    Wedding photography was traditionally more conservative, with posed shots, makeup, lighting, and styling. This method can result in staged, perfect photos with little spontaneity.

    Since then, 'photojournalism' has become popular. This allows guests and the couple to enjoy their day without interruption, since the photographer lurks in the background and takes pictures throughout the day. This style results in more real and interesting pictures with human, emotional flair. When necessary, many wedding photographers combine these two techniques.

    A more artistic, creative, and conceptual wedding style has emerged. Photographers who know how to use this style can create shots full of drama, adventure, and intrigue. Non-standard lenses, developing methods (yes, film), post-processing, and filters are often used.

    Combining these can create unique and eye-catching art. Photoshop can mimic oil paintings, old, cracked photos, and even dreams. These photographers use landscape, architectural, portraiture, still-life, and sports photography to add texture and flavour.

    As risky and edgy as these results can be, it's important to also capture standard photos. Not capturing the ring ceremony or vows would disappoint parents. This style works well after the wedding when things have calmed down and shots can be posed without interrupting the wedding.

    Don't be afraid to make suggestions or try something wild; now is the time to experiment and have fun. If you're an unconventional couple who likes things off-center, creative photography may suit you. Personalities determine wedding styles and looks. With some planning, the newlyweds can deliver whatever they want. One option is to get standard photos to document the wedding and please your parents, then get some fun and creative shots for yourselves.

    Looking for the right body language is the real key to photographing a wedding. It's important to capture moments when a couple's eyes, hand movements, and gestures perfectly convey emotion. This takes years of practise, especially since the ceremony's stages are timed.

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    Black and White 

    It's been said that black and white photos are a reality, while colour photos are just an interpretation.

    Black-and-white wedding photos highlight emotion. Black-and-white images feel more dramatic than colour ones. Less colour means less work for your eyes to process. This puts the focus on the subject, not the pretty but distracting colours.

    Black-and-white allows you to focus on a subject's details, highlighting its character and emotion.

    This makes it ideal for behind-the-scenes shots, the first kiss, and the first dance. Black and white will highlight nerves, love, and celebration. When used with a powerful zoom to fill the frame with the couple kissing, holding hands, or crying, the effects are exaggerated. Deep depth of field blurs the background to highlight the subject.

    Black and white also make skin less blotchy. Any redness blends in with the skin's grey tones and isn't visible in the final photo. It's great for emergencies and behind-the-scenes shots. When your hair, makeup, and dress are perfect, add colour.

    Color photos on archival paper fade after 50 years, but black-and-white photos last longer. Not just colour is dated. Modern fashion is color-based, so wedding photos can look dated in a few decades. Black-and-white photos look timeless.

    Photoshop allows photographers to choose whether black-and-white or colour photos look better after taking them. Before the first shot, monochrome film must be loaded into the camera. A direct A/B comparison is easy to make with digital. Many photographers shoot everything in colour and make decisions in post-processing.

    Many cameras don't do this well because the circuitry must be fast to take the next shot. Photoshop uses the computer's entire processor and is slow. Outcome? Better conversion.


    What Are the Best Photography Styles for Weddings?

    Images of the bride and groom cutting the cake, kissing, and walking down the aisle come to mind when thinking of wedding photos. These photos don't get the most attention when couples look through their album. These are old shots, but they're still nice to have.

    Everyone loves unseen photos. In-between shots are the best of the day. Since nobody was expecting them, their emotions are strong and obvious. These candid photos are the album's meat.

    People want a relaxed, unobtrusive wedding photographer. When a couple says this, it's clear they want an informal style. The photographer can't pose people every five minutes. This disrupts people's days. Stay in the background, use longer lenses if necessary, and run to find good angles. When possible, turn off the camera's click sounds and flash. This will keep guests happy and confident.

    Even in posed or prepared photos, candid shots can be effective. When a wedding photographer tells people to look, move, or stand a certain way, their first pose is usually not the best.

    They look stiff and perfect. It's awkward. Second, third, and fourth shots often work best. They think the photographer has what they need and can relax, which works better.

    Naturalism Photography captures genuine emotions and vulnerability better than posing. One photographer can take candid shots while the other takes posed ones.

    The editing process can be harder than the day itself for a photographer who takes hundreds or thousands of photos. He must hand-pick the photos for the album. Taking photos all day can take days.

    Once complete, the photos will be amazing and tell the story shot-by-shot. After this, clean, colour correct, and crop the photos before making the album.

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    This style is also called candid, reportage, photojournalistic, and observational. These names mean to capture the wedding day as it happened without posing, set-ups, or contrived shots. This style was developed by photojournalists to cover real events for newspapers and works well for weddings.

    Black-and-white enhances the nostalgic and emotional aspects of this style of photography. This makes photos timeless.

    Documentaries capture emotion by being in the right place at the right time, not by making people act a certain way.

    This method is better for capturing magical moments and letting guests enjoy themselves without interruption. When a photographer asks guests or the couple to pose every 10 minutes, the energy and atmosphere can lag. This isn't ideal because weddings should be fun. The guests, bride, and groom can relax knowing the photographer will take care of everything.

    To capture candid moments, a good wedding photographer needs many skills. When necessary, they must be invisible so subjects don't feel self-conscious around a camera. They blend into the crowd by having great social skills. Many couples say they noticed the photographer less than five times during their wedding day. Choose a photographer who isn't too loud, brash, or aggressive to avoid attracting attention.

    They must always know where to be for the best shots. Weddings move quickly, so the photographer must anticipate what's next. Best photos show real, uncensored emotions. Classic moments include the groom fidgeting with his cufflinks before the bride arrives, the father sadly handing over his daughter to the groom, and the couple sharing an intimate glance. To capture real and vivid moments takes years of practise.

    Documentary photography may seem lazy, but it's harder than posed shots. Running, staying out of people's sight, focusing, lens changes, and lighting challenges are common. The effort is usually worth it.

    If you want group shots, don't take more than 6. If the photographer spends hours setting up and taking group shots, he misses all the other little moments.

    Each photo in the album tells the day's story linearly. The viewer can relive the moments and feel the same emotions. The day begins with preparations and ends with dancing.


    Elegant wedding photography conjures images from bridal magazines. These shots are carefully planned and edited in Photoshop to look perfect.

    Elegant wedding photography is more about a feeling than a specific style. In a church, on a tropical island, and in reportage and traditional styles, you can get elegant photos.

    Elegant photos use natural lighting, composition, and looks. All these elements must be combined to create class, prestige, glamour, and timelessness. A good wedding photographer can capture these images almost anywhere. Couples can contribute by choosing the right attire and venue. Elegant weddings feature a sharp suit for the groom and a classic white wedding dress for the bride. A church also helps. A few vases of white flowers wouldn't hurt either.

    Elegant photos require perfect lighting. Dark, dim photos aren't elegant. Indoor shots with little natural light require a lighting rig.

    Most of our wedding photographers use digital cameras and Photoshop to turn photos black and white. Black-and-white is elegant, so discuss this with your photographer. The eye is less distracted by monochrome photos than by colour ones. This makes the image's emotion much clearer. It's timeless, so they'll still look great in 50 years, whereas colour photos may look dated.

    To take elegant photos, the photographer must always find the most flattering angles. Each person has their best angle, which is a challenge when photographing a couple.

    Get the details right for elegant photos. Modern cameras capture every detail of the bride's hair, makeup, and dress. The groom's beard, hairstyle, and suit should match. Napkins and tableware are important venue decorations.

    If one tries too hard to be elegant, the album's intimacy may suffer, leaving it cold. Include plenty of candid shots to balance elegance and real emotion.

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    Photographs taken at a wedding are one of those things that can be preserved, cherished, and taken pleasure in for the rest of one's life. They convey a great deal of information about the feelings that were experienced throughout the day as well as the special moments that were shared with others, which might otherwise be lost for all time. A skilled wedding photographer will make sure that all of these fleeting moments are captured on film so that you can watch them again and again later. At Wild Romantic, we have the best wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula to capture every single moment on your wedding day. 

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