How To Survive As A Photographer Through Covid-19?

Covid-19 has managed to do what a month ago seemed unimaginable. The spread of the virus has put most of the world on pause, shutting down businesses and disrupting industries in record time, and for many of us, the pandemic has left us stranded at home. As a small business that works to solve winter photographers’ problems, we have seen and felt the effects first hand. Many in our photographer community make a living through freelance work, many lead travel workshops, many need to go outside and travel to create their content.

If the Covid-19 economical crisis has left you behind, you’re not alone, but there is also an opportunity where there is a crisis. It’s time to get creative! Here are some ways to generate income during the global recession. 

If you’ve lost your income due to the Coronavirus, you might be eligible for a government subsidy depending on where you live. As social distancing becomes the norm, businesses and industries worldwide are coming to a screeching halt, leaving employees no option but to forego an income and go home. The good news is, you’re not alone. Millions of others will be left without a job, and many governments are doing their best to manage the anticipated high unemployment. Check with your government to see if you can recoup some of your losses while waiting out the storm.

Selling photos online can be a hard gig, but it can be done, especially if you’re looking to make some money to get by. If you have a bit of a following already, you can explore setting up your webshop to sell your photos online to your community. You can also look into websites that pay for stock images like 500px Prime, SmugMug Pro, and Shutterstock. Each site will have its pricing and commission structure, so be sure to read the fine print! If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Remotely During a Pandemic as a Photographer

Photographers are among the hardest-hit groups during a global pandemic. Photography relies so much on gatherings to generate income – and most photographers pursue the “Wedding Photography” business model. If you are one of the photographers who need to sell their services physically, it is time to consider other business models.

This article proposes ten ways you can still earn despite staying home or keeping social distances. Our ten options are probably your best shot at the moment. Wedding and engagement occasions, parties, clubs, educational institutions, and other places and types of gatherings are being cancelled as the government enforce lockdown and social distancing measures that ban any crowd formation.

As a photographer, you are probably reeling from the economic backlash of the pandemic. For this possibility, we have collated several ways to maintain even a trickle of income to your pocket. Consider each option carefully and decide how well positioned you are to adopt one or more earning potentials. It is not an exhaustive range of options, and we encourage you to think up other innovative ways to make. But it should give you a good start – mainly if you are stuck figuring out how to survive by your camera and expertise. At Wild Romantic, we have the best wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula to capture every single moment on your wedding day. So here comes our recommendation for ways to earn remotely as a photographer. 

Sell or License Your Photos

How To Survive As A Photographer Through Covid-19?

As a photographer, you can make a lot of money online by selling or licensing your photographs. This is the most crucial option on our list because you can start immediately under the right circumstances. There are millions of webmasters and bloggers who need different kinds of photos to create content. There is never a shortage of demand as long as original images are used in articles, books and pages. As a photographer, this provides a large market from which you can make thousands of dollars.

By far, the groups which buy the most pictures are bloggers and small to medium-size website owners. These also happen to form the bulk of the internet. They go to certain places to buy photos each time they need it, and some bloggers buy tens of images each month to satisfy their content needs. Like certain groups of people purchase photos in the most significant numbers, certain types of pictures sell the most. Below is a description of the most famous photographs on the internet. Check out our range of wedding photography for your wedding day. 

Photographs of people: it could be kids, adults and everyone in between from every country and culture. They could pose in different ways, against specific backgrounds and maybe with varying expressions on their faces. It could also shoot to capture a mix of all groups and classes of society according to age, gender, income, etc.

Photographs of people working: these images are very popular with businesses and blogs about business. Take good pictures of people working on laptops, writing, speaking at a meeting, high demand even among freelancers etc. Just don’t make your pictures so generic as to become a meme. 

Pictures of food: you can snap photos of various fruits and delicious foods – even empty unwashed plates. Restaurants and blogs related to food or medicine always buy pictures like this, and if you have a good collection of them, you could make quite some money.

Photographs of working tools like gears, hammers, nuts, bolts and screws can convey many things for potential buyers. This is also popular with websites and blogs to do with skills, manufacturing, etc., and there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of such websites.

Photographs of cities including cityscapes, buildings, people commuting, traffic, specific lovely or ghetto locations and many more. Travel agencies, news websites and blogs, educational organizations and many others buy photographs like this.

Photographs of nature: this class of pictures is a brainer that never gets old to shoot or sell. You can spot beautiful nature locations, whether on land or in water, to take photographs portraying creation’s beauty.

Photographs of travel: travel photograph shots from around the world are always in high demand too, and it works like the ones about cities and nature.

A wide selection of websites can help you display your pictures to potential buyers for free. You can sign up with one or more of these after satisfying yourself through some internet search that they are suitable for you. Please pay special attention to their terms of use, especially how much they charge and the freelancers’ payment method. Also, try to find out the categories that sell the most for each website. Not every website needs to have popular photo categories in the order discussed earlier. If that marketplace is doing exceptionally well in a class to shoot most, that should be a good choice. Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

Adobe Stock

Adobe is the maker of the most popular photo-editing software solutions including, Photoshop and Lightroom. They are the first online marketplace for photographs and have been in the business for over a decade. Adobe’s thing is that their royalty share is pretty good – better than for most other marketplaces. Unlike other market places, they don’t require that you sell exclusively on their platform, and you get to keep anywhere from 20 – 60% of the take.


This is one of the most popular sites for selling photos, videos and mp3 files and has been around for 15 years. You get to keep 20 – 30% of whatever your images sell and get paid monthly. Shutterstock says contributors have earned as much as $500 million since its inception. You can also sell the same photo on any website while selling on Shutterstock.


This is another great platform to sell your photos. There are no complicated rules. You upload your pictures on Alamy and wait to get paid when someone buys them. Alamy has paid out up to $180 million to photographers worldwide. They offer you a competitive 50% on any sales.

Start a New Photography Blog

It takes time to start earning through a blog. How much time depends on the number of hours you dedicate to the blog a day, your knowledge and use of SEO, and a few other less critical factors. You can make money as a photoblogger by displaying adverts or affiliate marketing. A blog does not have to be paid at the beginning. You can start with a free blog using platforms like Blogger, Wix, WordPress, etc. you can also make tutorials, share tips and tricks or write product reviews on photography gear and software. Not only that, but you can also write books on photography and sell them to your fans. Usually, if you write helpful content and do good SEO, you’ll attract more fans which means more money since they are more likely to buy your books.

Start a YouTube Channel

Similar to running a blog, you can also start a YouTube channel. You can upload videos of tutorials, product reviews, usage guides, and many other content types for people to learn or use specific photography tools. A large following on YouTube can also take time to realize, but once you have thousands of people subscribing to your channel, you’ll start making some money from the YouTube adverts.

Sell Your Prints in Public Locations

You can also make portraits of some great pictures. Many people are willing to pay for a beautiful work of art. You can sell your prints through your website or upload them to sites like ImageKind. You can also display your work of arts at coffee shops and similar locations where people could see them. Don’t be surprised to find buyers even during this pandemic. Not everyone is so economically hit as not to afford to spend on a work of art.

Offer Your Photos Directly to Blog and Website Owners

You can quickly locate many high-quality blogs and website owners who belong to a niche suitable for your type of photos. Contact them through mail or the contact options on their websites. Explain how good a photographer you are and make them an offer, preferably send samples of some of your best shots. Give them the option to describe the type of picture they want, and you’ll get it for them when you go out shooting. If you send out enough pitches with suitable samples, don’t be surprised to gather long-term clients through this method. Clients you acquire by contacting.

Freelance for Magazines or Newspapers.

You can also contact local magazines or even distant newspaper houses for freelancing opportunities. You can do this online or offline if you are close to the location. Depending on your competence, some will be willing to hire you on a work-from-home basis. Although the Coronavirus has hit all sectors of the economy, newspapers are still largely up and running due to information criticality during times of crisis like this.

Become a Paparazzo Photographer

You may be able to have access to celebrities during this pandemic. Take that opportunity to take pictures of them and sell them on the various platforms for such trade.

Offer to Work as an Assistant Photographer

Get in touch with established photographers who may need a hand. Don’t be surprised to find many overwhelmed with work, even in the pandemic. Such people often have personal blogs and social media presence through which you can reach out. You may end up contacting someone desperately in need of an expert photographer to help them.

Sell Your Photographs in Galleries

How To Survive As A Photographer Through Covid-19?

If you find galleries that are open in your location, you can sell your photographs by sampling them along with others for interested people to examine. You can make some appreciable amount of money if you are good at what you do.

Offer to Teach Photography Online

You can earn various platforms by teaching people a particular trade or even answering questions regarding that trade. Skype and Udemy are an example of such media.

In conclusion, these are some ways you can spend your time productively in a lockdown. Even if you cannot start earning fast enough, the amount of time and effort you’ve invested should go a long way in teaching you new methods to make establishing your online presence.

How Much Can You Earn as a Photographer Per Year? 

Annual earnings as a professional photographer depend on various factors, including the location where you run your business, whether you rent a studio or operate from home, what types of photography you offer, and how much competition there is in your area. Full-time photographers can typically make anywhere between $30,000 and $75,000 per year, and some earn even more than that. Create lasting memories through your Yarra Valley wedding photography that will be cherished forever. 

Many photographers prefer to transition into photography part-time to get an idea of if it will be financially sustainable as a career. In the beginning, I plan to spend a lot of time finding new clients and charging less for each shoot. After a couple of successful years, you’ll be able to raise your rates and should hopefully have a full schedule of shoots. 

Which Type of Photography Makes the Most Money? 

Once you’re established and have a robust client list, the earning potential in wedding photography, commercial photography, and general portrait photography tends to be the highest. Like shoots for an Airbnb host, real estate photography can be a high earner overall, but each node will likely be at a lower price point than a family portrait session, for example. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

The critical thing to remember is that unless you’re a famous and sought-after photographer or influencer, you won’t get rich off of doing only a few shoots per year. The key to making money in photography is to keep busy. The more shots you do, the more money you’ll earn, and the more your name will start to circulate in your community.