How To Survive As A Photographer Through Covid-19?

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    Covid-19 has been successful in accomplishing something that, a month ago, seemed impossible. Many of us have been confined to our homes as a result of the pandemic, which has caused businesses all over the world to close their doors and caused widespread disruption across multiple industries in an unprecedentedly short amount of time. As a small company that focuses on finding solutions to the challenges faced by winter photographers, we have witnessed and experienced the effects first-hand. Many members of our community of photographers make a living through freelancing, many of them teach workshops on travel, and many of them are required to get out into the world and travel in order to create their content.

    If the economic crisis in Covid-19 has caused you to fall behind, you are not alone; however, where there is a crisis, there is also the possibility of opportunity. Now is the time to exercise your imagination! During this time of worldwide economic uncertainty, the following are some potential sources of revenue:

    Depending on where you live, you could be eligible for financial assistance from the government if the coronavirus caused you to lose your job and your income. Businesses and industries all over the world are coming to a screeching halt as social distancing becomes the norm. This leaves employees with no choice but to forego an income and go home. The encouraging thing is that you are not the only one. Others, numbering in the millions, will find themselves jobless, and numerous governments are working hard to prepare for the high rate of unemployment that is expected. While you wait out the storm, check with your government to see if there is any way you can get some of your losses reimbursed.

    Selling photographs via the internet can be a challenging endeavour, but it is not impossible, particularly if you are looking to make enough money to support yourself. If you already have a bit of a following, you might want to consider opening an online webshop where you can sell your photographs to the people in your community. You could also investigate websites such as 500px Prime, SmugMug Pro, and Shutterstock that offer financial compensation for the use of stock images. Be sure to read the fine print of each site in order to familiarise yourself with its pricing and commision structure. Check out the photography packages and services that we offer here at Wild Romantic Photography if you require assistance with the photography for your wedding.

    Top 10 Ways to Make Money Remotely During a Pandemic as a Photographer

    In the event of a worldwide pandemic, photographers are among the most severely affected professions. The income potential of photography is highly dependent on social events, with the majority of photographers opting to pursue the "Wedding Photography" business model. It is time to start thinking about alternative business models if you are a photographer who needs to sell their services in person.

    This article outlines ten different ways in which you can continue to earn money even if you choose to isolate yourself socially or remain at home. Your best chance at success right now is probably one of our ten available choices. As the government enforces lockdown and social distancing measures that ban any crowd formation, weddings and engagement parties, parties, clubs, educational institutions, and other places and types of gatherings are being cancelled.

    If you are a photographer, the economic fallout caused by the pandemic has probably left you in a state of shock. In preparation for this possibility, we have compiled a number of different ways that you can keep at least a trickle of money coming into your pocket. Take each possibility into careful consideration, and evaluate how well-positioned you are to implement one or more potential earning strategies. This is by no means an exhaustive list of possibilities, and we strongly encourage you to come up with additional creative ways to make. But it ought to provide you with a good beginning – especially if you are stuck figuring out how to survive by relying solely on your camera and your expertise. At Wild Romantic, we pride ourselves on having the most talented wedding photographer in the Mornington Peninsula on staff to document each and every precious moment of your big day. So, without further ado, here are some suggestions for ways that photographers can earn money working from home.

    Sell or License Your Photos

    How To Survive As A Photographer Through Covid-19?

    Selling or licencing your photographs can bring in a significant amount of revenue for you as a photographer, and you can do either of these things online. This is the most important choice we offer because, provided certain conditions are met, you can get started right away with it. When it comes to content creation, there are millions of webmasters and bloggers who require a wide variety of photographic formats. As long as articles, books, and webpages continue to make use of original photographs, there will never be a shortage of demand. This gives you access to a large market from which you can make several thousands of dollars if you are a photographer.

    Bloggers and owners of small to medium-sized websites make up the vast majority of customers for stock photography. In addition to that, these make up the majority of the internet. They go to specific locations in order to purchase photos whenever they have a need for them, and some bloggers purchase tens of images each month in order to satisfy their requirements for content. Certain categories of photographs are more likely to be purchased, just as particular demographics of customers make up the majority of the market for photographic products. The following is a description of some of the most well-known photographs that can be found on the internet. Check out the various wedding photography options we have available for your big day.

    photographs of individuals, which may include children, adults, and anyone in between, hailing from any nation or culture imaginable. They were able to strike a variety of poses, set against a variety of backdrops, and perhaps with a range of expressions on their faces. It is also possible to shoot in such a way as to capture a cross-section of all of the different groups and classes that make up society according to age, gender, income, and so on.

    Workplace scenes captured in still photography are a common sight in business publications and on websites devoted to the sector. Capture compelling images of people engaged in productive activities such as working on laptops, writing, giving presentations at meetings, being in high demand even among freelancers, etc. Please refrain from making your photographs so unoriginal that they can be turned into a meme.

    Food photographs: you are able to take photographs of a wide variety of fruits and delectable foods, and even of empty, unwashed plates. Restaurants and blogs that are related to food or medicine are always looking to buy pictures like these, and if you have a good collection of them, you could make a significant amount of money from selling them.

    Images of working tools such as gears, hammers, nuts, bolts, and screws can convey many different things to prospective customers. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of websites that are similar to this one. This is a popular topic on blogs and websites that deal with skills, manufacturing, and other related topics.

    photographs of cities, including cityscapes, buildings, people commuting, traffic, specific lovely or ghetto locations, and many other types of urban settings. These kinds of photographs are sold for purchase to a wide variety of customers, including educational institutions, news websites and blogs, travel agencies, and more.

    Photographs of natural settings are a tried-and-true genre that never cease to be popular among buyers and sellers alike. It is possible to find breathtaking natural settings, whether on land or in water, in which to take photographs that capture the splendour of creation.

    Photographs of travel: photographs of travel from all over the world are always in high demand, and the market for them functions in the same way as the market for photographs of cities and nature.

    There is a wide variety of websites that can assist you in displaying your photographs to potential buyers free of charge. You can sign up with one or more of these after determining for yourself, through research conducted on the internet, that they are appropriate for you. Please make sure that you pay extra close attention to their terms of service, paying particular attention to how much they charge and how the freelancers get paid. Additionally, make an effort to identify the product categories that perform the best for each website. There is no requirement that every website must organise their popular photo categories in the manner that was just covered. If that market is performing exceptionally well in the category that interests you the most, selecting it as your primary target should be a prudent move. You are planning the wedding of your dreams, and you don't want to miss out on any of the special moments that will take place on your big day. You have nothing to worry about because Wild Romantic Photography has got you covered.

    Adobe Stock

    Adobe is the company that creates some of the most widely used software applications for editing photographs, such as Photoshop and Lightroom. They pioneered the concept of an online marketplace for the sale of photographs and have been operating in this space for more than a decade. The thing about Adobe is that their royalty share is pretty good; it is better than for the vast majority of other marketplaces. They do not require that you sell exclusively on their platform, like some other market places do, and you get to keep anywhere from 20 to 60 percent of the take, depending on how much you sell.


    Since its launch 15 years ago, this website has become one of the most well-known venues for the purchase and sale of digital media such as photographs, videos, and mp3 files. You get to keep 20–30 percent of whatever is made from the sale of your images, and you are paid on a monthly basis. According to Shutterstock, contributors have made as much as $500 million in revenue since the company was founded. You are free to sell the identical photograph on any other website in addition to selling it on Shutterstock.


    This is yet another excellent venue for selling your photographs. There is not a single rule that is overly complicated. After uploading your photographs to Alamy, you must then wait to be compensated until someone purchases them. Up to $180 million has been distributed to photographers all over the world by Alamy. They offer you an aggressive fifty percent commision on any sales you make.

    Start a New Photography Blog

    Earning money through a blog takes some time to get started with. How much time it takes depends on how many hours a day you spend working on the blog, how well you understand and implement search engine optimisation, and a few other, less important factors. As a photoblogger, you can make money through the display of advertisements or through affiliate marketing. A blog can be started without having to pay anything right away. You have the option of beginning with a free blog by using platforms such as Blogger, Wix, or WordPress, amongst others. You can also write product reviews on photography software and hardware, create tutorials, and share tips and tricks related to photography. In addition to that, you could also write books about photography and sell them to the people who follow your work. If you write content that is helpful to readers and practise good search engine optimisation, you will likely attract more fans, which will result in an increase in revenue because those fans are more likely to purchase your books.

    Start a YouTube Channel

    You can begin a YouTube channel in much the same way that you might begin a blog. People who want to learn how to use specific photography tools can learn from video tutorials, product reviews, how-to guides, and a wide variety of other content types that can be uploaded. It may take some time to build up a significant following on YouTube; however, once you have thousands of people subscribed to your channel, you will begin to see some financial reward from the advertisements that are displayed on YouTube.

    Sell Your Prints in Public Locations

    You are also able to create portraits out of some really amazing pictures. Many individuals are prepared to part with their money in exchange for a stunning piece of artwork. You can sell your prints by uploading them to websites such as ImageKind or selling them directly from your own website. You can also show off your artistic prowess by displaying it in public places like coffee shops and other establishments of a similar nature. Even in the midst of the pandemic, you shouldn't be surprised to find customers. There are some people who are still able to purchase works of art despite the current economic climate.

    Offer Your Photos Directly to Blog and Website Owners

    You will not have any trouble finding a large number of owners of high-quality blogs and websites who are members of a niche that is appropriate for the photographs you share. You can get in touch with them by sending a letter or using the options provided on their websites. Describe your level of expertise as a photographer and make them an offer. If at all possible, include examples of some of your finest work with your proposal. Give them the option to describe the kind of picture they want, and then when you go out to take pictures, you'll have it ready for them to choose from. Do not be surprised if you are able to acquire long-term clients through the use of this method if you send out enough pitches along with appropriate samples. Clients you acquire by contacting.

    Freelance for Magazines or Newspapers.

    You could also get in touch with nearby magazines or even more remote newspaper publishing houses to enquire about freelancing opportunities. You have the option of doing this activity offline or online depending on how close you are to the location. Some employers will be willing to hire you on a work-from-home basis, but this will depend on your level of competency. In spite of the fact that the Coronavirus has affected all areas of the economy, most newspapers have continued to publish regularly despite this. The importance of information cannot be overstated in times of crisis.

    Become a Paparazzo Photographer

    During this pandemic, it is possible that you will have the opportunity to meet famous people. When you have the chance, you should take pictures of them and then sell those pictures on the various platforms that are used for such trade.

    Offer to Work as an Assistant Photographer

    Make an effort to get in touch with well-known photographers who might require some assistance. Even in the midst of the pandemic, a significant number of people are likely to be overburdened with work. These types of people frequently maintain personal blogs and have a presence on social media, which you can use to get in touch with them. It's possible that you'll end up talking to someone who is in dire need of the assistance of an experienced photographer.

    Sell Your Photographs in Galleries

    How To Survive As A Photographer Through Covid-19?

    If you are able to locate galleries that are currently open in your area, you may be able to sell your photographs by displaying some of them in the gallery alongside other works of art that are being viewed by patrons with an interest in the subject matter. If you are good at what you do, you have the potential to make some money that is worth considering.

    Offer to Teach Photography Online

    You can make money on a variety of platforms by instructing other people in a specific trade or even just answering questions related to that trade. Some examples of these types of media include Skype and Udemy.

    In conclusion, these are some ways that you can make the most of the time that you have while you are under lockdown. Even if you are unable to start earning money as quickly as you would like, the amount of time and effort that you have already invested should be more than enough to teach you new ways to make establishing your presence online easier.

    How Much Can You Earn as a Photographer Per Year? 

    Your yearly earnings as a professional photographer will be determined by a number of factors, such as the region in which you choose to conduct business, whether you rent a studio or conduct business from your own home, the types of photography that you provide, and the level of competition that exists in your geographic region. Photographers who work full-time can typically make anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000 per year, although some photographers make even more than that. Your wedding photography in the Yarra Valley should help you create memories that will last a lifetime and be cherished always.

    In order to get an idea of whether or not photography can be financially sustainable as a career, many photographers choose to transition into photography on a part-time basis. In the beginning, I intend to devote a significant amount of my time to acquiring new customers and to setting lower prices for each shoot. After a few prosperous years, you will be able to raise your rates and hopefully will have a full schedule of shoots.

    Which Type of Photography Makes the Most Money? 

    Wedding photography, commercial photography, and general portrait photography typically have the highest potential earning areas for photographers once their businesses have been established and they have built up a substantial client base. Real estate photography, much like shoots done for hosts of Airbnb properties, has the potential to bring in a lot of money overall, but each individual shoot will probably bring in less than, say, a session photographing a family. Book your wedding coverage with us at Wild Romantic Photography if you are interested in working with experienced photographers for your big day.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that even if you are a well-known and in-demand photographer or influencer, you will not become wealthy by participating in only a handful of photo shoots each year. Staying active is essential if you want to make a living as a photographer. The more shots you take, the more money you will make, and the more people in your community will begin to become familiar with your name.

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