What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Photography?

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    Having a wedding photographer is not only necessary but also offers a lot of exciting options to choose from. When else will you have the opportunity to splurge on some truly incredible photographs? Let's get back to the fundamentals of this topic in order to assist you in finding the information you seek. Wedding photography can be broken down into three distinct categories: reportage photography, traditional wedding photography, and contemporary wedding photography. Your wedding photographs will be one of the few tangible mementoes you have from your wedding day, and you want them to be epic! Whether you are looking for some budget photography or you want to splurge, your wedding photographs will be an important part of your wedding day. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

    The photographer's portfolio is the best place to get a sense of the photographer's overall aesthetic, which is unique to each individual. Before you decide on a photographer, give some thought to the kind of photographic style that appeals to you the most. Once you have made that decision, search for photographers whose body of work is representative of that style.

    Wedding Photography Styles

    If you're interested in getting into wedding photography, you might find it helpful to familiarise yourself with these ten distinct approaches to wedding photography. You will not only be able to hone your talents and skills, but you will also be able to find your own unique style as you progress through these.

    Traditional Wedding Photography

    Traditional wedding photography, also known as posed, conventional, or classic photography, used to be the most popular category of wedding photography until the digital era, at which point both photographers and newlywed couples stopped worrying about the costs of the film. Traditional wedding photography also goes by the names classic wedding photography and conventional wedding photography. The traditional approach is characterised by the taking of staged photographs of the couple as well as the larger wedding party. This style requires a great deal of direction from the photographer as well as time from the wedding party. It may not necessarily capture the emotions of the day as a whole but will give you some beautiful traditional shots to keep forever.

    When you look through photo albums of weddings, you'll notice that the majority of the pictures are of the traditional variety. The majority of these are traditional and staged, such as group shots of the couple with their entourage and their families, shots of the couple cutting the cake and wine toasting, and shots of the couple sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. Though photographers have been practising this style for decades, both shooters and clients find that it's the best way to achieve "key shots" of the day and timeless photos of the couple's friends and family together.

    For weddings shot in this manner, it is customary for the photographer to actively participate in posing, guiding, and directing the wedding party for the photographs. As a result, the photographer needs to have prior experience and feel comfortable leading the shoot before they can do so. But to take more priceless photos, it also helps to capture real and unguarded moments.

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    Reportage Photography

    Reportage photography, which is also known as documentary photography or journalistic photography, is not an entirely novel approach. In spite of this, it has become increasingly popular in the field of wedding photography over the course of the past few years. The objective of this category of photographer is to tell a story through the documentation of your special day in an unobtrusive manner. In spite of the fact that this will result in stunning photographs and genuine expressions, which will be brought to life by the artistic vision of the photographer, this kind of wedding photographer is typically more than happy to also take some formal photographs. Having said that, it is important to enquire with the photographer that you intend to hire about their perspective on traditional photographs.

    One of the styles of wedding photography that focuses on capturing the subjects' genuine emotions is called documentary wedding photography. It is distinct from many other types in that there is no posing involved. When working in this manner, the photographer needs to blend in with the guests as much as possible while still maintaining a keen awareness of all the crucial moments. They are able to get photographs that are both extremely lively and emotional in this way.

    It is essential to have a wealth of relevant experience in addition to strong skill levels in order to be successful in this field. A professional photographer needs to be able to zero in on the most meaningful details and capture the fleeting emotions of the most significant moments in a very short amount of time. In addition to this, a true expert should be able to quickly adjust the camera settings in order to correctly position the necessary accents.

    Night Wedding Photography.

    What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Photography?

    Photography at twilight is the most effective way to demonstrate your level of professionalism. Many photographers find that shooting at night presents a particularly difficult challenge because there are so many tricky moments associated with lighting. You absolutely need to have professional equipment at your disposal in order to produce good wedding photography in these kinds of conditions. You could make use of a radio trigger and a flash that is placed off camera.

    The current market is brimming with the most cutting-edge and potent pieces of hardware available. As a result, locating these devices should not present any difficulties at all. In addition to this, you are required to have specialised expertise and knowledge. In the beginning, you need to have the ability to work with the light, search for views at the right angle, and adjust the settings on your camera appropriately. Nevertheless, once you have mastered all of these techniques, you will be able to create stunning photographs.

    Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

    Wedding photojournalism is yet another popular shooting style that many wedding photographers choose to follow, even when they are just beginning their careers. This style of wedding photography is frequently combined with traditional wedding photography. It is reminiscent of reportage and documentary shooting, in which the photographer adopts a more casual approach to telling the story of the day.

    This style of wedding photography calls for a great deal of originality on the part of the photographer, in addition to a great deal of skill in rapidly aiming the camera, adjusting the camera settings, framing the shot, and shooting as moments unfold around the photographer. Aside from that, photographers will need to be able to blend in with their surroundings, sometimes using telephoto lenses to make it easier to capture candid moments from a greater distance.

    The end result is genuine and authentic looking pictures that are sure to bring on a wave of feelings.

    Contemporary Photography

    Fashion photography serves as a source of inspiration for other types of photography, including editorial photography, creative photography, and contemporary fashion photography. There are some posed shots included in contemporary wedding photography, but overall, the atmosphere is much more laid back because the photographer is looking for interesting lighting and angles. Although breathtaking, it's possible that these photographs are less about the atmosphere of the day or the couple as individuals and more about the vision and artistic stance of the photographer, which may or may not be what you're looking for!

    Film Wedding Photography

    Even though it might be hard to believe, film photographers are still working very successfully in a variety of fields. The photography of weddings is an excellent subject for a film's shooting direction. Taking photographs with a film camera in natural light can help produce stunning images. Film pictures, in contrast to digital photographs, are characterised by subdued, muted tones, which contribute to the creation of a unique and wistful atmosphere.

    Pictures taken in natural settings are particularly stunning. These kinds of photographs are always fresh and relevant. It is worth noting that such a photo session is quite expensive and can take a lot of time, but it's well worth it.

    Editorial Wedding Photography

    This is a look that you will absolutely adore if you are someone who enjoys keeping up with the creative tendencies that are featured in glossy magazines. These kinds of wedding photoshoots involve the creation of fashion-oriented photographs with high-quality backgrounds and interesting poses to choose from. Reading popular magazines on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that you are up to date with the most recent thinking trends.

    Illustrative Wedding Photography

    Illustrative wedding photography places an emphasis on the composition, lighting, and background of the image. This type of photography is frequently used for pre-wedding photoshoot sessions. Because the couple is asked to pose "candidly" in an environment that is frequently picturesque, this style of wedding photography is an interesting blend of traditional and photojournalistic approaches to the subject matter.

    This trendy method incorporates elements of both the traditional and photojournalistic approaches to wedding photography. It is a popular setting for the photography of engagements. The primary characteristic of this style is the importance placed on the composition, the background, and the lighting. The use of this method of shooting conveys an air of spontaneity as well as an authentic display of feelings.

    There are also some characteristics of landscape photography, particularly in the way that the background is given a lot of focus. In tandem with the unadulterated emotions of the newlyweds, it should serve as the artistic foundation of the photograph. You need to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of how to work in landscape photography if you want to be successful in this category.

    Illustrative wedding photography requires a certain level of proficiency in landscape photography, as well as the ability to use wide-angle lenses and occasionally even aerial photography. This is true the majority of the time. After you've mastered these, the next thing you'll need to do is figure out how to make your subjects feel more at ease and how to guide them so that the moments they capture on camera appear to be more natural.

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    Portrait Wedding Photography

    This type of wedding photography focuses primarily on taking portraits of the couple on the day of the wedding. This photography direction is characterised by a large number of beautiful images that demonstrate sincere emotions in addition to an atmosphere of happiness and excitement. You can either stage them or let them happen naturally. The wedding portraits that are of the highest quality are almost always the ones that the couple cherishes the most.

    Photographing people almost always results in some of the most stunning photographs, and this is especially true when the subject is a glowing bride or a beaming couple on their wedding day. This kind of wedding photography is also known as formal wedding photography because the subjects are typically posed and directed to look their best for the camera. It is not typically recommended for lone photographers because it can restrict the results of your photography, but it is an essential component to incorporate when shooting a full wedding feature. In the end, these photographs are the ones that end up displaying the most emotion, and they are also the ones that the couple typically chooses to have framed and displayed in their home.

    Key moments for portrait wedding photography are those meaningful moments that occur after the bride has finally applied her makeup, once the couple has gotten into their wedding gown and suit when they can privately pose for pictures with their parents, the first real moments after the couple has tied the knot, and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

    Natural Wedding Photography

    Many wedding photographers prefer to work with natural light instead of using a flash. This method works wonderfully for weddings that take place outside. The vast majority of contemporary wedding photographs are taken during the so-called "Golden Hour," which is the time of day when the lighting conditions are ideal for the production of high-quality photographs that feature a colour palette that is dominated by soft and warm tones. In order to start working in this genre, you need to learn the basic rules of working with light, shadows, and white balance settings.

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    Natural wedding photography is frequently combined with other styles, but at its core, it refers to the practise of capturing images with natural light rather than the flash on your camera or other artificial sources of illumination. The outcome is undeniably more natural, but it is recommended that outdoor weddings take place between the hours of sunrise and sunset, or at other times of the day when the sun isn't as strong, so that unflattering shadows aren't cast on the faces of the people being photographed. However, the photographer will need to have a lot of experience in order to handle shadows and other challenging lighting situations.

    When utilising this method of photography, it is typically recommended to make use of a lens that is both bright and has a wide aperture. This will enable the photographer to capture more light and produce photographs that are better exposed. The colour temperature of sunlight will naturally result in warm photos and nice skin tones; all you need to do is ensure that the white balance setting on your camera is adjusted correctly.

    Fine Art Wedding Photography

    Fine art wedding photography is yet another style that frequently mingles with other types of wedding photography. Techniques of creative framing, lighting, composition, and post-production are typically required for this one. Photographers who specialise in artistic wedding photography are always on the lookout for opportunities to utilise various fine art techniques and capture images that are one of a kind. Although there isn't much in the way of posing involved, it's become common practise for photographers to subtly alter the posture of their subjects and the placement of items—particularly wedding paraphernalia like rings, bouquets, and the outfits—in order to achieve the desired composition in their photographs.

    This technique is very similar to the portrait wedding photography technique in the sense that it is not generally recommended to be the only approach used for a wedding because it can significantly limit the results you get from the shoot. Nevertheless, if you are going to be a secondary or tertiary shooter in a wedding photo team, you can execute this style with the assurance that others will be taking care of securing other key shots of the day, particularly ones that are traditional and photojournalistic in nature. This will allow you to focus on capturing the wedding in a way that is unique to you.

    Destination Wedding Photography

    Because of the name of this approach to wedding photography, it is immediately apparent that its primary objective is to take pictures of people in locations that are not near where they normally live. These kinds of photoshoots are almost always carried out in a foreign nation. This path incorporates a variety of different styles. To begin, the background of this image has been given a great deal of focus, which indicates that landscape photography techniques have been incorporated into its creation.

    In addition to this, there are a great deal of artistic particulars, in addition to components of the genre of photojournalism. Additionally, the characteristics of photographs taken in the editorial style can be found here. For example, the photos have been processed in a manner that is analogous to that of photographs designed for publication in magazines; the emphasis is placed on architectural and cultural characteristics.

    Dramatic Wedding Photography

    This style of wedding photography is one of the most glitzy, theatrical, and posed types of photography. The way the light is cast upon this scene is very important. You will not be able to create stunning shadows and silhouettes unless you take the time to properly learn how to work with it. Images with a dramatic backlighting are typical of this style. You can use their assistance to create portraits that are unique. Bear in mind that working with additional off-camera flashes requires you to spend a significant amount of time perfecting the technique involved in doing so.

    Commercial Wedding Photography

    This is a style of wedding photography in which the primary focus is placed on a number of different objects such as the cake, the decorations, or the flowers. Commercial wedding photography tends to take on a more serious tone. Photographs of a magazine-worthy calibre can be produced by professionals working in this field.

    Fashion Wedding Photography

    Do you enjoy taking pictures of people dressed stylishly? Employ a mode that draws attention to the dresses that the bridesmaids are wearing. This type of photography is known as "wedding fashion photography." It is perfect for weddings and engagement photos because it enables you to create images that are romantic and elegant while putting the emphasis on the attire worn by the bride and groom on their wedding day. A photographer who works in this vein needs to have a high level of attention to detail. In addition to that, this style is extremely posed.

    What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Photography?

    This style of wedding photography is also considered to be its own genre because it places an emphasis on showcasing bridal fashion for the purpose of making a profit. In contrast, over the past few years, we've noticed that a lot of actual wedding and engagement photos have adopted this particular style. This style gives photographers the opportunity to be creative with their posed shots by making use of various lighting setups, fashionable poses and expressions, and beautiful backgrounds. Additionally, it gives couples the opportunity to be "models" for a day.

    It's not hard to get started in commercial photography, even if you don't have any prior experience. Try looking for ideas in fashion magazines, and think of ways to add some drama to both the subject matter and the clothes. On the day of their wedding, it is always a benefit to the couple if you are able to make them look particularly fashionable and glamorous.

    Black and White Wedding Photography

    The use of black and white photography at weddings is an excellent way to capture images that are classic and will stand the test of time. It is a matter of preference; some clients prefer black-and-white photos, while others greatly appreciate how the absence of colour can enhance the mood of their photographs. Some clients prefer to have their images coloured, while others do not. Because it draws more attention to the subject matter and the composition of the photograph, monochromatic imagery may not appeal to all viewers, but it can produce photographs that are significantly more compelling.

    It is a great technique that all photographers are encouraged to practise, but many shooters often use it to salvage images taken under mixed and difficult lighting conditions. Although it is a great technique, all photographers are encouraged to practise it. In many instances, the photographs end up looking even better than they did before. Consider the example of the photograph that is located above. When the colour is removed from the photograph, the level of visual distraction is reduced, and the viewer's focus is immediately drawn to the couple.

    There are those who favour colour photographs, while others favour the more straightforward appearance of black and white photographs. The conversion of colour photographs taken by many photographers into black and white allows them to conceal certain lighting-related flaws in the images. One of the styles of wedding photography is one in which the primary emphasis is placed on the various items being photographed.

    Vintage Wedding Photography

    The use of vintage photography techniques in weddings has become extremely popular recently. People enjoy the sense of longing that is brought on by looking at photos like these. In addition, contemporary retouchers have access to a wide variety of photo filters that can transform any image into a vintage photograph. The fact that a lot of newlyweds choose to have their weddings in a more rustic setting is evidence of the importance of moving in this direction.

    There is a large market for couples who prefer vintage wedding photography, and the popularity of vintage photo filters is largely responsible for this. Images that have been around for a long time and have stood the test of time have a special allure for many people, possibly because of the sentiments of yesteryear that they bring to mind. People continue to use them even for everyday snapshots because this kind of photo treatment using colour distortion filters instantly transforms ordinary images into artistic works of art.

    Rustic wedding themes are becoming increasingly popular, which is further evidence that there is a sizable market for clients who enjoy a more traditional aesthetic. In addition to the other wedding photography styles that are at the top of this list, this is another good one to learn.

    Light and Airy Wedding Photography

    In contrast to the preceding illustration, this fashion is characterised by colours that are light and warm. Every day, a great number of wedding photographers make use of it in their work. You'll have no trouble creating an airy and ethereal atmosphere with the use of pastel colours. You should give this approach to wedding photography a try if you're looking for photographs that are both delicate and sophisticated. The context is extremely important in this situation. It ought to be dazzlingly white, spotless, and devoid of any discernible contrast. To achieve a blurry effect, shoot with a low aperture value.

    Artistic Wedding Photography

    An artistic approach to wedding photography is easily distinguished by its focus on creative details. In addition to that, the primary function of it is to record significant events. The goal of a professional photographer working in this field is to produce an image that is aesthetically comparable to a piece of art. It is imperative that careful consideration be given to the lighting as well as the composition in order to accomplish this effect. In addition, the preparation and editing of such photos must be done very carefully and take a significant amount of time. The hard work definitely pays off, as pictures with such originality will remain fashionable for a very long time. Are you just now beginning to consider hiring a photographer for your wedding? Check out our range of Mornington Peninsula wedding photography here.

    Dark and Moody Wedding Photography

    This is one of the most modern approaches to the photography of weddings. It stands out due to the unusual contrast and saturation of dark colours that it possesses. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone will appreciate this style of photography. Nevertheless, it exudes an aura that is uniquely its own. A dramatic atmosphere is achieved by using dark colours and a combination of light and shadows that contrast with one another. You won't be able to find true white in this area. Lighter tones look great with darker tints of other colours. This contemporary style brings something novel and nontrivial to the table.

    Aerial Wedding Photography

    Mastering the aerial photography style is an absolute requirement if you intend to stay abreast of all the most recent developments in photography and produce distinctive photographs of weddings. It is important to note that working in this field necessitates the use of specialised and professional-grade equipment. To begin, you will need a high-quality drone that already has an HD camera installed. From this elevated vantage point, you will have the opportunity to take photographs of the breathtaking scenery below. Because any photograph can be made to look good when viewed from a high perspective, the composition is not an essential component of this style. Even if the majority of the wedding ceremony takes place indoors, there are still many excellent vantage points available for aerial photography in these kinds of settings.

    It is helpful to stay current with the most recent trends in wedding photography if your goal is to become a modern wedding photographer. Aerial wedding photography is a type of photography that you should familiarise yourself with. This one is going to require a greater amount of equipment than the others, most notably an aerial drone equipped with a fairly decent HD camera mounted on it.

    The use of aerial photography is ideal for depicting outdoor wedding locations as well as the happy couple in an isolated location surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Composition of an image is not as important as it may seem because shots taken from a bird's eye view are almost always very interesting, as long as you eliminate elements that seem out of place.

    Underwater Wedding Photography

    This approach is not what one would consider to be traditional wedding photography. In spite of this, it still has a significant number of followers all over the world. A lot of married people have this crazy idea that they want to take weird photos underwater. Images like these are replete with a sense of mysticism and romance because of the way the underwater world looks. The process of becoming an expert at shooting in this manner is one that is fraught with challenges. Besides, it requires special equipment. However, the outcomes will be very creative and noteworthy in their own right. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    You will end up with stunning photographs that you will want to keep for a lifetime no matter which option you pick, so get some ideas from the internet and start making reservations!


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