Why Are Wedding Photographers So Expensive?

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    Every couple hopes that their wedding day will always be remembered as one of the most special days of their lives. Therefore, home movies and cell phone snapshots just won't cut it, and the vast majority of newlyweds will opt to employ a professional photographer to capture their big day. Although, many people wonder "Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?"

    Depending on the chosen venue, the number of guests, the menu, the number of courses, the number of attendants in formal costume, the number of attendants in casual attire, the number of decorations, the number of songs performed, and so on, wedding costs can quickly escalate. Adding the photographer's charge to the total can be stressful, and it'll make you wonder why wedding photography is so expensive in general. The following explanation will be given from the perspective of a photographer to help you better comprehend the processes involved.

    If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography. Do wedding photographers, as rumoured, have steep pricing structures? Only if you think they are, but let's try to understand why they're worth the money, how they're reasonably priced, and what all goes into the process.

    Cost Of Hiring A Photographer For A Wedding

    Having a wedding photographer there is vital, despite the fact that their pricing can range widely (and that some photographers charge thousands of dollars for a complete day of shooting). Wedding days are often the most memorable days of people's lives, and if you don't have a trained expert take care of your photography, you may not get the shots you've always dreamed of.

    Many wedding photographers provide an all-day coverage package that includes not only the traditional posed photos of the wedding party and guests, but also the preparations for the big day itself, from the bride getting her hair and makeup done to the last guests departing the reception. In addition to the traditional, staged shots, wedding photographers will also capture these candid moments. Photographers also have the additional responsibility of selecting the best shots from the day and editing those that need it once they get home.

    To some extent, the exorbitant costs incurred by wedding photographers can be rationalised by the extensive gear they are required to employ. With such high stakes, it's little wonder pros strive for perfection in every shot they attempt. A camera for this, a camera for that, batteries, tripods, lenses, memory cards, and so on are all essential. It's not easy to get your hands on professional photography gear, with many wedding photographers' kits costing several thousand pounds. This expensive gear is useless without public liability insurance, which is required by the vast majority of venues before they will allow you set up shop there. This is going to be a huge additional cost for you.

    However, the camera is only half of the equation; what about editing the shots after they've been taken? The expense of purchasing a sturdy laptop or desktop computer, image editing software, backup hard drives to ensure that no data is lost, USB pens, and cloud storage to store your shots, among other things, can soon add up.

    Photographers typically spend a significant amount of time after a wedding importing photographs, storing them up, editing them, and putting together albums that couples absolutely adore. The services of a wedding photographer are not limited to being present during the ceremony and reception (which typically last between six and twelve hours) and then leaving afterwards. You're paying for the time they spend getting ready for your wedding, from checking that their gear is in working order to scoping the area to figure out the best placement for their equipment.

    Furthermore, wedding photographers are under a great deal of stress since one inappropriate click or one malfunctioning piece of gear could indeed result in the loss of hundreds of wedding photographs that the couple has been waiting for. Since you are paying for the experience, the responsibility for this loss rests squarely on the shoulders of the wedding photographer.

    Why Do Photographers Demand Such High Prices?

    It's crucial to understand precisely what you're investing in before making any payments. More goes into photography than the average person realises; it's not as easy as showing up, hitting a button, and turning over the results. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done after a shoot wraps. After the ceremony and reception, the images you took will likely be the most cherished memento you have. Not sure where to start when it comes to looking for your wedding photographer of choice?

    There Is More To Photography Than Just A Slick Camera

    Wedding Photography

    It's clear that a lot of time and effort goes into identifying and acquiring the best equipment for the job. In spite of these expenditures, the camera and other equipment are only tools, and they cannot guarantee a picture-perfect wedding album. It takes years of practise for a photographer to master the craft they've dedicated their life to. There is an ability and an art that has been honed over the number of years, yet you can give all the same technology to someone with little professional expertise and they may shoot one or two great images. Yet, a professional photographer with years of experience will be able to capture a complete album's worth of stunning photographs, each with its own story to tell. Your contribution will be used for this precise purpose. Someone who has been in the business for a while and has proven themselves worthy of trust.

    In the same way that you only get one use out of your wedding dress, your wedding flowers only last for a few days before they die and that's that. On the other hand, investing in a professional photographer for your wedding is more than just a purchase. On the other hand, wedding photography is an expense that pays for itself. Your wedding album is a timeless keepsake that can be shown to future generations and reminisced over with loved ones. Pictures from your wedding will tell the tale of your special day, including the joyous atmosphere, the lovely bridal gown, and the fresh flowers.


    The amount of time a photographer spends filming a wedding is a major factor in the high cost of wedding photography. Time is broken down into four primary buckets: client meetings, pre-wedding day preparations, the wedding day itself, and post-wedding edits.

    Meetings With Clients

    The primary goal of the first visit with a client is not just to see if the couple and photographer are a good fit for one another. The photographer will be updated on the wedding day's schedule and any other relevant details during subsequent meetings. A professional wedding photographer will keep in touch with the couple frequently to see how the planning is going and to answer any questions or address any issues they may have. Video chat makes it possible for photographers to meet with couples without ever leaving their homes, but in-person sessions are always prefered. It will take some time to finish this procedure.

    Getting Ready For The Big Day

    Another contributor to wedding photography's hefty price tag is all the forethought and organisation that goes into the big day before it even arrives. The photographer will need to account for travel time, time spent photographing the couple, and time spent editing the photos if the engagement session is part of the wedding package. Locating a picture-perfect spot for bridal party photos on the wedding day may be a stressful ordeal. This is especially important if the photographer does not know the area where the reception or ceremony will take place. It is possible that the photographer will be asked to the dress rehearsal. The photographer you hire may even be scouring the web for inspiration. This might be anything from new angles from which to shoot to fresh takes on classic photos. They should prepare for the shots they plan to shoot by setting up and packing their gear carefully. Last but not least, they need to get some actual practise in. Depending on the length of time you've allotted for the engagement shot, your photographer will need an additional seven to ten hours to do this.

    Wedding Day

    Between 8 to 13 hours will pass on the wedding day, and that doesn't include the photographer's travel time to and from the ceremony and reception locations. In order to photograph some weddings, the photographer may have to travel quite a distance. Photographers often have to travel 3 - 4 hours in one way to get to a wedding from their homes. If a photographer has to fly across the country or even internationally for a wedding, the trip and the ceremony itself will take up at least two days of their schedule. Including travel time in the cost of conducting business is essential for photographers. Another photographer's services must be covered if one is present. For the price of a standard eight-hour wedding package, you may get sixteen hours of coverage with two photographers. Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.


    Wedding Photography

    In conclusion, the time-consuming editing procedure is likely the single largest time sink at a wedding. Editing is a significant part of the reason why wedding photography is so expensive. Depending on their style, your photographer may take hundreds of shots at regular intervals of a few seconds to make sure they capture every memorable moment, or they may take fewer photos but be more selective in the final edit. So, a wedding photographer can pick from 50-300 images per hour; if the event is 8 hours long, that's 2400 photos. Your photographer must cull these images, selecting the best from the collection while discarding the rest. Photographers work at their own pace, but if you give them eight hours to cover a wedding, it will likely take them three or four hours to cull the best shots.

    Another major contributor to wedding photography's high cost is the time and effort required to edit the finished product. Photographers sometimes have the option of applying the same editor preset to a group of images. Then, they'll go through each image individually to tweak it by hand until it's perfect. There is still an additional 8-24 hours of processing time expected. Additionally, your photographer will typically wait a few days before returning to your shots with fresh eyes to make any necessary edits to any flaws that may have been missed.

    Your wedding photographer has probably spent at least twenty-four hours on various components of a single wedding, at the very least. The time spent assembling a wedding album is not factored in here. You may be scratching your head at the moment, wondering what takes your photographer so long to deliver the wedding images.

    Consider the fact that your photographer has to capture other weddings, as well as other sorts of photoshoots to attend, more meetings with clients, additional client photographs to edit, and their own family life. Wild Romantic Photography has the best range of services of wedding photography Yarra Valley. Check them out here.


    Wedding photographers have the heavy burden of capturing among the most meaningful days of their clients' lives.


    Photographers must devote considerable time and resources to their education and continued training. Numerous photographers keep up with the latest techniques, equipment, and trends in the industry by participating in one of the many accessible courses, conferences, or workshops. Keeping up with the latest developments in the ever-expanding software that aids photographers in their processes demands a significant investment of time, effort, and trial and error. Artistically compelling photographs are the goal of any photographer, who hopes to have satisfied customers who are eager to share their work with their social circles. The pricing reflects the fact that this involves extensive training and practise over many years, as well as the time spent in post-production.

    Backing Up

    Storage cards are bought after the wedding to hold the money spent on the nuptials. Most photographers will cover this expense for at minimum seven years, allowing you to relax in case the worst should happen during that time.


    Photographers often spend around 40 hours documenting a wedding. Since the time-consuming process of editing the images and movies typically occurs several weeks or months after the wedding has already taken place, most of the time the payment is made after the wedding has already taken place.


    Photographers typically need to travel to the ceremony and reception sites (usually 2-5 spots per wedding, depending on your plans). Think about the consequences. Your photo locations should include the places where you and your partner will be, as well as the ceremony and reception sites, and perhaps either one two other backdrops. Photographers typically operate within a sizable radius, and those that work inside that radius do not charge extra for travel time, even though they may have to commute for several hours each way. Some projects need an initial site inspection to rule out undesirable areas.


    Designing promotional materials, logos, websites, and branding, albums, choosing which photographs to print for you, and creating an online gallery are all tasks that require time and skill.


    We have no doubt that you are a wonderful human being and that spending time with you is always a pleasure, but a photographer, like anyone else, likes being reimbursed for their time whenever they attend meetings. Our current activities include meetings, phone conversations, and email responses to customers. Throughout addition to the numerous meetings, phone calls, messages, and other forms of communication that take place in the course of wedding preparation, it's not uncommon for there to be hundreds of emails sent in total. The average wedding photography client connection lasts about two years, from the time an enquiry is first answered to the time the wedding album is delivered.

    Venue Visits

    Before the big day, a photographer will usually visit the wedding venue to scope out the best spots for taking pictures of the happy couple and their bridal party. They won't know what to do or see unless they've been there previously and are familiar with all the hot spots.


    Most wedding providers will set aside a large amount of their budget to cover the cost of insurance in case their equipment is broken or something else unforeseen happens on the day of your wedding.

    Making A Living As A Wedding Photographer Is Really Challenging.

    wedded couple being photograhped on beach

    Full-time success as a wedding photographer calls for a substantial financial and time commitment, in addition to entrepreneurial zeal and a little bit of luck (or even as a viable side hustle). Making a living as a wedding photographer is challenging. We have an exclusive range of wedding photography Mornington Peninsula services. Check them out here.

    It's Not True That Increasing Production Volumes Automatically Boosts Profits.

    Expansion is a strategy that some photographic studios employ to increase their bottom line. However, there is a great danger involved with doing this. Trusting a freelancer with the documentation of the most significant day of your life is fraught with danger because few photography businesses can afford to employ photographers full-time. If they don't turn up, what will happen? Make a better deal? Is it possible to have them sign up as a customer? In addition, the business owner (and perhaps a small administrative staff) is solely responsible for handling all operational and client management responsibilities. This means that the company's owner is also bound to:

    • To be available around the clock, you need to have a human, non-automated answer ready to send out to consumers as soon as their enquiries are received.
    • Communication with clients through telephone during nonbusiness hours (such as after work hours or on weekends).
    • Having to find a last-minute substitute for a bridesmaid or groomsman who decides not to show up for a wedding while managing the constant churn of independent contractors and overseeing their training and image assessment.

    There is a lot on the line and a lot at stake in both scenarios. But we'll have to give up a lot to take on these responsibilities: the entire summer, every Saturday during the busy season, and our evenings and weekends talking to clients.

    If you can cut costs elsewhere in preparation for your wedding, such as with the flowers, the cake, or the clothing, you'll have more money to go towards the even more worthwhile investment of professional wedding photography. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography. Considering that, as with most things, you get what you pay for, it's crucial that you hire a professional wedding photographer that you have high regard for and trust to accurately record your most special day.


    A wedding photographer is a must, despite the vast price range that they fall within. A full day of shooting with certain photographers might cost several thousand dollars. After a long day of shooting, photographers still have to go through their files and pick out the best shots and edit the rest. After a wedding, photographers often spend many hours uploading images, archiving them, editing them, and assembling albums. Photographers experience high levels of stress because the loss of hundreds of wedding images is very possible with a single mistimed click or faulty piece of equipment.

    For a photographer to truly excel at their chosen profession, they must put in countless hours of dedicated practise. A skilled professional photographer will be able to take enough breathtaking shots for an entire photo album. The time and effort put in by the photographer to capture the special day is a big contributor to the hefty price tag attached to wedding photography. Expert wedding photographers usually maintain regular contact with the happy couple to check in on their progress with the wedding preparations. If the engagement session is included in the wedding package, the photographer will need to factor in time for travelling to the location, taking pictures, and processing the photos.

    There will be a minimum of eight and a maximum of thirteen hours of actual shooting time on the wedding day, not counting the time it takes the photographer to get there and back. It's possible to receive 16 hours of coverage for the same price as an eight-hour wedding package. It's not uncommon for photographers to spend three to four hours on the road to get to a wedding and back. Wedding photographers typically spend roughly 40 hours covering all the important moments. Photographers need to invest a lot of time and money into their training.

    Assuming the worst happens within that time frame, you can rest easy knowing that the majority of photographers will cover this cost for you. As a rule, photographers will not charge extra for travel time if the shoot location is within a reasonable distance from their base. There is a need for a preliminary site examination on some projects in order to eliminate potential problem spots. When planning a wedding, most vendors will set aside a sizeable sum specifically for insurance.

    It's risky to hire an independent photographer to capture your wedding day. The cost of maintaining a full-time photography staff is prohibitive for most small firms. You may save money for this even more important purchase if you cut back on less essential wedding expenses.

    Content Summary

    1. The price of a wedding can rise quickly depending on many factors, including the location, the number of guests, the menu, the number of courses, the number of attendants in formal costume, the number of attendants in casual attire, the number of decorations, the number of songs performed, and so on.
    2. Adding the photographer's fee can be a source of worry, and it may leave you wondering why wedding photography is so expensive in general.
    3. To assist you better understand the procedures involved, the following explanation will be presented from the viewpoint of a photographer.
    4. Despite the vast price range, it is essential to have a wedding photographer there (and that some photographers charge thousands of dollars for a complete day of shooting).
    5. If you don't have a professional photographer handling your wedding, you might not end up with the pictures you've always imagined.
    6. In addition to the standard staged shots of the wedding party and guests, many photographers offer full-day coverage, documenting everything from the bride getting her hair and cosmetics done to the final guests leaving the reception.
    7. In part, wedding photographers' astronomical rates can be explained by the high quality of the equipment they must use.
    8. Many wedding photographers' kits cost several thousand pounds, making it difficult for amateurs to afford the services of a professional photographer.
    9. You should expect this to add substantial expenses to your budget.
    10. You're on the hook for the time they spend getting ready for your wedding, such as testing equipment and scouting the venue to determine the optimal setup.
    11. Given that you are the one footing the bill for the services, the wedding photographer should be held accountable for any damages.
    12. After a filming session concludes, there is a great deal of post-production work to be done.
    13. The photographs you shot will likely become the most treasured keepsake after the wedding and reception themselves.
    14. You can see that a lot of research and money is spent on finding and buying the right tools for the job.
    15. Despite these investments, the camera and other gear are just tools and will not ensure a flawless wedding album.
    16. For a photographer to truly excel at their chosen profession, they must put in countless hours of dedicated practise.
    17. A professional photographer with years of skill, however, will be able to take an entire album's worth of breathtaking images, each with its own tale to tell.
    18. Nonetheless, hiring a professional photographer is more than just an expense.
    19. Contrarily, hiring a professional photographer to document your wedding is an investment that will eventually pay for itself.
    20. The time and effort put in by the photographer to capture the special day is a big contributor to the hefty price tag attached to wedding photography.
    21. Meeting a client for the first time isn't only about making sure the couple and photographer get along.
    22. At following meetings, the wedding photographer will be informed of any changes to the wedding day schedule or other pertinent information.
    23. A professional wedding photographer will maintain regular contact with the couple to check in on their progress, answer any concerns they may have, and resolve any problems that may arise.
    24. If the engagement session is included in the wedding package, the photographer will need to factor in time for travelling to the location, taking pictures, and processing the photos.
    25. Finding a picturesque location for wedding-day group photos can be a stressful experience for the bride and her attendants.
    26. When the photographer is unfamiliar with the venue, this becomes extremely crucial.
    27. A dress rehearsal invitation might be extended to the photographer.
    28. The photographer will need an extra seven to ten hours on top of the time provided for the engagement shoot to complete this.
    29. It is estimated that the wedding day will last anywhere from 8 to 13 hours, and that doesn't even account for the time it takes for the photographer to travel to and from the ceremony and reception sites.
    30. The photographer may have to travel a considerable distance to reach some weddings.
    31. For photographers, it is crucial to factor in time spent travelling as part of their operational expenses.
    32. Last but not least, the lengthy editing process is the most significant time drain there will be during the wedding.
    33. The time and energy invested in editing the final product is another key factor in the high price of wedding photography.
    34. In all likelihood, your wedding photographer has spent at least twenty-four hours on various aspects of a single wedding.
    35. Think about the other weddings your photographer has to cover, the other types of photoshoots they have to attend, the additional client meetings they have to attend, the additional client shots they have to edit, and the time they need to spend with their own family.
    36. Photographers need to invest a lot of time and money into their training.
    37. After the wedding, guests can store their cash on storage cards.
    38. Payment is often made after the wedding has already taken place because the time-consuming process of editing the photos and films occurs several weeks or months after the wedding has already taken place.
    39. Photographers are often required to travel to different locations for the ceremony and celebration (usually 2-5 spots per wedding, depending on your plans).
    40. It takes effort and expertise to design promotional materials like logos, websites, and branding, albums, and to select which of your images to publish and to create an online gallery.
    41. We have no doubt that you are an amazing person and that being in your company is always a delight, but a photographer, like everyone else, appreciates getting compensated for time spent in meetings.
    42. Our present work entails communicating with clients via phone calls, in-person chats, and electronic mail.
    43. A wedding usually involves hundreds of emails in addition to the many meetings, phone conversations, texts, and other forms of communication.
    44. A sizable portion of most wedding vendors' budgets will go towards insurance in case their gear breaks down or something else unexpected occurs on the big day.
    45. It's not easy to make a living as a wedding photographer.
    46. To make a living as a professional wedding photographer requires a significant investment of time and money, as well as entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and a pinch of luck (or even as a viable side hustle).
    47. The wedding photography industry is highly competitive.
    48. Due to the low profitability of the photography industry, only a select few studios can afford to hire photographers on a full-time basis, making it risky to hire a freelancer to chronicle the most important day of your life.
    49. Everything from day-to-day operations to managing clients falls squarely on the shoulders of the business owner (and possibly a small administrative team).
    50. If you can save money on less important aspects of the wedding, like the flowers, cake, or apparel, you can put that money towards the far more beneficial investment of professional wedding photography.
    51. You get what you pay for, therefore it's important to invest in a wedding photographer who has earned your respect and trust in order to capture every precious moment of your big day.

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