How To Negotiate With A Wedding Photographer?

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    When people want to get into the photography business, one of the most difficult challenges they face is figuring out how much they should charge for their work. Just thinking about pricing causes beads of sweat to form on the forehead.

    When a customer demands to know the rationale behind having to pay such a high price for your services, it can be particularly nerve-wracking to field their questions. And there is a good chance that you are going to find yourself in a sticky situation when it comes to justifying your worth if you have simply adopted the prices that you have seen some other photographers in your area charge, without taking the time to actually calculate and understand what it is that you charge for what you do.

    You need to not only be aware of the value of the services you are providing, but you also need to be able to articulate the value you bring to the table as well as the factors that contribute to your value. Do not for a moment forget that photography is a business, despite the fact that it is a wonderful creative outlet and career option. In this line of work, you'll need to be comfortable wearing a variety of hats.

    Make sure that you are well-versed in both the principles of visual design and the business practises. When you are able to negotiate and state your worth with confidence, along with the process by which you arrived at that value, you instil that same confidence in your client. When I find myself in the position of negotiating my worth, there are a few things that I believe to be absolutely essential.

    You are aware of your value and are prepared to articulate it with self-assurance; however, at this point, it is time for you to focus on what your customers have to say to you. This is essential in order to tailor your product to the requirements of your customers. There is no one format that is going to work for all clients, and if you try to sell a service to one client when they don't want or need it while ignoring another service that they do, then you're probably going to lose some business as a result.

    If there is something that can be eliminated without compromising the quality of the service that is being provided, then you should do so. In addition to that, you might be able to tack on some additional services and fees according to what various customers ask for. Everything hangs in the balance. At Wild Romantic Photography, we have the best Melbourne wedding photographer to take memorable photos on your wedding day.

    When you're talking to your customers about your product and pricing, you should pay attention to how they react and how they carry themselves. Acquire not only the ability to recognise verbal cues but also those that are more covert. If you notice a couple leaning forwards and vigorously nodding their heads while you are speaking to them, there is a good chance that you have struck a chord with them. There are some warning signs to look out for, such as the person leaning backwards in their chair (which is a disengaging move) or appearing distracted. Keep an eye out for when they occur, assuming that they do. If you don't listen to what your customers are saying, you won't be able to help them find solutions.

    The Do's and Don'ts of Negotiating With Wedding Photographers

    Okay. So let's say you make the choice to travel in this direction. It's not a topic that should be brought up lightly, especially if you're trying to avoid upsetting anyone's feathers. You won't want to miss a thing on your wedding day thanks to our extensive and exclusive range of wedding photography in Melbourne. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some "dos and don'ts" to help you navigate the process in the most diplomatic way possible.


    Get enthused about the art of photography. Photographers prefer to work with engaged couples who are excited about taking original wedding photos as opposed to couples who are only hiring a photographer because they believe it is "supposed" to be something you do.


    Get the price right first. If you start your email, phone call, or meeting with the line "what are your prices? ", then you're not going to get very far. It's going to make the photographer wonder whether you like their work or if you're just looking for the cheapest possible price, and that's not going to make the photographer happy.


    Make sure you book an amazing venue or location that your photographer would jump at the chance to shoot in.


    You can use the price point of another photographer who charges less as a bargaining chip. Take for instance the fact that you are comparing the work of two photographers. Photographer A has rates of $3,000, while Photographer B has rates of $6,000 for their services.

    It's possible that you'll feel tempted to try to gain leverage by telling Photographer B that you can book Photographer A for half the price, but resist the urge. If you are calling Subaru dealerships to get a price quote on the new Impreza, then this will make perfect sense to you. Every single dealership sells an identical version of the same product. Price is the only factor on which they can compete with one another. Contrary to popular belief, however, not all Subaru Imprezas are created equal when it comes to wedding photography.


    Have your wedding on a Thursday in the month of November. ...or a Friday in the month of February If you choose a date that is less popular, your photographer may be more willing to negotiate the price with you. Saturdays between the months of April and October are particularly difficult to book.


    Be a "Bridezilla" (or a "Groomzilla").


    Maintain a good reputation as a referral source. Do you have any friends who are in committed relationships? If this is the case, let your photographer know that you are interested in doing business with them again in the near future.


    Be that person who expects a photographer to work for free in exchange for "exposure." Because we can't use exposure to pay our mortgages or our grocery bills, for the love of God, let's just stick to using legal tender instead. The same is true for business transactions. It is unprofessional to suggest a partial trade in exchange for goods.


    Have a story that is captivating. A few summers ago, we were asked to photograph a wedding for a bride whose grandmother was receiving hospice care at the time. Because the future bride wanted more than anything for her grandmother to be able to attend her wedding, she and her fiancé made the decision to hold the ceremony in the backyard of the bride's grandmother's home, where she could watch the festivities from her hospital bed. We charged approximately one-fifth of our regular rate to photograph the event despite the fact that it was an extremely moving ceremony. Keep in mind that wedding photographers are still people with feelings and that their heartstrings can be pulled.


    Imagine that your photographer is in the process of building their portfolio. It's not likely their first time at the rodeo, so the idea of giving up a weekend off to work on their resume is probably not very appealing to them at this point in time.

    How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

    How To Negotiate With A Wedding Photographer?

    The wedding day itself seems to go by in the blink of an eye, despite the months of preparation and years spent fantasising about it. Because of this, photographers are one of the most important types of vendors, as they take pictures of every moment so that you can remember them for the rest of your life. The only tangible memento you will take away from your big day is a collection of wedding photographs "Photographer Emily Millay is quoted as saying. "Think of all the natural moments that the bride and groom are missing out on because they are too busy going through the motions of the day. Because those are the moments that will make up their wedding, investing in wedding photography is a very important financial decision for them to make.

    However, talented and reliable wedding photographers tend to command a higher price. According to Millay, an experienced wedding photographer in Cleveland, the cost of a wedding photographer is affected by factors such as location, demand, and the amount of experience the photographer has. Prices for wedding photography can range widely, but there are some consistent factors to consider.

    Although there are a variety of approaches to wedding photography, some photographers favour dramatic or documentary-style images, while others lean towards bright and airy photographs. These approaches typically do not affect the prices of wedding photographs. The costs are determined more by experience and demand than anything else, but a higher figure does not necessarily indicate higher-quality photographs. The cost of a photographer's services is not always a reliable indicator of their level of expertise.

    Most photographers raise their prices once a year, which means that the price often reflects the photographer's level of experience. How much would you expect to pay for the services of a photographer with, say, eight years of experience? We have the best wedding photographers in Yarra Valley to capture your beautiful moments on your wedding day. 

    How to Choose Your Photographer

    Image Quality/style

    The calibre of the photographs that are presented in a photographer's portfolio ought to be the first thing that grabs your attention. A skilled photographer should be able to provide clients with a selection of different styles, allowing them to choose one that best captures the personalities of the bride and groom as well as the joy and excitement of the big day. Be specific about the aesthetic you're going for, and check to see that the photographer in question has examples of that style in their portfolio.

    If there is a particular photographer that piques your interest, make it a point to ask to view all of their work rather than just the select few favourites that they display on their websites. This will allow you to determine whether or not the quality of the photographs remains consistent throughout.

    Be aware that different photographers utilise unique approaches to editing their photos. If an image has been heavily edited, then there is a good chance that this will be a recurring motif throughout their photography portfolio. This is typically done in an effort to cover up poor quality photography.

    First and foremost, the aesthetic of the photographs should convey something about the two of you as a couple. Do your research and look around before settling on a photographer, regardless of whether you want photographs that have a casual and laid-back vibe or ones that have a more daring and modern aesthetic.


    How To Negotiate With A Wedding Photographer?

    As the bride and groom, you place a great deal of trust and confidence in the person who will photograph your wedding. It is imperative that you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence in order for them to be able to capture the best images possible and give an accurate account of the most important day of your life. When you first meet someone, you can usually tell within the first five minutes if you have a good rapport with them or if you feel a connection to them.

    First impressions are extremely important, and if you can instantly form a connection with someone, then you are already off to a good start. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to relax around your photographer, then this will come across very clearly in the photographs that they take of your wedding. Starting to think about hiring a wedding photographer? Check out our range of Mornington Peninsula wedding photography here. 

    Consider your visitors at the same time. Your guests will feel at ease, which will make it easier for the photographer to blend in and capture the day as it naturally unfolds rather than giving a forced and posed account of the event. If the photographer is approachable, friendly, and down to earth, consider hiring them to photograph your wedding.

    Keep in mind that it is impossible to fake a genuine smile, so choose wisely and make sure you meet with your photographer at least twice before you commit to making a reservation with them.

    Value for Money/cost

    Although it is an important component, you shouldn't let this be the determining factor in your choice of wedding attire because, even though it is an important aspect, it shouldn't be the basis for your decision. Prices at the higher end of the market do not always indicate products of the highest quality, and prices at the lower end of the market do not always indicate products of the lowest quality.

    A photographer ought to be forthright about the pricing structures they use, and in return, you ought to have a firm grasp on your financial limitations. Since neither of you wants to squander any time, having an open and honest conversation from the very beginning will help to resolve this issue.

    Your photographer should always be flexible with pricing and the items that are included in each package, and they should offer a variety of different packages to accommodate everyone's needs. Your photographer is providing a service, and because every couple will have unique requirements and expectations, you should make sure that your photographer is able to personalise a package to meet your specific requirements.

    Always make sure to enquire about any hidden additional costs. There are photographers who will charge an additional fee for editing, VAT, designing artwork for an album, or even covering travel and food expenses. Before entering into any contractual agreement, you must always check to make sure that an itemised quote includes all of the associated costs.


    The level of expertise possessed by the photographer will have a significant impact on the planning and execution of the day's activities. I am confident that a large number of photographers will concur with me when I say that they have frequently served in a variety of roles, including those of coordinator, photographer, master of ceremonies, and children's entertainer. The act of taking photographs is only a small part of what it takes to be a wedding photographer. If you lack the necessary experience and the ability to perform well even when under constant pressure, you run the risk of missing important moments.

    Always make an effort to select a wedding photographer who has previously worked at the location of your wedding. Your photographer should demonstrate a willingness to meet at the venue on a regular basis, investigate the best photo locations and opportunities, and take the time to run through the schedule for the day, even though this is not an absolute requirement. It is also a good idea for the photographer to meet with the proprietor of the venue or the person in charge of wedding coordination to ensure that everyone is aware of the schedule for the entire day, beginning to end.

    Make it a point to enquire about their level of experience as well as the number of weddings they have officiated since they first opened their doors for business. This does not imply that they are less capable in any way if they have only been trading for a short period of time; however, it will provide you with a good idea of the experience that they have gained. In a similar vein, if a photographer has been in the industry for a significant amount of time and has a wealth of experience, you might want to make sure that their aesthetic has progressed with the times and will live up to the requirements of a contemporary bride and groom.

    Recommendations/Word of Mouth

    The majority of my bookings have been brought to me through word of mouth and recommendations from my previous customers. If the quality of the service and the work provided by a particular photographer has been appreciated by your friends and family, then there is a good chance that you will as well. Again, this shouldn't be the primary factor in your decision; rather, it should be the very last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

    Talk to your close friends about the experiences they had working with their wedding photographer, and make an effort to take advantage of the insights and recommendations offered by people who have planned their own weddings. If you ask for it, a good photographer should always be able to provide you with testimonials from former customers, and they should also be able to give you their contact information in case you want to speak with those customers directly.

    To summarise, there is no particular order of priority that should be assigned to any of these top five recommendations. When it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer for you, a combination of all of these factors should serve as the basis for your decision. Each of these points is just as significant as the one that comes before it. The best way to make sure those moments are preserved for posterity is with a professionally made wedding film. Get in touch with us at Wild Romantic Photography right away to talk about our wedding film videography services.

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