35+ Best Wedding Videographers in Sydney [2022]

Are you planning a wedding in Sydney and looking for the best videographer to capture all the memories? 

Choosing the right videographer for your wedding is essential – after all, you want to be able to look back on your big day and relive all of the memories! When it comes to wedding videography, Sydney has no shortage of talented professionals to choose from. But how do you know which one is right for you? And more importantly, how do you avoid the horrors of a bad wedding video? In this post, we'll take a look at some of the best videographers in Sydney and what sets them apart. 

If you’re looking for the best wedding videographers in Sydney, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best wedding videographers in Sydney,  so you can rest assured that your memories will be captured perfectly. Read on for more information.

Ultimate List of the Best Wedding Videographers Sydney

Wild Romantic Wedding Videographer Sydney

wild romantic photography wedding photographer melbourne


Call Elle today on 0434 484 811 or info@wildromanticphotography.com

Of earth and salt, petal and pearl, of sweeping horizons that sing forever, we bring to life the passion and authenticity of true romance and capture moments that you will cherish always.

We are passionate about telling the story of your wedding day with original and romantic videography that's made to last a lifetime.

Our creative collective specialises in documentary-style videos that express love, joy, community, and connection.

Our wedding videos look beautiful, but they're raw and genuine, too – with timeless landscapes, divine portraits, colourful fashion shots, and dreamy reportage.

We're all artists, and our clients are our muses. Based in Melbourne, we can find beauty in locations across the world and those closer to home. We've shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

Wild Romantic offers bespoke photography packages that perfectly match your needs.

From quaint weddings in Sydney to lavish weddings in Melbourne – our professional wedding videographers are trained to capture those priceless candid moments of love, laughter, and joy. We even offer pre-wedding photography should you wish to display your love through photos on a particular day proudly.

Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of inspired artists, photographers, videographers, and dreamers passionate about capturing precious moments that will forever speak to your heart. Our creative documentary-style photography packages are meticulously tailored to the unique elements of your special day and include beautiful retouching of the memories we photograph to instill blissful nostalgia.


Call Elle today on 0434 484 811 or info@wildromanticphotography.com

Wedding Movies Videographer Sydney

wedding movies wedding videographer sydney



Wedding Videographer in Melbourne

Every Wedding Movie is as unique as the couple getting married. ​

We love capturing and telling the heart and essence of your story, so why not let us tell yours today?

Your wedding is undeniably one of those iconic events that you most look forward to in life. After all, this is perhaps the most important day of your personal life, one that you never want to forget.

At Wedding Movies, we just want to play our part in making sure that your memory of this defining day is just as perfect as the wedding itself.

Our experience has made us perfect.

Nobody wants the same old generic wedding pictures anymore. The world is different today – it truly is your oyster. Why not make your wedding videos just as unique as the pearl in that oyster? Wedding Movies brings to you the individuality and distinctiveness that you crave in your wedding film. Our professional wedding videography promises to be a true-blue depiction of the potpourri of emotions that define any wedding day.

At Wedding Movies, we love capturing stories, and we love what we do. We have over 17 years of experience in carefully collecting and curating your memories. With our extensive and diverse experience, we can confidently say that we are the wedding videographers in Melbourne should hire. Our team comprises of several talented videographers and editors. Leave it to them to capture the emotions that transform your life on your wedding day. Each day, they keep adding to our portfolio of your beautiful memories and memorable moments.

So, are you ready to present to the world the heart and essence of your story? Because we sure are.

Splendid Wedding Videographer Sydney

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Capture Your Timeless Wedding With Our Award-Winning Photographers and Videographers

We, at Splendid Photos & Video, believe that love, weddings, and commitment are a huge aspect of what life is all about. It is our honour to capture these subtle and meaningful exchanges and turn them into your beautiful story! Our boutique studio is based in Leichhardt, Sydney. Our 10 years of valuable experience of shooting weddings have made us highly recognised, trusted, and talented wedding photographers. Our works have been featured many times in well-known wedding magazines and blog sites.

Our style is all about storytelling, editorial and fine art photography. Our approach is a blend of candid moments with fine art portraiture. We combine a novel artistic approach with storytelling to produce meaningful images that show the connection. Splendid photography focuses not only on creating amazing photos but also on offering you the best experience both before and after your wedding day.

Want your precious memory captured perfectly?

Ford Production Wedding Videographer Sydney

fordproductions wedding videographers sydney



FordProductions is well known for its creative flair and originality of narrative storytelling.

This passion they have for the industry enables them to show their perspective of the world through their eyes and camera.


Everything you see around you is a construct of many produced ideas coming together. Nothing is original anymore.​

We want to take your project to the next level and make it stand out from all of the others.



Plan ahead for your next project, knowing you are working with a professional


Storytelling is what we do. Engaging audiences, making them want more.


We can produce any idea you want to facilitate in an efficient and timely manner.

Why Choose Ford Productions? 

FordProductions are an honest, hardworking and professional team, that go the extra mile to achieve the results that go above and beyond what is expected of the clients wants and desires. 

The White Tree Wedding Videographer Sydney

the white tree wedding videographer sydney



Two great mates founded the White Tree; one a musician, the other a photographer/filmmaker. They'd been making coil pots together since primary school in Melbourne (true story), but in 2009 they decided they should start a more "serious" business together...i.e. a business that would help them to move out of home!

Back then, they noticed a heap of cheesy work happening within the wedding and events industries. They identified a real opportunity to shake this market up, by providing genuinely cool live music, photography and film concepts - under the one creative roof. This would be offered at a reasonable price and with a super-easy booking and planning process.

So they gathered their respective skill sets, garnered their extensive creative networks, moved into a dilapidated house together to brainstorm day and night, and within a few months, The White Tree was born.

We Create & Capture Epic Memories

The White Tree launched back in 2010, and to this day, we're the only company that offers all three creative services. This makes perfect sense, like live music, photography, and film are the primary innovative ingredients for any significant event – and they should work together in harmony. They also have the collective power to build incredible memories for you and your guests…long after you've downed your final champagne!

Our work is carried out by a select team of musicians, photographers and filmmakers based right across Australia, who are on a mission to cut through the sea of "same-same". Our young, passionate creatives are all incredibly talented, progressive and professional, and they're also great fun to hang out with. Essentially, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

The White Tree is a unique wedding business that strives to keep the product cool and creative, and the process fun and easy. We take huge pride in our knack for entertaining, a craft for creating good times and a vision to see good memories become great.


Traditional wedding videography has a bit of a negative stigma. We realised this when we launched The White Tree back in 2010. Since then we've worked hard to develop a wedding film product which is genuinely cool and cinematic…and emotive without being cheesy.

We've handcrafted many wedding videos that adopt our distinct modern style. But at the same time, we also love to finesse our storytelling and create a film narrative which is boldly unique for every couple.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Video

The Tail of Two Wedding Videographer Sydney

the tail of two — wedding videographer sydney


We are a light-hearted couple from Canberra who has a passion for cinematic wedding videography.  We love to laugh, have fun and get a bit silly sometimes. When we're not making wedding films, we're usually watching re-runs of The Office or playing with our fur babies.


All packages include:

  • 2 Videographers
  • 3-5 Minute Highlights Reel
  • Lightly Edited Full-Length Ceremony
  • Lightly Edited Full-Length Speeches

Package One • 6 Hours

Package Two • 8 Hours

Package Three • 10 Hours

Package Four • 12 Hours

Optional Extras:

  • Full-Length First Dance and Father-Daughter Dance (or equivalent)
  • 2 x Mini Edits for social media (15-30 seconds each)
  • Raw Edit of all footage from the day (60-120 minutes)

Greer Films Wedding Videographer Sydney

greer films wedding. videographer sydney



We are a creative studio focused on delivering unique, custom and professional marketing materials to clients over Australia. We range in the business, personal, entertainment & event video production. Offering our clients more than video, our creative studio also offers clients social media solutions, refreshed or new website builds, marketing solutions and custom design vehicle signage to expand their current advertising footprint. ​

Why did we create Greer Films?

Our goal is to empower other businesses, individuals or organisations to think outside the square. Creating unique and custom solutions is one part of this goal. The other includes working with clients to discuss dreams, goals and strategies to achieve.

​We have developed our way of achieving personal and business goals in one.

Now we want to share that with as many other like-minded people across Australia as we can. We are in constant communication with our clients across Australia with the help of Zoom & Live Chat. We are here to empower you and find the right solution for you.

We also film Weddings in Central West.

Video Production

Creating Cinematic, stylised video for promotional, events, performance or for your Vlog & social needs. ​

What is involved in Video Production?

There are three main processes of putting a video together:

pre-production, filming & editing. ​

Our pre-production involves a creative meeting, concept development & production schedule. This ensures you are involved every step of the way.

Contact us today to set your free video production meeting.


Having your beautiful wedding day filmed by Greer Films allows you to capture the special day and relive for months & years to come. Don't miss the opportunity to have your own keepsake.

​Getting to know our couples is a process we enjoy being part of. We want to understand what is unique about your relationship & wedding. This allows us to capture all the essential elements to put together your beautiful videos.

​Pat is on locations all day, not worried about how many hours he has filmed. We are dedicated to you & your video production.

You can explore packages & our FREE printable checklist.

Fable Wedding Films - Wedding Videographer Sydney 

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Who Are We? 

Jonty & Sherman first crossed paths in their first year of University. It didn't take long for them to realise that they both had the same drive and passion for creating cinematic films. And so the story began. 

The following years saw Jonty & Sherman honing their skills; from 16-hour shoot days to producing countless passion projects, they strove to be the best filmmakers they could possibly be. Eventually, Jonty & Sherman's journey led them here … to Fable Wedding Films.

Their undeniable passion for wedding filmmaking is only scratching the surface of what they offer. You will not find another wedding film like what Jonty & Sherman produce; you will truly get a wedding film like no other a Fable Wedding Film.

Don't wait until they're booked out, get in touch with them now!

Fable Wedding Films was founded out of the sheer passion of creating cinematic content and of telling stories, YOUR story. We pride ourselves in the joy, passion, and care that we put into each and every one of our wedding films, no matter how big or small.

Having worked on countless weddings, our family here at Fable Wedding Films are well versed in working hand in hand with all different sorts of couples with professionalism, ease, and friendliness. We will be by your side from start to finish, and we will capture your wedding day as a moment in time for you to share, relive, and cherish forever. We want your wedding day to be a story that will belong to you for the rest of your life. Your Fable Film awaits.

Marry Me Movies  Wedding Videographer Sydney

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Why Wedding Cinematography Is Important?

Wedding photography and wedding videography work hand in hand to provide captivating, complete memories of your day.

Wedding photography is vital. So too is wedding videography. Here's why.

Rather Than Just Reminiscing, Relive Your Day.

Wedding photography and wedding videography belong together. They're like two peas in a pod, two people doing the tango and two soulmates getting married. You can't successfully have one without the other.

Wedding photography captures spectacular still images of particular moments that can be placed on the wall or in an album and be reminisced over for life. A wedding video, on the other hand, captures an entire scene, allowing you not only to reminisce about snapshots in time but to relive the entire day.

A photograph of both of you exchanging your vows is beautiful, but in years to come, will you remember the beautiful words you said to each other? The tone of your voices? The gentle break of a sentence when emotion overcame you?

Wedding videos trigger your five senses, memories and emotions like no other medium can; coupled with wedding photography, they provide complete memories of your wedding day. Watch Amber and Rick's wedding to get a feeling.

Why Choose Marry Me Movies?

Peace Of Mind. You Will Love Your Wedding Video. We Are Experienced And Sought-after Wedding Cinematographers Who Make Premium, Personalised Cinematic Films.

Experience? Yes, we have a lot. Our cinematographers and editors have:

  • Worked on documentaries for National Geographic
  • Worked as news cameramen for channel 9 and 7
  • Shot music videos featuring Ed Sheeran
  • Had our work featured on Foxtel, Channel V, SBS, The Voice and Brides Magazine

The above high profile broadcasters and publishers only work with the best videographers in the industry.

You have complete peace of mind because we are sought-after, in-demand wedding videographers. The only downside is that we are sought-after, in-demand wedding videographers! We are a boutique business with a small, committed team who offer a personalised service, which means we must sometimes turn down the opportunity to work with eager couples as we are generally booked in advance.

When you work with Marry Me Movies, your identity and all your personal details are 100% safe, secure and protected. Unlike most video professionals these days, we do not outsource our video work to China or India. We have nothing against these overseas suppliers, and we just want you to know that when you work with us, you invest in high-quality, professional, Australian-made work.

Our focus is on quality and security. We have complete control over who sees and uses your images because we don't send them to any external supplier. Everything stays in the house.

We're Candid. You Don't Pose. We Won't Impose.

A wedding is a day-long love story that naturally unfurls and unfolds. It's a story involving two loving people and the people they love. As wedding cinematographers, we know our place. We are there to capture your priceless story, not orchestrate, interrupt or direct it. We blend in and are never intrusive.

With Marry Me Movies, you won't be asked to stop what you're doing to smile and pose always. We shoot intimately, yet we do this from a comfortable, discreet distance. You'll forget we're even there, allowing you to be natural and relaxed.

If you've watched some of our deluxe wedding films, you'll see they're refreshingly candid. Rest assured, we are premium wedding filmmakers, not wanna-be Hollywood directors. Your wedding is about you, not us. We won't steal your limelight or ruin guest moments; we are quietly in the background, ever-watchful of magical moments.

Enjoy A View Of Your Wedding That Has Never Been Possible Before With Aerial-Drone Cinematography.

Aerial drone footage is footage shot from a bird's eye point of view above your wedding. It's a view of your wedding you'd typically never see or experience. It's one thing to witness the fun at ground level, but it's another altogether to see it from above.

You're Not A Number To Us. We Are A Boutique Business. The People You Deal With Before Your Wedding Is People At Your Wedding.

We are a small group of committed, experienced professionals who provide customised wedding cinematography services for couples. The people you deal with before your wedding to discuss your needs are the same people who will be at your wedding filming your event.

We get to know you, which means you'll feel comfortable having us at your event. It also means that you're directly telling the head cinematographer what you want and don't like, meaning your requirements can't be misunderstood or miscommunicated.

Our service is entirely personalised. As far as we're concerned it's as though you're our only customer. Your needs are entirely paramount.

Invest In Passion. We Love What We Do. You'll Love What We Create.

Wedding cinematography is not something we fell into or chose to do to make a buck. We've lived and breathed images ever since we were children. We have chosen the wedding cinematography because we believe the union between two people is the most beautiful story of all, a story worth spectacularly capturing. What does this mean for you? We are passionate perfectionists. Your wedding film will be exquisite. You'll cherish and relive the memories forever.

You'll Love Having Us At Your Wedding. We're Honoured To Be There.

The last thing you want at your wedding is a bunch of grumpy, bossy wedding videographers who grimace their way through your event. We make your wedding fun and easy, not stressful and complicated!

We're a small team of easy-going, friendly professionals who love being around happy couples and their guests. We are humbled to be given the important job of filming your wedding, and we're honoured to be at such a momentous occasion.

We know that it can, at times, be a really stressful and nerve-wracking event. We are there to support you and make everything easier.

You Are Unique, So Is Your Wedding Film.

Our films tell your story the way you want it to be told, capturing personalities and emotions throughout the day, creating a timeless piece of history.

We don't offer cookie-cutter wedding films. Every single wedding film we take is unique; a distinctive story about two distinctive people, which has its own characteristic feel and flavour based on your personalities and stories.

If you want a generic, seen-it-all-before, 'point and shoot' wedding video, we're probably not the wedding cinematographers for you.

Quick Response To Your Calls And Emails, And Overall Excellent Customer Service – You're Our Top Priority.

We understand the importance of hearing back from suppliers like wedding videographers quickly. You need to know whether we're available or unavailable in order to make your arrangements. Drop us a line; we'll be in touch fast.

We also understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. You'll enjoy dealing with us from your first contact right through to the last. We're a relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth team of wedding cinematography professionals.

Stunning Timelapse

Timelapse photography is something you may have seen on documentaries and in big-budget movies. Marry Me Movies now makes stunning timelapse photography accessible for your wedding film.

Imagine the beauty of a changing scene on your wedding day. View this timelapse photography video to see how a series of photos captured over a period of time shows off a particular location in all its changing splendour.

We Are Members Of The Australian Cinematographers Society

We are proud members of the Australian Cinematographers Society, which means we are up to date on all the latest equipment and information within our industry, ensuring you always receive the most premium and innovative service possible.

You'll Feel Relaxed. It's A Seamless And Easy Process.

Due to our popularity, the 'hardest' part of the process (or so we're told by relieved couples), is getting confirmation about whether we're available to shoot your film.

If that's the hardest part of the process, then we must be doing something right!

Once we've established that we're available on your wedding date (fingers crossed we are!), we'll ask you to book in the date by paying a deposit. Once you pay the deposit, this secures the date, and we're locked in to film your wedding!

Shortly before your wedding, we'll have a relaxed consultation with you. During this consultation, we'll get to know each other a bit better, and we can talk about your wedding cinematography preferences. We want to ensure we're capturing absolutely everything you could wish for on film and much more!

When the big day arrives, we'll be there to capture every moment. After the wedding, we'll masterfully edit your film, providing the final copy within the agreed package time frame.

We Work Well With Your Photographer, Ensuring You Get The Perfect Results From Both Of Us.

Given that we've come from a photography background, we love working with photographers! Our industry is about relationships; building a relationship with you, as well as building relationships with every guest and supplier at the wedding.

We understand your photographer's needs, and we're able to work seamlessly with them. We know full well where the photographer needs to be at all times, and we collaborate with them to ensure we're both getting the best footage.

There's only one opportunity to capture a moment; if we don't respect each other, you won't get the best result.

We don't only work well alongside your wedding photographer; we often become friends with them! Many years ago there seemed to be a rivalry between some wedding photographers and some wedding videographers, which meant there was tension in the air (maybe it still even exists for some!). That's the last thing you want for your wedding day. When you work with Marry Me Movies, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are easy-going and professional at all times. If you prefer, we're also happy to chat with your wedding photographer before the big day.

Packages To Suit All Budgets

We believe every couple should have access to stunning wedding cinematography packages, which is why we have packages to suit most budgets. Contact us for an obligation-free quote, and to see whether we're available on your wedding day.

Feel Like You're At The Movies Every Time You Watch Your Wedding Film.

We shoot with state-of-the-art motion picture cameras that capture your day with the cinema-quality film. We don't just shoot wedding videos, and we create the highest quality wedding films in the industry.

Being Socially Responsible Is Important To Us. We Give Back.

As cinematographers, we have been fortunate enough to travel the world and marvel at some of the most breathtaking places imaginable.

Our job requires us to be constantly vigilant. We are always looking out for the smallest details that make our world so beautiful. In doing so, we have developed a growing appreciation for our natural world, and all that inhabits it. Having been exposed to our planet's marvellous, curious and downright amazing places and creatures, we strongly believe we must help preserve it.

We put our money where our mouth is. We donate a percentage of every wedding cinematography package to the World Wildlife Fund. We are strong supporters of the WWF because they work hard to help preserve our planet and its creatures, allowing a future where we all live in harmony with nature.

Would you like to choose us? If so, we'd be honoured to film your wedding. We're generally booked out in advance, however, no matter when your wedding date is, please get in touch to find out if we're available, we sometimes have cancellations or the odd free date.

Videoworx Wedding Videographer Sydney

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Videoworx began under the name of DNM Video Productions back in 2004. Our team is headed up by Dave Cowling, and it’s Dave that you will speak with directly about your video project. We don’t have a plethora of producers or high staff turnover, which means that you will receive personalised service from someone who takes the time to get to know your brand and has a vested interest in producing a great outcome for you every time.

Being relatable, reliable and trustworthy ensures that our clients keep coming back. Our strength lies in our ability to relate to people on all levels and help them to feel comfortable in front of the camera. For live events, we can be stealthy and discreet. When required, we can give clear direction to get the best results for your video production.

Our clientele has included large corporations, small businesses, government and councils, retail brands and more. We create content for online usage, cinema advertising, and training / presentation materials.

Videoworx, we believe video is a vital tool for all businesses to reach their target audience and increase their profitability, whether they be a small local business or a large corporation.

Steps to Content Contentment


Call us! We'll have a chat about what you want to achieve and throw around some ideas to make your video project happen on time and within budget.


We will put together a plan. This may be anything from a simple shoot and edit plan to a full production plan with shot-lists and story-boards, right through to delivery and marketing.


We work with you throughout the process to make sure that we deliver a great product that you're proud to show and we help you to achieve the outcomes you need.

Cass Brothers Productions Wedding Videographer Sydney 

cass brothers productions wedding videographer sydney 1024x541



Sydney based production company working alongside you to communicate your story.

Our Services


From beginning to end, we will be alongside you as we tell your story, share your philosophy and your message most creatively and engagingly possible.


Whether you're looking for a 30-second video or a 30-minute video, we are ready and willing to put in the time and energy to make your video stand out from the rest.


Using high-quality cameras, drones and audio equipment; We'll always be ready to get the shot we need without compromise.


Wild Acre Studio Wedding Videographer Sydney



Who We Are?

We create films and videos for brands, businesses, organisations and agencies.

With a background in advertising and documentary, our experience has provided us with a foundation in the principles of creating compelling narratives, which we now use daily to produce engaging content.

We have been fortunate to work with some of the world's largest organisations, from billion-dollar businesses to highly influential NGOs, producing videos that have garnered 1,000,000+ organic views online.

Why WildAcre Studio?

We believe good communication is fundamental to ensure the films and videos we create can exceed expectations. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to keep them engaged throughout the production process, from establishing the brief through to the final project delivery.

Whether we're producing a short documentary, a brand film, or a social media campaign, we are excited about creating movies and videos that capture the imagination and earn attention.

If you would like to know more, let's chat.

Golden Touch Productions - Wedding Videographer Sydney 

golden touch productions wedding videographer sydney 1024x546



Golden Touch Productions Turn Dreams Into a Reality!

Golden Touch Productions is one of the leading wedding photography and cinematography production companies in Sydney. We provide professional wedding photography throughout Sydney. Our professional photographers capture the perfect shots for your special day. With over 30 years of experience, every member of the Golden Touch Team boasts professional qualifications obtained from the most prestigious photography and film institutes across the country, on top of having many years of industry experience. We only use the very latest in digital camera equipment, so your wedding images and video footage are of the highest definition and quality. Our role on your wedding day is to capture every special moment perfectly.

Cinematic Video

We Record Every Beautiful Moment

At Golden Touch Productions, we create unique and magical moments portrayed in our wedding cinematography films. Our professional wedding photographers shoot unforgettable weddings in Sydney, as we take the time to get to know you and what you enjoy. We believe that each wedding has its own feel and uniqueness; therefore, we offer a variety of genres to reflect your personality. From the moment you contact us, we will promise exceptional communication along with an unforgettable service as we are not just wedding videographers, we are a business that understands your needs, which is a relaxed, stress-free memorable wedding day!

Honey Bear Films Wedding Videographer Sydney

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Get Creative with Sydney's Trusted Wedding Videographers

When you're choosing between wedding videographers in Sydney, it can be hard to know which company to go with. You're looking for a style that is both cinematic and candid, that showcases the significant points of a wedding whilst similarly capturing the intimate moments. All of this must be paired with professional cinematography, skilful editing, and exceptional customer service and commitment.

At HoneyBear Films, well offer all that and more. Our point of difference is our incredible team. Each of our members come from a diverse background of educations and skillsets, all of which have culminated in HoneyBear being a haven for creatives who all have one essential thing in common – we love weddings!

You can learn more about our coordinators, videographers and editors by reading their personal profiles.

Book With Sydney's Best Wedding Videographers

We are excited to get creative, bringing your personality and love to the big screen across Sydney and beyond. We are happy to provide you with quotes for the best package to suit the vision and budget of your wedding. Fill out an enquiry form or send us an email at info@honeybearfilms.com.au.

Our Wedding Video Packages for Sydney Couples

Weddings are no inexpensive venture, primarily when they're being held in major venues around Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond. Having been in the industry for so long, our videographers know that wedding video and photo prices can sometimes be exorbitant. So we've developed packages to suit each and every budget and need. And if there's something else you're after, get in touch with our experienced videography team, and we'll make it work.

Wedding Videography at the Most Affordable Prices

We take the guesswork out of wedding videography by clearly listing the prices of our packages. When you're planning a wedding, you don't have time to get bogged down in quotes. That's why we choose to be upfront with what's included in each option. Beginning with the TeddyBear Package at $999 up to our Documentary Package at $2999, Sydney lovebirds are sure to find the option that suits their budget and needs. We also have a variety of optional extras that our videographers can assist you with choosing, such as drone use, photographer deals, and other customised alternatives. Speak to our videography team about tailored packages.

In A Maze Wedding Videographer Sydney

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Our studio is located in Sydney, Australia, where we love to meet couples and get inspired. However, our vision for storytelling knows no bounds, and as a result, this takes us to places far and wide. After all, that one of a kind moment could happen anywhere really. Get in touch today to find out more or simply have a browse through our beautiful wedding videography and photography. 

Our studio is located in Sydney, Australia, where we love to meet couples and get inspired. However, our vision for storytelling knows no bounds, and as a result, this takes us to places far and wide. After all, that one of a kind moment could happen anywhere really. Get in touch today to find out more or simply have a browse through our beautiful wedding videography and photography.

Capture Your Precious Moments!

Wedding Videography Sydney

At In A Maze, we believe Sydney wedding videography and wedding photography should captivate and hence move you. We see things like a complete work where every frame has a purpose and message. It should take you to relive the moments and emotions as if you were there. It should make you discover new things and as a result, create memories over again. Our passion lies at the heart of storytelling to craft uniquely memorable and compelling narratives filled with life. Therefore, a story is at the very heart of everything we do.

Xtra Ordinary Wedding Videographer Sydney 

xtraordinary wedding video company sydney 1024x546



A wedding photography/video business providing unique services for every client in Sydney

Voted in the Top 10 Photography Studios by Fairfax Award. 

Our team knows what it takes to offer a superior service to every couple on one of the biggest days of their lives. We know how important this special day is, not only for the couple but for the two families that are coming together. That is why we provide quality photos and video to help you remember this special celebration for years to come.

We understand that every couple is different, with each celebration being unique in its own way. At Xtraordinary, we believe just as every couple is different, so too should be their photos. That is why our team takes the time to get to know our clients and the celebration they have planned, to create an album that truly showcases who they are and the bond they share at a fantastic price.

We believe the best wedding photography encapsulates the personality of every couple, their family and friends, to create images that leave a lasting impression. Whether you would like to book a photographer or require videos of your big day, let us show you the Xtraordinary difference.


Our creative and passionate team will capture your special day as it naturally unfolds.

Figtree Films Wedding Videographer Sydney 

fig tree films wedding videographer sydney 1024x544



Why Us?

Natural. Relaxed. Cinematic.

We try to capture as many natural and candid moments as possible, as it's those fleeting moments that are often the most special. If we spot some beautiful light or a fantastic backdrop, we will give you a small amount of direction to make the shot look as good as it can be, but mostly we like to work in the shadow of the photographer. We know that every couple will have particular preferences, and we adjust our style to match!

A team of experienced professionals.

Our team is made up of commercial and wedding cinematographers with years of experience shooting and editing hundreds of weddings, but also TV commercials and branded content for some of the world's largest companies including eBay, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, Sofitel, Fitbit and South Africa Tourism. This kind of experience will make your video unique.

We focus on storytelling.

Films are all about a story. It's what draws us in, and what leaves us with a lasting impression. We know that every couple has their own unique story of how they met, fell in love and came to celebrate their wedding day, so we want to do more than simply capture the day's events. Capturing your unique journey on the screen is our goal. Your story is one worth telling.

A team of experienced professionals.

Our team is made up of commercial and wedding cinematographers with years of experience shooting and editing hundreds of weddings, but also TV commercials and branded content for some of the world's largest companies including eBay, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, Sofitel, Fitbit and South Africa Tourism. This kind of experience will make your video unique.

We focus on storytelling.

Films are all about a story. It's what draws us in, and what leaves us with a lasting impression. We know that every couple has their own unique story of how they met, fell in love and came to celebrate their wedding day, so we want to do more than simply capture the day's events. Capturing your unique journey on the screen is our goal. Your story is one worth telling.

Films that will last a lifetime.

We deliver our films in both High Definition (HD) and 4K resolution, ensuring your film will look beautifully detailed for many years to come. 4K is quickly establishing itself as the new standard resolution for cinema productions.

David Edwards Films - Wedding Videographer Sydney

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A Boutique Production Experience

David Edwards Films have been producing Wedding and Events for over ten years. Providing a boutique style of service, you'll know who you are working with from the moment you book. Please take the time to browse through my collection and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Bayside 9 Wedding Videographer Sydney

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About us

Celebrating love and locking in the memory of your special day, that's what we're about at Bayside 9 Wedding Videography.

We have a wealth of experience, just short of 10 years in storytelling from theatre to screen. So rest assured you are getting some of the industry's best talent working on your wedding film. We create more than just a wedding video. We make a cinematic wedding film experience that speaks to your personality and tells your unique story so that you can relive your special day over and over again. If you want to know more about us and how much we love weddings, please continue to scroll down the website. FAQ


We want to know all about our couple's journey of falling madly, deeply in love. The story that brought you together will help us create a film that expresses your unique information. As part of our offerings, we have an upfront meeting, with no obligations attached.

Day of Coordination

To ensure that our clients get the best of our attention, we only accept a limited number of bookings per calendar year. This helps us maintain consistency in our production value, and ensures that our clients are 100% satisfied.

Full-Service Wedding Planning

We put our heart into the production of your wedding film. We cover everything you would like us to – from shooting the preparation of both bridal parties, to capturing the ceremony, and of course, the celebration at your reception.

Wedding Film Portfolio

Our Wedding Film Portfolio is of high industry standards. These wedding videos right here are our favourite. We pride ourselves on every film being unique to the personality of the couple, and the mood of their day. We shoot all religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies.

This is because we believe in love. And ultimately, it is love that connects us all.

Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne or Australia at large, we'll go above and beyond to put together a wedding package that suits your pocket, while we maintain a high standard of craftsmanship in our storytelling. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and offer products that last many anniversaries to come.

Our portfolio extends across most religious and non-religious cultural ceremonies. Visit our Instagram account to see where you'll be featured. Keep in mind that we also shoot weddings that have more than one traditional celebration.

We would love to shoot your momentous occasion and add to our wedding film portfolio, so please get in touch.


This is a general overview of how your production timeline is expected to go…

Get in touch

Please touch base through our contact form with as much info possible and any special requests you may have for your wedding video. We'd love to hear more about this milestone in your life so that we can create for you accordingly.

Let's meet

We'll shout you a drink and learn a little bit more about our soon to be married couple. We could Skype or FaceTime too. After this, you'll decide if you would like Bayside 9 to produce your cinematic wedding video by transferring a 30% deposit.

Order of events

It's two weeks to the big day, and you're excited and nervous, emotions are running high. We can help you destress - send us your run sheet of events for us to ensure all is in order. Kindly pay us another 50% instalment so that we can get our gear and crew ready to produce your fantastic wedding video.


Your big day has finally arrived... woohoo!!! This is where we tell you to enjoy every moment of this momentous occasion while we capture your memories to last a lifetime and more.

The Edit Suite

You're on your honeymoon now, everything feels like a dream. Life couldn't get any better, but it does! We're working away creating your amazing personalised wedding video, or as we'd like to call it, your "Cinematic Wedding Film".

Final delivery

8 - 12 weeks after your wedding day, your memories will be refreshed, as this is when we'll meet again to screen your film. You'll provide maybe one or two small changes, or maybe nothing at all. Kindly pay us the final 20%, and we'll give you a box of memories to share with your loved ones. To infinity and beyond!

Anchored Love Wedding Videographer Sydney 

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To keep your wedding planning as simple and beautiful as possible, we have flexible video, photography packages.

However, so we can deliver the most personal service to our couples, we only take a limited amount of weddings per year. This allows us to give your special day the attention it deserves.

Please email us for information on pricing and availability. If we are available for your wedding date, we will organise a time to meet you in person.

We hope you pick Anchored Love to capture the essence of your wedding day, those heartfelt and joy-filled moments for you to treasure and share for years to come…


An engaging motion picture of your wedding day story, captured with thoughtful cinematography and audio from key moments throughout the day. Candid and personal.


Candid images that are timeless, beautiful, natural and personal. We are subtle throughout the ceremony – stealth-like. We photograph as we see it, no awkward posing necessary.

We love telling stories, let us tell yours.

You like to remember those moments just as they were, full of joy. Beautiful, natural and personal.

We love to create engaging, romantic, timeless, emotive and thoughtful memories for you to look back on and remember for years to come.

We'd be honoured to capture your special day, tell your love story.

Shaking Man Films Wedding Videographer Sydney

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Let's make a great film together!

We Promise We Won't Make You Pose Or Act. It's Your Wedding Day, Not The Oscars!

We are a Sydney based film and video production company, to put it bluntly, we LOVE all things film. Our method is simple, capture it all precisely as it happens, no rehearsals, no posing,  just real natural love, the way it's meant to be.

Film Production

We make more than just pretty pictures, our award-winning team have been hand-selected to bring your story to life through film.

Why Us?

Because we're awesome! No seriously, We love what we do, our passion is film making and bringing love stories to life. We will be there for every tear, every hug and every laugh.


Every wedding is different which is why we created packages to suit your day.  

T-One Image - Wedding Videographer Sydney 

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T-One Image – Melbourne and Sydney Wedding Videography – offers fantastic wedding videos in Melbourne or Sydney. These wedding videos are a unique way of catching all of the excitement and beauty of your wedding day, keeping the memories alive for many years to come.

There is no better way of capturing the spirit of your wedding day than with one of our professional Melbourne & Sydney Wedding Videography. We endeavour to capture the intimacy between you and your partner, the essence of your relationship as well as the feelings of your special loved ones present on your wedding day.

Our wedding photographers work with you to achieve your vision and capture every special moment on your perfect day. Our nuanced art approach to wedding photography results in perfect images of exceptional quality and finish that is as beautiful, individual and unique as your relationship. Work with your personal style and taste to express your personality and the emotion and joy of couples in love.

T-One Image – Melbourne and Sydney Wedding Videography offers a wide range of options when shooting your Sydney & Melbourne wedding photography wedding video, and the process doesn't end when we have finished filming. Our trained specialists edit and produce all footage, ensuring clients are 100% happy with the finished product. It is this attention to detail that enables us to create elegant, timeless wedding videos in Sydney or Melbourne that you will treasure for the rest of your married life. Contact us today!

Rockworld Productions- Wedding Videographer Sydney



The expert team of Sydney videographers at Rockworld Productions will create a video production package to suit your needs and event. We will work in with your style, be it casual or formal, candid or posed.

We deliver professional and highly creative videography Sydney wide and the wider NSW area at an affordable videography rate.

Whether you're looking to create a wedding video, corporate video, real estate video, funeral video or video of any event, Rockworld Productions is a team of videographers you can trust to deliver seamless results.

Rock World Productions

Creative. Flexible. Affordable.

The expert team of Sydney videographers at Rockworld Productions will create a video production package to suit your needs and event. We will work in with your style, be it casual or formal, candid or posed.

Wedding Video | Corporate video | Real Estate Video | Funeral Video

We deliver professional and highly creative videography Sydney wide and the wider NSW area at an affordable videography rate. Some places we service include Sydney CBD, Blue Mountains, Bowral, Canberra, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Western Sydney, Wollongong.

Wedding Video Sydney

If you are looking for an affordable wedding video service in Sydney, or throughout NSW, then look no further than Rockworld. Your wedding represents a beautiful day, as well as an essential milestone in your life. We'll capture every special moment of this life-changing day and create a unique wedding video to cherish.

Rockworld Productions specialise in delivering flexible and beautifully crafted wedding video packages to Sydney couples that preserve the memories of their wedding day for many years to come. If you are looking for the best wedding video company to trust with your unique wedding, look no further than the Rockworld expert team of wedding videographers.

Best Wedding Video Company, Sydney

We complete every job we are hired to do with professionalism and dedication. Our videographers are highly trained and qualified and have all the expertise necessary to create the perfect wedding video for any couple in Sydney and throughout NSW. With all their experience, our videographers know precisely how to approach a wedding, using different angles and filming techniques to capture the most important and memorable moments of the day.

With 10 years of experience in our industry, we are equipped to work with any type of wedding and can do it in any style that you require, whether that is casual or formal, or anything in between.

Unique Wedding Film Solutions for Every Sydney Couple

We believe that every wedding is special and unique. This is why we don't believe in providing our customers with a one size fits all package. Instead, we offer customised wedding film packages that will suit the budget of any bride and groom no matter what their requirements.

Wedding photography has been an essential element of capturing moments of this special day for decades. By opting to create a wedding video, Sydney couples can relive these special moments and share the day with friends and family unable to attend. Choosing a videographer with specialised services for weddings will allow the bride and groom to select budget-friendly services suitable for the ceremony and reception.

Take a look at some samples of our work, and you'll be confident in selecting the best videographer for your wedding.

Dream Life Wedding Videography Sydney

dreamlife wedding videographer sydney



Dreamlife Photos & Video are internationally award-winning wedding photographers and videographers. They pride themselves on their impeccable service and attention to detail. They offer a range of products and services to capture your wedding day perfectly, and the team at Dreamlife aim to make your experience with them as flawless as the wedding photos they take.

At Dreamlife Photos & Video, we pride ourselves in our ability to come up with premium products at the most competitive prices. Using only consummate professionals and state of the art technology, we are creating works never before thought possible.

Dreamlife Photos & Video has operations all across Australia, New Zealand and the United States and is the proud recipient of numerous awards for excellence in photography, cinematography, customer service, amongst others.

To name just a few perks of going with Dreamlife:

  • All negatives are made available immediately after your wedding
  • Each package includes a selection of enlargements to showcase your pride and joy
  • We are proud users of Pioneer Albums; bringing you a new dimension of creative album designs
  • Price and package details are available on our website 

Videography coverage also provided and can be found in the Videography section of Easy Weddings.


We pride ourselves on impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring that your entire experience is just as flawless as your wedding photos.

Marcus Rusbourne Media Wedding Videographer Sydney

marcus rusbourne wedding videographer sydneymarcusrusbournemedia.com

Videographer & Digital Storyteller.

Unique, Candid & Timeless Films for Natural Storytellers. My philosophy is simple,

My films are about you and most importantly your moments, they are your story, and I would love to be the one to tell it for you.

First and foremost, I am a content creator who loves to shoot just about anything. I offer a variety of services, specialising in handcrafted wedding films, social media content, travel videography and aerial drone videography. Whether it be your wedding, special event coverage, business branding promotional clip, social media edit or anything in between, I have all the necessary tools and expertise to help tell your story visually.

I am a professional who loves what I do; I strive to create your story the way you want and deserve it to be told. I work with individuals, couples & businesses to create content that is engaging, dynamic, raw and real.

Wedding Films.

Unique, Candid & Timeless Wedding Films for Natural Storytellers.

Our style of filmmaking is very candid and unstaged, and it's our moment-based approach which enables us to create such timeless and beautiful films for our couples. With the inclusion of dialogue from throughout the day, we can add that extra element of audio storytelling which is of equal importance to video. We consider wedding films to be a priceless memory for you to look back on forever, to show your kids and grandkids, allowing them to not only watch - but listen to the most important day of your lives unfold. 

It's not so much about weddings in general, but about you and your story on any given day. Wedding days are just perfect for that. There is so much happening, so many natural & candid moments that tend to go unseen: so many raw emotions, friends and family. There couldn't be a better day to tell a beautiful love story through film. Your information, that reflects you, as you are.

The most important thing is that your day is enjoyed. You're not actors, and you shouldn't feel any pressure.

My only goal is to convert your wedding day into a timeless film, that tells a story for generations to come. That's really what it's all about for me.

So if we're on the same page, let me know.

SMC Studios Wedding Videographers Sydney 

smc studios wedding videographer sydney




Welcome to the digital home of SMC Studios. Industry leaders for wedding photography & videography packages in Australia. 

You have landed at the right spot if you are after a fully inclusive package that contains style, creativity, flair and most importantly is at the right price! Browse our extensive photo and video galleries to see our style & quality. Be amazed by the list of inclusions in our packages. We have a team of talented local photographers and videographers in your area who are ready and waiting to capture your day!

Our mission is to be able to bring our valued clients a level of service & quality of the product that is unparalleled in the industry. Our brand's ethos is also about supporting local artists (the photographers & videographers) in a sustainable & holistic way with regular work and ongoing training and development. The buying power of our brand means that at the end of the day the client wins – because we can bring you a quality, finish and the long list of inclusions that are not available elsewhere.

Video Packages Include

Highlights Reel

Every video comes with a handcrafted highlights reel that emotively tells the story of your day.

Feature Film

All videos include a full-length version. Relive your ceremony, speeches, bridal waltz and final farewells

Pro Gear

DSLR's, wireless audio and onboard lighting are some of the standard tools in our kit

Fast Turnaround

Whilst you are sun-baking in the tropics on your honeymoon, we are already making the magic happen!