How Do People Take Pictures of Their Clothes on Instagram?

Do you find yourself unable to relax in front of the camera? Well, you're not alone. Have you ever perused the Instagram feed of a fashion blogger and wondered how she manages to make her pictures look as though they were taken directly from a fashion magazine? Yes? If that's the case, you've come to the right place!

Taking a good picture has evolved into one of the most difficult challenges for many of us. You were mistaken if you thought that a single tap on the "Valencia" filter would do the trick because there is a great deal more than just filters in the photographs of the freshly wrapped flowers.

When you are trying to curate a high-quality feed, you should vary the travel, lifestyle, or beauty content that you normally post and allow the details to take centre stage.

The key is to accept the lighting as it is, even if it is not the lighting of the golden hour, and to push yourself to think in ways that are unconventional. The various social media platforms provide a venue for showcasing one's creativity, gaining inspiration, and presenting life in all of its splendour.

So, what exactly are we holding out for?

Let's take a look at the world that inspires envy from the backstage perspective: here is everything you need to know to take outfit photos that are perfect for Instagram.

How To Take Outfit Photos For Instagram

How Do People Take Pictures of Their Clothes on Instagram?

Simply put, even if you weren't selected as your high school's "Most Artistic" student, you should still give yourself the room and space to create.

Put on the look that you consider to be the most electrifying or chic one in your closet, and get your camera ready.

Put these pointers and techniques to the test by looking for a cool wall in the middle of your city or a bush that is full of blooming buds and flowers. Here is a step-by-step guide to photographing your outfits for Instagram.

Decide What Part Of The Outfit You Want To Focus On

When you are taking a photo of your outfit for Instagram — or really any other social media outlet — you need to decide what part of the outfit you want to focus on in order to get the most likes and comments. First things first.

Have you recently purchased a new belt with a chunky buckle that you are eager to flaunt? Are you head over heels for your jeans and French tuck, which if done by Tan France from Queer Eye, would make him extremely pleased?

People, these are the most important questions you need to answer before you press any button on your digital camera. Your photo's composition will be determined by the look, and it will take up the majority of the frame.

It is rumoured that you make your leather boots look legendary by accessorising them with a bit of gold jewellery or by styling them in a particular way. But unless you make the conscious decision that they should be, those specifics won't become the focal point of the discussion.

Determine which elements of your look and pieces you want to tag are the most eye-catching, and think about how they will look together in your feed as you do so. Next, give some thought to the setting.

Consider The Background Of Your Image

Think about the colours in the background as well as the colours in your outfit before you take the picture. Always keep in mind these three aspects: the lighting, the composition, and the angle.

Even though your outfit can and should take up the majority of the frame in your photo, the location where you took the picture is still very important. It is helpful to provide a glimpse into your lifestyle, personality, travels, or creative eye for the people who follow you on social media.

It prevents things from getting boring on your profile and instead captures a moment in its entirety rather than just a single pose. It encourages your followers to look further and spend more time with the picture rather than double-tapping and moving on to the next one in the feed.

Therefore, as you are getting ready to take a picture of your look, you should ask yourself, "Are you telling a story with this picture?" In that case, make sure everyone is aware of it.

Showcase the bustling streets of your new city or the coffee shop you've been frequenting on a regular basis, and make use of details like the striped crosswalks. It'll be the deciding factor in everything.

Work The Angles You Never Think Of

When you are about to take a picture with your camera or phone, challenge yourself to think in a different way. Imagining something fresh and thrilling and then bringing it to fruition in the real world is at the heart of what it means to be creative.

You need to have the same frame of mind when it comes to taking pictures of your outfits for Instagram, and you need to work angles that you would never think of.

Take a picture from above looking down at your lap so your followers can see the buttons on your dress and the beautiful colours it comes in.

Request that your best friend who takes all of your pictures also take some from this vantage point. Imagine that you are stepping on the camera in order to draw attention to your footwear.

In addition, you should think about doing poses that you've seen on the Instagram accounts of your favourite influencers, such as zooming in on the intricate stitching on your sweater or the dainty rings that you have on your hand. It's possible that the findings will surprise you.

Make The Most Of Props Or Accessories

Any photoshoot can be taken to the next and dreamiest level with the addition of a few well-chosen props and accessories.

Think about all the photos you've recently "liked" on social media. Chances are, at least one of them featured a bright piece of fruit, a vintage camera, or a whimsical pair of sunglasses.

They made you say, "Wow! That is such an original and interesting idea, "and have an overwhelming desire to immediately text your closest friends and organise a photo shoot.

It makes no difference whether you embrace bouquets of flowers or printed scrunchies in order to achieve the desired effect on your followers. Before tapping the share button, just a little bit of practise and some additional thought is required.

You should begin by considering your outfit, the story you want your picture to tell, and the setting in which you intend to take the picture, and then see what kinds of things make sense to include in the picture. After that, incorporate them into your artistic composition so that it has motion, humour, or interest.

Edit Your Picture To Highlight Your Outfit At Its Best

One of the most enjoyable aspects of taking pictures for Instagram is editing them.

It makes the moment stand out and emphasises the best qualities of whatever you're doing, whether it's travelling to places on your "bucket list" or taking detail shots for your feed on social media.

It can either bring out the warm colours in your fall look or tone down the blue in the sky, allowing the viewer's attention to be drawn to your props and pose.

If you decide to play around with the light curves, you might find that your photo takes on a slightly more vintage appearance as a result.

Take the time to work in the most recent and cutting-edge photo editing apps or download the best-preset packs for the current season before declaring that your picture is complete. You will unearth an entirely new facet of social media that is deeply rooted in creative expression, I solemnly swear to it.

Best Time To Shoot

Even if you have the most amazing oversize jacket or the yummiest breakfast smoothie, if the lighting in the photo is off, the overall impact of the photo will be significantly reduced.

No matter how much you enjoy experimenting with shadows, backlight, or the sun itself, there is one kind of light that reigns supreme over all the others: the Golden Light.

The first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset are the best times to take pictures because the light is flattering, warm, and will add more depth to the scene you are photographing.

Therefore, you should try to get out of bed a little bit earlier so that you can give your followers even more of a reason to double-tap the photos you post.

Camera Basics

We advise keeping your phone as flat as you can while holding it, regardless of whether you are in portrait or landscape mode.

You should try to match the height of the subject, for example by getting down on the ground to take a picture of your newest and favourite pair of shoes.

Turning on the gridlines on your camera is another quick way to improve your photography skills. Once you do this, the viewfinder of your camera will be divided into nine even squares, according to the so-called "Rule of Thirds."

Does it sound overly complicated? Don't worry; it's a lot simpler than you probably imagine it to be.

According to one school of thought in photography, you will produce photographs that are better balanced and more interesting if you arrange the essential components of an image so that they lie along lines or at intersections. Why don't you just give it a shot?

However, if you believe that your coffee does not yet have a cool enough appearance, move in closer to it! A grainy picture of something that is 500 metres or more away from the camera is the single most obvious giveaway that your mother took the photo. Therefore, refrain from magnifying the image on your phone by zooming in; doing so will only result in a lower image quality.

Tips For Nailing Your Outfit And Working With A Photographer 

How Do People Take Pictures of Their Clothes on Instagram?

It's Okay To Be Nervous! 

Do not feel that you need to pretend to be Kate Moss; if this is your first shoot, make sure to let the photographer know that!

It is perfectly normal to feel like an absolute moron when you first start shooting, but the more you learn to relax into the experience, the better the shots will look.

It does not make you a loser to want great photos of yourself, whether you need them for your skyrocketing Instagram career or simply because it would be nice to have a profile picture in which you are not wearing toothpaste down your top for a change.

Ignore Everyone Around You

The truth is that most people do not care. If they give you a sideways glance, it's probably just because you look so good! It's become extremely common, particularly in places with a lot of foot traffic.

Even if you're shooting somewhere a little more remote, it's important to keep in mind that you're probably never going to see those people again, even though nobody really bats an eyelid about it.

Choose Locations With A Narrative.

Be sure that the distracting background does not cause the focus of the picture to be diverted away from the main subject.

If you're not going to take a picture of your feet on a stunning floor for your selfie, it's probably best to have a plain and uncomplicated background that puts the focus on your subject. The tables made of marble and wood are always popular choices.

Build A Relationship With Your Photographer

Working with a person who you don't have a connection with can be challenging from the point of view of a blogger, a model, or a photographer.

Get to know one another because you will be spending a lot of time together in one-on-one settings, particularly if you intend to work together on a regular basis. When you can talk to each other during the shoot and genuinely have a good time, not only does it make the experience more enjoyable but it also shows on your face.

Want Those Breezy Walking Photos? Do The Rocking Horse!

Place one foot in front of the other and rock back and forth in this position. Your feet should be a natural width apart. It gives the impression that you are walking, and the pictures turn out even better than if you were actually moving.

Mind The Style

Give the scene a central theme, and work to maintain colour harmony throughout. Choose a bag and accessorise it with a few other items that match or add a bouquet of flowers for a splash of colour to make everyone wonder where you got it.

Also, don't forget to keep an eye on the proportions! A creative approach is always appreciated, so try balancing out larger items with smaller ones or filling your frame with a pattern that repeats itself.

Explain To Your Photographer Exactly What You're Using The Images For

For instance, if they're for Instagram, your photographer knows to make sure he or she shoots wide enough so that you don't have to choose between your feet and your forehead (the worst! ), or they can even shoot in a square if that's what you prefer. If they're for Facebook, however, your photographer knows to make sure he or she shoots narrow enough so that you don't have to choose between your feet and your forehead.

Plan Your Outfits Ahead

Some people show up with a huge suitcase stuffed with clothes and then stand in the middle of the street trying to figure out what they should wear while they are there. To tell the truth, doing so is a frittering away of valuable time.

Create a mental plan for each ensemble, and the night before the event, put each one on from head to toe to see which one you like best. Place them in a bag (typically a bag for life) in the rough order that corresponds to the order in which you intend to wear them.

Bad hair day? Just take a picture from above and call it good.

While some people just see two legs and a watch, we see a sassy way to show off your personal sense of style. Very straightforward: extend your arm, bring the phone in towards your body, and press the button.

Know Why You're Wearing That Outfit In That Location

"Because it's pretty" is an acceptable justification if that's what gets you excited, but I find it much more satisfying to have a central idea or storyline running through my head.

It is important to coordinate your outfits with the setting in order to achieve the desired mood for the photograph, such as "Spring" or "Hey, I want to look like I just effortlessly threw this together then went for a coffee because I'm that cool when it took me an hour and I asked the guy for "whichever drink comes with a French bulldog on it", and I'm still not convinced I don't look like I've left my nightie on"...

Dress to impress and then take your photos in a dirty location, such as a yard that has been abandoned or a location with a lot of street art. This will create an interesting contrast between your outfit and the setting.

Keep Moving

The days are long gone when one had to stand perfectly still with a pained smile plastered on their face while waiting patiently for someone to stop fumbling with the shutter.

Maintain constant motion throughout the entirety of the shoot!

You are free to continue if you are not employing the rocking horse trick. Move around a bit, swing your arms, and dance around the room. Even if you think you look like an idiot, the photographs will come out looking much more natural and authentic.

Workout Where You're Going To Change

Everyone has their own particular tastes and preferences. Because there are some people who will only change in public restrooms, you need to be aware of the location of the McDonald's, pubs, and Starbucks that are closest to the locations where you will be shooting (see, told you blogging was glam).

Others are not embarrassed to take off their clothes in public, and if you want to avoid indecent exposure while doing so, you should wear cycle shorts and a bra-let or a vest.

If You're A Bit Camera Shy, Wear Sunglasses.

Who gives a damn if you're making a Chandler Bing face with your eyes? There is no one who can see it! They are also great to use as an alternative pair of hands for the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Get Yourself Some Props To Avoid Awkward Hands.

It's possible that you'll never figure out what to do with your hands in front of the camera. If you don't have anything to help you, you might end up looking like an awkward T-Rex while you're attempting to hang out the laundry.

You can put a purse, a coffee cup, or even food on your person. You could also make use of your clothing by putting your hands in your pockets or holding onto the lapels of your jacket.

 Pay On Time

Remember that your photographer is not doing you a favour; they are working. This should be a bloody obvious one, but remember that your photographer is working.

Either pay for the shoot in advance or bring cash with you to the shoot; think of it like going to the salon.

Credit Your Photographer And Remember Who Owns The Images

Hint: it's not you. You are paying for the time and skill of your photographer, not for the rights to the content they create.

That also means that if you happen to use a photographer to shoot a social media ad, the image is not yours to sell to the brand in the future without the brand's prior express permission.

Don't Ask For The Originals. 

Because you are impressed with the photographer's previous work, you have decided to hire them. By doing so, you are committing to buying into his or her style, both in terms of shooting and editing.

It is reasonable to anticipate that any edits will continue to be clean and relatively impartial.

Consider it this way: you wouldn't book a photographer who works exclusively in black and white and then ask them for the colour originals. The majority of photographers won't mind if you add your own preset or style for the cohesion of your feed, but think about it this way.


And most importantly, make sure you enjoy yourself. You are going to spend money on this activity, so you should expect it to be satisfying in every way possible. Your disposition is conveyed in the photographs, so make an effort to unwind, seek out some happiness, and have a sincere good time. It is not necessary for you to take yourself so seriously!

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