What type of photography is in demand?

Photography is an art form that will forever be in high demand. Many different creative practices capture beautiful, dramatic, and thought-provoking images using light from natural and artificial sources. Each particular popular type of photography can incorporate various shooting styles to produce photographs that are worthy of display in photo books and albums.

Whether you’re a budding amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, or you love and appreciate others’ photographic skills and talents, there are multiple types of photography that you can access, explore, and enjoy. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

Being a professional freelance photographer is the dream for many people. You can turn your hobby into a profession without being tied to an office or a specific industry. Suppose you’ve been thinking about ways to supplement your income with photography or even start up your own freelance photography business. In that case, you need to see what photography services are most in-demand. 

Family and portrait photography

This could be one of the most common forms of freelance photography. Before you start, think of a niche to help you stand out from the crowd; are you a lighting whiz that specialises in more posed, professional-looking photos, or do you have the people skills to make people laugh and feel at ease for more candid images? Capitalise on your skills, and you’ll find yourself getting busy very quickly!

Portrait photography is another high demand type of photography, as it’s often chosen to commemorate special events like birthdays, anniversaries and births. Portraiture photography is suitable for creating gorgeous photos of blushing brides, happy engaged or married couples, large and small families (with or without pets) and cooing babies. Amongst the selection of photographs that most families have on public display are portraits of the clan.

Family portraits are often selected as a gift for parents and grandparents. For this reason, professional photographers that work in this field are in great demand. If you’re getting on in years, family portraiture offers a lovely way to celebrate the generations of your family. Arranging the gorgeous group photos of the entire family in a bespoke photo book creates a timeless memorial and a treasured keepsake that can be passed down through future generations.

In the world of business, formal portrait photography is used for corporate headshots and team photographs.

As this type of photography is very area-based, you will rely heavily on word of mouth to build clients, so make sure that your clients leave your photoshoot having had a positive experience. 

Event photography

You might just be thinking of wedding photography, but freelance photographers are often hired to cover a plethora of different events, including birthdays, christenings, corporate meals and charity events. 

Event photography is a dynamic and fast-paced way to make a buck with your camera in the same vein. Whether your beat is corporate events or wild and crazy rock concerts, event photographers work in various settings. Event photography styles often involve a mixture of photojournalistic documentary work and portraiture. Some organisations use their event photos for publicity purposes, while others use party photos as souvenirs or keepsakes.

The hardest thing with event photography is working out a price for your work; a beginner wedding photographer could charge around $2000, for example, whereas an experienced one is likely to charge a minimum of $9000. Remember, events are often poorly managed, overrun, and you might have to deal with the occasional stressed-out event organiser, so make sure it is worth your time. Looking for wedding photography Melbourne? Look no further! Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

Wedding Photography

What type of photography is in demand?

Top of the list of photography types that are always in high demand has to be the ever-popular wedding photography. Every couple that is planning a wedding will undoubtedly budget for a photographer’s services to have a collection of beautiful images that capture the special critical moments of their big romantic day. Wedding photography is often viewed as an umbrella term for various wedding photography styles, including traditional, portrait, photojournalism/reportage, illustrative, natural and exemplary art. Wedding photographers who are constantly in high demand have carved their niche and usually specialise in one or two wedding photography styles.

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The first type of photography job involves weddings and events. Many people go their entire lives and only pay for professional photography once, but nearly everyone hires a photographer for their wedding.

As a job, being a wedding photographer involves an exciting mix of portraiture and event photography in a wide variety of settings and groups. Wedding photography is pretty intense, with an element of getting the best shot you can on the first try and not getting a second chance in some situations. Wedding photographers have to be quick on their feet, moving around during the reception and ceremony, and there are substantial sales and customer service components to their jobs. They also have to be adaptable, ready to shoot outdoors on a sunny day and indoors for dimly lit receptions and dances. Couples will expect direction from the photographer for posing shots and settings, so the photographer must be confident and communicate well with the bride and groom.

The great wedding photographers are the ones who love their jobs. Many beginning photographers start shooting weddings because, as they say, “that’s where the money is.” But this mindset will ultimately lead to a disappointing business model if the photographer’s heart isn’t in their work.


Corporate headshots can be a very lucrative job once you’ve broken into the market and have a couple of high-quality examples in your portfolio. And it can be fun; many companies are moving away from the stiff, suited-up pained smile and are going for more dynamic images. You’ll need to be adaptable, easy-going, and a good people person to make sure your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once they’ve had one good experience with you, businesses are more likely to hire you for more gigs such as events, meetings and team photos!

Taking professional acting headshots is another niche that can make you some money; you can charge upwards of $700 for a session. This is a good option if you are skilled at lighting and like the artistic side of portraiture, but make sure you have some decent experience and are confident in this style; they’re likely to have high standards!

Portraiture is one of the most common types of photographers we think of when considering career options. The kinds of photography that can be included in portraits is astounding. Retail customers seek out portrait photographers for every phase of life: maternity and newborns, school photos, senior photos, and general family photos.

Corporate portraits are also commonly needed as employees update their headshots for websites and publicity materials. Furthermore, aspiring and professional models constantly need updated portfolios with a catalogue of current shots to market themselves for agencies and jobs.

Portrait photography is a great place to start as a photographer. Building a significant portfolio of quality shots can lead to more business. It can often lead to more work for families and weddings as word of mouth marketing does its magic. It can also lead to fashion and product photography gigs.

School photography

If you like to be busy, why not approach the schools in your area and offer to do photography for them? Most schools aim to have pictures taken of individual students and year groups, sports teams, and the whole school once a year. This could end up being thousands of images per school and another good way of getting income from your photography. This will require a lot of planning, and it’s a good idea to hire an assistant if you’re going to be taking photos of a large school. We have the best wedding photographer in Yarra Valley to capture your beautiful moments on your wedding day.

Product photography 

If someone has a fantastic product, they’re going to need a beautiful photo of it to make sure it sells. Product photography is a massive part of digital marketing and could be a great way to make money. Do you know anybody that is just starting with a new product? Offer to take their photos for a small charge and use their images in your portfolio; once you’ve got examples of your work, people are much more likely to hire you for their products. 

More specific than working in advertising, product photography is a great specialisation. Think about all of the products you have recently shopped for: everything needs to be photographed. The photos are used for online and print catalogues, as well as for labels and packaging. Most product photography is studio-based, with careful control of backgrounds, shadows, and lighting. Studio rentals can be pretty expensive so consider building a home photography studio on a budget.

Product photography covers a lot of ground. Food photography is a specialised niche, and restaurants need to advertise their meals and create their menus. Jewellery is another favourite type of product photography since this requires the perfect balance of light and preparation. While some product shoots might involve models, you will often be working solo in a studio doing still life photographs of small objects.

Social media photography

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, and it relies almost entirely on beautiful images. Around 71% of businesses use Instagram to promote their company, which means you can capitalise on this by offering to take photos for them. You can contact local businesses and offer “social media packages” to edit the images and crop them to the perfect size for Instagram or Facebook. They can then use these photos for advertising on social media sites, which is an integral part of any business. 

Advertising or Lifestyle Photography 

Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by photography. Photography is on billboards, street signs, magazine ads, even in our pockets on our smartphones. Captivating photography makes the advertising world tick, and photography has never been more in demand than it is right now.

Advertising photography can include various subjects, like street photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography, or product photography. Advertising photographers can work as freelancers, selling images on a project-by-project basis, or they might work directly for major ad agencies. Either way, this is a dynamic field where you may be shooting for a print ads campaign one day and shooting internet ads the next, always with a new subject.

Real Estate photography

If you like nosing around other people’s houses and you’ve got a wide-angle lens, then real estate photography is a great option. Try approaching your local estate agent and compare their amateur photography with some examples of your well lit, perfectly composed interior photos. When looking for a house to buy or rent, the images are hands down the essential part for house hunters and will be the deciding factor as to whether they get in contact with the estate agent or not. 

There are many ways that you can turn your photography hobby into a profitable business; you need to decide which route to take. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to make a website to show off your skills! Our website builder gives you beautiful ready-made web designs with one-click image galleries so that you can highlight your best work at the touch of a button – read our blog on how to create the best photography website for some more ideas.

Black & White Photography

All types of photography originate from monochrome photography. There’s something unique and magical about black and white photos that transcend time. A classic black and white wedding photograph effortlessly invokes the big day’s emotion and captures the mood in a way that colour photos never quite achieve.

Regardless of trends, black and white photography will always be in high demand, especially if you want to fill up luxury photo books with stunning images that never look out of date. As a photography style, this monochrome art form is most often chosen for weddings and family portraits. At Wild Romantic, we have the best wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula to capture every single moment on your wedding day.

Landscape Photography

If you’ve ever taken a photo of a sensational sunset dipping over the horizon or of scenery that almost takes your breath away, you are practising landscape photography. This popular type of photography usually features heavily in photo books and albums reserved for holiday snaps.

Landscape photography is challenging to master and is, therefore, in high demand due to its exclusivity. Professional landscape photographers can earn big money by supplying stock image sites and selling their fabulous work to the public as prints ready to hang on the living room wall.

Wildlife Photography

Photography that celebrates the beauty of nature is considered to be somewhat of a niche art. Stunning images of animals and creatures in their natural habitat are often produced for stock image sites that provide pictures for worldwide publication usage. Suppose you’re a keen amateur photographer with a love of nature and travel. In that case, you may want to explore the wildlife photography opportunities on a safari expedition or a whale-watching encounter.


Photojournalism, or reportage as it’s also known, is a type of photography that most people view every day. The photographer specialising in photography can earn a decent salary by supplying photos of conflicts, newsworthy events, and paparazzi shots. High-quality documentary photography that tells a story will always be in high demand as long as the public remains hungry for the images. Professional photographers usually sell their work to news agencies that can distribute ideas worldwide.

Whether it be in war zones, political rallies, natural disasters, or community celebrations, photojournalists cover breaking news. Newspapers, magazines, and online publications are all in need of still photographs to help tell their stories. Photojournalism is one of the documentary types of photography, and the goal of a photojournalist is to document the events as they unfold. While there may be some portraiture, most work is done candidly and as unobtrusively as possible. The photos tell a story of events that are happening all over the world.

Fashion Photography

Without the poses captured by fashion photographers, there would be nothing to fill the glossy magazines’ pages. This high demand photography encapsulates fashion, fine art, portraiture and black and white photography styles. It is used for a vast range of products, including publications, stock images, packaging and advertising. Fashion photography is one of the more glamorous and more challenging to enter photography jobs. From cover shots of the top fashion magazines to documenting the latest styles and trends on the runway, fashion photographers work in the design districts of New York, Paris, and Milan. Runway shots require an element of documentary photography, while posed shoots on location demand one-on-one work with the model.

Catalogue and magazine shoots might also occur on location, from tropical beaches to the subway. In this style of glamour photography, the look of the photographs is everything. Lighting must be perfect. This is a job that is also focused on the model, so most of the photographers time is spent posing and directing models and scenes to get the look desired from the publication.

Fashion shoots are all about teamwork, and a group of people does them. The photographer is just one cog in the wheel. Stylists, wardrobe specialists, makeup artists, art directors, and others make up a team that keeps the shoot on track and make the magic happen.

Macro Photography

What type of photography is in demand?

One photography type that is growing in popularity is macro photography. This specialist type of photography uses special equipment to capture minute detail and critical features of the micro subject in stunning pin-sharp shots. Tiny living creatures suddenly appear more significant than their actual life-size. This closes up the photography style is particularly in high demand in wildlife and nature photography settings and niches.

Macro photography is responsible for creating dramatic and eye-catching imagery that is perfect for displaying in a wall-mounted frame. If you’ve ever admired the extreme up close and personal detail of a beautiful flower, or an insect at work in its natural environment, chances are you are looking at a macro photograph.

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It’s almost impossible to compile a list of all of the different types of photography you can earn money from. For your photography career, it can be challenging to choose which path to take. Many photographers try out many ways in their job until they find the one that suits them best. The most successful photographers work in a niche, something that they specialise in that few others do. The possibilities are endless, and finding your place is half the fun. So, which kinds of photography would you like to master?