How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

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    In the most recent few years, engaged couples are delaying the booking of their wedding photographer until much later in the process. Some people don't start planning their wedding until just a few months before the big day.

    We aren't entirely sure what could be causing this. However, in order to prevent couples from being dissatisfied with their wedding photographs because they were not taken by the photographer of their choice, we felt it necessary to clarify a few aspects of wedding photography. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Now, some words of wisdom for engaged couples who are organising their weddings. Determine what aspects of your wedding are most important to you, and book those first.

    Discussing what aspects of your day are most significant to you and your partner so that you can direct a greater portion of your financial resources towards those aspects makes the most sense, assuming that you do not have a spending limit that is unrestricted. These days, particularly since the rise of social media platforms, a significant amount of importance is placed on the visible aspects.

    It goes without saying that we adore photographing beautiful weddings filled with details that are fit for Pinterest, but you can't overlook the fact that weddings lead to marriages. Who can say for sure whether or not photos stored on a USB will still be viewable in the future? We like to imagine that in twenty years, our couples will be looking through their wedding album with their families at a time when printed photographs from this era will be a rare and valuable gift.

    If having high-quality photographs taken at your wedding is a high priority for you, and if you have a specific photographic style in mind, it makes perfect sense to book your photographer as far in advance as possible.

    After you've gotten engaged, well-meaning friends, family, and acquaintances are going to be sure to give you plenty of advice on when you should be booking your vendors and other pieces of information about the wedding planning process. When you get advice that contradicts itself, it can sometimes make it hard to keep your bearings. How far in advance of your wedding date should you make arrangements to have your photographs taken by a professional photographer?

    The typical length of an engagement is about 14 months, and the typical engaged couple books their Photographer nine months prior to the date of their wedding, despite the fact that this duration can shift depending on the region and the local traditions. Naturally, the length of a meeting can be significantly shortened or lengthened depending on the circumstances.

    If your wedding is going to take place in less than a year, it is highly recommended that you begin your search for a photographer as soon as possible. If you have less than nine months until your wedding, this should be your top priority when it comes to planning your wedding.

    Why is it necessary for you to book your photographer so far in advance? Photographers, in contrast to some other vendors in the wedding industry, such as florists, tux rental businesses, caterers, and so on, can typically only book one wedding per day. When a popular date is reserved by the Photographer, it means that the date is taken and cannot be offered to any other couples. And as you can probably imagine, the photographers who have more experience and a better reputation get booked earlier than others, so if you have a preference for a photographer, you shouldn't wait to make your reservation if you want to secure their services.

    There are only a handful of vendors who are known for getting booked months or even years in advance, and the photographer is at the top of that list. However, refrain from clicking away to reserve one just yet. In this article, we will walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to book a professional photographer for your wedding, as well as explain what you need to know before making a reservation.

    When to Book a Wedding Photographer

    How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

    A professional wedding photographer should be one of the first vendors you choose, but wedding planning is not the time to be hasty. Your photographs will be your most treasured wedding keepsake. Not sure where to start when it comes to looking for your wedding photographer of choice?

    Even if you've saved a dozen of your favourite pro photographers, don't sign on the dotted line until you:

    Have a General Timeline and Location for Your Wedding

    To begin with the most important: Have a conversation with your future spouse about the schedule of your engagement. Do you want to get married right away and walk down the aisle, or would you rather have a more drawn-out ceremony that doesn't feel rushed? Think about the time of year, the month, and the location where you see it happening.

    After that, have a conversation with your parents or whoever else at your wedding will be considered a VIP guest. These are the people who are absolutely necessary for you to be able to say "I Do," and you have high hopes for their survival. Before deciding on a date for the wedding, you should enquire about whether or not they have any major scheduling conflicts.

    Know Your Budget

    Oh, yes, we're finally going to talk about the dreaded wedding budget. Although it may not be enjoyable, it is absolutely necessary. Even if it is for the sake of your ideal day, if you do not have the financial means to do so, you will not be able to choose a premier location for your event. Before you make any major decisions, you should find out who is paying and how much they are contributing.

    Have Booked Essential Vendors

    You can begin looking for wedding vendors once you have the finances under control and a general idea of when and where your big day will take place. If you haven't had your heart set on hiring a professional photographer from the moment you landed a beau, there are a couple of vendors who you should get in touch with before making any other decisions.


    It is highly unlikely that this will come as a shock to you, but choosing the location of your wedding should be the very first item on your to-do list for the big day. Since the platform you're using has full and complete control over the date of your wedding, you won't be able to make any other important choices until the date is finalised. It would be a huge disappointment if the venue required you to work with vendors who were on their prefered wedding vendor list, especially if you had already contracted the services of your chosen professionals.

    You can, of course, initiate contact with prospective photographers before deciding on a location for your wedding in order to determine whether or not they are available during the months or year in which you plan to get married. However, you should hold off on making an official reservation for them until you've discovered a platform that works with their schedule.

    Wedding Planner: 

    It is advisable to secure the services of a full-service wedding planner before making any significant choices if you intend to use their expertise. A wedding planner is an industry expert who can assist you in narrowing down your search by making recommendations for photographers who are in line with both your aesthetic and your financial constraints. If they have worked together in the past, it is possible that he or she will be able to negotiate a lower price or receive preferential treatment.

    How Early Do You Need to Book a Wedding Photographer? 

    At the very least, you should make your reservations for your wedding photographer and videographer nine months in advance.

    And here is why we both think that:

    At this point, you should already have decided on the location of your wedding, as well as the theme and colour scheme, an approximate guest list, and the basic schedule for your wedding day. Your Photographer will find this information helpful because...

    • Once the venue(s) are chosen, your photographer can research the areas to determine where to take the best pictures of you, your loved ones, and your significant other.
    • You will be aware of the people you want in your photos, such as distant relatives or friends. (Supplement your shot list!)
    • The general timeline is helpful so you can be sure your photographer won't miss anything and will capture all of your special moments, whether your wedding includes a mix of traditions or unconventional events.

    Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    Prime Dates

    The most common day for weddings is Saturday, although this can change depending on the location. In general, however, Saturday is the most common day for weddings. The season can have a significant impact on dates, with summer and fall being the most popular times for weddings among engaged couples. Find out when the "busy season" is for wedding photographers in your area so that you are aware of which dates are likely to be booked up quickly and can make plans accordingly.


    Holidays, particularly those that fall on a Friday or a Monday and provide people with the opportunity for a longer weekend, are popular dates and will fill up quickly. You should also be prepared for the fact that accommodations for those dates might come at a premium price and be reserved exceptionally early, as is the case with New Year's Eve.

    Vanity Dates

    These are dates that are comprised of a series of numbers that are memorable due to their catchy nature. For instance, if you have your heart set on getting married on February 20, 2020, you have chosen a vanity date, and it's possible that this date will book up very quickly. When combined with the fact that they occur during the high-volume season, these dates are extremely in-demand and will sell out well in advance.

    You Send Out Save-the-Dates

    There is a good chance that you have settled on a date for your wedding now that you have chosen the location for your special day. However, before you start sending out your save the date cards, you shouldn't get too excited. It is possible to arrange for a photographer to take your engagement photos if you book them before you send out your save-the-date notices. After that, you can use those photographs to create a stunning save-the-date card, in addition to using them for your wedding website and guest book.

    In addition, engagement sessions are a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with your photographer and to gain confidence in front of the camera. On the day of your wedding, you'll look back on these two things with a lot of gratitude.

    How Far in Advance to Book a Wedding Photographer

    How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

    As was mentioned earlier, scheduling conflicts are common for photographers. If you have your heart set on working with a professional whose services are in high demand (for example, their work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings or they have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram), you should be prepared to book your appointment months in advance. At the very least, a year will have to pass. Even if you don't have that much time, it doesn't hurt to ask photographers about their availability; however, you shouldn't get your hopes up about any particular photographer.

    Even if your engagement is on the shorter end of the spectrum, you won't have to worry about not having a photographer thanks to the abundance of options that are currently available to choose from. Make every effort to book your photographer at least nine months in advance, or as soon as you possibly can if that's not possible (read: have a confirmed wedding date). Looking for a Yarra Valley wedding photographer? Look no further! Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    What to Do Before You Book

    There are a few more things to do before you commit to hiring a photographer for your wedding, which you should be aware of now that you are familiar with the appropriate time to do so.

    Do Your Research

    Create a list of photographers whose work you admire because of their distinctive style. Next, look into their websites to get a better sense of the services they offer, the prices they charge, and their overall personality. Inquire about their availability if you believe that they might be a suitable option for you, given your financial situation and your location.

    On the day of your wedding, you want to feel as relaxed as possible, and your photographer can have a significant impact on both how you feel and how you appear in front of the camera. It is essential to make sure that you connect with them while keeping that in mind; this is something that you can only learn by meeting face to face or by communicating with someone via video chat.

    Set up a meeting with the person before you book anything so that you can get to know them. On the day of your wedding, you will be spending a lot of time with your photographer, so it is important that your personalities are compatible. Not only will this make the day more enjoyable for you, but it will also likely result in higher-quality photographs.

    Look at Entire Galleries

    We certainly hope this isn't something that needs to be said, but Instagram is essentially a highlight reel. It's wonderful news if you found yourself falling in love with the profile of your Photographer. However, you should be aware that Instagram is where they showcase the very best examples of their work and the highlights from each wedding, which are typically only a few photographs from each event.

    In the event that their wedding website does not feature full portfolios, you should enquire about viewing them. Look at the portraits, the details, the candid photos they capture, everything they do, to ensure that you adore the entirety of their body of work and not just the ethereal sunset photographs.

    Because photographs play such an important role in weddings, choosing a photographer is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It may take some time to locate the ideal wedding photographer for you, but if you do your homework and book them at the appropriate time, you will be able to confidently plan the rest of your wedding knowing that it will be beautifully documented.

    How can I tell if I've chosen a popular date?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure unless you are able to question all of the engaged couples in Perth. If you are looking at Saturdays in the spring, summer, or fall, there is a good chance that you have selected a date that is already very popular. Sundays do not enjoy the same level of popularity as they once did, whereas Fridays continue to do so.

    Shouldn't I book my venue first?

    The majority of engaged couples do, in fact, book their venue first before looking at any other vendors. This makes perfect sense given that you will then have the date firmly established. What is a good idea, however, and something that some of our couples have done in the past, is to check our availability when they have a shortlist of dates from the venue that they are considering using for their wedding.

    What do I do if the Photographer I want is already booked for my date?

    We are able to book two weddings on the same day due to the fact that there are two of us. Because of this, it is possible that we will not fill up our schedule as quickly as other photographers who primarily work alone. When we do get an enquiry for a date, we're already booked for it, so we recommend one of our fellow photographers who are members of the AIPP, which stands for the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

    If the photographer you had your heart set on is not available, you should make sure to ask who they recommend because they will have a good idea on who can provide a service that is comparable to what you were hoping for. At Wild Romantic, we have the best wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula to capture every single moment on your wedding day.

    How far in advance should I book your wedding photographer? 

    When asked about the appropriate amount of time for planning, we typically respond "as soon as your venue is confirmed." This occurs anywhere from six to twelve months before the wedding in most cases. If your wedding is taking place sooner than that, there is no need to freak out because there is a chance that we still have availability or that we have had a cancellation. We have worked as wedding photographers for the past 12 years, and during that time we have accepted bookings as early as 18 months in advance and as late as two weeks before the wedding.

    The 7 Timing Mistakes All Brides Make While Wedding Planning

    You are aware of the common proverb that timing is everything. And when it comes to making preparations for the wedding, this statement couldn't be more accurate if it tried. When exactly should you send out those invitations to the destination wedding that you are planning? And how far in advance does one need to make reservations in order to guarantee hotel blocks? This article will break everything down for you so that you can hopefully avoid making some of the most common timing mistakes that brides make when they are planning their weddings.

    Reaching out to Vendors Too Early

    Really, such things do occur. Before they've even gotten engaged, the "brides" are already reaching out to ask questions! Or the couples who contact us with a wedding date that is three years in the future. It is flattering, but it is somewhat premature, and it takes up some of our time that we could be devoting to other clients whose needs are more pressing at the moment.

    Putting a Deposit Down on a Venue and Hiring Other Key Vendors Before Hiring Your Planner

    If you are considering employing a wedding planner, you should always confer with that individual first before making significant decisions regarding the wedding, such as booking a location, arranging for rentals, or selecting a florist. "The majority of event design companies also do in-house florals and recommend rental items as part of their contract package, so this basically duplicates efforts (and money spent)," she explains. "Most event design firms also do in-house florals."

    Procrastinating on Booking Key Vendors

    Couples frequently make the mistake of waiting too long to book their vendors, which is especially problematic when planning a wedding during the busy wedding season. She warns that if you wait until even six months before booking a high-quality vendor, you run the risk of missing out on the best of the best options available for your wedding, which takes place during the peak season in most areas, which is the summertime.

    Suppliers who are able to handle a higher volume, such as cake bakers, caterers, and some florists, can be booked closer to the event date, but you shouldn't take any chances. This includes DJs, photographers, coordinators, and some florists. Quick booking is essential for good vendors. "

    Booking a Videographer at the Last Minute

    This happens over and over again: the bride places hiring a wedding videographer in the "optional" column on her list of things to accomplish before the big day. When she finally realises that it is absolutely necessary, she is overcome with anxiety and begins frantically searching for someone at the eleventh hour. In point of fact, the number one regret she hears from brides is that they did not hire a videographer, so heed her counsel and do not put off hiring a videographer.

    Sending out Destination Wedding Invitations Too Late

    According to Sandy Malone, owner of Weddings in Vieques and a destination wedding planner, the timelines for invitations (and RSVPs) for weddings that take place away from the bride's home are completely different than those for weddings that take place at the bride's home. "Because of the necessity of travel for all of the guests attending a destination wedding, you should send out invitations with save the dates and information about how to get there at least 18 months in advance of the ceremony.

    At the one-year mark, you can start mailing out formal invitations, but the RSVP date on those invitations should still be eight weeks after the date that you mail them." She cautions that if you put off sending out your invitations for too long, you will have a difficult time planning and allocating funds for all of the different events that will take place at your wedding location.

    Not Securing Hotel Blocks Early On

    It is a terrible idea to procrastinate too long before making reservations for a hotel block, particularly in a major city. If a city is hosting a large conference or sporting event on the same weekend as your wedding, it may seem like an easy task to put off until later; however, they may be completely booked even six months or more in advance.

    She recommends reserving hotel blocks at two to three different hotels as soon as you have determined the date and location of your event. This will ensure that your guests have a wide variety of options to choose from and plenty of time to make their lodging arrangements. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Focusing on the Small Details First

    Some brides place an excessive amount of emphasis on the "small details" from the very beginning of the planning process, and as a result, they put off resolving some of the more significant planning aspects until it is too late. For instance, you shouldn't settle on the wedding colours, napkin rings, and linens until after you've already secured the venue and the caterer for the event.


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