How to book more wedding video clients?

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    Wedding videography provides video creators with an excellent opportunity to command top dollar for their work. Wedding videos, in contrast to other sub-niches of the video production industry, require creativity, which means that you can charge more for each job. Professional wedding videographers can make upwards of $10,000 per video they shoot. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Because there are relatively low barriers to entry, wedding video production is an excellent niche for new filmmakers to get started in. The majority of couples who have recently gotten engaged have low expectations for the wedding video, which is a great way to get your foot in the door. Almost everyone has a friend or family member who is getting married, and if you make an offer to do the wedding video for free, you can start constructing your videography portfolio.

    The wedding industry is among the most reliable and consistent markets currently in existence. People have always and will always marry. As a consequence of this, engaged couples will always look for a location, a bakery, a wedding photographer, a wedding DJ, and a wedding videographer. This also indicates that there is a great deal of competition within the industry. You will need to find a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, which could range from the nephew of your cousin's roommate's nephew who just got a camera to full-fledged production houses.

    Let it be known that you won't be shooting photographs at every wedding for which you get a request for your services. That is a positive development. It would be helpful if you narrowed your focus on the types of weddings you want to shoot in order to help you accomplish this goal.

    Do you plan to limit yourself to weddings in the immediate area, or are you open to opportunities further afield? Do you just photograph the wedding and the reception, or do you shoot throughout the entire day? Following the completion of your initial plan of action, the next step is to determine the demographics of your potential customers.

    The wedding industry is notorious for its high level of competition. The following is a list of useful marketing advice that will assist you in reaching engaged couples and booking more weddings.

    Update your website.

    How to book more wedding video clients?

    It is required that you have a website. Make sure that you have something posted on the website even if you aren't satisfied with how it looks. At the very least, your website ought to feature video highlight reels of your most recent work, a concise biography, and contact information. You can increase people's interest in the website by writing blogs about the videos you upload and sharing them.

    On that page, you will be able to link to other vendors who worked the event and discuss the wedding day itself. When engaged couples start their search for videographers, the first place they look is in the city where they plan to host their event. Be sure to include a description of your location on your website, in addition to any other locations that you have previously filmed in. Be sure to add your most recent highlight reels to the website as soon as possible.

    At Wild Romantic Photography, we have the best Melbourne wedding photographer to take memorable photos on your wedding day.

    Have easy-to-read materials.

    If a couple reaches out to you, you shouldn't respond with an email that's as long as a novel. Provide them with a high-quality brochure that they can browse through. Send them a helpful and informative PDF file, even if all you have to offer is a digital brochure with a single page. Include a detailed pricing breakdown, as well as the available payment methods. Even if the prices aren't yet set in stone and are subject to change, at the very least provide a starting price. Be sure to break down what each individual package offers if you offer a variety of different options for purchasing a package.

    Use Facebook Pages.

    You shouldn't put too much stock in your personal Facebook account. Maintain a separate account for your company's finances. This will help with analytics as well as marketing to specific audiences. Utilizing Facebook's "Boost Post" function is something you should do whenever you distribute a new highlight reel for a wedding. You can promote your movie so that it appears in a number of different news feeds. The most exciting aspect is being able to target your boost by selecting engaged couples as your primary audience.

    Get to know other vendors — even other videographers!

    Your success will greatly depend on your familiarity with other vendors. There are going to be some vendors that you do not like working with, and there are going to be others that you really enjoy working with and wish you could do it more often. Making contact with other vendors, particularly those you have already done business with, is one of the most beneficial things you can do.

    Both of you can promote the other to other couples as a way to increase business. Some of the couples will enquire about your advice and recommendations. When you provide a list of the best coordinators, DJs, and photographers, you will give the impression that you are an experienced pro.

    Don't be afraid to approach and become acquainted with other videographers as well. A friendship with them can open the door to a variety of doors and possibilities. Not only are you able to provide constructive criticism to one another, but you can also assist one another. It is a good idea to have a backup ready in case you ever require an additional shooter or, worst case scenario, you become so ill that you are unable to film. They will also provide you with excellent recommendations when you have already made plans for a particular date.

    Don't rely solely on wedding magazines or websites.

    You cannot be considered a photographer. You won't gain anything from a still photograph, and magazine ads are very expensive. There is no doubt that wedding magazines can assist with name recognition, but they do not allow you to showcase your work. Your video highlights are the key to winning over a couple of viewers.

    The same principle applies to websites provided by wedding vendors. You will be responsible for generating traffic to your own website if a third-party site does not permit you to display your work there. You will also be required to pay additional fees in order to receive top billing ahead of the work of other videographers. If you are going to invest money into the wedding vendor website, you should ensure that you are getting the most value possible from it.

    Attend bridal shows.

    Before choosing a bridal show, it is important to do adequate research because there are a large number of options available in each major city. The opportunity to interact directly with married people is the most exciting aspect of these shows. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your unique personality and sense of style. If you and the other members of the team don't get along, then the project is doomed to fail. It is still preferable to find a partner who is a good fit for you. Attending these events can also be quite expensive.

    Not only do you have to pay fees in order to secure a spot, but your booth needs to be eye-catching and show off your work as well. In order to display highlight reels, you will need to have a television, laptop, or tablet available. In addition to this, you should have a sufficient quantity of brochures, business cards, or at the very least a signup sheet. At these shows, you absolutely must take the initiative. If you are unwilling to interact with other people, then you are squandering your time.

    Reach Out To Friends And Family Who Are Engaged

    The majority of people may not realise this, but looking for customers in this area is a fantastic place to begin. In contrast to wedding photography, a significant number of couples view their wedding video as an elective expense; consequently, the vast majority of them do not mind taking a chance on you and giving you an opportunity. If you are going to ask for money in exchange for filming someone's special day, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to do a good job. You only have one shot at capturing the important moment, so make sure you don't mess it up.

    Doing a significant amount of planning in advance is the most effective way to guarantee that you will succeed in what you are attempting. It's always important to be prepared, but when you're filming weddings, it's especially important to make sure you have everything you need. Be sure to arrive at the location early so that you can scope out the train. You should position yourself on the right side of the dance floor because the bride is almost always on the left. Because the bride is more significant than the groom, it is imperative that you dedicate a portion of your attention to filming her.

    If you have more than one camera angle available to you, place the primary angle on the right, and position the secondary angles so that they are centred or not on the left. In a perfect world, you would have at least three different camera angles, giving you the ability to record the magic of the moment from a variety of perspectives. Another piece of advice is to make it a point to attend the rehearsal so that you can get a good idea of what will take place during the actual ceremony.

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    In some situations, the audience will be asked to stand up, which may completely obstruct your view of the action. If you are unable to attend the rehearsal, it is imperative that you speak with the officiant or the wedding planner in order to gain clarity regarding the proceedings. Last but not least, before the ceremony begins, check to see that you have an adequate supply of spare batteries, just in case something goes wrong.

    Create A WordPress Website And Google My Business Listing

    Creating a website and enhancing its search engine optimisation potential is an additional successful method for finding clients interested in wedding videography services. In the vast majority of instances, the bridge will be in charge of looking for a videographer for the wedding; in the event that she does not already have someone in mind, she will look for someone online.

    The objective here is to put your company in a position where it will be visible to potential customers when they are looking for services like yours. Having a website built with WordPress that is of a high quality and a Google My Business listing that is properly configured are the two most effective ways to achieve this goal. It is beneficial to have wedding-related keywords included in your name if you have settled on the decision to make wedding videos your primary area of specialisation.

    Because of this, rising to the top of Google Search results will take a lot less time and effort. Make sure that throughout your website and copy you use a variety of different keywords that are related to weddings to ensure that you have the best chance of being found. This indicates that you shouldn't solely concentrate on "Wedding Videographer + City," but rather have a number of different variations of those keywords. If everything on your website appears to be in order, the next step is to complete your Google My Business Listing. Keep in mind that GMBs are targeted towards a specific geographic region, so establish your GMB in the primary location where you wish to provide service.

    In most cases, wedding video creators will not have an office or physical location, so you will need to set up a service location. Create lasting memories through your Yarra Valley wedding photography that will be cherished forever. 

    Network With Wedding Photographers And Ask For Referrals

    Developing relationships with wedding photographers can provide you with the best possible source of clients for your wedding videography business. If they are any good, they will have a steady flow of new customers coming in, which is an excellent resource for you to take advantage of. Referrals are an excellent source of customers because they make the process of selling your product or service much simpler when compared to other methods of client acquisition.

    Referrals, on the other hand, constitute what is known as a warm lead, as opposed to a cold lead, and the client will have already established a certain level of trust in the business. If the wedding photographer recommends you, it almost always indicates that you have been checked out beforehand and are going to do a good job. When it comes to making a sale, however, perception is reality. This may or may not be the case.

    When you're trying to build a relationship with a photographer, it can be difficult to find more than one person who will refer customers to you as a photographer. This is due to the fact that, in most instances, they will anticipate receiving leads from you in exchange for your services.

    When you're collaborating with more than one person on something, things are bound to get more difficult. The most effective course of action would be to cultivate a relationship with a single successful and in-demand wedding photographer. That way, you won't have to split your attention between fostering multiple healthy relationships but rather just one.

    Use Facebook Ads To Target Newly Engaged Bride & Grooms

    How to book more wedding video clients?

    This is my go-to strategy for bringing in new clients on a regular basis for my wedding videography business. In its most basic form, this tactic entails utilising a highlight reel or wedding video that you have produced in the past in order to directly target brides or grooms who have recently gotten engaged. This strategy is effective because Facebook has very sophisticated targeting systems, which enable you to reduce the amount of money you spend on advertising and concentrate your efforts on the individuals most likely to become customers.

    After they have watched the video, it is a good idea to create a landing page for them that specifically addresses their want and desire to have a wedding video of high-quality. If you carry out these steps effectively, you will soon acquire a steady stream of new customers. This marketing strategy, like all others, is most effective when used in conjunction with a strong highlight reel or wedding video that demonstrates the videographer's ability to produce quality work.

    In addition, you can easily set up a system that will bring you an unlimited number of new wedding clients if you are able to tap into the feelings that the couple is experiencing on their special day. We walk you through our exact strategy for creating the wedding video advertisement and the landing page, including how to evoke emotion and how to easily close the deal with the client.

    This is a straightforward and effective way to land your first few clients if you are new to the field of wedding videography and are looking to get started in the industry. If you are an experienced professional, this is an excellent way to ensure that you have a steady stream of clients coming in so that you can charge the highest possible price for your services. We have an exclusive range of wedding photography Mornington Peninsula services. Check them out here.

    Sell an experience, not your services alone.

    Showing people what you are trying to sell is the most effective way to get bookings. Although it may appear straightforward at first glance, there is actually quite a bit more to it than the majority of people realise. To start, including a list of your services will not increase the likelihood that potential customers will book you. What you have to offer is the story of your couple's love, which has been faithfully captured on film and will remain in existence for all time.

    Get them to experience something. Develop content that is both interesting and exciting, and somehow manages to take the reader back to the wedding.

    It is also helpful to have the copy on your website mimic the way you speak for the purpose of creating an atmosphere of warmth and authenticity. In addition, videographers ought to make certain that their websites are replete with calls to action, such as buttons labelled "contact" that users can click on or links that lead to online booking forms.

    Reach out to planners + venues, + vendors (and provide value upfront.)

    Referrals from satisfied customers are the single most effective way to bring in more clients for your photography business. If you have clients and other vendors around town raving about you to couples that they know, booking more weddings becomes a relatively straightforward process because of your stellar reputation.

    But how exactly do you attract such devoted customers in the first place? It's all about the power of networking, which begins with giving to others. This is the key to success.

    When you meet a new client or vendor for photography, your attention should always be directed towards what you can do for THEM rather than what the other person might be able to do for you. This is especially important. What additional present or service can you give them that will make them gasp in amazement?

    When making contact with a new provider or location, the majority of photographers follow these steps:

    "Hey, my name is so-and-so; please take a look at my portfolio; I'd be thrilled to collaborate with you."

    This is one hundred percent centred on what they can do for you as an individual. We want to take the opposite approach to that problem.

    What if, rather than doing that, you contacted a planner with this information?

    "Hey, my name is so-and-so, and I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your work. I was absolutely floored when I saw (insert specific compliment here) that you had done. Anyway, I'm always looking to meet new creative people and collaborate with them, so if you're interested, I'd love to get to know you. Would you be available to grab a cup of coffee with me sometime this week? In addition, if you would like some recent headshot photos taken of you while we are together, I would be happy to take some for you.

    P.S. - I just wanted to let you know that I was so blown away by those ___ you did that I left you a review on Google. I hope that's okay."

    Start by offering to do something for the planner, venue, or vendor rather than simply asking them to do something for you. Even better, do something for them without them even being aware of it!

    This could be interpreted as going to that well-known venue in the city around the time the sun is setting and taking some breathtaking pictures of the assembly. Or you could leave a glowing review for the planner you'd like to develop a relationship with, giving them 5 stars out of 5.

    When it comes to clients, a straightforward surprise in the form of a gift or service that they did not anticipate receiving or pay for can go a LONG way.

    Sit down, make a list of the vendors and venues you'd like to connect with, and then think about the different ways in which you can provide massive value up front without asking for anything in return.

    Increase perceived value + scarcity + urgency

    When customers are deciding whether or not to make a purchase, there is always ONE question that they ask:

    "Is it going to be worth it?"

    Your customer will make a reservation if they believe the value of what you are offering to be worth more than what it will cost them to purchase it from you. In a similar vein, they will never book with you if they believe that the value of your services does not justify the amount that you are charging for them.

    Increasing the perceived value of what you are offering is the most important step in increasing the number of bookings you receive. This can be challenging because you need to determine what the CUSTOMER values are going to be, and those values are going to be objectively different for each individual customer.

    The most effective way to obtain this information is to INQUIRE.

    Ask every couple that books with you WHY they decided to book with you and what about their photos convinced them that it was worth spending so much money on them. Also, whenever a couple decides not to book, you should enquire as to the reasoning behind their decision not to do so. You're going to be surprised by the answers, which will help you get better.

    Scarcity is one more tactic you can use to increase the value that people perceive you provide.

    The simple interaction of supply and demand is what causes scarcity. The perception that your services are difficult to obtain or exclusive will lend to an increase in the value that is placed on them. However, by positioning it in this manner, I am conveying the message that my services are valuable and in high demand, despite the fact that the reality is that EVERY photographer has a limited number of weekends available.

    The use of time-sensitive pricing is one more strategy that can be utilised to simultaneously raise the sense of perceived value and urgency.

    This is a strategy that I delve into more deeply in our client meetings workshop, in which I provide clients with an incentive to book within 24 hours by offering them a significant pricing discount. I do this so that they will book sooner rather than later.

    For instance, your standard price for an entire wedding day might be $2,500.

    You could use this strategy by changing your pricing to $3,500 instead of the previous amount. Then, when a couple contacts you, you can inform them, "My prices for your date are $3,500," and move on from there. On the other hand, based on my experience, the couples who are the easiest to collaborate with are the ones who make decisions right away. As a result, I offer a discount of $2500 on my services to couples who are prepared to book right away. Are you all ready to make the reservation for the date?

    You have immediately increased the perceived value of your offer by $1000 and given it an INCREDIBLE level of urgency simply by reframing your pricing in this manner; however, you have not changed your final pricing at all.

    Freshen up your portfolio

    When I look at the websites and branding of other photographers, one of the most common mistakes that I see is that they fail to maintain a consistent and up-to-date portfolio of their work.

    It is critical to update your website and social media profiles with any new work you produce as you advance as a photographer and improve the quality of your work and editing. Nevertheless, it is of equal significance that you get rid of your outdated photos and edits or bring them up to date!

    Always keep in mind that quality is much more important than quantity. It is in your best interest to have a portfolio that is concise, high-quality, and edited in a manner that is consistent rather than one that is a jumbled mess and contains all of the photographs you have ever taken.

    If there is no continuity throughout your portfolio, your customers won't know what to anticipate from you. Are they able to put their faith in you to create your best photographs? Ironically, your portfolio is NOT a necessary component of your company's operations.

    Even if a photographer's work is not particularly impressive, they can become very successful through effective marketing, branding, and positioning. This is in contrast to photographers who have impressive portfolios but lack the marketing fundamentals. Having said that, having an impressive portfolio is going to make your marketing efforts 10 times easier and more effective, so you should make sure that yours is kept up to date.

    Update your website + social branding

    Do you have any idea what's fascinating? To successfully run a photography business, a website is not required. Simply having a strong presence on social media and producing GORGEOUS work is enough to put many incredible photographers in high demand.

    However, the fact that they do not have a website is not an obstacle for them because their work is so impressive that it has helped them overcome the problem.

    You have no excuse not to have a website in the year 2020 and beyond given how simple, easy, and inexpensive it is to create one. As part of the process of maintaining your brand, you should consider giving your outdated and out-of-date website a facelift, updating the portfolio, and keeping things as current as possible. I make it a point to do this on an annual basis to ensure that the best of my work is presented first and that I am always aware of emerging fashions.

    The fact that the majority of photographers have websites that aren't particularly impressive is actually quite advantageous, as it means that you can easily differentiate yourself from the competition by developing a superior design. Be sure to do the same thing for your social media accounts, such as removing any outdated photos that do not reflect your current aesthetic, ensuring that your contact information and bios are always up to date, etc.

    This is important for search engine optimisation as well as brand recognition. Google uses the frequency with which you update your website, social media, and other platforms as a ranking factor.

    Improve your website SEO

    The abbreviation for "search engine optimisation" is "SEO." When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), knowing what google wants to see on your website and elsewhere is essential for photographers. This will allow Google to rank your website highly in Google search results and display it when people search for terms like "wedding photographers in my city."

    Here are the critical SEO elements you need to focus on:

    • Site age: How long your site has been around. How long articles have been around. In general, a domain takes at least a year before it starts ranking tangibly. Content articles also take time to "age" before they type. Typically 2 to 10 months.
    • Active Content: New posts, comments on posts, social shares etc., all indicate your website content is relevant and active, which is prominent in google's eyes. Relevant content is the content they want to show searchers.
    • Load Times: Nobody likes a slow site. Google knows this and will penalise your site if it takes a long time to load. Faster site speed = Increased rankings.
    • Backlinks: Think of a backlink like a recommendation from a friend. The more requests, the more likely Google is to assume you're trustworthy. The higher quality of the offer, the more it counts in google's eyes. (Ie PThe president vouching for you vs your Aunt Sallie… Who has more credibility?
    • Relevant Content: How closely does your content answer the question/search intent of the viewer? For example, someone searching for "wedding photographers in Detroit" would more likely want to see a website titled "Detroit Wedding Photographer" than one titled "Destination Wedding Photographer In Michigan". Creating additional pages on your website to target these different keywords can be a very effective SEO strategy.
    • Web Traffic: SEO is a little bit of a popularity contest. Google looks at websites with lots of organic traffic and assumes that they're likely highly relevant and worth showing in search because they're famous.
    • Security (HTTPS): The single easiest way you can increase your rankings TODAY is by upgrading your site to HTTPS. The "S" stands for "secure" – And is super easy to add. Depending on who is hosting your website, the process will vary. Siteground and Squarespace both include this for free. Hostgator and GoDaddy charge extra. Well worth it either way, but personally, I hands down recommend switching to Siteground if you're using a WordPress website. It's the same price range and will give you WAY better website speed, excellent customer support, free HTTPS and some other nifty features you won't get from Hostgator or Siteground. When I made the switch, my rankings improved considerably.

    In conclusion, videographers who are interested in commanding the highest possible price for their work should consider providing wedding videography services. If you want to make more money per job or per hour, you need to concentrate on areas that give you room for creativity and you need to become an expert in those areas.

    This will allow you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd and get a head start on establishing your reputation. Video creators who specialise in wedding videography for any length of time typically find that landing wedding clients is easy, and the price they charge per wedding job will continue to rise as they gain more experience.

    If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

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