How Do I Get Customers for My Product Photography?

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    Taking images of a variety of products is an essential part of product photography. In most cases, the photographs are included in an advertisement campaign pertaining to the product.

    As a photographer, the majority of your clients will be companies of varying sizes, including small, medium, and large. On the other hand, any business, no matter how small or how large, can make an effort to gain your business as a customer.

    Photographers that specialise in product photography often work in studios but also go out into the field to capture images of wares for use in catalogues, advertising, brochures, newsletters, and other forms of marketing collateral.

    In addition to this, they provide their product photography services to publications such as newspapers and magazines, either directly or via picture libraries.

    In order to promote your product photography, you will first need to locate potential customers and convey your capabilities to them. The following are some procedures that need to be followed in order to build a strong consumer base for your photography business.

    Finding clients to hire for photography might be challenging at times. But this appears to be an impossible task in the absence of a plan.

    The most current pattern demonstrates that the industry of eCommerce product photography is expanding at a rapid rate.

    Therefore, put yourself in the position of a customer in order to identify the most effective strategies for locating eCommerce products and photography clients.

    Since a customer cannot touch or otherwise interact with the product, its primary identity is conveyed through its visual representation.

    As a result, having high-quality product photography for eCommerce is vital to improving conversion rates and increasing sales volume.

    On the other hand, people who have been battling for a number of months, or perhaps an entire year, to find eCommerce products and photography clients will find the following tips to be effective and beneficial.

    It makes no difference if you are a novice photographer who is just beginning product photography out of a passion for the hobby or an experienced photographer who has a variety of photographic gear and an armoury but no clients at all.

    Tools and Materials You Will Need

    • Stock photography
    • Product photography portfolio
    • Website
    • Contact Management Solution (such as a spreadsheet)
    • Pen and paper

    You observe that thousands of product photos are rapidly cycling over the monitor in every direction.

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise that every one of our prospective customers is doing business with an online retailer like this one as a seller.

    And every one of these merchants could become a customer of yours. The most pressing and important concern at this point is determining how to get in touch with them, whether through email or any of the other possible channels.

    To begin, you need to ask yourself the following questions: When it comes to getting hired by an e-commerce company, why should they hire you? Are you able to give photographs of the products that are significantly more high-quality than those now displayed on the website?

    How to Get Ecommerce Product Photography Clients

    How Do I Get Customers for My Product Photography?

    Build a Website

    Most businesses nowadays cannot survive without a website. A website does help to develop a small photographer's credibility. 

    It also gives you the ability to show your services and products to people not local to where you are physically located. To build a great website, consider adding the following elements:

    • A personal biography about you as a photographer
    • highlight your accomplishments
    • Show your results by displaying an online portfolio of photographs you have taken of different products
    • Display customer feedback and reference information
    • Add a "contact us" form
    • A website will not 'develop' business for you, but it helps you secure the company you are going out for.

    Your photographs will be your most treasured wedding keepsake. Not sure where to start when it comes to looking for your wedding photographer of choice?

    Make Local Contacts

    You should get the ball rolling on establishing some local connections and relationships. Put your attention on the kinds of people and companies with which you would like to conduct business.

    You might want to concentrate on restaurants, for instance. Please take pictures of the things that a restaurant has available for purchase or focus on businesses that sell products on online auction platforms like eBay.

    These shops consistently hunt for photographs of their wares since they rely on customers making purchases based only on visual cues.

    You should probably begin your search with product photography as it is one of the most important factors in successful online shopping. The following are some other strategies to create connections in your community:

    • Go out to networking events to meet new people
    • Attend seminars
    • Attend different trade shows that display various products and business opportunities for sale

    Cultivate Your Contacts

    You need to be aware right off the bat that it is highly unlikely that you will secure business after your initial presentation. As a result, it is imperative that you work to expand your network of contacts and relationships.

    This indicates that you need to devise a strategy for maintaining frequent communication with these individuals and then stick to it.

    Keeping in touch with someone may involve activities such as sending a newsletter, inviting them to lunch, talking to them on the phone, or paying them a visit.

    When someone keeps your name in their mind, there is a greater chance that they may contact you when they have a job opening for an employee.

    When a potential client has more opportunities to interact with you, they are more likely to choose you as their product photographer when they subsequently have a need for one.

    Determine whether you are better suited for working in a studio or on site. For instance, if you want to work in industrial photography, you need to be confident in your ability to work under difficult conditions, whether it be inside a plant or outside on the location where the product is being used.

    Determine the categories of products that enable you to deliver a unique service or approach, such as photographing cars or placing furniture in an interior setting; for instance, elite prospects with products that give you the opportunity to apply your abilities.

    Research Companies in Your Area. 

    Keep an eye out for businesses that offer a wide variety of products; they will require stock photography in order to supplement their present content or add new things.

    Find businesses that publish advertisements frequently in trade journals; in order to stand out from the competition, these businesses require high-quality product photography.

    You should get in touch with advertising and marketing agencies. They provide photographers commissions to work on projects, selecting different photographers to work on each campaign based on the sort of product or the result they are trying to accomplish.

    Make sure you get in touch with either the creative director or the production director, depending on how the creative agency department is organised. Looking for a Yarra Valley wedding photographer? Look no further! Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    Contact Companies That Produce Catalogs.

    It's possible for catalogue publishers to have their own production department, but more often than not, they hire a design consultancy to develop the material and commision the photos.

    Put an emphasis on your ability to operate under pressure to fulfil stringent deadlines and produce reliable outcomes across a wide range of topics.

    Set up a Website to Show Examples of Your Work.

    Create distinct categories for your images and label them so that potential clients may evaluate how well your portfolio meets their needs.

    Send an email to potential customers outlining the services you offer and including a link to the gallery on your website. Publish an online newsletter to keep in contact with potential consumers and existing ones. The newsletter should contain information about recent developments.

    Join a professional organisation such as the Professional Photographers of America and submit a listing for yourself in their directory of photographers under the category that best describes your prefered areas of expertise.

    Find a way out of guides like the Creative Review Handbook, which are used by agencies to find vendors.

    Send your photographs to a stock photo library; design and marketing firms frequently use stock photos from libraries for projects in which the client does not allocate funds for original photography.

    In addition to this, stories about products or businesses are often illustrated using stock images in newspapers and magazines.

    Contract With Local Retailers

    Because they are seeking for product photographers willing to work for cheap price, this is another clear strategy to get local clients for your e-commerce photography business.

    It would be a waste of your time to engage with large corporations because the vast majority of them already have product photographers on staff.

    You would be wise to enter into contracts with local small businesses that are stumbling their way through the process of taking their firm online.

    On the other hand, you should create a Google list near me and include all of the information about the services that you offer. It's possible that it'll bring in some high-paying customers. Therefore, it would be an excellent strategy for targeting local customers.

    Branding and Marketing Strategy of E-Commerce Product Photography

    The success of any company can be traced back to its marketing efforts. When the appropriate marketing plan is put into action, the goal is to connect with the appropriate customers using the appropriate goods or services.

    It contributes to the customer's enhanced comprehension of the services that are being rendered by your company. I'm not referring to the standard method of marketing here.

    You, as a photographer, should be aware that the trend in marketing has shifted, and that it is gradually becoming more advanced day by day.

    Since the majority of photographers handle eCommerce photography clients as a byproduct of selling their services, it is imperative that you devise a strategic approach for promoting the product photography service that you offer for eCommerce.

    Build a Modern Photography Portfolio Website

    How Do I Get Customers for My Product Photography?

    Displaying the most impressive eCommerce product photography at the top of your website is a great way to represent your specialisation and the related skills required of professional photographers.

    Increasing the quality of both the craft and the segment contributes to a maximum increase in the Conversion Rate.

    Given that it is an eCommerce product photography Portfolio Website, you should make an effort to give the website as much of a one-of-a-kind appearance as you possibly can.

    A person who is not technically savvy is not able to experiment with coding, web design, or any of the other technical aspects of the internet.

    It shouldn't be a problem because WordPress provides a multitude of options for constructing professionally-looking photography portfolio websites that appear stunning.

    In my experience, WordPress is one of the best free content management systems (CMS) available anywhere in the globe. On the other hand, you may write some blog pieces that are specifically geared towards those who are considering opening an eCommerce site.

    Please share any one-of-a-kind travels and tips with me, as well as your experiences related to this topic.

    It is important to remember that in order to boost the website's exposure in the search engines, SEO optimisation should be performed. It makes it much easier for you to increase awareness of your company and get in touch with potential customers. Starting to think about hiring a wedding photographer? Check out our range of Mornington Peninsula wedding photography here. 

    Promote Photography Services Through Social Media Marketing

    Social media is the biggest platform for promoting any product or service. The recent trend shows that nearly 3.2 billion users actively use different social media all over the world. 

    Self-branding with great photographs is a technique for marketing your services. Therefore, social media marketing would be a great platform to get clients. The most popular social media for photographers are:

    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Flickr
    • Instagram
    • Tumblr
    • Topic

    The various social media channels can serve as effective marketing avenues for photographers.

    Due to the fact that many social media platforms adhere to the same policies on marketing, you are able to navigate through each one of them in order to obtain information regarding their marketing policy, terms, and conditions.

    However, in the following paragraphs, I will attempt to familiarise you with a few of them so that you can cut this section short and quickly improve the product photography you use for eCommerce.

    Create a Professional Facebook Business Page With Engaging Content:

    Because there are already 2.41 billion active users on Facebook, it is the simplest and quickest way to communicate with a large number of individuals.

    If you want to promote your greatest work in a professional setting, Anna's technique recommends setting up a professional Facebook business page for your company.

    Free Promotion:

    Facebook gives you the ability to specifically target the audience you want by modifying a few of the service's default settings and making the platform your own according to the needs of your business. You have the ability to specify the target location, as well as the age, gender, and occupation of the audience. The icing on the cake is that there is no cost associated with making use of it. You won't have to pay even a single penny to use Facebook.

    Paid Advising:

    However, if you need something done quickly, it's fine to use their free service even if Facebook also offers paid promotion, which is more successful for marketing a business.

    Create a Professional Business Account in Pinterest:

    Pinterest is a social networking platform that is very popular among young people all around the world. It is used by professional bloggers, sellers, and freelancers.

    Therefore, people are inspired to like and share material that is regularly updated and user-engaging on Pinterest.

    It results in an increase in the number of reviews, which in turn helps customers better understand your creativity and converts them from visitors into customers.

    Create a Vip Account on Instagram:

    The image and video sharing capabilities of Instagram are primarily responsible for the platform's notoriety. According to a research that was published not too long ago, Instagram sees close to 1 billion active users each and every month.

    As a result, if you are a photographer and you want to advertise your photography business, Instagram can be the best alternative for you because it allows you to share your amazing works and gain more followers.

    When you have more followers on Instagram, you have a greater number of opportunities to communicate with your customers.

    You should have a professional account on Linkedin for the purpose of self-promotion in addition to all of the social media platforms that have already been discussed given your expertise in eCommerce product photography.

    Active on Popular Forum Relevant With Ecommerce Business:

    Being active on the e-commerce platform and assisting people by delivering your finest recommendations is a great approach to advertise yourself in the eyes of potential customers.

    since the majority of participants on such a forum are business owners who have a requirement for photographers.

    Therefore, if you are able to capture their interest by presenting your finest answer, it will assist you in fast sourcing clients for product photography.

    The following are the most prominent eCommerce business forums:

    • Amazon Seller Forums
    • eBay Seller Forums
    • Bigcommerce Forums
    • Shopify Ecommerce University Forum
    • Digital Point Ecommerce Forum
    • The Reddit Ecommerce Section
    • Small Business
    • Fresh Marketing Forum

    Make Professional Business Cards:

    When someone needs an eCommerce product photography service, the conventional method of contracting is to give them a business card.

    In other words, a business card is an identity for your company because it offers information about your services as well as your contact information.

    Arrange or Join Ecommerce Photography Events:

    People are motivated to bring their local businesses online because they receive sufficient support and can immediately begin selling their products and services online.

    There are thousands of people who are interested in starting an online business but have no idea how to do so successfully.

    In this scenario, you could want to consider inviting some well-known professionals in the fields of digital marketing, writing, and graphic design, among other professions.

    Who can motivate others by sharing their stories of achievement and advising others on how they can assist them? Invite a person who has built a successful business in the field of electronic commerce and ask them to explain their journey to the top, including how they got their start in the industry.

    All of these things have a beneficial impact on a newcomer who is considering getting engaged in the e-commerce business because the e-commerce business has already surpassed the traditional business.

    Therefore, individuals are required to respond to such an occurrence, and it is likely that you will be able to manage a sizeable number of customers from this location.

    People who are competent of talents and investment but don't know where to start but would benefit much from attending such events.

    Stay Connected With Other Freelance Photographers:

    There are thousands of prosperous freelance photographers who work for large eCommerce organisations, and they earn quite well for themselves.

    Why not make an effort to cultivate a cordial connection with them instead? It is beneficial to you in a wide variety of ways to attract the ideal customer.

    Freelance photographers are accustomed to the conditions of the photography industry because they have already gained experience collaborating with customers from other countries.

    In addition to that, freelance photography is an outstanding potential for those involved in the eCommerce product photography industry.

    The majority of busy eCommerce company owners value their time and try to save as much of it as possible by outsourcing their photography needs.

    Therefore, before going any farther, let's begin by asking a straightforward question, which is:

    How a Client Chose a Photographer for Ecommerce Product Photography?

    There is a lot more, but let's begin with the straightforward information first and then go on to the more complicated topics.

    Let's get things rolling by posing a few of the most important questions that a customer should ask before they hire a product photographer to work on their current project. Finding clients as an eCommerce product photographer is extremely difficult without addressing each of the following considerations.

    • How many years have you been providing photography services for online retailers?
    • Do You Possess All Of The Necessary Equipment And A Studio For Taking Photographs Of Products?
    • What is the ideal rate that you would want to be paid per click or per hour?
    • Have You Received Any Feedback Regarding Your Previous Work?
    • Are You Equipped With The Necessary Technical Knowledge Regarding eCommerce Product?

    Read through each question and get yourself ready to meet with the client so that the client will have an easier time deciding whether or not you are the perfect photographer for them based on the requirements that they have provided.

    After you've answered all of the questions in the previous section, move on to the next. You will find that locating product photography clients is made much easier by following all of the advice that is provided here. The best way to make sure those moments are preserved for posterity is with a professionally made wedding film. Get in touch with us at Wild Romantic Photography right away to talk about our wedding film videography services.

    Make Your Own Approach What Suit Best for You:

    It makes no difference how well known you are as a photographer; if you are unable to persuade customers, nobody cares.

    Therefore, devise a one-of-a-kind entry point in order to get in touch with them as quickly as possible with your services. Make an effort to bring attention to your strengths while also highlighting your weaknesses.

    It is easier to acquire trustworthy clients this way since customers prefer to do business with someone who accurately reflects who they are.

    Make a Shortlist That Describes You Best:

    In photography, one of the most important things you can do is be explicit about the services you provide. It is the yardstick by which we measure how effectively you perform your specialised services.

    Therefore, to facilitate a better comprehension of your offerings and to save time, create a prioritised list of your services.

    In your capacity as a trained eCommerce product photographer, you owe it to the community to divulge the various kinds of gear that are at your disposal.

    Types of E-Commerce Photography

    Because there are dozens of different product categories that can be sold online, e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular across the globe.

    And get ready to sell them on an e-commerce site or any other online platform; all they require to be promoted anywhere is a professional photo.

    As a result, there is an infinite number of ways to achieve success given that the products have no known upper limit. All of the following specialised product categories are often subjects for photographic documentation:

    • Jewellery
    • Electronics Products
    • Household Products
    • Home And Kitchen Products
    • Sports Products
    • Fabric And Cloth Product
    • Additive Manufacturing Products
    • Computer And Mobile Accessories
    • Tools & Home Improvement Products
    • and Automotive Photography

    What Type of Shot Is It?

    The act of merely pointing a camera at a product and pressing the shutter button is not sufficient to qualify as "product photography."

    There are a variety of facets that are related with eCommerce product photography, such as the requirement that the different sorts of shots that you provide to your customer be accurate: The following are some popular approaches to photographing products for online retailers:

    • Photography On White Background
    • Styled Product Photography
    • Photography On A Coffee Table
    • Folded Or Laid Photography

    All these types of shooting are required for the eCommerce business. Therefore, you should reach potential clients looking for such photography.


    Try to think of something different. You shouldn't put a cap on your capabilities by going in the wrong direction. Since eCommerce product photography is a highly professional occupation, you should avoid moving back and forth between the two locations.

    If you go about things the right way and don't stray from the path, it won't be long before you land a high-paying customer for your eCommerce product photography services.

    Because of this, you should have a strong enthusiasm for photography and steadily enhance your talents by consistently taking photographs that showcase your creative side.

    Faqs About Product Photography