How long is it reasonable to wait for wedding photos?

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    Your wedding day is over, you've returned from your honeymoon, and your dress is already carefully stored away in the attic; the only thing that's left are the wedding photos, which you can't wait to look at so that you can relive the day and see the parts that you missed. Exactly where are those photographic prints hidden?! If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    It is said that patience is a virtue; however, when you are waiting for something that is as exciting as wedding photos, it is just so darn difficult to be patient. The good news is that the reason it takes so long to get your photos back is because your wedding photographer is working hard to make each and every one of them, which could number in the thousands, look their absolute best.

    The bad news is that the reason it takes so long to get your photos back is because your wedding photographer is working hard to make each and every one of them. Here is everything you need to know to keep your expectations in check when it comes to receiving your wedding photos. This will ensure that you do not drive yourself crazy from the excitement of anticipating their arrival.

    How Long Does It Take To Get Wedding Photos Back From Photographers?

    Your photographer should be able to provide you with a rough estimate of when you will probably receive your photographs. They are required to make this disclosure to you before you hire them, and seasoned photographers will already be aware of it based on the body of work they have produced in the past and the time of year that your wedding will take place. They will not be able to use the computer all day if it is the busiest time of the year because they will be photographing a large number of weddings. This will keep them away from the office.

    What's the Typical Turnaround Time?

    You may have to wait anywhere from three to twelve weeks after the date of your wedding to receive your photographs. It is a common misconception that once the wedding day has passed, the photographer is relieved of the majority of their responsibilities, and that the rest of their work is straightforward. However, this is not the case. You may have to wait anywhere from three to twelve weeks to receive your photographs. In point of fact, your photographer has only just begun to scratch the surface of what they are capable of.

    Average Wait Time For Wedding Photos

    If the photographer was present from the moment you started getting ready until the first dance at eight o'clock in the evening, then they will have a large number of photographs to edit and go through. If the photographer was not present, then they will not have as many photographs to edit and go through. There is a wide range of factors that can affect how long it takes to receive your wedding photographs, including the photographer, the photographer's schedule, and the number of photographs that were taken on the day of the wedding.

    It could take anywhere from two to six weeks on average, depending on the circumstances. Photographers will, of course, make every effort to deliver your photographs to you as quickly as they possibly can. In fact, many photographers will send you a few sneak peek photographs of a selection of photographs that have been edited so that you can view them. Nevertheless, the finishing of the entire album might take some time. However, it is essential to keep in mind that what they are doing does take time, and that the time spent waiting is typically well worth it.

    Why Do Wedding Photos Take So Long To Get Back?

    Because of the excitement we feel in anticipation of viewing your breathtaking wedding photographs, it is only natural for us to lose our patience and wonder why the hell we are keeping you waiting. We have an in-depth article on wedding photography as well as an infographic that shows what a photographer does; the reality is that wedding photographers spend more time editing photos than they do actually taking pictures.

    In a nutshell, what you are doing is waiting for your photographer to go through hundreds or even over a thousand photos and delete the test shots, the terrible shots, and the shots of people with their eyes closed. This could take quite some time. Then there is the editing, which includes things like cropping the pictures, adjusting the colour balance, and putting together that completed look that you hired them for in the first place. After the photographs have been taken, there is a substantial amount of extra work that needs to be done. At Wild Romantic Photography, we have the best Melbourne wedding photographer to take memorable photos on your wedding day.

    What's the Holdup?

    How long is it reasonable to wait for wedding photos?

    The particular pro that you collaborate with, in addition to a few other factors, such as the number of photographs that they are processing, the size of their staff, and whether or not they outsource their editing, will be the primary determinant of how long you will have to wait.

    In the event that the editing is carried out in the appropriate manner and by an outside party, the typical turnaround time for the entire gallery could be around four weeks. On the other hand, if the photographer has a large team, this time could be cut down significantly. However, there are some photographers who prefer to take care of everything on their own, despite the fact that this can take a little bit more time.

    See? I can assure you that the person who attacked you has no intention of torturing you in any way. A skilled photographer's end goal is to hand you a finished product of the highest possible quality they can manage to achieve. It has been brought to our attention that there have been some couples who have received their edited photographs an excessive amount of time after having them edited.

    The actual process of uploading the images can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the quality of the photographs as well as the editing software that your professional photographer uses. In addition to the amount of time required for the careful editing, there is also the time required for the process itself. Also, keep in mind that the album they are working so hard to complete may not be the only one they are working on, especially if your "I dos" take place during the busiest time of the year for weddings. This is especially important to keep in mind if your "I dos" take place during the busiest time of the year for weddings.

    My work on the behind-the-scenes aspects of each wedding takes approximately thirty hours, beginning with the ceremony and continuing through its reception. You will quickly come to the conclusion that you will have a significant amount of work on your hands once you multiply that number by the number of weddings that take place on an annual basis.

    Be Patient; it Will Be Worth The Wait.

    Be patient, the wait will be worth it, and when you see your photos, I am sure there will be smiles, joy, happiness, and even some happy tears as you remember all of those feelings as you relive the best day of your life as you relive the day you got married. You have made an excellent choice in the wedding photographer that you have hired.

    Get a Sense of Timing on the Front End

    Before you hire a photographer for your wedding, or any other vendor for that matter, make sure you ask them a lot of questions. You can do this over the phone or in person. You need to make sure that you ask them how long it usually takes for them to turn around the photographs. This is one of the questions that you need to ask.

    By taking this action, we can reduce or eliminate the likelihood that any surprises will occur in the future. Check to see if it is mentioned in the contract; to put it another way, read it very carefully. Doing this is the one thing that tops the list of importance. You need to add a line to the document if there is not one already there that specifies the turnaround time.

    Ask for a Little Preview

    There are a lot of photographers out there who are happy to send you a few finished pictures within a week of your wedding and will gladly do so for you. I always give my couples a sneak peek of their photographs within a week of their wedding. This gives them something to tide them over until the full gallery is delivered to them or until my blog is published, whichever comes first.

    My partners find it to be a very thoughtful touch, which is why they appreciate it so much. Because you'll be so thrilled to get a preview of what's to come, you might even share it on social media. However, before you do so, you should make sure that this is not a clause in your contract with your photographer by first checking with them first.

    How Is Long Too Long?

    After a week has passed since your wedding, it is perfectly normal for you to have received no correspondence whatsoever in relation to the event. However, if the deadline that was specified in your contract has passed without a word from your photographer, then you should know that it is time to bring it up with them because it is time to address the issue with them. Before you do anything else, make sure you have a conversation with the photographer about the deliverables and the timeline.

    If your photographer gets in touch with you and makes it clear that the photos will be ready by a certain date, then I wouldn't necessarily worry about it, but if that day passes without the photos being ready, then it's time to take action. I would not necessarily worry about it if your photographer gets in touch with you and makes it clear that the photos will be ready by a certain date. In the event that you face challenges in the future, having a contract on hand that has already been signed will be an extremely helpful resource for you to have.

    Why does it take so long to get my wedding pictures?

    A professional wedding photographer is aware that shooting a wedding is a significant undertaking and something that should not be approached in a flippant manner because of the importance of the event. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce the likelihood of unpleasant surprises in the future to take action to manage your expectations. If this is the case, then why does it take so long to receive the finished photographs from your wedding?

    This is intended to serve as an introduction to business in general rather than any specific company's operations because of the inherent diversity inherent in the nature of business. Whoever is interested in understanding the reasons why it cannot be considered a quick turnaround should read this.

    Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    We Have A Lot Of Other Weddings

    Even though editing is a significant part of our work, we still need to make sure that it doesn't interfere with any of the other schedules we have to follow. In my situation, this requires me to photograph a significant number of weddings in addition to the routine tasks associated with running a business.

    At this point, we probably devote anywhere from sixty to eighty hours per week to the operation of our company. Yikes! Despite the fact that we occasionally take a break from our work or take a day off for no apparent reason, I spend the vast majority of my time working at or near my absolute maximum capacity.

    We Have Businesses To Run

    When we have a lot of editing to do, we make an effort to clear as much as possible off of our schedule so that we can work on editing uninterrupted for as long as possible. Because of this, we are able to maximise the effectiveness of the time we spend editing. The day-to-day responsibilities, which include things like bookkeeping, responding to emails, meeting with new customers, touring venues, marketing, blogging, scheduling Instagram posts, working on branding, networking, customer service, and so on, are all still present.

    Consider the amusing possibility that an amateur photographer could even deliver the photographs to you in a shorter amount of time. This is a point worth thinking about because it is a possibility. It is possible that they will download the few that they took onto the computer, apply a quick preset or filter to them the following day, and then upload them to Dropbox after making the adjustments. Voila! (As a matter of fact, it is highly likely that your uncle Bob was the person who took those photographs.)

    You should not make the mistake of equating the amount of time it takes for a guest to upload the pictures taken with her "fancy camera" to an album on Facebook with the amount of time that your wedding photographer has informed you it will take, which could be four weeks, six weeks, three months, or something entirely different. Avoid making this mistake. Despite the fact that, at first glance, the two durations of time might appear to be comparable to one another, it is essential to avoid making this comparison.

    New Client Procurement (Marketing) Always Has To Come First

    When it comes to running a company, one must face the unavoidable reality that a significant portion of the daily responsibilities that must be fulfilled involve some form of marketing. It is our responsibility to ensure that we provide a prompt response to any new leads who make contact with us and ask questions. It may not be cool to admit this because all of our customers are important to us, but the truth is that our businesses would suffer if the utmost level of attention was not given to new customers who were coming in.

    When a new message arrives in our inbox with a question or comment, we want to be able to respond to it within five minutes at the very most. Depending on the number of leads that come in each day, it may be distracting to the tasks I'm trying to get deeper into, but it's still an essential component of the company's operations, so I have no choice but to deal with it.

    The same guiding principle applies during phone calls and in-person meetings with new customers after initial contact has been made with our company. They are obligated to take precedence over everything else. If we don't address their concerns, we run the risk of losing their business, and they might look elsewhere for a provider who can give them a higher level of attention. We have the best wedding photographer in Yarra Valley to capture your beautiful moments on your wedding day.

    We're Doing Non-photography Stuff And Can't Edit Around The Clock.

    On the other hand, a different photographer could have a full-time job that runs from 9 am to 5 pm, young children, or other caring responsibilities; they could also have plans for a vacation, or they could feel the need to limit the amount of time they spend working or editing for the sake of their own mental health.

    The desire to bring in a few additional dollars on the side motivates a lot of people to get their hands on a camera, which they then use to start their own photography businesses. There is not the slightest bit of a problem with that at all! You might not be aware of the fact that many extremely talented and well-known professionals working in other fields also do photography as a side hustle, but there are many of them.

    They won't even acknowledge to you that they have another job other than photographing weddings, and they won't post any information about it anywhere online. They won't even acknowledge to you that they have another job other than photographing weddings.

    Backlogs Are Baked Into Reality Of Photographing Weddings

    There is a good chance that we will be facing a backlog when the busiest time of the wedding season finally rolls around. Why?

    The editing process for a wedding typically takes around 14 hours, according to our estimations. (I have heard of photographers who take two hours, and we are familiar with one who takes one hundred and fifty hours.) In general, it's a pretty efficient way of doing business.

    Take for example there was a wedding two days prior to the event. Yours, we won't even have started shooting yours by the time the editing process has even begun on yours. Yours, we won't even have begun editing yours. And what if there was an additional one five days earlier, as well as an additional one the weekend before the one that just occurred?

    It is not always going to be possible for us to find a gap of 14 hours in between weddings so that we can start editing before the next wedding. If it is possible, we will let you know in advance if this is the case. The next thing on the agenda once we get back from your wedding is to edit the videos from the weddings that took place before yours.

    We don't rush to edit the submissions that we think of as our "favourites" because we don't want to be unfair to any of our clients and we want to provide a high level of service. Instead, we handle everything in the order that it occurred in time, which is the chronological order of the events.

    It is important to keep in mind that the agreement you make with the wedding photographer should always include a breakdown of the turnaround time in addition to specific timeframes. The turnaround times that photographers promise to their clients need to be reasonable, taking into account the fact that the amount of work that they have to do varies and that life can sometimes throw a curveball; however, the terms of the agreement should not be altered once the contract has been signed.

    We Need To Allow A Contingency

    Let's move on now that we've established that it won't take me a solid eight weeks of working my skinny butt off in order to complete the edits for your wedding. In addition to the items that are currently in the backlog, there are a number of other things that consume a significant portion of our time. As a result, we have to set aside significantly more time than it could possibly require.

    We don't just want to live up to our customers' expectations; we want to consistently exceed them as well. Under promise, over deliver and all that jazz.

    However, at that time, I was expecting to be quietly editing your wedding and getting booked for a bunch of last-minute weddings, so we don't want to tell you that your images will take only four weeks to complete the editing process. There are some of them that require you to spend the night in a location other than where you normally reside.

    We would rather not have to call you up and inform you that the time estimate that was provided to you is going to be completely inaccurate by a factor of two times as much as it was originally thought. At this point, you should be getting ready to send out your thank-you cards and fielding questions from everyone regarding the status of the photographs and whether or not they have been completed yet.

    This is something that we will sign and agree on, and it is my current turnaround time for the majority of weddings, which is within two months.

    Have we ever been that far behind schedule with the delivery of a gallery for such a long period of time? No. There are instances in which we complete it in fewer than fourteen days. Nevertheless, we do ask that my clients have an awareness that the expected and agreed-upon timeframe is going to be two months. At least, we haven't had any experiences that even come close to being comparable to the scenario that was described earlier in this paragraph.

    We All Approach Editing Differently

    How long is it reasonable to wait for wedding photos?

    The vast majority of photographers decide to make photography their career because they take pleasure in attending weddings, taking pictures, and interacting with a variety of fascinating people in the course of their work.

    We have never heard of anyone getting into wedding photography so that they could spend more time in a dark room editing photos with Lightroom. This simply does not make sense.

    It's very likely that you'll put things off until later if you don't have an extremely high level of motivation. Consider the task of looking through the three hundred pictures that you took on your trip to Santorini, which are stored on your phone, to be a difficult one. Try working through a RAW file set that is over 200 gigabytes in size!

    Outsourcing Vs In-house Editing?

    When a photographer reaches a certain volume of bookings, it is typically no longer practical for them to cull and edit all of the work on their own. Instead, the photographer should hire an assistant to help them with these tasks. They have decided to hire an assistant to do it in its place. This is especially the case if they hire other photographers to work for them in the capacity of associate photographers; in this scenario, their company is able to effectively shoot photographs of multiple events occuring on the same day.

    When compared to the amount of work that needed to be done, the day would be much too short. Because so many high-end and high-volume photographers are required to do post-processing work, these photographers are often forced to outsource it. There are those who make the decision to hand off this responsibility to an employee or an independent contractor. The editor has the option of performing either the culling (the process of selecting the best images) or the editing (the process of importing the photos into Lightroom and making adjustments to them), or both of these processes. Culling is the process of selecting the best images.

    In light of that, what does it mean for you moving forwards? It's possible that it doesn't mean anything at all, but it does put the photographer in a precarious position with regard to the editing company or independent contractor. If the editor goes out of business, makes mistakes, or transfers files that are extremely large, it is the responsibility of the photographer to make the necessary corrections.

    As a consequence of this, there will be a delay. When work is forced upon a contractor or outsourced to other businesses, there is always a certain degree of risk involved, and there is also always a trade-off that needs to be made. On the other hand, this is not something that customers need to be particularly concerned about in most cases. We have an exclusive range of wedding photography Mornington Peninsula services. Check them out here.

    Rest Assured, It Isn't You! And It Isn't Because The Photographer Lost The Photos!

    According to what I've learned from researching this topic online, some newlywed brides experience feelings of anxiety as the days, weeks, and months that follow their wedding pass. Despite this, they have not received a link to a shimmering gallery in their inbox.

    They start to show signs of concern by inquiring about the potential implications in the event that our photographs were rendered unusable. What if our photographer is unable to make the images work with what they have because we did such a poor job of posing? Was our venue too dark? What would take place in the event that our photographer accidentally deleted all of our photos?

    This sort of thing never takes place, at least not when one is dealing with a trained professional. We take immense pleasure in working with any and all different kinds of couples and bringing out the very best in them.

    The numerous ways in which the lighting can be arranged accomplish essentially the same thing. We take on an attitude of preparedness, very similar to that of the boy scouts.

    We have a number of safeguards in place to prevent the accidental deletion or loss of your files, as well as the failure to record them onto our recording devices in the first place. These safeguards also prevent us from accidentally deleting or losing any of the files that we record for you. One of the reasons why you should hire a professional instead of your "cousin who has a Nikon" is because this is one of the reasons.

    I let you know everything turned out great by sending you sneak peeks, which is a sample preview of 20-30 images from your day. This is just one of the many reasons why I engage in these activities. You look amazing. The photographs are right here with me. The day was documented in its entirety on film.


    I am aware that your level of excitement is quite high; however, in the grand scheme of things, the time that remains until you will be able to view the photographs that were taken is not at all very long at all! The labour that you have entrusted to me is time-consuming, and by this point, we will have already discussed and agreed upon the stipulations of our agreement. I give that delivery date a later time than it will actually be because I take that date very seriously; however, it will actually be later. I would never want to let you down in any way, shape, or form!

    If I were to miss a deadline, it would make me feel like a complete failure. regardless of how things are going in either my personal life or my professional life at the time. That ought to not bother you in any way, shape, or form.

    Before the big day, you should make it a point to ask your wedding photographer, "How long will it take for us to receive our finished wedding images?" in order to get an idea of the timeline. Before you agree to go through with the arrangement, you need to ensure that you have a response to that question. Obtain it in written form, and then question them about it to verify that the information is correct. Ask them that question regardless of whether they are an amateur photographer who is just beginning their career or an experienced professional photographer who has years of experience.

    The fact that your photographer estimates a difficult turnaround time of three months and that you are unable to wait that long to receive your photos is a deal breaker. Try looking elsewhere for a photographer who places a premium on fast turnaround times. In the event that the delivery was not completed by the date that was specified, they stated that they would make contact with your photographer in order to determine what had happened.

    If the photographer has not been able to complete the services within the allotted amount of time, the responsible photographer owes it to you to at least explain what is going on. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Given that the agreement stipulated that they were responsible for meeting the delivery deadline, a true professional ought to be able to do so without fail. Nevertheless... we do retain our humanity. There are times when the way life progresses can't be predicted. The reality does not very closely match up with the intended outcome. Something comes into being as a result. Accidents and emergencies happen. We make mistakes. Just put in your request, and we will respond with the latest information on everything that is going on.

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