What Are the Must-Have Wedding Photos?

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    You've done a tremendous amount of work organising your wedding. Now, the challenge is to find the most effective means of recording it. Even if you have complete faith in your photographer, it's still a good idea to draw up a list of the shots you're hoping to get.

    Making a shot list and giving it to your photographer is a win-win situation; you get the photos you want, and the photographer's job is made easier because of the list. As an added bonus, they can rest assured that you will be a satisfied customer as long as the items on the shot list are executed properly.

    Your wedding day will fly by before your eyes, just like you've heard. This highlights the significance of making adequate preparations. The first step in planning your shot list is to hire a photographer (at least 9-11 months in advance!). The photographer will help you determine the best moments to capture, but you should have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve as well.

    After all, a high-quality photo album is essential for preserving these memories. View these lovely picture ideas for your wedding and get ready for your close up. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Professional wedding photographers use both art and science to create stunning images of your special day, but there are some additional shots that you simply must have in addition to the traditional wedding party photos.

    FAQs About Photography

    How to Use a Wedding Photo Shot List?

    Decide on a half-dozen must-have shots and discuss them in advance with your photographer. That way, they can keep in mind your preferences for specific shots while also leaving themselves room to be spontaneous and capture the enjoyable moments as they unfold.

    You can rest assured that your photographer will get plenty of shots of you throughout the day no matter what you tell them. It is crucial to share your specific ideas and expectations if there is anything you have in mind. The shot list we've provided as an example can serve as a foundation upon which your own ideas can expand.


    • Everything from the invitation to the gift
    • Bridal jewellery
    • Dresses and suits for weddings
    • Dressing up an outfit with jewellery, cufflinks, or shoes
    • Flowers of all kinds (corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets)

    Getting Ready

    • Hair and makeup for the bride and bridesmaids.
    • Gleeful newlyweds
    • Pictures of the bride and groom with their mothers.
    • Photos of the fathers of the bride and groom
    • Images of the family


    • First look with just the two of them
    • Wedding party, including the bride and attendants
    • Proposal party: groom(s), best man(s), and ring bearer


    • Photographs of the ceremony location, decorations, and guests
    • Within the venue, the groom and his party wait.
    • Guests
    • Arrival of the Bride's Party
    • The bride(s) entering the ceremony
    • Response of the Groom
    • In which the bride's parents give her away
    • Vows are exchanged
    • The Ring Exchange
    • When the bride and groom first kiss after they've signed their marriage licence.
    • To wit: the waning (couple walking back up the aisle)
    • Confetti tossing

    Group Portraits 

    • Weddin' and dancin' with the bride's and groom's attendants
    • Hold hands with the whole bridal party
    • Wedding party, including bride and attendants
    • Wedding party: best man, groom, and best men
    • To a Parent or Parents of Children
    • Cohabit with both sets of parents
    • Family unit including both sets of parents
    • Sibling pairing
    • Relationship between a couple and their immediate family


    • Table settings, place cards, favours, centrepieces, and any other decorative elements in the room.
    • Wedding cake detail shots
    • An impressive debut
    • Toasts and speeches
    • Celebration with a cake-cutting ceremony
    • A First Dance
    • Bride(s) dancing with father/groom (s) dancing with mother
    • The couple mixes and mingle with the partygoers.
    • Guests dancing
    • Performers in the musical and/or vocal arts
    • Statement of Departure


    What Are the Must-Have Wedding Photos?

    Do not be shy about showing off the finer points of your wedding attire, whether it be the dress, shoes, or jewellery. You'll want to make sure your wedding photos capture these lovely touches, no matter how minor they may seem individually. Choosing the right wedding photographer in Melbourne to capture every moment on your wedding day. 


    To put it simply, flowers are fantastic. Make sure that the full beauty of your bouquet is recorded. It works wonderfully in close-ups and medium distances, and it can even be used to capture ring shots and elaborate costumes. If you want to remember the beauty of your wedding bouquet always, now is the time to do so.


    Some of our favourite photographs are close-ups of rings. You can also put this picture in your wedding album because it is beautiful. Exhibit your wedding and engagement rings in all their glittering glory. Among the many special touches associated with a wedding, the rings of the happy couple are a must-have for some.


    Although not absolutely necessary, some people might want to immortalise their particularly lovely footwear in this way.

    Invitation Suite

    Even though you'll probably end up with a few extra invitations in the end, we think the photo is well worth it. When designing wedding albums, we love to include photos from the invitation suite because we feel they help tell the story of the big day. Get pictures of the ceremony with all the wedding invitations and accessories in it.

    The Veil

    This lovely touch calls for photographic proof that it actually existed. When it comes to the reception and the rest of the evening, most brides choose to remove it, so if you want to remember its beauty, snap a photo before the bride removes it.

    Bride and Groom Gifts and Letters

    The morning of the wedding, if you have a gift for your spouse planned, you should hold off until after the photographer has arrived. Having your photographer there to capture the moment you open the heartfelt card or savour the meaningful present is a must.

    Getting Ready

    The most fun can be had with pictures like these because of how naturally relaxed everyone is. Get some cute matching PJs or robs and take some fun photos of the day before the dresses and jewellery come out. We have the best wedding photographer in Yarra Valley to capture your beautiful moments on your wedding day. 

    Hair and Makeup Shots

    Get some lovely images of the details before you dance the night away and your makeup melts and your hair falls out. As an added bonus, the vendors will love having these for their portfolios. It's important to remember all the steps involved in getting ready for the day. Don't let the anticipation of your wedding prevent you from taking some beautiful, candid photos of the happy couple. You and your spouse-to-be will always cherish the wedding photos in which the two of you look thoughtful.

    Hair Moment

    Your hair may never look as glamorous as it does on your wedding day.

    Groom Portrait

    The bride may be the centre of attention on the wedding day, but the groom should not be overlooked. Get a portrait of the groom so you can always remember how dashing he looked on your wedding day.

    The Little Ones

    Photo ops with the flower girl and ring bearers never go out of style. Nothing compares to the sweetness of a flower girl gazing up at the bride in her wedding gown. You'll be glad you went with this unconventional concept for your wedding photos when the photographer captures the unforgettable moment. When that little one grows up and starts thinking about his or her own wedding, those are the pictures to pull out and look at.

    If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.


    To finally see each other for the first time on your wedding day – ah, the joy! Some couples opt to walk down the aisle without seeing each other's faces by holding hands or standing back-to-back, while others prefer to exchange full glances.

    • Travel to the Ceremony or Event Location
    • Wedding party, including bride's parents
    • Wedding party, including the bride and attendants
    • Wedding party, including the groom(s) and his/their attendants/ring bearers
    • An exterior shot of the wedding car

    First Look

    Maybe nothing can compare to the first time you see each other. If you choose to use this idea for your wedding photos, you may want to have some tissues handy. It is not required, but many couples like to see each other before the ceremony to calm their nerves and enjoy some private time together. Therefore, they have the wedding photographer take pictures.

    • One-on-one time for the new couple
    • Couple's reaction from bridal party if they walk in together

    Wedding Ceremony

    Keep in mind the precise location of your "I do" in your memories. Some churches prefer not to have photos during the ceremony, particularly within the mass, so check with your celebrant in advance to see what their policy is.

    • Shots of empty venue/church, including the altar, flowers, interior and exterior details
    • Groom and groomsmen waiting inside venue/church
    • Churchgoers both inside and outside
    • Programs being distributed by the ushers
    • Bridal party arrives via wedding car
    • The bride or brides exiting the vehicle
    • Bride(s) and bridesmaids at the back of venue/church
    • Arrival of the Bride's Party
    • Getting ready to walk down the aisle
    • Response of the Groom
    • In which the bride's parents give her away
    • Vows are exchanged
    • The Unity Candle is lit.
    • Beacon bearer
    • The Ring Exchange
    • Individuals involved in the ceremony, such as readers, the officiant, musicians, etc.
    • The newlyweds' first kiss and the seconds that follow
    • Putting one's signature down in the book
    • In reference to the recessional/walk couple's back down the aisle:
    • Wedding snapshot
    • Confetti tossing
    • Greeting guests outside the venue
    • Photograph of newlyweds in their wedding car

    Exchanging Vows

    The moment you promise to spend the rest of your lives together is the most important part of the whole wedding. Make sure all of your photographers are ready to go during this portion of the ceremony.

    The Kiss

    It doesn't get any better than your first kiss as a married couple. Be sure to get this one perfect shot of the happy couple for your wedding album. Every time you look at this picture, it will make you gasp in awe.

    Post-Ceremony Wedding

    What Are the Must-Have Wedding Photos?

    While the majority of couples wait until after the ceremony to take wedding portraits, more and more First Look couples are opting to do so. Whatever the case may be, your portrait session will likely last anywhere from forty minutes to two hours. If time is of the essence, be sure to let your photographer know. You should make a list of everyone who should be in the portraits, as well as the specific groupings you need. Also, consider enlisting the help of a trusted friend who isn't in the bridal party to assist the photographer in corralling guests.

    Couple Shots

    • Photographs of the couple together
    • Photos of the bride and groom alone

    Bridal Party

    • Weddin' and dancin' with the bride's and groom's attendants
    • Hold hands with the whole bridal party
    • Wedding party, including bride and attendants
    • Wedding party: best man, groom, and best men
    • Families including children in the wedding party


    • Matchmaking with both sets of parents
    • Family unit including both sets of parents
    • Sibling pairing
    • Relationship between a couple and their immediate family

    Informal shots

    • Shots with the gang
    • Guest footage including eating, drinking, and mingling
    • Individual friend groups, such as those made in school or on sports teams, are also included.

    Secluded Moments

    Get away from your wedding guests for a few minutes and capture your love in pictures. Get away from the crowd and the festivities with a few post-ceremony photos of the two of you alone.

    Personality Photos

    Wedding photographs have a tendency to be rather stiff; make sure your individuality comes through as well. Don't be afraid to act goofy for the camera and capture the full range of human emotion that will be present on your wedding day.

    Individual Bridal Party Shots

    It's important to get photos of each member of the bridal party separately. Due to the fact that bridesmaids and groomsmen typically don't know each other, these pictures will have extra significance. Keep in mind the love and support of your loved ones on your wedding day. We promise that this is one wedding photo idea that will be worth framing. They care so much about you that even a picture of you by yourself on your wedding day will be treasured. We think it's a great idea to print these out and tuck them into cards of gratitude.

    Wedding Reception Photo Checklist

    While you're probably eager to see your closest friends and family fill the reception hall, it's important to capture the space in its bare form so that you can appreciate and recall its unique details.

    Make sure to include anyone who helped with the reception's preparations by writing their names down, such as the friend who baked the cake or the aunt who sewed the bunting.

    • The lobby before it fills up
    • Decorations, such as place cards, favours, centrepieces, and table settings, are shown in close-up shots.
    • Close-ups of the wedding cake
    • An Arriving Couple
    • Commemorative meals and speeches
    • Taking a slice of the cake
    • A First Dance
    • Parents of the bride and groom dance with them, and vice versa.
    • The couple mixes and mingle with the partygoers.
    • Participating Guests Dancing
    • Performers in the musical and/or vocal arts


    Take a photo of your cake while it's still in pristine condition before cutting into it. Despite your best efforts, this dessert will be eaten in a flash. Before everyone starts eating, snap a picture. Take some pictures of you and your spouse cutting the cake for your wedding album.


    All those beautiful centrepieces should be captured on camera. Simply put, they are a masterpiece. You put in a lot of effort to select the finer points for your big day, so have your photographer record a photo of the scene so you can always remember the effort that went into making it the best day possible.

    Favours or Welcome Bags

    The wedding favours you chose were likely the result of a lot of thought (and perhaps expense). Make sure you take a picture of the happy couple to keep as a memento. It is recommended to take pictures of any particularly inventive favours or welcome gifts you may give. These personalised koozies are the bomb!

    Escort Cards

    If you have a beautiful escort table like this one, you won't want to forget about this often-overlooked feature. Many hours of careful work went into making those stunning cards. Do not pass up the opportunity to keep their memories alive.

    Decor and Signage

    These little touches are a big reason why your wedding will be unforgettable, and it will be interesting to look back on them as the years pass and see how the trends have influenced the wedding industry. Take pictures of the stunning setting at your wedding ceremony and reception.

    You put a lot of time and effort into dreaming up the ideal venue and decor, so be sure to capture plenty of wedding photos of it. At Wild Romantic, we have the best wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula to capture every single moment on your wedding day. 

    Seating Arrangements

    You can even make a wedding photo of your unique table markers.

    Table Setting

    Be sure to shoot away at your reception venue before the guests arrive.

    First Dance

    Your first dance together is special whether you opt for a slow traditional number or a faster, more up-to-date number. Your first dance as a married couple. Grab all the wedding photos you can of this stunning backdrop.

    Dancing Queen

    Don't forget to take pictures so you can relive the fun of the night you had dancing. Take your grandma out for a spin on the dance floor or round up your closest pals to jam out to your jam of choice. In the years to come, you can always look back on these wedding pictures and smile.

    The Food

    Remember all those taste testing sessions? From appetisers over entrees to desserts, don't forget to capture the deliciousness of your wedding day.


    Wedding shot lists are meant as suggestions, not hard and fast rules. Everyone's big day goes differently, so be prepared for a few surprises (and more than you bargained for) on your big day. However, that's the glory of your special day!

    You've put in countless hours and months of planning to make sure your wedding and reception are perfect. You should take many pictures at your wedding so that you can always remember how wonderful it was. If you have your photographer capture some of these creative angles, you'll be able to relive the thrill of your wedding day over and over again.

    Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    Of course, getting the wedding photographs of your dreams also requires you to find a wedding photographer whose work and style you adore, so it's essential to devote time and effort to find the right person for the job!