Top 50+ Wedding Night Accommodation in Melbourne, Victoria

When looking for a place to stay on your wedding night, consider what type of experience you want. Do you want a romantic getaway, or would you prefer something more relaxed? Maybe you're looking for a place with luxurious amenities, or perhaps affordability is key. No matter what you're after, there's sure to be an accommodation out there that fits the bill.

If so, you're likely considering all the different details that need to be taken care of – from the ceremony itself to the reception. But have you given any thought to where you and your new spouse will stay on your wedding night? If not, don't worry – we've got you covered.

Ultimate List Of Top Wedding Night Accommodation in Melbourne, Victoria

Leonda By The Yarra Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

leonda by the yarra wedding accommodation melbourne


About Leonda By The Yarra

The beginning of a prosperous history for Leonda can be traced back to the year 1970, when John Gorton was serving as Prime Minister and seatbelt use became mandatory in vehicles across the state of Victoria. In the past, the location that Leonda currently calls home was known as the Hawthorn Tea Gardens. It was a well-liked spot for boaters to tie up their vessels and for ladies to mingle and chat while enjoying a cup of tea and some scones while taking in the sights of the surrounding area. After the Hawthorn Tea Gardens were destroyed by a tragic fire, business partners Leon Jolson and David Walker purchased the area and constructed Melbourne's most prestigious welcome centre on it. Leonda, a combination of Leon and David's names, was chosen to be the name of the breathtaking receiving centre that was built there.

Originally, Leonda was constructed as a sizable function room with space for 500 guests, and an adjoining space known as the "River Club Restaurant" served as the dining area for 132 people.

Although there have been a great number of events that will live long in people's memories that have taken place at Leonda, there are a select handful that stand out above the rest, some of which include the following:

In 1975, when the Governor-General arrived to Leonda after dismissing Gough Whitlam from his position, there was a public uprising.

In the 1980s, a conference was held at Leonda, and the Dalai Lama was one of the featured speakers there.

The Brownlow Medal and the Logie Awards have both been presented at Leonda in the past.

During the middle of the 1980s, a Romanian heavy weight lifter came to Leonda for a function when he was in Melbourne competing in the World Heavy Weight Lifting Championships. During the course of the night, he vanished. Because it was suspected that he was trying to find safety in Australia, the authorities conducted a massive hunt for him. The media gave this a lot of attention and coverage.

In the middle of the 1990s, the vast ballroom at Leonda was the setting for a wonderful lunch that was hosted for one of the Pope's Cardinals. It was expected that he would become the next Pope, but ultimately he was not chosen for the position.

Prince Phillip and Prince Charles have each visited Leonda for dinner on their own, on separate occasions.

While we are having a party to honour our great history as a true landmark in the city of Melbourne, we would like to invite you to join us in this celebration by looking through our image collection to see how Leonda has evolved while at the same time staying true to its beginnings. In order to more accurately construct our timeline, Leonda is conducting a search for couples who tied the knot at the location around the year 1970, during the venue's formative years of business.

We would also be interested in hearing about any humorous or intriguing anecdotes that have taken place at Leonda during the course of its history. We are proud of our past and invite you to share your own anecdotes and recollections with us so that we may all rejoice together.

Quat Quatta Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

quat quatta wedding night accommodations melbourne



An exceptional boutique venue. Award-winning menus, stunning photographic opportunities, exceptional service from an experienced team.

An unrivalled space for 50-160 seated guests or 200 cocktails.

Wedding Ceremony

Celebrate on site. Catering for all weather in several carefully designed impressive spaces.


With our creativity combined, the possibilities are endless.

High tables, low tables, long or round... earthy, organic, funky or classic.


Delicious, fresh, seasonal. Our approach is to leave you dreaming of more.

Boasting admission to the Restaurant & Caterers Hall of Fame – you're in great hands.


Magic photo opportunities throughout. Abundant exterior possibilities. Green walls, festoon lights and classic architecture.

Lyrebird Falls Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

lyrebird falls wedding night accommodations melbourne


About Us

The beginning of a prosperous history for Leonda can be traced back to the year 1970, when John Gorton was serving as Prime Minister and seatbelt use became mandatory in vehicles across the state of Victoria. In the past, the location that Leonda currently calls home was known as the Hawthorn Tea Gardens. It was a well-liked spot for boaters to tie up their vessels and for ladies to mingle and chat while enjoying a cup of tea and some scones while taking in the sights of the surrounding area. After the Hawthorn Tea Gardens were destroyed by a tragic fire, business partners Leon Jolson and David Walker purchased the area and constructed Melbourne's most prestigious welcome centre on it. Leonda, a combination of Leon and David's names, was chosen to be the name of the breathtaking receiving centre that was built there.

Originally, Leonda was constructed as a sizable function room with space for 500 guests, and an adjoining space known as the "River Club Restaurant" served as the dining area for 132 people.

Although there have been a great number of events that will live long in people's memories that have taken place at Leonda, there are a select handful that stand out above the rest, some of which include the following:

In 1975, when the Governor-General arrived to Leonda after dismissing Gough Whitlam from his position, there was a public uprising.

In the 1980s, a conference was held at Leonda, and the Dalai Lama was one of the featured speakers there.

The Brownlow Medal and the Logie Awards have both been presented at Leonda in the past.

During the middle of the 1980s, a Romanian heavy weight lifter came to Leonda for a function when he was in Melbourne competing in the World Heavy Weight Lifting Championships. During the course of the night, he vanished. Because it was suspected that he was trying to find safety in Australia, the authorities conducted a massive hunt for him. The media gave this a lot of attention and coverage.

In the middle of the 1990s, the vast ballroom at Leonda was the setting for a wonderful lunch that was hosted for one of the Pope's Cardinals. It was expected that he would become the next Pope, but ultimately he was not chosen for the position.

Prince Phillip and Prince Charles have each visited Leonda for dinner on their own, on separate occasions.

While we are having a party to honour our great history as a true landmark in the city of Melbourne, we would like to invite you to join us in this celebration by looking through our image collection to see how Leonda has evolved while at the same time staying true to its beginnings. In order to more accurately construct our timeline, Leonda is conducting a search for couples who tied the knot at the location around the year 1970, during the venue's formative years of business.

We would also be interested in hearing about any humorous or intriguing anecdotes that have taken place at Leonda during the course of its history. We are proud of our past and invite you to share your own anecdotes and recollections with us so that we may all rejoice together.


The stained glass wedding chapel is a beautiful setting for exchanging vows, and it has been recognised by the Australian Bridal Industry Awards as the Best Ceremony Venue in Victoria for two years running. The mirrored walls of the wedding chapel make the experience of holding your ceremony in the very heart of the magnificent Dandenongs even more memorable for you and your guests. This little area is flooded with natural light, making it an exquisite and one-of-a-kind location for the wedding images that you will take on your big day.

Garden Gazebo

Your outdoor wedding ceremony would be absolutely magical if it took place in a garden gazebo that was set within the woods and was filled with soft lighting. Walk up the aisle with the stunning bluestone pavers, through the cascading waterfall, into the verdant fern backdrop of the Dandenongs, and along with music that is playing softly in the gardens. In the event that the weather takes a turn for the worse, we are able to shift your wedding ceremony inside, into our beautiful stained glass chapel.

Clarion Suites Gateway Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

clarion suites gateway wedding night accommodations melbourne


The Clarion Suites Gateway is the ideal home base for both business and pleasure travellers alike thanks to its location on the banks of the Yarra River in the middle of Melbourne's central business area. Our hotel in the Central Business District of Melbourne, which features 120 apartment-style rooms with full kitchens, laundry facilities, broadband Internet, and other conveniences, places an emphasis on your comfort. Guests staying at this establishment have the opportunity to make use of our one-of-a-kind event facilities, which include the Yarra View Room, enjoy delicious food at William's Bar and Café, and swim in an indoor pool that is heated.

Ample Amenities & Convenience

The Clarion Suites Gateway is a convenient place to stay in Melbourne for any kind of trip, whether it be for an essential business conference or a relaxing vacation with the family on the banks of the Yarra River. At our hotel in Melbourne, Australia, visitors of all ages are sure to find something to excite them, from the hotel's gorgeous contemporary décor to the warm and welcoming service provided by our personnel.


The comfortable and peaceful rooms at Clarion Suites Gateway are available in studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites, providing guests with a welcome escape after a productive day. Unwind with plush bedding, room service that's available around the clock, and more when you stay in one of our roomy standard or suite accommodations.

Services and Facilities of Interest

The staff at the Clarion Suites Gateway provides service with a grin that earns four and a half stars, and they are able to assist you with anything you may require during your stay there. During your stay, you can take use of a number of amenities, including an indoor heated swimming pool, a sun deck, a broadband Internet connection, free access to an offsite gym, onsite eating at William's Bar & Café, and more.


The Clarion Apartments Gateway, which is located just a few steps away from the Yarra River, features comfortable guestrooms and suites with breathtaking views of the river. The Crown Entertainment Complex, the Melbourne Aquarium, world-class shopping, spectacular sporting arenas, and significant area businesses are all within a few minutes' walk of the Clarion Suites Gateway hotel, which is located in the middle of the Central Business District in Melbourne.


William's Bar & Café caters to a wide variety of diners' preferences with an extensive menu that will leave you feeling content with your meal.

Open seven days a week (closed Sunday for dinner). On public holidays, the restaurant is open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM for breakfast but is closed for lunch and dinner. Room service is offered to all guests staying in the hotel.


Everyone who stays at the Clarion Suites Gateway enjoys the convenient location that puts them so close to the area's top points of interest, whether they are there with their children or on business. You will never run out of things to do during your stay because the hotel is located just a few minutes away from sporting arenas, the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, Southgate dining and shopping, and more.

Pullman Hotel And Resort Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

pullman hotel and resort wedding night accommodations melbourne


One Of The Most Iconic Hotels In Melbourne

Welcome To Pullman Melbourne On The Park

The Pullman Melbourne on the Park is well located at the crossroads of the city's most important commercial, gastronomic, sporting, and cultural districts.

Discover how culture, business, food, and sports centres combine to make Melbourne a city of invention, and take your cues for innovation from the city's entrepreneurs and creative minds, which are only minutes away by tram or train. Take the scenic route, and get some fresh air while you're doing it.

Five-Star Wedding Venues In Melbourne

The famous Pullman Melbourne on the Park is the ideal location for your wedding celebration, whether you want to go all out or keep things more intimate. The Pullman Melbourne on the Park is a magnificent location for your significant event since it looks out over the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Park, and the Fitzroy Gardens. Our establishment has cosy rooms in which you and your immediate circle of friends and family can celebrate in private. Have a spectacular celebration in our ballroom, where you can host a sit-down meal for up to 550 guests and even set up a dance floor. The same ballroom, which is one of the largest in Melbourne, is capable of hosting a glittering cocktail reception for as many as one thousand guests. Choose from beautiful canapes or sumptuous grazing platters, as well as delectable two- and three-course meals, for a dining and refreshing experience that is of the highest culinary calibre. The fun of wedding preparation lies in its complexity. Pullman is here to assist you in simplifying the process with our wide range of products.

Request for Proposal for Wedding at the Pullman Melbourne On the Park

One of the most prestigious locations for wedding receptions in Melbourne is the Pullman Melbourne On The Park, which is distinguished by its five-star services and facilities. The hotel features 419 modern rooms and suites, as well as world-class wedding sites, as well as individual ceremony and reception preparation, and it has a view of the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), as well as Melbourne Park and the gorgeous Fitzroy Gardens.

Please fill out the details below or attach your brief, and a member of our Wedding team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss any questions you may have regarding our wedding venues, catering menus, or meeting planning services.

Where to Find the Best Events in Melbourne and What's On in Melbourne

Pullman Melbourne On The Park is the ideal destination for an experience that you will never forget thanks to its ideal location in the centre of the sports and entertainment sector in East Melbourne. It places you in close proximity to all of the most significant locations, venues, and attractions in Melbourne, making it easy for you to take part in the exhilarating activities that this city has to offer at any time of the year.

Pullman Melbourne on the Park is the place to stay if you want to attend an event in Melbourne because it provides everything you could possibly need.

It doesn't matter what kinds of things you enjoy doing because the city is filled with a wide variety of attractions, activities, and other things to do.

Potters Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

potters wedding night accommodations melbourne


Potters Wedding Venue

The beginning of a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you and your guests will never forget is the moment you and they arrive at Potters for your wedding.

The moment you step through the door of our quaint chapel, you will be mesmerised by its romantic canopy, hand-carved pews, and glass sliding doors that offer views beyond the chapel to our landscaped gardens and groomed lawn. If you would rather have your wedding outside, we also offer various ceremony locations, such as our beautiful wisteria courtyard or our gazebo lawn, all of which are spacious enough to accommodate large wedding parties.

These facilities are connected by brick-paved walks that are adorned with intricate wrought iron handrails and wander across 6 acres of Australian native gardens that feature breathtaking waterfalls. Because the grounds have been planned to take advantage of the daily and seasonal shifts in light, Potters is an excellent location for photography throughout the whole year, regardless of the weather or climate.

Our seasoned wedding coordinators are here to assist you through each and every stage of your wedding day, beginning with the planning stages and ending with the clean up.

Even the most discerning taste buds are likely to be wowed by the delectable dishes that our talented team of chefs has concocted, which feature only the freshest and most flavorful of the region's vegetables.

Simply said, Potters Receptions is the best venue there is, and it's only twenty minutes from Melbourne, at the entrance to the Yarra Valley. They have everything you could possibly need under one roof.


Three stunning ceremony locations are available for your perfect day.


Potters is the perfect location to hold your wedding reception from the large exclusive bridal retreat, alfresco bar, stunning main room with feature waterfall window through to the menus and the friendly staff. Nothing has been overlooked to make your day as special and as carefree as possible.

Elopements & Micro Weddings

We provide a build-your-own elopement package, so you plan exactly the wedding that encapsulates your sense of style.


Finish off your fairy-tale Potters wedding by staying the night in one of our luxury suites.

Multicultural Weddings

At Potters, we love all weddings and their traditions.

Gallery / Real Weddings

Enjoy some stunning images and lovely good wishes from our previous couples.


If you're looking for a venue that can accommodate your Event with unmatched hospitality, there's no better choice than Potters.

Funerals / Life Celebrations

Say goodbye to a loved one at one of our ceremony locations and then celebrate their life in our alfresco bar and wisteria courtyard.


Potters can offer you three stunning menu options from the traditional alternate service, share plates feasting through to the relaxed indoor-outdoor grazing – cocktail wedding.

Immerse Yarra Valley Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

immerse yarra valley wedding night accommodations melbourne


Stunning Yarra Valley Wedding Venue, Winery & Restaurant

Immerse is a stunning wedding venue, acclaimed Restaurant, and boutique vineyard all rolled into one that is nestled in the gorgeous Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia. Your dream wedding in the Yarra Valley can come true with the help of cascading vines, picture-perfect gardens, jaw-dropping accommodations, mouthwatering cuisine, and two breathtaking chapels. Immerse is found at Dixons Creek, which is just a short drive away from Yarra Glen, Healesville, and the other nearby attractions and accommodations that are located in the Yarra Valley.

The Myles Family

The Myles family, who are the proprietors of Immerse Winery, have a fervent enthusiasm for producing outstanding cuisine and wine. Steve and Helen, the owners of the business, travelled to many of the top food and wine destinations across the world and came to the conclusion that the Yarra Valley has some of the best products of any place. They had a vision of providing guests with the best possible cuisine and wine experience, and as a result, Immerse was created.

As a result of running their company as a family concern, Helen and Steve have been able to build a staff that is enthusiastic about both the food and the wine they serve, as well as, most importantly, providing all clients with an exceptional experience. Because Immerse hosts a large number of weddings each year, the wedding team's goal is to make each couple's big day all they've imagined it to be and give them a day they'll look back on with fondness for the rest of their lives. After your first trip to Immerse, you'll always be considered a member of the Immerse family.

Balgownie Estate Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

balgownie estate wedding night accommodations melbourne


Balgownie Yarra Valley And Bendigo

Located in both the Yarra Valley and Bendigo, Balgownie is a resort that combines the functions of a winery and a hotel to provide guests with traditional activities and accommodations.

Yarra Valley offers the utmost in relaxation with its 70 guest rooms, on-site restaurant and spa, and versatile event space. Ideal for unplanned overnight excursions, leisurely lunches, or other special occasions.

The quintessential Australian experience can be had in Bendigo, which features vineyard glamping, homestead and cottage accommodation, a restaurant, and a cellar door.

We provide genuine hospitality, together with creature comforts, exquisite cuisine and wine, as well as breathtaking vistas.

We take great pleasure in providing our visitors with hassle-free, enjoyable, and unforgettable experiences at each and every one of their stays.

The enjoyment of fine wine is at the centre of each and every Balgownie experience, whether guests are dining in our Restaurant that provides a breathtaking view of the Yarra Valley or they are unwinding beneath a canopy of stars in the heart of Victoria.

Balgownie entices you to return due to the fact that they are always friendly and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Night Accommodation

Quest Apartment Hotels Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

quest apartment hotels wedding night accommodations melbourne


Australasia's Leading Apartment Hotel Brand

The Ascott Limited, which operates the largest network of serviced apartments anywhere in the world, counts Quest Apartment Hotels among its member properties. Quest has been in business for 33 years and has accumulated 170 locations in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Fiji. These locations may be found in metropolitan areas, regional centres, and suburban areas. These modern areas have been thoughtfully created to cater to the requirements of Quest's primary target audience, who is the contemporary business travelling. At Quest, we strive to make business travel as simple as possible.

Quest hotels are independently owned and operated by enthusiastic local businesspeople who have a financial stake in the company. This type of ownership is referred to as having "skin in the game." Because of the unwavering dedication of these hardworking professionals to the sustained growth of their various companies, Quest has established itself as a trustworthy partner for its most important stakeholders. Quest has plans for major global growth over the next years, with a vision to add 10 or more properties to the company's portfolio in the United Kingdom by the year 2025. This is in response to the growing demand for high-quality apartment-style accommodations on a global scale. Recently, Quest has been honoured for its achievements on the international scene by being presented with a number of prestigious prizes in the categories of franchising, business, and the hospitality industry.

Why Quest?

Adjusting to a new environment while travelling for a significant amount of time away from home can be challenging. Because of this, our first aim at Quest is to ensure that the change is as painless as is humanly feasible for all of our long-stay guests.

You'll feel right at home in our beautiful and spacious long-term apartments, which offer all the comforts of a home away from home so that you can genuinely settle in and make the most of your time here.

Apartments have a generous open floor plan and a number of layout options to choose from to best suit your requirements.

Locations that are convenient in both urban and suburban regions around Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

We offer competitive rates for the entirety of your stay, and there are no additional fees incurred during large events.

Motels In Box Hill And Burwood Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

motels in box hill and burwood wedding night accommodations melbourne


Motels In Box Hill And Burwood

Quality Motels In Box Hill

Make a reservation at the Box Hill Motel if you want to have a pleasant stay in Burwood. Please give us a call as soon as possible because we are one of the most reputable hotels in the Box Hill and Burwood area.

Because the Box Hill Motel has been providing lodging to visitors and residents of East Melbourne for more than 20 years, you can rely on us to provide an environment that is secure, reasonably priced, and comfortable for you. We have bookings available at all times of the year, which means that we are able to accommodate you regardless of the reason(s) for your trip to the area.

We provide everything you require, whether you are looking for a single room for a quick stop or a family accommodation for the duration of your vacation. The air conditioning and televisions that are mounted on the walls in each room at our lodgings help create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is reminiscent of a home away from home.

Make a reservation at the Box Hill Motel right away, regardless of whether you will be there on business, for a family vacation, or simply to pass the time.

Located Near Burwood

Come to the Box Hill Motel when you need a comfortable, quiet, affordable place to stay in Burwood. Our rooms are clean and inviting, and we're conveniently located near transport options and local attractions. We welcome all kinds of travellers.

Make Your Stay Comfortable

Visitors can experience friendliness in a country-style setting at the Box Hill Motel. No matter what brings you this way, we are delighted to have you in our midst. The majority of our customers are vacationers, business travellers, members of the neighbourhood golf club, and families that require a convenient somewhere to stay while a family member or friend is being treated at Box Hill Hospital.

Choose the Box Hill Motel if you're looking for a place to stay while travelling. We are well located in close proximity to Deakin University, Box Hill Town Hall, and many modes of public transit including trains, trams, and buses. Visit the page about the attractions that are close by to find out more about the local area.

We have accommodations available that are suitable for a wide variety of travellers and party sizes, including those travelling as families, couples, elderly, and solitary travellers. Have a look at the several room configurations and sizes that we provide; one of them is bound to be suitable for your needs. In addition, you may examine photographs of our hotel and individual rooms on the page devoted to our gallery.

Hotel Chadstone Accommodation And Hotel Brighton Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

hotel chadstone accommodation and hotel brighton wedding night accommodations melbourne


Welcome To Hotel Chadstone Melbourne Mgallery By Sofitel

Hotel Chadstone Chadstone, sometimes known as "The Fashion Capital," is an upscale shopping, dining, leisure, and entertainment destination that includes Melbourne as one of its components.

The 12-story, 250-room hotel, which features a rooftop bar, swimming pool, and day spa, has panoramic views that extend from Port Phillip Bay to the Central Business District and across the Dandenong Ranges. It has established a new standard for luxury accommodations that are located outside of Melbourne's city centre.

Every aspect of the design, from the lobby to the event spaces to the suites, has been meticulously thought out, beginning with a one-of-a-kind digital art exhibit that is constantly updated as soon as guests enter. The guest rooms have unique lighting, brass and leather finishes, opulent amenities, and a locally produced minibar stocked with famous produce from Victoria. As a consequence of this, the hotel Chadstone Melbourne has been awarded a rating of 5 Stars for its Green Star Design, making it only the second hotel in all of Australia to receive this accolade.

The rooftop bar location on level 12 of Altus attracts guests with a bar menu that is influenced by seasonal ingredients that are obtained from the lush Victorian countryside. An evening at Altus is unlike any other, whether you're there for a drink after work, a high tea to remember, or just to kick back and unwind. Before you sit down for dinner, you can have a glass of champagne at the cosy Altus Rooftop wine bar.

In the outside bar area, savour a drink that has been carefully mixed by a mixologist while you look into the distance towards the undulating Dandenong Ranges and the glittering Port Phillip Bay.

Luxury Accommodation In Australia's Fashion Capital

The only premium luxury hotel in South-East Melbourne, Hotel Chadstone Melbourne MGallery by Sofitel symbolises the city's embrace of inventive designers and artisan culture. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our guests.

The Hotel Chadstone Melbourne MGallery by Sofitel is a haven of elegance and the ideal location for a luxurious getaway, as it is only a short distance from the centre of Melbourne. Because of its one-of-a-kind design, it manages to be both exclusive and comfortable at the same time, giving guests the impression that they are staying in their own house while simultaneously immersing you in a world of glitz and luxury.

This five-star hotel was designed with the goal of providing its guests with the best possible experience possible. It does so by providing guests with access to unique opportunities, by providing exceptional service, and by providing views of the Dandenong Ranges, Port Phillip Bay, and the Melbourne skyline.

We are looking forwards to having you as a guest at Hotel Chadstone Melbourne, which is widely regarded as the city's premier retail and wellness hotel.

Crowne Plaza Melbourne Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

crowne plaza melbourne wedding night accommodations melbourne

(03) 91117624

Over the course of the past three decades, the famous Crowne Plaza Melbourne has played a pivotal role in the diverse cultural history of Melbourne. Discover Crowne Plaza Melbourne's new modern age, which is proudly set within the architectural facade that is instantly recognisable along the Yarra River. The hotel has recently undergone a reimagining process.

Get away to our hotel that is located right on the river. You'll wake up feeling rested and refreshed thanks to the hotel's spacious accommodations, which provide unparalleled views of the city skyline and river. Our hotel in Docklands features 432 contemporary rooms that are outfitted with opulent linen and quality amenities to ensure that guests have a pleasurable stay.

You will be pleasantly delighted the next time you visit the hotel, as the establishment has recently added new areas for visitors to gather and collaborate, as well as invigorating restaurant and bar outlets that entice customers to refuel and revive themselves. Our news outlets push the boundaries of what is expected of hotel restaurants and bars because they are located in a city that is driven by creativity and the arts. The areas include unexpected textures, furniture that may be combined in a variety of ways, and a variety of wall treatments and tile choices that are tailored to the eccentricities of the occupants.

In our brand-new fitness centre, which features state-of-the-art TechnoGym equipment as well as floor space for the aspiring yogi, you'll be able to maintain your wellness regimen even when you're away from home. You may also go for a swim in the redesigned pool on the hotel's rooftop, which serves as a sort of private oasis atop the main building.

The Crowne Plaza Melbourne was constructed with both the 9-to-5 (Work) and the 5-to-9 (Life) schedules in mind, from the contactless arrivals to the delivery of guest services. Your time spent here will represent an innovative approach to vacationing as a direct consequence of this fact.

What's On In Melbourne

Melbourne is the most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria and the second-most populated city in all of Australia, with a population of 5 million people. It is said that Melbourne is the most diverse and culturally significant city in all of Australia.

Indigenous Australians had been residing in the greater Melbourne area for more than 30,000 years prior to the introduction of European settlers in the region. On August 30th, 1835, the city was established, and on April 10th, 1837, Governor-General Richard Bourne gave the city its current name, Melbourne.

As a result of more than a quarter of its inhabitants having been born in another country, Melbourne is now home to people who hail from more than 200 nations, and residents of the city speak more than 230 different languages. Therefore, a trip to Melbourne is comparable to travelling to the planet itself.

The city of Melbourne is rich in a variety of possibilities, locations to visit, and sights to take in.

Melbourne Attractions

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia is the city of Melbourne. This lively city is home to a wealth of cultural attractions, and visitors can reach stunning natural landmarks in the area in just a few minutes by car. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Melbourne is the most popular destination and first option for tourists from all over the world.

Come to Melbourne today and discover a whole new world of opportunities and experiences waiting for you! Therefore, remember to bring your camera with you, put on your most charming grin, and snap some very breathtaking images when visiting these highly regarded locations in Melbourne.

Crown Hotels Melbourne Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

crown hotels melbourne wedding night accommodations melbourne


Crown Melbourne is happy to welcome you back to our main casino floor, hotels, and a selection of our restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in a safe and secure environment.

Click this link for the most up-to-date information on which locations are still accepting guests. To find out how we will ensure your continued protection upon your return, please click here.

Anyone over the age of 16 who wishes to visit any hospitality establishment in Victoria, as well as any staff members working at these hospitality venues, are required by the state government to have all necessary vaccinations. As a result, upon arrival at the complex, Crown Melbourne will request formal confirmation of vaccination or a medical contraindication certificate from each of these guests. In the event that formal vaccination documentation or a medical contraindication certificate cannot be shown, admission may be refused.

Start Your Crown Melbourne Career

At Crown, we provide a one-of-a-kind selection of employment possibilities and pathways for professional advancement, with over 700 distinct job classifications spanning all aspects of the entertainment, hospitality, corporate, and gaming industries combined. As a result of its rapid expansion, Crown today has more than 12,000 people working across its locations in Perth and Melbourne. Our business attracts clients from all walks of life and celebrates the rich cultural diversity that results from this.

Events At Crown

Crown Melbourne is able to build an enhanced experience that will wow each and every guest. This experience can range from spectacular outdoor terraces and opulent ballrooms to intimate private dining rooms in some of the city's most sought-after restaurants. Our individualised strategy and highly regarded customer service will make every event that you organise, be it a birthday bash, an engagement party, a business meeting, an exhibition, or a conference, an experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Sheldon Reception Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

sheldon reception wedding night accommodations melbourne


About Us

It is especially important that everything be in excellent condition on the day of your wedding. Sheldon Reception is owned and operated by a family, and they are dedicated to making sure that both you and your guests have an event they will never forget.

When you engage with us to arrange your big day, you can rest assured that we will take a professional approach because we have three opulent reception halls that can accommodate anywhere from 70 to 650 guests.

If you let Sheldon handle the planning of your wedding reception, you can rest assured that it will be an unforgettable experience.

Luxury Weddings & Events

Sheldon Reception...

Takes great pride in offering a method that is both professional and all-encompassing when it comes to working with you to arrange your big day. You may put your trust in the venue's wedding coordinators, who, with more than 20 years of experience, can assist you in creating the picture-perfect wedding you've always dreamed of.

Sheldon Reception has everything you require to not only have your big day go off without a hitch but also make it an unforgettable experience, from wedding cakes and entertainment to luxury automobiles.

You and your guests are going to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to the courteous employees, the outstanding presentation, and the perfect service standards.

Bliss Room

Your guests will be delighted and surprised by the distinctive elements of this room, which were specially designed for Sheldon. In a stunning glass elevator that is completely enclosed, you make the gradual ascent through the floors to meet and welcome your guests.

Delphinium Room

This lovely space is excellent for that smaller wedding or special event because to its air-conditioned comfort and romantic elegance. It can accommodate anywhere from 70 to 240 guests. The atmosphere is both lovely and surprisingly intimate, thanks to the excellent lighting.

Sheldon Gardens

The Sheldon Gardens is a highly popular location for dinner dances as well as a wide variety of business events and luncheons. The Sheldon Gardens offers very flexible seating configurations that may be tailored to the style of your event.

Glen Albyn Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

glen albyn wedding accommodations melbourne


Simply A Stunning Experience

Are you looking for an incredible location to have your wedding or other event? Glen Albyn Estate is an amazing boutique event location nestled on 15 acres, only 12 minutes from Hobart. The property is not only secluded and sophisticated, but it also features breathtaking vistas of the Derwent River. We pride ourselves on providing a setting that is one of a kind, along with fantastic food and excellent service.

We Are Passionate About Our Food

At Glen Albyn Estate, we offer you private and full use of our venue, and we can host any type of event imaginable, from gourmet barbecues to cocktail style dinners with a mixture of casual and sit-down seating and all night roving canapés, tapas, food stations, or buffets to the most formal sit-down dinner with a three-course menu or a degustation dinner.

Chg Australia Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

chg australia wedding night accommodations melbourne


Melbourne's Premier Hospitality Provider

South Melbourne, which is one of the hippest and most easily accessible inner-city neighbourhoods, is home to Commercial Hospitality Group's jaw-dropping collection of elegant venues, which are perfect for hosting events and gatherings of any size and scope. Tell us what you need, and we will make sure that everything else is taken care of to make sure that your event is a resounding success without causing you any concern.

The Commercial Hospitality Group throws parties to honour important holidays like New Year's Eve, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the AFL Grand Final, the Super Bowl, and the Melbourne Cup. In spite of this, there are always ad hoc events and activities taking place at our locations during the course of the year. Follow our event social networks to stay up to speed with what's happening, and keep checking back for information on all of CHG Australia's upcoming events!

If you had your heart set on having your dream wedding in 2020, but it looks like those carefully prepared plans have been derailed, you'll probably have to push back your big day. But as COVID restrictions that were mandated by the government begin to be lifted gradually, there are plenty of options for local weddings. These options are available both for couples whose Melbourne weddings had to be rescheduled and for those whose plans for a destination wedding had to be voluntarily shelved.

A Growing Business

The Commercial Hospitality Group, which can be found in the centre of South Melbourne, is unparalleled in terms of its position, adaptability, and iconic view of the city of Melbourne. The CHG is home to several important rooms, including the Main Hall, Topiary, Rooftop Terrace, Hennessy Room, and Garden Bar; these rooms are ideal for hosting celebrations of any kind. Consequently, whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a Christmas party, or a corporate gathering, the skilled hospitality team that we employ takes care of every detail of your culinary demands and audio-visual requirements so that you don't have to. We are eager to get started because we are dedicated to collaborating with you in order to bring your dream day to life and we can't wait to get started.

Ballara Wedding Accommodations Melbourne 

ballara wedding night accommodations melbourne


The Complete Wedding Experience

On the day of your wedding, we will ensure that you have an experience that you will never forget. Our business was founded in 1987, and our family still owns and runs it now.

Ballara, which is found at the foothills of the Yarra Valley, is a place where you can realise all of your wildest fantasies in one convenient spot.

For your ceremony, we kindly ask that you select either our on-site chapel or one of the many spots available in our own English gardens.

Because there are so many great photo ops right there in Ballara, there is no need for you to travel somewhere else in order to get all of those unforgettable moments on film.

You can save yourself the effort and worry of going to extra destinations by simply wandering around the lake to find our cascading waterfall, enormous swing, lakeside jetty, rustic LOVE letters, and rose arbours, to mention a few of our attractions.

Relax and enjoy the reception in our magnificent ballroom, which features glittering chandeliers, a huge central dance floor, and windows that look out over the garden that has been lit up with fairy lights.

Because no two weddings are the same, we would love to customise a package and quote just for you, and we would also like to learn what aspects of your wedding day are most important to you.

Our staff will be there for you from the time of your initial inspection, all the way through the planning process, and on the big day itself to make sure that everything goes according to plan for you.


Choose one of these six breathtaking settings for your wedding ceremony.

You can exchange your vows in the gorgeous chapel, the picture-perfect grounds, or the lakeside pavillion. After the ceremony, you can enjoy the dusk spectacular.


Our sophisticated ballroom is the ideal setting for your celebration, and it can accommodate anywhere from 60 to 160 guests.

To ensure that your reception lives up to your expectations, we ask that you make your selection from among our sit-down cocktail, graze, and high tea style packages.

Photo Opportunities

We are a "one-stop shop" for your ideal day thanks to the unlimited photo chances and exclusive usage of Ballara that we provide.

You have your choice of magnificent fairy lights at night, stunning lake and waterfall settings, as well as idyllic garden backdrops.


In grand fashion, commemorate all of life's most momentous moments, from business gatherings to milestone birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

We believe in going above and above for our customers so that the events we produce for them are better than anyone could have imagined.

Sit Down Wedding Packages At Ballara Receptions

Our packages for weddings with sit-down dinners have been customised to meet the needs of each individual couple.

Your guests will be kept occupied while you finish taking photographs if you provide them with canapes and drinks. When guests are seated, they will find a warm bread roll and butter waiting for them at their place setting. A three-course, seated lunch, served on a 50/50 alternating basis, is included in each and every one of our vacation packages.

We have a diverse selection of dishes, drawing inspiration from cuisines all over the world, so that each couple may create a menu that is personalised to their tastes and those of their guests. The price per person includes not just food and non-alcoholic beverages, but also an all-inclusive alcoholic beverage package consisting of beer, wine, and soft drinks.

We will set up the reception room according to the arrangement that you desire, including tables of varying sizes to help accommodate the anticipated number of guests. Send us your place cards, bonbonnieres, and other decorations, and we will set them up for you on the day of the event so that you (or your family and friends) won't have to worry about doing it.

The Platinum Package gives you the option to select any necessary additional features in addition to providing you with all of the standard elements. Either we can assist you with this, or you are free to find the vendors of your choice on your own.

Diamond Package: includes everything that the Platinum Package does, in addition to the benefits of including the wedding cake, floral centrepieces, ceremony onsite, and many other inclusions that you would normally organise yourself. This package also includes everything that is included in the Platinum Package. Excellent value for everyone, but particularly useful for time-pressed couples and others who are unsure where to begin.

Mid Week Package. Available for weddings on Monday through Thursday, our specialised midweek package includes all the fundamentals at a reduced cost to those who are cost-conscious.

Winter Wedding Package. We have designed a one-of-a-kind Winter Wedding package just for the months of June, July, and August, and it is open for booking on any day of the week throughout those months.

The Langham Residences Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne

the langham residences


As a result of the situation with Covid-19, we have adopted severe preventive operational procedures at each of our hotels in order to protect the health and well-being of both our guests and our employees.

Our cancellation procedures have been brought up to date. Beginning on October 1, 2021, guests will be responsible for consulting the terms and conditions that are specific to their particular bookings for information regarding refunds and cancellation costs.

Please check this section of our policies for further information.

Experience The Pulse Of Melbourne

The Residences at The Langham, Melbourne exemplifies sophisticated luxury and faultless hospitality in one of Melbourne's most popular cultural attractions, which is situated inside the bustling arts and leisure sector on the Southbank Promenade. Each of our magnificent flats features a fully-equipped kitchenette, spacious bedrooms, and a separate living room and dining room. Residents will be able to enjoy superb butler service as well as premium amenities, all while taking in broad views of the Yarra River and the skyline of Melbourne.

The Langham, Melbourne is located in a convenient location, close to both Flinders Street Railway Station and Melbourne Airport. Our apartments are located within a short distance of the city's central business district and provide residents with easy access to a variety of nearby celebrated restaurants, upscale boutiques, and attractions such as the Crown Casino, the National Gallery, and the historic Regent and Princess Theatres.

Personalized Accommodation Experiences At Melbourne's Most Prestigious Party Location

Staycations with a Luxurious Flair Get Out of the City. City vacations with the family Girls' Weekend Away. At The Langham, Melbourne, guests can enjoy bespoke lodging experiences that have been developed to cater to a variety of travel preferences.

Staycation throughout the summer

Treat yourself to an evening of indulgence with a sumptuous overnight stay for two people, complete with a Melba breakfast, bubbly upon arrival, and valet parking.

Summertime Fun for the Whole Family

During the warm months, the city of Melbourne comes to life with a plethora of fun things to do all over the place, including Southbank Boulevard, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), and Federation Square. At The Langham, Melbourne, you can celebrate the summer with your family and receive a discount of up to 50 percent on overnight accommodations that include interconnecting rooms, valet parking, daily buffet breakfast, and more.

A Comparative Study Of Two Cities

Discover and enjoy the finest that Australia's two most popular cities have to offer while travelling in the lap of luxury. Travel in elegance and comfort by chartering a private aircraft and staying in the most luxurious suites at The Langham, Melbourne and The Langham, Sydney while you're in Australia. Included in the package are both fresh flowers and champagne, as well as personalised designer pyjamas for each of the guests.

Staycation for Pets with Lots of Pampering

As we reveal a pampered dogs holiday that has been particularly crafted for you and your four-legged companions, you might find yourself going a little bit barking insane with excitement.

Maintain your pink status.

Make your romantic memories last a lifetime with a complimentary room upgrade, breakfast delivered to your room, a $100 credit towards food and beverage purchases, and the option to check out three hours later than usual.

Langham Suite Arrival

In our Chairman Suite, you can truly live like a king and enjoy the height of luxury while taking in breathtaking views of the city of Melbourne.

Pyjama Party

Let the pyjama party begin at The Langham, Melbourne, with exquisite pyjamas and other premium in-room amenities available to guests.

Langham Kids Glamping

At The Langham, Melbourne, we want to make every day a celebration, and our brand-new Kids' Glamping Package is the perfect way to do just that.

The Experience Package offered by The Residence by Kerrie Hess

The two-bedroom apartment is decorated with famous illustrations by Kerrie Hess and features residential details such as a living and dining area in addition to a kitchen.

The Designer Package Featuring The Residence Designed By Kerrie Hess

The two-bedroom apartment is decorated with famous illustrations by Kerrie Hess and features residential details such as a living and dining area in addition to a kitchen.

The Giant Tipi Company Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne

the giant tipi company


About Us

At The Giant Tipi Company, we are enthusiastic about hosting events in the great outdoors.

Our youthful team is dedicated to producing beautiful, bespoke environments that are one of a kind, and they already have a combined 30 years of experience working in the wedding and event sector.

Our Giant Tipis are not only visually magnificent but also very adaptable, making them an excellent addition to the great Australian outdoors in any setting, be it the bush, the farm, or the beach.

We are a business situated in Melbourne that serves the areas of Victoria, the ACT, and New South Wales. We are able to provide catering for a variety of occasions, including weddings, parties, festivals, and business events.

Whether you want to make your big day a memorable and inspiring event or you want to promote your company or brand in an uncomplicated manner, our committed staff will ensure that you have an experience that is one of a kind and will leave an impression that will last a lifetime.

The Giant Tipis

Our Giant Tipis are the perfect choice for celebrations of many kinds, including weddings, parties, and festivals.

These tipis are extraordinarily sturdy and long-lasting due to the fact that they were constructed by expert craftsmen using materials that were responsibly sourced.

During the warmer months, the sides can be pulled up to create a setting that is breezy and shaded, and during the cooler months, they can be pushed down to produce a warm and inviting atmosphere. When a customer requests it, we may even instal specialist fires within the tent thanks to recent advancements in fire-resistant canvas technology.

When the sides are down, one Giant Tipi has the capacity to accommodate up to 64 guests seated or 74 guests standing, and when the sides are raised, it has the capacity to accommodate up to 100 visitors. Due to the one-of-a-kind design of these tipis, we are able to link two or three of them together to create a vast event space that is suitable for larger parties.


Whatever it is that you desire, The Giant Tipi Company can provide it for you, whether it be spectacular outdoor lighting packages or handmade dancefloors, exquisite reclaimed timber trestle tables and benches, or anything else.

If there is something that we don't keep in store at our warehouse, we have a strong relationship with event hire firms in the area, which gives us access to gorgeous bespoke furniture and decorations, all in one convenient and easy to manage package.

The following is a list of some of the incredible venues, music festivals, and event management firms with which we collaborate closely.

  • Noir Events
  • Simply Seated Bespoke Wedding + Event Hire
  • Audrey & Angus Weddings and Events
  • Pitch Music & Arts Festival
  • Mountain Sounds Festival
  • Rabbits Eat Lettuce
  • Bliss & Bear Luxury Event Hire & Design
  • Bohemian Beatfreaks
  • Beyond The Valley

Two Ton Max Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne

two ton max wedding night accommodation melbourne


The North Melbourne location of Twotonmax is an industrial warehouse that has been thoughtfully redesigned and exquisitely detailed. It is a blank canvas that you are able to swiftly and simply modify, yet it is concealed behind an unassuming street façade. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to organise an event that is one of a kind, since you will have the freedom to select the caterer as well as the design and furnishings for the space.

The venue's beautiful burnished concrete floor, neutral white walls, and inconspicuous lighting can all be readily upgraded with extra fixtures as necessary. There is a commercial kitchen, sparkling restrooms, air conditioning, and other facilities, all of which are effectively integrated into the venue. Additionally, there is a spacious marble service bar. In the event that it is necessary, the historic overhead crane with a maximum capacity of two tonnes can be put into service.

It is a convenient venue that is easy to rapidly and effectively modify since it has direct street access, which allows for easy bump-in, and a sufficient number of rigging points and a flexible electrical arrangement. In addition to this, the platform provides you with the possibility of organising a one-of-a-kind event in the format of your choosing.


A number of years ago, two to max was a relatively little component of a sprawling industrial workshop that specialised in the production of generator-related equipment. Although its dimensions appear to be generous for the purpose for which it is now being used, it proved to be catastrophically inadequate for the routine transportation of cumbersome cargo, some of which were as large as shipping containers. After the heavy engineering company had moved out of the building in favour of broad roadways and high clearance, the building that was left behind was able to tell a long story about how much effort had been put into it.

It was possible to track changes over time and understand the chapters of the building's life by looking at the assortment of columns and beams, the patchwork of brick and concrete floors, and the piecemeal arrangement of driveways and overhead cranes. All of these features were visible on the building's interior.

One region instantly stood out as unique in the process of resurrection useable places from the industrial mess that had developed seemingly without a design. Underneath a substantial coating of diesel soot, and concealed from view by brackets, shelving units, and decades' worth of unused plumbing conduits and electrical lines, sat a jewel that had been remarkably untouched by human hands. Cleaning, meticulous removal of clutter, and installation of modern infrastructure have all been accomplished without causing significant damage to the building's original structure. Because these materials have been recycled and put to new use wherever it was possible to do so, they are still considered a part of the evolutionary narrative.

The structure that is now known as twotonmax was first constructed in the region between the years 1910 and 1920. During its century-long history as a place of commerce, it has served as the headquarters of several distinct industries, including ship's boiler production, general welding, heavy industrial roller shutters, and, most recently, the generator business. The structure was adapted over each era to accommodate the activities that took place there. For instance, the ceiling is adorned with massive pulleys made of steel and laminated oak that feature exquisite detailing. These pulleys serve as a memory of a time when enormous engines drove canvas belts, which provided motive power to the machinery in the workshop.

The mobile crane that was suspended from the ceiling was integrated into the system after the installation of electric power. The venue's style and atmosphere were significantly impacted by the weathered metal and elegantly functional design of the object in question. There was no question in anyone's mind that the location ought to be named in recognition of the ever-present spectre of the yellow crane, which inhabited the entirety of the area and waited anxiously to be summoned into action.

Twilight Glamping Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne

twilight glamping wedding night accommodation melbourne


Extraordinary Outdoor Experiences

Geelong, Melbourne And Victoria Wide Wedding And Event Hire – Great Ocean Road Luxury Glamping Getaways

Twilight Glamping is an industry leader when it comes to planning spectacular weddings, epic events, and luxurious vacations.

We are on a mission to deliver mind-blowing experiences that cannot be duplicated with our one-of-a-kind wedding and event marquees, nude tipis, furniture rentals, and bell tent accommodations.

We guarantee that you will have memories that last a lifetime, whether you book a small romantic vacation or a major Event with us!

Our Bell Tents

We have a variety of elegantly designed bell tents that are suitable for solitary travellers, couples, small groups, and even entire families.

In addition, there are changing rooms and lounge areas, both of which really round off the glamping village atmosphere.


Our range of marquees certainly has the wow factor!

Our yurts are sustainably made with an elegant bamboo structure and sophisticated white shade. Our Esperance Sail Cloth marquees are timeless and classic.


We have a range of gorgeous furniture available for hire, from our classy handmade tassie oak dining tables and bamboo chairs to vintage 'love seats' to rustic wine barrels and pallet furniture.

Naked Tipis

Naked Tipis are the perfect way to style your Event whilst keeping a beautiful view of your surroundings.

Wedding / Event Packages

From an intimate cocktail gathering to a sizeable wedfest celebration, we'll have a package that suits you, and if not, we can create a bespoke package just for you!

San Remo Ballroom Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

san remo ballroom wedding night accommodations melbourne


Better, bolder, brighter and more beautiful than before – what can you expect from the new and improved SRB?

Something Old

Old?! We prefer to say EXPERIENCED… Our fabulous dedicated team that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create the most magical events for you before our renovation are the same trusted team welcoming you back. 

Something New

Our absolutely gorgeous brand new design and furnishing! Rebuilding from the ground up – from the new plush carpets underfoot to the cascading chandeliers forming a halo of light above your heads – every element has been meticulously chosen to create a stunning atmosphere of understated glamour, romantic decadence, and luxury. This has been accomplished by starting with a blank slate and working our way up.

We have stayed loyal to our classic Art Deco legacy while adding a contemporary touch to our brand new remodelled entrance foyer, bar, and ballroom, and we cannot wait for you to see it because we are so proud of it and happy for you to see it!

Something Borrowed

We are sentimental saps when it comes to reminiscence and yesteryear... Therefore, the fact that we were able to borrow and repurpose the original section of the terrazzo floor from the Adelphi Theatre to build a portion of our new entrance foyer was really convenient. The Adelphi Theatre first opened its doors in 1922 and continued to run for a number of fruitful years until being transformed into what is now known as the San Remo Ballroom.

The black frame, which dates back to the 1960s and now serves as the base for our breathtakingly beautiful new grand chandelier that is located in the centre of the ballroom, is another example of history that was borrowed.

Something Blue

Our optimistic outlook for the future! We'll be the first to confess that the previous 15 months have been difficult. But with our talented and enthusiastic employees, our loyal and understanding customers, and our loving and supportive local community, there is no limit to what we can do together beneath the huge brilliant blue sky!

Watch this space for the introduction of our brand new website; in the meantime, we can't wait to start a new chapter of our lives together with you.

Showtime Events Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

showtime events wedding night accommodations melbourne


Showtime Event Group is recognised as one of the most reputable catering and event planning companies in Melbourne.

Our group is at the forefront of this dynamic industry as a result of our ability to think creatively and approach problems from a novel perspective.

Exclusive Venues

Boasting an expansive offering of unique spaces within Melbourne, Showtime Event Group offers any event type. From the illustrious Ian Potter Queen's Hall within the State Library Victoria to the flagship Showtime Events Centre on Melbourne's South Wharf Promenade, any occasion can be managed and catered by us.


Exceeding expectations with amazing food. Carefully created canapes or large sharing platters in your place, ours, or anywhere you like. Offsite catering options are the newest way to ensure that your event is memorable, whether small or big.

Weddings & Social Celebrations

We love love. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of wedding planning and production, including management. Showtime Event Group's devoted team will be there for you at every stage of the process, beginning with the initial enquiry and continuing all the way through to the big day.

Even while the team appreciates the chaos that comes with huge projects, they find that social occasions are where they have the most fun. Celebrations such as birthdays, engagements, and bar mitzvahs, among others. The flexibility that attendees have at parties like this makes them some of the most fun occasions, regardless of the number of visitors in attendance.

Corporate Events

Host guests in elegant fashion. We have become a prominent participant in the world of corporate events as a result of our successful activation of the South Wharf promenade for as many as 5,500 guests. Celebrations at the end of the year, major conferences, or more intimate, exclusive seminars can all take place in one of our many one-of-a-kind venues located around this dynamic metropolis, making us the ideal firm for any corporate occasion.

We are able to provide purpose-built seminar rooms, conference areas, break-out spaces, and a great deal more, either all in one location or spread out across many different sites.

Client Relationship Managers from Showtime Event Group will cater a corporate event according to the requirements that you provide.

We are the epitome of the friendliness and hospitality that have made Melbourne a city that is revered all over the world. We are excited to have you join us in managing and producing events that people will remember forever.

The Ivory Elsternwick Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

the ivory elsternwick wedding night accommodations melbourne


About Us

Melbourne's newest reception venue. The Ivory is a must-see after undergoing a complete restoration, and it can be found tucked away in the lush lanes of Elsternwick. It is only a stone's throw away from St. Kilda, Brighton, and Elwood, and it is only 5 kilometres from the central business district.

As a result of its elegant design and roomy interior, it is destined to become one of the most popular venues for events in Melbourne.

Bridal Suite & Dressing Room

Your own private bridal suite at The Ivory Elsternwick, complete with a dressing room, bathroom, and fireplace, is an exceptional luxury that is waiting for you when you arrive at the hotel. But it's the little things like this that truly make your day stand out, and this is one of those nuances!

A pleasant place for you, your bridal party, and your family to have a drink, something to eat, as well as a separate space for the girls to re-apply make-up and, most importantly, for you all to re-cap on the day thus far before you join your guests is provided by the bridal suite.

As soon as you walk through the door, we will have drinks ready for you, and shortly after that, we will bring you canapés that were handcrafted just for you. It is an area that allows you to come and go as you choose, making it the ideal location for a peaceful moment to yourselves alone. It provides a separate restroom for you and the other members of your bridal party, as well as a different change room for all of the brides who will be wearing more than one dress on the wedding day (another vital piece, right ladies?).


The stunning foyer of The Ivory in Elsternwick is an excellent location for pre-dinner drinks or as a stand-alone area for hosting private cocktail parties.

The great double doors and the main foyer are where visitors enter the building after passing through the white arbours and the rose garden terrace. Classically elegant features such as the dark hardwood flooring, crown moulding, and baby grand piano are mixed with modern contemporary features such as the modern chandelier that is featured in the room's focal point, as well as the beautiful fluted-timber bar with its copper-rimmed pendants that hang above it.

A cosy seating area that guests just like may be found just beyond the spacious lobby. The fireplace serves as a focal point throughout the entire year and creates the warm and inviting ambience that is essential for the success of any winter event.

The 15-meter black curtain with light gold ornamentation that serves as a feature in and of itself may be thrown back to show what is undoubtedly the most talked-about quality of the entire venue: the spectacular bud-lit ceiling ballroom and feature-dark dance floor.

Whitestone Events Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

whitestone events


Everything About Whitestone Oozes Elegance.

When guests enter an event venue that is entirely one of a kind and has never been seen before, their jaws will drop and their eyes will open. An alluring picture of dazzling white flooring, velvet walls, and a gorgeous garden sky packed with plenty of lush vegetation. All of this magic is brought to life by a dazzling collection of diamond chandeliers that are strung above the canopy of the hanging garden above. This one-of-a-kind venue for events is absolutely magical in every sense of the word and is intended to make a lasting impression on anybody who experiences its allure.

About Whitestone

Guests who attend an event at Whitestone will feel as though they have travelled to a strange land because the venue is so different from the other event rooms' sterile reproductions. It is captivating not just for the eyes but also for the heart and the very essence of your being. Whitestone will more than live up to any and all of your anticipations; it is whimsical, opulent, and indelible.

Venue features include:

The adjacent kitchen is used for catering events in the surrounding area.
Three hundred square metres of bright white and shiny floor space that can accommodate one hundred eighty people.
7-meter-high ceiling that features a flowering canopy that's 90 square metres in size and six chandeliers made of diamonds.
Four enormous trees.
Entrance area that features a bar decorated in a New York-style with flower accents.
tiffany chairs upholstered in gold, round tables covered in white linen and adorned with gold napkins

When your event location is already of this calibre, there is no need to go to excessive lengths in terms of the cost of the styling. On the other hand, the showroom for Melbourne Event Florals is conveniently situated only around the corner. As one of the most reputable event hire businesses in Melbourne, they offer a comprehensive selection of styling goods, such as chairs, staging, backdrops, and of course they can meet all of your needs in terms of floral arrangements. You will be able to make this already stunning environment uniquely yours by taking advantage of their broad variety of styling tools and expert assistance.

In order for you to fully comprehend the full potential of this place and the distinctive aesthetic it embodies, you need to come and see it for yourself.

Stones Of The Yarra Valley Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

stones of the yarra valley


Stones Of The Yarra Valley

We are overjoyed to let you know that Stones of the Yarra Valley will, in accordance with the regulations set forth by the State Government, reopen its doors to the public beginning on Saturday, November 6! We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for your support and understanding throughout this incredibly challenging time. We have, each of us in our own way, weathered a truly brutal storm, and we can now look forwards to brighter days that are full of warmth, love, friends, family, food, wine, and events. At Stones, we are all looking forwards to meeting you very soon, and we can't wait to do so!

As you are likely aware, one of the requirements for admittance is that all visitors must have proof of having received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination that has been authorised by the TGA. Although our staff will gently ask for documentation of your vaccination status upon your arrival at our lovely venue, we kindly ask that you be courteous and nice in assisting us with this process, as it is a brave new world for us as well. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Stones of the Yarra Valley has quickly become one of the most popular places to go for both food and wine in the surrounding area, despite its rustic appearance and the fact that it was abandoned for several generations.

Stones of the Yarra Valley is located on one of the most picturesque and historic properties in the Yarra Valley. It combines two excellent venues called The Barn and The Stables at Stones with a stunning rough-rendered Chapel and Dairy that are nestled under century-old oak trees. The views from Stones of the Yarra Valley are unobstructed, and they look out across vines to the blue-tinged Great Divide.

Weddings At Stones Of The Yarra Valley

Stones of the Yarra Valley is without a doubt the most spectacular place in the area to hold a wedding reception, as it successfully combines old world charm with modern opulence to produce an unrivalled setting for social gatherings.

Stones of the Yarra Valley combines the beauty of a rough-rendered chapel built under century-old oak trees with the splendour of a magnificent dining space rising from the stunning remnants of an 1860's barn. The views at Stones of the Yarra Valley span across vineyards to the mountains beyond, and they are uninterrupted in all directions.

Click on the link below to learn more about our wedding packages at Stones of the Yarra Valley and The Stables at Stones, or to view the information on these venues individually.

Stones of the Yarra Valley hosts weddings throughout the year.

There is something genuinely wonderful to take in no matter where you stand on the property, which is characterised by oak trees that are hundreds of years old, vineyards, and mountains in the distance. Stones of the Yarra Valley is the ideal place for your wedding day thanks to its exquisitely renovated 1860s Barn, Stables, Dairy, and Chapel. These buildings are all connected to one another by European-inspired pathways that run over acres of manicured lawns.

The Holy Place (Chapel)

The Stones of the Yarra Valley Chapel are truly one of a kind due to their soaring ceilings, stained-glass windows, and magnificent views across acres of vines. The Stones Chapel captures all of the romanticism, elegance, and seclusion of a rural place of worship, thanks to its seating on carved timber pews that hang from the ceiling and its rustic chandelier.

The Creamery

Have you ever had time to kill between the ceremony and the reception at a wedding? The guests at Stones of the Yarra Valley are encouraged to enjoy beverages and canapés in The Dairy, which is situated between the Stones Chapel and The Barn. This time of day merely adds to the enchantment of the day at Stones of the Yarra Valley.

The Dairy Barn

A reception in the old Stones Barn may accommodate as many as 200 guests seated and is located just a short walk from The Chapel, which is surrounded by elm trees and waterfalls. In addition to delectable dishes, extensive wine lists, and amazing performances, guests will be treated to breathtaking panoramas from wherever they choose to sit.

The Stones Stables and Arena

The Stables at Stones is one of the region's finest restaurants and private event spaces, and it was created from the ruins of the property's original stables, which date back to 1868. The room can accommodate anywhere from forty to sixty-three guests who are seated.

The Stables at Stones offer a setting that is genuinely one of a kind and exquisitely intimate. Its rough-hewn timbers, century-old masonry, and breathtaking courtyard designed in the Tuscan style all contribute to this.

The Morning Room

The Day Room is a purpose-built area developed by Stones of the Yarra Valley's exceptionally brilliant Creative Director, Vonnie Frazer, for the incredibly special preparation activities of our wedding parties. This room is available as an added option.

This magnificent open plan space is located within walking distance to The Farmhouse, and it features all of the necessary amenities as well as conveniences required among breathtaking surroundings. It is fully equipped with your very own private courtyard as well as a rainforest water wall, making it an ideal spot for photographs.

Note that the usage of The Day Room is not included in the wedding package; we appreciate your understanding in this matter. If, despite that, you are interested in this lovely location, we would be more than happy to discuss the space's availability as well as its rates with you.

The Providore's Touch on the Look

The staff at The Providore can give a number of styling extras to make your special day even more memorable by drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, including French rural flower arrangements, natural Australian beauty, and a combination of the two. It has never been simpler to make your ideal day a reality, with options ranging from exquisite floral arrangements and hand-made candies to personalised menus and menu cards.

The Meletos Farmhouse and Its Surroundings

The Farmhouse at Meletos is a desirable accommodation option within the area because of its convenient location, which is simply next door and within walking distance.

The exquisite attention to detail that permeates the entire Stones' area can be found throughout The Farmhouse, which is comprised of one spectacular Tuscan-inspired building with two stories and individual boutique suites, each of which has an adjoining ensuite bathroom.

No.7 Healesville

The private event space at No.7 Healesville, which is encircled by towering rows of wine barrels and features an eclectic blend of industrial and vintage style, provides a one-of-a-kind atmosphere as well as an exceptional dining experience for an intimate wedding reception that can accommodate up to 52 guests.

City West Accommodation Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne 

city west accommodation wedding night accommodations melbourne


Williamstown Accommodation

City West Accommodation is a locally owned and operated business that is maintained by a family and specialises in providing totally self-contained accommodations and residences in Williamstown. Providing convenience, comfort, cleanliness, and a personal touch to guests, whether they are staying for a night or for an extended period of time.

We have a property that will meet your requirements, regardless of whether you are coming to Williamstown for the weekend to attend a special event, planning to stay in the area for several months or years for work, or moving here permanently. All of the accommodations are found in the bayside city of Williamstown, and they are all within easy walking distance of the city's most popular attractions, restaurants, and shops.

The goal of City West Accommodation is to provide a living environment that is not only clean and pleasant, but also has a personable touch. Lynne and Stephen, the owners and managers of the property, live in the neighbourhood and are always available to ensure that your stay is comfortable and pleasant. The property also provides weekly cleaning services.


A contemporary double-fronted weatherboard property that has recently undergone renovations and is positioned in close proximity to the beach and Williamstown's shopping centre. The resort allows guests to bring their pets and has off-street parking; it is an excellent choice for individuals, families, and business travellers for both short and long visits.


Dalgarno is a two-bedroom home that was just just renovated and is located just off Douglas Parade, which is a section of Williamstown that is lined with cafés, shops, and supermarkets. After that, you turn around and head in the opposite direction to arrive at The Strand riverfront reserve, which is famous for its picture-perfect view of the....


The cosy and welcoming home on Franklin Street comes complete with off-street parking and a private garden for residents to enjoy. Because of its location between the lively Douglas Parade and the Melbourne Road, it is suitable for stays of any length and is recommended for business travellers, couples, and small families.

104 Cole

This self-contained apartment is contemporary, roomy, and comfortable, and it is located in the middle of the cafe and restaurant sector in Williamstown. The apartment is ideal for singles, couples, or families since it features a sitting room, off-street parking, and a balcony with a roof over it.

207 Cole

The Cole Street property is a contemporary two-bedroom apartment that is presented in a stunning manner. It is located on top of Williamstown's café and restaurant sector. This vibrant area features a breathtaking panorama of the city of Melbourne, which can be seen across the harbour.


A contemporary apartment with two bedrooms that is located on the primary retail district in Williamstown. The apartment's location could not be more convenient, as it is only a few metres from from the Strand coastline and is only a short distance away from both the railway station and the beach.

Yering Station Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

yering station wedding night accommodations melbourne


Weddings & Functions

Gain an appreciation for the finest examples of wine, cuisine, and service.

Our opulent property provides an event space suitable for any occasion, from small-scale gatherings to large-scale celebrations, and everything in between. Our entire estate is home to a diverse collection of one-of-a-kind locations, such as our slick and contemporary Restaurant as well as our traditionally renovated Heritage Barn. Discover the ideal location for you, and make an enquiry right away.

Luncheon reservations can be made Monday through Sunday, and dinner reservations can be made Monday through Saturday. We regret to inform you that our business will be closed on Christmas day.

About Us

In the year 1838, Yering Station became the location of the first vineyard in the state of Victoria. Discover our pioneering history, famous vineyards, winemaking philosophy, devoted workforce, and more by exploring this section.

Yering Station can take great pride in being Victoria's first vineyard, having had its first vines planted in 1838. A crown jewel of the Yarra Valley, our vineyards are responsible for the creation of world-class cool climate wines that are renowned for the expressive varietal integrity that they display.

Our winery is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious in the region, and the quality of our vintages consistently wins praise and acclaim from wine enthusiasts all over the world. The same can be said for our estate, which features a historic cellar door, a gorgeous trademark restaurant, and breathtaking gardens, all of which combine to create a Yarra Valley wine experience that is absolutely unforgettable.


Since the beginning of the Victorian wine industry approximately two centuries ago, Yering Station has played a pivotal role. Yering Station was first a little vineyard and cow farm when it was established in 1838 by the Ryrie brothers, who were pioneers in the area. After being owned by a number of different families throughout the course of the subsequent centuries, the Rathbone family finally acquired ownership of the land in 1996 and has since transformed it into a destination and winery of international renown.


Yarra Valley has long been regarded as Australia's most important region with a cold climate. It is renowned for producing superb Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Located in the Yarra Valley, the sub-regions of Yarra Glen and Coldstream are home to the five different properties that make up Yering Station. To ensure the best possible fruit quality is delivered to the winery and, eventually, the bottle, our family of vines is meticulously tended to using cutting-edge precision viticulture equipment, in addition to the patient labour of many people.


Since our founding in 1996, one of our primary goals has been to produce high-quality wine in a straightforward manner. We are of the opinion that a truly excellent wine should be able to convey the zenith of its time, place, and labour, thereby bringing the vineyard into the bottle. We apply age-old procedures that are supplemented by technological innovations, and all of this comes together to showcase our distinctive cool-climate characteristics. In the Winery, we maintain a careful balance between tradition and innovation by using age-old techniques.


Get to know the hardworking staff that makes our wines. Yering Station was founded by the Rathbone family on the tenets of passion, integrity, and excellence, all of which are ingrained in the very foundations of our staff. Rod Harrison, Chief Viticulturist, Darren Rathbone, CEO and Winemaker, and James Oliver, Winemaker are pictured here from left to right (Winemaker).

Portsea Hotel Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

portsea hotel wedding night accommodations melbourne


We Live By The Bay

The Portsea Hotel, which can be found on the coast of Port Phillip Bay, is widely regarded as the most picturesque accommodation option on the Mornington Peninsula.

It first opened its doors in 1876, and after undergoing recent renovations, it has become the ideal location for those looking to stay, drink, or dine by the water.

The Portsea Hotel, which is only a drive of one and a half hours from the central business district of Melbourne, will very quickly give you the feeling that you are on vacation.


The Portsea Hotel is the most picturesque hotel on the Mornington Peninsula because of its location on the Port Phillip Bay coastline, which affords guests breathtaking views of the placid waters of the bay, and because of the hotel's general picturesqueness.

The Portsea Hotel is the perfect location for a tranquil stay, dining with a view of the bay, a stunning wedding, or simply a relaxing afternoon in the beer garden. The Portsea Hotel, which is located only a drive of one and a half hours from the central business district of Melbourne, will very quickly give you the feeling that you are on vacation.

Tatra Receptions Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

tatra receptions wedding night accommodations melbourne


Tatra's New Look

We're proud to announce that our recent stunning renovations of Tatra Receptions are complete.

Our new transformation includes:

  • New white Napoleon banquet chairs are available to all of our Brides & Grooms (we are the only wedding venue in Melbourne with these specially imported chairs)
  • Stunning handcrafted steel doors, designed to bring the forest into our grand ballroom
  • A new neutral colour palette in cool tones, modernizing our entire venue
  • A brand new Calcutta marble bar
  • A whimsical, woodland-themed bridal change room, styled as the perfect retreat for you & your bridal party on your special day.
  • Updated entry foyers with hardwood floors & new artwork
  • Contemporary, free-form floral arrangements, available to all of our Brides & Grooms

– New decor & colour accents, including a walkway of mirrors, couches & a revamped window seat spanning the length of our pre-dinner room overlooking the Dandenong ranges forest.

We're excited to share the first photos of our new look below