What Do You Do If You Don’t Like Your Wedding Photos?

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    It can seems like an age from the time of your wedding until you receive your images. You may find yourself fantasising about how you may utilise the photographs to adorn your home, send thanking you notes, or create Christmas cards as the anticipation increases. What if, though, you do receive them and are ultimately underwhelmed by them, and even actively despise them?

    Wedding photographs are the one keepsake you will treasure for the remainder of your lives. You and your partner, in a perfect world, would be among the many couples who are thrilled with the result and want to show it off at home. However, not every couple ends up with picture-perfect wedding images. Despite the weight of importance attached to them, the results may differ from what you expected after the surface evidence is unveiled.

    In spite of your best efforts to prepare and select a photographer in whom you have full confidence, mishaps like this are always possible. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    In a world where beautiful pictures are so easy to come by, it might be disheartening to receive your wedding album only to find that the pictures don't do justice to your expectations. When wedding photo expectations are too high, it's even more disappointing when the actual photos fall short. You can't go back in time and fix the problems that plagued your wedding day, but you can take a big breath and think things through. How to deal if you hate your wedding pictures.

    Our images are not what we expected.

    What Do You Do If You Don’t Like Your Wedding Photos?  by Wild Romantic Photography Melbourne

    When faced with unappealing wedding snapshots, the first step is to pinpoint just what it is that you find objectionable about them. If you can narrow down the aspect of the images that needs fixing, you may be ready to save them. This isn't always the case, however.

    • Have you seen the photographer's website on social media and found that the photographs there don't match the ones you received? If that's the case, you should talk to the photographer about making some adjustments to the editing and lighting.
    • Do you feel unhappy because the photos don't look like the ones from your engagement session? Engagement sessions are a sort of trial run for the wedding photographer and the couple. You probably thought that if you liked your engagement photos, you'd also like your wedding photos. In this case, being truthful with your photographer is essential. Just be honest, show how the works are different, and investigate what happened. In some cases, you may be eligible for a refund, rebate, or other kind of compensation.
    • Feeling down and not sure why? Editing wedding images requires a lot of work, including adjusting the lighting, colours, and cropping. It's important to step back and evaluate if you're being overly critical on the quality of your photos. If not, contact your photographer as soon as possible to set up a session. You may work with this person, who is likely a professional photographer, to achieve a look that is closer to your ideal. Paying them for their extra effort and time should be considered.

    You shouldn't discount the impact of a black and white version of a colour shot, though. Like flipping a light switch, a colour switch can turn on and off devices or indicate whether or not they are receiving power. Check out our range of wedding photography for your wedding day.

    Our photographer did not take quite enough photographs.

    It necessitates at least a hundred tries to get everyone in a group photo to look at the camera, smile, and be in focus. Wedding photographers have extensive familiarity with this fact. Most photographers will spend extra time on a wedding shoot to compensate for the reason that so many couples will be dissatisfied with a large chunk of the final output for a wide range of reasons.

    On the other hand, if you feel like your photographer didn't capture enough of the event, you should have a conversation with them as soon as possible. It's possible that you were only shown a small subset of the photos, or that the final number selected photos that were refined for your viewing pleasure was already set. They might have done their best to pick the pictures they thought you'd like, but chances are they have a lot more they can show you if you ask!

    They should ask the public for help if they didn't garner enough images. Get in touch with everyone who attended your wedding and ask them to send you the photos they shot with their phones. You can still make a second album out of your favourite shots even though their quality isn't quite as high as that of professional photographers. Moreover, you may think they are even more remarkable because they are genuine and were captured by your dearest friends.

    Take note that if your shooter fails to live up to the requirements for your contract, you may be entitled to a refund or discount. Keep your agreement safe and read it well so you know what your vendor is expecting from you.

    Our photographer dropped off of the shot list.

    Guests can give the newlyweds and the photographer the gift of a wedding photo shoot list. A shot list is the most direct and straightforward approach to tell the photographer exactly what you need them to capture. They give wedding photographers a foolproof blueprint for the big day, so it's no surprise that many couples want (and even require) them. All well, but yours was illegal. And suddenly you find yourself here.

    In this case, the first thing to do is to ask the photographer whether there are any outtakes or alternate takes that didn't make the cut. If you look hard enough, you can even unearth a previously unseen photo of yourself and your cousins dancing, and you might end up liking it better than the posed one you asked for.

    If you can't take all photographs you have planned to, then you should give your full attention to the ones you currently have. After some time has gone, you may realise that the photographer took the pictures they did because the light was better suited to your location or because they were forced to make do with the space they had available.

    However, you could be eligible for just a reduction from the firm that hires your photographer if your picture list was part of your contract or otherwise defined as a responsibility for the role.

    I'm not happy with how I look.

    Especially on your wedding day, when everything around you seems to have been filtered, it might be difficult to take an objective look at oneself. Truthfully, comparison is the thief of pleasure, and that you are your harshest critic critic.

    Look at the photos objectively and ask yourself if you're being too hard on yourself if you're not happy with how they look in them. Unless absolutely essential, put the pictures away and don't look for them for at for a week. Perhaps in the future, when you have more distance, you will see how hard you were.

    If you don't like how you seem in the images, you might always ask for a friend's opinion and then let them know the real truth. They may be able to provide some insight and guidance while you search for and select images that you enjoy. We are aware that photographs can offer the idea of permanence, and that one's perception of oneself might change quickly.

    What to Do If You Are Dissatisfied With Your Wedding Photos

    Instead of stressing out and stuffing your internal conflict, try these important things if you're not satisfied with your final photography results: And before you get too worked up over it, know that it's highly improbable that anything like this would ever happen.

    Even while you can't use a time machine to change the past and start over with a new photographer, there are still steps you may take to improve the situation as much as possible.

    Consider whether this is something that can be fixed.

    You should start by isolating the source of your distress and asking yourself if it has the potential to be altered. Look at the photos in their whole. You may be considering reconsidering about the remaining photographs because of your dissatisfaction with a select few, or because of a flaw that is only apparent in few of them. If this is case, having the photographer make the change for you should not take too much time. If there is an easy solution to the problem, you should discuss it openly with your photographer.

    Discuss it.

    If you're not a skilled picture editor, it might be challenging to explain precisely what it is you do and do not do. Your wedding photographer, as well as your friends and family, can provide valuable comments if you take the time to talk to them about the photos. You may dislike the pictures because you think them unattractive, inconsistent, or boring. Perhaps this is the case. You can approach the matter more tactfully if you've pinpointed exactly that it is you really do not like by talking about it with the people closest to you.

    Examine your photographic contract.

    The next step is to look at the contract with your photographer. It's possible that he or she will feature:

    The following is information on the editing process.

    • Count of photographic examples.
    • The clarity of the images used in the legal language of their agreement.

    You should review the terms of your contract with your photographer before bringing up any concerns, as this will help you determine the best course of action.

    Make a plan based on what you believe is the best option.

    Now that you know where the problem is coming from, it's time to contact your photographer. Instead of calling the photographer to complain about the images, it is better to suggest ways to improve the situation so that the photographer can address your concerns. Consider the possibility that photographer has just not provided enough options. If any outtakes are still around, you can put in a request for them.

    Your photographer likely had good reason for narrowing the options, but you might find some gems among the rejected images. After discussing it with the person, you'll have a better idea of how to move forwards and achieve your goal.

    Prepare yourself

    It's true that hindsight is 20/20, but planning ahead for your wedding photographer is still the greatest way to guarantee satisfaction with the results. This can aid in your search for a photographer that can take pictures of your wedding that you will treasure forever. Because you're trusting this person to capture the most significant day of their life expertly and to a high standard, it's crucial that you research their prior work, check references, and be confident that you've picked the proper decision.

    Perspective is Key.

    Every bride should be thrilled with her wedding photographs, but if you aren't at first, you may want to reevaluate your opinion. Try not to be too hard on yourself about the way you look. It's one thing to wish you had gone with a different hairstyle or attire and another to actually dislike the way your hairstyle ended out. It's too bad there aren't more options for entertainment or recreation.

    But if the images are nothing like what you imagined based on the photographer's past work, and if the photos you've shown on Instagram by guests are of greater quality than that of the one your expert took, there could be an issue. Before you decide you really hate the photographs, make sure you're n't only having a lousy day.

    Take them again.

    As a result, you won't be able to have a second wedding, and you can dress up like you did on your big day for another photo shoot. It would be an opportunity to experiment with a different photographer, fashion or beauty appearance, etc., but it wouldn't possess the same emotional value or be free of extra charges.

    Maybe you've thought about holding your wedding somewhere else, or maybe you'd like to go back to the site where it was initially held. In the worst case, you get another go at preserving some memories in images.

    Conduct your research

    Reread the contract and make sure all of your questions about printing, quality, and customer satisfaction have been answered. Most of the time, you'll just have to make use of what you're given, but if there are serious issues with the level of professionalism or the editing, you may have some leeway. Try communicating with the photographer first; perhaps some of the problems can be fixed in post-production using Photoshop or another professional editing programme.

    Try it in black and white.

    All right, take it into consideration. No one can make you relive you wedding day, but you can make your images more memorable. If the photos you took had bad lighting or the colours were odd, try using a filter that converts them into black and white and sepia.

    It fixes some of the problems, creating a more polished final product, and let's admit it: black and white images have a timeless quality. There is no harm in trying out the various photo-editing programmes and applications that are available only with a few mouse clicks. You might walk away with a couple of potential framers.

    No matter what you decide to do, keep in mind that no matter how disappointing it is that you are unsatisfied with their wedding photos, but still have many wonderful memories and experiences to look back on and love. The value of the an event and a happy life far surpasses that of an snapshot, even though the saying goes that a picture is worth 1,000 words.

    Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    How to Avoid a Photography Disaster

    What Do You Do If You Don’t Like Your Wedding Photos?  by Wild Romantic Photography Melbourne

    The recommendation

    Pick a photographer whose previous work you respect (they should have plenty of examples on their websites) and whose style meshes with your own and your partner's vision for the big day. Every photographer will have their own distinct style that shows who they are as an individual; no two photographers create identical work.

    Meeting a potential photographer in person or having a talk with them via Skype is a great way to find out if you click with them before you commit to hiring them for your photography needs. (Keep in mind that they are gonna to be just like any other guest during your wedding—right there by your side the whole time.) The vast majority many photographers are fine with doing this, and some may even propose it on their own accord to make sure they're a better match for you.

    Don't let the hype of the internet and social media go to your head. Remember that they are just a taste of a much bigger story and also that five Instagram pictures aren't the same as hundred photos. If you're interested in hiring them to photograph your wedding, we advise you to ask to see a whole album taken from one of the weddings they've already covered.

    Get everything on paper. It's equally important to get all of your questions answered before you book a reservation. We went to the venue in person and examined the contract, trying to make sure to pay close attention to the finer points before making our final decision to book.

    If you're on a tight budget

    It can be incredibly tricky to decide how your cash should be split when planning a wedding on a tight budget. Yet, it's crucial to gain some perspective:

    We are cognisant of the fact that even some married couples can face financial hardships. However, we advise that they give careful thought to the areas wherein the they plan to invest their money and the things what they regard to be of the highest importance. At the end of the night, when the delicious food has been eaten and also the wine has indeed been drunk, all that is left are your recollections of the evening and the images you took of it. Your wedding images are the keepsakes you will pass over the years, the physical manifestations of your indelible memories. View them as a long-term investment in your success. You couldn't possibly shorten the process, right?

    What about sales and price cuts, by the way? Shouldn't you enquire? You should always ask your photographer for what you want, but if they say no, you shouldn't hold it against them. In accordance with this proverb.

    Keep in mind that photographers, like everybody else, have bills to pay and expenses to cover. The monthly costs and mortgage payment are not a "bargain" for them. Do you think it's fair to ask if they can "give you a deal" on the price of your wedding? What would you do if your employer approached you and asked you to "strike a bargain" on your salary because the company's profits were somewhat lower than projected this month?

    Booking a photographer at the a "budget" fee guarantees that they won't be booked at full speed by another couple on your wedding day. Keep this in mind. Since accepting would be bad for business and harmful to their objectives, they are within their rights to say no.

    Like so many other things, wedding photography is one area where you truly do get what you pay for. If photography is vital to you and you want a wonderful photographer to capture gorgeous photographs of your day, you will need to spend the market amount for a photographer.

    If this causes a financial hardship, think about where you may make sacrifices; for instance, are Jimmy Choos essential for your big day? Alternatively, you may choose a more budget-friendly route by putting that money towards a hobby like photography. Wild Romantic Photography has the best range of services of wedding photography Yarra Valley. Check them out here.

    What to tell your photographer

    The best way to ensure that your wedding photographer does an outstanding job for you on the big day is to keep them updated on all the details leading up to the ceremony. Thus, you should be sure to tell them this following, at the most least:

    • The place where you get ready.
    • You can take a peek if you're interested.
    • Would you propose an offline event as a way to celebrate? This is what EVERY photographer wants, by far! Numerous heartfelt and moving ceremony photos are destroyed by an inattentive guest with an iPad out snapping a photo that will never be shared.
    • Is there a window of time that day set up for couple portraits? The ideal time is half hour before dusk.
    • Does your first dance have special lighting?

    Seek help from your photographer!

    They've shot a lot of weddings before, so they can give you solid recommendations for both the best and worst ways to go about planning your big day. They will want to wow you with their work and provide you with breathtaking photographs, and there are things you can do in your preparation to make that happen. With these tools in hand, they should have no trouble carrying out your request.

    Continue to consult with your photographer as you plan.

    They will be overjoyed to have a hand in it, and they'll be happy to lend advice at any point. Our images, we feel, reflect the fact that we show up to weddings not as "the photographers" but as friends of the couple.

    Due to this, the squad is able to relax and enjoy our company, knowing that on game day, they won't have to worry about a thing. Planning to start looking for a wedding photographer soon? Check out our range of Mornington Peninsula wedding photography here.

    If you dislike your photographs,

    But what if you look at your photos and realise you hate them? When should I file a formal complaint?

    Every photographer hopes that the couple will be thrilled with the final product. When trying to take great photos, most photographers eventually try everything. This can be problematic for the photographer if, for example, the wedding venue isn't particularly photogenic or the lighting isn't ideal, or if couple hasn't scheduled enough time during the day to take couples pictures.

    You have a right to file a complaint with the photographer if the photos you obtain are significantly different in style and processing from those on the photographer's website. Keep in mind, though, that this is a showcase of their best work.

    No two weddings will be alike in any way, shape, or form. You have all right to be unsatisfied if the photos are technically poor or if many of the shots don't make you seem good. The photographer must direct the pair into an aesthetically pleasing stance. (Shooting a woman from under the chin, for example, will not provide a flattering photograph.)

    If you're dissatisfied with your photographs, DO NOT do the following.

    • Just pretend to be pleased for the camera since you do not want to upset the photographer, or convey some subtle hints so they can figure out you're actually not enjoying yourself.
    • Feel bad and furious over something.
    • After a restless night, express your feelings to your photographer in a note.

    Instead, you should give it a thought, talk it over with a few trusted pals, and then try your best to keep your cool. One crucial piece of advice is to talk to your photographer and calmly express how you feel. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

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