How do you price wedding photographers?

We’re guessing you have followed several wedding photographers’ Instagram. Brides are always expected to hire the best wedding photographer for those ‘WOW’ wedding photos. 

But hold one minute, let’s come down to Earth.

Do you want to do some research on wedding photography package prices? We’re sure you don’t want to pay an unnecessarily high price on wedding photography which sacrifices your budget on other wedding services, like your florist, venue décor and, of course, your dream wedding dress. Also, you don’t want to see your loved one’s scared face when he sees the quotation, which is well over your wedding budget. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

In this ultimate wedding photography price guide, We’ll unfold the secret to finding the best affordable wedding photography package by making an average price comparison of wedding photography packages offered by different wedding photographers. 

So let’s waste no time and get started.

How much does a Photographer Cost?

Photographers are artists – they capture specific moments in time, in the best light, with the best angle. That photograph means the moment lasts forever and can tell a unique story to others. Whether it’s your wedding day, 50th birthday, or you want to capture a special relationship you have with a loved one, photographers can assure genuine emotions can translate into a still image. Australian photographers can charge an estimated $150 to $5,000 and more to capture these memories.

Popular types of photoshoots are portrait and group photography, wedding shoots and event photography. 

How much does wedding photography cost?

According to the Easy Wedding industry report in 2019, the average wedding photography cost was $2963 Australia wide.

We need to keep in mind that 2020 is a popular year for weddings because it is a good number. Also, due to COVID-19, lots of weddings are postponed to late 2020 and early 2021. So, expect a price increase on average wedding photography cost for the next wedding season due to higher demands. We now know the average price of wedding photography services in Melbourne. However, every couple sets different wedding budgets and wedding photography needs to be allocated with the right amount of proportion.

Here are the ranges we have received as quotes for these different photoshoots (please remember that these are just estimates.)

  • Sydney $400 – $1,850
  • Melbourne $350 – $1,600
  • Brisbane $350 – $1,700
  • Canberra $300 – $1,750
  • Perth $350 – $1,650
  • Darwin $450 – $2,000
  • Hobart $550 – $2,200
  • Adelaide $300 – $1,500

What do wedding photographers usually charge for a wedding?

As always, different requirements for your big day will determine how much your wedding photography will cost. For example, suppose nothing is kicking off until 2 pm (including hair and makeup / getting ready), and you have an early finishing time. In that case, that will reduce the cost of the photographer’s physical time-on-site hours compared to a wedding that begins at 8 am and finishes at, well, 8 am the next day!

However, there are more options, and prices can vary significantly due to the day of the week you’re having your wedding and the size of your ceremony and reception. 

While the wedding photography world doesn’t operate exactly like the eCommerce or retail world, so there is unlikely to be a Boxing Day sale or a Black Friday discount craze, there are some occasions where you can lock in a lower rate. One where photographers and videographers alike run competitions and have special fair offers for their packages.  Choosing the right wedding photographer in Melbourne to capture every moment on your wedding day.

What does a wedding photography quote include?

How do you price wedding photographers?

First and foremost, it will mean the photographers’ booking time to physically be at and shoot your wedding, along with the editing of all your thousands of photographs.

Things that vary beyond that is factoring in deliverables (such as laying out, editing and printing a physical photo album) and travel. Most photographers declare early on what areas they ‘service’ but are often open to travelling for weddings. So if you’re booking your favourite photographer who happens to be based in Wollongong and your wedding is set to be in Noosa, factor in that the photographer will charge the cost of getting two and from Noosa with all their camera equipment.

The main driver of a photographer’s prices is time. They spend loads of my time at each wedding – probably a lot more than most people might imagine. When you look back at your photos in years to come, the photographers would want you to feel your wedding day’s happiness and fun instantly your wedding day’s joy and pleasure. To achieve this, your photographer would like to get to know you as couples so that your photos reflect you and feel highly personalised. So before the wedding, your photographer could meet you and learn about you, your wedding. Any specific shots or themes for the day, visit your venue to scope out all the best places to take awesome pics, and then prepare a shot list and run sheet for the wedding day and discuss this with you to make sure you’re happy.

On the day of the wedding, there’s the obvious stuff like travel to, from, and between venues. After each wedding, the photographer would usually spend 2-3 days processing all the photos to get them a handful of rock star images for your socials and share within a few days and all the rest within a month. And, of course, the time spent shooting on the actual wedding day. Beyond time, there’s all the other bits and bobs that go into running a business: your camera, computer, car, website, wedding fair costs, printing, insurance, rent, etc.

So, to summarise, your wedding photography quote is likely to include the following:

  • Initial consultation with the couple
  • Clarify personalised shot list (gathering the criteria for which family shots, who needs a lot of camera time and the portraits you want to capture)
  • Venue visit
  • Finalising shot list and building photography run sheet
  • Review and approval of the above from the couple
  • Travel to the wedding venue
  • Travel from the ceremony venue to the reception venue
  • Travel home from the wedding or accomodation for the night
  • Physical shooting time on the wedding day
  • Processing photos
  • Editing the first batch of images for the couple to share in a few days
  • Editing remaining photos to be handed over within the month
  • Printing costs for the physical photo album (if that is in your package)
  • Business costs for the photographer – e.g. Investing in camera equipment, computer equipment, insurance, website costs, printing etc.

Which, when you look at it all in a big old list like this, you’re getting quite a lot for your money on top of an epic collection of memories from the best day of your life. 

What should an affordable wedding photography package include?

Basic half-day wedding photography package–you can find many wedding photographers are offering 6 hours photography packages that are priced around $1600. The 6 hours could cover the ceremony, location and first 2 hours of the wedding reception.

The wedding photographer can capture the essential formalities on your wedding day. If you want to include the bride and groom’s preparation for your wedding photography, you should consider an 8-10 hours wedding photography package. Looking for a Yarra Valley wedding photographer? Look no further! Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

How many hours does a wedding photographer spend on one wedding?

So what does all of that work look like in a timesheet? It is not that photographers usually work on pay-by-the-hour offers, but because we’re interested in knowing how much time it takes to capture, edit, and deliver these incredible photos.

The hours a wedding photographer spend on one wedding is a lot! For a couple where they take photos for 8 hours (like in our Full Day Package), they would usually spend between 30 and 40 hours making sure they have the type of experience and get the kind of photos they want.

30 to 40 hours of work for each couple?! That’s 3.5 hours more than the average working week for Australians. This kind of commitment should be commended–and financially rewarded because these photographers put their heart and soul into their weddings.

How much should you pay for a wedding photography package for a big wedding? 

Some traditional weddings, like Lebanese, Greek, Italian and Asian weddings, involve heaps of cultural traditions. Those weddings usually require more extended wedding photography coverage to capture all the traditional rituals. Some weddings also need multiple wedding photographers to capture from different angles or at the bride and groom’s place during the getting ready in the morning. Even if the bride is planning a big wedding, she would still want the wedding photography package to be manageable and affordable.

Setting a Budget for your Photography

The type of photography required is usually the primary determinant of the cost of the job. There are many different service types, and usually, a photographer will specialise in one.

Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

Wedding – $600 – $3,500 average reported cost.

For most of us, our wedding day is one of the happiest days of our lives that we want to remember for as long as possible. A wedding photographer can capture the most extraordinary and intimate moments between loved ones, allowing you to reflect many years later. Your pricing for wedding photography can heavily increase if you’re also looking for a videographer. Pricing for a videographer can start from $3,000 and reach up to $10,000 if you’re hiring a team and looking for a same-day edit.

Price Estimates Based on Experience Level

  • Amateur $35 – $80
  • Student $70 – $120
  • Beginner-Professional $80 – $175
  • Intermediate-Professional $80 – $250
  • Experienced-Professional $250 – $550

Other Factors Affecting the Cost of the Job

How do you price wedding photographers?

While the style, occasion, or context in which the photography job occurs is a significant determinant in your photographer’s price, other factors will affect the price. This may include how you want to receive the photos in the end or only how the business prices its services.

How long do you need to hire a photographer for?

How long you hire a photographer can drastically change your final quote. The more hours you need photography services for, the more your photographer will charge. The outcome of your final fee can also be influenced by how many photographers are needed. For example, capturing a wedding may require a team of photographers, so wedding photography is often the most expensive, even to capture.

How do you want to receive the photos?

Receiving photos digitally via a CD, DVD, or USB is the most popular way. All photographers will have a different method of pricing their services. Some may produce a final price based on the quality of the photos they provide, the amount of experience they have or even the cost of their equipment and materials used for the session. Some photography businesses may even price their services in comparison to competitors and undercut them to win more work. However, it’s important to note that hiring the cheapest photographer may not always be the best choice – you have to make sure the photographer will get the job done the first time brilliantly.

The pricing model of the business

All photographers will have a different method of pricing their services. Some may produce a final price based on the quality of the photos they provide, the amount of experience they have or even the cost of their equipment and materials used for the session. Some photography businesses may even price their services in comparison to competitors and undercut them to win more work. However, it’s important to note that hiring the cheapest photographer may not always be the best choice – you have to make sure the photographer will get the job done the first time brilliantly.

Do you wish to get a quote for a package?

For an event such as a wedding, you may require multiple services, from a videographer to a makeup artist to a DJ. You may be able to get a full quote for all the services you need in a combined section. This is why the quote you receive for your, for example, wedding photography may be much higher than the photography estimates outlined in this guide. You can expect to pay within the thousands for a wedding photographer service that includes hair and makeup applications. We have an exclusive range of wedding photography Mornington Peninsula services. Check them out here.

The format of your final images

Your final quote will inevitably cost more if you wish to have your images printed physically. Some customers prefer to opt for a digital copy of their photographs or videos and print them at their leisure.

5 Effective Ways Managing Your Wedding Photography Budget

There are useful tips to manage your wedding photography budget within a reasonable range.

  • Know how much other couples are paying for: the average spending on an 8 hours wedding photography package was $2941 in 2019.
  • Know how much you should spend: the average spending on wedding photography should take account of 4-8% of your total wedding budget.
  • Wedding photographers based in Melbourne CBD offer more reasonable prices: You are likely to get a more affordable wedding photography package from wedding photographers based in Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs.
  • Know the better platform to research wedding photography price: Google ads provide wedding photography packages with more reasonable prices than Instagram.
  • Combination saves money: Booking a wedding photographer and videographer simultaneously in the same company could save you 6-10% in the total cost of wedding photography and videography. 

How to Hire a Photographer

Past work

Different photographers embody different personal styles and preferences for the work they produce. To hire the right photographer for your job, it’s a good idea to look at the business’s past work to determine whether their style suits the photography you desire. Most Oneflare business profiles upload a portfolio of their work, making it even easier to make your hiring decision.


Knowing the photography business’s speciality can help you make the right decision when hiring. Perhaps the company specialises in weddings or mainly do product photography for commercial purposes. Whatever they have experience in, they are more likely to do an excellent job in that photography type. You want to find a photographer that is experienced and one that you feel comfortable with.


Reviews from past clients is another indicator of whether the business will be suited to your needs. Customer testimonials on the business’s Oneflare profile could let you know whether the company listened to the customer’s needs and was easy to work with, and more importantly, if they produced work that met the client’s expectations.

The Common Misconception About Wedding Photographers

Apart from how much work is involved in each wedding, the biggest misconception about being a wedding photographer is the skills they need to do an excellent job every time. Sure, it’s important to take beautiful pictures, but they want their couples to feel like it’s their day and not their photoshoot. Their job is to focus on them and the couple’s enjoyment.

A misconception, or an underestimation, that some couples can have about wedding photographers is just how involved they will be on your day. They are there every step of the way, from getting ready in the morning to your sparkler-tunnel exit from the reception. Because of this, it’s essential to select a photographer that you gel with. Luckily for you, wedding photographers are extremely personable and put in so much effort throughout the day to make their couples feel comfortable and free to celebrate this magnificent moment. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

Being involved in someone’s wedding is a responsibility, and photographers take it super seriously.