Top 25 Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney [2022]

Choosing the perfect wedding reception venue is among the most important decisions you will make during the wedding planning process.

After all, your reception is where you will celebrate your marriage with your closest family and friends. Luckily, Sydney is home to various stunning reception venues that are sure to make your big day unforgettable.

From elegant ballrooms to outdoor terraces with breathtaking views, you are sure to find a venue that fits your style and budget. The top wedding reception locations in Sydney are listed here to help you limit your choices.

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    Complete Directory of Locations for Wedding Receptions in Sydney

    Clarence House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney 

    clarence house

    (02) 9789 1502

    We are delighted to welcome you to Clarence House, one of Sydney's most stunning locations for wedding receptions.

    Since 1955, we have been able to provide couples with assistance in the preparation of weddings that are both beautiful and memorable.

    If you're planning a wedding reception, we encourage you to visit our establishment and view the beautiful spaces we have to offer.

    In the heart of Sydney's vibrant central business district, Clarence House provides exceptional event sites in spaces that are both iconic and heritage-listed.

    Your amazing day, together with the efforts of our excellent group, makes for a truly magical experience.

    Both the wedding visitors and the happy couple unanimously felt that the venue was ideal.

    The Lemnos

    Congratulations, you have arrived at The Lemnos. 
    The Lemnos is region that stands out on the international scene due to its exceptional beauty and uniqueness. 
    Because of its breathtaking natural scenery, this exceptional site for weddings is in class all by itself. 
    It is reasonable to assume that the city of Sydney is the location of this establishment given that it possesses not only sizable floor plan but also lovely ambience. 
    The Lemnos is equipped to offer hospitable accommodations for between 320 and 580 guests at any given time.

    The Victorian

    You have entered The Victorian at long last. 
    The Victorian is venue that never goes out of style, making it perfect for weddings and other important occasions. 
    If you select this place to play host to your wedding, you can anticipate that it will be formal celebration. 
    Magnificent while also being unexpectedly personal. 
    Majestic means having sense of modesty yet still projecting an air of power and authority. 
    At the same time, all of them. 
    In relaxed setting, the Victorian can accommodate anything from 110 to 320 guests at one time.

    Skyview Reception - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    skyview reception

    (02) 9824 3652

    One-Of-A-Kind Venue

    If you are planning an event in the near future, you should consider holding it at the one-of-a-kind Skyview Reception.

    We have the essential skills to make certain that your special occasion, whether it be a wedding reception or a corporate party, is a smashing success.

    We guarantee that you will receive service of the highest calibre, food and wine of great quality, luxurious furnishings, and a one-of-a-kind touch that will impress both you and your visitors.

    We're happy to say that we've built a solid reputation for providing first-rate service and personalised care to each and every one of our clients.

    Our number one priority is to fulfil the expectations of each and every one of our customers by attending to every detail of their special occasion.

    Our event coordinators have expertise planning various parties to fit a wide range of cultural traditions and guest preferences, and they have done so successfully on multiple occasions.

    We have faith in our ability to organise and carry out any kind of function you may need.

    Because we have been conducting business at this location for more than 15 years, it is well-known across the broader Liverpool area where we are located.

    Skyview Reception is perfect for visitors from all around because it is only 35 kilometres from the heart of Sydney and has free parking in a prime location nearby. This is because it is located only 35 kilometres away from the centre of Sydney.


    Because weddings are such big occasions, it is only natural that you would want to make sure that the place you choose would make it possible for you to have the type of day that you have always imagined having, but never believed you could actually have.

    Your special occasion will be even more unforgettable when it's held in our hotel's spectacular ballroom, which features a multitude of one-of-a-kind amenities that are sure to impress.

    In addition, the gorgeous fish tank and waterfall that serve as backdrops for the stunning bridal table at your wedding reception will lend an air of exclusivity to the occasion, making it feel more like a private affair.

    You can trust that our event planning staff will work tirelessly with you to make your wedding a day to remember.

    We are also able to assist you with all of the additional elements, like as vehicles, flowers, bonbonniere, and one-of-a-kind table centre pieces, that you might require in order to make your wedding day spectacular.

    If you are interested in seeing our venue after it has been decorated for a wedding, please contact our event organiser so that you can schedule an appointment and take a look around.

    We Are Confident That We Are Able To Organise Any Kind Of Event For You.

    Whether it's a wedding, a school formal, a corporate event, a birthday party, or an engagement party, we're confident that we can arrange and organise it for you. We are very confident in our abilities.

    Because we have been conducting business at this location for more than 15 years, it is well-known across the broader Liverpool area where we are located.

    Skyview Reception is ideally situated for visitors from all over Sydney, as it is only 35 km from the city centre and provides free parking in a convenient location nearby. This is because it is located only 35 kilometres away from the centre of Sydney.

    Our establishment's grand ballroom, which is tastefully decorated and has a capacity for up to 500 people, can be organised in a way that caters to the requirements of the host in the most effective way possible.

    You can get your event off to a sophisticated start by having pre-dinner drinks in the lobby's exquisite setting or by making use of the cocktail bar area. Both of these options are available to you.

    Lauriston House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney 

    lauriston house

    (02) 9858 2589

    One of Sydney's Finest Wedding Locations

    Any given location in Sydney is capable of playing host to a nuptial celebration in among the most historically significant settings.

    Weddings for up to 220 seated visitors are possible at the multi-award winning Lauriston House.

    It was decided that the Lauriston House, which was built in 1887 and can be found in the highly desirable Dundas Valley, should be preserved as a property with historical significance.

    Some of the things that make the venue so timeless and beautiful are the amazing chandelier, the open fireplace, the white starlight huge ballroom dance floor, the wonderfully constructed private bridal room, and the elegant lounge area.

    A Venue That Exudes Professionalism

    It is typical for people to share the gardens and other areas at several of Sydney's other wedding sites.

    At Lauriston House, on the other hand, you are certain of having the entire venue to yourself, and the accomplishment of your wedding is the priority that we place the utmost importance on during the evening.

    As a result, if you choose to get married at our exclusive wedding venue in your own world, we will make your wedding reception into an extraordinary occasion that is just as charming as you had always envisioned.

    There Are So Many Reasons Why Lauriston House Is the Perfect Wedding Venue in Sydney

    Everything You Need for Your Sydney Wedding, in One Convenient Package

    After you've had a seat, you may enjoy a three-course meal expertly prepared by our chefs, various themed champagne cocktails presented in martini glasses, limitless local wine, soft drinks, and kegged beer. In addition to the table decorations, the package also includes a large white dance floor illuminated by stars for the reception. We are among the very best wedding venues in Sydney for a wide variety of events because we pay careful attention to the smallest of details and are dedicated to meeting all of the requirements of our clients, regardless of how unique or specific those requirements may be. As a result, we are among the top choices for wedding locations in Sydney.

    An Absolutely Incomparable Setting

    We want each of our customers' weddings to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so we provide them with various services they can personalise to their preferences. When you get married among Sydney’s most historic sites, you can expect an event that is nothing short of the most lavish and romantic that is humanly imaginable. At the absolute least, our future wife deserves to be pampered and spoiled for one day, just like a princess. Let us make sure that you do not feel anything other than wonderful on the day of your wedding at Lauriston House by ensuring that all of your needs are attended to. We are among the few Sydney wedding venues that offers complete use of the grounds throughout the entirety of each event. Because of this, we are among the few possibilities that are open to couples who are planning to get married in this location.

    FAQs About Wedding Reception Venues

    The Blue Room Bondi - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the blue room bondi

    8978 3654

    On Sydney's illustrious Bondi Beach, in the historic Bondi Surf Bathers' Life-Saving Club, where The Blue Room Bondi is also housed, is the Bondi Surf Bathers' Life-Saving Club. Because of its beautiful location overlooking the ocean, The Blue Room, which can be found in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, is frequently considered to be the most prestigious event venue in the city. From the moment you step foot inside this stunning location, it will present you with an experience that you won't soon forget and is the perfect combination of the laid-back seaside atmosphere and sophisticated elegance that you would expect from a space of this calibre.


    Suppose you are seeking for a Sydney beach wedding site that can also host the ceremony and add a whole new level to your already stunning event. If that's the case, you can't go wrong with The Blue Room, which is found on Bondi Beach, which is among the most well-known beaches in the entire globe. Our beach wedding setting features subtle elegance, soothing coastal tones, and jaw-dropping views of Bondi Beach that stretch all the way up to the roof.

    The Blue Room Bondi offers newly engaged couples all of the essential wedding amenities they may require. You can conduct your ceremony on the beaches of Bondi Beach or in our courtyard here on the property. Then, after the ceremony is done, celebrate with your family and friends over drinks and canapes while taking in the beauty of the ocean's glistening surface. Your unique occasion will go down in the annals of history if it is marked by meticulous planning of the event, dining of the highest calibre, exceptional service, and a location that is picture-perfect.


    The Grand Pacific Firm (GPG), a large hospitality group in Sydney, has been able to maintain a strong brand identity that is synonymous with sophistication, elegance, and luxury over the course of its 19 years in business. This has helped the business stay competitive in its field.

    The product quality that is supplied by GPG venues either meets or surpasses the standards set by international organisations. We are recognised not only by the one-of-a-kind and historic locations of our establishments, but also by the innovative and unrivalled approaches that are taken with the food and service in the process of creating world-class dining experiences. This is how we have become known as a company.

    GPG is responsible for the revitalisation of a number of Sydney's historic buildings. They have transformed these structures into contemporary venues while yet maintaining the unique characteristics of each specific location. Because of our collaborative efforts with a large number of government and historical organisations, we have been able to produce venues that are in high demand and deliver an asset that will hold for future generations the splendour and majesty of an earlier era. These qualities will be passed down to subsequent generations.

    The Holroyd Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the holroyd centre

    02 8757 4178

    Because of the individualised attention that we give each of our visitors, they will all feel as though they are VIPs. We are a venue of the highest calibre because our impressive architectural design, functionality that was purpose-built, and the service excellence of a highly experienced Functions & Events team set us apart from other options.

    Every wedding reception, engagement party, birthday party, anniversary, seminar, meeting, training, corporate event, and cultural festival has specific needs that we pay attention to and then put into practise in the following ways: experience and knowledge to help plan and coordinate, creativity and innovation, attention to detail, passion and enthusiasm, and culinary creations by our experienced Chefs.

    The Holroyd Centre, in which we host various gatherings and events, has recently emerged from a comprehensive renovation with a stunningly improved look as a result of the work that was done.

    This facility is a wonderful jewel that has been buried deep within the community.

    When you come to our venue, you are going to be astounded from the moment you step foot inside until the very last moment of your visit.

    Package Deals for Wedding Receptions

    Packages for wedding receptions at the Holroyd Centre range from the essential and reasonably priced Essentials Package to individualised plans designed just for you and your partner.

    Each of our vacation packages gives you the choice of participating in a cultural spectacular, dining in a buffet-style setting, or partaking in a formal seated lunch or dinner served à la carte. Our packages include expert service personnel to help you and your visitors have a wonderful time celebrating your special event.

    Our management team has extensive experience, so they can handle any situation that may arise. This allows us to give you the genuine peace of mind you deserve.

    We're capable of maintaining the hotel's lobby and grand foyer.

    In addition, we coordinate the limos, the meal preparation, the gifts for the visitors, the photographer, the lighting, the flowers, the change room of the bride, the DJ, the entertainment, the table decorations, the recording equipment, as well as a chauffeur-driven "escape" to the honeymoon hotel.

    Madison Function Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    madison function centre

    9651 0125

    The Madison Event Centre is widely considered among the most aesthetically beautiful and forward-thinking reception venues and function centres in Western Sydney. It also has a reputation for being amongst the most affordable reception venues and function centres in the region. Wedding receptions, engagement parties, school formals, cocktail parties, and business meetings are just some of the events that can be accommodated by the Madison Function Centre, which is located in the quiet suburb of Dural in Sydney's Hills District. Business conferences, cocktail parties, and professional networking events can also be hosted here. Other events that can be held at this venue include business gatherings, cocktail parties, and business networking events. In addition, this fashionable venue is suitable for all significant birthday celebrations, including 21st birthday celebrations, awards and presentation nights for sporting groups and businesses, and religious occasions; each of these events can be held only ten minutes away from Castle Hill and The Norwest Business Centre.

    When looking for event centres in the Dural area, there is no need to look any further than what is already available. Two enormous rooms, both of which are at your disposal and belonging to The Madison's event rooms, can be found in the hotel's Western Sydney location. The event may choose to take place in any of the two rooms, all of which have an open floor plan and a clean, contemporary style, giving you the opportunity to bring your own distinctive flavour to the occasion. The style of decoration in each of the rooms is subtly different from that of the others.

    The Stella Room is distinguished by its expansive parquetry dance floor, elaborate crystal chandelier, and breathtaking views of the world-famous Blue Mountains. In a setting that is more formal and seated, this room, which is located upstairs and is quite vast and elegant, can accommodate as many as 270 visitors. The Phoenix Room is a more intimate and cosy area that provides visitors with access to a private outdoor courtyard, stylish alcove seating, and a sizeable dance floor despite its smaller size.

    Weddings At the Madison

    The city of Madison, nicknamed as "The Jewel of the Hills District," is well-known for the beautiful experiences it creates that can be treasured for a lifetime. The wedding venue is special because it contains two separate reception halls, each of which is spacious, and each of which has a relatively distinctive design, contemporary aesthetics, and up-to-date floor plans. As a direct consequence of this, many people consider Madison to be among the most appropriate locations in Western Sydney in which to hold wedding receptions.

    The Stella Room gives you access to a private bridal room for the duration of your big day, looks out over the gorgeous and well-known Blue Mountains, and has enough space to accommodate up to 270 visitors in a setting that is both relaxed and comfortable. The luxurious Phoenix Room has access to a stunning private courtyard, a big dance floor, and comfortable alcove seating, and it has the capacity to host as many as 160 individuals.

    Both of the rooms have state-of-the-art air conditioning, contemporary bathrooms that are accessible to individuals with disabilities, and allocated areas for DJs to set up their equipment.

    You won't regret having your wedding in Madison because they provide a devoted event planner, award-winning chefs, and a skilled team to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    The Orchid Package, the Dahlia Package, the Sunday through Thursday lunch package, the Superior Package, and the Tulip Package are just some of the wonderful options that are available to brides and grooms who decide to have their wedding at The Madison. Other options include the Superior Package, the Orchid Package, and the Sunday through Thursday lunch package. In addition, the packages can be modified to fulfil the specific needs of each individual pair.

    Because of the recent renovations and updates made to the public areas of The Madison, particularly the bars, it is without a doubt among the most fashionable locations for wedding receptions in all of Dural, the Hills District, and Western Sydney. In fact, it is among the most fashionable locations in all of Sydney. If you are looking for a place that is appropriate for a wedding, you should consider having it in Madison. We are well aware of all the planning that goes into your big day, and we put in a lot of effort to guarantee that it not only meets but also goes above and beyond any and all of your expectations.

    Epicure At Taronga - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney 

    epicure at taronga zoo

    +61 3 9229 6358

    Discover a place that is one of a kind and is only a few minutes away from Circular Quay. This venue offers first-rate function spaces as well as breathtaking panoramas. The Epicure at Taronga Zoo is a wonderful venue in which to hold events in the city of Sydney. The Taronga Centre is a location that may be used for various purposes, and it provides breathtaking views of the Royal Botanic Garden, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and Circular Quay. It is perfect for playing host to formal dinners, business gatherings, weddings, and other types of celebrations.

    The location now known as Epicure at Taronga Zoo was once known as Taronga Centre. It boasts a multitude of flexible venues, including a rooftop event space, spectacular ballrooms, terrace and balcony areas, various meeting rooms, and garden courts. On the premises of the Taronga Zoo, we are able to provide cuisine for business meetings with a maximum of 15 attendees, wedding receptions with a maximum of 250 visitors, and conventions with more than 2,000 participants. You might even make your event more memorable by introducing interactive obstacle courses such as the Sky Safari Cable Car or the Wil Ropes Challenge.

    Corporate Functions

    You want your corporate event to be a reflection of your company and a success, so it's important to choose a suitable location, come up with creative ideas, and assign responsible people to run the show. Whether you're planning a conference, a business party, or an annual general meeting, EPICURE offers a range of corporate locations that is both unique and varied. Because we have a reputation founded on paying attention to detail, we can guarantee that your conference or event will go off without a hitch and without causing you any unnecessary stress.

    Social Functions and Weddings

    Hosting various celebrations, such as birthday parties, engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, and wedding receptions, is made easier by our experienced team of venue managers and event personnel that work together as a cohesive unit to handle all aspects of the event. EPICURE can organise unforgettable events for you and your guests at ZINC's outdoor decks overlooking the Yarra River or Brisbane City Hall's Main Auditorium. These activities can be modified to cater to your individual requirements and inclinations in order to fulfil them.

    Living The Good Life

    The concept that one ought to "Live the Good Life" is what acts as the foundation for all of EPICURE's business endeavours as well as the organization's guiding principle. From the farmers with whom EPICURE collaborates to the venues in which its events are held, the degree of quality in its products and the environmental credentials of its vendors are all important aspects of the company. By adhering to the best practises that can be found in each and every domain, the mission of EPICURE is to make it so that the good life can be lived by each and everyone with whom they are affiliated. Because of this, there will be the least amount of probable injury as well as the greatest level of satisfaction for everyone involved.

    Why Does Epicure's Food Taste So Good? Is The Topic Of This Food Philosophy Article.

    When EPICURE first began developing its culinary philosophy in 2007, the company's primary focus was on the provision of seasonal meals of the greatest possible quality while also making every attempt to procure locally grown and produced items if this was at all possible. EPICURE continues to take great satisfaction in being at the forefront of the socially responsible catering sector to this very day. They have not wavered in any way, shape, or form from their commitment to discovering and cooperating with providers who uphold the highest standards of conduct in any way. When it comes to their eggs and poultry, EPICURE exclusively employs solutions that are free-range and do not confine the animals in cages whenever it is practical to do so. EPICURE only uses seafood that is caught wild in Australia or that has been produced there. When it comes to nuts, cereals, vinegar, and mineral water, EPICURE gets all of its components from the surrounding area whenever it's possible.

    EPICURE contains orange juice from Australia and coffee that was obtained through the Fair Trade programme. And they do it in a way that makes everyone feel good by ensuring that their food is produced in an ethical manner, that it is grown locally, and that it is grown sustainably. This is how they make sure that their customers feel good about their purchase. Because, after all is said and done, having a clean conscience at the end of the day is the only thing that tastes as good as it feels at the end of the day.

    Social Philosophy: How Epicure Helps Those Less Fortunate.

    EPICURE is a corporation that has a deep-seated dedication to contributing positively to the local community. Every EPICURE location works along with at least one charitable organisation that is deeply committed to assisting members of the community and community organisations that are less privileged than they are. This is the very minimum standard that must be met. SecondBite is one of these organisations; it finds nutritious food that would otherwise be at risk of being thrown away and produces food that would otherwise be at risk of being thrown away. It then redistributes this food to charitable organisations and individuals who have a requirement for its services. This makes it possible for EPICURE to lessen the amount of food that is thrown out while at the same time supporting people who are less fortunate.

    Grand Palace Reception -Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    grand palace reception


    Welcome To Grand Palace Reception

    Among the most recent and opulent additions to Auburn's list of event halls, the Grand Palace Reception is among the most prestigious venues in the city. Our wedding reception offers an elegant atmosphere, and we provide a very high level of service to our visitors. The combination of all of these elements will make you feel like a king or queen, and the greatest part is that they are reasonably priced. In addition, our banquet hall is flexible enough to host a large number of different types of events, including weddings, engagement parties, corporate gatherings and conferences, school formals, christenings, birthday celebrations, charity events, and many more of these and other types of get-togethers.

    Our wedding reception site has been conceived and built architecturally in the form of a French country chateau, which works really well with its lofty position overlooking the suburbs of Sydney in all different directions. Therefore, in addition to taking in the stunning panoramas, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy these points of view. The venue's high ceilings, stunning chandeliers, and general enticing appeal will lend a sense of magic to your big occasion. This is because of how the venue was designed. Our reception hall in Auburn, California, has space for up to 350 visitors and comes with a full bar, a huge dance floor, a bridal suite, two expansive open-air balconies, and a parking lot with 100 spaces for your visitors' ease of access.

    In order to create lavish feasts that will make your visitors' mouths water with anticipation, the expert chefs in our kitchen only utilise the most up-to-date and high-quality ingredients. In addition, Grand Palace Reception is a one-stop shop for all of your event requirements because it employs a knowledgeable team of specialists who are able to develop and coordinate events on-site. This makes Grand Palace Reception a one-stop shop. Because of this, Grand Palace Reception is able to fulfil all of your event requirements in an one location.

    Luna Park Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    luna park venues

    +612 9033 0025


    Are you looking for a venue for your wedding that will not only captivate you but also make you feel utterly happy? Because it offers couples a selection of one-of-a-kind and gorgeous settings that feature incomparable views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Luna Park Venues is among the most in-demand wedding destinations in Sydney. This is because it is a well-known landmark in the city. Our experienced staff of Wedding Event Managers will be by your side every step of the way, aiding you in the development of a memorable event in a wonderful location, and they will be there for you from the very beginning to the very end of the process.

    The 'Brides on Rides' experience that Luna Park Venues offers is one of a kind and provides the most unforgettable photo opportunity that is possibly available. Only couples who are engaged and planning to hold their reception at among the Luna Park Venues venues are permitted to access this area.

    About Us

    An Australian institution, Luna Park Sydney is located in the centre of the Sydney central business district and features a prestigious waterfront location.

    Due to the location of this perspective point on the coastline of the harbour, both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House may be seen in their full and without any obstructions when viewed from this vantage point.

    We are accessible from the heart of the Sydney Central Business District in a matter of minutes by private vehicle, taxi, rail, ferry, and bus; in addition, we have a massive on-site parking lot that is subdivided into various levels.

    The Luna Park Venues are quickly becoming among the most sought-after locations in all of Sydney for the staging of events, conferences, and various other types of entertainment. We have thirteen high-quality, one-of-a-kind venues that were built to fit events of different sizes and types. These facilities may seat anything from ten to ten thousand visitors. Catering that has been recognised with accolades, beverages of the greatest calibre, and event services of the highest standard, all while providing a comprehensive answer for the administration of events.

    Ceremony and Reception Location in Sydney's Paradiso

    paradiso wedding receptions

    1800 727 011

    Within walking distance of one other, you may find five truly spectacular banquet and reception venues in the heart of Sydney. Paradiso Receptions were first held in 1993, the year they had their start. Every single room is outfitted with state-of-the-art audio and visual technologies that was just recently developed. Because of this, you can be confident that the event you are planning, despite the nature of the occasion, will proceed without a hitch and be a complete success. The venue provided by Paradiso Receptions is ideal for hosting a wide range of events, such as weddings, engagement parties, pre-wedding celebrations, corporate functions, private events, and more. Each of the seven spots, which are all situated inside the boundaries of the city of Sydney and provide visitors a selection of secure parking alternatives, may be found here.

    The crew at Paradiso possesses a wealth of experience as well as a wealth of knowledge, and they are aware that each event possesses its own set of distinctive qualities. They are therefore more than eager to sit down with you and discuss your needs in order to give you the best value and, if you so choose, a specialised experience. All of the function rooms at Paradiso feature great wedding packages, engagement packages, christening packages, corporate packages, typical school packages, and packages for a wide variety of other types of occasions as well. Among the things that sets Paradiso apart from other venues in Sydney is the fact that some of the most experienced and well regarded wedding coordinators in the city work on-site there; these same individuals also happen to be the directors of the firm.

    They stick by your side for the entirety of the trip and provide help in order to make it simpler for you to deal with any difficulties that may crop up along the way. In order to satisfy the tastes, preferences, and needs of each and every one of its customers, the eatery known as Paradiso provides a wide variety of foods that are sourced from all over the world. This ensures that we meet your needs completely. The availability of multiple menu options demonstrates that the personnel has experience and is knowledgeable about a variety of cuisines. In terms of weddings, Paradiso has the ability to alter the menu to match the overall aesthetic and mood of the celebration. The dining experience at this establishment features cuisines from modern Australia, modern Arabic and Lebanese, Asian, and Indian countries, in addition to a delectable Mediterranean menu.

    Paradiso Receptions derives a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that they maintain a strong commitment to their traditional family values while also maintaining a close relationship with their clientele. They are consequently in a position to continue supplying their clients with a solution that is acknowledged all over the world. In addition, the group has been singled out repeatedly for the high calibre of its leadership as well as the work of its employees. The crew's professionalism and dedication have proven to be the cornerstone of their accomplishment because event planning is not an easy task.

    Receptions and Events

    We're Delighted to Welcome You to Our Family of Seven Superb Wedding Reception and Event Venues Spread Throughout Sydney.

    It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our family of seven magnificent wedding reception and function centres. If you are in the process of planning a wedding, an engagement party, a function, or any other kind of event, you may want to take into consideration the luxurious Sydney Wedding Venues as well as the adaptable choices that we offer. Our wedding reception centres and function rooms have state-of-the-art technology (audio and visual) and are furnished with facilities that are both up to date and visually beautiful. At each of our locations, there are a great number of secure parking spots that are readily available for use by your visitors.

    Because our menu features food from all around the world, even the pickiest eaters are sure to discover something they like. Our staff, servers, and management team are all certified professionals with years of experience, and our chefs are skilled in preparing both modern and classic meals to an extraordinarily high degree. Our employees are all certified professionals. At Paradiso Sydney Wedding Receptions, our credo is "We believe in a saying, your day – your way," and we will customise the menu for your function so that it is the most appropriate accompaniment to your special event.

    Our Function Centres in Sydney offer Wedding Packages, Engagement Packages, Christening Packages, Corporate Packages, and School Formal Packages of the highest quality, and we are confident that we will be able to meet all of your requirements in Sydney. Our packages include various celebrations, including weddings, engagements, christenings, corporate events, and school formals.

    The Grand Pittwater Function Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the grand pittwater function centre


    When you host your event at The Grand Pittwater Function Centre, we'll do all in our power to make it one that your visitors will remember for years to come and to minimise the stress it brings you. The Grand Pittwater is able to offer you the ideal location for your special day as well as the facilities you'll need to make it memorable. Your event will be one that people talk about for years to come thanks to the elegant environment created by the use of warm colours and natural lighting, the convenience of the site, and the availability of technical facilities.

    The wide folding glass door that opens onto your private patio is the cherry on top. Whether you're planning a product launch, wedding, or cocktail party, you can be assured that every detail will be taken care of in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and professionally executed. And this holds true for any kind of happening.


    It ought to be a celebration of the love that the two of you share for one another in addition to your individuality. Because of this, when you choose to hold your event at The Grand Pittwater Function Centre, you will be given the opportunity to design your menu, which will afterwards be cooked by our team of expert chefs with the assistance of our seasoned wedding organiser.

    The Grand Pittwater Function Centre is proud to introduce our Gold and Platinum wedding packages, both of which include the opportunity to purchase beverages a la carte from our comprehensive beverage selection at moderate costs. These packages may be seen on our website here. Alternately, The Grand Pittwater Function Centre is delighted to present our Gold and Platinum Wedding Packages to our future brides and grooms.

    The Modern and Contemporary Australian Cuisine that we provide, which will definitely be the centrepiece of your celebration, is sure to leave an impression on your visitors and is likely to impress them. The culinary staff at The Grand Pittwater Function Centre, which is overseen by our Executive Chefs, takes great delight in providing you and your guests with a scrumptious feast that will leave an indelible mark on their memories. It is possible for you to have peace of mind knowing that the quality of the food you consume will be extraordinary because each and every meal is prepared on the premises utilising only the freshest ingredients.

    Eden Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    eden venues

    (02) 9823 2599

    Come by Eden Venues to find out more about our recently remodelled function venues, each of which is fashionable and appealing. Our three event rooms, which are dispersed across two different locations in the South West of Sydney, have been painstakingly constructed and furnished to suit any and all of your festivities, regardless of the size or the scope of the event. You would believe that all we offer for your special day is luxurious and elegant décor, a selection of gourmet delicacies, and flexible packages to fulfil all of your requirements, but in reality, we offer a great deal more than that. Our seasoned event management staff is committed to monitoring even the smallest of aspects right up until the very end because we want to present our guests with the greatest possible experience at Eden Venues. This is because our goal is to provide our guests with the finest possible experience conceivable.

    Weddings & Engagements

    Eden Venues is the greatest spot to organise an attractive wedding reception since it features three elegant function rooms. This makes it a great spot for parties of all sizes, from the massive to the modest to the downright intimate. Our group of experienced professionals in event management is glad to assist you in making all of your dreams come true by offering you with tailored packages and innovative solutions to reduce the stress that comes with preparing your big day.

    Corporate Events & Functions

    Our area of expertise at Eden Venues is the organisation and management of a wide variety of corporate events. These events include conferences, seminars, exhibitions, corporate dinners, product launches, and fundraising events. All of our venues have presentation rooms outfitted with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment and all of the required materials, so you can captivate and move your audience with your presentations. In addition, as part of the total offering for your business event, you should include specially crafted food and drink packages in order to inspire the visitors even further.

    Private Functions & Celebrations

    Are you interested in putting the finishing touches on the preparations for your next party? No of the cause for the celebration, our staff is ready to assist you in planning the event of your choice to take place in any one of our four modern function rooms that have been elegantly adorned. We have various customizable packages and food options available to meet your needs and help you have a great party, regardless of whether you are planning a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, a communion, or a bridal shower. Helping you have a great time at your party is our top priority.

    School Formals

    We at Eden Venues are here to assist you in the planning and organisation of the official celebrations that take place at the end of the academic year. We provide individualised legal package alternatives that may be modified to match your requirements and aid you in creating an exciting and memorable night so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come. These possibilities can be found in our legal package catalogue. In addition, we will take care of the stressful aspects of preparation for you so that you can put all of your attention and energy into appreciating this momentous occasion.

    About Us

    At Eden Venues, we are well-known for the quality and excellence of our services, and one of our core values is that each of our customers and visitors should have an experience that is on par with the absolute finest that can be found anywhere in the globe. Our refined and exquisite interiors are distinguished by our one-of-a-kind unique style, facilities and services that are at the bleeding edge of technology, an exceptional dining experience, and outstanding service. Because of the one-of-a-kind and individualised approach, you will have the self-assurance that comes from knowing that we will provide an experience that both you and your visitors will fondly remember for the rest of your lives. This will be the case because of the knowledge that we will provide an experience that will be unique to you.

    No matter if it's a wedding, an engagement party, a business event, or a private gathering, every one of our venues is completely outfitted with the most cutting-edge audio-visual equipment and lighting services that are currently on the market. This guarantees that your event will proceed smoothly and without any problems. We will make every effort to not only meet but also beyond all of your expectations in order to provide you a memorable experience. Our skilled event planners are here to alleviate any stress you may be feeling during the preparation stages so that we can provide you with excellent service.

    Springfield House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    springfield house

    02 9651 98511

    Both the wedding ceremony and the outdoor reception could be held at the Springfield House Function Centre in Sydney, New South Wales. This venue is perfect for weddings because it has a garden setting. We are quite proud of the care and attention that we give to each of our visitors, as we are the most sought-after location in all of Sydney for hosting wedding receptions. With your help, we can plan a beautiful outdoor wedding and celebration that all of your guests will remember fondly for years to come. As we plan this once-in-a-lifetime event in either The Manor or The Pavilion, we will pay special attention to the ideas you share with us and work closely together to bring your requirements and vision to reality. This event will either take place in The Manor or The Pavilion. Together, we will put in a lot of effort to make sure that your requirements and goals are met.

    Can't seem to track down any CBD oil in Australia, despite your best efforts? Simply clicking on this link will take you to further information. The Springfield House has a reputation for hosting weddings, other special events, and ceremonies in the garden. The atmosphere at the Springfield House is country-style. This location is perfect for any kind of occasion. It is possible for Springfield House to exceed all expectations because of its capability of acting as the appropriate setting for any occasion, be it a school formal or a corporate event. We are committed to the creation of one-of-a-kind memories that will last a lifetime for you and your visitors, allowing them to be carried away by the peace and quiet that is synonymous with Springfield House.

    Weddings Reception In Sydney

    Your outdoor wedding ceremony and reception will be perfect at the Springfield House Function Centre in Sydney, New South Wales. We are proud to serve as Sydney's most sought-after venue for wedding receptions, and we devote ourselves fully to satisfying the needs of each of our guests. Your wedding and reception, held outdoors, will be one that all of your guests will remember fondly thanks to our assistance in planning both events. When planning your once-in-a-lifetime event at either The Pavilion or The Manor, we will work closely with you to ensure that all of your wishes are met. We will collaborate diligently to realise your goals and satisfy your requirements.

    This luxurious estate is situated on five acres of natural bushland and boasts well maintained grounds, making it an ideal location for a wedding ceremony and reception. If you hold your wedding at the gorgeous Springfield House, it will be one of the most unforgettable days of your life. This is demonstrated by the grandiosity of your entrance as well as the graceful manner in which you descended the lovely staircase. Wedding pictures can be taken in a magical environment thanks to the flowing songs of the bellbirds and the peaceful setting. You will have free access to the venue spaces, including the garden and the bridal room, because we only plan one wedding event at any given time. This is to make sure that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

    All of the requirements for your wedding will be met thanks to the experienced and well-informed members of our team who will see to it that it happens. Your big day will go off without a hitch thanks to the hard work of our dedicated wedding and events team, who are here to support you at every turn. From the minute you arrive at Springfield House until you leave on the day of your wedding, you will be treated like royalty. This treatment will last from the moment you enter until the moment you leave. We simply cannot contain our excitement to bring your wedding fairytale to life.

    View by Sydney Wedding Reception Venues 

    view by sydney

    02 9188 2147

    Welcome To View by Sydney

    Our venue will serve as the ideal setting for your forthcoming event and help you create memories that will last a lifetime, regardless of whether you want to hold an elegant cocktail party or a large-scale fine dining extravaganza. You don't need to look any further; the site of your dream wedding is right here.

    View by Sydney is a restaurant and bar at Pier 2 in Walsh Bay. You may get there by taking the cable car. Amazing panoramas of the lake, Luna Park, and the surrounding cityscape may be enjoyed from this breathtaking site, which is situated close to the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In order to make sure that your big day lives up to the fairytale you've always envisioned it to be, the event planners on our staff, who have won multiple awards for their work, will guide you through every stage of the planning process.

    It’s all in the details.

    We are looking forwards to your wedding since we know how much effort you put into planning every aspect of the day, from the flowers to the centrepieces. Our planning staff will be there to support you in a manner that is both flexible and professional, regardless of whether you already have a team of competent stylists at your disposal or would want to work with ours. You can choose something from the collection that Styling by Dede has curated, or you can go with among the suppliers that we have selected.

    An exquisite tailored menu.

    One of the areas in which we here at Dedes Waterfront group truly shine is in the preparation of the most delicious meals possible for the patrons of your organisation. Therefore, with your help, we are going to prepare the most incredible lunch, replete with appetising canapés and scrumptious desserts. We are extremely grateful for your participation in this endeavour. After that, all you need to do is make your choice from among one of our enticing beverage packages, and we will take care of the rest of the meals for your wedding. The crew at Dedes Waterfront Group, which has been hosting weddings for more than three decades, is committed to ensuring that the day of your wedding produces memories that will last a lifetime. Therefore, from the very first day of planning to the very moment that you walk through the doors into your enchanted celebration, the knowledgeable wedding planners that are a part of our team will be by your side every step of the way.

    Waterview - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney


    02 9764 3365

    The Waterview is a popular hospitality establishment that is owned and run by a family. It is located inside the picturesque setting of Bicentennial Park. Theodore Drivas, an expert in hospitality, is the sole owner of Waterview Venue and the person in charge of running it. He is also the guy who designed the venue. Because Mr. Drivas has worked in the hospitality sector for more than 45 years, he is well-known in Sydney for the dedication and professionalism he has exhibited in the course of his job. This is one of the reasons why he is so well-known.

    Dockside Group is a family-owned and operated company that Mr. Drivas and his two brothers all contribute to. In the events and hospitality industries, Dockside Group is well-known for its collection of renowned waterfront venues on Sydney Harbour. These venues are located in the heart of the city. These establishments can be found within the harbour. The broad views that gaze out over the magnificent parklands, ponds, and lakes are one of the distinguishing characteristics of Waterview, along with the warm hospitality and unmatched quality of service that are offered there. There is the possibility of attending a business meeting, a wedding, a private party, a school formal, or even eating at a restaurant.


    Waterview is a location that is perfectly positioned amid the picture-perfect surroundings of Bicentennial Park, and it has the potential to host both the wedding ceremony and the reception of your dreams. The Waterview has a contemporary elegance that is carried throughout its interiors as well as its stunning vistas.

    Through windows that reach from floor to ceiling, visitors are treated to spectacular panoramas of the peaceful countryside, ponds, and lake. This one-of-a-kind venue features a peaceful backdrop, which makes it an excellent choice for taking photographs of each priceless event that occurs on your lovely wedding day. The Waterview may be transformed into a room that is suited for either a large formal sit-down reception or an intimate wedding celebration, allowing flexibility for any kind of wedding ceremony or reception. Give the devoted team of wedding specialists at Waterview the opportunity to develop a package that is tailored to your idea of the perfect wedding day, and they will do so at no additional cost to you.