30+ Best Custom Suit Tailors in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

If you're looking for a custom suit tailor in Melbourne, you're lucky! There are many talented tailors in the city. Whether you need a suit for your wedding or just want something special made-to-measure, these tailors will be able to help. So take a look and find the perfect one for you.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person's life, and as the groom, you want to look your best. Finding a good tailor ensures your suit fits well and looks great. Here are 30 custom suit tailors in Melbourne to make sure you look your best on your big day.

Ultimate List Of 30+ Best Custom Suit Tailors In Melbourne [2022]

Adriano Carbone

adriano carbone


03 9600 2422

About Adriano Carbone

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the world of Adriano, Master Tailor, and the Art of Tailoring as viewed through his eyes. Each garment is a representation of his craft spanning a period of forty years. The Made to Measure, Tailor Made, and Bespoke Hand Made Services are available for both men and women under the label designed by Adriano Carbone.

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to you for visiting our website and allowing us to take you to the entrancing world of Master Tailor, where each garment is individually handmade for you in our sartoria (working rooms) located in The Block Arcade in Melbourne.

Our Services

  • Selection of Style
  • Selection of Cloth
  • Selection of Lining
  • Measuring by Master Tailor Adriano
  • Delivery 3 to 6 weeks
  • Selection of Style
  • Selection of Cloth
  • Selection of Lining
  • Measuring by Master Tailor Adriano
  • This Tailored Garment is 50% Constructed on First Fitting and requires 2 Fittings. Hand Made in The Block Arcade.
  • Delivery 4 to 8 weeks
  • Selection of Style
  • Selection of Cloth
  • Selection of Lining
  • Measuring by Master Tailor Adriano
  • This Tailored Garment is 30% constructed at First Fitting. This garment requires 3 to 4 fittings.
  • Delivery 6 to 10 weeks

Sarti Tailors

sarti tailors


0412 331 600

About Sarti Tailors

After many years of employing a team of master and specialist tailors from all parts of Europe and Asia and initially creating the bespoke suit, owner and founder Celia Coate embarked on a journey to create a modern bespoke suit that would ensure the integrity of the original bespoke process. The end result was a suit that maintains the same level of craftsmanship as the original bespoke suit.

We strive for perfection in our work as creators, artists, and artisans. Together, the members of our team have more than one hundred years of experience working in the men's fashion and tailoring industries. We are a quality-driven brand with the mission to make the best possible international suiting standard available to all people living in Australia. Our tailoring and styling services are something we feel very strongly about. From our workshop in Melbourne, Sarti Tailors, our staff creates and designs customised bespoke and made to measure apparel, including anything from suits to jackets to trousers to shirts and tuxedos.

We have spent years travelling the world in search of the highest quality materials, as well as doing research, tests, and experiments in order to refine our manufacturing procedures, patterns, and cuts. Through the cultivation of long-lasting partnerships with the industry's most skilled craftspeople, we have made it possible for our suits to exude an unmistakable air of singularity, which is a direct result of Sarti's unrivalled construction. We are absolutely ecstatic about the high quality and stringent requirements that all of our items meet. Rather than just selling you a suit, we make it our mission to transform the entire process of creating your bespoke clothing into an enjoyable experience.

Our impeccable made to measure suits, shirts, and textiles are shown in a stunning showroom that we have at our business. Our establishment is known for having the cosiest couches, an impressively stocked bar, and a highly knowledgeable and welcoming staff. We are located at 281 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205, and you may find us there.

Our Services

  • Fine Tailoring Alterations
  • Suit Resizing
  • Tighten up your jacket sleeve length, fix the classic neck roll, or taper your trousers.
  • Overcoat Alterations
  • Reline your coat with expert precision, adjust the length, or replace the inner pockets.
  • Tuxedo Resizing
  • Be the best-dressed man at your next event without buying a new tuxedo. Hem or taper.
  • Note: We only provide bespoke alteration services for Sarti's clients!

Houndstooth Tailors

houndstooth tailors



About Houndstooth Tailors

Director of Operations at TGS Partners, Jon Kress

"Andy made my blazer for my wedding. It was really beneficial that he talked to me, assisted me in selecting a few different possibilities, and then counselled me on what he believed I ought to do in the situation. He was quite easy to work with, and he even completed a job for me at the eleventh hour, which was incredible. Houndstooth Tailors, run by Andrew, comes highly recommended." Kristain Beddow - Owner | Mr Carlisle Barber Shop

"My satisfaction with this garment is beyond words. The attention to detail that Andrews paid to everything from the fabric to the fitting to the lapel detail to the pocket square and tie was unparalleled. My three-piece pinstriped suit worked wonderfully for the important event that I had to attend. Many thanks, pal! Kristian" Auctioneer and Senior Sales Consultant at Barry Plant Real Estate, Todd Lucas "Andrew took the time to understand what I was looking for and then made some fantastic recommendations from a professional standpoint. The entire experience exceeded my expectations, and as a result, I will most definitely work with Houndstooth again in the future. Any sector would benefit greatly from Andrew's knowledge, skill, and dedication to providing excellent service to customers." Director of Operations & Managing Director of AS Advisory Andrew Schwarz

"If you are in the market for a new suit, I cannot suggest Andrew highly enough. His easygoing, cordial, and productive demeanour made placing an order for a new suit seem like less of a chore. He pays close attention to the requirements of his customers and always delivers excellent work."

Body Fit Training locations in Prahran, South Yarra, and Richmond are owned and operated by Daniel Stewart.

"Andrew is one of the all-time greats. My groomsmen and I all wore suits that he had tailored specifically for us. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the forest green suit I'm wearing. Always putting 100% of our effort into supporting local businesses. It was really simple, and the outfits were finished on schedule. Thanks again, dude!"

Brayden Kettle - Marketing and Business Development Manager | Melbourne Jet Base

"During the planning process for my wedding, I worked with Andrew to place an order for an incredible double-breasted tuxedo. The entire procedure, beginning with the consultation and ending with the fitting, was a breeze, and because of his care and attention to detail, I appeared to be worth a million dollars more than I actually am. Because I was so pleased with the suit's quality, I ended up getting another suit so that I could wear it to a friend's wedding. The services provided by Andrew come highly recommended from me!!!"

Our Services

  • Hemp Linen
    • $750
    • Our Hemp Linen Jacket is made from 100% Hemp. Cool and refreshing‚, lightweight. Hemp is best known for its strength and natural insulating properties, making this fine hemp linen ideal for summer. The unstructured jacket's design draws heritage from the safari jacket. A modern interpretation for a more modern man. Hemp is one of the world's oldest natural fibres that only softens over time. 
  • Workman's Jacket
    • $599
    • Our custom made Workman's Jacket features a removable quilted lining vest. Designed for work and pleasure. We only offer this as custom fitting is required. 
  • 5 Button Jackets
    • $750
    • 5 Button jackets are ideal for work and pleasure. Designed to be worn with a cuffed shirt through to a crisp white tee. We only offer this as custom fitting is required. 

Joe Button

joe button


(03) 9005 6326

About Joe Button

Joe Button's mission is to enable a generation of men and women to dress well at an affordable price. Our clothing collection embraces the concept of well-made classic pieces tailored to your body. Every garment is custom-made to the individual's design preferences and measurements so that no two pieces are ever the same. 

Our Services


We search far and wide to find the very best wools and cottons in the colours, weaves, and patterns that are trending at the moment, and we always make sure to stock an essential variety that can withstand the test of time.


When it comes to the construction of our clothing, our skilled tailors employ the same methods and technologies that are utilised by the majority of high-end designers. In addition, each garment is produced to order according to the pattern and measurements that you choose.

Price and Distribution

Because our items are sent to you directly from our tailors, you avoid the expenses associated with warehousing and middlemen by purchasing them from us. You can also schedule a visit to our showroom in order to see our products in person.

Measurements That Were Saved

After you place an order with us, we will remember your measurements for any subsequent transactions you make. If you have put on muscle or lost weight, all you need to do is log in and adjust the measurement for your biceps or chest.

Fabrics of the Highest Quality

The wool fabric that we use for all of our business and formal suits is Australian Merino wool, which is well-known for its fineness, qualities that allow it to regulate temperature, and breathability.

The devil is in the specifics.

The quality of a garment can frequently only be determined by examining its minuter components. As a result, one of the things that we do is hand stitch the jacket arm to the shoulder seam so that the wearer has more movement. Additionally, we sew a shank button so that the jacket has a more professional appearance. In addition, we hand-set the collar of the jacket to stiffen the collar felt, which stops the collar from rolling up. This keeps the jacket looking sharp.

Adjustment and putting together

It is common knowledge that the construction of a suit is what defines how it drapes and sits on the wearer's body. Because of this, all of our coats are constructed with a half-canvassed design so that they have a natural drape across the chest and so that they last for a longer period of time.


You can choose the colour of the buttonhole in the lapel, as well as the colour of the buttons on your suit, to ensure that they perfectly complement your favourite pair of shoes. This level of customization is available for every aspect of the garment. However, we have seen from experience that even the smallest of changes can have a significant effect.

Germanicos Bespoke Tailors

germanicos bespoke tailors


1300 824 567

About Germanicos Bespoke Tailors

At Germanicus, we are quite proud of the fact that we continue to handcraft suits and shirts in the classic bespoke manner, which is the same manner in which suits and shirts have been handcrafted for more than a century. Together, with your pattern that is hand-drawn specifically for you and is reminiscent of what you can expect at places like Savile Row. Together, with your pattern. Suits that are manufactured in the classic bespoke manner, are fitted exactly with your very own design, and are hand completed with a floating canvas that is hand sewed on the inside of your jacket are, in our opinion, pieces of art that are built to last.

Since 1999, love, passion, and commitment have been essential components of the Germancios DNA and have played a significant part in the development of our formula for success. This relentless quest of perfection is reflected in the importance we place on these characteristics. Together with our visionary John Tellis and our close-knit, talented stylists, artists, and artisans, it has become a way of life to perfectly fit a masterpiece for each client that speaks for itself and represents your personality and inner gentleman in an exquisite way. This has been accomplished by creating a masterpiece that is perfectly tailored to each individual's body. We are successful in the modern, digital age because we methodically balance the artistry of the old world with the technology of the new world, which allows us to exceed any and all expectations.

When you embark on a bespoke journey with Germanicus, you will quickly catch our infectious enthusiasm for the job that we do since we are so passionate about what we do. You undergo a genuine change, and at the same time, your awareness of the transformative potential of bespoke clothing is sparked. Over the years, we have had the honour of becoming known as the "Tailor to the Stars," and we have had the privilege of dressing celebrities from all walks of life, including Hollywood royalty such as Hugh Jackman, world-famous singers such as Ronan Keating, TV personalities such as Darren McMullen and Ruby Rose, and sports stars such as Scott Pendlebury and Alex Rance, among many others.

No matter where they come from or what they do for a living, it is our objective that every single human being should, at some point in their lives, have the opportunity to wear a truly bespoke clothing. We are quite proud of the fact that our company and our price structure are designed to make our goods and services available to people from all walks of life. Therefore, we encourage you to give bespoke service with Germanicus a shot. We guarantee that you will be overjoyed with the overall experience as well as the results that we produce for you.

Our Services

It is surprising that the search for some of the world's finest and most valuable fibres takes place in some of the roughest terrain and conditions known to man. This is because the unspoilt nature and natural beauty in these areas allows beautiful animals to survive.

We are now able to monitor and trace the origin of the wool used in manufacturing all the way from the same looms in Yorkshire to the finished product. This is made possible by the use of technology and the fact that the best mills in the world place a primary emphasis on environmental responsibility. Wools from some regions, in particular Australia and Patagonia, are selected only due to the unique qualities that set them apart from wools from other regions. These wools can now even be traced back to the grazing paddocks from whence they originated.

Because we are committed to providing our customers with the finest and most one-of-a-kind garments made from natural fibres that the world has to offer, we have scoured the globe in search of these products. As a result of our extensive travels, we are proud to present the largest selection of the most beautiful European cloth from which to choose. In contrast to our competitors, who make do with whatever materials they can get their hands on, our master tailors conduct painstaking quality assurance checks on every collection before it goes on sale.




612 9222 2801

About Institchu

InStitchu is a company that was established in 2012 by two Australians by the names of Robin McGowan and James Wakefield. The company bridges the gap between old-world tailoring traditions and the modern digital retail landscape by allowing customers to design their own custom, made-to-measure suits and shirts in a matter of minutes either online or in a Showroom.

InStitchu is able to create affordable bespoke clothing of an unrivalled standard by utilising cutting-edge technologies and premium, forward-thinking textiles. The risk paid off; since its humble beginnings above a Sydney cafe in 2012, the company has expanded to double-digit Showrooms around Australia and the United States of America and has developed a website that is completely integrated.

Our Services

Concentrate on Correct Form

Our number one concern is how well your clothing fits, which is why every item we produce is customised according to your precise dimensions. This ensures that the garment is a good match for you. From the moment your measurements are obtained until the moment your fabric is cut, our team works towards a vision that is determined by the shape of your figure. This vision is the end goal. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee applies to all shirts, suits, and other clothing, regardless of whether you place your order online or at one of our Showrooms.

Luxury at an Affordable Price

Because all of our fabrics are produced from natural fibres, which means that they are breathable, soft, and of the highest quality suiting fabrics now available on the market, we are able to provide our clothing at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. In addition, tailors from Europe, including Savile Row-trained tailors and leading European pattern makers, have adopted our designs and procedures. As a consequence of this, we are able to provide you with clothing of the greatest possible quality at an incredible value by combining the best fabrics from across the world, the leading technology, and premium customer care.

At InStitchu, it's all about the experience; you can immerse yourself in the worlds of old-world tailoring by visiting any one of our showrooms located all throughout Australia and the United States. Whiskey can be served to you while you examine our fabric selection, get measured, and work with your personal stylist to design the outfits you will wear. Your drawings and measurements will be saved to your online profile, which will make reordering online an extremely simple process. You might also get designs by going online to our user-friendly and uncomplicated website and doing so from the convenience of your own house. You have entered a new era in the realm of tailoring.

Trunk Tailors

trunk tailor


Suite 204, 220 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

About Trunk Tailors

Weddings provide a fresh viewpoint on the work that we do here at Trunk. Because the garments that are manufactured for weddings are actually of enduring value, we take on all wedding commissions with a great deal of pride and responsibility. Traditional bespoke tailoring techniques are used to fit trunk wedding apparel, which is then hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Because of this, our fitters are able to obtain more precise body measurements and take into account a wider variety of body types.

We have collaborated with our workshop to design, cut, and manufacture wedding outfits by taking into consideration the input of our customers and bringing their ideas to life. We view weddings as an occasion to display the ingenuity and skill that goes into the creation of bespoke clothes, as well as to design something special and unique for each individual couple from the ground up.

Our Services

Suits crafted by hand at Trunk Tailors, utilising only the highest quality materials sourced from all over the world. We embark on extended journeys to discover new cultures, adopt their customs, and spread awareness about excellent tailoring. Because of this, we are able to offer sound advise to our customers that is tailored to meet their requirements within the context of their environment. A tiny workshop run by a family is responsible for the creation of each and every one of our outfits from scratch.

Each outfit is first conceived as a blank canvas. The patterns are drawn by hand, and each one is created specifically for the individual characteristics of the customer's body. Each buttonhole is hand-stitched, and the seams are completely pick-stitched across the entire garment. Outside of the straight sewing machine, our workshop is completely devoid of any other kind of machines. The remaining tasks are carried out manually, as they ought to be. Since our company's inception, we have prioritised the wellbeing and significance of our small staff of tailors and cutters by maintaining a tight working relationship with them.


Our master tailor oversees every suit before it arrives in Melbourne/Sydney for future fittings, whether for work or leisure. This ensures that your body shape is considered before any suit is drawn or cut. As a result, every suite has its pattern that we save and adjust, and no two suits are ever the same. We consider your environment, climate, wardrobe rotation and daily habits before making any recommendations.

  • Our handmade suits start from AUD 1,650. 
  • Bespoke fitting is included for an additional AUD 350; this covers shipping to and from our workshop and the additional hours required to prepare the baste fitting. 

Samuel Diamond

samuel diamond


0401 164 130

About Samuel Diamond

There is a time and a place for showing off your impeccable style, and there is a time and a place for job interviews. By reading over these guidelines, you will be giving yourself the best possible opportunity of being hired for the role. One of the most worthwhile expenditures is a custom suit made of merino wool. The proper maintenance of your suit is absolutely necessary if you want the garment to serve you well for many years to come. These are the most important recommendations that SD has for maintaining the condition of your outfit.

The Spring Races provide a few opportunity for the gentlemen of Australia to exhibit their real style and go all out in their performances. Now is the time to display your unique identity; don't be afraid to try new things with your accessories; tilt your cap. You are all set with your tickets, but you aren't sure what to dress to the event. Have no fear. Samuel is prepared to share his most helpful advice with you in order to ensure that you leave an impression that will last throughout this year.

Our Services

It's not always easy to decide what to wear to a wedding. Each wedding is different in terms of the number of guests, the theme, the location, and the expected attire. When there are so many different possibilities, it's not always easy to choose on one thing that stands out. These are, in no particular order, our top five recommendations for grooms' attire.

Navy Suit

A navy suit exudes sophistication and timelessness all at once. The ability to put on the suit once more is restored to the agents as a result. The option with the least risk. I would suggest going with a navy that is either really dark or midnight blue. A navy suit is without a doubt the most elegant option available. You can always liven things up by wearing a waistcoat, peak lapels, a subtle check pattern, a colourful lining, and a monogram of the wedding date. These are all great ways to add some flair. Wool is the most commonly used fabric for this, but you shouldn't be hesitant to experiment with other fabrics like linen, mohair, cotton, and flannel wool for a look that is more textured and tailored.

Grey Suit

The shark suit is an option that will never go out of style. A true classic, this shade comes in both a light and a charcoal solid version. Naturally, if you want to step things up a notch, you can do so by donning a waistcoat. Always aim for a spotless white shirt, a traditional black tie, a white pocket square, and a rose pinned to your lapel. This is the standard business attire. A wedding package such as this one is impossible to mess up in any way.


The tuxedo is an outfit that should only be worn at the most significant of occasions. Dressing to the nines and wearing a black tie are both excellent ways to demonstrate respect for the event you are attending. People enjoy the fact that you are making the exception of going "all out," particularly the Bride and her family.

It is customary for the groom to be the best-dressed man in the room at all times. This is the one day of the year when you may go all out and shamelessly try to look better than everyone else. Putting on a tuxedo is an excellent method to achieve an air of formality, even if you're not one to do so naturally. I'd also think about velvet smoking jackets and tailcoats, which are very popular in the United Kingdom (for example, David Beckham wore one to the royal wedding). Never be afraid to add a little detail to your textured shirt by adding a pleated bib down the front, french cuffs, and a delicate monogram of your initials in white on the left cuff. Never be afraid to add a little detail to your textured shirt.


The wearing of a three-piece suit is a clear indication that you have gone to additional lengths to improve your appearance. The colours dark navy, grey, and charcoal are the ones that work the best. The waistcoat or vest is an easy and effective technique for the groom to differentiate himself from the other groomsmen, in especially when compared to them. What prevents you from seeming as though you are not going to work if you are getting married while wearing a navy suit? Or the competitions? What are some ways that it might be made more memorable, distinctive, and festive? A vest or waistcoat.

When wearing tuxedos, grooms typically opt for a U-shaped vest that fastens with either double or single breasted buttons. The waistcoat is also highly popular in this context. For a traditional waistcoat, go for one that has a single breast pocket, five buttons, a pointed bottom, and silk back lining (for a regular suit). If you want to make a statement, opt for a waistcoat with shawl lapels and six buttons that has a double breasted design. There is also the option of a waistcoat made of contrasting cloth, which, when executed well, has the potential to look amazing. Just make sure that everything coordinates well with the rest of the ensemble, especially your tie and the fabric of your suit.


At outdoor weddings, particularly those held in the countryside or on the beach, guests typically wear separate coats and pants. The most traditional combination is a lighter-colored blazer in navy worn with beige pants made of tailored wool or cotton or chinos. It's a tried-and-true method for dialling back the intensity of things while yet managing to keep a cool, collected demeanour. However, the time and venue that are most appropriate for this appearance are at rustic weddings. All of the guys who have chosen this route have ended up having their nuptials by the water, whether it be a river or a winery. The colour brown RM Williams with loafers has become a popular combination. Wool, linen, and cotton in various mixes are going to be your greatest friend when it comes to pulling off this look. The chinos need to be altered so that they fit properly. Choose excellent cotton if you want a relaxed and airy drape to the fabric. Make the pants more interesting by giving them some pleats, and make sure they have a lovely fitted fit.

Jose Zarpan

jose zarpan


03 9654 3926

About Jose Zarpan

Personalized Tailoring in the Melbourne Area

Our goal is to design suits that are tailored to be a perfect fit for both men and women. As a result, the choice of design, style, fabric, cut, and materials are what go into making a one-of-a-kind clothing that expresses both your own style and personality.

Finished Garments

We have a limited assortment of ready-to-wear clothing that is seasonally appropriate, ranging from coats to dresses.

Alterations and basic fits will be provided at no additional cost with each individual piece.

Our Services

What kind of food can I get?

We are able to provide bespoke tailoring services for both men and women. Complete outfit consisting of a jacket, coat, trousers, shirts, dresses, evening dress, and so on.

How am I to get my measurements taken?

To get your measurements taken by Jose, you will need to schedule an appointment in advance. Accurate measuring is the foundation of the art of the perfect fit. To get started, we take more than 15 separate measurements. Follow this link in order to make a reservation for your measurement.

How long does it take to get my outfit made?

To make each item, it will take us anything from six to eight weeks, including the time spent measuring. After that, we go through two fittings for the whole outfit to make sure it fits well.

What kind of fabric is this, exactly?

Jose Zarpan brings you the finest fabric from the United Kingdom (Dormeil) and Barrington (South America), available in a wide range of patterns and hues.

Cashmere, wool, alpaca, baby alpaca, cotton, and linen are some of the types of fabrics that we utilise for both men and women's clothing.

Is alteration available?

A variety of clothing, including suits, coats, dresses, and more have been altered by Jose Zarpan in the past. To ensure that the adjustments we make to your clothing are of the highest possible quality, we pay careful attention to every part of it.

When I get a bespoke suit, do I need to have my measurements taken each time?

No. Once we have your measurement, we will keep it on file along with all of your designs. This way, if you require additional blazers, summer trousers, or even a new suit, we will have them available for you in the ideal size. In addition, we provide a seasonal subscription service to make buying more convenient and less stressful for our customers.

Will you ship to international locations? Absolutely. There is a possibility that there will be additional fees for shipment.

Spectre Collection

men suit tailors


1300 263 507

About Spectre Collection

Suits and clothing that are "Ready to Wear," "Made to Measure," and "Bespoke"

Designed By Qualified Professionals

We take great satisfaction in the fact that we are able to provide quality, value, and service to our customers, as this has been the driving force behind our continued growth and success. While one of our knowledgeable advisers guides you through the entire design and fitting process, one of our professional tailors ensures that your item is custom created to your precise specifications.

A warranty is included with each and every one of our outfits, and it is based on the quality, value, and service that we provide.

From the very first idea to the finished product, the staff at Spectre Collection can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that is loaded with bespoke items that will make you stand out from the crowd. We build to meet your requirements by taking into account your body type, the demands of your lifestyle, and your available funds. Because of our central location in the central business district of Melbourne, we are at the epicentre of fashion and style.

Only the Highest Quality Components Are Employed Here.

We will aid you in choosing the appropriate choice of material, jacket lining, and buttons by guiding you through the extensive collection and variety of fabrics that we have available to choose from.

Designed and Crafted to the Highest Standards

A warranty is included with each and every one of our outfits, and it is based on the quality, value, and service that we provide. In addition, our many years of experience guarantee that the suit we create for you will be of the highest possible quality, will endure a very long time, and will fit you properly.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Creations Here.

We take great satisfaction in the fact that we are able to provide quality, value, and service to our customers, as this has been the driving force behind our continued growth and success. While one of our knowledgeable advisers guides you through the entire design and fitting process, one of our professional tailors ensures that your item is custom created to your precise specifications.

Our Services

Men's Business Suits Melbourne

It's crucial to put some thought into what you wear to work. Therefore, make it a point to look your very best every single day. We have a selection of men's business suits available for purchase, including a made-to-measure range, a made-to-wear range, and a semi-bespoke service for customers who won't settle for anything less than the best. The tailoring on our suits is of the greatest calibre, and we use only the top-quality materials in their construction.

Moda Melbourne

moda melbourne


03 9427 8663

About Moda Melbourne

Since before two generations, Moda Melbourne has been providing Melbourne and the rest of Australia with high-quality suits that they make themselves. Having been in business since 1970, we are able to cater to the specific requirements of our clientele by providing both locally produced and imported clothing as well as tailoring services. When it comes to buying a suit, we think the most important thing is to hunt for an item that not only flatters your figure but also makes you feel great. To stay one step ahead of the competition in men's fashion, we take great pleasure in scouting for fresh looks and exquisite materials.

Suits are our area of expertise, and we offer them for any event imaginable, including weddings, funerals, parties, business, and other formal events, as well as for those who simply want to look their best. A large selection of shirts, jackets, waistcoats, ties, shoes, and other types of fashion accessories are also available from us. In addition to providing our customers with free alterations, our in-house tailors are highly skilled professionals who have an eye for detail. They will make sure that every suit you buy is a perfect fit for you. Visit our store now for any and all of your clothing-related requirements, a free consultation, or just to say hello.

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Our Services

Free Consultation to Determine Your Size

Moda Melbourne is the only place where you can take advantage of our complimentary fitting consultation, which is a bespoke service. We are aware of how valuable your time is, and we strive to provide the highest possible level of service to each of our customers. We are able to do a needs analysis in person or over the phone in order to make it much simpler for you to obtain an appropriate consolation. This one-of-a-kind experience is our approach of ensuring that the requirements of our clients are continuously satisfied.

We are sick of always being reminded that the quality of the products and services given at many men's clothing businesses is subpar. We provide the greatest services available, which eliminates the frustration and tension that may be experienced in many different purchasing situations. We hope to win the approval not just of the guys in Melbourne, but also of the men in Australia and eventually the entire world. It is not necessary to fly to Milan or Paris in order to enjoy the greatest in men's fashion because it can all be found right here.

You are certain to get compliments on the outfit that our in-house tailor creates for you. When you leave Moda Melbourne, we want you to feel confident, comfortable, and stylish in your appearance. The consultation approach that we use is the most effective way for us to learn about your preferences, needs, and sense of style so that we can create a suit that is perfect for any event. Therefore, give us a call right away to schedule an appointment or simply discuss your requirements in more detail.

American Tailors

american tailors


+61 3 9662 1273

About American Tailors

Our buyers visit fashion houses, exhibitions, and both established and new suppliers when they are in Europe twice a year. This is done to ensure that you have access to the most recent fashion trends and the highest quality goods right here in Melbourne, Australia. If there is a product or provider that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can assist you. The following is a list of some of the current suppliers that we work with. Please note that the range is continually being updated.

Our Services

  • Suits
    • Casting 1850 
    • Hand-tailored suits and men's apparel
    • Made in Italy
  • Luigi Bianchi
    • Suits and men's apparel
    • Made in Italy 
  • Shirts
    • Emanuela Maffeis
    • Made in Italy 
  • Errico Formicola
    • Hand made in Italy
  • Giampaolo
    • Hand made in Italy
  • Jackets
    • Macintosh 
    • Casual blousons coats
    • Made in the UK
  • Schneider's Salzburg
    • Coats
    • Made in Austria
  • Abstract 
    • Coats and blousons
    • Made in Italy
  • Pants
    • Luigi Borrelli 
    • casual wear
    • Made in Italy
  • Riva scura
    • Jeans
    • Made in Italy
  • GTA pants
    • Made in Romania
  • Knitwear
    • Johnstone of Elgin
    • Made in Scotland
  • Fedeli
    • Made in Italy
  • Footwear
    • Crockett & Jones
    • Shoes
    • Hand made in England
  • Heschung 1934 
    • Shoes, 
    • Made in France
  • Bresciani 
    • Socks
    • Made in Italy
  • Ties & Scarves
    • Italo Ferretti
    • Silk ties, scarves and pocket squares 
    • Made in Italy 
  • Drakes 
    • Ties and Scarves
    • Made in England
  • Accessories
    • Borsalino 
    • Hats
    • Made in Italy
  • Francesco Maglia 
    • Umbrellas
    • Made in Italy
  • Paolo Vitale 
    • Men's belts
    • Made in Italy
  • Skin Care
    • Lorenzo Villoresi 
    • Eau de toilette
    • Made in Italy
  • Ortigia 
    • Eau de parfumerie
    • Made in Italy
  • Kent 
    • Shaving Brushes
    • Made in England

FAQs About Custom Suit Tailors In Melbourne, Victoria




03 8611 3100

About Harrolds

Founded in 1985 on Melbourne's iconic Collins Street, Harrolds are a living fashion institution and home to over 100 local and international designer labels. Harrolds is the proud exclusive Australian retailer of worldwide icons from Tom Ford to Amina Muaddi, Thom Browne. Harrolds combines a unique range of tailoring and contemporary luxury wear, housing some of the most sought-after seasonal collections year on year.

In its remarkable 35-year journey thus far, Harrolds has blossomed from a 90-square-metre space into a Business of Fashion-recognized top 30 global menswear retail innovator, spanning five stores across Australia. Yet, to this very day, Harrolds remains a family-run enterprise in the care of Managing Directors Mary and Ross Poulakis.

Harrolds is renowned for its esteemed signature service and good client relations. Harrolds provides individuals with a special retail in-store and online experience, from the exclusive made-to-measure service to everyday purchases. Continually committed to innovation, Harrolds now ships internationally, allowing global shoppers to experience its signature service online and shop curated collections from an array of the world's most lauded luxury fashion houses.

Our Services

An important component of Harrolds is our aftercare offering. Extending simply beyond the in-store experience, aftercare includes dry cleaning, alterations, tailoring and garment and shoe repair. Harrolds entrusts a selection of aftercare partners who will give your garments the proper care to ensure they live a long and prosperous life. If your garment requires any further attention, we are happy to arrange this on your behalf. Aftercare services are available for Australian orders only. Whether you care for your workwear or have something special saved for a black-tie occasion, hanging and storing your garments are essential for durability. Harrolds recommends adhering to the following to ensure your garments look their best for years to come:

  • Be sure to hang your suit trousers on a clip hanger at the hem end (not the waistband).
  • Jackets must be hung on a wooden hanger with shoulder moulds.
  • Neckwear should be hung on a tie rack or rolled to avoid creasing.
  • Avoid frequent dry cleaning, and garments should only be dry cleaned when soiled.
  • Strictly adhere to washing instructions as shown on the label.

Harrolds will not accept Aftercare returns beyond 12 months of purchase or as outlined by the individual supplier warranty of your purchase. Harrolds reserve the right to decline any claims submitted outside of this timeframe. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Arthur Galan

arthur galan


About Arthur Galan

Arthur Galan's creation in 1998 of his self-titled label 'Arthur Galan AG' has developed into a leading Australian brand, designing signature collections for men. The Arthur Galan AG man is assertive and modern. Both recognize Arthur Galan's style, cut and quality as essential criteria for their wardrobe. Arthur's skill, superior fabrics, and attention to detail have cemented a global loyal and fashion-savvy customer base.

Our Services

Custom Made By Arthur Galan

Custom appointments by Arthur Galan bring the world's best quality fabric selection at an incredible value, fitted by Australia's favourite menswear designer Arthur Galan. Over 20 years of experience and voted GQ Menswear Designer Of The Year, Arthur will be available for your appointment to personally create your custom suiting taking you through an easy journey of fabric and style collaboration. Private appointments are also available after hours.

  • Extensive ready-to-wear black tie collection available in store. 
  • Ashley Tuxedo Shoe BLACK
  • Augustus Tuxedo Jacket Ivory
  • $798.00 
  • Jamie Suit Jacket Black
  • $549.00 
  • Jac Graphic Tuxedo Jacket Black White
  • $499.00
  •  Jamie Peak Tuxedo Jacket
  • $649.00
  • Jamie Tuxedo Pant
  • $298.00 
  • Cole Slim Suit Pant Black
  • $289.00 
  • Cole Peak Lapel Jacket Black
  • $598.00 
  • Sobral Str Suit Pant
  • $249.00
  • Natal Tuxedo Shirt
  • $198.00 
  • Sobral Tuxedo Jacket
  • $649.00 
  • Palace Tuxedo Jacket Midnight
  • $698.00
  • Palace Tuxedo Pant Midnight
  • $289.00 
  • Oscar Skinny Tie
  • $129.00
  • Phillip Bow Tie
  • $129.00 
  • Dane Velvet Bow Tie
  • $129.00 
  • Louis Pocket Square
  • $39.00 
  • Thomas Patent Tuxedo Loafer Black
  • $398.00 
  • Remo Velvet Tassled Loafer Black
  • $398.00
  • Remo Velvet Tassled Loafer Navy
  • $398.00
  • Antonio Tuxedo Shoe Black
  • $349.00
  • SOLD 
  • Victor Velvet Loafer Black 
  • Leon Tuxedo Jacket Ivory/Black
  • $949.00
  • Adam Lace Brocade Tuxedo Jacket Black 
  • Luis Brocade Tuxedo Jacket Black
  • $798.00

The Suit Concierge

the suit concierge


03 9429 7617

About The Suit Concierge

The Concierge

The Suit Concierge specializes in custom tailoring, providing personalized garments that are handcrafted to fit each client perfectly. With Hong Kong-based operations – a city renowned for its quality tailoring, The Suit Concierge combines excellent quality with exceptional service at affordable prices.

Our History

The Suit Concierge is a leader in providing men's & women's bespoke clothing. We are expanding our retail presence globally from a family of Hong Kong's most reputable bespoke tailors that dates back 60 years and three generations. Our tailors have suited influential clientele from Government Officials, Celebrities and Sports Icons.

Our Expertise

With the knowledge of the latest fashion trends in the garments industry and a wealth of experience in craftsmanship, our mission is to deliver the heritage of bespoke to the modern man/woman with exceptional service and unparalleled results. We use your measurements, form and posture to create a unique suit, jacket, dress, or shirt that will fit perfectly and highlight your best features. We rival and surpass the very best tailoring houses globally for quality, style, range, and value. We have over 20,000 fabric choices, ranging from affordable to the most exclusive.

The Experience

Let us introduce you to the art of bespoke tailoring, well-made, personalized garments handcrafted exclusively for you. It's a transformative experience and an affordable luxury that you can enjoy every day.

Our Services

Custom Made Tailored Suits For Men And Women

Looking for business suits in Melbourne? Our in-house tailors are here to help. A business suit or wedding suit can come in different styles, fabrics, colours, patterns and weights. But the most important thing is that it should fit well. At The Suit Concierge, we offer tailored suits for men and women Australia-wide and ensure you get the perfect fit – for your body and for the occasion, be it work, wedding or a special occasion. At our Richmond showroom, we have a selection of over 10,000 fabrics, samples of our custom made suits, an in-house tailor and off-the-rack suits (for those who need a suit right away). For those with busy schedules who cannot come to our Richmond location, our travelling tailor can come to you in Melbourne CBD, South Yarra, Toorak, or any surrounding suburbs.

Business Suits

"Always leave the house prepared to meet the Queen". In other words, wear your best clothing at every opportunity when you step out of your home. This shows self-confidence and emphasizes that you've made an effort to look your best, and to achieve this, great-fitting clothing is paramount.

This is particularly important if you're on your way to work. And by best, we don't mean the most expensive, as a fancy inner label from an exclusive brand does not automatically give you style and class, regardless of what marketing and social media may tell you. By the best, we mean how stylish your attire is, how the colour suits your complexion and personality and the occasion, and most importantly, how well your attire fits your physique.

If you feel confident, it'll show onlookers that you mean business, from the CEO to the delivery driver. Your business suit is your unique uniform, tailored specifically to you – your second skin.

Suit Styles

It can be a traditional two-piece suit with a single-breasted notch lapel jacket with two-button closure and centre rear vent or a more contemporary peak lapel three-piece suit with ticket pockets and a hand-stitched lapel jacket side rear vents and side tab adjusters on the trousers. Of course, this is but the beginning of your bespoke experience, which we admit will spoil you from purchasing anything else off-the-rack and for that, we are truly sorry.

Ysg Tailors

ysg tailoring


1300 664 550

About Ysg Tailors

Welcome to the new suit fitting experience for the modern man. While choosing all the elements of your made to measure suit, why not have a little fun? The YSG showroom isn't just for taking measurements. And it's also for making memories. Preparing for your big day? Enjoy the full YSG experience with your groomsmen by your side and a beer or scotch in hand. We've created a comfortable and stylish space where the entire group will feel relaxed when they walk in the door. Our process is always easy and enjoyable. Providing timeless sophistication for the everyday man through custom made-to-measure suits.

Our Services

A made-to-measure, professionally tailored suit can last a lifetime. With YSG, you'll be involved throughout the design phase, allowing you to select everything from your preferred fit to the fabric choice. Unsure what style works for you? Let us guide you through the entire process, from choosing fabrics, buttons and interior linings to the jacket, embroidery and trouser styles. Then, in just four short weeks, you'll be back to try on your custom-designed and expertly tailored suit. Explore our custom process that takes the stress out of suit fitting.

Godwin Charli


0429 539 823

About Godwin Charli

Born in 1980 to Maltese immigrants, as a child, Godwin was raised next to sewing machines and, as a young boy, found himself engaging his mother Evelyn regularly to modify or make almost everything he wore. However, it was the discovery in 2001 of a local tailoring workshop in Melbourne gave Godwin the fire to follow his true passion and nurture his natural-born gift. In his early 20s, the tailoring workshop that once supported Godwin's hobby had become his classroom. Under the careful guidance of master tailors and head ateliers, these rare mentors taught Godwin a hands-on approach & patience, rarely seen in today's fast fashion industry. Under these tables and machines, the Godwin Charli brand was born in 2007.

Specializing in tailored fashion for Men and Women, the 'Charli' in the brand (the female) is a nod to Godwin's parents Charles and Evelyn, for all of their sartorial influence. Today, Godwin Charli draws on the same lessons in pursuit of tailoring perfection. Working with an incredibly talented team both locally and internationally, Godwin creates world-class garments that underline his customer's individuality and the brand's exacting quality, design & premium fabrication.

Our Services

  • The Liam Suit - Navy Chalk Stripe Tropical Wool
  • Suit
  • $1,348.00
  • The Liam Suit - Powder Blue Tropical Wool
  • Suit
  • $1,348.00
  • The Greyson Suit - White and Navy Pinstripe Linen
  • Suit
  • $1,398.00
  • The Havana Suit - Light Brown Pinstripe Linen
  • Suit
  • $1,398.00
  • Julius Suit - Sand Cotton Stretch 2491
  • Suit
  • $1,198.00
  • Greyson Suit - Grey POW with Brown Window Check
  • Suit
  • $1,398.00
  • Jonah Suit - Steel Blue Herringbone
  • Suit
  • $1,248.00
  • Greyson Suit - Grey Black Circle
  • Suit
  • $1,198.00

Tom James Of Melbourne

tom james of melbourne


1300 664990

About Tom James Of Melbourne

A self-made businessman, Spencer took his love for fine clothing and his fine business sense to form the world's largest manufacturer and retailer of custom men's (and women's) clothing. He travelled a great deal. He loved fine clothing and began thinking of the advantages of having an easier and more satisfying way to shop. The concept for Tom James was born out of that desire. Spencer left this world on March 1st, 2017, but he did not leave it unaffected. His influence will be felt for generations, not only directly from his relationships with his friends, families, and colleagues, but by every employee of the companies, he leads. Tom James Company's leadership continues Spencer's legacy by keeping his principles at the basis of our business today.

Over the years, Tom James Company has acquired many of the manufacturing authorities in the custom clothing industry. One of the first acquisitions in 1974 was the English American Company, a custom suit maker that traces its roots back over 100 years. In 1994, the last hand-sewn suit manufacturer in the U.S., Oxxford Clothing, became part of the Tom James family and crafted our highest make, Prestige. In 2016, Tom James transitioned the Prestige label to the "Oxford Finest Quality" label.

Following suit, to accompany the purchase of the finest suit manufacturer globally, Tom James Company acquired Holland & Sherry in 2003. Holland & Sherry had long been the provider of our finest cloth in our premier makes. Hence, it only made sense to bring them into a company that honoured their legacy and gave them the vision to venture into the luxury interiors market with Holland & Sherry Interiors.


Since 1836, Holland & Sherry has supplied cloth to prestigious tailors and luxury labels worldwide. From its headquarters on historic Savile Row in London, Holland & Sherry provides the world's finest Merino wool, cashmere, mohair, vicuna, silk, cotton and linen cloth. Tom James is proud to feature the artistry and tradition of Holland & Sherry, our largest supplier of cloth.

Our Services

Oxxford Clothes is the last manufacturer left in the United States that still tailors suits by hand. It is the standard by which all other men's tailored clothing is judged. In 2016, Oxxford Clothes celebrated its 100th year of providing fine tailored menswear to its most discerning clientele. The motto of America's most iconic clothing brand says it all: "Always Be Faithful to Quality."

Oxford Clothing for Tom James Company


With our long-standing authority in Men's Custom Clothing, in the mid-1990, it only made sense with the rise of professional women in the workplace to craft custom garments for women. In 2015, our leadership decided to invest more into the women's custom clothing part of our business and embarked on a journey to reimagine a line of women's custom clothing from the ground up. Not only did we design new models for women based on body shape, but we also designed an entire line of fabrics specifically for women, including beautiful boucle styles, incredibly soft stretch materials, and stunning jacquards.

Peter Jacksons

peter jackson


(03) 9415 6281

About Peter Jacksons

Peter Jackson is an Australian garment maker constructing quality menswear with a passion for innovative design and a strong emphasis on revolutionizing the menswear retail space. We recognize a huge disparity between 'disposable fashion' and luxury garments in both quality and price; we stand to bridge that gap because we believe that fashion and luxury should be accessible to everyone.

By challenging modern-day fashion conventions and pushing boundaries, we believe the modern man deserves clothing constructed from the world's best textiles without paying over the odds. As a result, our brand is not only a testament to authentic craftsmanship but also represents our dedication to instilling confidence in men to embrace their fashion aspirations whilst making confident and lasting impressions.

For over seven decades, we've believed in elevating the dress standards of all Australian men. By empowering them to draw confidence from their appearance, they will look their best and be ready for every occasion. This strong sense of purpose started in 1948, in the heart of Melbourne's CBD-Little Bourke Street, where siblings Olga, Peter and David Jackson ran their iconic barbershop.

Selling neckties, the trio's foray into fashion gradually evolved into a full tailored Men's range. Soon after, we promptly established ourselves as the number one destination for men's fashion throughout Melbourne. With a new generation of Jacksons at the helm and more than 60 stores nationally, Peter Jackson remains a family business echoing views and values established 70 years ago.

Our Services

Peter Jackson's passion for tailoring and high-quality fabrics has provided men with stylish formal and casual wear since 1948. As our brand grows nationally, so does our dedication and desire to provide our clientele with quality customer service and garments. We are looking for applicants with an eye for fashion, a service-minded personality and a personable demeanour. You have exceptional people skills, and you can effortlessly interact with customers and Peter Jackson team members. You thrive when working in a team environment. You want to help continue to grow an iconic fashion brand and have a career in one of the most established companies in Australian men's fashion.

P. Johnsons Sports

p. johnsons sports


61 409 091 485

About P. Johnsons Sports

Women ought to feel strong and confident through a thoughtfully cultivated and atemporal approach to style. We aim to slow things down and take great consideration with each piece. Our clothing is rooted in the sense of classicism and harnesses our deep understanding of tailoring and the immovable purity of expression that it provides the individual. Being Australian based, we also have the advantage of isolation which develops a more widely observed sense of style, particularly concerning colour and that unique sense of ease and comfort associated with the Australian approach to life.

The custom-tailored process allows us to minimize wastage by building very special and unique garments rather than crudely amassing inventory. We offer a range of double and single-breasted blazer models with various peak and notch lapels and multiple trouser models, ranging from slimmer to more generously cut styles. We also make beautiful skirts and a range of tops and shirt styles.

The cloth has been developed specifically for the female form and includes glazed Irish linen, luxurious brushed Italian cotton, corduroy and cashmere flannel. We have hundreds of design options and fabrics to choose from but don't worry. One of our experienced teams will be there to guide you through the process. Read more about the way it works below, and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.

Our Services

As no two people are the same, no two garments should be the same either. We are expertly trained tailors and offer tens of thousands of different options, covering your entire wardrobe from suiting to leisurewear, to ensure we can help you build your perfect wardrobe. The options are truly endless. We offer three different lines of suiting: 

  • Starting at AUD 2,595. Our P Johnson Carrara line is crafted in our Tuscan based atelier, Sartoria Carrara. Here we make our suits by hand using traditional artisanal means, resulting in soft and comfortable garments that are beautiful and unique. Allow 6-8 weeks.
  • Starting at AUD 1,375. Our Pronto workshop is located just south of Shanghai. At this state of the art facility, we combine the best Italian ingredients and construction techniques with the finest cutting-edge technology to produce our signature soft, luxurious and beautifully constructed tailoring. Allow 3-5 weeks.
  • Starting at AUD 1,075. Our Suit Shop line is a half-canvassed option available from our Pronto workshop. The half-canvassed construction provides beautifully made, perfectly fitting custom tailoring at a more accessible price. Allow 3-5 weeks. Express 2-3 week option available at additional cost.
  • Separate jackets start at AUD 750 and trousers at AUD 350.

Don't worry about it too much, and it's a conversation and a simple guided process. Book an obligation-free appointment with one of our team to begin.

Trevor West Formal Wear

trevor west formal wear


03 9866 5658

About Trevor West Formal Wear

Established in 1956, Trevor West has long been regarded for its outstanding professional service, friendly staff and high-quality clothing, where we pride ourselves on being the premier menswear store South of the Yarra. One of the last menswear retail specialists in Melbourne, Trevor West, is a major distributor of well-known iconic brands that are carefully and selectively bought for our customers. Trevor West is the preferred Formal Wear supplier to most Melbourne premium hotels for their guests and is being referred by the VRC to its members and international guests for the supply of Morning Suits for the committee room over the spring racing carnival. Trevor West was also appointed by IMG for the international and, for that matter, any of their guests attending the 'Presidents Cup' when it was last played in Australia.

A small but discerning number of retailers within Melbourne now act as agents for the Formal Hire range as it is considered the most exclusive and best quality range available. Trevor West has adopted a simple philosophy over the years; to service our customers personally, provide honest feedback and ensure our team have an excellent understanding & knowledge of our quality label.

The iconic Trevor West brand has evolved over the years with the introduction of world-leading fashion labels, which has seen Trevor West firmly position itself as the premier menswear store South of the Yarra. Providing our customers with iconic brands is a key to our success. Trevor West is a customer-focused business offering a fabulous range of designer labels, known for its sophistication, style, attention to detail and outstanding personalized service.

Supported by a highly skilled team with the combined experience and product knowledge above 100 years in menswear. You can be sure the friendly team will help you select from leading fashion brands. Should the occasion arise, Trevor West's reputation for excellence in Formal Hire will ensure you look your best on your wedding day or as a guest at a formal occasion.

Our Services

Sophisticated Suits of the Highest Quality

Crafted in superfine pure wool from some of Italy's finest mills, exuding superior quality in craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail. The Paul Smith collection is tailored in Italy and hand-finished with the quirky signature detailing. The classic and sophisticated styling of Hugo Boss and the English elegance of Durban complement the quality craftsmanship of 

Everyday Casual Wear for the Stylish Man

Our vast collection of everyday casual pieces has something for any occasion. We offer a variety of casual wear from the quirkiness of Paul Smith, the classic & sophisticated European styling of Hugo Boss, detailed prints of Replay, the colourfulness of Gant and the modern retro designs of Ben Sherman.

Finish the Look with Our Accessory Collection

There are certain essentials when it comes to accessories for men. Looking for that perfect accessory to finish your outfit, look no further than Trevor West. Trevor West offers a wide range of quality accessories to suit any man's outfit, from fine Italian belts, silk ties, socks, cufflinks, and wallets.

Bell & Barnett

bell barnett


03 9318 8980

About Bell & Barnett

Bell & Barnett designs seasonal trends for the busy Australian man. Born from the desire to be the leaders in Australian men's fashion, we stay in front of the trends, ensuring our brand is associated with refinement, style and class. Our hometown of Melbourne is notoriously fashion-sensitive, so we have to ensure our products are at the cutting edge of style.

Not only does Bell & Barnett have the unmistakable blend of high-market fashion and European influence, but it also has a solid understanding of the Australian market  – providing incomparable quality using Australian pure wool yarns and designed with exceptional attention to detail and fit, which gives our customer the complete overall look. With the latest in fabrics and sewing techniques, there is no doubt as to our commitment to style and fashion. Wearing one of our suits is a symbol to those around you. You are a man who is an individual, who is fashion conscious and a man who knows what he wants. That is why Bell & Barnett take pride in providing the Australian man with high-quality fashion.

Our Services

If you are unsure how to look after, clean or generally maintain your Bell & Barnett products, here is a list of care instructions. May they serve your Bell & Barnett products well.


Now that you have your high-quality Bell & Barnett suit, we have some tips to keep it looking great. First, hang it up whenever you take your suit off at the end of the day or evening to let it recover and work any wrinkles out naturally. Let the suit breathe so that the fibres can breathe, ideally in a suit bag (one that will still allow the suit jacket to breathe). When wearing the trousers, remember to pull them up from the thighs if you sit down, avoiding extra strain on the fabric. Avoid overstuffing your suit trouser pockets to avoid extra strain on the seams. Any dirt on the suit should be easily brushed off with a soft-bristled brush. Dry clean only - but not excessively, as this may cause shrinkage or discolouring. Try spot cleaning for the majority of cleaning needs.


Machine wash inside out with similar colours. Tumble dry low or hang in the shade to dry. It is best to iron whilst your shirt is still damp. Using a good steam iron - you'll easily get rid of those wrinkles and dry your shirt out. Do not bleach. Suitable for dry clean - but not excessively.


A new wool blazer needs to be looked after! That is why Bell & Barnett offer a few helpful tips on maintaining your new blazer.

When you take your wool blazer off at the end of the day, hang it up in your wardrobe with plenty of space to let the fabric recover. Never fold a blazer, as this will cause wrinkles. If you find your blazer has wrinkles, hanging it in the wardrobe overnight should help remove or ease them. Any dirt that has found its way onto your blazer can be easily removed with a soft bristle brush. Dry clean only - but not excessively, as this may cause shrinkage or discolour of the blazer. Try spot cleaning for the majority of cleaning needs.

Chino Pants

Bell & Barnett smart-casual pants are high quality, but taking care of these pants will give them a longer life. We have some tips to keep them looking great. When wearing casual trousers, remember to pull them up from the thighs if you sit down, avoiding extra strain on the fabric. Likewise, avoid overstuffing your trouser pockets to avoid extra strain on the seams. After you get back from your day or night out, hang up your trousers to let them recover work out any wrinkles naturally. Any dirt that may have snuck its way onto the pants can be easily removed with a soft-bristled brush. Dry clean only, although try to limit the number of times you do this. Try spot cleaning instead for most cleaning requirements.


Knitwear is something that should be treated differently from your suits and shirts. Here are some Bell & Barnett tips on making sure your knitwear keeps looking great. Remember that knits are made from fragile materials, and they should be treated with great care, especially when wearing bags or when around items such as jewellery or watches. Never hang your knits on clothes hangers – instead, fold them. When it comes to cleaning, brushing is an effective way to keep the knits clear and look good. Hand wash instead of machine wash.


Bell & Barnett have a few tips for looking after your belt to keep it looking great after buying it. When you first get the belt, you should apply some leather conditioner to it, which will help preserve your belt against the elements. You want your belt to last naturally. For day to day maintenance, make sure you take off your belt when you take off your pants. Yes, we understand that it may save a bit of time in the morning, but you risk warping the belt out of shape by not taking the belt off. And dry to keep the belt dry - despite the conditioner, it is still advisable not to let the elements batter it into submission. If your belt does get wet, let it dry at room temperature. Remove dirt and dust with a stiff (but not overly hard) brush.

If there is a spillage, make sure it gets cleaned promptly. First, soak up any spills with clean, absorbent cloth by blotting. Use a wet cloth for anything aside from water. After cleaning, dry immediately with a clean cloth. Once this has been achieved, re-apply for that trusty leather conditioner. Every six months or so, clean your leather belt with soap to prevent any fishy odours from emerging from the trusty belt. Use a banister brush covered in soap, and then sweep the soap and dirt away with a clean cloth. Rinse with water and dry (if you use a hairdryer, make sure at least 15cm between the belt and the dryer).


For daily upkeep: When untying the tie, make sure that you "tie it up in reverse", and avoid untying it by pulling on the knot. Avoid getting wrinkles by folding the tie gently. If there are wrinkles, hang the tie-up during a hot shower – the steam should remove creases. If serious creases and iron must be used, make sure it is on low heat, and there is cotton or linen between the tie and the iron. For storage, hang the tie-up in your wardrobe. If the tie needs to be washed, attempt cleaning the tie as soon as possible and dab the stain with a small amount of carbonated water. If a stain persists and you decide to wash your silk tie, it is advised not to machine wash but instead, hand wash by using lukewarm water and non-alkaline soap. Rub stains out, but try not to let the tie soak in water.


Avoid putting them in water, and make sure they don't end up in the laundry. Keep the cufflinks away from chlorinated water and strong chemicals. A good piece of advice is "last on, first off", which means that the cufflinks and other accessories should go on after putting on aftershave and perfumes, so it reduces the damage they receive from the chemicals in those products. For storage, place the cufflinks in storage containers to prevent oxidization and tarnishing. It is also advisable to store your cufflinks separately from your other accessories to prevent scratching. Finally, keep the cufflinks in a cool and dry place and the dark. Even if you are careful with wearing and storing the cufflinks, eventually, the cufflinks will lose their lustre – even the oils in your skin will cause tarnishing. So, it will be inevitable that you will need to clean your cufflinks now and again. For light tarnishing, a polishing cloth should suffice. This should bring back the lustre of the cufflinks. For more serious tarnishes, a gentle jewellery cleaning agency should be used. Do not use cleaning solutions, as the chemicals in these products will damage the jewellery.

Pocket Squares

Keep the pocket square away from damaging chemicals and direct sunlight for extended periods. It is advisable to send your silk pocket square to a dry-cleaning establishment with silk experience. However, if the need to clean the pocket squares yourself emerges, wash gently in cool water with non-alkaline soap. Dry the silk in the shade, as direct sunlight will damage the vibrancy of the colours. If you need to iron the pocket square, place cotton between the iron and the pocket square, and iron the pocket square on the reverse side.

Silk Ties

For daily upkeep: When untying the tie, make sure that you "tie it up in reverse", and avoid untying it by pulling on the knot. Avoid getting wrinkles by folding the tie gently. If there are wrinkles, hang the tie-up during a hot shower – the steam should remove creases. If serious creases and iron must be used, make sure it is on low heat, and there is cotton or linen between the tie and the iron. For storage, hang the tie-up in your wardrobe. If the tie needs to be washed, attempt cleaning the tie as soon as possible and dab the stain with a small amount of carbonated water. If a stain persists and you decide to wash your silk tie, it is advised not to machine wash but instead, hand wash by using lukewarm water and non-alkaline soap. Rub stains out, but try not to let the tie soak in water.

Tie Bars

Avoid placing the tie bars in water, and keep them away from harsh chemicals like chlorine. The "last on, first off" mantra is good to live by, as most men's accessories. That means it should go on last, so it runs less risk of being damaged by perfumes or aftershaves. Storage advice: the tie bars should be stored separately from other jewellery and accessories, as this will prevent scratching and damage. Store in a cool, dark and dry space, ideally in storage containers that prevent or reduce oxidization. If the tie bars get tarnished, use a polishing cloth to bring the lustre. In cases of serious tarnishing, a gentle cleaning agency should be used. Avoid cleaning solutions that damage the tie bar.

Steel And May Bespoke Tailoring

steel and may bespoke tailoring


 0418 107 343

About Steel And May Bespoke Tailoring

Fabric Weights

Typically the suit fabrics are graded for their weight (measured in ounces) and wool fineness (measured in 'Super' numbers). The heavier wool cloth is more durable and will last longer than the lighter cloth but may be uncomfortable in the Australian summer. We recommend fabric weights in 9oz up to 12oz for everyday wear.

Wool Fineness

Typically, wool is graded from Super 80s up to Super 200s. New technology and breeding techniques allow us access to finer wools than ever before. However, these ultra-fine fabrics are not always ideal for everyday use as they are not as durable as the slightly coarser wools. Steel and May recommend fabrics from Super 100s to Super 140s for everyday wear.

Fabric Patterns

Our range varies every season and includes classic patterns and timeless styles of Pinstripe, Chalk stripe, Herringbone, Prince of Wales, Birdseye, Houndstooth and plains. In addition, colours are added to create different variations and fabric choices.

Our Services

Bespoke Suits

A bespoke suit can be whatever you desire. Clients choose from either single-breasted one, two or three-button or double-breasted jackets. Extra trousers are a popular choice to prolong the life of the suit. Styling options for suits include handmade open buttonholes on jackets cuffs, adjustable button side tabs on trousers, different lapel widths, additional pockets such as phone pockets, hand stitching on the lapels, side or centre vents and additional ticket pockets on jackets. A full canvas jacket is also available to prolong the suit's life. We serve a diverse range of clients from the business, legal, sporting, racing and political arenas and have extensive experience outfitting and styling wedding parties.

Andrej Menswear

andrej menswear


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About Andrej Menswear

Andre J Menswear is a hidden gem of a place specializing in menswear and suits. Unpretentious and tucked away just off Melbourne's Princes Highway, this massive suit warehouse for men houses hundreds upon hundreds of Suits, Socks, Jackets, Shirts, Ties, Shoes, Cufflinks and much, much more and all at a range of prices that will suit everyone! You will love the collection that we have, from timeless classics to the latest in modern men's suit designs, all at Melbourne's most competitive prices for suits. Better still, your Melbourne suit alterations are tailor-quality and all done on-site. Your full range of Business Suits, School Formal Suits and Wedding suits can be purchased in Clayton, with FREE off-street parking located between Princes Highway & Wellington Road and not far from the South Eastern Freeway and Eastlink! Of course, the best days to make the most of our available free parking is to shop on weekdays, particularly from Mondays to Thursdays. The suburbs not far from and surrounding our Men's Suit Shop are Oakleigh, Glen Waverley, Chadstone, Bentleigh, Dandenong, Cheltenham, Hampton, Malvern, Burwood and Knox.

Our Services


When Melbourne business people look for business suits instead of formal occasion suits, style needs to be matched by longevity for regular use. Andre J Menswear will recommend to you, out of all our range of suits, which fabric to use to get long-term wear out of your business suit. Our premises centrally located in Melbourne's South East has business suits from floor to ceiling to suit any size and style. Andre J's massive stock always has items on sale, and you can find suits from as low as around $100 for discontinued styles or brands. Men in real estate, larger corporations, or even school formal suits, come with a large group to get a package deal.

Henry Buck

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About Henry Buck

Henry Buck was born on November 26th 1860, in Clerkenwell, London. He was the second child of Thomas, a master electro-plater and later a corn factor. He moved to Yorkshire and was brought up in Danby. At the age of thirteen, Henry learned the soft goods trade and, suffering from tuberculosis, migrated to New South Wales in 1887, finding a job as a grazier's farmhand at 'Manfred' owned by the Tailor family near Euston. His fiancée Laura Jane Rose joined him but was repelled by life on a sheep station and persuaded Henry to move to Melbourne. On June 25th 1887, at Armadale, the couple married with Presbyterian forms.

Henry worked as a bookbinder's assistant, losing his job in 1890 after having the ambition to ask for a pay rise, probably a shilling a week. Instead, he went into business with a friend and found that he had been duped, to his dismay. Rather than take legal action against his friend, Henry took over the shirting fabric shop, the fabrics and equipment. With Laura as the bookkeeper and two machinists, he learned the trade of shirt making, opening a shop on August 25th 1890, in the fashionable Queen's Walk-off Swanston Street and Collins Street, now known as Henry Buck Pty Ltd.

By the turn of the century, Henry had built a big factory on the outskirts of Melbourne to manufacture shirts, pyjamas and ties. He also diversified into warehousing and wholesaling and founded Wallace, Buck and Goodes Pty Ltd, the London Tie Co Pty Ltd, Beaucaire Knitting Mills Pty Ltd and Eyelets Pty Ltd.

Henry was a respected figure in Melbourne. He belonged to the Commercial Travellers' Association, the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, the Melbourne Cricket Club and the Master Drapers' Association of Victoria, and in London, where he was a member of the Portland Club. He was an authority on bridge and solo and belonged to the Melbourne Philharmonic Society. King George V appointed Henry Buck an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1920 for services to the community and business. As well as managing a business involved in retail, manufacturing and wholesaling, Henry had become famous for administering to thousands of returned troops, ferrying them around and providing food and shelter throughout the 1914-1918 war. 

On May 7th 1933, Henry Buck died in Marylebone, London and was survived by his wife and daughter. The company moved in 1963 to the new Colonial Mutual Building, Collins Street, where the plush atmosphere of the old store was re-created and remained to this day at 320 Collins Street, Melbourne. Over the years, the company has strengthened its position in the marketplace through expansion and consolidation, entrepreneurial initiatives, and focusing on its' 35-65 age group of affluent, corporate and professional, smartly dressed clients.  

Our Services

Black Tie | Luxury CeremonySort by

Whether you are attending a black-tie event or want to make an impression at an evening soirée, a classic black tuxedo should always be on call in your wardrobe. This refined style, in pure wool, cuts an elegant silhouette and features silk lapels on the jacket and a silk waistband and stripes down the sides of the pants making for distinctive finishing touches. Abelard Marcella Stud Front Peak Collar WHITE DC-SLIM FITAbelard Marcella Stud Front 




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About Briggins

Silver grove exists to help men walk a little taller. Whether on your wedding day or heading out to meet a new client, we know the value of an expertly made, superior fitting, custom suit. Founded in 2006 by Melbourne locals, Silvergrove was created to provide an affordable custom suit alternative for stylish Melbourne men without compromising the quality or fit synonymous with tailored, handmade garments.  

Today, we are one of Melbourne's most experienced and trusted custom suit makers, having designed and crafted over 50,000 suits since first opening our doors. Operating out of our Showroom in Ringwood, we offer a range of personal styling services, including custom suit and shirt making, wardrobe styling and modern barbering.

Custom designed and custom made, Silvergrove suits and shirts are created in partnership with you, to your unique specifications and style. Choosing from a wide selection of fabrics, including 100% Australian wool and details such as stitching and buttons, one-of-a-kind suits and shirts are then made using your precise measurements and expertly fitted by our tailor on location in Ringwood. Once you have felt and seen the quality and superior fit of a custom suit and shirt, we know you'll never go back to buying off-the-rack.

In 2019, we became industry leaders, using 3D body scanning technology to guarantee a perfectly fitting suit designed just for you. Our blend of modern measuring techniques, combined with traditional, expert tailoring, provides superior quality, fit and consistency for everybody every time. During your first consultation at our Ringwood Showroom, we will take a 3D body scan in minutes. This scan is then used to create your uniquely crafted suit and shirt to your style and precise measurements. Once the garment is completed, we will conduct a fitting in our Showroom, and our experienced, in-house tailors will make any refinements and adjustments. This accurate and hassle-free process makes a perfect-fit custom suit a reality for everybody.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on having one of the most professional and efficient processes for custom made suits. On average, the process will take four weeks from your initial consultation and fitting to your completed suit. Our stylists will help you design a one-of-a-kind suit for your wedding, special occasion, or work wardrobe with a wide range of styles and quality fabrics to choose from. Having created over 50,000 custom suits in our time, we have the experience and knowledge to create perfectly fitting, unique suits for everybody. To get started, book an obligation-free initial consultation. Then, simply call the team at our Ringwood Showroom on 1300 452 251 or head to our bookings page.

Our stylists will help you design a unique suit during your initial consultation at our Ringwood Showroom. Then, choosing from our wide range of styles and quality fabrics, we can create a suit to match your style, right down to the button and stitching detail. We will then take your precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Approximately four weeks after your initial consultation, you will be invited back into our Showroom for a fitting and styling consultation. Our experienced tailors and stylists will add the final touches to ensure that you look sharp and stylish by the time you leave. We can even offer you full barbering services to finish off your look!


Look and feel you're very best on your wedding day with a custom-designed and crafted suit. We take the stress out of wedding planning with personalized, convenient (and fun!) wedding consultations. Designed just for you and styled from head to toe, we make sure that all of our grooms feel confident and look picture-perfect on their wedding day. We also offer wedding packages for groomsmen to give you not only a stylish but affordable solution for your wedding suits.

Business Luxury

Our men's business suits are designed to help you walk taller in the workplace. Whether you are heading out for a board meeting, making a business deal, or giving a presentation, you are best suited to our custom business suits' comfort and precise fit. Our professional stylists and experienced tailors love to work closely with you to create a capsule business wardrobe that enables you to mix and match your suits, shirts and accessories from day tonight.

Special Occasions

We have you covered with our precise, custom fits and distinctive styling, from accepting an award to attending a wedding. Our experienced tailors and professional stylists know how to create unique, show-stopping looks for your next special occasion. Our design, fit, and creation process ensures that we consider every detail to give you a one-of-a-kind suit. 

Suit Up

We offer three different suit ranges at varying prices, from the Classic to our Black Label suit. We also have a large selection of patterned and plain Australian wool fabrics and blends to craft the perfect suit. Visit our Showroom in Ringwood, head to our online store, or check us out on social media to see some of our recent custom suits.

Why Custom?

Custom or tailored suits and shirts are made to your unique measurements and design. This means selecting the fabric, style, and even finer details such as buttons and stitching. In 2019, we became industry leaders, using 3D technology to guarantee a perfectly fitting suit designed just for you. Our blend of modern technology and traditional expert tailoring provides exceptional quality, fit and consistency every time. During a brief visit to our Ringwood Showroom, we will take a 3D body scan in minutes. These precise measurements ensure that your suit is customized to your unique body shape and size.

Most importantly, a custom suit is a one-of-a-kind, so it is as unique as you are. From suit style to lining fabric, our stylists will work with you to ensure that every detail is personalized and perfect for you. Once you've worn a precisely crafted, uniquely designed custom suit, we know that you'll never buy off-the-rack again!

Tailors Mark

tailors mark


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About Tailors Mark

Your personalized garment patterns are created from your 3D print, and the tiniest detail will be made unique to you and your style. We've selected hundreds of quality fabrics and allow detailed customization, from the lapel to buttons to your embroidered initials. Just tell us what you need, and we'll create a style to match at a price that works for you. Prices start from $1,190 for a two-piece tailored suit and $119 for our shirts. Shipping is free for all orders in Australia.

Our Services

  • Fabrics
    • Our suits are made with only the highest quality of European or Australian Merino wool. 2 piece suits start from $1,000, and prices depend on the fabric chosen. Tailored shirts are custom made with your choice of pure cotton or linen and start from only $119. Your true style consultant will simplify selecting material from our extensive range, depending on your preferences for weight, feel, weave, and colour profile. Formal details. Our suits are completely bespoke, and for formal occasions, we have a range of options to make the suit look truly incredible.
  • Dinner Jackets & Tuxedos
    • Typically formal suits are crafted with a single-breasted, single button, and subtly contrasting satin shawl lapels. We recommend straight hidden pockets with matching satin details. A range of beautiful button styles is available, along with personalized monograms. Vests can be added to a suit depending on the style required.
  • Inner Lining & Trimmings
    • Suit inner linings are made with Japanese Bemberg or silk, and traditional trimmings are available in matte or shine satin.
  • Formal Pants
    • For formalwear or tuxedos, we typically customize with a tuxedo pocket and a hook button with side adjusters to replace the belt.

Bespoke Of Melbourne

bespoke of melbourne


0457 771 111

About Bespoke Of Melbourne

Our tailors are available in Melbourne and Victoria to take bookings at our client's choice location. Our tailors visit clients in their offices, home or arrange a meeting at their hotel during these travels. Giving personally tailored advice, they measure and fit new clients, meet with old clients for periodic updating of their wardrobes, and tweak past purchases if needed. Clients can touch fabrics, choose colours, get measured and experience the personalized styling approach. 

As you enter our Showroom, you will be invited to sit down on a comfortable couch to chat with our tailor so you can get to know each other. Whereas it may feel like small talk, we see this as a crucial part of the process of making your suit. Where you work, how you go about your day, your wardrobe, and how often you attend special events such as the races will assist our tailor in deciphering what you need. We encourage our first-time clients, whether they be grooms, corporate dwellers or once-off suit hunters, to collect images and examples of the look they want to achieve, and we can help them make that look their own. Lovers of Armani, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Chanel are also encouraged to bring in pictures of inspirational pieces so our tailor can help make these looks a reality for you.

Our Services

A casual glimpse around any Australian city centre, Melbourne or Sydney especially, reveals men are no longer heading to work in baggy, poorly fitted trousers or oversized jackets. In general, Aussies are taking their suiting seriously. This is because a sense of confidence comes with a quality suit that few other garments can provide. Bespoke of Melbourne also like to give customers the personalization to have their name printed on their shirt collar, shirt cuffs or the inside of their suit jacket. Suits are not simply one of the essential wardrobe staples but also among the most versatile, as can be seen during the spring racing season. The three key suiting situations one needs to consider are listed below.

Carl Nave

carl nave


0403 163 523

About Carl Nave

This is a 1-hour obligation-free made to measure suit consultation where we establish your needs and look at fabrics. We also talk about style, details and take measurements if required. 

In Studio Shirt Consultations

This is a 30-minute obligation-free made to measure shirt consultation where we establish your needs and look at fabrics. We also talk about style, details and take measurements if required.

Meet The Tailor

Born in Melbourne to Italian parents, Carl Nave comes from a family of tailors and has been sewing since the age of six. Honing his craft with over twenty years of experience, Carl takes tailoring to an exciting new level, offering a contemporary approach to bespoke work in his Melbourne studio.

Our Services

Business Suit

We understand a suit is like a sartorial uniform to many men. Offering uncompromising quality and affordability, our hand-finished made-to-measure, full canvas suits exude professionalism for the office, starting from just $1,200. Looking to step it up? Our premium 'Fatto a Mano' made in Italy option starts from $2,800, offering materials from Italy's finest textile mills, tailored shirts in one of the finest Neapolitan tailoring houses, and handmade suits to a whole new level. So wear it with pride, knowing over four generations of sartorial expertise has gone into each garment.

The Overcoat

At Carl Navè, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a fully-bespoke, customized wardrobe. So why stop with the suit? Introducing our made-to-measure overcoats. Our overcoats start from $850 for a full canvas construction offering sartorial finesse to match your suit. Choose from single or double-breasted designs, with the option of peak, notch, or shawl collar lapels. All our overcoats are finished with wool or wool/cashmere blends.

The Custom Necktie

Order your custom necktie that starts from $79. Select from our handpicked Italian silks, and we'll craft a design with woven canvas interlinings. We'll ensure your ensemble is elegant, whether a skinny tie or a classic cravat.

Corporate Styling & Personalized Wardrobe

Are you seeking guidance with your corporate wardrobe? At Carl Navè, we provide a corporate styling service, assisting you in assembling an impressive and sophisticated seasonal wardrobe collection for the executive. We also cater to workplace requests to assist your employees and colleagues in making style choices that personify and exhibit company values.

For The Groom

At Carl Navè, we know it's all about the groom and his men. Weddings are such a special day in any man's life, and it is so important to get the details right. Be it a black-tie, garden, beach, or formal celebration, we have the right option for you. So put your trust in us, and we'll ensure you and your groomsmen look they are the very best.

The Tuxedo

The ultimate in formal dressing, our tuxedos and dinner suits come in various styles. Choose from peak lapel, notch lapel, or shawl collars finished with satin, one-button, two-button, or double-breasted options. We also offer three-piece options and smoking jackets if you seek something with a little more flair. Tuxedos are a great way to call on tradition whilst still playing with contemporary silhouettes and details. Our designs will ensure you will look and feel on-trend yet timeless for your special day.

At Home Styling

At Carl Navè, we offer a unique, in-house grooming service for you and your groomsmen on your wedding day. We'll arrive with your freshly pressed shirts and suits, and we'll individually style each member of your party.

The Sports Jacket

This outerwear staple offers a touch of flair and personality. Perfect for those casual, off-duty days, a sports jacket is ideal for your wardrobe. Heavier tweeds and worsted wools provide the perfect composition for layering during the winter months, whilst lightweight wool blends are ideal for summer wear. Our made-to-measure designs start from $800, complete with full canvas and working buttonholes.

The Custom Details

Personalization is one of the greatest perks of choosing made-to-measure designs. Custom made tailored suits give you the flexibility to add unique design elements, giving it a signature touch. Choose a contrast lining, a highlight colour pick-stitching, horn or shell buttons, and even monogram embroidery to add your spin at Carl Navè.

The Surgeon's Cuffs

Working or functional buttonholes have always been the epitome of style and testament to bespoke tailoring. These intricate details set a bespoke tailored suit apart from regular off-the-rack suits. Extremely difficult to find in off-the-rack suits at Carl Navè, we use working buttonholes to elevate the style of your suite at no extra cost. Our preferred button placement is the 'kissing buttons'. This is a lovely little detail where buttons gently touch and overlap one another."

The Pants

At Carl Navè, we now offer a selection of casual pants, chinos, and shorts, custom-made to your exact measurements and specifications. Choose from cotton twill, drill, or cotton stretch to ensure the perfect fit. Our pants start at $270.

"Style is not just about being noticed, and it's about being remembered."

Carbon Master Tailors

carbon master tailors


About Carbon Master Tailors

Highly skilled craftsmanship is the hallmark of our bespoke and custom-tailoring. After a consultation to discuss your requirements, measurements are taken, and we guide you with fabric selection. Talent and dedication to our craft are applied to the pattern making, hand-cutting of fabric and hours of detailed stitching.

The passion we exhibit for tailored excellence is reflected in your attire. We believe your investment in elegance and quality should be lasting – the highest quality trimmings ensure this. Imagine traditional tailored artistry and the highest quality fabric; the result is a Carbone Master Tailored piece. Bespoke suits, jackets and shirts offer a better fit than made to measure, as the client's every measurement is taken into account. An infinite number of collar styles, cuffs, and personalized touches results in a uniquely your piece. Choose from classical styling or contemporary and visually striking designs. We will then guide you through the process of selecting from a vast range of the finest fabrics, styles and details; to

Our Services

A wedding suit created by Carbone Master Tailors is the epitome of style and elegance. The highest standard of craftsmanship & material selection is the hallmarks of all Carbone suits. We create all our garments in-house to your exact specifications, which is a garment of supreme quality. We tailor suits that you're proud to wear and make your presentation shine. We pride ourselves on making only the finest custom made suits and bespoke garments available. With over 40 years of experience tailoring in the fine Italian tradition, your garment will last a lifetime, reflecting pure quality, attention to detail, style and elegance.

Textures Galore

You'll be spoiled with a choice of over 3,000 fabrics from the world's leading mills. In addition, our Master Tailor, Dominic Carbone, and bespoke consultants Tania & Kellie specialize in helping you design the suit of your dreams.

The Finest Choice

Dominic Carbone has established a reputation as Melbourne's premium tailor for gentlemen's suits over the decades. His clients range everywhere from business leaders, media celebrities, sports stars & politicians to recent graduates acquiring their first tailored suit for a competitive edge.

The Carbone Guarantee

It's all about you. From the first measurement to your personalized pattern. The precise cutting of cloth from the world's best mills to the hours of expert stitching. From your first fitting to the minuscule adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. Each moment is about you. All in-house. That's our promise and our difference. Bespoke tailoring puts you at the centre. Master Tailor Domenic Carbone is one of the rare few in Australia. It's a craft that can't be replicated by cutting corners. No offshoring. No outsourced factories. And at your final fitting, when you see and feel the result, you'll understand why we remain true to our promise. Our promise to every single customer.


A wedding is one of the most important days in a person's life, and as the groom, you want to look your best.