Why Should You Do a First Look?

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    Even if they aren't the latest thing, first-look wedding images are extremely common. As the big day nears, it's normal to have conflicting views about first-look wedding images.

    One would have to have been living under a rock for the past several years to have missed the meteoric rise in popularity of the "first look" moment. The bride approaches cautiously from behind and taps the husband on the shoulder, revealing his emotional reaction to his lovely wife. The prevalence of this practise is shocking.

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    While the trend of the first look among engaged couples continues to grow, there are still many who prefer to save their emotional exchange until the altar.

    As so, it's unclear why you would bother. Why not give it a shot? Both the benefits and drawbacks will be outlined for you, and the decision is ultimately yours to make.

    FAQs About Photography

    What Is a First Look?

    Instead of waiting until the ceremony to see each other for the first time on their wedding day, some couples opt for a "First Look," a special moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The "first glance" occurs just before the ceremony begins, and it's the first time the bride and groom see one other. Photographers adore capturing heartwarming scenes like this.

    Until the wedding day, the bride and groom typically have never met. However, more and more couples are meeting up one last time before the wedding for a variety of reasons.

    The Pros of First-Look Wedding Photos

    Why Should You Do a First Look?  by Wild Romantic Photography Melbourne

    It's not enough for engaged couples to plan for their first look during the wedding planning process. The bride and groom should take some time to themselves before the wedding.

    A First Look Will Allow More Time for Photos and Therefore, More Photos Overall

    A first look is unnecessary for the picture session during the cocktail hour. This will allow guests to move smoothly from the ceremony to the reception. This is quite inconvenient because you are already running behind time and have people waiting. If you and your future husband decide to do a first look before the ceremony, you'll have plenty of time to snap those perfect wedding photos.

    You'll Have More Time to Enjoy Your Wedding.

    If you and your future husband decide to conduct a first look and take all of your wedding photos before the big day, you will have more time to mingle with guests during cocktail hour.

    It Will Settles Your and Your Fiancé's Nerves Before the Ceremony 

    Knowing that you will have to deliver a major speech in front of a huge crowd, that you will be on camera, and that you will be the centre of attention can put a lot of stress on you in the days leading up to the ceremony. Therefore, your anxiety is quite normal. To ease nerves and remind each other that you're in this together, it's important to see your fiancé before the big event, if at all possible.

    A First Look Will Be More Private and Intimate Than the Ceremony

    Your first look will likely not be completely private, what with the photographer and possibly other wedding party members being present. Although fewer people will be present than at a standard wedding, you and your fiance can still share a meaningful moment together.

    Doesn't "ruin" Anything. 

    Even if there is no first look, the ceremony can still go on. You shouldn't put off seeing your partner because you're worried about feeling emotionally drained; you probably will.

    If You're Worried About Crying, a First Look Might Get That Out of the Way

    If you wind up crying, you can always reapply your makeup later. In the moments before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom have a first look, which is a very intimate and meaningful time. It's natural to feel sentimental as you make your way down the aisle, but remember that in the photos you're not actually holding your spouse's hand.

    The Cons of First-Look Wedding Photos

    It's safe to assume that a first glance isn't anything you're interested in. The good thing is that you can take your time thinking about it. You can always opt for a first glance with your spouse on the day of the wedding. Photographing fleeting moments demands agility, which is why professionals always come prepared.

    You'll Have to Get Ready Earlier.

    You'll need to get ready even earlier than you expected if your ceremony is in the morning and you want to conduct a first glance. You'll want to get an early start on the day if you want to have time to shoot photographs before the ceremony. Therefore, there will be less time to do things like apply makeup, do your hair, and get dressed with the bridal party.

    Your Wedding Party and Family Might Get Bored During Pre-Wedding Photos

    If you opt to shoot photos for several hours beforehand, your wedding party and guests will be forced to stand around for a large chunk of the day. Everyone else will have to wait as you and your future spouse are whisked away to shoot "sweetheart" shots without them.

    Lighting May Not Be Ideal

    First impressions are usually made during the day, when the sun's glare is particularly strong. You may wish to take more pictures when the ceremony is complete.

    It Takes Away That "special Moment" at the Altar

    Why Should You Do a First Look?  by Wild Romantic Photography Melbourne

    Seeing your prospective spouse for the first time on your wedding day will be memorable no matter how many times you've already met. The aisle or altar would be a beautiful setting for this, but a first glance would destroy the emotion.

    While you may long for the same heartfelt reaction from your guests as you received during the ceremony, they will not be the wiser. It is not necessary to let your guests know that you staged images in advance. It could be the first time you've ever seen each other, so even if they don't understand it, there will be an undeniable spark between you.

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    Or, it Could Be Awkward.

    In front of the cameras, even a natural moment can feel forced and unnatural. At the ceremony, you and your future spouse can focus on each other without thinking about how you will react or what words will come out of your mouth.

    Your Dress or Your Bouquet Could Take a Beating

    Taking numerous photographs in direct sunlight can dry out and wilt the flowers you have chosen for the event. Actually, grime and dust could settle inside the hem of your bridal gown... Then it should be prominently displayed as you walk in.

    A Few Tips to Make the Most of Your First Look

    Breaking the old tradition that the groom is not to see the bride before she walks down the aisle, some couples opt to have a private moment to greet one another pre-nuptials. Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    Limit Your Audience

    Both sets of moms might want to watch the first photo or video. We are not suggesting that you cannot do anything, but rather that you should limit the number of participants. Inviting the parents and the bridal party is fine (though perhaps only after you've spent some time alone to savour the moment). There are a lot of relatives to meet for the first time, including grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The intimacy of a situation is decreased when there are too many individuals around.

    Give Yourself Time

    The actual first sight could only take a few seconds, but the time spent together following is precious. Planning for this with the help of a professional will ensure that you and your spouse, as well as the photographer, have plenty of time to capture the day's most precious moments.

    Use This Time for Formal Photos

    Taking ceremonial photographs (including those of the bride and groom with their separate families, bridal party, parents, and other close relatives) immediately after the ceremony is common practise because the couple will not see each other until the moment they exchange vows. If you want to do a first look, take advantage of the time before the ceremony to get some nice pictures of the two of you together. Allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes after the ceremony to finish snapping any final photos you'd like to (i.e. one with your officiant or the fussy ring bearer who needed a nap before the I Dos). Take as few photos as possible after the ceremony if you want to enjoy your Cocktail Hour socialising with your guests.

    Allow Time for Touch Ups

    When the bride sees her fiancé for the first time, there is bound to be an outpouring of love and emotion, and perhaps some tears as well. If you see the outdoors for the first time in the middle of summer, you may become so excited that you work up a sweat. Make use of this time to freshen up before the ceremony by applying or reapplying lipstick, applying a second coat of makeup, or, in the case of the groom, changing into a clean undershirt (trust us, having a spare t-shirt under your suit shirt is crucial to feeling fresh).

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    Reasons WHY You Should Do A First Look On Your Wedding Day

    It Calms the Nerves

    This is an excellent option if you are the sort that experiences social anxiety, prefers not to be the centre of attention, or has a low stress threshold. Even clients who say they won't be apprehensive during the ceremony usually start to become a little jittery as the big moment approaches. Let's face it: your wedding day is probably going to be a major milestone in your life.

    Depending on how invested you are in the process and your own personality, meeting for the first time may be both thrilling and terrifying. Don't worry; you're stronger than you think. If you and your partner have decided to have a First Look, you can take comfort in the knowledge that they will be there to cheer you on and calm your nerves.

    When the bride finally lays eyes on her future husband, her nerves typically go away. Like a great weight has been lifted off their shoulders, the remainder of the wedding day will be a breeze in comparison.

    Way Less Risky

    Do you think you'd accept the risk if you knew what would happen? Don't let your emotions get in the way of planning your wedding.

    Your wedding day truly is one of a kind. Set a date and location, and we'll be prepared. Anything that can happen, will. Things may not go as planned on your wedding day. There are a lot of factors outside of your control. Things like bad weather, late guests, heavy traffic, misplaced rings, the sun setting, and so on. There is a wide range of potential catastrophes, and the list may go on indefinitely. Don't risk it by going against the odds; instead, plan for as little uncertainty as possible. If the day turns out to be better than predicted, you'll be glad you prepared for that eventuality. If you decide on a first glance, all of your images can be shot before the ceremony.

    The portrait session with the wedding party and the newlyweds' families can be wrapped up after the bride and groom have had a chance to see each other before the ceremony. All your guests will want to do when the wedding is over is celebrate with a cocktail and offer their congratulations, so planning a cocktail hour is the least of your worries.

    As a bonus, you'll have a second window of time to complete the portraits if you run into any delays during the day. We have the best wedding photographer in Yarra Valley to capture your beautiful moments on your wedding day.

    The Feelings Don't Go Away.

    You have had a constant mental picture of yourself as a married woman ever since you can remember. Right? You've given some serious thought to how priceless the initial few seconds of meeting each other will be. Right? However, what if it turns out to be far less than what was anticipated? Perhaps it was novel, but surely not THAT novel. We don't mean to be a downer, but we should probably warn you that the world may not live up to your expectations. We saw some amazing things happen when the bride and groom opted out of the traditional First Look. So enjoyable was everyone's company that we almost gave up on my efforts to organise a First Look.

    The ceremony itself, once the couple has shared their First Look, was filled with some incredibly lovely moments. No matter how hard you attempt to bury your feelings, they will eventually emerge. Seeing each other privately before the ceremony is nothing like seeing each other in "Let's Do This" mood with all your best friends and closest family members watching. Right before the big day, the man steals a first glance at his future bride. As for the proof, we have more than enough.

    If you're not the curious sort, you probably shouldn't bother with a First Look. On the other hand, if you are the inquisitive sort with an open mind, a First Look can be right up your alley.

    More Opportunities for Pictures

    This is our favourite because, well, we really hope you'll start taking some truly spectacular pictures. By this point, we can only recall the event through its photographs. Articles published on the Huffington Post and Shutterfly state that after the wedding, photography is the one area where the majority of brides (21%) wish they had spent more money.

    No matter how much or little money you have, you should make better use of your time. Please don't take this as a mandate to hire a photographer for the next 12 hours. Any format that works for the happy couple is acceptable for a wedding day schedule. To have plenty of free time for photography and relaxation, it is not essential to spend a lot of money. The time spent taking wedding photos shouldn't consume the entire day. We can do all the photographs in under two hours, depending on the size of the wedding party and the close family. If you want to know how much time you'll need to arrange for the ceremony and reception pictures, you can look at this timeline. You will get some idea of how your wedding day might play out.

    On the other hand, think about how much time you spent last year at work pinning pictures of well-lit weddings from Pinterest. The sun sets at precisely 6:30 p.m., providing only about 15 minutes of useable sunshine for outdoor shots, even if the ceremony is scheduled for 5 p.m. However, what if the ceremony doesn't begin until 5:30, even if that seems like plenty of time now? This is to say (in a very conventional manner). The average wedding ceremony lasts around 30 minutes, with another 30 minutes set aside for formal pictures of the wedding party, the bride, and the groom.

    Now obviously there are times when this is not the case. If you want to have some breathing room to take care of family photographs and bride and groom portraits after the ceremony, consider having the wedding earlier in the day and taking bridal party portraits beforehand (bridesmaids with bride and groomsmen with groom). Even though you could miss cocktail hour and get only one photo with the newlyweds together, you should be okay with that. You want the sun to be shining and the clouds to part so you can make the most of that special time. This is the technique most couples choose, and it usually results in a stress-free wedding day, but if you're the cautious kind, you might want to have a first look.

    Be Present at Your Wedding

    The statement is not a stretch at all. The fact that you probably won't be able to take it all in on your wedding day is all the more incentive to hire a photographer. These are some novel approaches to wedding planning to think about. Every tradition, location, and activity that I want to include in my wedding will need me to put in a little extra time and energy. If you value the tradition of seeing each other at the ceremony, you'll need to rearrange some other details to accommodate it. We can't fit much more into the day. Assuming you don't have an unlimited bank account, let's get creative with your day's itinerary so you can experience the best of both worlds.