Is Being Photogenic a Skill?

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    Face it: we all get camera shy occasionally. For this reason, our appearance in photographs is almost always worse than it actually is. People who aren't conventionally attractive can tell a very different story through their photographs. Then, how are they managing to do that? There is a fine line between natural beauty and the ability to make oneself photograph well, but on the bright side, this ability can be honed and developed through practise. Non-photogenic people, there is hope for you!

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    FAQs About Photography

    What Does Photogenic Mean?

    The definition of this word, which we use frequently, is straightforward: it refers to one's physical appearance in photographs. Nonetheless, this does not always indicate that the photogenic person is the most attractive human being. How often have you seen a cute girl in real life whose Instagram or Facebook photos were less than stellar? She isn't particularly photogenic, but we suppose that natural beauty is what really counts.

    Meanwhile, the other case is the polar opposite. Even though they don't look good in person, some people take stunning photographs. The fact that you don't like how you look in photographs is not evidence of your inherent ugliness. Rarely do we hear someone described as "ugly," and photographs only capture a moment in time.

    Pictures only capture our appearance at that precise moment in time and are therefore not always an accurate depiction of our true appearance. They aren't always the case, but there are times when they are.

    One of the most important aspects of physical attractiveness is symmetry. The human body, and people in particular, aren't symmetrical, as you well know. Consider your arms as an illustration. It's more likely that your left arm is shorter than your right. In the same way that our faces aren't perfectly symmetrical, neither are our bodies, which explains why some people look better when viewed from the right or left. Those of you who don't look as good in profile photos should focus on getting frontal shots instead.

    And some will still say that you’re photogenic. Technically, yes – until you take a shot from the side. Your photographs will be your most treasured wedding keepsake. Not sure where to start when it comes to looking for your wedding photographer of choice?

    Can You Be Born Photogenic?

    Can someone be naturally photogenic even if they have no idea how to pose? Indeed, and that's the secret to fame: photogenic charm. While having a natural flair for the camera is certainly a plus, the ability to take great photographs is more often than not the result of deliberate practise and study. Highly angular faces, as one might expect, photograph well. A square jaw, prominent cheekbones, etc. Because of how well these forms absorb light, their subjects appear more put together even when they haven't practised posing. When we consider the spherical faces, however, things change drastically because spherical shapes reflect light in all directions.

    It goes without saying that those with round faces can also be photogenic, but those with square faces will have a slight advantage. Many successful models have round faces while still projecting an alluring aura. All male and female models are included in this discussion. How photogenic are they, then? Well, we don't know, and it's pointless to speculate. The fact that they ARE photogenic at this point is crucial because it proves that anyone can learn to be photogenic with enough effort.

    The Art of Being “Photogenic”

    Is Being Photogenic a Skill?

    What makes someone "photogenic" isn't their physical appearance so much as it is their confidence and demeanour in front of the camera. People who don't think they're photogenic often show their anxiety about being photographed in their expression. It is the photographer's responsibility to put his subjects at ease, identify their best features, and capture them using flattering lighting and poses. Nothing is more rewarding than creating a stunning image for someone who otherwise believed they were not photogenic. Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    Connect with your subject

    Connecting with another person is the most effective method for enhancing their "photogenic" qualities. You can put your client at ease by making an extra effort to talk to them. Learn as much as possible about the client before the shoot. Their hobbies, eating habits, family dynamic, and anything else you can think of! Take a close look at them. Believe me, it's popular, especially with the younger set, and they won't be the least bit freaked out by the fact that you're familiar with their entire life story.

    In order to strike up a conversation with someone, it helps to learn about their interests. Introduce yourself and talk about something you both enjoy doing to break the ice. It's easy for me to talk to her because we're friends.

    Study your subject before the shoot

    Pay close attention to the other pictures of them that you find when doing research on the internet. Are all the pictures of their faces taken from the same angle? Do they have on a cap or glasses? Insight into the client's motivations and preferences is greatly enhanced by these minor points.

    What’s the photo’s purpose

    It can be intimidating to pose for a photo with someone who is about to take your picture. People's insecurities surface, and the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable. Overanalyzing everything prevents them from unwinding.

    Taking a break from the camera to talk about a topic on which you both have common ground will help them feel more at ease. By showing them you care about them as much as they care about how they look in their promotional materials, you can help them feel comfortable opening up to you.

    And once that happens, they instantly become ‘photogenic’. We have the best wedding photographer in Yarra Valley to capture your beautiful moments on your wedding day. 

    Tips on How to Be More Photogenic and Look Better in Pictures

    Here's a fun little tidbit of information. Even though women's faces are more round and soft than men's, they are still more photogenic. Because of the gender norm that women are more likely to take selfies than men. And, of course, the importance of makeup cannot be overstated. Yet, how does one of any age or gender become more photogenic? To help, consider the following:

    Bring Your Best-Looking Body Parts to the Front

    The rule of thumb is that whatever part of the body is closest to the camera will appear the largest. As an example, women are more likely to put their head close to the camera, and some will even do the same with other body parts. When men want to flaunt their muscles, they often pose with their arms or chests near the camera.

    Any attractive features, whether external or internal, should be brought into close proximity to the camera. If your arms are exceptionally large, you have some leeway in how you approach this. Cross your arms and stare off into the distance; just remember to lean back and bring your arms in front of you when you're done.

    Smile More

    The easiest way to improve your photogenic potential is to just smile. Fake smiles aren't what we're going for, as they always seem forced in photos and can make people feel awkward. Have fun with the photographer and take pictures while you're laughing. Even if the situation is not ideal, the chances of a positive outcome are high. Most people enjoy looking at pictures like these because they make them feel good.

    Avoid suppressing your smile. Believe me, when you smile, you look better.

    Sit Down, Instead of Standing

    Rather than standing, if you aren't photogenic, you should probably sit down. When taking pictures, standing is the riskiest position. You are uncomfortable and unsure of how to move your limbs. Which of my limbs should I cross? How much slouch we displaying? Take less photos while standing if the intrusive inquiries bother you. Just take a seat and unwind for a while.

    With this method, setting up your hands and feet is a breeze. You can cross your hands on the table or lean on the arm of the chair. If you tend to get nervous in front of the camera, this is a great technique for you to try.

    Think About Camera Angle

    Take into consideration the camera's vantage point. Posing more naturally for the camera is a surefire way to improve your photo quality, and mastering the art of finding the perfect camera angle is a great first step. You've probably noticed that people take pictures from all sorts of different vantage points, and that many people prefer having the camera above them on a rise. This places more emphasis on your face while drawing less attention to your body. Try this position out if you're uncomfortable baring too much skin.

    If you want to highlight something specific about your appearance, such as a great haircut, shooting from the side is the way to go. My personal experience tells me that a slightly larger nose does not improve one's photogenic qualities when viewed from this particular angle. In the end, you just have to try different things out and see what sticks. We have an exclusive range of wedding photography Mornington Peninsula services. Check them out here.

    Choose a Proper Background

    It's unlikely you'll agree with me, but a good background can do wonders for your photo. Try a new backdrop if you don't feel like you're photogenic in your current setting. Under our home's artificial lighting, many of us don't exactly shine. However, Mother Nature is always a great place to take photographs. You could look more attractive against a sunset or sunrise backdrop of a colourful landscape, a gorgeous tree, or a vast meadow. The world is your oyster; all you have to do is go out and explore.

    Get Some Feedback

    Are you curious as to whether or not you have photogenic features? Don't be shy about requesting what you need. If you think your photos are great, but want a second opinion, ask a friend. A professional photographer may be able to tell you whether or not you have good photogenic qualities. Recognize the worth of his candour. If you don't think you're photogenic enough, practise makes perfect.

    What is involved in being photogenic?

    Is Being Photogenic a Skill?


    You need to tell yourself that you are stunning. Don't make fun of us; we know you understand. And there you are, having your picture taken. You give a genuine, heartfelt smile, anticipate the shutter sound, and then, right before it goes off, you think, "Our pictures always turn out horribly; this one probably will, too." There is an instant when your face shows signs of alarm, worry, and uncertainty. Consequently, that's what ends up in the final product. So, you shouldn't force yourself to feel attractive all the time. However, at the time the photo is taken, you must believe that you are worthy of having your picture taken.

    How does one acquire a swagger? As with any other skill, becoming more comfortable in front of a camera takes time and effort. Get your picture taken. Get plenty of it. I'm guessing you're armed with some sort of digital camera. Keep the pictures you like and toss the rest. Consider what it is about them that appeals to you or serves your needs. Consider how you would like to be portrayed in a photograph.


    Most men don't wear makeup, so this won't be useful to them. Men in the entertainment industry and a sizable portion of the male singing population do. However, men are more likely to be judged favourably based on how they present themselves in public than women are. They were the ones who accidentally hurt themselves. Though men are underrepresented here, foundation is recommended for any professional photoshoot or television appearance. Put it to use on you, or risk being the target!

    However, the camera isn't actually capturing your image. In other words, the camera has no idea how wonderful and fascinating a person you are. A picture is being taken of a specific scene, including the planes, angles, and lighting. Makeup allows you to modify the way that light hits those surfaces and perspectives.

    What's the point in applying cosmetics if you know you'll be photographed? You are not obligated to do so. The two of us discovered, however, that this method grants me greater say over the final product of my photographic endeavours. It prevents the normal flattening and bleaching that occurs in photographs.


    The angles of your face can be better understood by taking pictures of yourself from different perspectives. Your face, like everyone else's, will look different in photographs depending on the perspective used.


    The way the light hits your subject can make or break your photograph. It's all in the lighting. When authors are photographed, it is typically in the dim convention hotel. We can’t depend on good lighting.

    You should make do with the light you have available. Figure out where it’s coming from, think about how it will hit your face, and turn, so it’s as flattering as possible. Again, you can only learn this by taking pictures of yourself. However, not all illumination is created equal. If the light is too intense, nothing you photograph will look good. In that case, what do you do? If you want pretty but can’t get it, go for excellent. That’s one of my principles: always go for fabulous. Pretty is boring. A sense of cool involves action and effect. Cool is better.

    Nevertheless, there are times when we want to look pretty. That’s when you want a soft, indirect light.

    The Secret To Being More Photogenic

    To be photogenic is not a God-given gift that only a select few have and the rest of us will never achieve. There is no secret to looking good on camera. In a word, it's cosy. You hate having your picture taken, I know this. Not a problem! Learning it is possible, just like learning any other skill.

    Consider your angles as you peruse your favourite old photos of yourself. Is there a particular side of your face that you prefer to show off in photos? Knowing your best camera angle will boost your self-assurance when appearing in front of the lens.

    Get some mirror time in. Feeling awkward is normal, but practising in front of a mirror will help you relax and enjoy being on camera. Smiling should be done gradually, from a blank expression to a wide grin. To perfect your camera smile, focus on the sweet spot you've found.

    Take a deep breath. If you feel yourself tensing up, take a slow, deep breath in and out and release the tension in your lips and your shoulders. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Finally, when having professional portraits done, hire a photographer who is adept at posing subjects. If the person behind the camera is giving you clear direction and encouraging words, you'll feel more at ease in front of the lens. Encourage them to do so as well, and focus on making them feel lovely, strong, and capable. Find yourself a supporter who will cheer you on.