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What Are The Social Media Tips For Fashion Photographers?

What Are The Social Media Tips For Fashion Photographers?

As passionate fans of photography, most of us get into this field to pursue our passion for art. Very soon, the lure of making money and creating a business out of what we love to do takes over, and we start planning our companies around our passion.

But once we begin to hit roadblocks along the way, we realize the adage ‘Build it, and they will come does not always work. Focusing on social media is a great way to build an audience and generate clients for your business.

Good pictures do not always mean paying clients right off the gate. Many times it takes thousands of great photos, Social Media networking, interacting, and investing in building a community to get a small trickle of clients that may come your way.

But don’t lose hope. If done right, this approach to building a photography business will slowly work its way to providing a steady stream of clients. Social media is a great way to build an online presence and slowly work towards those paying jobs.

Not only does it provide you exposure to your target audience, but it also helps you connect with industry peers and grow your business with new opportunities as people start getting exposure to your work.

Social media is a fun way for personal use. But, when it comes to promoting yourself, your portfolio, or your photography work through online social networks, the prospect can be downright scary.

The bundle of questions then pop up – What social media platforms should be used? How to write a good post? Whether it’s working or not? The prospect of using social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to market a photography business brings with it a barrage of challenges.

Getting started with social media marketing isn’t an easy overnight process—it involves a bit of learning to manage social platforms professionally and, more importantly, posting the required quality of content.

Social media promotion backed by professional image clipping and photoshop services is an excellent tool for photographers to have a web presence by sharing work, creating more leads, and reaching out to potential clients.

What Social Platforms to Use for Maximum Reach?

What Are The Social Media Tips For Fashion Photographers?

Before you even get started on social media marketing, you’ll need to pick a platform. While new ones pop up and old ones die out all the time, photographers’ most extensive options are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Don’t be tempted to open an account on all three platforms right away, though. It’s better to excel on one social media platform than fall flat on your face with multiple platforms.

Successful social media marketing requires a time commitment. Don’t open three accounts, then fail to gain followers because you don’t have the time, or worse, spend all your time on social media marketing with none left to take pictures.

To start with, pick one platform—you can add another later on when your initial account requires less time. Here are a few things to consider with each option:

  • Facebook– This is a popular option because there are so many users. It’s also easy to upload many different types of posts, including images. It’s also easy to share pictures, so you’ll get more exposure. Facebook can be challenging to build followers, but not all of your followers see every post. If few people like the post, very few other users will see it.
  • Twitter – This is based on 140-character posts and isn’t as image-oriented as other outlets. However, you can still post images and quick updates. Unlike Facebook, bars aren’t displayed based on how many likes they get, but just chronologically. That means if you post often, your followers will see your posts frequently.
  • LinkedIn – This is one of the most underutilized social networks for photographers. It’s loaded with highly engaged individuals. Keep in mind that LinkedIn also has company pages, just like Facebook. Be sure to take advantage of them. A well-optimized LinkedIn profile can showcase photography skills and enhance your digital marketing strategy.
  • Pinterest – This is built on images—essentially, it’s a platform for sharing and saving inspirational photos. That makes it great for photographers. However, reaching out to the right audience—like local clients looking for a portrait photographer, for example—is challenging. Pinterest is likely a better option for promoting photography websites and blogs than a local business.
  • Instagram – This is a platform designed just for sharing images. It’s a fun way for photographers to share their ideas and build up a following. The problem is that it is designed more for mobile photography. You can’t upload an image from your computer, and you have to use an app. That’s a big obstacle for photographers that like to edit their image in Photoshop first or that don’t have a wi-fi equipped camera to send pictures right to their smartphone.

Which one is the best? That depends on the type of work you do. Facebook is excellent for portrait and event photographers. Pinterest is good for getting more visits to a photography blog. Weigh the options, and choose a platform that allows you to reach out to your target client.

How to Plan and Arrange for Social Media Photography

Start by creating a photography social media calendar that will map out all of the content to be posted. This is a tool that will outline and visualize the distribution of social media content across all platforms.

Most people use tools to keep track of this, but it’s also possible to just use a standard planner. What’s essential is that posts are planned and scheduled in advance.

The next step in this social media strategy is to set up an organized content library where content for posts can easily be obtained. Create a separate folder for images and save them under unique file names. Link those file names to the content calendar so that posting only takes a moment.

Finally, it’s essential to mix and match posts to offer various messages to a social media audience. There are four types of posts – call to action, engagement, showcase, and relatable. Split these up throughout the social media calendar.

Here are the tips for making the most out of social media primarily targeted towards beginning photographers

Understand Social Media Platforms

Let’s be honest. There are what seems like hundreds of social media platforms out there, and new ones sprout up every day. You have to understand that a social media platform appropriate for me might not be the right one for you.

Different photography genres have other characteristics, and even photographers in the same genre gravitated towards different platforms based on their personalities.

The best place to start is understanding where photographers in your industry live online and how they are utilizing those platforms.

Pick the Ones That are Right for You, not Others.

To make an educated and informed decision about where you want to spend your time online, it is essential to understand the following things.

Know Your Brand

Who are you as a photographer, and what does your brand stand for? Are you an adventure-loving outdoor photographer? Or do you love architecture and street photography?

Perhaps you are a fashion photographer? Based on what type of photography you want to specialize in and what brand message you want to convey, pick social media channels that make sense.

My wedding and lifestyle portrait brand is light, bright, fun, and organic imagery. I rarely deviate from that style because it reflects who I am as a person and a photographer. My preferred social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Know Your Ideal Client

This one is crucial to understand, not just for social media but also for effectively building your photography business.

If you are a corporate photographer that wants to specialize in headshots and corporate events, LinkedIn and other professional channels might be the best place to invest your time and effort.

However, if you are a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer, LinkedIn might not be the best place to be.

Instead, sites like Instagram and/or Snapchat might be a better place for you to showcase your talents and make connections because that is where your ideal clients are spending their time online. My clients come from different channels, as well as referrals from past clients.

Know Your Audience

My wedding photography business audience is brides-to-be, wedding planners and/or family members who are helping future brides plan their wedding.

My audience for my lifestyle portrait photography business is families who want family photos. In contrast, my audience for editorial photography is brand managers or business owners who wish to visual imagery that accurately reflects their brand.

Knowing who each of my potential customers is and communicating directly to their needs via my imagery will help me book my ideal client and grow my business.

Blog vs. Website

This is the million-dollar question and something you’d question and struggle with early on in your business, too. Yes, technically, a blog is also a website!

Many companies do exceptionally well with one or the other. There is no right or wrong approach here, no matter what you decide.

A website showcases your work – your photographs – whereas a blog is where you get to showcase your personality – writing style, passion projects and everyday photography life. Don’t feel like once you pick a platform, you have to stick to it. 

If you decide to start a blog, you can use a blogging platform to create a blog in less than 1 minute. Most importantly, blogging on an existing platform allows you to instantly expose your work to a much larger audience.

Create a Plan

Just like your business, your social media should also have a plan of action. Get organized with what platforms you want to target (it is okay to pick just one, to begin with).

Create a roadmap for your posting schedule – are you going to post once a week? Are you going to post one picture a day? Do you have a theme for each post? – no matter what you choose, make sure it is manageable and not overwhelming.

It is better to start slow and pick up the pace over time. Get organized with your content. Use the imagery that you have to create the content for your website and/or blog.

There are also many automation tools out there to help you manage your time. Use them to your advantage.

For example, if you have a Facebook Business page, you can schedule your content ahead of time, so you are not spending time each day to post to your business page. If you have an Instagram account, you can use apps like Later to schedule your content, similar to Facebook.

If you have your blog hosted on a platform like PhotoBlog, you can also create blog posts and prepare them ahead of time to post on a certain day at a certain time.

Engage With Your Audience

Remember that social media is all about being social with your media! Engage with your audience. Don’t just post something on your social media and disappear until the next time you post online.

Over time you will find that people who follow you and your work want to engage with you. They want to feel like they know you and interact with you, ask questions and know a little bit about you. Make it easy for them to do so by answering their questions and engaging with them.

You can also form some amazing industry connections via social media. I have connected with florists, invitation designers and planners on my social media and have collaborated with them on some of my most interesting creative projects. Be visually engaging and heartfully genuine.

If you have a blog hosted via a platform like, you gain the advantage of having a built-in audience.

So instead of just talking to yourself via a lonely blog and wondering if anyone out there is reading and listening to your content, you can instantly gain an audience. But remember, it is a two-way street; put yourself out there and make meaningful connections.

Create Quality Content

What Are The Social Media Tips For Fashion Photographers?

Photography is a visual art form. To be true to that art form, it is very important to understand all the technical elements that create an impactful image.

When you post your work on social media, make sure you pay attention to all the elements that go into making a great image. Be aware of the lighting, composition as well as editing you do to your images. It is very tempting to take a quick mobile phone image, slap on a filter or two and post it online to represent your work and your brand.

But I challenge you to take a step back and ask yourself if the image you are posting is a true representation of your work before you post any image.

Content is not just about your photography. A key secret to success is your captions and text that goes along with your images. Use captions to create a personal story that your audience can relate to.

Have Fun With Social Media

If you have made it this far down the article and are still intrigued with social media and how you can use it for your photography, I applaud you! One of the most important aspects of social media is to engage and have fun. If you are just starting in photography, don’t be intimidated by it.

Instead, use it to inspire you creatively and connect with fellow artists. Above all else, be genuine in your thirst for creative growth, inject your personality into your work, and not worry about the numbers. I end with one of my absolute favourite photography quotes in life and work ‘Be yourself because everyone else is already taken!’.

If you want to connect with me further about photography, social media or life in general, please reach out via my social media channels. Drop a line or two and start a genuine conversation!

How to Customize Images to Post on Social Media

Social media image editing is an essential step to viral marketing on social media. In photography, social media platforms play by different rules, so the same image might need to be slightly different to meet the rules set by each platform. Here are some step-by-step social media tips to give your social media presence the highest chance of success.

Framing & Composition

If you have taken any photography class or even picked up a Photography for Dummies book in the last 20 years, you’ll be familiar with the rule of thirds. You see, most 35MM images – whether film or digital – are rectangles. A photo where the subject is in the centre of the image isn’t very interesting to look at and often invokes the “amateur” tag. The rule of thirds encourages you to divide the photograph in your mind into thirds and position the subject either in the left or right third of the image. It’s generally accepted as good composition.

Social media channels generally benefit from this rule, too, to some degree. Consider the format of the cover image in the Facebook Timeline. It’s a long, rectangular space and lends itself to compositions that feel “widescreen” in nature. If you’re shooting a series of images that you hope you use as cover photos on Facebook, you will want to keep this in mind. But don’t stop there. The cover image on Facebook is only one format and is a special bit of landscape.

The profile picture you maintain on social channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and many others – are square, and that same rule of thirds simply won’t work. Many companies use some version of their logo as a profile image, and that’s entirely acceptable. However, if you are shooting a series of photos that you hope to use for profile image purposes – whether to support a campaign or highlight a product – frame it straight in the centre of the photo and give it a lot of exposure on the photo. Remember, you’re going to be cropping this image down to a square, so a photo that’s longer than it is tall will ultimately mean your fans will see less of the subject in the tiny thumbnail.


Next to composition, lighting is the single most important factor in a great shot that will help your brand resonate on your social channels. Now, there are brands in the world for which a dark, foreboding style is perfectly acceptable.

The trick to great lighting isn’t so much where you shoot; you’re not always going to have a bright sunny day or the warm glow of a fire. The trick is in how much light you capture in the image, and that, in part, can be achieved through white balance and ISO settings. Even the most basic point-and-shoot cameras now have these features. You can go to town in these settings, and many new photographers get easily confused. Let me simplify: higher ISO settings allow you to shoot more quickly and capture more wonderful light. So if you’re indoors and it’s dark, but you still want a brightly lit shot, try the highest setting (it may be up to ISO 3200). Settings often start at 50 and go up to 1600 or 3200.

The other key is to match the white balance setting to your shooting environment. If it’s indoors in fluorescent lights, choose that setting. Most cameras have an “auto” setting for white balance, which may not always get it right, so if the shot just doesn’t look right to you, keep experimenting. You may even find that the right high ISO setting and white balance means you can avoid using the flash.

Background & Style

Your choice of where photos are taken is as important as the composition and the lighting. If you work for a large brand organization, there’s a good chance that you have some sort of brand toolkit or style guide available. Pull that out and study it to get a sense of your organization’s sense of style and put that insight to use when you’re shooting candids and shots for your social channels. You may find that you can use your booth at a trade show as a nice background for portraits of your customers or the front of a retail store with some sort of branding in the background as a good outdoor setting. Don’t just position someone and take their photo. That sense of purpose and consistency will help your social content feel consistent and integrated with your brand.

Camera Angles

This is a great, underutilized trick. Camera lenses of all kinds – even on smartphones – are usually made of some sort of domed or curved glass. Changing the camera’s orientation to the subject can alter the style of the shot and bring some creative elements to your photos. Try shooting from below or above your subject. Or, try moving to the side and shooting them at an angle versus straight on. Not only will the subject appear more interesting, but the background also will. Try to think of a photograph as a 3D object. This will help freshen up the content you post on your social channels and give it some life.


This is an important tip that is often overlooked. Facebook has made a lot of improvements to its photo-hosting platform. Most recently, they’ve enabled full-screen photo viewing at very high resolutions meaning those scrappy little smartphone shots – the ones you took with a dirty lens – are going to look blurry and grainy on your fan’s screen. That may change, of course, with their purchase of Instagram. For now, if you’re taking photos for a brand, invest in a higher resolution point-and-shoot camera so that your great shots stay looking great on Facebook and elsewhere on the social web.

Social Media for Photographers Is a Great Tool When Done Right

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be great ways to market a photography business and find new leads. However, rather than updating core photographs, social media platforms today have an informal culture of publishing look-good posts.

What Are The Best Practices For Professional Fashion Photography?

What Are The Best Practices For Professional Fashion Photography?

Photography is a high demand profession in today’s world, where first impressions mean everything. Fashion photography puts the lens on clothing and item displays in business to create a lasting impression on an audience. Fashion photographers also tend to mix in other elements to create memorable photoshoots. For instance, fine art photography can be sprinkled in with a fashion portrait to create memorable photos for posters and magazines.

Famous fashion photographers spend just as much time in the editing room as they do in shooting photos – metaphorically anyway because they mostly avail professional photo editing services to save post-processing time and maintain the deliverables’ quality. However, professional photographers need to follow these fashion photography tips to reach the post-processing table on a good note.

One area of photography that gets a lot of attention is fashion. When it comes to taking pictures, the general rules of photography still apply to all types of fashion photography. But here comes the crucial part: as a fashion photographer, you need to emphasise the subject and showcase what they are wearing at the same time. Fortunately, we have here some fashion photography tips that you can use in your next shoot.

Every genre of photography requires certain skill sets to highlight and emphasise the object of interest. But when we talk about fashion photography, there are always certain rules that apply to highlight the person and their outfit and accessories. Here are some noteworthy points that will get you shooting for fashion magazines in no time.

What Is Fashion Photography?

Fashion brands’ success is directly related to the quality of the photographs they place in their catalogue. This is a genre dedicated to showcasing fashion apparel, so photographers are expected to enhance them to evoke an emotional reaction.

Exotic locations, creative techniques, and well-written storylines all contribute to the success of a fashion shoot. With that in mind, there are four main styles of fashion photography that need to be kept in mind:

  • Editorial Fashion Photography: Featured in most magazines and is a story-driven form of fashion photography. These shoots usually last a full day.
  • Catalog Fashion Photography: This is the most common form of fashion photography, and these photos are featured in a brand.
  • High Fashion Photography: This is a common form of photography used by top brands in their advertisements. Expressionism is generally used in place of realism in high fashion poses.
  • Street Fashion Photography: This form of photography takes to the streets and captures individuals living their daily lives.

Professional Fashion Photography Tips

What Are The Best Practices For Professional Fashion Photography?

Even though advanced portrait photo editing services are always there to give digital fashion photo portfolios the required flare, still fashion photographers need to understand the industry inside and out. That’s always the first step to breaking into the industry. Several tips and tricks can be used to capture amazing shots.

Fashion photographers are essential to the fashion and modelling industry. Although photography skills are essential, let’s go back to the basics. Check these hacks out to help you take well-composed fashion images!

Build a Breathtaking Environment

Before looking at the technical requirements for a specific shoot, photographers should plan the environment. This will depend on the resources and scope of the brand. At a minimum, you’ll be working with a model, but top brands require exciting props, make up crews, and thrilling locations.

Catalogue fashion photos will be taken in front of a white screen or some plan set. This is so that they look professional when placed in a catalogue. However, more exotic settings would be advised for photos that are being used for advertisements.

Remember the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a common yet powerful photography technique that involves mentally dividing the frame into a three-by-three grid. Then the subject is placed on any of the lines that divide the frame to create what’s known as a balanced shot.

For better composition, you should know this crucial guideline – the rule of thirds. To apply it, mentally divide your frame into nine equal squares or use your camera’s grid-line function, then put your subject at any point of intersection for a balanced composition. Some cameras also have a built-in grid to help with this.

This technique is best utilised for those moments when you’re unsure of where to place the model. While it’s not always irons clad (as you’ll see in the next tip) when in doubt, go with what’s proven to work.

Know When to Place the Model in the Center

Breaking composition rules can sometimes lead to the most amazing shots. This tip has you ignoring the rule of thirds favouring placing the model directly in the centre. This style can sometimes work wonders in fashion photography!

Breaking composition rules

Just keep in mind that placing the subject centre can also make the photo boring, so reserve this for special occasions. The main focus needs to be the background when making the decision. For example, if you’re doing outdoor fashion photography in a forest, then having the model centre to a tree tunnel or a path would be a much better choice than using the rule of thirds, which would lose the effect of such a stunning background.

Sometimes breaking composition rules helps to achieve a good shot. Once in a while, putting your subject in the centre is perfect for fashion portraits. In photography, you have to direct your viewers’ attention to the subject, so placing it right in the middle will expose it immediately.

Be cautious, though, as this tip’s improper application will make the picture look rigid and uninteresting. The negative space around the model should provide curiosity to viewers. Make sure to consider the background, use appropriate poses, and ask the model to move around or lean to either side to make it look less static.

Provide Specific Instructions to the Model

When planning a photoshoot, it needs to be in writing, and everyone should be given a copy of this plan. As the photographer, you are in charge of the photoshoot so trust your creative vision. Communicate detailed poses to the model and anyone involved before and during the shoot.

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced photographers make is that they are vague with models. This will not work unless the model is highly experienced. Even then, capturing your creative vision requires you to give detailed instructions.

Produce an Amazing Photo Shoot

Remember that as the lead photographer, you’re essentially the producer for your creative vision. Always come to your photo sessions organised and ready. You’ll have a strong idea of how the shoot will go and a list of detailed shots, so work from those and try to stick to the plan.

Have a written list of props, settings, and poses that you can quickly relay to the model. For instance, if you have planned a windswept shot, it’s your job to make sure that you have a fan or leaf blower to simulate that look.

The Model Must be the Center of Attention

Yes, in fashion photography, you will focus on the model rather than the fashion item itself. Even though the story created for the shoot will be used to market the clothing, the model tells the story. Emphasise the story being portrayed.

The model’s expression poses, and body language all play an essential role in conveying photos’ human side. The goal is to evoke an emotional response from potential buyers, so always keep that in the forefront of your thoughts during the shoot.

Find a Counterbalance 

Balance is key to good photography composition. But sometimes, you cannot do anything but place your subjects in unconventional positions. In such cases, a counterbalance can be used to rectify your composition. The counterbalance concept is simple: you use another component in the frame to make harmony in the picture.

Every image credits its composition to balance. Not too much negative space, not overcrowding. However, if you are required to place your subject at unusual angles or places, you can always create a counterbalance. To maintain the rhythm required, sometimes additional objects or subjects need to be introduced to the frame.

Put the Fashion in the Spotlight 

One skill unique to fashion photographers is the ability to highlight the clothes in their photos. Regardless of the theme or story, you must prioritise how to present the clothing. Avoid using props that could distract the viewers’ eyes and make sure to emphasise the product’s selling points.

Let It Flow

Photos are static, and one problem in this field is it can be hard to show the viewers the texture of the products. Without movement, an outfit may look rigid, even when, in reality, it is not. To address this problem, you should create movement whenever possible. Ask your model to turn around, run, or simply move to let the fabric flow. If the outfit fits tightly on your model, it is impossible to let it flow. Instead, use her body form – curves and lines – to suggest movement. Direct them to pose in a way that highlights their form.

Make your photos Vibrant.

When your clothing is in block or poster colours, a great way is to have highly colourful and vibrant photographs. This demands attention and catches the eye immediately, and among several other photos, a person will subconsciously only always look at these first and longest.

Remove all noise

Another good idea is to eradicate any background noise, just the opposite of the previous trick, where we create a lot of it. Sometimes, when one wants to highlight just one particular aspect of any fashion, this trick works wonders. When a person looks at the picture, they automatically only pay attention to the model, and even more so to what they are wearing. The eye does not waste time or get disturbed by anything else.

Use props

What Are The Best Practices For Professional Fashion Photography?

Using props fills up an image while becoming a part of the subject itself. Umbrella, tea/coffee cups and Books are some of the most common props. They help give the models motion and help them to pose effortlessly. They can also be used to create or justify a background.

Generate Curiosity

Make the viewer wonder what the model is looking or doing. Why are they so happy? Where are they going? Why are they turned around? Creating a curiosity point makes the viewer look longer – to try and decode the unexplained. 

Give Expressions

Add emotions to your images. Is the model sad? Confused? Happy? Angry? Content? Give your subjects, emotions and expressions. This removes the ‘fake’ and ‘still’ aspect of your photograph, making it look more candid and, thus, real. It also shows how the outfit or ornament looks even when you are not your best or, in your most comfortable state – not posing.

Create a story

Make your model interact with the environment. This way, you can make use of the otherwise noisy background. This is a step ahead of giving emotions and creating curiosity. This generates a story. 

Make sure that nothing is added at the cost of the subject’s fashion. You see them in comfortable positions and wonder what brought them there. Your eyes slowly move to every aspect of the image, looking at the details and objects within it. Now you know how fashion feels in real life, how it works and acts. Such a story trumps even the most vibrant images at times. 

Above all these, it is most important to use the materials and situation at hand to create a scenic photograph. And always remember, if all else fails, go with your instinct.

Potential of the Fashion Photography Business

Starting a fashion photography business comes with a lot of potentials, but only if you plan accordingly. An important distinction to make is whether you want to have a fashion photography business or if you want to simply create a job for yourself. A business implies that you’ll eventually employ teams of photographers with equipment and build marketing teams. 

Creating a job for yourself means you are advertising and building a personal brand to get yourself photography jobs here and there, but you’re doing it all yourself.

If you want to start a business, figuring out the costs is the first step. You’ll need equipment, a license, a website, and many other things that all cost money. Although a business will start with just you, there needs to be an expansion plan. Eventually, you’ll even have your fashion photography studio.

Then you can estimate income based on the average salary of a fashion photographer, which is USD43,000 per year. With a business, you’ll have overhead costs and other expenses taken out, so you need to base your prices so that you are earning at least that amount after expenses. 

Photo Editing Should be Part of your Fashion Photography Package

Editing is just as important as the photo session, so it should be part of your photography package. Find a professional editing company to partner with and include it as part of your package. In short, make sure all pricing is done with this cost in mind.

While it’s possible to do your editing, it requires expensive software and vast knowledge. The truth is that most photographers will find it extremely difficult to edit their photos. Here are some of the advantages of offering editing with your photography package.

Retouching Photos

Fashion photography models will use makeup to cover blemishes, but sometimes this isn’t always flawless. So, editing can be used to remove these blemishes from distracting the viewer from the subject of photos.

Enhance the Background

Backgrounds play an essential role in photographic storytelling. Editing provides experts with the opportunity to enhance those backgrounds or remove parts that might distract from the story being told.

Editing Can Correct Colors

Colour deformities and lighting issues are common in a photoshoot. Editing tends to cover up these issues and creates a more natural look for photos. Even photos without blemishes can be enhanced further through the editing process.

Image Masking

Masking is used to remove small blemishes in the props and fashion attire used in photography to become a distraction. For instance, furry fabrics can sometimes have displaced strands that need to be corrected through masking.

What Mode do Professional Photographers Shoot In?

There are many modes to choose from, but generally, professional photographers shoot in aperture priority mode. Aside from being simple and convenient to use, this model is powerful as it allows the photographer a wide range of creative choices. Most skilled photographers prefer to use aperture priority mode every day or shoot.

How do I Take Photos Like a Pro?

Here are some tips to take photos like a pro:

  • Use your longest lens when possible.
  • Set your camera to aperture priority mode and set the aperture as low as it can.
  • Place the subject far from the background. Make sure to allow for proper depth-of-field.
  • Go as close to the subject as possible, but don’t forget to allow the lens to focus.
  • Set the focus point on the subject.

In Conclusion

Being a fashion photographer, you should first know the basics of fashion photography. As the name implies, it simply means taking photos of fashion-related products and highlighting their selling points. The general rules of photography apply to this genre, with some fashion photography tips and hacks for you to adapt to any situation and place the outfit in the spotlight.

How To Find A Model For Fashion Photography?

How To Find A Model For Fashion Photography?

A suitable model is essential for a successful fashion photography shoot. Even if you’re a skilled photographer, it will be challenging to create Vogue-worthy photos without a good subject.

There are many factors involved in choosing a photography model. The person you choose should have certain attributes that will better your chances of attaining the perfect shot. To help you find the right person for the job, we put together a list of tips that will make your first casting go smoothly.

Build A Mood Board

How To Find A Model For Fashion Photography?

The first step in choosing the right model is creating a mood board. Just think of it as a college where you pin or paste your favourite photos to build your concept. This will help you better visualise what you want to achieve in your photoshoot.

You can always create a physical mood board, but most people do them digitally these days, through Pinterest or Juxtapost.

What’s fantastic about these mood boards is that you can make them public and share them with other people. But you can also use them as a reference as you progress with your project.

We even recommend you bring it to the shoot so you can look at it in between taking photos.

Choose Where to Scout for Fashion Models

There are many ways to look for talent. The most obvious and easy one is simply asking your friends if they’d be interested in posing for you. Working with someone you already know can make you feel more at ease.

Nevertheless, you might also find it challenging to direct the model if they’re inexperienced. It wouldn’t hurt to use a friend when you’re just taking photos for fun. However, you’d be better off looking for experienced models for serious projects.

Alternatively, you can join local Facebook groups to find models in your area. Join a group and post about your project on their page. If you find anyone who’s interested, talk to them and ask them to collaborate.

You can also look for models’ Facebook profiles and contact them if they’d like to work with you. However, you need to be aware that Facebook groups often have a limited pool of talent, and unfortunately, most of them are amateurs.

Most photographers prefer modelling websites such as Model Mayhem and One Model Place to cast models. Just think of these online platforms as social media sites made explicitly for models and photographers.

They offer an extensive collection of profiles that include everything from photos to vital statistics and resumes. You can find both beginners that might be willing to collaborate for free, as well as industry veterans you can hire for a fee.

Find the Right Look

Before you start looking for a fashion model, figure out your requirements and create a criteria list based on those. First, ask yourself what type of a photoshoot you intend to do. Is it going to be a catalogue, street, editorial, or high fashion?

Next, think about what kind of clothes your model is going to wear. Are they going to be long or short? Wide or narrow? Do they feature patterns that might look unappealing on specific body types?

Even the prettiest models can look less interesting in the wrong outfit. You should also think about the mood you want to capture. Do you want your photos to look sensual, gritty, sexy, serious, fun, or cute? Remember that attitude is just as important as clothes in fashion photography. Your model should know how to express different emotions as much as executing fashion poses.

List down the answers to these questions, and use them to guide you while browsing for models to hire. Most importantly, look through your candidates’ images and visualise them in the outfit you want them to wear. If you can’t imagine them in those clothes, you should probably look for someone else.

Know Your Models’ Work History

If you’re looking for a model through an established agency, this wouldn’t be a big issue. However, if you’re still starting, you’ll most likely use freelance model websites such as Model Mayhem.

If so, then it’s advisable to learn as much as you can about a talent’s work history. You’ll want to ensure that the model you choose is reliable and has the experience they say they have.

You should go through the model’s page and check what type of jobs they’ve done before. A good profile should list all the projects they’ve done and include all the people they’ve worked with. Most of all, they need to have accompanying photos to prove that they participated in the gigs they mentioned.

Also, go through the model’s “verified credits” to get a glimpse of what they’re like when collaborating with other people. These “credits” include photographs from different shoots, as well as testimonials from photographers or makeup artists that describe their experience with the person.

Reading the credits will help you gauge whether they’re the type of person you want to work with or not.

Check Their Portfolio

After you find a candidate you’re interested in, scrutinise their portfolio and ask them questions. Don’t think about the number of images they have, but look at the variation in their collection instead. The pictures need to show that they’re capable of doing an assortment of female poses and can show different expressions.

Additionally, observe the different types of clothes they wear. If they look good in the style you want to feature in your shoot, then you may have found a good candidate.

If they look stiff, awkward, and emotionless, consider other profiles instead.

Discuss Your Project in Detail

Once you find your model, set up a meeting, chatting on Skype or even exchanging messages on social media will often suffice. What matters is that you get to know each other better and talk about your plans for the shoot.

Offer a little background about your work to make them feel confident about your photo skills. In turn, ask them about their experience and what they can contribute to the photoshoot.

Make sure you talk about every detail of the shoot, especially if it may involve risque poses. Don’t ever put them in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Remember that it’s a collaboration, and both of you need to agree to everything before proceeding.

To help you better explain your project ideas, feel free to share the mood board you created. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask them if they can add new ideas to your concept.

Ask About Compensation

There are two main ways to compensate a model: Monetary payment or Time For Print (commonly known as TFP). To avoid any confusion, discuss what they want in return before the shoot.

When you’re still expanding your portfolio and don’t have money to pay models, TFP is your best option. Upcoming models often do TFP since they need photos to add to their collection. Time For Print means they pose for free in exchange for the images that you shot of them. It’s a win-win situation, and you don’t have to spend a dime at all.

Unfortunately, some of these models also happen to be inexperienced. Therefore, you may not always get the best photos that you want from them. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to gain experience and grow your fashion photos collection without spending money.

If you’re willing to take your photography to the next level, consider hiring a more experienced model. Acquiring talent from agencies can be ridiculously expensive, so freelance model websites would be your next best choice.

Just remember that not everyone who’s asking for payment is a professional. So check their portfolio to see if they genuinely have the necessary experience.

Trust Your Gut

Looking for models takes a lot of skill and talent. Agencies even hire model scouts to find individuals that they can hone to become the next fashion superstars.

Unfortunately, you can only rely on yourself to land the perfect person to shoot at this stage in your career.

We’ve listed a lot of concrete methods to find the right model. However, in the end, you just need to use your best judgement. There are certainly times when things aren’t what they seem.

In time, you’ll see a lot of upcoming models with terrible portfolios who are, in fact, very talented. Sometimes, they just need the right photographer to produce powerful work.

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with someone if you sincerely believe they have potential. Remember that trust goes both ways. Models agree to work with you because they believe you can create impressive photos.

Choose a Natural

Someone is either a fashion model, or they are not. Choose a person who will not have to be transformed into a model. Even if they meet the height and weight requirements, they may not be model material. If they look nervous after the first couple of shots, they are not natural. They should require minimal amounts of makeup.

No matter what type of camera you use, if you cake the model with lots of makeup, the resulting shots will look forced and unnatural. More information on skin, height and weight are addressed in more detail below.

Height and Weight Matter

Although not a requirement, it is a good idea to choose someone who is over 5’9″. A tall person will help streamline the clothes that the model is wearing. A person with minimal curves will force the eye to focus on the clothing and fashion rather than the body.

A lot depends on what the client would like. Depending on the type of clothing being shot, the client may want a model who has curves. This includes plus-size models. Recently, there is a growing market for plus-size models, as there is more acceptance in the modelling industry for those with average bodies.

Experience Matters

Ask to see their portfolio. If a model has a wide array of experience, they will be more willing to submit to questioning regarding their background. Ask other colleagues who they recommend. Other photographers are often the best source for information.

Perform a Background Check

You do not want a model that stays out until the wee hours of the morning and shows up to a photoshoot exhausted. This person will require more makeup and certain lighting to avoid the dark circles and stress spots on the face.

The model will also be less likely to perform to the best of its ability. Running a background check on a model will ensure you do not hire a model with an extensive criminal record. There will also be a better chance that the model’s personality does not clash with other crew members.

Choose a Fresh Face

Sometimes, the best model in the industry is undiscovered. You never know when you may run into a new model with little experience but true talent. This type of model may also be more accommodating to your needs and commands. They are still learning and will therefore be more willing to work with you as a team.

Whatever method you use to find a model, it is advisable to find out about them before deciding to use them in a photo shoot. Doing this will save you unnecessary hassle and headache.

Discuss Your Project in Detail

Once you find your model, set up a meeting, chatting on Skype or even exchanging messages on social media will often suffice. What matters is that you get to know each other better and talk about your plans for the shoot.

Offer a little background about your work to make them feel confident about your photo skills. In turn, ask them about their experience and what they can contribute to the photoshoot.

Make sure you talk about every detail of the shoot, especially if it may involve risque poses. Don’t ever put them in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Remember that it’s a collaboration, and both of you need to agree to everything before proceeding.

To help you better explain your project ideas, feel free to share the mood board you created. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask them if they can add new ideas to your concept.

Ask About Compensation

There are two main ways to compensate a model: Monetary payment or Time For Print (commonly known as TFP). To avoid any confusion, discuss what they want in return before the shoot.

When you’re still expanding your portfolio and don’t have money to pay models, TFP is your best option. Upcoming models often do TFP since they need photos to add to their collection. Time For Print means they pose for free in exchange for the images that you shot of them. It’s a win-win situation, and you don’t have to spend a dime at all.

Unfortunately, some of these models also happen to be inexperienced. Therefore, you may not always get the best photos that you want from them. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to gain experience and grow your fashion photos collection without spending money.

If you’re willing to take your photography to the next level, consider hiring a more experienced model. Acquiring talent from agencies can be ridiculously expensive, so freelance model websites would be your next best choice.

Just remember that not everyone who’s asking for payment is a professional. So check their portfolio to see if they genuinely have the necessary experience.

Tips for Finding Models If You Have No Budget or Portfolio

How To Find A Model For Fashion Photography?


It’s probably the easiest to start with friends, friends of friends, co-workers, or family. This is something to do when you want to practice photographing people and break my awkwardness when directing them. When you make at least 6-8 awesome photos like this and create a part of your portfolio, it will be easier to reach a professional model for collaborations.

Model Websites

You can also look for models on websites. At the point where you’re just starting to build a portfolio, you can connect with new, aspiring models and collaborate with them. They are looking for someone to help them expand their book, and you’re looking for someone to help you create a portfolio, so it’s a win-win situation.

If you opt for this method, we recommend two methods. The first is to put out a casting call and make sure to include these elements:

  • The compensation: note that it’s TFP and that you don’t have a budget
  • The look: if you’re looking for a specific look, vibe or style in a model, make sure to note it
  • What’s included: you can offer wardrobe, hair, and makeup, or you can note that the model should provide their own
  • What’s required: note some specific things you expect, like clothing, nail color, makeup and here (if they’re providing it) and so on.
  • Mood-board: If possible, add a mood-board to the ad to show the general mood and vibe of the shoot and make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  • The second method Chelsea recommends is using the Browse feature. This can be more time-consuming, but it lets you filter the models by very specific parameters and choose the perfect ones for your shoot.


Another way to look for models is Instagram, and it can be pretty convenient. You can search for models by using hashtags. For example, type in #melbournemodel if you’re looking for a model in L.A. You can also contact fashion bloggers: they always need new content, and it can be a win-win situation for both of you.

When you find the models/fashion bloggers, you’d like to work with, engage with their content and contact them with a proposition for collaboration.

Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups for all kinds of stuff – so it’s logical to assume that you’ll find some for connecting models and photographers. You can easily find them by typing, for example, “Melbourne model” and browsing through the “Groups” tab.

Facebook Ads

If you run a Facebook page to promote your work, you can also use Facebook ads to search for models. These ads are pretty cheap, and you can target very specific groups you’d like to collaborate with. Make sure to include the link to your website where people can find more information and apply for the shoot.


Casting your first photography model can be daunting. There’s a good chance that you may not get it right the first few times. The good news is, as you gain more experience, this process will get easier. Just keep trying and don’t give up.

Focus on expanding your portfolio. Once you have more work to show people, you’ll have more opportunities to collaborate with better talent. We have some great tips on posting and processing photos of a model without overdoing it!

How To Create A Model Portfolio?

How To Create A Model Portfolio?

Excellent visual presentation is essential in all professions and industries. But when it comes to modelling, it’s an absolute must.

Models need a unique portfolio website to represent themselves online and distinguish themselves from others in the field. 

A high-quality online modelling portfolio can make all the difference – and we’re here to show you how to create one.

In a cut-throat world like the modelling industry, a website can give you a leg up on the competition. 

Though Instagram has become the de-facto platform for models—with thousands of aspiring and working models strutting their stuff on the app – we still believe that investing in a professional portfolio website is the way to go to boost your career to new heights.

It’s a way of showing clients and collaborators that you’re serious about your profession.

Let’s start with some great news: you don’t need to spend a fortune to set up a modelling portfolio website. 

Even if you’ve never created a site before, you can learn how to make a portfolio yourself using a website builder. 

But how do you make a website that stands out while staying true to who you are? 

Here, we discuss everything you need to know about creating a killer model online portfolio website, from how to choose the right images for your site to the most frequently asked questions about building a model portfolio website.

The Advantages of Having an Online modelling Portfolio

What is it about portfolio websites that make them so essential to a model’s career?

Brings Increased Visibility And A Wider Reach. 

Compared to a printed portfolio or even a digital folio, a website can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It’s easy to share, look up, and pass to managers, talent agencies, and casters.

Customisable And Easy To Update. 

Unlike a printed or PDF book, a website can be updated and customised in literally just a few clicks. The minute you score the photos from your latest project, you can instantly upload them to your website and cross-post them to your social media!


While social media does widen your reach and is easy to update and customise, the website still reigns supreme in terms of professionalism. Think of your website as your virtual office. You can organise your projects in order of relevance, provide an in-depth look into your story, skills, and achievements, and make connections with collaborators—all in one place. 

How to Build a Model Portfolio

How To Create A Model Portfolio?

Whether you are new to model photography or looking to improve your skills, we have an incredible tutorial that can be reviewed before the beginning model portfolio shoot for inspiration.

Here’s a comprehensive look into the business of modelling and testing and delves into what the agencies are looking for about posing and overall imagery in a successful shoot. This education can help serve as a guide for orchestrating the beginner model portfolio shot list and elevate future model test shoots. 

The necessary research and production in tandem with the required art direction of shooting the various looks while building the mood during a model portfolio session is a slow burn. The goal is to put the model’s angst at ease, develop a level of trust, and seriously level up their modelling skills.

In one long day shoot or two half-day shoots, we are single-handedly creating a portfolio that appears as though it was captured throughout five or more different photoshoots. Additionally, refining this skill allows to up the ante and always push further in future test shoots with trained models.

Planning and successfully executing a model portfolio photoshoot requires a lot of preparation and due diligence. Below are some tips on adequately implementing that plan to get the most out of the session.


The world of modelling is an encompassing and multi-faceted industry spanning the likes of editorial, commercial, fitness, runway, and print, to name a few. To be of the best service to the model, it is a prerequisite to be well versed with the various facets and specific market locations. 

This means researching many specific modelling agencies, studying their models as well as their portfolios. Pay attention to the lighting and the angles and lenses used to create the desired effect, the amount of retouching, and the choice of colour grading. 

Decide On Your Modelling Type.

Before you get started on your modelling portfolio, dedicate some time to a bit of soul searching. Pinpointing your modelling type will help you narrow down and focus your portfolio so that potential clients will be able to quickly identify your area of expertise and assess whether you could be the right fit for the job.

If you’re an experienced model, the chances are that you’re already rooted in a specific niche of modelling. For aspiring models, consider which area within modelling you’re interested in and best suited for.

Look into each modelling type and its set of requirements. For example, while commercial models tend to vary in height, size and age, promotional models working at trade shows and other events are typically required to be friendly and approachable.

Arrange A Professional Photoshoot

Your photos are the stars of the show on your modelling portfolio. Make sure to truly show off your skills by investing enough time and effort into a professional photoshoot.

The first step in planning a successful photoshoot is choosing the right photographer. This is best done through recommendations or browsing through photography portfolios online. Ideally, the photographer you hire will be experienced in the field. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can look for a student or a photographer who’s just starting in the industry.

Once you’ve found your photographer and arranged a time, make sure to come prepared on the actual day of the photoshoot. This means everything from choosing the right outfits to practising your poses and getting your hair and makeup done – preferably by a professional. Remember to sync with your photographer and prepare a shot list beforehand. This will help everything run as smoothly as possible on the day.


This knowledge makes it easy to quickly identify which areas and markets the aspiring model’s portfolio should encapsulate and the direction that should be taken for their portfolio. The entire photo shoot will feature the model as a blank canvas with various looks to showcase their range. 

Create a mood board with multiple looks that represent these genres and reflect that desired market. Pull image examples for specific outfits or “looks”, hair and makeup, accessories, location, and overall mood.


Stylists are usually the most difficult members of the creative team to come by, especially in the beginning stages, so be prepared to act as one. Be intentional with the fashion choices and plan out every look from the clothing to the accessories and right down to exact hair and makeup. 

The selected looks should be modelled after fashions that are specific to their market. Additionally, the overall look from head to toe in the proposed environment should make sense. 

Communicate with the model beforehand about the different looks from head to toe that will be photographed throughout the shoot. Whenever possible, opt for new clothing or items that are very well taken care of. Not only will it look better, but it will also save hours of editing on the back end. 


The expectations of today’s modern test shoots are already bountiful, so naturally, the demands of producing an entire portfolio with quality imagery while building a brand new model in a day or more minor only adds fuel to a barrel already on fire. 

The purpose of pre-production is to organise and troubleshoot to ensure the day goes as seamlessly as possible. The means planning every detail of each look from the outfit, hair and makeup, accessories, location, and necessary lighting. 

Pre-production also means coaching the model beforehand to practice expressions such as “smizing,” keeping their lips slightly parted, and learning the best angles to accentuate their features in front of a mirror before the shoot. 

Think about what is necessary to make sure everything goes right. 

  • Location scout around the studio and plan for each look to work most efficiently.
  • There should be Gaffer’s tape on set to cover the bottoms of new shoes, clamps to ensure the clothing fits as intended, and towels to place over the model’s face so that makeup doesn’t wind up on the collar. 
  • Make sure there is a clothing rack with plenty of hangers, an iron, and an ironing board, as well as a steamer.
  • There should be adequate space for the hair and makeup artist to work with plenty of light.  
  • Layout each look with their accessories to be shot and coordinate with the creative team.
  • Prepare and plan for each changing location. 
  • Last but not least, make sure there will be plenty of fluids and snacks on set. If it is going to be an entire day shoot, make sure that lunch is planned for. 

Show Your Versatility

While it’s best to be associated with a particular modelling type, when it comes to style and shooting angles, try to present your entire range of abilities. Potential employers and scouts want to see versatility and flexibility in models. This is especially true if you’re just starting and don’t yet have a strong signature style.

Demonstrate to prospective employers that you can work in different types of productions by including a mix of images in your online modelling portfolio. This means photos that vary in style and artistic vision, as well as shots that show off different angles and take on your features.

Choose The Ultimate Template.

Now that you’ve done your photoshoot, it’s time to pick the website template that best suits your needs, style and personality. When considering your options, go for a portfolio template that will help you shine and give you the website layout you need to share your complete body of work.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal template, you’ll be able to fully customise every detail, from the images you upload to the gallery style and written content. By selecting one of Wix’s professional website templates, you can rest assured that the final result will be pixel-perfect, whether or not you’re a web design pro.

Present Your Best Shots

After completing a photoshoot or project, you’ll probably have a vast collection of images to sort through. It’s crucial for a truly professional modelling portfolio that you only include the work you’re proudest of. A handful of successful photos is better than a never-ending scroll of mediocre ones. Around 10 to 20 images should be enough.

Remember that people who browse your portfolio won’t have the time or patience to look through your entire gallery. Prepare yourself for that by giving prominence to your best shots or the most prestigious projects you’ve worked on.

In particular, pay attention to the first few images that viewers see when they land on your website. Create a striking homepage design that includes a range of eye-catching photos of yourself to demonstrate your skills and versatility from the get-go.

When selecting your best shots, keep in mind that there are a few basic types of photos that you should include in your portfolio: headshots with and without you smiling, mid-shots and full-body shots, possibly in different outfits and locations. 

Include High-quality Images

This point is vital in making sure your modelling portfolio is impressive and effective. Compromising the images’ quality will make you appear unprofessional, and you also run the risk of putting your most significant assets as a model at risk of being overlooked. Don’t let pixelated images come between you and your career.

On top of choosing only the sharpest visuals, use a professional gallery to ensure your images look their very best. 

Use Diverse Media

Still, photos will play the definitive role in your modelling portfolio, but why not keep things interesting by adding different media types? Show off your entire range of capabilities by adding any videos and commercials that you’ve worked on. These can help reveal aspects of your professional demeanour that static images may not. 

You can either embed videos directly onto your site or upload videos from external sources like YouTube and Facebook. If you’d like to create a short video yourself, check out Wix’s video maker to put together a few images and video clips that will entice your audience and add a dynamic touch to your modelling portfolio.

Share All The Vital Information.

Whether or not you choose to write a resume and upload it to your model portfolio, bear in mind that there are a few essential details that potential employers will be looking out for.

Models are usually expected to share information like age, height, body measurements, hair, and eye colour. You may choose to include additional features that are unique and appealing to you (tattoos, acrobatic skills, birthmarks, or anything else that might make a photoshoot more interesting).

Add A Contact Section.

What’s the use of creating a modelling portfolio if people can’t get in touch? Make sure that prospective employers or clients can easily reach out to you.

Your contact information can appear as a separate page, in your website footer or as a section within another page, such as your About page. Either way, make sure it stands out and can be found intuitively.

When creating a contact page, include essential details, like your name, business email address and phone number. You can also add a live chat widget so that visitors can contact you quickly and get an instant response. Another option is to create a contact form, enabling people to reach out directly on your site.

Stay Social

We recommend connecting your social media profiles to your portfolio by adding a social bar to your website. This will offer viewers an additional channel through which to see your pictures. But more importantly, your social pics reveal another side of who you are by providing a fuller picture of your personality and abilities.

Use professional social accounts if you have them, but even personal accounts can work, as long as they don’t depict aspects of your life you’d instead not share with colleagues and employers. If you have an impressive Instagram account or are in the social media marketing game, you can also set up your Instagram feed to directly show your model portfolio.

Get Personal With A Blog.

Creating a blog is a great way to inject some personality and add value to your online modelling portfolio. It offers you a place to share experiences from behind the scenes, tips about fashion and beauty, inspiration and more. Besides, running a blog will provide opportunities to casually promote your site by sharing the link on social media.

If you’re unsure where to start, browse online to find some impressive blog examples by other models and professionals from your admire industry.

Choosing the Perfect Images for Your Online Model Portfolio

How To Create A Model Portfolio?

Now that you have your photos, it’s time to pick the best ones. Typically, you should use between 10 to 20 of your best images—these are the photos that complement your best assets while exemplifying what you’re all about as an artist. Be sure to include clean and simple layouts, too, as most casting agents prefer “blank canvases” that can be moulded into something that suits the client’s brief.

Another thing to consider is the ordering of your photos. It’s best to use a website builder that lets you organise your projects into galleries or even custom pages for different work styles. If you already have some client work under your belt, put these at the beginning of your site.

How to Create a modelling Portfolio

Ready to build your website? If you’re entirely new to the game, you’ll need to go out of your way to start from scratch—this means staging your shoots so you have something to show potential clients. Here’s what you can do to get started on that:

Pick A Few Genres You’d Like To Work In. 

Are you looking to get into high fashion or commercial modelling? Are you up for some swimsuit modelling, or do you prefer going the fitness route? Pick a lane or two that you’re comfortable in and design your shoot concept around these. You don’t have to box yourself in just one genre, but you can highlight your strengths in the ones that you want to do.

Get A Photographer. 

Don’t just get a friend with a camera—commission a photographer who’s had ample experience in fashion and commercial photography. You can strike up a deal where you both allow each other to use the photos in your portfolios. An up-and-coming photographer trying to build their portfolio would likely be happy to have a willing subject for their work.

Prepare A Variety Of Layouts And Angles. 

Aside from styling your shoot to suit the genre you’re going for, you should also aim to get various shot sizes and angles. Every model website should include headshots (smiling and neutral), 3/4 shots, and full-length shots.

Final Thoughts

Model portfolio shoots are one of the most challenging areas of photography to execute. There is a lot of value in appropriately developing models for their markets and helping get them placed.

Mastering the skill to produce quality no matter what increases confidence as a photographer, it will also improve all subsequent model tests in the future and build lasting relationships with the various modelling agencies. Not to mention that the production and art direction learned can also cross over into other profitable areas of portraiture such as branding and boudoir

What Are The Marketing Tips For Fashion Photography?

What Are The Marketing Tips For Fashion Photography?

You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. 

The fashion business is booming, and the industry is expected to grow by 15.7% in 2020 to 718 billion globally. 

Maybe, despite the industry’s consistent growth, you don’t see the results you want. 

If you’re here now, it’s because you’ve spotted an opportunity for growing your business, and you’re looking for an effective fashion marketing strategy. 

Maybe your ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) needs improvement. Maybe your ads aren’t customised towards your audience or aren’t utilising everything Facebook offers.

There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state. We have put together this simple guide to starting your fashion photography business. 

These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered legally and adequately compliant.

But, first, let’s cover some fashion brand-related questions you may have.

Which Social Media Channels Should Your Brand Use For Fashion Marketing?

Social media allows you to promote your fashion brand, improve customer service, divert traffic to your website, and improve sales. 

Often, we don’t see companies using various social media channels to their fullest potential.

Suppose you’ve been using social media but have only seen a drain on labour cost or can’t accurately attribute revenue to specific channels or marketing campaigns. In that case, it’s time to recalibrate your efforts.

Don’t get stuck doing social media for the sake of doing social media. A social media presence needs to be strategic and intentional. 

You need to know which platforms are suitable for your business and industry and how best to reach your target customers on those platforms.

For instance, when it comes to apparel brand engagement, Instagram is king.

For our purposes – discussing marketing strategies to grow your business within the fashion industry – this post will also cover Instagram and Facebook to promote your fashion brand.

These two platforms offer:

  • Significant customisation (and creativity) when it comes to personalised ads.
  • Streamlined service for working with influencers (though Instagram is the reigning champ in influencer marketing).
  • A large audience made up of critical fashion-oriented demographics.

Plan Your Business

What Are The Marketing Tips For Fashion Photography?

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. A few important topics to consider are:

  • What are the startup and ongoing costs?
  • Who is your target market?
  • How much can you charge customers?
  • What will you name your business?

Luckily we have done a lot of this research for you.

What Are the Costs Involved in Opening a Fashion Photography Business?

While there are several items, you’ll need to get started, and your most valuable business tool is your talent and experience.

Industry leaders recommend budgeting for a camera and studio equipment. This should include:

  • Camera and various lenses
  • Modifiers – giant umbrella, Citibank, scrims, and beauty dishes
  • Studio equipment – lighting, stands, backdrops, modifiers, props, floors, backgrounds, and remote triggers
  • Computer and editing software
  • Backup storage devices
  • Professional album creation software

Your startup needs are not limited to just photography equipment. The following business tools will help ensure you stay organised and on track with your marketing strategy:

  • Insurance
  • Website
  • Accounting software
  • Portfolio – this should include some of your best work and show potential clients that you’re able to work in a variety of settings

What Are the Ongoing Expenses for a Fashion Photography Business?

Your vision for the company will define your ongoing expenses. 

Many photoshoots will take place away from home, freeing you of the need to invest in a brick and mortar space. 

Your most considerable expense will be time spent on networking, marketing, and travel. 

Between fashion events, meetings with clients, and photoshoots, much of your time will be spent away from home, where you will incur the typical expenses associated with jet setting across the country (or the world). 

You will also need to invest in maintaining your equipment, photo editing software, and equipment replacement when necessary.

Who Is the Target Market?

Ultimately, your target market is defined by your creative vision, personally and professionally. 

Designers require photographers to capture images of their latest lines, which are displayed in lookbooks.

At least one magazine targets every demographic, each of them requiring a photographer who inspires readers. 

Think Vogue, Rolling Stone, and L’Officiel. Fashion bloggers also need professional photographers and photo editors. 

Consider your creative goals and then research which has an immediate need for those services.

How Does a Fashion Photography Business Make Money?

Fashion photographers are paid a flat fee per shoot, which varies widely depending on both the client and the photographer’s reputation.

How Much Profit Can a Fashion Photography Business Make?

Again, this varies, depending upon your region and the type of clients you choose to target. 

Should you decide to open a firm that includes multiple photographers or offers clients additional services, your profits stand to increase exponentially.

How Can You Make Your Business More Profitable?

As a photographer, you are only limited by your imagination and the types of projects you choose to take on. 

Consider expanding your client base to include customers who require product photography for their online stores. 

Enterprises such as Neiman Marcus have thousands of products displayed on their websites – each item must be photographed from multiple angles. 

A photography agency composed of numerous photographers of varying skill levels and innovation could prove profitable. 

If photo editing is your strong suit, market your talents. You would be surprised at how many businesses require such a skill.

Fashion Marketing Strategy

What Are The Marketing Tips For Fashion Photography?

Using Instagram Stories To Drive Conversions

Given how easily Instagram ties into influencer marketing, it’s easy to see why engagement is so high. 

Plus, Instagram is one of the more visual platforms, utilising a photo-first user experience with the Instagram feed and allowing users to post Instagram stories or even run IGTV (Instagram’s answer to YouTube).

Finally, it’s easy to get from Instagram to your site. When running an Instagram story, you can have customers swipe up or click on a call-to-action button.

Using Facebook Video Ads To Get Your Customer’s Attention

While apparel brand engagement is lower on Facebook, the popular social media platform is still a must-have for fashion companies.

That’s because Facebook is popular amongst crucial demographics:

When you separate by genders, 75% of women use Facebook, and 63% of men use it, too — making it a great platform that isn’t focused on one over gender over the other.

Facebook video has a higher engagement stat (6.01%) when compared to photo posts, link posts, and status posts.

What Is the Advertising Strategy for Fashion Marketing Luxury Brands?

If you run a luxury brand, you’re probably wondering if the rules are different for you. 

And while there are some nuances, the advice towards a higher-end brand and a more economical brand generally comes from the same area.

Luxury fashion brands require customisation and an audience-focused marketing mindset, but so does every other type of fashion brand. 

So much of what we have to say about creating an advertising strategy for luxury brands can be said for every other brand type.

  • Know your audience
  • Make it personal
  • Practice retargeting

Engage An Omnichannel Shopping Experience

The only difference – and it’s an anecdotal difference – is that as the product’s price goes up, the patience for a less-than-stellar customer experience goes down. 

And while that may be true, a better approach, on our end, is creating a winning advertising strategy that puts customer service first at every price tier.

Personalise Your Customers’ Experience

By 2020, more than half of consumers want a level of personalisation before they even interact with your website.

This makes sense. After all, it isn’t just blind luck that someone found your website. 

They found your online store through PPC ads, Instagram stories, influencer marketing, organic search results, and so on.

They found your store through some level of effort on your part matched with an inquiry on their part.

When it comes to personalisation, we want to see the personal touch in these two key areas:

  • The shopping experience
  • Retargeted ads

Let’s dive into both.

The Shopping Experience

When we talk about personalisation, some marketers go straight to behaviour insights and demographic data to create the best ads possible. 

And trust us, that is important, and we will get there in a moment.

But first, make sure you’re not overlooking the changes you can make to personalise the shopping experience on your website. 

Amazon does this so well; we think of it as natural and intuitive, not strategic and intentional. And that’s the excellent litmus test. If your site’s personalisation feels natural, it’s closer to personal. 

If it feels awkward and clunky, go back to the drawing board. Amazon’s algorithm says, “Hey, other people who bought this golf set also bought this bag of tees and a set of golf balls. 

You can get all three for this amount.” This product recommendation is perfect for the fashion business, where accessories can be paired to complete an outfit or look.

Retargeted Ads

Getting someone to your site is a battle, sure, but it isn’t the whole war. Recent data shows that the average conversion rate for a style and fashion e-commerce site sits at 1.3%. 

If your conversion rate sits below that, we recommend running retargeting ads.

Ensure Customers Know How To Use Your Product

Clothing is functional and visual. People see your ads for pants, dresses, shirts, or whatever. And they want to look like the person in the ad.

But, of course, the ad is full of more than just one article of clothing. Typically it’s a model or a selection of clothing pieces, arranged in the right way, covered with appealing lighting, and so on. 

Creating a style guide for your clothing lets your customers engage with how your dress is best worn. 

A style guide also helps you with upsells because now your customer wants to complete the look.

Know Your Buying Audience, Not Just Your Intended Audience

Do you know your audience, or do you just have an audience in mind? There’s a big difference. 

A few years into operation, the menswear company, Blank Label, had to make a change.

Per one of the founders, Fang Bi, they had built the company, at a very young age, to cater to “hipsters, artists, and other creative types.” 

Blank Label allowed what the founders called “co-creation.” You helped design the dress shirt you wanted, and the company used its connections in China to make it for you.

After having some initial success, Blank Label’s two founders decided to analyse their customers’ data. 

They sent out surveys and looked at every piece of data available to them. 

And they were stunned: In their words, “It was like, ‘Holy crap, our customers aren’t 22-year-olds who are rebellious and against ‘The Man.’ Our customers are The Man.”

Use Influencer To Social Proofing Your Fashion Marketing

73% of millennial customers say it’s important to read other people’s opinions before they buy. 

But you need customers to buy to leave reviews. How do you break that cycle and spread your brand with value-driven content? You invest in influencer marketing.

Create A Blog To Direct Organic Traffic To Your Brand

85% of millennial customers research before making a purchase and 60% of that research happens on its website.

So that’s where your blog comes in. 

A blog establishes your expertise as a fashion brand. Why encourage someone to buy your clothes or jewellery from one site, but then go read about the latest trends in styles on a different one?

Creating a blog with engaging, value-driven, and relevant content:

  • It makes your website a one-stop-shop for all things related to your brand and industry,
  • Drives up engagement time,
  • This leads to shares across social media platforms
  • Fosters a relationship between your brand and your customer

Pinterest Marketing Ideas For Fashion Photographers

Pinterest marketing for fashion photographers is an awesome way to optimise your SEO, spread your workaround, drive traffic, and generate leads. 

Pinterest is a great space to gather inspiration for all sorts of things. It’s also a great tool for promoting your work. 

Pinterest is a major traffic driver to websites and blogs. When you start sharing your work, on your terms, on Pinterest, you can generate both traffic and leads for your fashion photography business. Here are some ideas for Pinterest boards for fashion photographers.

One of the exciting things about Pinterest is that your pins are linked to the source. What happens if your pin starts getting repinned over and over again? More links to your content. 

Not only is Pinterest great for driving specific leads and traffic, but it can also give a little boost to your SEO. 

Putting your work on Pinterest correctly keyworded will also help with the image search results when you’re searching your name. 

There are so many reasons to build an audience on Pinterest, so why not add it to your list of promotional channels?

How To Market Your Fashion Photography On Pinterest

An Important Note: Pinterest is not a social network. I look at Pinterest as a visual search engine. 

The people who are using Pinterest aren’t using it to connect with their friends and see what they’re up to. 

They’re using it to plan, to get inspired, and to look for specific visual content. Make sure your photos are the first thing they come across when they’re searching for specific things in fashion photography.


When they’re looking for fashion photographers, inspiration for their mood boards, specific accessories or looks–– your images should be part of their vision board.

Lighting Boards

Create boards that focus on different scenarios of lighting in fashion photography. Use your work to demonstrate examples of different fashion photography lighting situations. 

To take this a step further, create blog content focused on different lighting scenarios. Share photos that you appreciate the lighting within. 

Think of lighting that other photographers would want to emulate themselves and create differently, specified boards focused on certain lighting types.

Mood Boards

Share different kinds of mood boards as Pinterest boards. Create boards that different editorial or advertising collaborators might be looking for in the future.

If you’ve seen a ton of images, and created images that could fit on a “fairy wonderland editorial” board, make it! 

Throw your images in the mix with other people’s to convey different moods on different boards.

Model Boards

Create Pinterest boards of different models that give different vibes. These can be looked at like little casting boards. 

You can use your photos of models in the mix, whether you’ve been doing testing or some clean editorial photography.

Location Boards

Create boards of different shooting locations that adhere to certain guidelines. For example, if you’re looking for beautiful and floral locations, do some location scouting in your area to get location shots to share. 

These can even be converted into a blog post to drive more traffic when people are searching for that specific location.

Makeup Boards

Create makeup inspiration boards to share your beauty and fashion photography on Pinterest. Different makeup looks can warrant different boards, and the possibilities are endless. 

Mix your work with the work of others that inspire you to flesh out your makeup Pinterest boards. Try to use makeup shots from the makeup artist themselves. 

That way, when they check where their traffic is coming from, they find you from your Pinterest. If they’re local to your area, it may even lead to collaboration.

Styling Boards

Just like the makeup boards, styling boards for fashion photographers are a great way to fill out your Pinterest queue. 

Create boards focused on different kinds of styling. If you’re a fashion photographer, you’re likely shooting a diverse range of styles. 

Take advantage of the body of work you already have to create styling boards on Pinterest for fashion photographers.

Magazine Boards

If you’re shooting editorials for magazines, putting together magazine inspiration boards on Pinterest is a great place to promote your images. 

Different styles for different kinds of magazines will give your Pinterest an extra flair with editorial quality work. Create boards for different magazines, or show off all of your editorial work at once.

Create a Board for Just Your Work

Create a board for just your work. If someone comes across your profile wanting to work with you, having a “portfolio” of sorts available is a good place to start. 

You can divide up the different genres you work in into different boards. Or, you can put all of your work into one place with aboard.

How To Keep Up With Pinterest As A Photographer

You’re shooting all the time. You’re probably blogging. You’re likely on Instagram, Facebook, maybe even Twitter. 

How do you have time to keep up with Pinterest as a photographer? Using a Tailwind tool to queue and schedule pins will make your life infinitely easier as a photographer. Keep up with Pinterest as a photographer by scheduling your work and inspiration in bulk. Set the queue to post a certain amount of times per day and let the pins roll out.

Take a few hours every couple of months to keep up with your queue and keep your content fresh.


Many of today’s most successful fashion photographers spend up to 75% of their time marketing. Technology offers many ways for you to showcase your work. 

Social media should be an integral part of your day, allowing you to reach prospects worldwide. 

This free business tool, combined with your website, is a wonderful way to showcase your best work and target potential clients.

Photographers are part of the artist community. Often a tightly-knit group. Therefore, word of mouth will be your strongest marketing tool. 

Integrating yourself within this populace should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

How To Shoot Fashion Photography With Male Models?

How To Shoot Fashion Photography With Male Models?

Photographing males for fashion photography is often believed to be complicated. How to pose like a model? The poses are different from women, but many photographers think wrongly that the posing options are fewer than for women. 

When you think of fashion photography, you typically think of women being the main subject. It’s not without reason because female models typically dominate the fashion scene. When it comes to shooting male models in fashion, there’s a lack of information out there for aspiring photographers. 

There are, actually, a plethora of posing options available for male models. And, just to prove that we’re right, we’ve put together a list of the best fashion photography poses for male models and some tips to get stunning results!

Questions To Ask Before The Photo Shoot

As with all photo shoots, preparation is always the first thing that should take place. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of shoot is wanted or needed?
  • Is this a headshot, fashion, formal, or a casual shoot?
  • Will this be in the studio?
  • Will this be at a location, and if yes, what type of location is needed for this specific shoot?
  • What kind of outfit/s will be used?
  • Who will supply these outfits – the model, a brand or a sponsor?
  • Does the theme need a clean-shaven face or not?
  • Does the music need a specific hairstyle?

The best way forward with posing males is to ensure that the model feels relaxed and confident in themselves. This can be done by making sure that the theme suits them as an individual. If a male model comes to you and wants to dress like a rapper, but he looks more like a ‘suit’ individual, then give thoughtful advice to this end. We may all think that we are rock stars, but not all of us can pull it off. However, if the Client is adamant about wearing his leather pants with cowboy boots, you would need to agree. Once you have decided on the theme, wardrobe, and location, your next exciting journey is the photography poses.

Male Posing Ideas

How To Shoot Fashion Photography With Male Models?

Below are some ideas which may prove helpful for your next male photoshoot.

Contrapposto or Counterpose

Number one on the list is the counterpose. It’s one of the first mannerisms that male models learn, and so, they tend to be very comfortable with this pose. It’s a relaxed pose, the most essential part of which is its natural essence. The model should appear calm and relaxed, not stiff. This pose will appear different with each model because of his body shape and way of moving. That’s a plus because it’s always unique. 


One of the more common male fashion photography poses is the model strolling, often in a business suit. The image senses that he is cool, calm, and in control. Trekking is not the same as walking. Walking has a relaxed sense to it, while strolling has a showy sense. It is an action where the models tend to strut a bit, and that’s the beauty of it because it brings out that feeling of self-assurance.

Arching Arm

This is probably just as familiar a pose for male models as the strolling pose is. This is where the model will have one or both arms bent. It gives a kind of James Bond appearance with the model leaning slightly, and perhaps, with one hand in a pocket. It’s a way to convey a sense of power, and it is usually done with a somewhat fierce expression on the model’s face. The bent arms mean he takes up more space, and that conveys power and control.

One Leg Up

This is a ubiquitous pose for male models. It can be performed while sitting or standing, and it’s perfect if the model is leaning against a wall. It conveys a somewhat aloof sense that is somehow both relaxed and vulnerable.

Hands and Face Pose

This is a pose where the model’s hands are at least partially covering his face. The hands can be used as a prop to help create a unique, exciting image. You can try different poses covering more or less of the face. You can make fun, almost silly, poses or more thoughtful, serious poses. There are several options with this one, so play around and give the model some freedom to try different versions.

Leaning Poses

This is a good one for conveying a relaxed, self-assured appearance. It can also go with the leading lines in an image or help create a contrast with non-parallel lines. This is another one of the poses where it is good to try a couple of different varieties and see what works best. The model can be leaning with his back against the wall or his shoulder. And, his facial expressions can convey different moods. 

Hands in Pockets

There are a couple of options here as well. You can have the model have his hands in the pockets, just one hand in a bag or the hands can only be partially in the pocket–perhaps the thumbs are hooked inside the pocket while the remainder of the writing is out. This conveys different looks depending on the mood you’re trying to create. 

Detail Shots

There is a lot of fashion photography poses that will allow you to take some great detail shots. You can, for example, take a detailed image of something like the model tying his shoe or his tie. Or, a common one is clear photos of watches. The watch may even be modelled, and an attractive wrist with a watch looks stylish and conveys a sense of power.


Headshots are ubiquitous photographs for both male models and male businessmen. When taking these, you want to make sure you understand your mood or the model you want to create. Should the model look serious and businesslike, friendly, or sexy? If it’s for a businessman, is it in line with his company’s brand? 

If the headshot is taken with the model standing, it can give him something to lean on, like the back of the chair with an adjustable height. To get him to provide you with a good expression, you might coax the model by presenting him with a scenario–for example, pretending he has just walked into a business meeting and he’s interested in what is being said. The expressions that the system creates often makes for a compelling headshot.

You may often only see your male Client when they realize that their current headshot is at least 20 years out of date. Before the photo shoot, ensure that you ask a few questions to get the feel of the headshot correctly, i.e. does the headshot speak to the company’s brand? 

Frank Rocco of Frank Rocco Photography says, “For headshots, I like to give the subjects something to lean on. If they are standing, the back of a chair with adjustable height is great. The headshot has to be more intimate than a portrait. I sometimes say, ‘Pretend you walked into the conference room, and you are super-interested in what I have to say.” 

If on location, use a shallow depth of field (DoF) so that your male model is most important with a blurred background.

Face Shots

Most of the time, men tend to put a serious expression on their face when taking pictures. A great way to get the model to give you other types of expressions is to ask him to move through a series of expressions while taking photographs.

Full Face Shot (Facing Forward)

Most times, men’s expressions are more on the serious side. A great way to get your male model to relax is to do some close-up shots of only his face, focusing on his eyes. Ask your male model to start with an angry expression, then a poker face, then a slight smile and finally a beautiful smile. This will give you an idea of what kind of expression works best for the individual’s face. Give your male model some guidance, e.g. you are in the middle of a poker game, but you have the winning hand. Come up with different storylines to get the facial expression that best suits the environment or theme.

Start with an angry face, then a poker face, then a slight smile, and finally, a big smile. You can get several images that way, and you’ll be able to choose which expression works best with the model’s face.

And, here are some tips that work for different facial features: 

  • If he has a large or unusual nose, shooting his face straight on will diminish the appearance of that; 
  • Asking him to push his chin forward will elongate his neck; 
  • If your model is heavier, have him look up at the photo, and that will shed those unwanted pounds; 
  • If you’re looking for mystery in the image, use more neutral expressions; 
  • Don’t have him use exaggerated head tilts; 
  • Ask the model to look down, and then quickly up when called–this is a trick that often produces the perfect expression.

Full Face Shot (Angled)

If you are working in a studio, you can use different lighting options to get some artistic shots showing off different aspects of the male face. With an angled face shot, you can use different lighting options to make the image more artistic. Lighting him from the side, for example, can create a more dramatic mood. Setting your aperture at f/2.8 allows you to play a little more with the field’s depth to get those more interesting images.

Below are a few more tricks for full-face shots :

  • Use a longer lens, but not such a long lens that you need to phone your male model.
  • Setting your aperture at f2.8 allows you to play with depth of field.
  • If your male model is a bit overweight, this often shows in his neck and cheeks, so having your model look up at the camera will shed unwanted pounds.
  • When facing you, ask him to push his chin slightly forward, which elongates his neck.
  • If you want to add mystery, use more neutral expressions.
  • Avoid exaggerated head tilts.
  • Ask him to look down and quickly up when called, as this often yields the perfect expression.
  • Don’t overthink the shots. Often the best shots are those that happened quite a by accident.

Cropped Images

How To Shoot Fashion Photography With Male Models?

You can get some fantastic images when you crop them to focus on one feature of the model, like his eyes, for example.

You need to be sure, though, that you’re cropping the photo in a way that enhances the features you’re focusing on. For example, if you crop a photo mid-thigh, it creates an odd appearing composition for the rest of the body. So, it would be better to crop up higher or down lower on the legs in that case.


If your male model has tattoos, ask him whether he would want any detailed shots of his tattoos. Most men are very proud of their ink and want this documented.


Male hands are typically strong, so this is a great detail type of photo to take. A good pose for the hands is if they’re doing something. For example, you can ask the model to play with his cufflink or roll up his sleeves. These make for great male hand shots. 

Male hands show a lot of strength and are photos in themselves, so don’t forget this gem. Ask your male model to play with their watch, cufflink or have the model hold something linked to the theme. Use minimal editing as the viewer would want to see the scars, veins, freckles and the history that the hands portray.

Standing Male Poses (Facing Forwards)

With this initial pose, the world can be your oyster in terms of male poses. Don’t overthink the poses. Let him move into what feels comfortable. Ensure the shot captures the strong legs with no bent knees and arms that have a purpose, i.e. holding onto a rucksack, hands in pockets, etc.

Walking Towards the Camera

Let leading lines showcase your male model. Ask your male model to walk with long strides towards the camera whilst looking in different directions. The model must have a good posture and a neutral expression. Once again, his hands should have a purpose, perhaps by holding onto a prop (e.g. jacket).

Standing Poses (Facing Sideways)

With this idea, have your male model look away from the camera if they are deep in thought or working on their next million in their head. The male model’s legs can be more relaxed depending on the photoshoot theme. With these pose ideas, more background can add to the storyline.

Standing Poses (Leaning Against Something)

This pose allows for different options:

  • The male model can lean against a wall using his back only;
  • The model can lean against an object with his shoulder only;
  • Once in place, the model can look in different directions.
  • Alternatively, as the photographer, you can stand next to the wall whilst the male model leans against the same wall, but with his head facing towards the camera. This pose would allow for a different type of headshot. 

Sitting Poses

As with standing poses, there are various options. You can have him facing you or sitting at an angle. And, you can use props or not, depending on your preference for the shot. It depends on the mood you’re trying to create. Is he seriously conducting business, is he lost in thought or is he playing? Deciding what mood you want will help you choose the right pose.

Sitting (Chair Facing Forwards)

Using a chair prop is a versatile way to do seated poses for the male model. The male model can normally sit on the chair, leaning forward on his knees with hands clasped. Another idea would be the male model sitting backward on the chair, i.e., the chair’s back facing the camera, whilst the male model leans on the backrest.

Sitting (Chair Angled)

For variation, the chair can be used normally but angled slightly away from the camera so that the male model can look directly at the camera or away into the distance. Watch the height of the male model’s chin. Generally, male poses call for a more serious or reflective expression. Be sure to highlight these features when you are posing your male models.

Sitting (Facing Sideways – Prop or No Prop)

These poses are generally used in a location setting when the male model can sit on whatever is available, including the floor. Your male model would look at the camera at a slight angle or into the distance during this pose.

Depending on the theme, add in bandanas, jewellery or hats to add to the mood. To create a thoughtful or moody image, take a close-up shot of your model’s face whilst he looks away from the camera.

Back to Camera (Looking to the Side)

If you are looking for something different in the studio, you can ask your male model to have his back to the camera but then look to the side. This type of pose can showcase your male model’s hair and jawline.

Composition Rules

Rule of thirds takes your image from boring to brilliant. Each of these male poses can be captured with different composition rules to highlight your subject and message. For example, you can use composition rules such as leading lines, centre composition, or thirds rule with each of these poses. 

Frequently Asked Questions By Fashion Photographers

Here are some common questions regarding how to pose models:

What are the top 5 poses for male models?

The most frequently used poses are arching arms, strolling, the contrapposto or counterpose, the leaning pose, and headshots with narrow eyes. These types of poses tend to convey self-assurance and masculinity. 

What are the main differences between male and female fashion photography poses?

One of the main differences is in the facial expression. Female models tend to pose with eyes wide open, whereas male models tend to narrow their eyes. There’s also more of a tendency for male models to have one leg up or open, whereas female models typically strike a more closed pose. 


If our words were limitless in this article, then our ideas for posing men would go on for pages, but all good things must come to an end. We hope this article has given you some fresh inspiration and that you are galvanized to head out to photograph more male models.

What Makes a Good Fashion Designer?

What Makes a Good Fashion Designer?

Running and growing a fashion business is challenging.

You’re taking the challenges associated with entrepreneurship in general and then adding a layer of difficulty that only the fashion industry brings about- short-run production, limited exposure to financial education, and market saturation being big fat ones.

There are many practices, habits, and mindsets that contributed to the success or failure of emerging fashion brands.

Regardless of how you define success, there are some things that you can’t do if you want to reach the goals you create for yourself and your fashion business.

Fashion designers initiate and oversee the entire creative process that creates articles of clothing-from conception to finished garment.

This process begins when designers come up with a concept that they turn into a sketch.

Next, they determine specifics such as the garment’s dimensions, what colour it should be, what fabric should be used and create a pattern based on their conclusions.

The job title of fashion designer encompasses everyone from world-renowned couturiers who make fashion haute couture gowns to artists who create ready-to-wear garments. 

What are the primary responsibilities of a fashion designer?

As a fashion designer, you will be expected to create and assist in developing clothing, footwear, and accessories. An essential skill is identifying trends, creating silhouettes, selecting colours, fabrics, prints, trims, and building them into a collection.

As a fashion designer, your core duties will include:

  • Developing concepts and producing designs, either by CAD or hand.
  • Staying tuned with emerging fashion trends related to colours, fabrics and basic shapes.
  • Analyzing structures from a technical perspective can involve producing and creating specifications.
  • Adapting existing methods for mass fashion production.
  • Collaborating with the broader development team and buyers to develop products.
  • Interacting with sales executives to discuss the upcoming ideas for designing.
  • Identifying the target market for designs based on criteria such as age, gender, and socio-economic status.

Character traits to become a successful fashion designer

What Makes a Good Fashion Designer?

Over time, you can develop a wide range of skills that will help you to thrive in your job. In addition, some innate or trained character traits can boost your chances of becoming a successful fashion designer. Here are a selected few:


The fashion industry is well known for its challenging work environment where you may experience rejection as part of your job. It takes a lot of confidence to present your projects to retailers, stakeholders, buyers and other designers.

Remember that this is a long-term race, and it takes time and effort to develop a reputation in the industry, and you will need tons of confidence to reach your goals.


As we mentioned, it takes blood, sweat, and tears to become a renowned fashion designer. The shooting star cases are sporadic in the industry; you will need to arm yourself with patience and never give up when adversity comes.


If a designer has a lot of personality and persuasion, it will be easier for him/her to deal with customers, the press and decision-makers.

This doesn’t mean that a designer who decides to stay away from the spotlight can’t succeed on his/her talent alone; however, he or she will need someone else to do the promotion and deliver his or her messages to the right ears. 

These qualities can be learned and nurtured to transform you into a better designer.

What skills will a fashion designer need for the future?

Fashion design has come a long way from the mere art of designing clothes. It has evolved into a full-fledged industry and is now considered a highly desirable career worldwide.

Nowadays, apparel & footwear is not simply designed based on colour or style choices but also on function, customer behavioural preferences and emerging trends. Innovative technologies and social media trends are transforming the fashion world at a faster pace than ever.

Good Business Sense

A successful fashion designer needs excellent business skills to stay within their budget and market their clothing. 

Good Communication Skills

Designers need to make their instructions and expectations clear to everyone involved in making their vision a reality.

Competitive Spirit

Since the fashion world is highly competitive, designers must be willing to push themselves and continually strive to stay one step ahead of their competition.


Designers need to constantly develop original and creative ways to make the clothing they make a standout. 

Artistic Ability

To effectively convey their ideas, designers must be accomplished sketch artists.

Sense of Style

Having an eye for which fabrics and colours will complement a garment is a talent all designers need.

Strong Sewing Skills

Designers need to be able to construct the garments they create correctly.

Team Player

A successful fashion designer knows how to collaborate with every member of their design and marketing team. 

Knowledgeable of Current Fashion Trends

The ability to anticipate the latest trends in fashion will help keep any designer at the top of their game.

Strong Visualization Skills

Great designers know how to visualize an article of clothing and express that vision to others.

Computer Skills

Fashion designers need to know how to use computer-aided design (CAD) programs and be familiar with graphics editing software that could help them improve their designs.

Decision-Making Skills

Knowing how to make the right changes and choices regarding your designs will be critical to your success.

Be Detail-Oriented

Fashion designers must have a good eye for minor differences in colour and other details to make a design successful.

What You Need to Become a Great Fashion Designer

It Takes Creativity to Become a Great Fashion Designer

So number one, the first thing that it takes to be an excellent fashion designer is to be creative—being creative means taking something from nothing and turning it into something else that is a piece of art.

Take, say, a seashell that you see on the beach and understand how to make a picture frame out of seashells.

So, you’re taking something from nothing or something that’s initially used for one type of purpose, and you’re turning it, and you’re transforming it into something else.

That’s what being creative is. As a fashion designer, you take something that’s two dimensional, a sketch or paper pattern, and you’re turning it into something three-dimensional.

When you’re looking at fabrics as a fashion designer, you need to understand in your brain and your mind what that’s going to look like as a garment. How is that fabric going to be treated?

If it is a stiff fabric, what type of garment are you going to make that will suit that fabric the best? And that’s what is going to make you become a great fashion designer. So, number one is being creative.

An Eye to See How to Make an Item Better

It would help if you had an eye to look at something and see how to make it better.

When they go into a store, some people know a garment like a T-shirt or a shirt, for instance, and they automatically think in their brain what is that going to look good with?

Oh, that shirt will look great with the skirt that I have, or that will look great with a striped dress that I need to go out and buy or that outfit there looks great, and these shoes that I have at home would look perfect with that. 

That’s more of a stylish mentality. 

When you’re taking something that’s already there, and you’re just styling it, you’re just putting them together. You are not creating something new or changing something.

You are taking two garments and saying, “Oh, this and this will look great together; let’s put them together.” That’s more of a stylist. Many people get confused with the difference between a stylist and a designer and all these different types of fashion jobs that are out there.

It’s OK to be a stylist, but understand that usually, if you are good at styling, you’re not always good at being a designer, and usually, they’re not together, or they don’t overlap very much.

They can’t look at a fabric and see how it’s going to look in the skirt. They have to look at a final garment, and then they can say, “Oh, that skirt will go right with this top” or “that dress would look great with these shoes.”

That’s how their brain functions. Suppose that’s how your brain functions; maybe you would be better as a stylist. That’s good to know upfront ahead of time, so you don’t go down the wrong path.

To Have an Eye for Fit on the Body

Okay, number three, you have to have an eye for fit how a garment should fit on a body, whether it’s a woman, a man or child. Whoever you’re designing for, you have to have that eye for fit. You have to be able to see if something is even a quarter of an inch off. 

Great Fashion Designers have a Talent for Color and Style.

What Makes a Good Fashion Designer?

Talent for colour and style is tough to learn. It’s something that has to be born within you; it has to be innately put inside you. God has to create you to have these things like talent, colour, and style already within you. It’s essential as a designer that you have this.

You have to say this colour is a little too red or it’s a little too blue or the yellow needs to be reduced by 10%.

Even if you have a job in the fashion industry as a head designer, you will be approving lab dips for production all the time, and they will need comments.

You can’t just say, “Oh, I don’t like this red.” You have to give them comments so that they can fix it. So, your comments might be to add 10% yellow, reduce 30% blue, make 10% darker—these types of things you have to have an eye for.

You have to have the vision to see how the colour needs to be tweaked just a little bit to make it the colour you’re looking for to make it the colour that’s going to match everything else you’re designing.

You need to know, why do specific colours look good together? Why does orange and blue work well together? Why do the colours in this dress that I’m wearing work well together? There’s a reason for that.

Having that sense of style and colour is essential. You can get better at it over time, but again it’s something that you can’t learn and has to be kind of innately born within you. 

To Have Stamina and Determination

This is a big one because working in the industry; whether you’re working for another company or working for yourself, you will be working very long hours. I’m talking 16 hours a day, six days a week.

It never ends. You are going to be working long hours, so get used to it now. Get used to it now because it’s going to take a lot of stamina and determination.

Things are also going to come up that are very frustrating.

Maybe your factory will not make something the way you wanted it, or your fabric is not going to be available, or things are not going to ship on time. Things will constantly come up, so you must have the stamina and the determination to keep going. 

Having Problem Solving Skills – Think Outside the Box!

Number six is problem-solving. The job is to problem-solve.

The job is to go around and make sure that everything was going according to plan, according to the way it needed to happen.

So when a fabric didn’t come in on time or we couldn’t get the material we wanted, or something came up, and it needed to be solved immediately.

That’s important. So get used to the fact that you will be problem solving all the time, and to be good at problem-solving, you need to think outside the box; you need to be creative.

Ability to Focus on One Idea or Concept

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Most creative people have so many ideas. They have thousands of ideas.

But, the problem is, they can never focus on one idea and bring it to completion. So please, whatever you do, make sure you pick one idea and see it all the way through.

Make sure you’re picking one idea and nursing it through to completion. Otherwise, you will have a ton of ideas, and nothing is ever going to get finished.  

To Become a Great Fashion Designer, You Must have the Ability to Multitask!

This one is huge. I know as women, most of us are great at multitasking which is good. But to become a great fashion designer, you need to be super good.

It would help if you were a superwoman as a fashion designer to multitask because you’ve got a million things going on at once. Most fashion designers are working on anywhere from two to five seasons at once.

You might be working on your spring line, approving your fall production strike offs, sourcing fabrics for your spring 2 line, spring-summer line, or doing trend forecasting for the trend’s line that’s coming up.

You have so many things going on at once, and you need to be able to juggle everything in your head. You must be on time and stick to a calendar. Staying organized, multitasking, doing multiple things at once is essential to become a great fashion designer.

Being Able to Work Well With Others

Next is being able to work well with others because, as you are doing all these things, you will be working with a ton of different people.

You have fabric vendors, factories, patternmakers, sample makers, cutters, production coordinators, salespeople, production assistants, tech designers, etc. There are so many different jobs and functions that are people that you’re going to interact with on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re an introverted person, being a fashion designer might not be the best job for you. You have to talk to so many people on any given day that it is going to be vital that you are good at working well with others.

A Great Designer Can Separate Your Style from The Style of The Line You Are Designing

Number ten is to separate your style from the style of the line you are designing. Now you’re probably saying, “Well, I’m designing a line for me. I’m my perfect target customer, and I’m designing my line, and I am the customer.”

That might be true, and that might be how you start your fashion line, especially if you are not working for someone else and this is your fashion line.

But that probably won’t be how the line evolves. Over time, your customers are going to dictate what they want. You might find that the ugliest thing you think is so ugly, but your customer loves it.

This is business, and because this is business, you better be selling and making that nasty thing that you can’t stand because your customer wants it and they’re willing to pay for it.

That’s important. It would help if you had that separation from your style, what you like personally for yourself, and who you are designing for or what the line is.

This is especially so if you have a job because, most likely, you are going to be creating things that you hate.

Being Able to Detach from Your Emotions

Okay, this tip kind of goes along the same line. It’s able to detach from your emotions. So again, you might love something, and someone else hates it; you can’t take it personally.

You just can’t. You’ve got to be able to detach from your emotions. I talk to my clients all the time and teach them ways to separate from their feelings and not let your emotions stand in the way because you’ll never get anything done.

You’ll never reach your goals, and you’ll never achieve your dreams if you let your emotions stand in the way. So you must detach from your feelings, especially if you’re working with these Devil Wears Prada ladies.  

Ability to Design Within a Price Point

The last one can design within a price point. This is the most important one. If you’re planning a high-end line, the sky’s the limit.

You can choose any fabric; you can select any trims, you can have hand-beading done, you can have any seam finishes that you want. It is “sky’s the limit”, and you have no limitations because you’re probably charging thousands and thousands of dollars for these garments.

But if you’re designing a low-end line, especially if you’re trying to compete with these high-end designers and trying to create something cheap but yet looks high-end, you have your work cut off for you.

This is going to be a challenge for sure. Understanding how much fabric costs, how much your trims cost, how much labour for certain things costs (specific seam finishes cost more than others) etc.

For instance, flat-fold seams or flat-lock seams on leggings in activewear cost ten times more than a regular five-thread overlock stitch. You need to know that.

As a designer, if you’re designing activewear, you need to know that. You can’t just be putting all these flat-lock seams anywhere you want, and then your garment ends up costing through the roof, and no one can afford to buy it.

You must understand your costing; you know how everything works together. It’s necessary so that when you’re designing, you are creating within that price point.

That way, you don’t develop a dress that no one will be able to afford to buy at the end of the day because you wasted all your money and time designing that dress, to begin with.


There are many resources available to upskill; you can nurture your general knowledge by reading articles, attending conferences, or watching tutorials.

If you want the proper training and to dive into specific topics and hard skills such as sustainable fashion, apparel costing, fit or 3D product development, you can learn from leading practitioners at your own pace by taking online courses.

Remember that you are not alone in this race; listen to other designers, share your experience with them, don’t be afraid of embracing new challenges, keep learning, and bring innovation to the industry.

What Are the Types of Fashion Designing?

What Are the Types of Fashion Designing?

If fashion has always interested you, a career as a designer could be a great path to pursue. When you follow this role, you must decide if you’d prefer to create clothes, shoes or accessories.

As you work in a specialty, you’re typically responsible for identifying current trends and creating fashionable designs that appeal to your target audience. This article reviews what fashion designers are and the different types of designers in the fashion industry.

What Are Designers in Fashion?

Designers in fashion are professionals who create concepts of new and trending styles, build real-life prototypes of these designs and prepare the final products to sell to customers.

Fashion designers typically specialize in one type of field and stay updated on the trends within that area. After graduating from their program of choice, a fashion designer can choose to create clothing, shoes or accessories.

There are several subsections within these categories that a designer can pursue depending on their skills and interests.

Fashion design is the art of creating clothing and accessories. It can range from creating pieces valued more like art than for function to minimalist and practical elements.

Fashion design can be thought of as an art form, with careful consideration to aesthetics and beauty when designing clothing and accessories. Fashion design varies over time and adapts to reflect social and cultural influences.

It can require a lot of creative flexibility and a finger on society’s pulse, ready to shift and evolve with changing tastes.

Every piece of clothing or accessory initially starts with an idea.

These ideas are brought to life by using fashion design to determine everything from the creative vision to the market research guiding the production, to the fabric used, to the overall aesthetic message and beyond, to bring about the final product.

The Types of Fashion Design Explained

What Are the Types of Fashion Designing?

If you spend any time studying fashion, you will probably come across the various types of fashion design. The names of these types of design may vary slightly based on the source, but in general, the idea of fashion design hierarchy remains the same.

Fashion design can generally be divided into tiers, and while there exists some overlap and subcategorization, there are five main types of fashion design. The five types of fashion design are:

  • Haute Couture Fashion
  • Luxury Fashion
  • Ready-To-Wear Fashion
  • Fast Fashion
  • Economy Fashion

These types of fashion design will be explained in detail below. Still, in general, these tiers of design start with haute couture being the most skilled, most exclusive fashion creation, progressing down to economy fashion, which is the cheapest, lowest-quality fashion items.

Some of these fashion types have interchangeable names, such as ready-to-wear fashion, sometimes being called high street fashion or prêt-à-porter, so being familiar with the variety of terms used can be helpful to avoid confusion.

If you are interested in entering the world of fashion design, it can be beneficial to familiarize yourself with fashion terminology. Being aware of the different types of fashion design can help you determine career goals and better understand how the world of fashion functions. 

Haute Couture

These designers typically work for more high-profile and wealthier consumers. They often create customized and one-of-a-kind apparel according to each customers’ needs and preferences.

Haute couture designers usually have a smaller clientele. They regularly work with the same customers to take their measurements and design clothing pieces for upcoming events according to their specific styles and preferences.

At the top of fashion, the design hierarchy is haute couture. Haute couture involves the creation of limited, custom-fitted clothing and accessories that are individual works of art. Haute couture is French for “high dressmaking” and originated with made-to-order garments designed and sewed for private clients.

Haute couture pieces are often constructed by hand, taking countless person-hours. The details are often worked on by an entire team of skilled designers in an atelier or workshop.

The parties can require several fittings to perfect and are usually made of the finest materials and expensive notions. These pieces are generally one of a kind, with extreme attention to detail.

To qualify as haute couture, fashion designers must be designated by the French government.

Designers must own an atelier in Paris, employ at least 15 full-time employees, and release 35 new, original looks to the public twice a year. These guidelines were established in 1945 and must be adhered to strictly, even by the most prominent fashion houses.

Luxury Fashion

Luxury fashion constitutes the fashion design that bridges the gap between exclusive, bespoke, custom made garments and mass-produced, readily available clothing. Luxury fashion includes high-quality articles of clothing that are not hand-made but are also not produced in large quantities.

Because of luxury fashion’s slightly more exclusive collection, it can be more desirable to some since it has limited availability.

Luxury fashion can vary in quality but, usually, it consists of more expensive materials and nuanced designs. With this attention to detail usually comes a higher price tag.

While luxury fashion items are still not as expensive as haute couture items, the prices are high enough to still give consumers a sense of being part of an elite market, with some of the steep prices placing the items outside the buying range of many average consumers.

The luxury fashion market continues to grow, and it is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future. As such, there will be a continued need for skilled fashion designers in this market area.


Also known as pret-a-porter designers, these professionals create apparel for groups of people. These designers create outfits with the correct material presentation, cut customers’ requests, and manufacture their clothes in smaller and more segmented groups. This ensures that the apparel fits the specifications of each customer without being considered a custom-made design.

In contrast to the bespoke nature of haute couture, ready-to-wear fashion, also called prêt-à-porter, is mass-produced in standardized sizes.

Ready-to-wear garments are more accessible, available for purchase by the public in large quantities, with variations in sizes to accommodate many more body sizes than haute couture, typically made for a unique individual’s proportions.

Some haute couture designers still release ready-to-wear collections, but these are generally much different from haute couture collections.

While ready-to-wear designs may take inspiration from haute couture runways, the haute couture designs are too labour-intensive to produce at a mass scale. Often, individual elements of an haute couture outfit may be incorporated into several different ready-to-wear garments.

Ready-to-wear fashion focuses on producing attractive garments that appeal to the current market trends of the season. Ready-to-wear clothes often have a shorter turnaround time than haute couture.

Designers need to continually work to stay on top of current fashion trends to release multiple collections per year.

High Street fashion is also a term that generally applies to ready-to-wear clothing. The term refers to buying the items in shops on the main street (or high street) in town.

This means the dress can be purchased in ordinary shops, rather than being specially made by fashion designers.

Fast Fashion

The majority of apparel brand names that average consumers are familiar with are most likely fast fashion brands. Fast fashion consists of mass-produced clothing with a very rapid turnover rate.

The driving idea behind fast fashion is the desire to put trendy, marketable clothing on the market as cheaply as possible. These fashion designs usually jump from catwalk shows to retail hangers in a lightning-quick process.

Some of the most notable fast fashion houses can have pieces developed, produced, and stored within a couple of weeks of the inspiring fashion show. Other companies may take up to 6 months to replicate these trends.

Fast fashion design is less tethered to the idea of seasonal collections of clothing. While luxury and high-end ready-to-wear design houses will often release new dresses on a seasonal basis, fast fashion will frequently buck this trend and remove multiple pieces every week.

Because of the rapid pace of fast fashion, many of the designs created may be obsolete or out of style in only a few months.

However, the more accessible price point of fast fashion appeals to consumers who want to look trendy but not spend an entire paycheck on an outfit.

Fast fashion has more recently come under scrutiny, with many claiming that the pieces produced are low-quality and encourage a throwaway fashion culture.

This trend is often only being worn once before being thrown away, resulting in a massive environmental and economic impact upon the world.


These designers create apparel that’s stylish, trendy and affordable all at once. Many of these pieces are also good for the environment, as most of the items or fabrics come from sourced materials. Designers usually make these items for customers who want to wear socially conscious and environmentally sound attire at a reasonable and affordable cost.

At the bottom of the fashion, design hierarchy is economy fashion. This style is below even fast fashion, with the ultimate goal being solely to mass-produce garments most efficiently and ship them to stores. The purpose of the most economical manner is for the producer to turn a profit, so usually, the cheapest labour and materials are used.

Economy fashion designs may take general inspiration from seasonal trends but often cannot replicate exact directions due to constraints on budget and time. Economy fashion starts by producing a massive quantity of clothing, which will then be sold for a relatively low price.

Economy fashion is generally the least environmentally friendly type of fashion design. The very low-quality standards result in a short lifespan for garments, and pieces are released on a slower basis, often at the peak of a trend, making them out of style much sooner thanks to the rapidly shifting trends governed by fast fashion.

This type of fashion is most appealing to those who do not have a large budget to spend on clothing or have no interest in buying quality clothing.

Other Types of Fashion Designs

What Are the Types of Fashion Designing?


Footwear designers create new shoes, like sneakers, flats or high heels. Many professionals who pursue this field can specialize in certain areas, like athletic or formal footwear.

Employees who work in this field typically follow apparel trends to ensure they match well with the shoe designs they create.

They may collaborate closely with apparel designers to build complementary structures. Some footwear designers may create custom designs for individual consumers, especially sneaker designers.

Footwear designers are in the market to design shoes and footwear.

Within this category, there are many other types of fashion designers as well. These include athletic footwear and formal footwear and can be categorized the same way as apparel designers.


These designers create jewellery, like bracelets, earrings and necklaces or accessory items like scarves, hats, handbags and glasses. Accessory designers are typically responsible for creating captivating and fashionable designs for things that aren’t considered apparel or clothing.

They usually visit design conventions or other related industry events to meet with manufacturers to purchase individual materials and pieces to build exclusive accessory designs.

Fashion accessory designers focus on designing jewellery and other items that are not necessarily considered ‘apparel’. These fashion designers create necklaces, bracelets, hats, scarves, handbags, and other things we use to accessorize.


Designers within this category typically make fashion pieces for athletic or daily wear. The fabrics they use often contain more comfortable and durable materials that can stretch easily and wick away moisture or sweat when customers exercise.

Both apparel and shoes designers often work within this category of designers. These designers need advanced knowledge of unique finishes and performance textiles to create quality, long-lasting and durable designs.

Evening Wear

Designers for this type of fashion typically focus on more luxurious styles, fabrics and materials. Customers usually wear these designs to elegant events.

Because of this, the fabric used to make these pieces is often more expensive than most, so the revenue gained from product sales can be high. Common types of apparel these designers make include evening gowns, suits, tuxedos and wedding dresses.


Childrenswear designers create shoes and apparel for kids of all ages, from infants to teenagers. They usually work with fewer fabrics and materials since children-sized clothes are often smaller than other clothing items.

Most of these items’ designs also come with lists of materials, fabrics or other design choices designers can’t use. For instance, designers shouldn’t include detachable buttons on infants’ or toddlers’ clothes, as they could be choking hazards.

Limited Edition

Limited edition designers typically create pieces for customers who prefer more exclusive apparel, shoes or accessories at lower prices than haute couture items.

Many popular brands with mass-produced items may offer more exclusive product lines or collections with additional customization options for slightly higher prices than the rest of their mass-produced attire.

Classic Wear

Those who design classic wear pieces usually create timeless designs that rarely go out of style. These designers create most of these items using high-quality fabrics or materials that are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Customers can also usually wear these pieces all year round, rather than only wearing them during certain fashion seasons.

Mass Market Fashion

Mass market fashion designers are creating new styles for the general population. Their items will be mass-produced and sold on the open market.

There are no limited editions or custom fitting involved in producing mass-market apparel. By far, mass-market apparel is the most popular option among new designers entering the field of fashion.

Types of Fashion Styles

Fashion may be all about finding unique ways of dressing, but sometimes it helps to have a blueprint. Below are some of the broadest categories of style to help get you started.


Sporty style, also known as athleisure, takes elements of athletic wear, like leggings, bike shorts, and oversize sweatshirts, out of the gym and onto the streets.


Also known as “boho” or “boho chic,” the bohemian style borrows from the 1960’s hippie aesthetic and festival culture. The technique incorporates earth tones, natural fabrics and dyes, and prints and accessories worldwide.

The hallmarks of boho style are flowing maxi dresses, long skirts, bell-bottom pants, large brimmed hats, fringe, suede, and slouchy handbags.


Inspired by grunge music and the subculture that originated in the ’80s and ’90s Seattle, grunge fashion features thrift-store finds like plaid flannel shirts, oversize knits, and feminine dresses styled in a provocative, chaotic way.

Grunge looks often include ripped jeans or tights, messy hairstyles, and black boots.


The preppy style is inspired by the clothing and uniforms traditionally worn at private East Coast prep schools and Ivy League colleges.

Preppy style often takes inspiration from upper-class sports like polo, sailing, tennis, and horseback riding. Preps are known for wearing polo shirts, Oxford shirts, argyle sweaters and socks, cloth-wrapped headbands, boat shoes, blazers, pearls, cardigans, and khaki pants.


Punk fashion is inspired by the provocative punk rocker styles of the ’70s and ’80s and comprises many subcultures, each with its specific style codes.

Some overarching elements of punk style include leather jackets, deconstructed blazers, ripped fishnet stockings, skinny jeans, and chunky black boots.

Provocative messaging, band logos and customization with safety pins and patches are common themes in punk clothing. Punk grooming includes heavy black eyeliner, mohawks, dyed hair, and spiked hair.


Streetwear is a casual fashion style that first became popular in the 1990s. It incorporates comfortable yet trendy clothing such as logo T-shirts and crop tops, hoodies, baggy pants, and expensive sneakers.

Streetwear takes inspiration from both hip-hop and skater style, with the added element of intentional product scarcity. Followers of the latest trends in streetwear are known as hypebeasts, and many go to great lengths to procure limited-edition designer baseball caps, hoodies, sneakers, and more.


Classic style is an umbrella term for a polished everyday style that incorporates workwear elements, such as blazers, pencil skirts, and khakis. This more professional look is appropriate for the office and other settings where you want to look your best.


Casual style is what you might wear on the weekend. Think jeans, comfortable T-shirts, and sneakers or flat boots. Both streetwear and sporty style might be considered casual styles, but simple style can also lean preppy or hip.


Fashion designers sketch the following big fashion designs, conceptualize new styles, and put together some of the most desired accessories in the world.

The life of a fashion designer is riddled with all-night design parties to meet strict deadlines, trend-spotting to stay on top of the game, and intuitively predicting what the hottest styles of the season will be – well before the season even gets here.

Many types of fashion designers are doing well in their industry, but what sets them apart from the competition may be less about college and more about getting into the right sector of their industry.

What Is the Job of a Fashion Designer?

What Is the Job of a Fashion Designer?

Fashion designers are primarily responsible for designing and making clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Fashion designer responsibilities may include overseeing teams of designers or other team members to make their designs a reality and then marketing their plans for retail or other markets. 

What Is The Workplace Of A Fashion Designer Like?

A fashion designer that works for wholesalers or manufacturers creates designs for the world market. These designs are manufactured in various sizes, colours and materials.

A small number of high-fashion (haute couture) designers are self-employed. They create custom designs for individual clients, usually at very high prices.

Other high-fashion designers sell their plans in their stores or cater to specialty stores or high-end fashion department stores. These designers create a mixture of original garments and also established fashion trends.

Fashion designers employed by manufacturing establishments, wholesalers, or design firms generally work regular hours in well-lighted and comfortable settings.

Some fashion designers specialize in costume design for the performing arts, movies, and television productions. The work of costume designers is similar to other fashion designers, except they must extensively research the styles worn during the performance.

They may also work with directors to select and create specific attire.

Costume fashion designers make sketches of designs, select fabric and other materials, and oversee the production of the costumes. They also must stay within the costume budget.

Designers who freelance usually work on a contractual basis or by the job. They often have to adjust their workday to suit their clients’ schedules and deadlines, meeting with the clients during evenings or weekends.

Freelance designers tend to work longer hours and in smaller environments and are under constant pressure to please clients and find new ones to have a steady income.

Regardless of their work setting, all fashion designers occasionally work long hours to meet deadlines or get ready for fashion shows.

The nature of the fashion business requires consistent communication with suppliers, manufacturers, and customers all over North America and the world.

Many fashion designers travel several times a year to trade and fashion shows to learn about the latest fashion trends. Designers may also travel frequently to meet with fabric and material suppliers and manufacturers.

What Does A Fashion Designer Do?

What Is the Job of a Fashion Designer?

Fashion designers design clothing and fashion ranges. They may work in high fashion or designer ready-to-wear fashion, as well as in a high-street manner. Designers often specialize in particular types of clothing – for example, in men’s, children’s or sportswear. 

Primary Responsibilities

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of everyday tasks Fashion Designers are required to complete.

  • Designing and creating garments and accessories for men, women, and children:
  • Defining technical specifications for the garments and being knowledgeable about fabrics, patterns, shapes, and colours;
  • selecting and testing different materials;
  • designing any clothing, from casual to more formal attire;
  • using their artistic vision, knowledge, and skills to translate their ideas into sketches and fabrics into garments;
  • cutting, pinning, and sewing fabric pieces together to make them become parts of a whole;
  • knowing about patternmaking and fittings, creating patterns as needed, and
  • tweaking and improving the designs.
  • Providing design direction for each season, liaising with employees, suppliers, buyers, and merchandisers to create, share, and build new ideas, as well as setting new styles:
  • Giving out clear instructions to Seamstresses and other employees;
  • overseeing the production progress and ensure deadlines are met and
  • create and participate in sales presentations and marketing activities.
  • Analyzing sales and creating products that support business objectives.
  • Keeping up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and techniques, as well as finding the best quality fabrics:
  • Exploring and evaluating new and emerging trends for Fashion and graphics by going to stores, scouring the internet and magazines, and travelling to trade, textile or Fashion shows.
  • Ensuring all pieces reflect the brand’s style and personality.
  • Overseeing fitting sessions, taking notes, and arranging for the necessary adjustments to be made.
  • Organizing, procuring, and maintaining fabrics, trims, and other materials.
  • Daily Tasks
  • Liaising with colleagues and other members of the fashion industry to create trends and new styles.
  • Conveying an idea through a sketch.
  • Working with different fabrics.
  • Researching trends, colours, and fabrics for the upcoming seasons.
  • Testing materials, estimating costs, and establishing deadlines.
  • Creating a network of vendors and suppliers.

What Do I Need To Do To Become A Fashion Designer?

To be a fashion designer, you will need to have a good eye for colour and shape. You’ll need skills such as pattern-cutting and sewing. You’ll also need to be able to spot trends.

You will usually need a relevant higher education qualification, such as a foundation degree, HND or degree, to be a fashion designer. A course that teaches both design and technical skills will give you the practical knowledge to work in the industry.

It is essential to do your research when choosing a course by reading industry literature and speaking to different course providers. You should check carefully what areas are covered over the length of a system and what kind of links the fashion department has with the industry.

A good starting point for research into training providers is the list of colleges that are members of the British Fashion Council. The Council recognizes these institutions as offering high-quality training in Fashion.

You will need to put together a portfolio of your work to take to the course and job interviews. Your portfolio should include mood boards, designs and technical drawings.

An employer or college may also ask you to take along actual garments that you have produced.

There is intense competition for jobs in this industry, so any contacts and work experience you have, for example, through an internship, will help when looking for work.

Fashion designers are likely to work long and irregular hours to meet deadlines and prepare for fashion shows.

These designers most commonly work in New York or California and may have the opportunity to travel to various destinations for fashion shows or meetings with fabric and material suppliers. Explore some other aspects of a career as a fashion designer here.

How Much Do Fashion Designers Make?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the average annual salary for fashion designers was $87,610.

The industry with the highest level of employment of fashion designers was apparel, piece goods, and notions merchant wholesalers, where designers made an average salary of $87,530.

The highest paying industry was other miscellaneous manufacturing, where designers earned an average salary of $106,920 in 2018.

What Is The Job Outlook?

The BLS also reported that the job outlook for fashion designers from 2018 to 2028 is 1%. This means little to no change in the number of fashion designers employed during this time frame.

This may be attributed to the balance of clothing production overseas with the growing need for fashion designers in the retail trade industry.

How Do You Become A Fashion Designer?

Associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs are available in fashion design, and some of these fashion design programs are available online.

However, most fashion designers need at least a bachelor’s degree. Typically this degree is in fashion design or another related major, such as fashion marketing or fashion merchandising.

Bachelor’s degree programs in fashion design are typically offered as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

These programs usually have sewing labs and other hands-on experiences, such as fashion shows or fashion tours in various organizations within the fashion industry.

These programs may require a senior project and may include courses in topics like:

  • Clothing construction
  • Colour
  • Product development
  • Patternmaking
  • Textiles
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion sketching
  • Retail buying

Outside of a formal degree, fashion designers need to gain experience to help build their professional portfolios. This is often done through internships (which may or may not be a requirement for an undergraduate program) or working as an assistant designer for a time.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Creativity and a strong artistic sense, always willing to try out new ideas:
  • Having an excellent fashion sense and the ability to translate trends into garments.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills:
  • Communicating clearly, both verbally and in writing, to convey clear instructions;
  • displaying strong customer service skills, as well as leadership; and
  • being able to work cohesively with design assistants and other staff members.
  • Organizational and time management skills:
  • Having strong multitasking skills; being able to work under pressure in a dynamic, fast-paced environment;
  • having time management and prioritization skills to satisfy the demand;
  • being highly responsible, reliable, and organized; and
  • having strong attention to detail.
  • Self-motivated and willing to work independently, as well as part of a team.

To become a successful Fashion Designer, one needs to have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and good instincts to foresee upcoming trends.

Fashion Designers must also be experts at handling different types of fabrics, meaning they must be proficient in all areas of sewing and patternmaking.

Although a person doesn’t necessarily need a degree to enter this profession, it’s highly advisable to complete a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, Fashion Technology, Textiles, Fabric Design, or other similar disciplines.

For Fashion Designers that want to go the extra mile and launch their brand or clothing line, a degree in Business is a must.

Another option is doing extensive research first to find information about start-up costs, design copyrights, licensing, manufacturing, and any other information specific to the clothing industry.

It’s essential to have this information before starting a line to be fully prepared when launching it arrives. While there are plenty of entry-level jobs in the Fashion industry, the competition for them is one of the fiercest.

The one thing that can make the difference between aspiring Fashion Designers is experience, which is precious and sought after by employers.

The best way to gain experience in the world of Fashion is by participating in internship programs. Most Fashion Designers are required to have at least 2 to 5 years of experience in the field.

Fashion Designers must also be proficient in computer-assisted designing (CAD) software applications, including Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office Suite.

The Fashion field is primarily talent-based; hence, most Fashion Designers rely solely on their experience, network, and portfolio to unlock new career opportunities.

Becoming a Fashion Designer is not an easy journey to pursue; it requires hard work and dedication to leave their mark in the fashion world.

Understandably, there are no such things as regular office hours in this deadline-driven industry—with a new collection being launched every season or so. Besides, the creative process of Fashion Designers never truly stops.

It’s not uncommon for them to wake up during the middle of the night to lay down ideas or spend long hours carrying out research and curating mood boards.

What Is Prêt-a-porter Fashion Design?

What Is the Job of a Fashion Designer?

In the past, designer clothing was way beyond the reach of the masses – it was considered haute couture, and designer collections were only seen on catwalks and clothing made-to-order for only a select few.

The general public could only view these pieces of apparel either in fashion magazines or on T.V. when worn by movie stars on the red carpet.

In the 1950’s, prêt-a-porter clothing came into western Fashion and proposed an alternative to haute couture for the general public. Prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear) clothing provides the public with high-end clothing (a cross between haute couture and mass market) made in small quantities to guarantee exclusivity but not made for individual clients.

Ready-to-wear clothing is intended to be worn without significant alteration and produced in standard sizes that fit most people. Designers use traditional patterns, factory equipment, and specific construction techniques that keep costs lower when compared to custom-sewn versions of the same item.

Prêt-a-porter collections are usually presented by fashion designers and fashion houses twice a year during Fashion Week. These shows anticipate what the following year’s trends and styles are going to be.

Collections are typically grouped in spring/summer, fall/winter, resort, swim, and bridal.

Prêt-a-porter clothing designers make this clothing with above-average attention given to fabric choice, cut, and detail – clothing that will warrant having the name of a famous designer or a famous brand attached to it.

This type of clothing is relatively expensive and generally designed with the upper-middle class in mind and can be found in certain stores that carry designer names and brands.

What Is Haute Fashion Design?

An Haute fashion designer is responsible for designing individualized, custom clothing for an elite clientele. Clients are taken one at a time and are given undivided attention.

Designs are conceptualized and constructed according to a client’s exact measurements, style, preferences, and personality.

Each piece is made by hand from start to finish from expensive and high-quality fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail by the best seamstresses and embroiderers in the world.

Considering the amount of time, money, and skill needed to complete each piece, haute couture garments typically have no price tag.

Many haute fashion houses are in Paris, France. According to Wikipedia, “In France, the term haute couture is protected by law and is defined by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris based in Paris.

The Chambre Syndicale de la haute couture is defined as “the regulating commission that determines which fashion houses are eligible to be true haute couture houses”.

More rigorous criteria for haute couture were established in 1945. To earn the right to call itself a couture house and to use the term haute couture in its advertising and any other way, members of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture must follow specific rules:

  • Design made-to-order for private clients, with one or more fittings
  • Have a workshop (atelier) in Paris that employs at least fifteen staff members full-time
  • Have at least twenty full-time technical people in at least one workshop (atelier)
  • Present a collection of at least fifty original designs to the public every fashion season (twice, in January and July of each year), of both day and evening garments.

In the 1960s, a group of young designers left these established couture houses, opened their establishments, and found their lines. The most successful of these young designers were Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, Ted Lapidus, and Emanuel Ungaro.

Although individualized, custom clothing for elite clientele is still going strong, today’s Haute fashion designs seen on runways are not mainly made to be sold or a leading source of income.

Instead, they are primarily for show and further publicity and perception and understanding of the brand image.

This brand image adds allure to a designer’s prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear) clothing line and related high-end products such as shoes, purses, and perfumes.


Based on our pool of users, Fashion Designers tend to be predominately artistic people. It has been said that Fashion is one of the purest expressions of art because it is art lived daily.

Becoming a fashion designer involves some natural talent, commitment to education, and dedication to industry networking.

How Do I Get Customers for My Product Photography?

How Do I Get Customers for My Product Photography?

Product photography involves taking photographs of different products. The pictures generally are used in an advertising campaign for the product. 

As a photographer, your client base will mainly be small, medium and large businesses. However, everyone from the small entrepreneur to the large corporation can target you as a customer. 

Product photographers work in studios or on location, taking shots of products in catalogues, advertisements, brochures, newsletters and other promotional material. 

They also provide product photographs to newspapers and magazines, either directly or through photo libraries. 

To market your product photography, you need to identify potential clients and communicate your capability. Here are a few steps to follow to gain an excellent photography customer base for your business.

Getting photography clients sometimes is harder. But, without having a strategy, it seems impossible. 

The recent trend shows that the eCommerce product photography industry is rapidly growing up. Therefore, Put yourself into a client’s shoes to figure out the best possible ways to find eCommerce products, photography clients.

Product image is the primary identity of a product itself since the customer can’t touch it or use the product. Therefore, eCommerce product photography is essential to improve the conversion rate and boost sales volume. 

However, the following guidelines will be efficient and helpful for those struggling for several months, even a year, to find eCommerce products and photography clients. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, starting product photography by passion or an expert photographer with several photography gears and arsenal but no clients at all.

Tools and Materials You Will Need

  • Stock photography
  • Product photography portfolio
  • Website
  • Contact Management Solution (such as a spreadsheet)
  • Pen and paper

You notice thousands of product images are flipping all over the display. 

So, it is evident that all our potential clients are dealing with such an e-commerce store as a seller. 

And all the sellers are your potential customers. So, the immediate and foremost question is to reach them via email or any other medium available there. 

Start by asking yourself these questions: Before getting an e-commerce company, why should they hire you? Can you provide far better product images than what they are right now on the website?

How to Get Ecommerce Product Photography Clients

How Do I Get Customers for My Product Photography?

Build a Website

Most businesses nowadays cannot survive without a website. A website does help to develop a small photographer’s credibility. 

It also gives you the ability to show your services and products to people not local to where you are physically located. To build a great website, consider adding the following elements:

  • A personal biography about you as a photographer
  • highlight your accomplishments
  • Show your results by displaying an online portfolio of photographs you have taken of different products
  • Display customer feedback and reference information
  • Add a “contact us” form
  • A website will not ‘develop’ business for you, but it helps you secure the company you are going out for.

Make Local Contacts

Start to make some local connections and contacts. Focus on the type of people or businesses you want to do business with. 

You may focus on restaurants, for example. Please take photographs of a restaurant’s products that they offer or concentrate on businesses that sell products on auction sites such as eBay. 

These stores always look for pictures of their products because they need someone to buy from a photo. 

Online purchasing depends heavily on product photography, and you may want to start your search there first. Other ways to make local contacts include the following:

  • Go out to networking events to meet new people
  • Attend seminars
  • Attend different trade shows that display various products and business opportunities for sale

Cultivate Your Contacts

You need to know up front that you probably will not get business on your first introduction. Therefore, cultivating your contacts and your connections is a necessity. 

This means that you need to develop and follow a plan where you contact these people frequently. 

Being in contact can mean sending your newsletter, taking them out for lunch, calling them on the phone or stopping by. 

The more someone remembers you, the more likely they will give you a call when they are looking to hire someone. 

The more contact you have with a potential client, the more likely they will select you when they find the need for a product photographer.

Identify your strengths in studio photography or location work. For example, in industrial photography, you must be confident that you can work under challenging conditions, either in a factory or outdoors on-site, where the product is in use. 

Identify types of products that allow you to offer a specialized service or unusual technique, such as car photography or furniture in an interior setting; for example—elite prospects with products that provide you with the opportunity to use your strengths.

Research Companies in Your Area. 

Look for companies with an extensive product range; they will need stock photography to cover their existing content or add new products. 

Identify companies that regularly advertise in trade magazines; they need high-quality product photography to stand out from the competition. 

Approach advertising and marketing agencies. They commission photographers to work on campaigns, choosing different photographers to suit the product type or the result they want to achieve. 

Contact the creative director or production director, depending on the structure of the creative agency department.

Contact Companies That Produce Catalogs.

Catalogue publishers may have their production department or use a design consultancy to produce content and commission photographers. 

Emphasize your ability to work to meet tight deadlines and make consistent results across a variety of subjects.

Set up a Website to Show Examples of Your Work.

Group your photographs under different categories so that prospects can compare your work with their requirements. 

Email prospects with details of your services and include a link to your website gallery. Maintain contact with prospects and customers by publishing an online newsletter with details of your recent projects. 

Join a professional association such as Professional Photographers of America and post an entry in their directory of photographers under your preferred specialties. 

Take an exit in guides such as the Creative Review Handbook, which agencies use to locate suppliers.

Submit your photographs to a library; design and marketing agencies use stock photos from libraries for projects where the client does not budget for original photography. 

Newspapers and magazines also use stock photos to illustrate articles about products or companies.

Contract With Local Retailers

It is another straightforward way to find local e-commerce photography clients since they are looking for low-paying product photographers. 

Please don’t waste your time connecting with big companies since most of them have in-house product photographers. 

You better contract with small businesses that are struggling to take the company online. 

On the other hand, make a google list near me, including all the details about your services. It might bring some high-paying clients. So, it would be an ideal way to target local clients. 

Branding and Marketing Strategy of E-Commerce Product Photography

Marketing is the pillar of the success of any business. Executing the right Marketing strategy intends to get in touch with the right clients with the right products or services. 

It helps the client a better understanding of the services that you are providing. I’m not talking about traditional marketing. 

As a photographer, you should know the marketing trend has changed, and it is gradually upgrading day by day. 

Therefore, you make an intelligent plan for marketing your eCommerce product photography service since most photographers manage eCommerce photography clients from selling their services.

Build a Modern Photography Portfolio Website

How Do I Get Customers for My Product Photography?

Showcase the best eCommerce product photography on top of your website, representing your niche and relevant skills needed for professional photographers. 

Beautifully crafting and segment helps to increase the Conversion Rate as much as possible.

Try to make the website unique as much as possible in terms of design since it is an eCommerce product photography Portfolio Website. 

If you are a non-technical person, you don’t know how to play with coding, web designing, and other technical stuff.

No problem, there are so many ways to Build A beautiful-looking professional Photography Portfolio Website using WordPress. 

WordPress is one of the best free CMS in the world I have ever seen. But, on the other hand, you can write some dedicated blog posts targeting potential eCommerce site owners. 

Share some unique trips and tricks, as well as your experiences in that sense. 

Point to be noted, Your website should be SEO optimized to improve visibility on the search engines. It helps you to spread out your brand and reach customers extremely fast.

Promote Photography Services Through Social Media Marketing

Social media is the biggest platform for promoting any product or service. The recent trend shows that nearly 3.2 billion users actively use different social media all over the world. 

Self-branding with great photographs is a technique for marketing your services. Therefore, social media marketing would be a great platform to get clients. The most popular social media for photographers are:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Topic

All these social media are suitable marketing platforms for photographers. 

So, you can go through each of them and get information about their marketing policy, term, and condition since different social media follows the foreign policy for marketing. 

However, below, I’m trying to introduce you to a few of them so that you can make it short and boost your eCommerce product photography fast.

Create a Professional Facebook Business Page With Engaging Content:

Facebook is the easiest and fastest way to reach people since 2.41 billion active users are available on Facebook. 

According to Anna’s strategy, Creating a Professional Facebook Business Page helps you promote your best work professionally.

Free Promotion:

Facebook allows you to target your desired audience by customizing a few default options and make it your own as per your service. You can set the target location, age, gender, occupation, and many more. And the cool thing is that you can use it for free. Facebook won’t charge you even a single buck.

Paid Advising:

Facebook also allows paid promotion, which is more effective in business marketing, but using their free service is okay for the fast hand.

Create a Professional Business Account in Pinterest:

Pinterest is a viral social media to professional bloggers, sellers, freelancers, above all to young people worldwide. 

So, Regular updating user engaging content on Pinterest inspires people to like and share. 

It brings more reviews, which help clients better understand your creativity and turn them from a visitor to the client.

Create a Vip Account on Instagram:

Instagram is primarily famous for image and video sharing mediums. A recent report shows that nearly 1 billion active users are visiting Instagram each month. 

So, as a photographer, Instagram could be the right choice for branding your photography business by sharing your great works and improving more followers. 

The more followers you earn, the more possibility to get in touch with the client on Instagram. 

Along with all the above-mentioned social media, you should have a professional Linkedin account for self-promotion since you are an expert on eCommerce product photography.

Active on Popular Forum Relevant With Ecommerce Business:

Being active on the e-commerce platform and helping people by providing your best suggestions is an excellent way for branding yourself. 

Since most of the users in such foram are business owners and need photographers. 

So, if you can grab their attention by offering your best solution, it helps you source product photography clients rapidly. 

The most notable eCommerce business forums are:

  • Amazon Seller Forums
  • eBay Seller Forums
  • Bigcommerce Forums
  • Shopify Ecommerce University Forum
  • Digital Point Ecommerce Forum
  • The Reddit Ecommerce Section
  • Small Business
  • Fresh Marketing Forum

Make Professional Business Cards:

A business card is a traditional approach to contract when they need an eCommerce product photography service. 

In other words, a business card is an identity of your business where it contains your contact info along with your services information.

Arrange or Join Ecommerce Photography Events:

It inspires people to bring their local business online since they get enough support and start marketing online. 

Thousands of people don’t know where to start and how to make a successful eCommerce business. 

In this case, you can invite some renowned digital marketers, writers, graphics designers, and other people. 

Who can inspire people by sharing their success stories and how they can support them. And Invite a successful eCommerce business person who can share his success story of how he started an e-commerce business and got success.

All this stuff positively impacts a newcomer who is thinking to get involved in the eCommerce business since the e-commerce business already bet traditional business. 

So, people must respond to such an event, and probably, you can manage a significant number of clients from here. 

Such events will be very beneficial for those who don’t know where to start, although they are capable of skills and investment.

Stay Connected With Other Freelance Photographers:

There are thousands of successful freelance photographers working with giant eCommerce companies, and they do so well. 

So, why not build an amicable relationship with them? It helps you in so many ways to tap the right client. 

Freelance photographers are familiar with the photography environment because they are already experienced working with international clients. 

Besides, freelance photography is also an excellent opportunity for the eCommerce product photography business. 

Most busy eCommerce owners value time to make it short by outsourcing photography for their eCommerce store.

So, Before digging deeper, start by asking a simple question, that is:

How a Client Chose a Photographer for Ecommerce Product Photography?

There’s quite a bit more, but let’s start with the easy stuff and then move into the grey areas. 

Let’s get started by asking a few essential questions that a client does before hiring a product photographer for their ongoing project. All the following points are highly required for eCommerce product photographers to find clients.

  • How Many Years Are In The Ecommerce Product Photography Service?
  • Do You Have All The Required Equipment And Studio For Product Photography?
  • What Is Your Ideal Rate For Per Click Or Hour?
  • Do You Have Any Feedback Of Your Past Work?
  • Do You Have The Required Technical Knowledge About eCommerce Product?

Go through each question and prepare yourself to face the client so that the client can easily select whether you are the right photographer or not as per the client’s requirement. 

After clearing all the above questions, come to the next. All the following advice helps you a lot to locate product photography clients.

Make Your Own Approach What Suit Best for You:

It doesn’t matter how big a photographer you are; nobody cares if you cannot convince clients. 

Therefore, make a unique approaching point to reach them fast with your services. Try to highlight your strength with the weakness, as well. 

It helps to get trustworthy clients since the client loves to work with someone who represents themselves who they are.

Make a Shortlist That Describes You Best:

To be specific about your service is a fundamental part of photography. It determines how efficient you are on your particular services. 

Therefore make a shortlist of your services for better understanding as well as less time-consuming. 

As a professional eCommerce product photographer, you should share what types of equipment are available on your list.

Types of E-Commerce Photography

The whole world is a trend to be e-commerce since thousands of product categories are available to shoot. 

And ready lunch them on an e-commerce store or any other online platform — all they require is a professional photo before promoting anywhere. 

So, there are limitless possibilities to get success since the products have no limit so far. All the special products categories that require photography frequently are:

  • Jewellery
  • Electronics Products
  • Household Products
  • Home And Kitchen Products
  • Sports Products
  • Fabric And Cloth Product
  • Additive Manufacturing Products
  • Computer And Mobile Accessories
  • Tools & Home Improvement Products
  • and Automotive Photography

What Type of Shot Is It?

Product photography doesn’t mean simply clicking the capture button, pointing the camera to a product only. 

There are a lot of things associated with eCommerce product photography, such as what types of shot you offer your client should be precise: There are some common e-commerce product photography styles are:

  • Photography On White Background
  • Styled Product Photography
  • Photography On A Coffee Table
  • Folded Or Laid Photography

All these types of shooting are required for the eCommerce business. Therefore, you should reach potential clients looking for such photography.


Think out of the box. Don’t limit your ability by walking on the wrong track. Avoid moving back and forth since eCommerce product photography is a highly professional occupation. 

If you follow the right way and stay on the line, finding a high-paying eCommerce product photography client is a matter of time. 

Therefore, Be passionate about your photography and improve your skills gradually by shooting more innovative photos regularly.

How Do You Shoot a Product?

How Do You Shoot a Product?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a stunning product picture is worth a thousand website visits. 

Product photography can become valuable to your eCommerce website strategy. According to a survey, 51% with internet access prefer to shop online, and that segment of buyers is poised to keep growing. 

But that also means 49% might still be more comfortable buying certain things in the store — where they can see, touch, and demo the product before handing over their money.

The convenience of e-commerce isn’t everything to every customer; being able to browse merchandise from the living room couch is just one part of what makes an internet storefront successful. 

To reach the 51% of people who do prefer buying online, you also need to give your audience clear, eye-catching photos of your products, or these visitors aren’t likely to have confidence in your offerings — confidence they can get by walking into a store and seeing the item in person.

But product photography isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting. 

Even the most essential products need the correct equipment, lighting, and space to produce beautiful images that sell shoppers right from the purchase page.

Don’t worry; your shopping list isn’t as extensive as you think. Some items you already own! Here’s a manageable list of tips and tools to get you started, along with real examples of product photos that demonstrate this advice.

Product images not only testify to the quality of your product but also serve as windows into your eCommerce store, creating two essential things:

  • Transparency
  • Trust

When consumers view a product page, they are looking for proof of quality and value. 

Images shape their first impression, creating a tipping point as to whether they will continue browsing and eventually make a purchase.

Here, we’ll show you how to take images that:

  • Engage
  • Convert
  • Boost the lifetime value of your customers.

We’ll also go over how to optimize the photo creation process to save you time and money. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need a large budget to create polished and professional product photos.

What Is Product Photography?

Product photography uses specific techniques to showcase products attractively and entice potential buyers to purchase particular products.

Product photography is an essential part of online and offline advertising for successful catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads, and company websites, specifically when selling products directly to consumers.

Now, let’s take a closer look at why images are so important.

Why Photography Increases Conversions

How Do You Shoot a Product?

90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. No matter how sophisticated, website visitors are first engaged by visual elements, not written copy. 

Photos are a crucial part of a consumer’s decision-making process, ultimately determining conversion and retention rates. 

The quality of a product photo reflects your brand image, creating the infamous first impression.

The key to making the most of their first impression is to present polished, professional images that evoke maximum engagement.

Quality Visuals Enhance Every Buyer Touchpoint.

93% of consumers consider images essential in purchasing decisions. Your images represent your product’s perceived value and quality. 

They speak directly to your target audience, making your product page and content more relatable. 

Take Naturally Curly’s, for example. They offer amazing images of simple, everyday products, often making them cool and appealing. 

Take a look at the product images below. How neat and trustworthy do they look? Again, you don’t need a large budget to create polished and professional product photos.

Images Are a Key Element of Branding.

Branding should be central to every decision your company makes, including:

  • Your social media posts
  • Website updates
  • All your marketing efforts.

And images are at the helm of your brand. They are the first to grab attention, instil trust, and invite customers to take a further look. 

Everything in an image—quality, subject matter, colour theme and saturation—should speak in a consistent voice that resonates with your target audience. 

Your goal is to form long-term relationships with your customers, and photos are one of the essential tools to achieve that.

Product Photography Tips for Beginners

Between optimizing your Google Shopping data feed and crafting high-converting Amazon product descriptions, chances are you don’t have much time to study the art of photography.

As such, we’ll kick things off with five essential product photography tips for beginners.

Use Proper Lighting

Let’s start with product photography lighting. Without proper light, neither your product nor your background will appear how it does to you in person. 

A white background without light doesn’t appear white in the photo; it seems grey.

There are two options for product photography lighting: studio lighting and natural lighting. 

The product you’re photographing, the purpose of the photo, and the platform you’re advertising will help you decide which setup to go for. 

Natural lighting can work well for product photographs featuring edible items, people, and clothing, and these natural-looking photos can work well in social media contexts, like Instagram.

If you’re photographing inside, you will want to set up your product facing a window so that you are gaining all the natural light that comes through. 

On the other hand, if you can photograph your products outside, do it! The best times to do this are early morning and late afternoon when the sun is out but is not too harsh. 

Slightly overcast days are also preferable. If you take out your shoe inventory at noon when the sun is beating down, you are going to get a lot of glare in your snaps.

On the other hand, if your product is primarily used indoors (e.g., cookware), features small details (e.g., artwork), or is being sold on Amazon and Google Shopping, then artificial product photography lighting is preferable. 

Luckily knowing a few basics and building a simple studio setup can help you get over your light intimidation.

Using artificial product photography lighting may seem intimidating, but it’s necessary for those of you advertising on Amazon and Google Shopping. 

Use a Tripod

Tripods might sound like a nerdy, unnecessary piece of technical equipment, but they make a massive difference in the clarity and quality of your product photography. And they are not necessarily expensive or difficult to use!

Tripods are essential stands that stabilize your camera from your shaky hand. Using a tripod will ensure a reduction of a blur, which is critical if you want your product photographs to look professional and high-quality.

Whether you are using a fancier DSLR or a simple iPhone, there are many tripods on the market in varying price ranges for every type of camera out there. Go on Amazon and get one for your camera. It is 100% worth taking the extra minute to set up a tripod for better-looking product photographs.

Shoot for the Edit

Have you ever stayed up late, half-awake, to write a paper and thought, “I can just edit this in the morning.” Then, once the morning arrives, you have to start the entire assignment over because your first draft is so sloppy that it’s taking more time to edit than it would scrap it.

This is what happens to lazy photographers. If you think you can throw together some sloppy product photographs and work your magic on them in Photoshop, think again.

While photography editing is a skill that can make a substantial impact on the quality of a product photo, these edits can only go so far. Think of editing as making minor touch-ups to enhance an already beautiful piece of art.

If you need to change the background or completely crop something out, this is a problem. When shooting your product photographs, try to shoot for the edit.

With this mindset, you’ll shoot knowing that you plan to do minimal editing to enhance the picture without completely changing it. This will make for a far more desirable result.

Take a Basic Photo Editing Class

While editing should be minimal in most cases, it’s still a necessary skill to have in your product photography handbook. Making some minor edits – like tweaking the saturation or even masking small flaws within your product photograph – can make a real difference to the finished product.

The trouble with editing is that there are so many things that you can do that it becomes pretty overwhelming if you are attempting to do it on your own without any formal training.

Especially if you are using a tool like Photoshop, you will want to learn some foundational knowledge from the pros not to get completely overwhelmed as you attempt to edit your product photographs.

If you’re not open to shelling out the big bucks for a photo editing course, don’t worry! Head to YouTube. There are plenty of free tutorials that will teach you the basics of the editing software of your choosing.

According to insights released by Facebook in February 2019, 83% of Instagram users say the platform helps them discover new products and services. Plus, 79% of users said they searched for more information after seeing a product or service on Instagram.

ECommerce advertisers need to get on Instagram. Here are five more actionable product photography tips.

Take Inspiration from Brands You Love

It is always helpful to look to others for inspiration. You likely already have some brands in mind that you love. Look at their product photography and ask yourself how a similar shot or technique could work for your products.

For instance, imagine you’re operating a local women’s boutique.

Look up your favourite women’s clothing brands on Instagram and reflect on what you love about their product photos. The monochromatic colour scheme and simple background highlight the product.

Get to Know the Rule of Thirds

Most introductory photo classes and many art classes teach the rule of thirds because it is a powerful tool.

This rule teaches you to visualize your canvas as nine equal segments, like the example below.

The rule of thirds was designed to help artists create a well-balanced composition in each piece.

It’s also helpful to determine where to place the focus of your work – your product. Your goal is to have your product positioned along the lines, optimally at the point where two lines intersect.

Studies have shown that when viewing images, people’s eyes usually go to one of the intersection points most naturally rather than the shot centre. Using the rule of thirds works with this natural way of viewing an image rather than working against it.

Use Simple Props

When it comes to product photography props, do not get overly ambitious! Remember, the main focus of each product photograph should be the product.

With that said, braces can be welcome and help brighten the picture for your viewers. So how do you decide what props to use? Err on the side of light when it comes to braces: keep them simple, aligned with the colour scheme, and relevant to the scene or your product.

Take Multiple Shots from Varying Angles

If you have a relatively large line of products you need to shoot, it might be tempting to take one or two of each product, then move along. However, this is not going to help with shooting for the edit.

Taking multiple shots from a variety of angles will show your customers exactly what your product looks like. Plus, it will help give you options when it is time to edit, and you won’t be left thinking, “Should we re-do this one completely?”

The beauty of product photography is that you can take several shots and strategically choose the best one.

Put Your Product in Context

Your prospective customers must be able to envision themselves using your product. After all, if someone sees your product photos online and can’t easily picture herself using it, why would she buy it?

Typically, before anyone with limited disposable income buys something, he or she needs to feel confident that the product will improve daily life in some way.

It isn’t easy to envision yourself using certain products when they’re removed from context. For example, someone who’s in the market for a couch to furnish his new apartment likely can’t see himself using one that’s advertised simply sitting against a blank background.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Smartphone Camera.

This is the part where I’m supposed to convince you to invest in a high-end, 50-megapixel (MP) camera with a 100-millimetre screw-on lens. But I’m not going to do that.

If you already own a camera that fits this description, take advantage of it. But for many types of products, it’s entirely acceptable to shoot product photos on a smartphone.

Some of the earliest smartphones had cameras that operated on fewer than 4 megapixels, making it challenging to capture critical visual elements of products where detail matters.

But newer smartphones such as the iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy S4 boast 12MP and 13MP lenses along with numerous “temperature” settings to optimize your shots for the different types of light you might shoot in.

Shoot from a Tripod for Photo Consistency

Before explaining tripods, I’m obligated to start with a cardinal rule: Don’t prop your phone against something sturdy to aim your lens toward the subject.

It’s just too easy for this makeshift setup to slide around during the shoot and cause inconsistencies in your photos’ appearance. If you rest your camera on, say, a stack of books, be sure this arrangement doesn’t change throughout the shoot.

There’s no harm in holding your camera yourself when shooting just a few product photos for your eCommerce website. But as your business grows and you take more pictures of more products, it can be difficult to standardize the product’s orientation in each photo when shooting handheld.

To ensure consistency across your products, you’ll need a tripod. And luckily, buying one isn’t always the significant, industrial-sized investment it used to be. 

Here are two types of tripods to consider and one accessory you’d need when shooting on a smartphone:

  • Traditional vs. Flexible
  • Mobile Grip

The adapter grips the sides of your smartphone and can screw into either type of tripod, allowing you to operate the camera controls with the phone screen facing outward and toward you.

Once you determine which mount you’ll need, set it up in front of your product, and consider putting three pieces of tape on the ground to mark where you’d like to keep each leg of your tripod throughout the shoot.

Natural Light Vs. Artificial Light: Choose One

How Do You Shoot a Product?

Never underestimate how certain types of light can improve (or hinder) your product photography. Remember, buyers, get the best look at an item in person, where they can see everything they need to before purchasing. The right lighting arrangement helps you reveal those critical decision-making product features when all website visitors have to go on is a photo.

A single lighting setup might not work for every single product — a lighting arrangement that works for some products might weaken the appearance of others. There are two types of light you can choose as your primary light source:

Natural Light

Natural light refers to sunlight — simple as that. It’s also known as “soft light” because the sun casts a more extensive, softer range of light than, say, a lamp shining directly on the product. Ecommerce product shots thrive in natural light if:

  • The product is shot outside or meant to be used outdoors.
  • The product is used by, worn on, or hit with a person (people tend to look better in natural light).
  • You’re trying to emphasize the product’s surroundings rather than specific attributes of the product.

Artificial Light

Artificial light includes candles, fire, and, more commonly, light bulbs. It’s also referred to as “hard light” because it produces a smaller but more focused soft surface. This type of light caters to products with physical details that need to be highlighted to impress an online shopper.

As a general rule, you should stick to just one type of light per photo — natural or artificial.

Adding natural light to an artificially lit image can soften a product that’s meant to look sharp, and adding artificial light to a naturally lit photo can sharpen a product that’s meant to look soft. You don’t want to get in your way.

Fill or Bounce Your Light to Soften Shadows

Whether you use natural light or artificial light, you’ll need to lessen the shadows of any potential hard light casts on the opposite end of a product. There are three ways to do this:

Fill Light

Include another, less-intense light source to supplement your leading light.

This additional light is called your fill light and is used as a counterbalance to soften the natural shadow your leading light produces behind an object. To do this, place your fill light opposite your leading light, so your product sits between both light sources.

Flashbulb Bounce Card

A bounce card, or reflector card, is a small card that “reflects” or “bounces” the leading light back onto the surface beneath your product to reduce shadows.

Some bounce cards attach to the flashbulb of a professional camera lens to diffuse the light from the camera’s flash. This card splashes a softer light onto the subject from above your set — rather than straight at it — so you don’t have long shadows trail behind the object you’re shooting. 

Standalone Bounce Card

If you’re shooting from a smartphone, a flashbulb bounce card isn’t an option since you don’t have a physical flash you can attach it to. Instead, make your standalone bounce card positioned opposite your primary light source.

For beginners to product photography, this bounce card can effectively replace your fill light, which counters the hard light from the camera flash or lamp that’s facing toward the front of your product.

No matter which type of light counter you use, your goal is to reduce shadow while still highlighting the qualities of your product that make it valuable to website visitors. If shot just right, you’ll see a huge difference:

Use a Sweep or Portrait Mode to Emphasize the Product

There isn’t one right way to position your product, lights, and bounce cards – they can change dramatically depending on your background.

But don’t choose a location based on what’s easiest to create. Grounds should resemble how you want your buyers to perceive your product when viewing it online.

Consider first whether you’d like a white background or a more dynamic, real-world background. There’s an easy way to achieve each one.

White Background: Sweep

For white backgrounds, it’s not as simple as setting up a table against white drywall. Even smartphone cameras can pick up slight blemishes on a white wall that you would overlook with the naked eye. To capture a perfect white background with no corners or marks, use a sweep.

A sweep is a sizeable bendable sheet of paper whose bottom acts as the surface beneath your product and then curves up into a white wall behind the product.

The sweep’s curve is invisible on camera, emphasizing key product details and allowing the item to own all of a website visitor’s attention. Here’s a side-by-side comparison showing why a sweep matters:

Real-World Background: Portrait Mode

Dynamic, real-world backgrounds are very appealing when shooting products that have a specific use or are being modelled by a person — as you saw in the picture of the briefcase earlier in this guide.

But, it’s easy for a real-world background to steal the focus of the photo, making it unclear which item in the picture you’re selling.

Give your product depth and emphasis with portrait mode, a picturesque setting on most professional cameras and also available on many new smartphones. This setting blurs the background, so the context of the product is clear but not competing against the product itself.

Shoot a Variety of Images

My last eCommerce photography tip to you is to not stop at one photo per product. Just as your customers look, hold, use, and even try on merchandise in a store, your website should shoot various images to simulate this very experience.

If you’re shooting clothing, for instance, capture the garment of clothing alone — that is, spread out on a white surface — as well as on a mannequin whose colour contrasts the colour of the product.

Then, for additional photos, have the clothing modelled on a person, allowing you to take pictures of the product from the person’s different poses and angles.

Don’t feel obligated to invest in every tip and piece of equipment at once.

Apply these product photography tips gradually to see what makes your store look the most presentable, and change your approach as your photography chops get better.

Should I Invest in Professional Product Photography?

Suppose you can afford it, yes.

Photos of your product both by themselves and in use are some of the most essential merchandising and marketing efforts you do for your online brand. Because consumers cannot touch or see your product in person, your product photography must do the trick.

How Do I Get Started in Product Photography?

How Do I Get Started in Product Photography?

Starting a product photography business is no more difficult, even if you start from scratch.

You can make a full-time career out of it, or you may do it as a side business. No matter, for what reason you start? If you take the proper steps, it can be very profitable. 

If you have a knack for lighting and the technical side of photography, shooting products are for you.

This is a great way to enter the photography industry and start making money from your skills with a product photography business.

There’s no need for models or a stylist in product photography. You can often do this kind of tabletop photography in the comfort of your own home.

Product photography is one of the most lucrative genres of photography, but it usually requires a good selection of equipment and a thorough understanding of light.

Here is how to get started with your own product photography business or side hustle.

Why Product Photography

Product photography’s challenge and variety were appealing, and although product photography can be a challenging genre, there are different perks.

Besides being one of the highest-earning types of photography, product photography allows you to work on exciting campaigns with highly creative people.

It’s a genre that tests your problem-solving abilities on a day-to-day basis, which means there’s never a dull moment!

Whether it’s figuring out how to create an invisible man or simply working towards the best lighting on a problematic product, the challenge of product photography is really what appeals to me.

If creative freedom and flexibility are what you’re after, then product photography may not necessarily be the best fit for you.

More often than not, product photography involves working to a very strict brief. It’s more about the client’s vision than your creativity. The work available for product photographers varies in complexity. 

How to Get Started With Product Photography

How Do I Get Started in Product Photography?

One of the biggest mistakes many photographers make when it comes to photography is focusing too much on gear.

Now I’m not saying that equipment isn’t essential, but that’s not the only important thing.

If you want to master product photography truly, the critical thing is not the best camera, latest lens, or top of the range studio lights.

The most important thing you can have is a good understanding of light. This will serve you better than any piece of equipment you can buy.

Now that might not have been precisely what you were expecting to hear, but it’s the best advice for those who want to make a career as a photographer.

Once you understand light and how it works, you’ll be able to control it to create almost any desired result.

Learn The Craft Thoroughly

The first and foremost thing is to learn quickly and apply quickly.

Product photography is a patience game; you have to persistently work on an image until it’s catching up to your expectation. Even minute details are essential.

“learning” has many variations; as I said, it’s not only about “photography” but more than it; here are some fundamentals to get you started.

Learn The Basics Of Image-making

Automatic modes are over; learn to shoot in manual. Learn about the exposure triangle and how an aperture, shutter speed and iso impact an image.

Learn to expose an image properly. You cannot depend on any automatic modes.

Learn about composition and what makes an image more exciting and pleasing to the eyes. Especially as you’re working with a non-living object, your motivation is to give it life. 

Understand Lighting Fundamentals

Lighting is the ultimate significant aspect of product photography. It’s the lighting that defines your product photo as professional or amateur.

Do you have to have fundamental knowledge about how light works? How it falls and reacts to an object.

And most importantly, how can you make a product exciting with the help of lighting.

Learn to light so that you know where not to light. This is a crucial thing that differentiates a top product photographer from an average product photographer.

Learn How To Edit Product Photos Efficiently.

As your photography is important, so does your ninja editing skills.

You should master the pen tool in photoshop, through which you can cut the product from the background when needed.

Learn about colour management and keep the colours consistent in all of the images in their respective series.

For some of the product photos, you need to do compositing, so learn that too.

Get The Right Set Of People Skills

Doing decent product photography is ok, but if you don’t have the right people skills, then it will be tough for you in the long run.

You won’t be able to communicate and build rapport with your client, especially if you are a shy person.

In the product photography business, you need to have the ability to solve client needs and their problems or else how good you may be, but if you cannot build rapport with your clients, you’ll sometimes lose the project.

Or if they are not satisfied, they will not come back again.

Learn To Handle Everything Professionally

You’ll be doing product photography professionally and so.

Therefore, you’ve to maintain that everywhere- in your work and in your communication too. You cannot be goofy all the time, or else your clients will not take you seriously.

Fun is essential. It relaxes us and relieves a lot of stress but being overly funny and crossing professionalism can cause massive harm in your business. So, be professional with your clients, and if any problem arises, then solve it professionally.

Invest In Gear And Equipment

As you’re starting the business of product photography, you’ll require equipment.

You certainly do not need the highest expensive ones from the start. You can start with inexpensive and minimal equipment. But you’ve to invest money in buying them.


Some of the top professional photographers in the world use the phase one camera, which costs upwards of USD 48,990. Most of them rent it on their project basis. You don’t need to have a high-end camera.

It would help if you stood apart from others who are doing “me-too” business. Your work should differentiate you from other photographers. But it would help if you had a camera which has some essential features that I discussed in the post linked above.


You may have an excellent camera, but it will ruin all your photos if you make the wrong choice with your lens. Sometimes with just one lens, you could do the job, but other times you’ll require different types of lenses. You’ll work in different focal lengths.


Most of the product photos that you’ll take where your camera will be mounted on a tripod. As the reason to do that is product photos need a lot of tweaking in terms of lighting.

So as your camera is in the still position, you can quickly move around and tweak your light sources, and your framing will stay as it is.

Again you do not need the most expensive tripod. Choose the budget one, but it should be stable enough to hold your camera system. Keep in mind aluminium is cheaper than carbon fibre.


The third most important thing you will require is a product background. A product photoshoot cannot be started without a good experience. It would help if you had at least a single backdrop. So if you are beginning your business, it’s easier if you start with a white background. 

Lighting Gear

At the beginning of this blog post, I said that lighting is a vital part of your photography. It’s the lighting that tells about your picture that it is professional or amateurish?

Most professional product photographers use high-end lighting setups. They use multiple modifiers with them, which cost thousands of dollars. But if you are a beginner, you don’t need them.

Grip Equipment

With all these types of equipment, you’ll need grip equipment too. They serve you as a helping hand in gripping your product photos. Such as a 5 in 1 reflector to bounce light into the dark areas of the product. Or to diffuse the light even more.

Another critical piece of necessary equipment is a c-stand (a light stand with an extended arm).

When you take a top-down shot of the product, it is sometimes impossible to hold the camera in that position, so you use a c-stand to support the camera on the top.

How to Create a Home Product Photography Studio

The great thing about product photography is that it usually requires very little space.

You can take your photos on your dining room table. If you’re lucky, you may have a spare room that you can set aside for your photography.

In addition to lighting, you’ll need some reflectors and diffusers, some white and black foam core to bounce and block light, and some backgrounds. You can purchase these or DIY them.

Keep in mind that everything in the room will be reflected in the glass when you shoot glass objects.

This can look messy and unprofessional. Make sure you have materials to diffuse those reflections.

If you have a separate room for your photography, paint the walls white or grey. This will prevent unwanted colour casts from showing up in your images.

If you plan on doing a lot of shooting on a white or seamless background, invest in a shooting tent or table. The more expensive ones are of better quality. These will give the cleanest, most professional results.

Depending on your subject, you may need to invest in a collection of basic props. If you shoot cosmetics and toiletries, some makeup brushes and empty plastic containers can be essential props to have on hand.

Why Photoshop Skills Are Essential for Product Images

When shooting product photography, lightroom is not always enough. You need a program like photoshop. This will allow you to make composites and edit the pixels in individual parts of the image.

Making money in product photography means that you have to be prepared to take on all sorts of jobs. You’ll be shooting all kinds of objects. To deliver high-quality results, you need good photoshop skills.

Jewellery and other highly reflective products are often composed of several images. Each one is lit in a specific way to reduce reflections and highlight the product’s best qualities.

Even if you’re not producing these kinds of complicated images, photoshop can still improve your pictures. The healing brush, spot removal, and clone stamp tools can help you deliver a clean-looking photo, which is crucial. 

Put up a Simple Website

To start making money with your photography, you should have a website to showcase your work.

If you haven’t started working with clients, you can do personal projects at home. Feature a wide variety of products and post them on your website.

These days, there is no excuse for not having a website. There are so many affordable options out there. And they’re easy to use.

They also come with a variety of templates that you can customize to your preferences. If you want to make money with your photography, you need to look like a professional.

Target Buyers of Product Photography

There is a misperception with a website that “if you build it, they will come.” This is not true.

Some clients might come to you, but most likely, you will need to do some marketing to get clients. Even established photographers market on an ongoing basis. The same can be said about any successful business out there.

So How Do You Market Product Photography?

How Do I Get Started in Product Photography?

Start with some research.

  • Use social media and the internet to find companies that sell the types of products you would like to shoot.
  • Once you have the information, contact the companies and introduce yourself and your work.
  • Cold calling can be nerve-wracking. But making connections is vital if you want to get your product photography business off the ground.
  • Selling your photography is based on relationships.
  • Product shot of a hand holding cosmetics on a white background 

Create a Promo Piece

When contacting potential clients, you should have something to show them beside your website. Photographers market continually. They do this by sending postcards or other types of promotional pieces to the clients they want to work with.

You don’t need to hire a designer for these kinds of pieces when you’re starting. Look on sites like the creative market for magazine layout templates.

You can purchase and design these in canvas to feature your images. You can email these to your contacts or send them by snail mail.

When marketing yourself as a photographer, have printed pieces of your work. Whether this means promos or a professional portfolio, it is precious.

Clients love to feel something tangible, and it shows them how your photos look in print. If you send out a round of promos and hear nothing, don’t get disheartened.

Most clients need several touchpoints before they contact you. This is why pro photographers send out a new promo 3-4 times a year.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Today, there are over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram. This means the potential for getting your work seen is enormous.

But again, the build it and they will come mentality will not serve you here. Social media is a long game if you want organic growth and to connect with your ideal clients.

To grow an engaged following, you need to post daily (preferably) and make comments on other feeds. Many photographers make the mistake of putting a lot of energy into engaging with other photographers instead of focusing on brands.

Sure, it’s essential to be connected to a community of like-minded folk. But if you want to leverage social media to your advantage, it’s necessary to engage with the companies that can give you work.

Follow them and comment on their posts.

You can also do a shot featuring one of their products and write a caption about how you love it. It can get their attention, and they might eventually approach you. 

Don’t Forget Stock Photography.

Stock photography can be a viable way for new photographers to get their foot in the door. That is if you are willing to shoot often and with consistency.

When you’re starting, you need to practice a lot and take a lot of images. Why not license these images through stock agencies? You’ll make a little money instead of allowing them to gather dust on your hard drive.

Some stock agencies pay better than others. Companies like Shutterstock have a lot of eyeballs on them every day. It can lead to your getting noticed.

In general, you need to have thousands of images to make a good income from stock. But some photographers have had their product shots downloaded thousands of times.

If you feel your product photography is at a high level, you can apply to a premium stock agency like offset, the premium division of Shutterstock. It can be challenging to get accepted. But if you are, the payouts are much higher than most stock agencies. 

Studio lighting setup for a product photography business shoot

Sell Product Photos on Your Site

An alternative to selling stock is to license images on your site.

This will take considerably more marketing, as well as time and effort. You’re not just sending your photos to a third party to sell for you. But with your site, you get to keep all the profits. Stock agencies take a large chunk of the sale for themselves for their efforts.

Photoshelter has tools for selling your work through your site. The SmugMug “Pro” package is a good alternative.

The platform enables you to showcase your work on a customizable storefront. And you can manage your orders while retaining 85% of your revenue.

You’re also able to offer prints, books, and greeting cards created from your images. There are several additional features, such as built-in analytics and the ability to upload unlimited photographs.


Product photography is a broad niche that encompasses so many different subjects. It can be a very lucrative field to get into. After all, most companies have some product that they are selling.

And they have websites where they need to display images of these products. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how you can get started with a product photography business of your own.

What Is Flat Lay Styling?

What Is Flat Lay Styling?

At its most basic, a flat lay is a collection of items shot on a flat surface at a bird ’s-eye view. Today we will discuss the ever-popular flat lay and how you can start styling your flat lays like a pro; so that you can become a flat lay enthusiast, too; maybe we’ll create a flat lay club one day?

What Is a Flat Lay?

A flat lay is an image taken straight down from above. A birds-eye view, if you will. While technically speaking, a flat lay can be a photo of a single thing laying flat, the actual bones of a flat lay come in the styling.

By styling, I mean the props and items you add to the photos to give it a more branded and editorial feel and provoke more interest.

At the bottom of this email, you will see a link for a free download that includes a styling planner for your flat lay and a list of over 90 props ideas, so be sure to grab that.

With those suggestions in mind, let’s move on to our top tips for styling an excellent flat lay.

Keep Your Branding at the Forefront of Your Mind.

Your brand vibe & values are of utmost importance when selecting props and creating your flat lays.

If your vibe is very earthy and natural, it is unlikely that you will style your image with, say, bottles of nail polish.

Consider some words that come to mind when you think about your brand – Modern? Comfort? Luxury? Feminine? Alternative? Edgy? Your brand should always guide your prop selection.

Know the Why Behind Your Flatlays

What Is Flat Lay Styling?

Strong flat lays always start with being clear on your why. What are you trying to accomplish with your flat lay? Are you sharing a new product? Are you showing how your service or product can fit into your customer’s life?

What’s the story you’re sharing with your flat lay? Your why is the foundation of your flat lay, and all the decisions you make when creating it should be based on your why.

Select Your Product

Whether it is apparel, a beauty product, sports equipment, a fashion accessory or a style of headphones styled flat-lay product; photography is versatile to suit any product, big or small.

Select Your Background.

This is the first significant difference between a standard flat lay and a styled flat lay.

A standard flat lay is usually published with a plain white background, whereas with styled flat lay photography, there are limitless options for you to choose from.

From patterned, textured, bright or faded colours, as long as it reflects your brand or product personality and makes it stand out.

Your background can add as much to the flat lay as the actual props you use.

However, it can also detract from the image if it’s not a great call. With current trends, followers, clients, and customers tend to be most drawn to white, wood, or marble backgrounds.

White backgrounds can be created with a white bristol board or foam board. Wood backgrounds can be a desktop, a wood floor, or a deck surface.

Be careful of the wood tone – some wood, like hardwood floors in older homes, can be very yellowish and does not translate well in a flat lay. The critical takeaway is that the background should be simple, clean, and allow your products and props to do the muscle work.

Choose a Clean Background

Clean, uncluttered backgrounds are the best and easiest way to give your flat lay more impact.

Avoid busy patterns or bold coloured backgrounds because they’re distracting and compete with the objects in your flat lay.

You probably already have tons of great background options lying around your home.

White bed sheets, wood tables, neutral coloured floors, and marble countertops are popular because they’re clean and readily available.

Light coloured craft paper from your local office supply shop is another easy background idea. The key is to choose a background that can act as a blank canvas.

Avoid Background “Noise”

You’re going to lay your items on an essential role as you want the background to contrast and complement your items, not compete or distract from them.

This is also how you’ll achieve a streamlined Instagram feed by choosing a few favourites and using them consistently throughout.

Some backgrounds you can use include:

  • White Foam core (The Essential)
  • White duvet
  • Marble (Either contact paper or, if you’re lucky, a tabletop.)
  • Distressed natural wood
  • Crumpled sheets of tissue paper

Place Your Hero Product

Most flat lays have a hero product. It’s often the product you’re trying to sell. If your flat lay is about your service, then maybe the hero of your story is your laptop or a calendar.

Start styling your flat lay by placing your hero product first and then adding the other significant elements. So if your hero is a laptop, the other essential features might be a cup of tea and a notebook.

Next, play around with how your hero relates to the other significant elements in your composition. Together they’ll act as the framework for the smaller, more detailed props.

Theme It

Notice when you scroll through your Instagram feed and come across a flat lay and instantly know what it’s about before reading the caption? This is what we call “Theme Success”, a way to unify the elements in your photos to create a narrative. The picture becomes the story.

Here are some popular themes you might want to try:

  • The Sunday morning in bed (legs, coffee, cozy socks, an open magazine)
  • The workspace essentials (laptop, pens, paperclips, cute notebook, motivational quote)
  • What I’m wearing today (shoes, denim, beauty products as fillers)
  • What’s in my bag (phone, bracelets, makeup, sunglasses, magazine)
  • Look what’s cooking in the kitchen (food, ingredients, pretty trays and linens)

Prop to It

To make your products stand out and at the same time reflect your products function and your brand’s identity. A team of stylists and photographers would work together to perfect the lighting, spacing, and prop choice.

After the theme comes the props, or in other words, the items you plan on using to express your music and set the mood visually. I will let you in on three that significantly impact creating a dynamic flat lay once you have your main props in place.

  • Hands: Now, this might just be me, but hands interacting with the objects in a picture make a photo so relatable. Maybe because the person looking at the photo can imagine themselves holding that cup of coffee or reading that book. It’s a little playful too.
  • Plants, petals and organic elements: This trick is the one you can use all the time. I’ve used it for years when I used to decorate rooms, and as a room, it’s a lovely way to add warmth and life to your flat lay. It also serves the purpose of filling those empty looking spaces in a picture. Some favourites include Succulents, wood slices, eucalyptus, “spilled” flour or food around a food shot, petals, leaves, birch branches etc.
  • Books: You’ll see that many flat lies include a well-placed book that fits the story being narrated and keeping with the colour scheme to have in play.

Use Props That Make Sense.

If your hero product is the star of your flat lay, then the secondary props are the supporting characters and extras in your story.

Choose props that support your account by adding context to your hero product without stealing the limelight. So if your hero is your laptop, your supporting props could be a pen, reading glasses, paper clips, and a watch.

Place your secondary props around the significant elements of your flat lay to fill in the gaps.

Play around with their position and angle to see how they best fit into the overall composition. The idea is to balance the spacing of your props in your flat lay so your details don’t overwhelm your hero product.

When styling your flat lay, keep in mind what makes sense. If you’re a blogger having a day at the beach and you want a pretty flat lay to go along with that, consider what makes sense for a beach day.

Sunglasses, yes. Towel, yes. Beach bag, yes. Stilettos? Nope. A purse? Naw. No one takes their wallet to the beach. That’s what the beach bag is for.

Carefully consider the “genre” or category that your flat lay would fall into and ensure you’re selecting props that would also belong in that category.

Carefully Arrange Your Props.

First, consider the dimensions of your image. Is this shot for Instagram, and will it be square? Perhaps it will be a Facebook cover photo and will be very short and very wide.

Or will it be a more standard 4:6 ratio? Planning will help you arrange your props appropriately to ensure you get the most out of your image.

Next, consider the feeling you want your image to give off. Clean, organised perfection? Effortlessly chic and casual?

You can either arrange your props in a linear fashion with right angles, or you can put them as if they just happened to land in that way and look perfectly fabulous. Both options are great – it just depends on how you want the feel of the photo to roll out.

Keep it Simple.

Perhaps my most valuable tip – keep it simple. Your flat-lay does not need to have ten different items. Some of the most beautiful flats contain just a focal point (i.e., a product) and one other styling element.

The more you add, the busier it gets, and the more places for the eye to go. When it gets too overwhelming to look at, your audience will shut off their interest and move on.

It’s much more valuable to pick one or two perfect styling pieces that compliment your focal point to keep your audience coming back for more.

Stick to a Simple Colour Palette

It helps to stick to a colour palette when choosing your secondary props. That way, your braces will blend into the background and not jump out to grab the attention.

If you’re new to working with colour palettes, stick to only 2-3 colours that go well together. As an added tip: black and white are neutral shades that go well with any colour palette, so you can’t go wrong with black or white props.


The key to creating a balanced flat lay is to make sure you have elements of varying sizes and a transparent colour scheme.

You also want to be mindful of your shapes, don’t put too many circles (coasters, coffee mugs, compact mirror) clustered together, use them instead to break apart any harsher lines in your flat lay.

The same goes with your colours and neutrals, don’t have all one colour on one side. For example, if your primary element is black, pepper it throughout the flat lay. Keep playing around with the objects until it looks and feels right.

Behind the Scenes

The behind the scenes flat lay can be funny to watch, yet these small tricks can help achieve that perfect shot.

Use a chair to stand on to get a better angle, mainly if you use your phone to take photos. Otherwise, a tripod arm can be super helpful for your DSLR.

Another trick is using a sticky tack to hold items in place (is it just me or make some move when your back is turned?), stick a bit behind your thing, and it will stay put.

And finally, have fun; once you get the general concepts, it’s all about creating your own story and style!

Light Your Flatlay

What Is Flat Lay Styling?

Natural light is the best way to light your flat lays when you’re starting. It’s free and available everywhere. The best natural light is next to a window on the shady side of your house or outside in the shade.

The key is to avoid direct rays of sunshine so you don’t get harsh shadows and extreme contrast in your image.

Proper Lighting Is Everything.

Proper lighting is instrumental in creating an attractive flat lay.

This can be achieved with natural or artificial light, but it must be bright and diffused, meaning the light must not be directly from the source.

Some examples of great light sources include next to a sunny window (without a direct sunbeam streaming through), a lightbox with lights shining through thin white material, or lights with softboxes.

If all this lighting talk feels overwhelming, don’t worry – future posts are coming the way that will help you master great lighting.

Shoot Your Flatlay

Flatlays are shot from a bird’s eye view, so hold your camera directly above the middle of your flat lay. Stand on a chair or ladder if you need to get higher.

The goal is to get your camera parallel to your flat lay, so the lens is aimed straight down. If you’re using a camera phone, use the square crop mode and turn on your grid to help line up your shot.

Take plenty of photos from a variety of angles and with different flat lay layouts; this way, your product will be sure to be captured at its best.

Once you’ve got your shot, try shooting a few variations for bonus content. If you’ve spent valuable time and effort to style the perfect flat lay, get more bang for your buck by getting more shots.

Shoot your flat lay from a different angle, use the other crop, or swap out some necessary props for new ones. I also like to snap some behind the scenes photos to share with my audience. The more content you can get, the better!

Edit Your Flatlay for Instagram

This is the technical part. Editing and retouching images are more than adding a filter or increasing the contrast. Experienced retouchers go through deep-etching, colour correcting, manipulating and more.

To make the product look realistic and showcasing and highlighting the features that make your product unique and distinguished.

All images benefit from some post-shoot editing.

There are some fantastic photo apps you can use to edit your pictures right on your phone. My current favourites are VSCO, Snapseed, and the editing tools native in Instagram itself.

Tweaking the crop, exposure, contrast, saturation, and clarity are the easiest ways to make your flat lays pop. Play around with the different tools and filters to get the right finish for your vision.

Just like any skill, the more you practice making flat lays, the better you’ll become. There’s no right or wrong way in photography, so use these steps only as a guide.

Once you get more comfortable with building your flat lays, experiment with new methods and ideas. Over time, you’ll develop a look and feel to your work based on how you like to prop, light, and edit your images, which will create your own distinct flat lay style.


Your styled flat lay is now ready to be launched on social media (flat lays Instagram, Facebook, etc.), online store, brochures, and lookbooks to make your product stand out and attract your product target market. Don’t forget to style your overall social media feed.

How to Photograph Flat Lay Clothing?

How to Photograph Flat Lay Clothing?

If you spend much time reading fashion magazines or browsing Instagram, you’ve likely seen outfit inspiration photos where the garments are laid out on a flat surface. 

This styling trick, known as flat lay photography, is a great way to showcase your favourite clothing and accessories. Even better, it’s easy to recreate these shots for your blog, shop, or social media account!

How to Make Flatlays

Choose Your Subject

What’s the highlight of the picture? Want to show off a new pair of shoes you got? Necklace? Loving stripes right now? Choose something to focus on and build an outfit around that item. 

Find A Large, Flat Work Surface And Choose Your Backdrop. 

When you’re setting up a flat lay, you’ll need to find an area that’s big enough to spread out your garments, like a tabletop or a floor. 

However, since the flat lay background is a big part of the picture, you may want to create your backdrop by laying down a sheet of paper, fabric, poster board, or another similar item.

Just make sure that any location you use will extend to the edge of the photo, or else it could mess up the flat lay effect.

  • Try to match the backdrop to your style. For instance, if you’re shooting a casual, feminine outfit, you might use a washed-out barn door as your backdrop.
  • Linens and rugs can also make great backgrounds for a flat lay.
  • If you’ll be doing a lot of flat-lay photography, it’s a good idea to use the same or similar backdrops in most of your pictures. That way, they’ll be more easily recognisable when your followers come across them.

Balance Is Key

Ensure that you balance out large items with more delicate items to not end up with a bundled mess. 

Arrange And Rearrange 

Rarely take just one picture when doing a flat lay.

Sometimes some pictures cause a shadowy wrinkle, others may look disproportionate, and there may be some that you might not like. So to make sure you get the perfect shot, take multiple pictures while rearranging the items in the picture. 

Pick A Color Scheme

Colours can help evoke emotions, so pick a colour that goes for the mood you convey.

Summertime is all about blue hydrangeas, so these made the perfect statement colour for the photo. To me, it screams Totes Adorbs. 

Now that Instagram lets you upload a larger photo than just a square utilise as much space as you can! It’s proven that an image outside of the square setting gets better engagement than one shot on the court.

You also will have more of a canvas to work with when shooting on the standard photo frame.

Instagram does have a limit of only uploading a photo size that is 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels, so make sure you are uploading an image at least that large to get the sound clarity while viewing it in the app. 

Get High Above Your Subject 

If you need more height, make sure you get enough between you and your subject so that the entire focal point can be in the frame.

Also, the further away you are, the better chances you have to adjust the straightness of the photo without compromising the picture itself. 

Take the photo from straight above. When you’re shooting a flat lay, it’s essential to take the picture straight on, rather than at an angle, to achieve the right effect.

However, you may need to stand on a step ladder or a stool so you can get high enough above the frame to shoot head-on.

If you do have to climb, be careful, especially if you’re carrying heavy camera equipment! It may be a good idea to have someone else nearby to hand you your camera once you get in place.

Only Use Natural Light.

Good lighting is hard to come by inside unless you’re willing to buy expensive lighting kits and setups. Take your subject outside in either early morning or later at night, right before the sun is setting.

You can’t shoot in direct sunlight any time between then, or you may get odd shadows and extreme colour saturation. So if you can, plan your outfits, and then take the shots during the “golden hours”.

If you still think the picture needs more “oomph” after you’ve taken it, upload it to Photoshop and adjust the brightness.

Lighting is always important in photography, but shadows in a flat lay shoot can throw off the whole effect. To avoid that, try shooting near a large, open window or set up your workstation in a shady spot outdoors. Avoid setting up directly in the sunlight since that will create harsh shadows.

Use 1 or 2 external lights if natural light isn’t available. If you don’t have good natural lighting in your work area, the best option is to set up a controlled light source.

If you only have one light, place it to the side of your flay lay setup, tilted at a 45° angle. If you’re using two lights, put them on either side or at opposing corners, facing each other and rocking at the same 45° angle.

  • If you want to add shadows to the shot deliberately, move the light a little further from your product. If you’re using two lights, only move 1 of the lights.
  • Try experimenting with different lighting options, including flash diffusers to soften your flash, reflectors to help redirect light, reduce shadows, and softboxes to create a new light source.
  • Photography equipment can be expensive, but not all lighting solutions require a significant investment. For instance, you can help diffuse shadows in your photo by holding up a large piece of white poster board to reflect light down into the shot.

Have A Neutral Background

How to Photograph Flat Lay Clothing?

The biggest game-changer between successful flat lays, and unsuccessful ones were the backgrounds they laid on.

Everyone wants that perfect white background or white marble for their photos, but marble is expensive, and contact paper gets messy quickly.

There are many great background companies to choose from, and you can even get creative with your background like this whitewash “wood floor” look alike. You may use Vinyl mats as they are easy to transport.

Use A Low Iso, Fast Shutter Speed, And High F-stop. 

When you’re shooting product photos, use an ISO of 200 or lower to get the most precise picture. Also, you’ll get a sharper image if you use a fast shutter speed and a higher F-stop, which will give you a smaller aperture opening. Set the white balance based on your light source. 

  • Go through the settings in your camera and adjust the white balance to match the type of lighting you’re using, such as fluorescent, incandescent, tungsten, or natural.
  • Use a standard camera lens for most flat-lay photography. Please don’t use a wide-angle lens, as it can distort the image.

Make Minor Adjustments Until You’re Happy With The Shot. 

Once you get your flay lay set up, please take a couple of shots, then look at them carefully.

If any shadows interfere with your image or you aren’t happy with the product placement, make any necessary changes, then shoot again until you get the perfect picture. Once you’re finished, upload your photo to your blog or social media accounts to show it off!

Arranging the Clothing

Lay Shirts And Dresses Flat On The Backdrop. 

Spread your garment flat on your work surface, taking a few minutes to arrange it neatly. For instance, if you’re displaying a shirt, you might fasten any buttons, smooth out the collar, and put the arms.

  • In general, it’s best if the garment is symmetrical in the photo. However, when you’re arranging long sleeves, you might place them at slightly different angles, so they look more natural.
  • It’s a good idea to iron the garments before you shoot them since wrinkles will look unattractive in the picture.

Fold Pants In Half Longways, Then Again At The Knees. 

It can be not easy to fit an entire pair of adult-size pants in a frame, so try folding them in half with the legs together first, then fold them again at the knees.

You can then either lay the pants flat or display them in a V-shape to show the entire length of the legs. Also, try to arrange the folded pants to show off any excellent details, like pocket stitching or distressing.

  • Try cuffing jeans to give them a little more personality!
  • If you’re shooting baby clothes, you may prefer to leave the pants unfolded.

Tuck In The Hems To Give The Clothing A More Natural Look. 

If you’re laying out a top or a dress, roll the side hems slightly underneath the garment rather than pressing them out flat. This will give the piece a little more movement, and it will look more like it does when it’s hanging naturally on a person’s body.

  • Since the back of a garment is often a little longer than the front, you may need to tuck the back bottom hem under the piece, as well.
  • If you’re styling a woman’s garment, fold in the sides a little more just beneath the arms to give the clothing a gentle curve. For men’s and children’s clothing, keep the line straight.

Place Tissue Paper Inside The Garment If You Want To Add Dimension. 

If you find that your garment looks lifeless, try adding a little lift by sliding a few stacked sheets of tissue paper into the inside of the piece.

You can even roll up stacks of tissue paper to put inside the arms and legs of the clothing for more movement. For instance, you might put tissue paper inside the body of a T-shirt or in the torso of a dress.

Arrange Clothing In Outfits To Create Inspiration Shots. 

Shooting a single piece can be an excellent way to showcase it, but flat lay photography is commonly used to different group items in fun outfits. For each shot, challenge yourself to mix and match other pieces to show your unique style.

  • In general, it’s best to try to arrange outfits similar to the way you’d wear them. For instance, you might place a dress in the centre of the frame, shoes near the bottom, and a hat and sunglasses near the top or off to the side.
  • Similarly, you might put a blouse closer to the top of a shot, with pants either below the top or down and to the side.

Add Accessories To Create A Complete Look. 

As you’re styling your outfit, think about what you might wear with those garments. Something as simple as a chic pair of shoes or a cool hat can help take your flat lay photography to the next level.

  • For instance, if you’re shooting a swimsuit, you might include accessories like a floppy hat, beach tote, coverup, sandals, and sunglasses.
  • Think about how you’d display these items if you were planning an outfit you wanted to wear. For example, you might drape a necklace across a T-shirt, or you might put a belt around the waist of a dress.

Shoes can go near the bottom of the shot or off to the side, depending on what looks best.

Include Details That Help Sell Your Outfit Story. 

To make your flat more dynamic, try to include particular touches that will help tell a story. Think about where someone might go if they were wearing that outfit, and add details that help sell that idea.

  • For example, in your swimsuit picture, you might also include 1 or 2 items you might bring to the pool, like a book, sunscreen, or cool water bottle.
  • Even a simple tee-and-jeans combo can be dressed up as a perfect vacation outfit by adding interesting details like a pretty tube of lipstick, a flower, a hotel room key, or a plate with a delicious-looking pastry.

Tips for Acing the Flat Lay Photography

How to Photograph Flat Lay Clothing?

Creating a flat lay photo is one of the easiest ways to take your Instagram posts from “nice” to “are you a production designer? This looks like it was in Vogue.” 

Get Inspired

If you’re unsure where to get started or what direction you want to take, we suggest browsing Pinterest or Instagram with the #flatlay to get an idea of what looks you like. Or browse our Pinterest pins and other templates for inspo. 

Assemble Your Props

What’s the theme of your flat lay photo? Maybe you’re running a beauty blog.

The answer is super straightforward (cosmetics!), or perhaps you’re going for something a little less concrete (like trying to capture the feeling of excitement before an impending journey).

Whatever you’re going for, keep your theme in mind while selecting your props, so you end up with a cohesive look.

Pick a lot of props (more than you would conceivably use) so that you can swap things in and out while you’re composing your shot.

Also, try to pick objects of varying sizes and shapes to create visual interest. Lastly, it helps to have a colour palette in mind while choosing your props—the colour coordination adds to the overall polish.

Grab An Extra Pair Of Hands

Some of our favourite flat lay photos look more “candid” because they include people (or, more accurately, body parts).

If you want to create a look that has a sense of movement and action, consider enlisting the help of a friend/hand model. It’ll be way more accessible/less impossible than trying to pose and photograph yourself.

Pick A Background

When choosing a background, it’s best to keep things simple. A plain white background works well because it won’t distract from your props, but you can also pick a neutral wood floor or table.

If you want to use a coloured background, you can get crafty by taping some matte wrapping paper to a foot or table.

Or, consider investing in some vinyl backdrops to create a rustic look easily. You could also magically erase any background you have and put in a new one with our background remover. 

Compose Your Shot

Now that you have all your props and your background, it’s time to get organised. Set up next to a window and try to shoot in the morning or late afternoon, when you’ll get the best light. Try not to use a flash, as this is going to create shadows.

When setting up your shot, leave a little bit of space between each object. This will help highlight each prop and keep your picture from looking cluttered. Create balance in your photo by mixing more minor things with larger objects and placing objects of similar colours on both sides of the image.

If you want to post this photo to Instagram, a square layout will look nice. If you’re shooting with your phone, it’s easy to set up a shot by picking the square setting in your camera.

Leave Space For Text And Graphics.

You might want to leave some space where you can add text or graphics in post-production. If you’re creating an ad, this is where you can add your brand name and logo. Or, if you’re going for a more inspirational look, you can stick in a quote.

Shoot From Above

Climb up on a ladder or step stool and get shooting. Creating distance between you and the flat lay will help you fit everything into the shot. This is also one of the only ways to ensure that your photo looks flat.

Once you’re up there, take a few test shots and don’t be afraid to keep moving props around until it looks just right. When you have your perfect image, it’s time to get editing.

Post It And Bask In The Glory Of Your Social Media Savvy

Click Share at the top of the screen and post directly to your social media feeds. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the shiny glow of all your newly acquired likes.

How Do People Take Pictures of Their Clothes on Instagram?

How Do People Take Pictures of Their Clothes on Instagram?

Are you feeling awkward in front of the camera? Well, you’re not alone. Did you ever browse a blogger’s Instagram feed and wondered how she makes her pictures look like they’re straight from a fashion magazine? Yes? Then you’re in the right place!

For many of us, taking a good image has become the ultimate struggle. If you thought a single tap on “Valencia” would do the trick, think again, as there is much more than just filters in those freshly wrapped flowers’ snaps.

Curating a quality feed is about switching up your usual travel, lifestyle, or beauty content and giving the details some time to shine.

It’s about embracing lighting, even if it’s not golden hour lighting and challenging yourself to think outside of the box. Social media is a platform for creativity, inspiration, and showing off life in all its glory.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s explore this envy-inducing world from behind the scenes: here is everything you need to know to nail outfit photos for Instagram.

How To Take Outfit Photos For Instagram

How Do People Take Pictures of Their Clothes on Instagram?

Put, even if you didn’t win “Most Artistic” in your high school yearbook, give yourself the room and space to create.

Put on the most electrifying or chic outfit in your closet and grab your camera.

Find a cool wall in the middle of your city or a bush filled with blooming buds and flowers, and put these tips and tricks to the test. Here’s precisely how to take outfit photos for Instagram.

Decide What Part Of The Outfit You Want To Focus On

First things first: When you’re taking a photo of your outfit for Instagram — or any social media outlet really — you need to decide what part of the outfit you want to focus on.

Did you get a new chunky belt you want to show off? Are you super in love with your jeans and French tuck that would make Tan France from Queer Eye so proud?

These are the essential questions you need to answer, people, before clicking any button on your digital camera. The look will be the composition of your photo and take up most of the frame.

The way you style your leather boots or adding a little bit of gold jewellery to brighten up your attire is legendary. But those details won’t be the focal point unless you actively decide they should be.

So figure out what the highlights of your outfit and pieces you want to tag are, and consider how they’ll flow in your feed, too. Then, think about the location.

Consider The Background Of Your Image

Before taking a picture, think about the colours you are wearing and the background. Always considers three things: the angle, composition, and lighting.

Although your outfit can, and should, take up a majority of your frame, the location of your photo is essential. It helps to give your followers a glimpse into your lifestyle, personality, travels, or creative eye.

It keeps things interesting on your profile and captures a moment in its entirety instead of a single pose. It challenges your followers to see more and spend time with the picture instead of double-tapping and scrolling to the next.

So when you’re preparing to shoot your outfit, ask yourself, “Are you telling a story with this picture?” If so, make it clear and known.

Show off the busy streets of your new city or the coffee shop you’ve been visiting on the reg, and utilize details like the stripes of a crosswalk. It’ll make all the difference.

Work The Angles You Never Think Of

Whenever you pick up your camera or phone to take a photo, try to think differently. That’s what being creative is all about — imagining something new and exciting and making it happen in real life.

When it comes to your outfit pics for Instagram, you must adopt this same mindset and work the angles you never think of.

Get an aerial shot of your lap so your followers can see the buttons and beautiful colours on your dress.

Ask the best friend who takes all of your pics to snap a few from below. Pretend you’re stepping on the camera to put the focus on your shoes.

In addition, consider zooming in on the delicate stitching in your sweater or dainty rings you have on your hand and doing poses you’ve seen on your favourite influencers’ accounts. You may be surprised by the results.

Make The Most Of Props Or Accessories

Props and accessories will never fail to take any photoshoot to the next and dreamiest level.

Seriously, think about all the pictures you’ve “liked” recently; they probably included a colourful piece of fruit, a film camera, or a whimsy pair of sunnies.

They made you say, “Wow! That’s so creative and cool,” and want to text your besties and have a photoshoot as soon as possible.

You can embrace bunches of flowers and printed scrunchies and have the same effect on your followers. It just takes a little practice and extra thought before tapping the share button.

Start with thinking about your outfit, the story you want your picture to tell, and the location you’re planning on shooting in, and seeing what items would make sense to include. Then, use them to create movement, humour, or interest in your artsy composition.

Edit Your Picture To Highlight Your Outfit At Its Best

Editing is one of the best parts of taking pics for Instagram.

Whether you’re travelling to bucket-list destinations or capturing detail shots for your feed, it makes the moment stand out and highlights its best features.

It brings out the warm colours in your fall look or tones down the blue in the sky, so the focus is on your props and pose.

If you choose to mess around with the light curves, then you may find your photo begins to feel a little vintage too.

Take time to download the best-preset packs for the season or work in the latest and greatest editing apps before declaring your pic is done. Pinky promise, you’ll discover an entirely new aspect of social media that’s creative to its core.

Best Time To Shoot

You might have the most incredible oversize jacket or yummiest breakfast smoothie, but without the proper lighting, your photo will be far less significant.

Whether you like playing with shades, backlight or direct sun, there is one type of light that rules above all others – the Golden Light.

It’s soft, warm, and will add more dimension to your scene – the best time to shoot is during the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset.

So get yourself out of bed a bit earlier, and give your followers all the more reason to double-tap your photos!

Camera Basics

Whether in portrait or landscape mode, we recommend holding your phone as flat as possible.

You want to try matching the subject’s height, such as lying on the ground to snap a picture of your new favourite shoes!

Another way to quickly improve your photo skills is to turn on the camera’s gridlines; your viewfinder will be divided into nine even squares, based on the so-called “Rule of Thirds”.

Sounds too complex? Don’t worry; it’s much easier than you think.

The photography theory suggests that you’ll end up with more balanced and exciting pictures if you place the essential elements of an image along the lines or intersections. Why not give it a go!

But if you feel like your coffee still doesn’t look cool enough, get close to it! Nothing screams “my mum shot this” more than a grainy picture of something that’s half a mile away from the camera. So don’t zoom in using your phone, as it would just decrease the image quality!

Tips For Nailing Your Outfit And Working With A Photographer 

How Do People Take Pictures of Their Clothes on Instagram?

It’s Okay To Be Nervous! 

Don’t feel as though you have to pretend to be some Kate Moss; if it’s your first shoot, tell your photographer that!

It’s completely normal to feel like an absolute moron to start with, but the more you relax into it, the better the shots will look.

You are not lame for wanting great photos of yourself, whether they’re for your high-flying insta-career or just because it would be nice to have a profile picture where you don’t have toothpaste down your top for a change.

Ignore Everyone Around You

Honestly, people do not care. If they glance over, it’s probably only because you look ace! Especially in busy places, it’s become commonplace.

Nobody even really bats an eyelid, but even if you’re shooting somewhere a little more remote, remember that you’re probably never going to see those people again. 

Choose Locations With A Narrative.

Make sure the central element of the picture doesn’t get lost due to a distracting background.

Unless you’re doing a feet selfie on a beautiful floor, it might be better to have a simple and basic backdrop that makes your subject stand out. Marble and wooden tables are a crowd favourite!

Build A Relationship With Your Photographer

It’s tough to work with someone you don’t click with from both a blogger/model and photographer perspective.

Especially if you intend to work together regularly, you’re going to spend a lot of time 1-1 so get to know each other! It makes shooting way more fun when you can chat through it and genuinely have a good time: it shows on your face too.

Want Those Breezy Walking Photos? Do The Rocking Horse!

Position your feet a natural width apart with one in front of the other and rock back and forth. It creates the illusion of walking, and the images look better than if you were! 

Mind The Style

Give the scene a theme and try to keep harmony between colours. Pick a bag, complete with matching accessories here and there or add some flowers for a pop of colour – everyone will want to know where it’s from.

And don’t forget to watch the proportions! Balance out more oversized items with tiny ones or fill your frame with a repetitive pattern; creativity is always welcomed.

Explain To Your Photographer Exactly What You’re Using The Images For

For example, if they’re for Instagram, your photographer knows to make sure he/she shoots wide enough that you don’t have to choose between your feet or your forehead (the worst!), or can even shoot in a square if that’s what you prefer.

Plan Your Outfits Ahead

Some people turn up with a giant suitcase full of clothes and then start trying to decide what to wear whilst standing on the street. Honestly, it’s a waste of precious time.

Have each outfit planned in your head, and then try them all on the head to toe the night before. Pack them into a bag (usually a bag for life) in the rough backwards order you intend to wear them too!

Bad hair day? Just go for the taken-from-above shot.

Some see two legs and a watch; we see a cheeky way to show off your style. Very simple: stick your arm out, tilt the phone toward your body, and snap.

Know Why You’re Wearing That Outfit In That Location

“Because it’s pretty” is fair enough if that’s what floats your boat, but I love to have a theme or narrative in my head.

Match your outfits to the location to give the image a certain feel, like ‘Spring’ or “Hey, I want to look like I just effortlessly threw this together then went for a coffee because I’m that cool when it took me an hour and I asked the guy for “whichever drink comes with a French bulldog on it”, and I’m still not convinced I don’t look like I’ve left my nightie on “…

An alternate top tip juxtaposes your outfit with your location: dress to impress and then shoot in a filthy place like somewhere with lots of street art or a disused yard. 

Keep Moving

Gone are the old days of standing stock still, a slightly painful grin plastered on your face whilst you wait patiently for someone to stop fumbling with the shutter.

Do not stop moving throughout the whole shoot!

If you’re not using the rocking horse trick, then proceed. Wander about a bit, move your arms, dance about. Even if you feel like a dick, the photos will look so much more fluid and candid. 

Workout Where You’re Going To Change

Everyone has different preferences. Some people will only change in loos, in which case make sure you know where the closest McDonald’s/pub/Starbucks is to your shoot locations (see, told you blogging was glam).

Others are happy to strip their kit off in the street, and a top tip on this is cycle shorts and a bra-let or vest so that you’re not, you know, committing indecent exposure.

If You’re A Bit Camera Shy, Wear Sunglasses.

Who cares if you’re doing a Chandler Bing squinty eye? Nobody can see it! They make an excellent anti-T Rex hands prop too.

Get Yourself Some Props To Avoid Awkward Hands.

You may never know what to do with your hands in photos. Without a prop, you’ll usually end up looking like an awkward T-Rex trying to hang out the laundry.

You can wear a handbag, a coffee cup or food. You can also make use of your clothing: put your hands in your pockets or hold your lapels!

 Pay On Time

This should be a bloody obvious one but remember your photographer is not doing you a favour; they are working.

Either pay before or bring cash to the shoot; view it like going to the hairdresser.

Credit Your Photographer And Remember Who Owns The Images

Hint: it’s not you. You are paying for your photographers time and skill, not the content rights.

That also means that if you happen to be using a photographer to shoot a social media ad, the image is not yours to sell on to the brand without their express permission subsequently. 

Don’t Ask For The Originals. 

You’ve chosen to hire your photographer because you like his/her work. In booking her, you’re buying into his/her style: of shooting and editing.

Of course, it’s fair to expect edits to remain clean and relatively neutral.

Most photographers won’t mind you adding your own preset or style for the cohesion of your feed, but think of it this way: you wouldn’t book a photographer who works exclusively in black and white, then ask them for the colour originals.


And most importantly, HAVE FUN. You are paying for this experience, and it should be an enjoyable one all around. Your mood does shine through in the photos, so try and relax, find joy and have a genuinely good time. You don’t have to take yourself too seriously!

How to Photograph Clothes?

How to Photograph Clothes?

High-quality product photography is essential for apparel eCommerce. You need more than just a great product description for many customers—your images will determine whether they buy your product.

But basic doesn’t have to mean expensive. The difference between professional and amateur is talent, equipment, and experience.

If you have an eye for photography and a modest budget, follow these steps to benefit from our experience and create beautiful apparel product images.

Decide on How You Want to Display Your Products

Before starting anything, you need to decide how you would like your clothing items displayed on your eCommerce store. There are three common ways how merchants photograph clothing: 

Use an Invisible Mannequin

When it comes to product photography, displaying a product in a more natural form, such as a mannequin, can be of great value to your customers.

Online shoppers are more likely to buy an item of clothing if they can visualize how it’ll look when they wear it. 

A dummy will give your products a realistic human shape without the hassle of finding a model for each photoshoot. You can remove the background from each photo later for a professional touch.


  • Avoid amputated arms unless you’re shooting something strapless. It will take lots of time and skill to give a dangling, empty sleeve a natural form on photoshop, whether you have the background removed or not.
  • Make sure you use a mannequin that is standing straight-on. Forms designed for brick-and-mortar stores often stand in unique poses so that they don’t all look the same when standing together.

It will look bizarre when you remove the background from a photo and the mannequin has one hand on its waist or its hip sticking out!

Hire a Model

If you have the budget, hire a model. Models can strike any kind of pose or work with any sort of angle that flatters your piece of clothing.

This will help you create the perfect in-context shot of your product that you can use on your eCommerce store and social media… think Instagram and Pinterest!


  • You should experiment with different poses but make sure you don’t cover up too much of the product you’re selling after all; the buyer wants to see the details.

Models also give the personality of your product and create more of a brand. For example, many online stores choose models who they think represent their ‘target customer’. If you compare Zara and Arnhem, the models, the clothes, and the vibes couldn’t be different.

Flat Lay Photography

How to Photograph Clothes?

Flat lay photography is the easiest and one of the most cost-effective ways to photograph your clothing items. Flat lay photography works well for shirts, and we have also seen it work for socks and mens’ trousers.

Using a flat lay isn’t generally recommended for your eCommerce store unless you need an excellent visual to share on social media. When it comes to product images, displaying them in a more natural form is of much more value to your customers.


  • To take a great flat lay, you’ll need a large piece of white paper or a white sheet to lay on the ground. 
  • Make sure your products are looking their best — iron your clothes and make confident collars are in place and buttons are done up. You can give your products an extraordinarily smooth and flat shape with a piece of cardboard.   

Remember that your customers can’t try on your products and are often hesitant to purchase products because they can’t imagine how the products look on themselves.

The reason flat lay photography is that ‘knolling’ is all the rage on social media, and overlooking social media platforms as a source of eCommerce traffic isn’t wise.

If you haven’t heard of knolling before, it’s the process of arranging objects in a grid.

Social media users, primarily Instagrammers and Pinterest users with a fashion/lifestyle focus, create these arrangements of products to fit a specific theme and look fabulous at the same time. Create your own excellent flat lay compositions and watch as the programs, repins and likes flood in.  

You should use at least one of your products and choose accessories or household items that complement the product.

Not all products need to be your own; the idea is to drive traffic to your eCommerce store indirectly by first driving traffic to your social media platform.

It is essential to consider how your products are related to one another. Photos should communicate a common theme, occasion or colour as not to overwhelm the viewer.

Prepare Your Clothing Photography Equipment

The equipment you need doesn’t need to break the bank or be expensive. Digital cameras are coming down in price, and smartphone cameras are getting better and better.

Here’s a list of photography equipment you will need:


Having the correct camera can make the difference between a professional-looking photo or an amateur one.

Mirrorless is by far the best type of camera to photograph clothing due to their newer technology, studio lighting connectivity, and physical lighter weight when compared to traditional DSLR cameras, but don’t be fooled into buying one if you don’t need to.

Your smartphone can work just as well.

Lighting Equipment

For clothing photography, lighting is essential. Potential buyers want to see all the item’s details, so it is critical to obtain lights that will talk with your camera.

To begin with, select a light kit that contains three lights so a three-point lighting setup can be implemented (one key light, one fill light, and a back or hair light).

If you decide to use a smartphone for your photography, then investing in a continuous light kit is the way to go, as there is no need to sync the light to the camera’s shutter.

You can also use this type of lighting kit with a mirrorless camera, but better results are achieved with a traditional studio lighting setup and a wireless trigger.

Studio Backdrop Kit

The backdrop is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment required for clean-looking images along with lighting. Search for a plain white photography backdrop that includes a stand.

The kit should be approximately 10 x 20 feet as this will allow you to photograph a mannequin at full length for any longer dresses or garments you may sell.

Studio (wireless) Lighting Trigger

When discussing mirrorless cameras earlier, you would need a studio lighting trigger.

This third-party accessory will communicate between the camera and studio lighting kit to ensure they ‘go off’ or ‘fire’ at the same time the photo is taken.

When you purchase one of these, just make sure the brand you are buying is compatible with the camera brand you plan on using.


Selecting a sturdy tripod is a must for studio photography as it eliminates any unwanted camera shake caused by hand-holding your camera.

Aim to get a tripod that extends to roughly your eye level in height and seeks one with a spirit level as this will come in handy when setting the legs up.

Mannequin or Model

Mannequins can provide added benefits to the overall style and keep your budget low. As mentioned before, make sure to get a dummy without amputated arms or legs. While using a model can be expensive, the added benefits of a shoot sometimes outweigh the cost.

For instance, a professional model will change their body to compliment the clothing they are modelling, whereas if it were on a mannequin, you would have to pin the garment for the same effect.

A model can also bring natural movement to the clothing, which the buyer can relate to.

Also, having your model pose in an outdoor location might suit your brand better than an indoor studio environment. Lifestyle apparel images are growing in popularity, so it depends on the overall look and feel you are going for.

Photography Toolbox

Having a bag of tricks for your photoshoot is always very handy when preparing your garment for clothing photography. For instance, using pins to pin back specific folds or labels will save you copious amounts of time in photoshop afterwards.

Clothes pegs are also a great way to gather and secure excess material at the back of the model or mannequin to reflect a perfect wrinkle-free, seamless fit.

Other items of value include tape to position fabric just where you need it, spare batteries for your camera, spare bulbs for your studio lights and steam iron to rid any wrinkles.

Prepare Your Clothing Products

Preparation is key to a great photoshoot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done photoshoots only to find a small yet noticeable detail out of place.

The time you put in here will save you much editing time afterwards and even save you time from redoing an entire shoot! We’d advise you to gather all the clothing you wish to photograph and start a production line to get everything ready. 

Ironing or steaming all your garments (to your favourite song playlist) is the first thing you should do. Do this before hanging everything to ensure no wrinkles are showing.

Second, have your photography toolbox open, spare batteries charged and pins at the ready. If you’re going for mannequins, dress your dummy with the first item of clothing.

Look out for those tiny details on your garments.

Check if all the buttons are accounted for and buttoned up. If your article has tassels or ties, make sure they’re styled neatly and consistently. Make sure your sleeves are not only folded neatly but folded always. Make sure there are no stains on the clothing.

Set up Your Photography Studio

Your clothing photography studio could be a professional one, or maybe just a spare area in the back of your store. It doesn’t matter as long as you have the right camera and lighting.

Set up your backdrop first. Once that’s done, start setting up your lighting and camera. A three-point lighting setup is best for clothing photography.

To begin with, set up one light next to your camera and direct it toward the mannequin; this will form the critical light.

The second light will act as a fill light and should be positioned at a 45-degree angle from your mannequin and further away from the first key light, finally with the remaining light position between the form and the backdrop.

Check Your Camera Settings

When setting your camera, there are three factors you need to look into – aperture, iso sensitivity, and shutter speed.


For clothing photography, it’s ideal for shooting at a high f/stop, between f/8 and f/11. This will help you get a more focused shot on your apparel products.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed refers to how long your shutter will remain open. Ideally, you should set it around 1/125 when photographing clothing.

Iso Sensitivity

When taking photos of clothing, the ideal iso setting is between 400 and 800. This will depend on what type of light sources you’re using. If you’re using artificial lighting, set your iso between 600 and 800 instead, allowing you to reduce the noise.

Start Taking Your Product Photos

Now, onto the exciting part – photographing your products! Make sure that your camera is stable. Use a tripod. This will give you crisper and sharper product images.

If you don’t have a tripod, you can place your camera on any stable or hard surface.

Your mannequin or model should be at the centre of your camera frame. Make it a point that it takes up the majority of your canvas. If you need closer shots, either adjust your tripod or adjust the optical zoom of your camera.


  • Do not use digital zoom – it lowers the quality of your product photos due to the cropping of the image while shooting.
  • Set your camera on a 2-second-timer mode. Doing this allows your camera to re-focus on your subject after pressing the shutter.
  • Show off the details.
  • Don’t overlook the small details when you photograph clothing.

There is nothing worse for a customer when they receive the product and realize that the fabric is stiff when they thought it was soft. Or that the item had a zip closer when it has buttons.

So take photos of the stitching, fabric, tags, zips, buttons and anything else about your clothing item that you think the customer may want to see before making a purchase.

By including details, you can reduce the number of customer service questions you may receive and increase conversion rates because the customer has all the information about the item.

You can always enable a zoom function that allows your customer to do the zooming. You should provide a few choice close-ups to show the customer where they should look. To get the item to sit correctly, use props and tools to help you photograph clothing.


  • Iron the clothing item to remove any wrinkles. I find that a steamer is the best option.
  • If you need to fill out the bust of a garment, put a padded bra on the mannequin
  • Use pins and pegs to clip garments into place if the item is too big for the form or model
  • Using a fan can be a great way to give your product movement
  • Use transparent tape to keep any tags or labels out of the way

Editing Your Product Photos to Increase Sales

Once you’re done taking photos of your products, it’s time to edit your images to make them all looking consistent for your online store.

Your post-production process should take into consideration how you want your photos to look on your eCommerce store. Ensure that you handle the alignment, white background, cropping, and colour correction to ensure consistency.

If you want to take your clothing photography to the next level, think about creating ghost mannequins — you can’t get any more professional than that.

A ghost mannequin effect makes your product images look like it takes a human form without displaying a model. By showing small sections of the garment inside, you give the product a more three-dimensional structure.

You don’t need to hire a model for ghost images; a mannequin will work better. The process of taking a ghost mannequin isn’t easy, but trust me when I say it’s worth it.

How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect

Take a photo of the product from the front. Then take a shot from the back, but turn the product inside out.

You should use a tripod for this and avoid changing the amount you zoom in.

A good idea is to also mark a spot on the floor for your mannequin, so it’s in the same area for both photos. This will make it easier to ‘stitch’ the items together afterwards.

The next step is removing the background, as you need to see the back through the front. Then you just have to place the show on top of the back in photoshop, which shouldn’t be too tricky if both your photos were taken from the same distance and angle.

Upload Your Product Photos to Sell Online

The last thing you need to do is upload your items to your online store and any marketplace you are selling on, ensuring that you match the image requirements.

Remember that clothing photography can be fun — and, when done right, can make your store look amazing! If you have any of your tips, let us know in the comments below.

Common Mistakes Clothing & Apparel Photography

How to Photograph Clothes?

The eCommerce industry changes constantly. However, although trends do come and go with each season, there are a few things that must remain the same—especially in apparel photography.

Not Preparing the Garment

You want your products to look their best so that you can showcase them to customers. However, as you may personally understand, clothing can become wrinkled and creased and even begin to look worn from storage and transport.

Sometimes, clothing samples are even received in old, tattered, or even unfinished conditions! Preparing garments to be photographed is the most crucial starting point for photographing apparel.

Yet, many apparel photographers skip this step and prefer to rely on photoshop to fix wrinkles, stains, and other problems accrued while storing or transporting the product.

However, Photoshop isn’t magical; it takes time and expertise to master advanced editing techniques, and all edits that you make are “destructive” to the image, compromising some image quality.

Because of this, it’s best to rely on photoshop only to add final touches and colour correction to your ideas and ensure that you capture the garment as perfectly as you can in-camera.

It’s essential to thoroughly examine your product from top to bottom, inside and out. Are there any tags, stickers, and other types of identifying materials that need to be removed?

Do so. Have clothes become wrinkled or creased during storage? Iron or steam them. Use the available resources to fix other damages and distractions that you might come across.

In particular, lint rollers and tape are great for removing dust and strings from fabrics. In some cases, samples are wrong upon arrival due to last-minute design changes (e.G. Fit, colours, patterns, etc.).

Make sure that you understand design changes for each garment to edit the sample accordingly in photoshop or decide to wait to photograph the actual piece that will be sold.

Not Utilizing a Mannequin or Live Model

Many apparel photographers overlook the importance of communicating shape and fit customers by photographing garments worn by mannequins or live models.

Instead, they simply lay clothing flat or snap it on hangers. This is a huge mistake! Photographing a garment on a form or a live model is almost always the best way to showcase that garment’s shape and encourage customers to visualize it being worn by themselves.

(Live models don’t have to be expensive: using a friend strategically can be the best answer to taking pictures of clothes without a dummy?)

Models make clothing come to life, but when models can’t be used due to budget or time constraints, a dummy is the next best thing you can use with a meagre budget.

Allowing the customer to see each product’s shape and natural draping will give them a realistic idea of how the garment will fit them—not to mention a higher quality shopping experience.

A little styling can go a long way, too. If your garment seems to be too big for your mannequin, try fitting it closer to your form by pinning it and tucking your garment so that it is styled to work correctly.

Photographing your products on mannequins also allows you the opportunity to create a classy post-production technique called the ghost mannequin effect.

Not Providing Enough Imagery

Contrary to popular belief, one or two images of each product are simply not enough to give customers an accurate feel for the cost-effectiveness and quality of your inventory.

Therefore, it’s essential to provide customers with as much information as possible about each product by uploading at least three images per product—and preferably 5-10.

Many eCommerce websites will allow you to upload 9-12 images for each product set, but many retailers don’t take advantage of that extra opportunity to promote their products. Whenever possible, photograph as many angles of your products as possible.

At the very least, photograph the standard front, side, and back view of each product, and then supplement that with close-ups of essential product embellishments, such as buttons, zippers, or embroidery—the details that set your shirt, dress, etc.

Apart from all the other clothes online. The more images of your product you upload, the more the customer will understand the product.

This will provide them with a better shopping experience according to internet retailers and demonstrate the quality of your products and ensure that the customer is satisfied when the product arrives (and thus minimize returns). 

Not Utilizing Enough Light When Taking Apparel Photos

Don’t be that e-commerce retailer whose product images look dingy and underexposed. Bright lighting should be one of your biggest concerns as an online apparel retailer.

Ensuring that you expose ideas correctly will showcase products’ colours and other details accurately and make your inventory appear clean and professional.

All clothing is different, and having the proper lighting will allow customers to appreciate the unique facets of your garments. Ample lighting also allows your camera to produce higher quality images with less “noise” or “grain” and more sharpness.

The darker the lighting situation, the poorer the image quality—and poor image quality will not flatter your products!

The most flexible way to ensure that you have sufficient lighting is to rent artificial lighting equipment.

If renting equipment is not in your budget, try using natural light from a large window and a reflector panel made from foam board. Bright lighting should be one of your biggest concerns as an online apparel retailer.

Not Using the Correct Camera Settings

If your camera settings are wrong, then no amount of photoshopping expertise will be able to make your images look professional.

Dslr cameras can produce photographs of exceptionally high quality, but incorrect settings can drastically reduce that quality. Make sure that you understand iso, aperture, and white balance before you photograph your products.

Not Setting the Correct Color Space Profile

Many apparel photographers forget or don’t know about the crucial step of converting edited photos into a web-ready colour space profile. Colour space is a specific range of colours that can be presented in a given image.

Some options for colour spaces are Adobe RGB, CMYK, and RGB (here’s the answer to the inevitable question, “what is RGB?”). Without the correct colour space, the colours of products will look different when viewed on different computer screens, web browsers, and even websites.

RGB is the best colour space profile to keep your images consistent and vibrant between the various screens, browsers, and sites. You can choose to set your camera to srgb, thus eliminating the extra step of converting the file to srgb after you edit it.

However, srgb captures a narrower range of colours than your camera’s RGB default, so many professionals choose to make the conversion only after they have perfected their images to avoid limiting their editing capacity.

Not Editing Product Images Properly

Many eCommerce retailers edit their product images improperly, especially regarding cropping, alignment, colour, and backgrounds.

It’s best to keep all crops, alignments, and locations identical from image to image in your inventory.

To keep all images consistent about one another and cut back your post-processing time, make sure to develop a standard set of specifications for both shooting and editing. A photo editing service like pixels can help you standardize and automate post-production efficiently.


Ensure that your products are all the same size and are centred within your image so that all of the angles, corners, and edges of your products line up about one another. Having a consistently aligned inventory will boost the appeal of your website and products.

The easiest way to ensure that your alignment is spot on is to create guidelines in a photoshop template.


As with alignment, you must crop product images identically to provide the customer with a seamless online shopping experience. If you use guidelines for alignment, then cropping consistently and sizing images according to your website’s image specifications should be no problem.


Some eCommerce companies choose different backgrounds to display other products.

Although this may seem unimportant, keeping all of your product images consistent about one another can drastically improve the professionalism and appeal of your website and inventory selection.

Choosing one background style and sticking to it can also shave off post-production time. It is generally agreed that white or light grey backgrounds provide the slightest distraction from your clothes or other product.


Another common mistake in apparel photography is inaccurately representing garments’ colours.

Although the camera does a great job creating fairly accurate colouring, if you allow it to decide white balance for itself with auto mode, some colours—such as neons, reds, and pinks—are difficult to photograph correctly in camera and often need to be tweaked in photoshop.

Inaccurate representations of colours can leave customers frustrated and dissatisfied, so taking a few extra minutes to ensure that the colours of your garments are accurate before you upload them to your website is a good idea.

The bottom line is that you want the customer to see precisely what they will receive in the mail should they order your product.

There are several ways to tweak colours, so get to know photoshop’s offerings and choose your favourite tool.

After you have fixed the colours, make sure to convert your images into RGB format to make sure that different browsers, computer screens, and websites won’t change the accurate colours that you worked so hard to create for your customers.

Experience Is the Best Teacher

Doing it yourself is a big challenge. It won’t be perfect the first time, but that’s ok.

Your goal should be to improve with every shoot and to take the best possible product images. Better product images mean more sales and more opportunities for people to enjoy your product.

Remember the steps to taking beautiful apparel product photography, and you’ll be fine.

Prepare your product, build your studio, position your lighting, style your product, set your camera, shoot, and perfect your images in post-production processing. If you follow those steps, you will have high-quality product images you can be proud of.

Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

Planning a wedding is one of the most important events in your life. It can be an expensive and overwhelming process, but there are ways to make it more affordable and less stressful. 

The first step is choosing a wedding DJ & MC who will help you get through this eventful day with ease. Have you considered hiring Melbourne's best? 

If you're looking for the best wedding DJ and MC in Melbourne, Victoria, to provide the music for your reception, then you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of some of our favourite wedding DJs & MCs in Melbourne.

Table of Contents
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    Ultimate List of Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne

    Only Dj’s - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0424 865 327

    We Will Always Deliver An Astounding Performance So You Can Dance The Night Away!


    At Only DJs, we pride ourselves on being the best wedding Dj MC hire packages in Melbourne. Our Google reviews back these claims, and we always pack the dancefloor.

    All of our wedding DJ’s are highly experienced and know how to read a crowd. We have performed for over 1000 events since we first started in 2003.

    Our approach for any wedding is to go in with the mindset ‘we are there for you. We want to play the music that matters to you!

    It is your special day, and we will do whatever you need to make sure your day flows smoothly and is amazing.

    Our job is to work off your music preferences and play other songs that will complement them.

    Music is our passion!

    For Only DJ’s Melbourne, there is one thing that needs to be at every event, a passion for music. Our philosophy at Only DJ’s is that our job is to be the best mobile DJ for hire in Melbourne. Whether that is an RnB DJ, House DJ, Club DJ or Rock DJ, we will have you covered with our impressive music collection.

    James has passed on his years of experience to all his DJ’s, and now they are regarded as some of Melbourne’s best RnB DJ, House DJ, or Rock DJ’s for hire in Melbourne.

    Why choose Only DJ’s for your Wedding DJ hire?

    • We have a 5-Star Google rating. If our past clients love us, you will too!
    • You will be booking Melbourne’s best wedding DJ’s, who will ROCK the dance floor.
    • When you book your Wedding DJ, you will receive a complimentary event planning concierge service. Click HERE for more information.
    • You get one meet and greet with the business owner and head DJ.
    • We offer flexible payment plans with no setup fees! Click here for more information!
    • We will answer your emails or calls within 2 business hours.
    • You get the best all in one wedding DJ package in Melbourne, and we include everything you need.
    • We have live tracking, so you will know our ETA and see exactly where we are on the day.
    • Every console we use is made up of the same speakers, lights and music collection. Consistency is key for a Great Experience!
    • We have onsite downloaded for last-minute requests.
    • We have a collection of 90,000 songs.
    • Light MC duties are included with some of our DJ’s.
    • Get free set up with every booking.
    • Unlimited email & phone call support.

    DJ J’ELLIS (James Ellis)

    James has a love and passion for music, mixing and performing at events. He has been privileged to be a supporting artist to a number of DJ’s listed in DJ magazines top 100.

    James got into DJing by following his heart at the age of 16. He is publishing a book this year about his career.

    He has had the pleasure of having worked on Mix FM Cyprus, Storm Radio Greece, and frequent guest slots on Kiss FM 89.3 prior to its closure.

    He specialises in Rnb, Rock, Greek, the 90s, & 80s music and much more.

    J’ellis has worked extensively in the Greek music industry in Melbourne as a Greek mobile DJ for hire and worked alongside Georgie T with Greek mix productions and Tropical Sound waves. J’ellis has performed at a number of Greek functions and has been a Greek wedding DJ.

    Why is a wedding DJ a better entertainment option than a wedding band?

    • A wedding DJ has access to thousands of songs and can easily play any song title the couple or guests wish for.
    • Wedding DJ’s do not take breaks and can play for the length of the reception without any interruption.
    • Wedding DJ’s are thousands of dollars cheaper than the alternative option.
    • Wedding DJ’s can provide you with professional-grade lighting fixtures and many other add-ons that you might require. You will not have to contact multiple vendors to get what is needed.
    • A DJ doesn’t require a large area to set up, whereas a wedding band does take up a substantial amount of space.
    • With COVID restrictions, a DJ is only considered 1 person, whereas a wedding band consists of all members.
    • A DJ can play any request and rock the dance floor all night. A wedding band is dependent on the songs they know.
    • It is a very special day, so important to remember that your wedding DJ MC has a major responsibility to structure your wedding reception to meet the timeframe of your run sheet.

    We will work with you, your videographers, the venue, photographers, your MC and everyone else in between to make sure everything stays on time.

    Lily Road Band - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0403 859 961


    The Lily Road Band is one of Australia’s BEST wedding bands, comprising a group of select musicians and DJ’s. We pride ourselves on providing top quality wedding entertainment featuring beautiful acoustic music and energetic performances by seasoned professional musicians.

    The Lily Road Band’s broad musical repertoire allows it to tailor its song selection to its audience. We play the right songs at the appropriate time for weddings, festivals, private and corporate events. You’ll find us performing all around Australia and Internationally, but you’ll see us most often at our home bases in Sydney and Melbourne.


    Lily Road packages are always competitive and will include:

    • Live music sets (4 x 45min) over a 5-hour Reception
    • A suitable playlist of songs for in between live band sets
    • Professional Lighting & Sound System including a microphone for speeches if required
    • Bridal dance performed LIVE if desired- a song of your choosing


    Dinner Music

    The Lily Road Band is a 3 piece to perform appropriate relaxed musical styles to suit the mood. This includes a Male Wedding Singer/ Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed live by the Lily Road Band (3 pieces)

    Party Music

    The Lily Road Band (3 piece) will take the night away with upbeat and energetic music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs for weddings.


    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic songs performed with a Male Wedding Singer/Acoustic Guitar blending with either Drums or OR Bass Guitar

    Dinner Music

    The Lily Road Band is a 3 piece to perform appropriate relaxed musical styles to suit the mood. The lineup includes a Male Wedding Singer/Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed live by the Lily Road Band (3 piece)

    Party Music

    The Lily Road Band (3 piece) will take the night away with upbeat and energetic music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs for weddings.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice

    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic songs performed with a Male Wedding Singer/Acoustic Guitar blending with either Drums or OR Bass Guitar

    Dinner Music

    The Lily Road Band is a 5 piece to perform appropriate relaxed musical styles to suit the mood. The line up of the band includes a Male Wedding Singer, Female Wedding Singer, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard and Drums.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed live by the Lily Road Band (5 piece)

    Party Music

    The Lily Road Band (5 piece) will take the night away with upbeat and energetic music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs for weddings.




    Our wedding dance mix is a progressive modern twist on classic and popular wedding songs. Led by our DJ, we perform your musical favourites, classics and popular songs! The DJ sets the scene, and our singer or band jumps in to create a unique and stunning adaptation of one of your favourite songs. The mood will be set, and your wedding guests will be enthralled!

    The Lily Road team will work with you to create playlists that feature the perfect mix to entertain your wedding guests for hours. Feel free to mix and match. Our musicians and our DJs love music and can perform a vast repertoire from any era. For a truly unique musical experience – make it a DJ and live band combo with Lily Road, where magical weddings are shaped by outstanding music!


    Besides food, drink, and special guests, the one must-have for a wedding day or special event is great music. Since everyone has different tastes in music, you also need entertainment that can handle anything from “Summer Wind” to Snoop Dogg. It also helps to have entertainment professionals with years of experience on hand to deliver a spectacular wedding.

    You can choose from many DJs in Melbourne or quite a few DJs in Sydney, but why settle for the same old thing when you can get the best in wedding entertainment with a twist? Get a wedding band and a DJ company rolled into one! A DJ with live singer and brass section, a DJ alone or wedding band for superb live music combined with a professional wedding DJ! 


    Lily Road packages are always competitive and will include:

    • A DJ playing background music over dinner and for the entire night, including band breaks 
    • Bridal dance performed LIVE if desired- a song of your choosing
    • Live Music DJ Led Sets (2 x 45min) over dance segment 
    • Professional Lighting & Sound System including a microphone for speeches if required


    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (3 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax and Female Singer.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice.

    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (4 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax, Female Singer and Male Singer or Drums.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice.

    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic music songs performed with a male singer/ acoustic guitarist.

    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band or, if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (5 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax, Female Singer, Male Singer, Drums.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice

    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic songs with Male Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar blending with either Drums or OR Bass Guitar

    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (8 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax, Female Singer, Male Singer, Drums, Percussion, Trumpet, Electric Guitar.


    Lily Road Band Melbourne brings a unique twist to wedding DJ entertainment. Our professional DJs form a musical ensemble with our singers and/or live band to create a unique wedding experience that combines the spontaneity and personal feel of a live performance with the supporting beats, dynamic tempos and engrossing musical backdrop of a DJ track.


    Your wedding should be a memorable one. The magical combination of our DJs and professional band guarantee you’ll hear your favourite songs and best dance tracks in a new and unforgettable way. From greeting your guests to your entry into the venue to the first dance and beyond. We’ll cover all your favourites with a mix of great live music and vocals combined with modern beats.

    Led by our DJ team, we’ll be sure to put your unique signature on the proceedings, playing your favourite songs for a romantic, memorable wedding day. Put a unique twist on your wedding day with the Lily Road Band’s special DJ offering. 

    Make your wedding extra special 

    Our DJs and musicians have played hundreds of weddings. The combination of a great live band, playing live music until the wee hours paired lead by a DJ who sets the tone with subtle backbeats and instantly recognisable hooks – It’s a match made in heaven!

    Your guests will be raving about your event online and, more importantly, dancing all night on the dance floor. Make your wedding day memorable. Book our Melbourne DJ and live band combo today!

    Find the DJ that suits your musical style

    Googling “Melbourne Wedding DJs” will only get you so far. DJs come in all sorts – from kids earning their stripes to experienced professionals. You’ll find our Lily Road Wedding DJs fall into the latter category. They’re very experienced and skilled. They’ll tailor their set to your specifications and work hand-in-hand with the Lily Road Band to deliver a most unique, dare we say it, “a classier brand” of wedding entertainment.

    Choose from a variety of performers by combining your DJ with solo singers, duos, trios or a full live band. Lily Road will deliver an unforgettable musical wedding your guests will rave about and hold up as the benchmark in quality entertainment.

    The right DJ for a spectacular Melbourne Wedding

    Your big day demands a big, memorable soundtrack, the kind of musical set your family and guests will readily associate with you and unleash the party when it’s time to cut loose.

    We understand how hard it is to find the best wedding DJ for your special day. That’s why we only hire the very best wedding DJs in Melbourne. Our DJs will lead the singer or band, so it’s important they can read the room and adjust on the fly. We can scale our offering to suit your wedding, from a small and intimate DJ and solo singer combo to a full five-piece band and DJ power group. We can cater to your musical tastes and to the occasion. Book Lily Road today. We guarantee a great musical wedding!

    Professional DJs for your Melbourne Wedding

    Our Melbourne wedding DJ crew come from many walks of life, but they share a common trait – they’re very experienced wedding DJs.

    That experience comes in handy when paired with our accomplished singers or live band. There’s truly nothing that compares to the combination of a live band and a DJ. Some weddings will be remembered for their food, for the speeches, for the dress or the vows, but we can promise your wedding when you book Lily Road will be remembered for its magical musical entertainment!

    Professional Wedding Singers

    Nothing sets the scene better than a great lead singer and live band or a creative and experienced DJ to make your wedding day go with a bang! We add energy and style to the proceedings to ensure it remains a fond and unforgettable memory for friends and family.

    We have set wedding singer and band or wedding DJ packages to cover most things or simply can customise to your needs.

    Classic & Modern Wedding Music to Suit Any Audience

    Music is a big part of your wedding. It sets the mood with attendees and creates an ambience. Our performers have a solid repertoire of classic and modern songs and years of experience in performing at live venues throughout Australia. To get the party started or sustain it long into the night, our wedding singers and bands are a cut above the rest. Take a look at some of our videos to see for yourself the quality of our singers and their extensive repertoire. We love to perform, and it shows!.

    From solo wedding singers who also DJ to proper wedding music bands!

    We can scale our offering depending on your needs — from a full day solo acoustic singer-guitarist/DJ to a full 3-9 piece wedding band for your reception, depending on the size of your wedding venue.

    With many years of wedding entertainment experience, it goes without saying, your Lily Road Wedding Band will bring high-quality sound and lighting equipment suited to the wedding venue. Our singers also ensure professional-grade wireless microphones are available for you and your wedding party for use for speeches.

    Make your Melbourne wedding that extra bit special – book a DJ and a band (or a singer!) You’ll thank us (and recommend us) later!

    DJ Eddy Mac - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne 

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0412 077 074

    HEY, I’M EDDY!

    I’m a Melbourne-based DJ, and weddings are my all-time favourite type of party. I’ve been DJ-ing for over a decade and co-founded One More Song with my partner Aleks (who also DJs!).

    You can check out some testimonials, sample mixes and Instagram below.

    But first, I have to get a few things off my chest…

    If you want a DJ who will take a booking fee and disappear until a couple of days before your wedding… I’m not your DJ.      

    If you want a DJ who’ll leave awkward gaps between each song they play … I’m not your DJ. 

    If you want a DJ who plays songs like The Nutbush, Macarena and Chicken Dance … I’m not your DJ.

    If you want a DJ that’s going to spend half the night on the mic yelling at guests to put their “hands in the air”,… I’m not your DJ.


    Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what you will get!

    I’ll work with you on your music taste and what you’re after for your big day and liaise directly with your venue and any key suppliers in the lead-up.

    On the day, I’ll get the vibe going during drinks/canapés and seamlessly build the energy up as you get closer to hitting the dance floor. Once the d-floor kicks off, let’s get everyone - from shy work colleagues to the over 70s – busting some moves while keeping the tunes classy!


    If this all sounds good to you (and you’ve checked out my FAQ page), click the below button to confirm availability for your wedding! You can find pricing for all of my services on the Book page.

    Wedding DJ and MC FAQs

    What Is A Wedding DJ?

    A Wedding DJ specialises in providing the very best wedding entertainment, carefully tailored to keep guests of all ages entertained and dancing throughout your wedding party. In addition, they will often act as compare for the evening reception, introducing the bride and groom for their first dance, cutting the cake, and making general announcements as required throughout the night.

    Wedding DJs understand the diverse mix of guests you’re likely to have at your wedding, from youngest nephew to elderly grandparents, and their skill is in judging the right music to play to keep everyone entertained and involved all night long. They carry huge collections of songs in what are now often digital DJ systems, allowing you the chance to have a highly customised playlist for your event, and offering guests the opportunity to make a wide variety of requests.

    What Does a Wedding Dj Do?

    It is important first to understand what responsibilities a professional DJ should have for your wedding. As you might imagine, the foremost responsibility is to play music at your reception that will keep everyone involved and having a good time. However, there is more to this than you might expect. The most common mistake people make when choosing a DJ is to overestimate the ease of playing music that keeps a crowd on the dance floor.

    Planning and playing back music is one of the core functions of the DJ; there is so much more that goes on. The Wedding DJ is your entertainment coordinator, and many times the wedding DJ stands in as pseudo-Wedding Coordinator. So what does a wedding do? To some people’s surprise, a wedding DJ starts to prepare well before the actual wedding day. It starts with the very first contact.

    For this reason, some couples will decide to have a friend or coworker DJ their wedding reception rather than hire a professional. In reality, though, nowhere is the difference between a professional DJ and an amateur more apparent than on the dance floor. As we will see, just because someone has DJ equipment does not mean that they are skilled or trained on how to execute a wedding properly. Wedding DJs aren’t club DJs either. Wedding DJs have to be able to transition in and out of all types of genres with ease.

    What Should I Expect from a Wedding Dj?

    A professional wedding DJ will do a lot more for your wedding celebration than simply play dance music. A wedding DJ can make or break a wedding. Music is one of the most important aspects of a wedding celebration. So what to expect from a wedding DJ is very important before hiring a service for your reception. Carefully consider all the factors listed on this blog and be 100% sure that the DJ can deliver what is expected. Here’s what you can reasonably expect from an experienced pro.

    Professional DJs are familiar with the details that make a wedding reception lively, such as typical wedding songs, dances and games. An experienced wedding DJ can make a reception memorable. He’ll know how to get the guests on the dance floor and keep the party interesting.

    Should a DJ Serve as Master of Ceremonies?

    Many DJs also act as the master of ceremonies. In between playing music, they announce the various events at the reception, such as the arrival of the newly married couple, the cutting of the cake and the bridal toss. DJ emcees also make sure the events run smoothly and according to schedule and say a few words at intervals to entertain the guests and keep the mood light.

    Chances are you need more than wedding music from your DJ; you also need him to be a fantastic master of ceremonies. This includes engaging the wedding guests with the formal announcements and ensuring he gets everyone in the bridal party’s name right. A great wedding DJ is also in charge of the timeline and flow of events for the reception, keeping things fun and running smoothly.

    Keeping you and your fiancé on track is great, but keeping your hundreds of guests aware of the events of the evening is incredibly important as well. 

    Can You Have Both a Wedding Band and a DJ?

    If you love music and can’t decide between a band or DJ, you can have both. However, most couples will pick either a band or a DJ because of price limitations. While you may be able to pay a DJ or band hourly, you may still need to pay full price for both because your DJ or band won’t be able to play another wedding or venue that same night. Select companies have band and DJ combination packages for die-hard music lovers, or you can hire your band and DJ separately. 

    When hiring both a band and a DJ, think about the mood of your wedding. A live band and DJ can shift the atmosphere drastically, so be mindful of sudden changes in wedding music and tone. Sticking to either a band or DJ makes it easier to keep the party consistent and fun for all. However, if you opt for both, talk to your band and DJ to make any transitions smooth.

    Sounds Allwright Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]


    Best DJ Hire in Melbourne

    At Sounds Allwright Entertainment, we have built an impressive reputation for offering the finest DJ hire service. We are a highly sought-after DJ hire company and possess the expertise to make your event a huge success. We have the best DJ talent and specialise in providing any mix of music to create the right atmosphere for an event. Whether you are looking for a DJ hire in Melbourne for a wedding, birthdays, corporate events or school events, we have your needs covered. With the best packages designed to suit your precise needs, we can extend an amazing musical experience.

    Leading DJ Hire Service in Melbourne Wondering

    Wondering why you should choose us for your next event?

    • Our goal is to make your experience an unforgettable one from start to finish.
    • Our DJs are skilled, and we assure you that your party will be one that will be remembered by your guests.
    • Our professional DJs have wide experience and a complete understanding of the requirements of an event.
    • Our music list is specifically designed to suit the style and taste of your event.
    • With the most talented DJs for hire, we can ensure that the dance floor is full and lively.

    If you are hosting an event and want to make it spectacular with DJ entertainment, we have the best packages for you.

    Top DJs for Any Occasion

    Want to create an electrifying atmosphere?

    Our entertainers are highly competent and exactly know the needs of our clients. We believe that creating the right DJ playlist requires skill and have the best talent to offer you. With music tracks that truly create an impact, our DJs can build a musical climax that will be absolutely loved. We make use of quality equipment and are committed to offering a bespoke musical experience to all our clients. If you have been looking for a professional and reliable DJ for your next event, look no further. Our talented DJs will ensure that your event is a success by setting the right tone. With expertly mixed tunes, we can create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

    Looking for the best DJ hire in Melbourne to liven up your event? Get in touch with us to know more about our exceptional service.

    More than just a DJ

    Picking the right music and reading the crowd is just part of what we do. We create a fun atmosphere, interact with the crowd and offer many services that make us unique—photo screens, Karaoke, lighting effects, activities, party games and much more. Photo Booths are also available at fantastic rates. 

    Since 2002 Sounds Allwright Entertainment has been offering a friendly and professional service to all types of events, from beautiful wedding days, birthdays, kids discos, club events, fundraisers and corporate events. Our goal has always been to provide quality, fun entertainment for all events we are hired for. We take pride in our work and enjoy what we do.

    Over the years, the business has grown. These days, we cater to a wider range of events for all different sizes. The lighting effects and sound equipment has been upgraded and expanded. We have a dry ice machine, and since 2017, we started including photo booths.

    To make sure things are all above board, we have public liability insurance and all equipment is well maintained, tested and tagged. Safety is always a priority, and we maintain a perfect record. Our DJs also have basic first aid skills and carry a basic kit.

    JAMM Events - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0420 317 000


    We are not your “average entertainers “, at JAMM Events, we are passionate, creative, and are always pushing the boundaries to deliver unique and unforgettable events that make you go WOW!

    If you have a big vision or ‘out there’ idea, we want to hear it!

    We provide a range of entertainment solutions to suit any function or event, whether you need a dance floor packing Wedding DJ to keep your guests up all night. Or your planning the party to end all parties. We are here to make it a reality.

    Expect more. You deserve it.


    You’ve waited for this day for a long time. Now it’s here, and what better way to celebrate than hitting the dancefloor with your friends and one of Melbourne’s best Wedding DJs.

    Our DJ’s play all the hits and anthems that you & your friends love, keeping everyone up on the dancefloor from start to finish.

    We don’t use ‘playlists’ or ‘pre-set’ songs, and we are real DJs! We are always reading and reacting to the dance floor, playing and mixing songs that keep you going till the very end.

    JAMM Events DJs don’t just play music. We inject life into the party and give your wedding that WOW factor it deserves!

    Who Are We?

    JAMM Events is a DJ and entertainment provider based out of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. We provide a wide range of entertainment and event solutions for Weddings, parties, corporate functions and more. Using only the best Melbourne DJ, Live Music, and MCs to ensure your next event is flawless from start to finish.


    Founded by Ben Rawnsley with one focus. To change the standard of what people expect from event entertainment.

    The JAMM Events experience truly is our unique approach to your event, without using outdated techniques, cheesy interaction skits, pre-set playlists or shiny blow up props at our functions. JAMM Events was created based on the experience of real DJs, with a solid history in the nightlife, audio, and lighting industry areas. Each of our entertainers is incredibly creative, talented, passionate and, of course, dynamic. For us… every event is one of a kind, and we truly believe that you deserve a unique experience that reflects your style, your taste and what you envision as perfect.

    We would love to hear about the ideas and vision you have for your event. Please contact us today to start planning the best party ever!

    Ministry of DJs Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0401 270 184


    Ministry of DJs is a boutique entertainment agency specialising in providing Sydney & Melbourne’s finest DJs and musicians for your special event. Be it a wedding, corporate event, private party or event, We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and are passionate about delivering memorable events by the music we play and the services we offer.

    Ministry of DJs is proud to offer professional, approachable and knowledgeable DJs who know how to read a crowd and really get the party started! We also have the option of including some live elements to your event that include saxophone players, percussionists (bongos), acoustic guitarists and even live singers to accompany the DJ.

     All of our DJs and musicians that work for the Ministry of DJs brand are trusted, experienced and absolute professionals in their trade.



    Our DJs are simply the best in the industry. They are masters of their trade, and we are proud to have a group of handpicked, talented individuals representing the Ministry of DJs brand.

    All of our DJs are immaculately presented & experienced and know how to read a crowd and get the party started!


    DJ Bands consist of a DJ with the option of a sax player, singer, percussionist or all the above! DJ Bands are an interactive way to get the crowd involved with music and are experts in creating that special atmosphere you desire for your event.

    DJ Bands are a very popular entertainment option for weddings and private events, especially for those wanting to take their party to the next level!


    Our sax players are extremely talented and work really well to complement the DJ. Sax players liven up the dance floor and interact well with guests. From weddings to corporate events, music simply sounds better with a live sax!


    Ain’t no party like a bongo party! Adding a percussionist to your corporate or wedding entertainment package really livens up the room and gets people moving to the beats! They create a great vibe and atmosphere and really complements the DJ whilst playing together!


    Adding live vocals to your event and singers to your wedding can really bring out the life in the music and ambience. Singers really compliment the DJ and create life and energy in the room. All of our singers are immaculate in their presentation, performance and voice.


    A great addition to your event is creating that special ambience and soothing sounds for guests to enjoy. We have a range of talented acoustic individuals and duos that really set the mood and tailor their sets in accordance with your special event’s needs, be it a wedding, corporate event or private party.

    Night Of Your Life DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]



    For a stress-free, fun, professional service - look no further than Night Of Your Life DJ Hire! Step inside for a preview

    Perfect for weddings, engagements, corporate functions, and special events, I am a Melbourne-based Wedding & Events DJ was offering exactly what you are looking for.


    Celebrating Sound

    Hey all, my name is Jerry. I’m a 30-year-old DJ, and needless to say, music is my passion. I have over a decade of DJ experience both here and overseas. I love what I do; music brings joy to my life, including those around me, and I have no doubt it will bring joy, excitement and awesome memories to your event through the music I play. You can count on me to guarantee it will be one that your guests won’t soon forget. I’ve always wanted to be a musician and ended up becoming fascinated with mixing tracks in my free time, soon turning into a full-time gig as a professional Wedding & Events DJ. I’m happy to say that since my first performance as a DJ, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain invaluable experience. Feel free to contact me regarding my rates and available dates. I can assure you that you won’t regret working with me.

    Melbourne Interactive Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0418 957 156

    Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Your wedding, our entertainment, a perfect match!

    Weddings are our specialty. We’ll partner with you to create the wedding of your dreams! And on your special day, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourselves, knowing your wedding is in safe hands. Right from the moment you enquire, we’ll guide and help you to plan your event. 

    You’ll be able to choose from our wide range of packages, and we’ll make it easy to choose your key songs. On the day, we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and that everyone’s having a great time. We’ll take you and your guests on a musical journey, playing just the right songs for those special moments, such as your ceremony and your first dance.


    We provide unforgettable entertainment for weddings, corporate and private events – fantastic DJs or a unique combination of DJs and live musicians. Our DJs can play a limitless number of the songs you know and love, whilst the live musicians bring along the interactive, visual and engaging experience of a live band.  

    We’ll take you and your guests on a musical journey so that each stage of your event has just the right musical style and atmosphere.

    Since 2007, we’ve been committed to providing highly versatile entertainment in Melbourne and its surrounds, country Victoria and interstate.  

    We aim to go above and beyond expectations to create memorable wedding, corporate and special event celebrations through our dedication, professionalism and personable approach. Our service extends from your initial enquiry to our detailed, friendly consultation and planning process through to your special day. And we look forward to your “wow” when you walk into the event space all the way to your smile by the close of the event.

    iDJS Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1800 765 579


    Book the best DJ for your party, wedding or event and leave the music to us.

    We understand the importance music plays at events, and so by providing an individualised approach, we are able to best match the right DJ for your event.

    We love what we do, and we’ll walk you through the booking process from beginning to end and answer all your questions with confidence and heart.

    And because all events demand utmost professionalism and exceptional coordination within the event space to achieve a smooth progression throughout, our DJs are naturally well versed in this.

    Professional. Seamless. Unmatched.


    We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and unmatched client experience.

    Our service inclusions:


    Who will arrive before-time, be neatly presented with their mobile setup, play the music you want and take requests


    Create a playlist of your favourite songs, make requests on the day, leave it up to your DJ to read your crowd…iDJS can mix it all!


    Our DJ setups have been refined over the years to be a perfect and seamless fit for every event and for any event space.


    View our packages and pricing online to find the package that best suits your event and budget.


    For seamless communication, you will always have direct phone and email contact with our Artist Manager, Kylie.


    We always have one of our DJs and professional equipment on stand-by in case they’re ever needed.




    We provide professional DJs as well as a range of sound and lighting equipment for hire:

    Our DJs are industry-experienced, talented and super-approachable, and our DIY equipment range is super simple to use and are quite literally ‘plug and play setups – so whatever your music entertainment need, we’ve got you covered. 

    We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and unmatched client experience. We love what we do, and we’ll walk you through the booking process from beginning to end and answer all your questions with confidence and heart.

    Either way, you go, we’ll help give an edge to your event. For any party, for any number of people, for all types of music.

    We’ve got the means, and you’ve got options. iDJS Entertainment.

    Ultima Music - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0401 803 124

    Premium Melbourne DJ services at affordable prices!

    Birthday DJs, Wedding DJs, Karaoke DJs, Corporate DJs, Club DJs & Kids DJs – you name it! 

    Music is the key to any good event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or Christmas. An excellent way to ensure good music is going to be played at your event is to hire a professional DJ with experience. When you hire a Mobile DJ from Ultima Music, you can be assured of the music you want at the appropriate sound levels. A Club DJ can also help you by selecting and playing a great mix of music for non-stop fist-pumping. Weddings can be particularly tricky when you need a disc jockey to cater for everyone, from your five-year-old flower girl to your great-uncle. We have more than 10,000 songs to choose from, so it can be a little daunting! But with our great Melbourne DJ Hire Service, all this will be sorted well in advance of your event, leaving nothing to the last minute.

    To arrange for one of our Melbourne DJ Professionals, come and talk to an Ultima Music expert. Our DJs can create the ultimate dance floor experience for your guests. We pride ourselves on customer service and will always give our clients all the time they need, ensuring their requirements are met and the best possible outcome is achieved. 

    Our Melbourne hire service caters to all events and locations around Melbourne and regional Victoria. Ultima Music will soon be sourcing our services to Sydney and Adelaide in the near future, be sure to ask our lovely staff for any updates. We have established ourselves as the market leader in DJ hire, providing some of the best DJs in Australia for private events and weddings. 

    Each and every one of our Mobile DJs has a wealth of practical experience from working at various parties, including weddings, parties, bars, clubs and corporate events. They can adapt to any type of event. We can provide a complete entertainment experience with music from our high-powered speakers and our various lights. 

    All of our equipment is of the highest quality and is state of the art. All of our speakers and lighting will be supported on safe and able stands, and our equipment is designed to be mobile, so we can work for your party wherever it is – whether it’s in a small basement in the Melbourne CBD, a large function centre on the Yarra or a beautiful country area in country Victoria. 

    We provide great value for money services. We have the best Melbourne DJ prices around. We are also incredibly reliable. We never fail to impress, leaving you to relax and enjoy your special event. So the next time you need to hire a Melbourne DJ, try our great service for yourself. Booking our services is easy, simply give us a call or use our online booking form. We are more than happy to have a chat with you about which services will be best for your event.

    Party Hire Productions - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0411 095 967

    Best Wedding & Party Dj Hire Services in Melbourne

    The ultimate choice in Corporate, Private & Wedding Entertainment / Mobile DJs / MC Services / Special Effects / Audio Visual Hire / Professional DJs for all Occasions

    As the leading Melbourne DJ hire service, we play music styles such as House, Electro, R&B, Top 40, Disco, Retro, Rock & Roll, your favourite party anthems & much more. Our Melbourne DJs will provide music services for any occasion, including kids birthdays, 16ths, 18ths, 21sts, 30ths, 40ths, 50ths, 60ths, private parties, engagements, weddings, school socials, corporate functions, community events, fundraisers, sports clubs and more…

    PHP provides the best Wedding DJs in Melbourne that have been helping newlyweds celebrate their special day since 1995. We also provide Mobile Wedding DJ Melbourne. All our professional DJs/MCs have extensive experience in the musical entertainment industry. No beginners here. Our expert mobile disc jockey team is highly recommended by many prestigious wedding receptions across Victoria. We pride ourselves on providing the ‘perfect’ party ambience to complete your fairytale wedding. As well as wedding receptions, our DJs can also provide services during your ceremony.

    About Us

    The ultimate choice in Corporate, Private & Wedding DJ entertainment!! Apart from music, we also provide special effects like Dry Ice Machines (walking on clouds effect), Bubble Machines, themed coloured Mood Lighting, and lots more!

    If you’re celebrating a special occasion and need professional entertainment, look no further. PHP has been providing professional DJ entertainment since 1995, and with over 23 years of industry experience, we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with us! Contact us today for an award-winning service!

    Be sure to check out our special effects, party hire equipment, and read what our clients have to say about our services here.

    Black Tie Events - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0400 447 553

    Do you want a stress free, well organised, fun night with great music, energy and atmosphere?

    Having run over 400 successful weddings and events, we can provide a stress-free, fun night. Great range of music, from R&B to house, Old School, the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and Contemporary

    Our entertainment options include MC & DJing in Melbourne, surrounding suburbs, and the Yarra Valley, Victoria. We are reliable, have never missed any event, and have a backup team.

    If you are searching for the best wedding DJ in Melbourne, then look no further than Black Tie Events. As a hugely experienced DJ in Melbourne, Mark Girdwood fronts Black Tie Events, having previously spent 15 years in radio. Mark is a wedding DJ in Yarra Valley as well as acting as a wedding MC in Yarra Valley. In addition to weddings, he also offers party DJ hire in Melbourne and corporate DJ hire in Melbourne to ensure that all your events, formal or informal, will be memorable.

    We understand that, when it comes to DJ hire in Melbourne, there are lots of options available, and when you are searching for DJ hire in Melbourne prices, you will find that our prices are very favourable. Besides receiving excellent value for money, you will get the best wedding DJ in Melbourne, who will ensure that you have a stress free and well-organised event. Mark and his team have an incredible selection of music to suit all tastes and all occasions. Our DJ’s energy and passion for the job will be evident throughout your event.

    We appreciate that planning any aspect of a wedding can be stressful, but when it comes to wedding DJ hire in Melbourne, after speaking to us, your mind will be put at ease. We have acted as a wedding DJ in Melbourne at over 400 events, something that very few wedding DJ hire companies in Melbourne can claim to have done. As a vastly experienced DJ in the Yarra Valley, we know that you will be delighted with our service.

    Of course, being a DJ in Melbourne and a DJ in the Yarra Valley is great fun (if you didn’t enjoy it, you probably shouldn’t be doing the job), but it also requires great professionalism. The timings must be to the second, and you need to be continually aware of your audiences’ reaction to the songs that you play. Being available to accept requests is what you expect from any Melbourne DJ hire, but to do this effectively, you must have a comprehensive selection of music available and extensive knowledge.

    We understand that, as a wedding MC in the Yarra Valley and a wedding DJ in Melbourne, we form an integral part of your big day. It is a role that requires concentration and organisation as well as, in some cases, a great deal of patience! We want your big day to be extra special, and we will do all we can to ensure that this happens. Our DJ hire in Melbourne prices is deliberately kept affordable so that you have more to spend on other important things such as your wedding dress and the catering!

    So, if you are searching for a DJ in Melbourne, DJ hires in Melbourne, party DJ hire in Melbourne, or corporate DJ hire in Melbourne, we have all the solutions that you need.

    A little about Mark

    Black Tie Events’ Mark Girdwood’s career started with DJing in the inner Melbourne Pubs and Clubs after taking a break from his audio career at Channel 7, where he’d been working on various TV shows and drama. Mark then branched into commercial radio, broadening his skills working both on-air and programming music. Mark’s 15-year on-air radio career included, amongst other great radio stations, Melbourne’s Hot Hit 3XY.

    Melbourne DJ Services - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0406 577 513

    Wedding DJ & MC Services

    We Provide Wedding DJ & MC Hire Services in Melbourne. Hiring a Wedding DJ shouldn’t be a painful process & should not cost any couple an arm and a leg. Hence why we believe in providing Quality DJ Service in Melbourne that is affordable to all. If your goal is to find the right team that has experience and reputation, you trust and also obviously fits your budget! 

    Hopefully, our team will tick those boxes. You can relax and trust we have everything covered. You get the benefits of engaging a professional DJ Service without sacrificing the personalised level of service.


    At Melbourne DJ Services, we understand the importance of your wedding day. When it comes to wedding entertainment, We believe there is a lot of stress when organising a wedding, so let your wedding entertainment not be one of them. We offer Wedding DJ & MC Services in Melbourne and Surrounds. What makes us stand out:

    • Professional and experienced DJs skilled in playing a wide array of genres
    • Our wedding DJ’s specialise in reading the crowd playing a variety of genres including music from Jazz, Rock, classics 80’s, 90’s to modern pop and Top 40’s.
    • During the initial planning & consultation, we will ensure to capture must play & do not play songs. Ensuring our playlist is tailored as per your vision.
    • Our Wedding DJ Setup includes best in class DJ Equipment, Wireless microphone and Premium sound system and lighting to set the right theme for your special day.


    We are friendly, reliable and professional, which means you’ll find yourself stress-free working with us. Our packages include an immaculate setup, music of your choice, and our experienced DJs will only play the music that suits the night and the crowd would love to dance to.

    Insatiable Nights - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0426 492 056

    Melbourne Wedding and Party DJ Service

    Insatiable Nights is a professional Melbourne DJ hire service catering for your entire music and event needs. Specialising in Weddings, Insatiable Nights caters to all of Melbourne. So if it is a Wedding, Engagement Party, Birthday Party, Corporate or Social Functions, no matter how big or small, let Insatiable Nights create a fun and memorable atmosphere for your event!

    Professional DJ Hire

    Established in the Melbourne DJ scene, I have over 15 years of experience in nightclubs and as a Mobile DJ and MC.

    My passion for entertaining people is the foundation built around Insatiable Nights, where I strive on building professional relationships with customers seeking a fun, memorable and trouble-free event from their Mobile DJ.

    Music selection is always the most important aspect when entertaining your guests. My DJ experience allows me to read the crowd better than anyone, ensuring your guests are kept dancing!

    My versatility spans across all genres, but there is nothing more that I enjoy than playing those party hits we have all grown to love.

    My own musical interests include Old School RnB…you can never beat a classic!

    Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1300 932 654

    What we’re all about...

    Wedding DJ Melbourne is the leading DJ, MC and Singer agency servicing Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula & the Yarra Valley.

    ​This is by no mistake. Simply put, to become a part of this exclusive agency, you must have extensive experience and the skills needed to deliver amazing results at every event.

    ​Our team is dedicated, passionate and reliable and will take every step to ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

    ​We urge our prospective clients to consider the importance of entertainment at any event, including your wedding. With the highest quality entertainment, your guests will have something to rave about for years to come.

    ​Wedding DJ Melbourne...

    ​“Making memories that will stay with you forever.”

    DJ Michael - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0401 264 931

    Professional and experienced DJ/MC specialising in mixed weddings, engagements, birthday parties, christenings, and corporate events.

    ​Arabic, Lebanese, Iraqi, Egyptian, Persian, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Afghan, and all the favourites from the 80’s, 90’s, top 40 and old school RnB.

    Specialising in Middle Eastern entertainment with amazing sound and lightning.

    ​Organising Arabic bands, zaffe groups, mizmar, flute, bagpipes, Arabian drummers (tubell players). 

    Also, great fireworks and dry-ice packages.

    About DJ Michael

    As an experienced and fully-trained professional, DJ/MC Michael will get the crowd going and ensure your guests enjoy the party. DJ Michael is an Arabic/English DJ in Melbourne who is ready to give life to your party.

    Following his passion for music, DJ Michael works professionally as a mobile DJ for weddings that require English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, & commercial top 40. DJ Michael is here to help you set the right tone for your wedding and bring out a fun and dynamic atmosphere for you and your guests.

    Open to requests, he can play a broad range of genres, including RnB, top 40, Rock n Roll, the best of the ’80s and ’90s and international music.

    Jag Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1300 030 330

    JAG Entertainment specialises in Wedding and Corporate Entertainment. JAG showcases Melbourne’s best wedding bands, wedding trios, acoustic duos, string quartets and trios, Master of Ceremonies, DJ’s plus many more miscellaneous acts suitable for Weddings, Parties, Corporate events, product launches and anything else relying on some type of entertainment.

    Our staff are all professionals and have been in the entertainment industry for many years. Customer service is a major priority, and our main focus is to ensure you are matched perfectly to your chosen entertainment.

    Most of the bands with JAG offer a special night to allow you to see them; these showcase nights are always free, casual and a great time to meet with your prospective band for your wedding or corporate event.

    If there is an entertainer who is not listed, please always ask, we can certainly assist you and point you in the right direction. 

    DJ’s and Master of Ceremonies 

    DJ’s and Master of Ceremonies play a huge part in Weddings and Corporate functions these days.

    A DJ is a less expensive choice of entertainment, however, do not make the mistake of employing the least expensive you can find. Make sure they have quality equipment and lighting.

    A professional Master of Ceremonies is not an expense; it is an investment in your Wedding or Corporate Event, knowing you have someone overseeing the running of the entire evening in a professional and efficient manner. JAG has Melbourne’s best, including Dean Sindoni, Sam Muscat, Francis Morello, just a name a few.

    DJ Kwenda - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0439 308 676

    Professional wedding DJ hire service

    Whether one envisions their most special day to be elegant and timeless, or romantic and intimate, or simply relaxed, DJ Kwenda will work with you to create a seamless soundtrack to reflect this and give an edge to your wedding with his musical creativity and flawless professionalism.

    Incredibly skilled and experienced in the wedding entertainment space, those who have entrusted DJ Kwenda with their wedding music consistently commend him most highly – as do their guests, reception venue and other wedding suppliers – and the photos in his media galleries speak to this.

    Professional DJ & MC for hire

    Talented & accomplished DJ for weddings, parties & events

    DJ Kwenda has firmly established his career as a full-time professional DJ with more than 16 years of industry experience behind him, having started DJing in his early teenage years. The creativity and the intensity in which he approaches the decks makes for unparalleled music entertainment, and it is this fervour that ensures every wedding he DJs for is the best it can be; reaffirmed through the incredible reviews he continues to amass Internationally recognised and a headline DJ for touring music artists, DJ Kwenda is deeply passionate about his art and through a love-affair with music and undeniable talent, has etched recognition as being one of the finest DJs. As such, and not surprisingly, he has been head-hunted to facilitate DJ classes to educate and upskill both new and upcoming DJs, as well as experienced DJs. His extensive music collection encompasses all genres, and his magic and finesses for DJ’ing is strengthened only by his innate ability to seamlessly fuse and mix all kinds of music, read and respond to any crowd and make each person in a room feel welcome, invited and free of inhibitions.

    DJ First - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0412 933 938

    Thank you for considering the DJ First team for your next special event. The aim of this website is to not only provide important information and facts about our unique and specialised DJ service based in Melbourne but also to make the process of booking a DJ convenient, easy, informative and stress-free.

    We had come a long way since our beginnings in 1980. Today DJ First provides Melbourne with a team of professional disc jockeys at a price and package you can afford. DJ First is a multi-system company with eight dedicated, dependable, hardworking DJs that take pride in everything they do. Each DJ has a great personality and can easily interact with you and your guests. All our DJs come with a positive ‘can-do attitude and are more than happy to help in any way they can. All you need to do is ask. So from our end, your event will run hassle-free without any problems.

    All the equipment we use is ultra-modern. It’s simply the best of the best. We don’t take any chances when it comes to organising your professional DJ equipment. You can choose from three professional DJ packages, five hours of entertainment, and add-on any of the other equipment – allowing you to customise your own personal DJ package!

    Our music library is massive. Our songs cover all genres of music styles. We also cater for Italian, Greek, Spanish and Arabic. Our music is digital quality and features specially made CDs for radio station DJs and club DJs. DJ First’s music library contains virtually every song you’ve ever heard on the radio. Your mobile DJ entertainer will mix up the music, interact with your guests, and keep them partying all night long. They also take requests and can make any announcements or even MC the night. All at no extra charge.

    With DJ, First distance is not an issue. We cover the entire Melbourne metropolitan area with a network of locally-based DJs servicing Bundoora, Carlton, Epping, Box Hill, Mitcham, Essendon, Keilor, Greenvale, Werribee, Brighton, Eltham and all suburbs in-between, along with most of country Victoria (a travel fee applies outside the greater Melbourne area).

    Melbourne Entertainment Co. - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1300 858 982


    It’s time to organise the biggest and best celebration! Get excited. Everything you need to make your event a once-in-a-lifetime experience starts here. Our professional entertainment services will keep your guests raving and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Whether it’s your Wedding day and you need something elegant and classy, or you’re in charge of organising your work Christmas party, we have solutions for every celebration.


    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events, entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable, go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.

    Josh The Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]



    Josh is a Melbourne based DJ with over 10 years of experience playing bars and nightclubs but, more importantly, weddings and private events. He uses a Digital Vinyl Setup, which means music files on a laptop are manipulated with real vinyl turntables. This, combined with the custom DJ table, adds a look of class to your event.

    What about the music? Let’s face it….you don’t want the DJ at your wedding to play the same set they would play at CLOUD NINE (nightclub) at 2am, but you also don’t want cliche wedding songs played one after another with no mixing. This is where Josh comes into his own. He is able to read a crowd and have your friends and family up and dancing with a DJ set which hits that sweet spot between Nightclub and usual wedding mixes. Check out the mixes below to see what we mean.

    Don’t book with an agency as you don’t know who they are going to send to your event. If you book Josh, you can be confident that your guests are going to be up and dancing all night long.


    Couples often ask if Josh can MC on the night. He is very comfortable on the mic and works closely with you and the venue manager to make sure everything from the bridal party entrances to the farewell at the end of the night runs smoothly. This service is available at no extra charge. Alternatively, Josh is more than happy to work with your chosen MC and always has a wireless microphone at the ready for any moments you need to use it on the night.

    Instinct Events and Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1300 881 610

    Affordable Event Entertainment

    DJ is the most cost-effective way of obtaining music and sound system for small events. They often remove the need to engage an Audiovisual company for a small event. At the same time, they have the ability to play ANY MUSIC YOU WANT. The choice that goes with the digital medium carries a big “Event Payload”.

    The flexibility of having DJ’s works for event managers and guests alike for many smaller events (especially those that are budget conscious)

    We are a fully integrated Entertainment Agency & Event Management Company.

    One company, with expertise in both – all under one roof!

    Our integrated approach and innate understanding of both disciplines allow us to deliver real results for clients, whether we’re providing entertainment or event management services or both.

    What you get working with us

    Outstanding service from a team who love what we do, and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years now!

    Australia’s Best Entertainment Agency …Nothing less.

    Confidence working with a team who have delivered over 25000 events & entertained over 30 million Australians.

    More time with your team, guests or clients as we ensure the event delivery is seamless.

    We have over 3000 entertainers trusting us to represent them, and it’s our job to match the client and event.

    Some clients are hard to impress. We like that! Tell us what challenges you’re facing & give us a chance to blow you away!

    Fedora DJ Melbourne - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0458 333 671

    We are Fedora Productions.

    We offer a premium service in the field of Pro Audio. Many years of experience supplying professional sound engineering and DJ services around Melbourne has enabled Fedora Productions to expand our services exponentially. Any event, any size, big or small, Fedora Productions have you covered.

    Mobile DJ

    Our Mobile DJ Hire Services cater for all function types from Weddings, Engagements, Corporate Functions, Presentation Nights, Debutante Balls, School Discos, Birthdays and even Kids Parties. Our highly skilled Disc Jockeys are trained to cater for their audience. They will play what you want to hear and what is required for the moment. We also offer professional Wedding MCs for your very special day. Let our experienced Master of Ceremonies help keep your wedding reception alive and running to schedule. Fedora Productions only use the highest quality sound and lighting systems to date. All of our equipment is Tested and Tagged periodically. We also follow Australia’s strict OH&S standards to ensure the safety and well-being of all who are a part of the function. YouTube us for examples of some functions we have done at: or visit our Mobile DJ Hire Facebook page:

    How we work.


    We here at Fedora Productions love what we do. We have the opportunity to work our dream job in an industry that has no boundaries or limitations. This enables us to consistently be creative in all aspects of our fields which allows us to give you an experience that will exceed your expectations.


    With over 25 years of experience, you will not be disappointed in our services from your initial enquiry with us, right through to the follow-ups following your event/function. We are highly experienced in all aspects of our fields, from DJs to MCs, Photo Booth attendants to Photographers, Audio Engineers, to Lighting Technicians.


    We take extreme care and pride in our work. There is no stone we will leave un-turned as we go through every detailed element of your function or event to make sure it is perfect and exactly how you want it. We will be at your event on time, well presented and with great enthusiasm. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed that your day is in good hands.

    Paper Hearts - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    02 9190 0569

    wedding duo | trio | solo | dj | mc

    Melbourne. Sydney. Brisbane. Hobart. Beyond.

    Created by husband + wife duo Amelia & Ryan.

    Amelia & Ryan met through friends and fell madly in love. Sharing a passion for epic vocal harmonies & live music, PAPER HEARTS was born.

    Word quickly spread & PAPER HEARTS were soon serenading wedding guests all year round with glowing reviews from clients, fellow vendors and venues alike.

    With a growing demand for their unique services & a desire to connect all hopeful couples with high-end wedding entertainment, PAPER HEARTS expanded the family to include a carefully curated selection of their most talented friends in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hobart.

    From wedding ceremonies & canapés sets to receptions & corporate events, PAPER HEARTS cover everything from intimate acoustic love songs to roof-raising dance floor hits.

    Submit your song requests & high five your fiancé as PAPER HEARTS create the perfect soundtrack for your special day.

    Hey Jack - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    03 9088 8074

    Let’s Create Some Wedding Entertainment Magic

    ​The Hey Jack team knows not all wedding entertainment is created equal! We’re on hand to help make your vision a reality. Of course, you want to lock down the best of the best when it comes to music, film & photography for your special day, and we know how to make that happen! Whether it’s an intimate soiree or a wedding intended to raise the roof of your venue, we have the perfect package to ensure the good times roll all day long (that’s a promise)!


    Want the excitement of live music PLUS a reception that feels like the most memorable party ever? There’s no need to choose between the showmanship and engagement of a wedding band or the ultra-engaging personality of a Melbourne wedding DJ when you don’t have to. We’ve combined the two so your big day will be covered from start to finish with musical magic for those sweet, emotional moments (#aisle, #first dance), right through to your reception full of the tunes you love to get everyone up on the dancefloor! A live DJ is paired with professional instrumentalists who play together for an immersive and unrivalled entertainment experience! This hybrid package means you and your guests get to have your cake AND eat it too. How delish.

    Your Day, Your Way – Keep Things Cool & Classic Or Spice It Up

    You’ll have the opportunity to customise your wedding entertainment, so it suits your personal style and tastes – since we know some of us to love a bit of vanilla and others want double choc fudge. In wedding terms, this could mean soulful jazz, smooth R&B, or an eclectic, energetic mix of hits and wedding classics thrown in for good measure! The sky’s the limit, and you can have whatever you like…a live DJ spinning beats, an acoustic soloist, double or trio act or go for the whole enchilada with a big band experience equipped with saxophonist, trumpet or drums to blow everyone away.

    Explore Our DJ Band

    This immersive entertainment experience combines the excitement and showmanship of live music with the energetic, engaging personality of a DJ! They complement each other and play perfectly together to ensure you’re covered for emotional moments (like your first dance), as well as a party atmosphere that gets everyone on the dancefloor!

    DJ Masters - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1800 9966 36

    Every event has the perfect soundtrack. Music is powerful. It defines any occasion, providing something beyond any other element of an event and its memories. That’s why you’re not leaving it to just anyone. DJ Masters brings you the finest DJs Melbourne has to offer for every event. Our team of talented Melbourne-based Wedding DJs, Party DJs and Corporate DJs are committed to creating the celebration you have in mind.

    Our premium Melbourne DJ service means your event is complete with a professional DJ and entertainment designed for your event. Expect powerful equipment, wireless microphones, lighting, full control over music selections, and a professional MC service at no additional cost.

    Your vision is important, that’s why you have as much control over the music selections as you desire. Alternatively, you can define the idea and feel you’d like to create, and we can create the ideal soundtrack for you.

    Reading the crowd and closely following the mood of your guests to ensure everyone is up and celebrating has been the key talent to our success and status across Melbourne. Fifteen years ago, DJ Masters established a boutique professional DJ service in Melbourne and is now a resident of some of Melbourne’s finest venues and event professionals. We are proud to have built an exceptional reputation as a reliable and professional Melbourne DJ and MC service.

    Our mission is simple - to craft and deliver the perfect, unforgettable atmosphere for your event, with professionalism, experience, style, and the perfect soundtrack.

    Professional DJs for Weddings in Melbourne

    You’ve spent countless hours creating a date you’ll remember forever. Let one of our experienced Melbourne Wedding DJs help bring it to life.

    As Wedding DJs and MCs for literally thousands of unforgettable receptions across Melbourne over the years - weddings are our specialty.

    It can be stressful organising the entertainment and sentimental elements of the big day. The little things make a big difference, and expectations are always high. DJ Masters brings you the finest Wedding DJs Melbourne has to offer. Our team of talented Melbourne-based Wedding DJs and MCs are committed to helping you create the vision you have in mind. Weddings are simply what we do best, making up 80% of our clients. Over the past 15 years in Melbourne, our Wedding DJs and MCs have been a critical element in thousands of magical receptions.

    Our premium Melbourne Wedding DJ service means your event is complete with a professional Wedding DJ and professional wedding entertainment. You can expect superior equipment, lighting, wireless microphones, full control over music selections, and a professional Wedding MC Service at no additional cost.

    We can provide wireless and portable music / PA equipment to DJ wedding ceremonies at unpowered locations and can even help you compile and project slideshows / visual media you’d like at the reception.

    Your vision is important, that’s why you have as much control over the music selections as you desire. Alternatively, you can define the idea and feel you’d like to create, and we can create the ideal soundtrack for you.

    Reading the crowd and closely following the mood of your guests to ensure everyone is up and celebrating has been the key talent to our success and status as the preferred Melbourne Wedding DJ service.

    15 years ago, DJ Masters established a boutique professional Wedding DJ service in Melbourne and is now resident to some of Melbourne’s finest wedding venues and wedding professionals. We are proud to have built an exceptional reputation as the reliable and professional Melbourne Wedding DJ and MC service.

    Groove Junction Entertainment - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    0424 257 288

    Groove Junction Entertainment offers live music entertainment services by the finest musicians performing in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia wide. Specialising in Corporate Events, Wedding Entertainment and Private Parties, our live band will take your event to the next level. 

    Providing a first-class entertainment experience, our wedding bands are available in a 3-10 piece band format. We also offer acoustic duos, solo performers and DJ services.



    For a premium DJ service in Melbourne and VIC-wide, the Groove Junction DJ is ideal for all sorts of parties, corporate events and wedding entertainment. Our professional DJ offers years of experience and understands how to read the room at any event. Including kids parties, school formals, weddings, corporate functions and Christmas parties.

    ​Combined with our live music artists or band, the Groove Junction DJ is the perfect mix of live instruments, real vocalists and sharp DJ mixing. This means you can have all the boom of a 20-piece band or the grandeur of a 100-piece orchestra, all via one talented DJ and his DJ Live setup. Hiring a DJ can create a better and sharper sound, which does less damage to your bottom line and gives you greater flexibility.

    ​No matter what package you choose, having a DJ set at your party creates a lively night to remember. With playlists tailored to your needs, your guests won’t stop dancing!

    Enquire now to find out why Groove Junction is one of Melbourne’s most popular cover bands for functions and weddings!

    Wedding Parties Anything - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1800 454 855

    Mobile DJ & MC’s for wedding’s, Parties and any other corporate event or function in Melbourne.

    WPA DJ pays particular attention to detail because if it is one thing we know, with our 20 years of experience, it’s the attention to detail that makes the biggest difference.

    Our team of experienced DJ’s are dedicated to making your event a resounding success for you and your guests. When you book your event, we’ll discuss and take you through all aspects of our event planning agenda. And during the lead up to your event, confirmation will be sought, so you don’t have any unexpected surprises.

    We know how important your wedding reception night is, that’s why we go through all details of your wedding reception night with you, either in person or over the phone. As part of our wedding DJ planning agenda, we go through the following:

    Speeches & Formalities

    Songs you want playing at special moments of the night:

    Entrance of the bride and groom, Cutting of the cake, Bridal Waltz, Father & Daughter Waltz, Removal of the garter, Throwing of the bouquet, Farewell circle and a Song list also provided for the rest of the evening.

    Songs you want playing at special moments of the night:

    WPA Wedding DJ Melbourne provide crystal clear sound systems and quality microphones for all speeches and formalities. A cordless microphone can be requested at an extra cost.


    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events, entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable, go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.

    Mobydisc - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne
    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    1800 100 607

    Need a DJ for your Party or Wedding Reception?

    Organising the music for a party or a Wedding Reception has never been easier than having a Mobydisc DJ in attendance. And with the Mobydisc online music selector, you can choose and listen to all the music beforehand.

    Ring now 1800 100 606 to book your Mobydisc DJ for your Party or Wedding Reception.

    Mobydisc Jukebox Hire and Karaoke

    Thinking of hiring a Jukebox? Then you have come to the right place. Mobydisc Jukebox Hire has the same great music selection as a Mobydisc DJ would bring, plus Karaoke. And with the Mobydisc online music selector, you can choose and listen to all the music beforehand. With every Mobydisc Jukebox Hire, you get 2 microphones for speeches and Karaoke plus the latest in Led-lighting effect.

    A Mobydisc Wedding DJ gives you a great reception!

    From the moment you book a Mobydisc wedding DJ, you know our 30 years experience will make an unforgettable difference to your reception.

    Your expert Mobydisc wedding DJ arrives early, sets up on time, is formally dressed and will be the life of the dance floor.

    Special requests, special effect dance lighting, your choice of songs and mike for speeches all come with your Mobydisc wedding DJ reception package.

    Your Mobydisc wedding DJ will even act as MC if required. And you can book a cordless mike if the reception room is large or the speeches are not located close to the dance floor.

    Because you have chosen the music with our online song selector, you know the reception will sound as good as the bridal party look. And you can always bring your favourite songs on CD or iPod that you want your Mobydisc wedding DJ to play.

    Special moments at your wedding

    Certain important moments at a wedding reception require special music. There’s the official entry of the bridal party, cutting of the cake, the bridal waltz and the farewell circle.

    Mobydisc understands the significance of these important moments. Your wedding DJ knows exactly what to play and when to capture the moment and ensure it stays in your memory forever.

    Speeches and formalities

    The sound systems at reception venues can be unreliable or of poor quality. The microphone provided by the Mobydisc wedding DJ plugs into our state-of-the-art music system, and the cordless mike can be requested where a regular mike cord may not reach the official table.

    Do you already have an MC? They will sound better through our system. And your Mobydisc wedding DJ is trained to act as MC for no extra charge if you prefer.

    Want To Add Your Own Music?

    No problem. Either bring your own CDs or your iPod or both. Just let us know at the time of booking you wish to do this.

    Want to Do It Yourself (DIY)? From Just $195.00

    • State of the art touchscreen console
    • Pre-loaded with over 10,000 music and karaoke tracks
    • 2 x 12” speakers with a matching amp
    • 2 x LED lighting effects
    • 2 x Microphones
    • iPod, Smartphone, Laptop connection to play own music
    • Free delivery, setup, and pickup
    • Ideal for small to mid-size parties up to 100 people

    Add On

    • Cordless Microphone - $45.00
    • Smoke Machine - $45.00
    • Extra LED light - $25.00
    • 24-hour operator service

    From the moment you book the Mobydisc wedding DJ, your details are recorded, confirmation sent, and the booking computer tracked. And our operators are just a phone call away 24 hours a day - there is always someone to talk to in the rare event that a backup DJ or system is required.

    Who are Mobyisc Mobile DJs?

    Mobydisc Mobile DJs are experienced, fully trained professionals to make your Party or Wedding Reception exceptional.

    Lark Music Wedding DJ Melbourne - Wedding DJ & MC Melbourne

    Top 30 Wedding DJ & MC in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    03 9498 4256

    Lark Music is Australia’s leading team of musicians and DJs for outstanding weddings, corporate events and private parties. Performing all over Australia and South East Asia, if you’re on the hunt for festival-quality live bands, a party-starting wedding DJ, or stylish acoustic performers, we’ll provide the soundtrack for the time of your life.

    Wedding DJs

    Festival-fresh sets to unite and set the dance floor alight

    No one unites a room like a Lark DJ. Available in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, our top-of-class, room-reading specialists craft celebrations that go way beyond the button-pressing of others.

    An expert in combining room-reading skills with unparalleled technical ability and song-knowledge prowess, your Lark DJ will nail your epic wedding party arrivals, set the tone for gorgeous family reunions, and fill the dancefloor with a no-guest-left-seated guarantee!

    What you get:

    • 5 hours of non-stop music: we cover everything
    • All your song requests
    • Set and forget: we bring manage all our own top quality sound gear or slot in comfortably with your venue
    • Exciting optional extras for those other special moments: live bands, acoustic artists, concept acts, and more

    DJ Band

    Electrifying DJ performances complete with live instrumentalists

    With the thrill of a professional DJ and the head-turning command of live instrumentalists, our DJ Band creates the knock-’em-dead live music atmosphere you’ve been searching for. With your choice of electrifying performers (sax, vocals, violin, you name it), our unique feature combinations highlight cocktail events, dancefloor-filling afterparties, conference openings, and more.

    What you get:

    • Continuous music from start to finish
    • DJ ability to play almost anything and take requests
    • Live Saxophone, Percussion and/or Vocalist
    • All song requests queued perfectly for your big arrival, first dance and farewell.
    • Exciting optional extras for those other special moments: live bands, acoustic artists, concept acts, and more
    Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

    The wedding planning process can be a daunting task. Of course, you want to create the perfect day for your love, but sometimes you may not know where to start. Wedding planners are experts in creating beautiful weddings that fit any budget and style. They specialise in all aspects of the planning process, from finding venues to booking vendors and managing budgets. So whether you need help with invitations or catering, there is a wedding planner out there who will make sure your big day goes off without a hitch! 

    As you can see from this list of tasks, it's easy to see why wedding planning is such an important job! A good planner will help make your dream come true by ensuring every detail is covered, so you don't have to worry about anything else but enjoying yourself! 

    To help you get started on your wedding planner hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding Planners from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

    Table of Contents
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      Ultimate List of Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria

      The Style Co. - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      03 9425 9798


      It takes, on average, over 250 hours to plan a wedding. [that’s a heck load of hours...but it’s true]. After all the googling, phone call, appointment taking, decision making, food and wine tasting (yum!), spreadsheet building, more decision making, credit card swiping, run sheet producing, rehearsal managing, people herding, you still have to have enough sanity, energy and excitement for the wedding day itself!

      So we thought to be better to add another option to our already pretty Schmick event design + styling service... wedding planning.

      If you choose to add our wedding planning service, we’ll have a dedicated planner guide you from start to finish and make sure everything that’s important to you has been looked after.

      So kick back, enjoy your engagement and let us take it from here.

      We get asked all the time what it’s really like to be an event stylist.

      It’s 5 am starts, and 5 am finishes—sleep deprivation for days on end.

      It’s meeting the nicest people you can imagine.

      It’s working in 40-degree heat or in the pouring rain and everything in between.

      It’s heavy lifting, cuts, bruises, sunburn. It’s climbing stairs, ladders and trees.

      It’s playing with flowers, fabrics, timber & paint.

      It’s working with other creatives and people that ‘get’ us.

      It’s putting our passion, creativity, heart and soul into a design.

      It’s pushing the boundaries.

      It has the best team with us.

      It’s months of planning, only hours to build and minutes to tear down.

      It’s getting to know our clients, turning them into friends and creating something truly amazing for them.

      It’s the look on their faces as they walk in.

      It’s when we’re done, we stand back and are proud of what our team have created.

      It’s at that point that we know it was all worth it.

      there is nothing else we’d rather do….

      we do what we love. We love what we do.

      So, we hope we get to create something for you soon…

      PS To all of our clients and supporters, some we are yet to meet, thank you for loving and sharing our work.

      We’re lucky to be able to create, build and laugh with some amazing people,

      especially our team – the loveliest, super creative and hardest working bunch we know.

      Lily Infusion Weddings & Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      03 9890 0689

      Our Services

      • You deserve a wedding that you have dreamt about and a relaxed engagement period at the same time. We give you all the support you need to plan and design your big day.
      • Our attention to detail and strong time management skills will ensure your event to be a successful and long memorable one.
      • Our creative ideas and inspirations will take your wedding or event to the next level and ensuring your personality are infused into every detail.
      • Legwork and little errands are all ours to save you hundreds of hours for beauty sleep.
      • We are your personal wedding or event financial adviser and manager.
      • We work with the industry’s best, have a great relationship with lots of experienced and high-quality vendors, ensuring your money is spent wisely, high value for money services and products you get.
      • We absorb the stress you may have and free you on the day to enjoy every precious moment.

      What we do & Who we are

      Lily Infusion Weddings and Events was established in 2010, being one of the first Asian/Chinese cultured wedding planners and stylists in Melbourne.

      We work hard to ensure you have the perfect day!

      The team has a vast amount of creative ideas and inspirations. We can help to put your ideas together and adding a professional high standard touch. We create personal and detail-rich events that are tailored to individual needs, giving you and your guests unforgettable memories to share.

      Please get in touch to share the vision you have for your dream event. Our friendly team members love to assist you with any special occasions!

      Evviva Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 409 208 581


      Welcome to Evviva Events! We are a Melbourne based event management company specialising in creating and executing amazing celebrations.

      We do event planning, styling and theming, and are passionate about entertaining, creating beautiful and unique events and most importantly, making sure that you have fun! We will bring a wow factor to your event that will leave your guests impressed.

      Whether it be a wedding, corporate event or private party, we offer a range of services to suit every budget.

      We offer premier wedding event management services, including full wedding planning, wedding styling, and on-the-day wedding coordination. We will help you bring your vision for your dream wedding to life, ensuring the planning process is fun and stress-free.

      We are also experts in delivering creative and highly successful corporate events. Whether it is an office party or an annual gala, our experienced corporate event planners and corporate event stylists will work with you to ensure your next event is a huge success.

      Our fabulous party planners can also bring creative ideas to wow your guests at your next private event or function. We can plan and style your birthday party, christening, dinner party or another private event.

      From small intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, we will do all of the hard work so that you can just enjoy yourself and have a great time with your guests.

      Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss how we can make your day fun, beautiful and stress-free!

      ABOUT US

      Evviva Events is a full-service event management company based in Melbourne. We do it all, from small intimate gatherings to extravagant and luxurious parties! We are perfectionists and take great pride in our work. We are passionate about entertaining, making things beautiful and most importantly, making sure that you have fun! We will ensure that absolutely every detail is taken care of and that you are able to enjoy your day without the stress of worrying about whether things are going to run smoothly.

      Evviva events were started by Dani McEwin, who decided to follow her passion for entertaining and creating beautiful celebrations. With a background in corporate event planning, project management and supplier management, Dani brings a high level of expertise and will personally oversee your event to ensure everything is executed absolutely seamlessly. Over the years, Dani has developed strong industry relationships, so we will get you the best service and products for your special day.

      Call Evviva Events now to bring a wow factor to your event

      and make sure that your guests are impressed!

      Wedding Planner FAQs

      How to hire the best wedding planner?

      Research Local Wedding Planners

      Check out prospective planners' websites for photos of recent weddings they've done to help narrow down your list. Be sure to see if elements (like colours, décor and lighting) have a cohesive look and an overarching style that the weddings share. If all the weddings they've planned look over-the-top and glamorous and you want a small, intimate gathering, they may not be the right planner for you. Check to see if your list of planners have specialised in the region where you'd like to marry too. 

      Follow Up With Your Favorites

      Call your top three or four picks to confirm the following: types of planning services offered, wedding date availability, and price range. If their answers fit your budget and your vision, set up appointments to meet with each.

      Prepare for Your First Meeting

      Bring magazine tear-outs, photos, Pinterest picks and inspiration boards with you when you meet with potential planners. At your meeting, ask the wedding planner any questions to get all the information you need. Beyond their responses to your questions, take note of their personalities. Is this someone you can work with closely for months at a time? Voice your ideas about your style and colours and see how the planner responds—they should meet your thoughts with enthusiasm. 

      Seal the Deal

      Take some time to compare and contrast prices, impressions, notes, and, if provided, formal proposals. Some planners draft their overall vision for your wedding and their intended services in the form of a proposal, which would then work as the basis for your contract. Once you've decided to hire your favourite planner, call them immediately to express your desire to move forward and receive a contract. As soon as you've signed the agreement and paid your deposit, you'll have officially hired your wedding planner. Congrats! 

      What are the reasons to hire a wedding planner?

      A wedding planner will sweat the small stuff. While you're doing all of the fun parts of planning the big day, like tasting wedding cakes and picking out bridesmaid dresses, a wedding planner will handle all of the unglamorous details. Not only will they take on complex tasks like negotiating contracts with vendors, but your planner will also see to the hidden planning details, like making sure there are enough bathrooms at the venue for your guests (really!).

      You'll have help stretching your budget. Because your planner knows the market, they will know which vendors will get you the most for your money. An event planner also knows where to economise without compromising your vision – do you need 10 doves, or will four work just as well? – and where it's worth it to spend a little more on small details that make a difference.

      A planner is your quality control. Even though your wedding is the only one you're working on, the vendors you're hiring are working on many events simultaneously, with multiple clients. A wedding planner has vendors they know and trust to do great work and will do a vigilant follow-up to make sure your vision comes to life exactly the way you've dreamed it will.

      You have a built-in wedding etiquette expert. Wondering the right timing for sending out save-the-dates, or whether a cocktail-length wedding dress is appropriate? Need help gently telling your mother that there won't be a "Chicken Dance" at the reception? A wedding planner can offer advice on any sticky situation that comes up, from what to tip your limo driver to how to explain to your great aunt that while you love her lemon taffeta prom dress from 1952, you don't want to wear it for your shower.

      Your planner will save you as much stress as possible on the big day. Your wedding day should be all about you and your future spouse, not about where you're going to fit five people who didn't RSVP and how to accommodate the vegan or gluten-free couple who didn't tell you about their dietary restrictions in advance. A wedding planner will coordinate all of the pre-wedding details and be your day-of coordinator, taking care of any minor issues that come up so you can focus on the most important thing – getting married! 

      How can a wedding planner help you?

      Hiring a wedding planner is like buying peace of mind and is well worth the monetary outlay to ensure that all the details are taken care of.

      A wedding planner will typically start by meeting with the couple for a consultation in order to understand their needs and wants. This includes not only the particulars for the wedding day itself but any other related events (the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, the next day brunch etc.). The planner will also ask what the couple's budget is, and based on that, explain what services they can expect to get for that amount. Again, getting a precise feel and understanding of the couple's taste and overall vision is essential; excellent listening skills come into play.

      The wedding planner will present the couple with a contract for their services, outlining what they can expect to get. An experienced wedding planner has many contacts in the business and has successfully organised many previous weddings. Therefore, he can suggest reception venues with the perfect view or wedding locations with a great feel and vibe. They know what they can accomplish with the budget and can either introduce the couple to vendors and services that can accommodate a lavish wedding or vendors and services that specialise in catering to small budgets. They are also quite often able to get discounts on services, which they can pass on to their clients.

      What is the benefit of having a wedding planner?

      Legal aspects will be covered.

      When we say all legal aspects will be covered, we talk about destination weddings or planning your wedding outside your country.

      If you plan to get married in another country, there can be legal aspects to take care of, and a wedding planner will be able to offer advice and ensure everything runs to plan. To make things easier, a good wedding planner will help you with the finer details here.

      A wedding planner will fight for your wedding vision.

      In addition to helping couples with their budget and supervising important details like legal contracts, the most important perk of a planner is having someone who'll fight for your wedding vision from start to finish. While many wedding planners tackle more than one wedding per day or weekend, a professional luxury planner is focused only on your special day and will push to make sure everything goes according to your unique plan.

      Planners can get you vendor discounts.

      A wedding planner already has a list of preferred vendors, a list of discounts that you can easily benefit from.

      Hiring a professional wedding planner will take this stressful aspect out of your planning. The person you hire to manage this will already have everything established, and under control, so you don't have to think about it.

      Your wedding planner is your best mediator.

      We all know how stressful it is to manage and organise a wedding. Especially a luxury one outside the country. We all know how many ups and downs and how many people we need to please. We all know that.

      What does a wedding planner do? It takes that away from you! A good planner is your buffer in tricky situations. For example, it's easier to tell your future mother-in-law, "My planner thinks we need to…" instead of "I think we should…." RIGHT?

      You can focus on other important matters.

      You already have enough on your plate. We all know that. Working with a professional luxury wedding planner instead of directly with the bride or groom or their parents can keep things streamlined and stress-free for everyone.

      The planner takes care of absolutely everything so the couple can enjoy their time up until the wedding and on the day of the wedding.

      Your planning experience should be filled with bliss and enjoyment, and hiring a professional planner will allow you to relax and enjoy every moment. Hiring a specialist is the best option.

      There is little margin for error, so it makes the most sense to hand it over to the expert.

      How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner?

      Full-service: $2,000 – $10,000+ total

      Full-service wedding planning is exactly what it sounds like. From the proposal to the honeymoon, full-service wedding planning means your wedding planner will take care of basically every major and minor task associated with your big day. Here's a great list of things you can expect your full-service wedding planner to do.  

      Day-of wedding planner: $600 – $1,800+ total

      On the actual day of your wedding, you'll want to focus on enjoying yourself, not running the whole event, which is why a wedding planner is so helpful. They'll make sure everyone follows your schedule, your guests are taken care of, and any issues that come up are dealt with on the spot. However, experts say that a day-of coordinator is still an absolute must if you can't afford full service.

      Wedding consulting: $40 to $150+ per hour

      Maybe you have some experience planning events or have a reliable team of friends and family to help plan your wedding. In that case, you might only need a wedding consultant. This person's job is to help work out the kinks in your plan, advise you on major decisions, and send you on the path towards a successful wedding experience. Make sure you research how to survive your first wedding consultation and have your wedding binder or mood board handy when you go in.

      Once you've decided on what level of investment you'd like to make in a wedding planner, you'll need to figure out how to tell the difference between a good wedding planner and a great one.

      Valure Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0438 502 320

      Melbourne Wedding & Event Management

      Congrats on your engagement, lovelies! It’s such an exciting time, yet it can feel overwhelming. We get it! Where to start, what to book, who to book, how far in advance, so many options and decisions to make. It’s perfectly normal, and that’s where Valure Events come in to alleviate all of that. We’re experts in the wedding industry and have planned many weddings & events. Book in a zoom meeting or phone call with us, and let’s chat today. Why wait?

      Did you know it can take up to 250 hours to plan a wedding? Have you envisioned the big day itself and thought about who will assist in the coordination of suppliers, table settings, cuing music at the right time and even the bridal party?

      Valure Events can help. In fact, our “Big Day” package is the most requested by our couples.

      Let us coordinate your special day (up to 6 hours) as it ensures you don’t have to rely on family and friends and can just enjoy your special day as you should. We will match you with the best suppliers specifically to you and create options you never thought imaginable. We are here for you every step of the way with unlimited contact via phone and email during the planning stages and full coordination on the day. If this isn’t the right package for you, we offer partial planning and the full Kit & Caboodle package. Also, let us take care of all your worries.

      Who are Valure Events?

      Wedding Planners, designers, stylists, lovers of events!

      Have I told you that we just LOVE what we do?

      Our job is to ensure your special day flows. We ensure you have complete peace of mind and that all your guests have the most memorable time. We are organised, passionate & on-trend to create spectacular events based on your style & budget.

      We love meeting up over a latte, chatting to our gorgeous couples about their vision and using our creative styling to reflect your story.

      Pop Up With Style - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 414 524 365

      The very first step of finding the perfect venue can be enough to halt wedding plans altogether. The options are endless, and yet the availability is limited.

      ​In a wedding world of Instagram + Pinterest, it can be very hard to make any sort of decision about your wedding, whether it be styling, suppliers, the dress, or the guest list (let’s not even talk about the guest list yet).

      ​You’re looking at suppliers which you have never met and have no idea if they will be good quality or even turn up on the day.

      (heck, it is a real risk, you’re paying them in advance!)

       These are the reasons that wedding planning is becoming a bit of a drag for people...

      It’s all too much stress and pressure... not to mention the fact that you’re working full time and trying to juggle family and friends.

      ​All you really want is a day that is relaxed, beautiful and full of those moments that leave you speechless... is that too much to ask?

      ​ANSWER: It’s not! We’ve got your back, baby!

      Love is the most important thing in the entire world and you having the perfect day is the most important thing in ours.

      You want to WOW your closest family + friends with a day that reflects you as a couple. You want it to be beautiful and unique but also natural, fun and relaxed.

      You want to sit back and enjoy all of those moments, not worrying about what is happening next or what might not happen.

      ​To say that we have done this before would be an understatement. We have planned, styled and coordinated HUNDREDS of outdoor weddings, and we know blank space weddings back to front, inside out and upside down! 

      ​Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of different suppliers, always updating our lists to reflect only the best and most reliable in the industry - ensuring that you can sit back and relax, knowing that your day is going to look + feel effortlessly beautiful.

      ​Welcome to the bottom of our page - you made it!

      ​Weddings aren’t meant to be stressful, but they can be time-consuming. Maybe you just want to have someone on your team who has done it all before and can bring the most important day of your life together like a dream!

      ​15 years of experience in the wedding industry has to lead to the creation of a comprehensive range of services and packages to suit every couple. We are a solution-focused team of creative professionals - AKA your new ride or dies.

      ​Whether you are thinking about running away or running the world with a show-stopping spectacular - we’ve got you covered.

      ​Tell us a little about what you have in mind below, and we can chat about how we get from ‘where we are’ to ‘where we want to be ‘.....

      Dream Catcher Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0430 399 872

      At Dream Catcher Weddings, we want your wedding to be fun, memorable and unique. We are a one-stop shop for all of your planning, styling and coordination needs and have a real passion for creating beautiful and unique weddings, from your initial idea conception through to production on the day. We promote freedom to have whatever you want within your wedding and aim to help create a day that reflects you both. 

      With such personal connections to talented, local suppliers and stunning venues on the Mornington Peninsula means that we can manage all the elements of planning, styling and coordination, saving you time, money and stress! 

      Feel Good Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      1300 134 494

      Wedding Decorators & Planners In Melbourne

      So you are planning your big fairy tale wedding in Melbourne. You have chosen the venue and found all your inspiration photos on Pinterest and Instagram. You have a good idea of what you want your wedding to look like but just don’t know where to start. You now have the fun job of finding a wedding decorator that will bring your wedding vision to life.

      Most brides will tell us that they want their wedding to be One Big Party and so it should be as it is a major milestone and usually costs lots of money. The easy part is helping you make your wedding look pretty, but this doesn’t always create the best party experience.

      The good news is we can not only help you make your wedding look fantastic, but with the right advice from our party experts, you will also give your guests the ultimate party experience as well.

      Let us help you make your wedding planning and decorating simple and stress-free by providing everything you need from one place. Our expert wedding planners and decorators, along with our huge range of hire products, will help you create your dream wedding with ease. Feel Good Events does 100’s of weddings in Melbourne every year, helping couples create awesome memories.

      Contact us today to discuss all your wedding planning and hire needs from the ceremony through to the reception.

      About Feel Good Events

      Suppose there is one word to describe the team at Feel Good Events its Passion! Morning, noon & night, 7 days a week, our team is either planning parties, setting up parties or talking about how we can make parties better.

      Established in 2008, Feel Good Events was set up to help our clients create better party experiences and ultimately make our clients feel good. Using our Partyology philosophy of many years of tried and tested ideas, we wanted our clients to be able to tell better party stories after their event. To put it simply, Feel Good Events are parties, weddings & event decorators/planners, but to us, it’s a lot more than that. Factoring in every aspect of what can have an influence on your event is what makes us different to any other event company in Melbourne.

      Feel Good Events really love’s using our Partyology Philosophy to help create an atmosphere that stimulates your guest’s senses in every way. We love creating an atmosphere that delivers an awesome, fun party experience that connects people together, makes guests feel relaxed and brings out their inner party animal.

      One Day, Your Way - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0468 374 561

      Our Focus

      It is to make sure every couple’s wedding day is as unique as they are. We present fresh and inspiring designs that will ensure your day is elegant and beautiful. As a team, you will be able to count on us in the lead up to and on your wedding day, as we work harmoniously together to deliver you timeless solutions that will surpass your expectation.


      Our planning services allow you to get the help you want when you need it most. Our partial service will allow couples to get the help when they need it most, and our full planning service will allow you to relax and leave the hard work to us.


      With each of our styling packages, we will help you create your dream wedding look. Enjoying both the opportunity to work with a blank canvas or a venue that needs one or two touches to bring everything together, you can depend on us to create for you a look that is both timeless and elegant.

      Personal Assistant

      For couples that want to plan and organise their own wedding but want to relax and enjoy the lead-up and, more importantly, the wedding day itself. They also do not wish to impose duties on family and friends. 

      One Day Your Way has been creating unique, elegant and modern events since 2012.

      A team of two, we are down to earth, work harmoniously together and provide guidance and inspiration that will help you turn your ideas into reality.

      With extensive experience designing, styling and planning, we have had the pleasure of assisting a range of people create their dream events. From corporate clients looking for that visual edge when showcasing their brand, amazing couples who entrust us with an element of their most special day and people celebrating milestone birthday’s who want to do it in style. Now 6 years on, we couldn’t be prouder of the business we have created and the people we have got to meet along the way.

      We provide a hands-on approach that will ensure every detail is taken care of. We strive to exceed your expectations and people who choose One Day. Your Way will soon discover that although we each have our own unique flair, it is our combined talents that will really bring your event to life.

      So who are we.

      The Party & Event Co - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 423 489 988

      We can help

      The Party & Event Co are here to help and guide you through your planning, styling and hiring needs. We will assist you from concept through to event completion with over 6 years of experience combined with our own large inventory of products and a tight-knit network of local businesses.

      Weddings, engagements, christenings and baptisms, birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers, fetes, and so much more; our dedicated team go above and beyond to ensure your event is unique and well-executed. Our packages include offerings from coordinating and organising to a more simplified offering of simply lending a helping hand, styling or hiring.

      About us

      Angie, will you be my bridesmaid? A sentence I had heard so many times I could have been the star character in the movie 27 dresses, but that’s kind of normal when you come from a big Greek family, right? 

      My family have always loved a party, and as a kid, I grew up excited to be going to parties, learning quickly that there was never really an excuse needed to throw one and that if you’re going to throw a party, well, then you go all out.

      Then I met Vas, Vas (short for Vasili) also came from a big Greek family, and the bond we shared was like no other. He was always encouraging me to do what I loved and convinced me that I should start a business and work within the event industry. 

      In April 2014, after months of discussion whilst having dinner at The Meat and Wine Co – The Party and Event Co were born. What started off as one daiquiri machine for hire quickly grew to photo booths, fairy floss and popcorn machines, and before we knew it, we had taken over my parent’s place, storing party hire equipment in the formal living room, the basement and the garage.

      Today we’re located and working from a warehouse in Melbourne’s North, and our ever-growing inventory, passion for the event industry and the love we share for one another is stronger than ever. We adore contributing big or small to all events, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call.

      Wedding Hire Melbourne & Event - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0404 046 834

      Wedding Hire Melbourne & Events

      Your wedding day means so many things. It is on this day that you commit to spending your life with the one person you have chosen to cherish forever. It is a day that you celebrate your commitment and love with those who mean the most to you in the world. A bride is transformed, a groom is made, and an event becomes a fairytale.

      Creating a magical wedding does not happen by chance – it happens when brides and grooms know how they want their personalities to be reflected and team up with service providers that understand their wishes and unique style.

      At Wedding Hire Melbourne, we listen. We find out who you are as a couple, as individuals, and share in your vision. Then we help bring that vision to life! Working with all themes and budgets, Wedding Hire Melbourne is the one-stop shop when it comes to setting the scene for ceremonies, receptions and events.

      Wedding Hire Melbourne services all areas of Melbourne, as well as the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Bayside suburbs and beyond…

      Wedding Hire Melbourne provides equipment hire for these events and many more…

      Whether you need to hire equipment and decor for a wedding, birthday or corporate event, Wedding Hire Melbourne offers a wide range of items for hire. There are options for both DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and a full setup.

      You can choose to hire individual items or have a look at one of our packages. Alternatively, we can discuss your options with you and help to create an individualised package that meets your needs. The choices are vast and varied – we can supply everything from arches and tables to centrepieces and signs.

      For ultimate impact, you can also hire our giant Love Letters, which provide amazing photo opportunities and leave guests spellbound.

      Whatever your style, at Wedding Hire Melbourne you’re sure to find a solution that fits your wishlist and creates your own brand of wedding magic!

      Wedding Hire Melbourne is truly family-owned and runs a business – a husband and wife team that, with the help of their son and daughter, makes couples’ dream weddings come to life.

      Based on the Mornington Peninsula and servicing the Greater Melbourne and Peninsula areas, Janelle and Steve have built this highly regarded company from the ground up. Wedding Hire Melbourne has now become one of the most sought-after wedding and event hire companies in Victoria, thanks to their tireless dedication to providing exceptional service and products.

      Now operating from their factory in Seaford, complete with a huge showroom, Janelle and Steve are always on the hunt for the greatest products and newest trends so that all of the weddings and events they create are at the forefront of innovative design.

      Part of their business growth includes their expansion into Love Letters Melbourne, as well as involvement in the design and setup of Melbourne Wedding and Bride Expos. A member of the Melbourne Wedding Group – a group of esteemed wedding service providers who work together to support Melbourne couples on their big day – Janelle is a fixture in the wedding industry and is no stranger to some of the most popular venues in Victoria.

      Their business umbrella also includes Grizzley’s Cleaning Services, run by husband Steve. This ensures that all hire items are spotless and maintained at a high standard – whether it be carpet runners, seating or decor.

      With over 3500 weddings under her belt to date, Janelle’s bookkeeping background means she is a magician when it comes to helping brides create their ideal day within any budget. Whether it is a small or large wedding or a corporate event, you can be confident that the final setup will be picture-perfect and stress-free.

      Choosing Wedding Hire Melbourne for your wedding or event is a sure-fire way to make your special day everything you ever wished for.

      Circle of Love- Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 413 135 313

      Wedding Planning

      Circle of Love has many unique services to offer.

      Have you been dreaming of planning your wedding from a young age, but you are not quite sure where to start? Contact Circle of Love Wedding planning, and we can provide you with professional advice and guide you throughout your planning process.

      Circle of Love is like no other. Your dream is our reality!

      Whatever you choose, your wedding will be unforgettable, and Circle of Love will help you every step of the way with boutique style and attention to create the wedding of your dreams.

      Circle of Love will provide you with the opportunity to relax, feel organised, enjoy your wedding planning and make your day stress free as well as create an unforgettable day for you.

      What’s more, we have a strong passion and love for weddings.

      About Us

      Circle of Love’s mission is of excellence, design, sophistication and elegance. Our goal is to create a unique event that shows who you are, as a couple, on your special day. We are passionate about providing exceptional service for milestone events in your life. Our goal is to create a unique, chic, simply elegant, customised event especially for you. We listen, suggest and plan to create a beautiful reality just for you.

      We pride ourselves on delivering weddings and events that are luxurious, modern, creative, unique, picturesque, glamorous and filled with detail all around Australia. We are one of Australia’s leading stylists as well as wedding & event planners.

      A multi-awarded company, some being 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 ‘Independent Wedding Consultant’ by ABIA & 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 ‘5 Star Excellence’ by Easy Weddings. 2017, 2018 & 2019 Designer of Dreams’ Independent Wedding Consultant’ by ABIA.

      Every one of us takes great pride in our ability to create real relationships with each of our clients, allowing us to create an event that reflects your complete wedding and event vision. Relaxed, passionate, organised and kind, we have the ability to make everyone feel confident throughout the entire planning process as well as on your big day.

      A Lavish Affair - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 1300 767 711


      One of the first decisions you need to make after getting engaged is when to tie the knot. Spring, summer, autumn, or winter? In turn, each season may present limitations on the style of your wedding, from your colour choices to venue considerations, but when it comes to thinking outside the box, we feel each season has its strengths and possibilities.


      Yes, to love! Yes, to equality! A day of celebration and pride as Australian’s vote a sensible ‘YES’ on marriage equality. We watched with bated breath for the announcement. Our hearts were warmed by the incredible show of support across the nation. Congratulations, an amazing achievement for the LGBT community.

      We have been curating and specialising in weddings since 2001. Our world of weddings is filled with inspiration, embracing classic elegance and sophistication infused with current trends and style while remaining true to the love story behind every wedding. We’ve had the honour of being involved in many blessing ceremonies over the years, and now we look forward to making those binding with all the rights that come along with the commitment of marriage!

      Team lavish dream, create, celebrate

      Curating and specialising in weddings since 2001, our world of weddings is filled with inspiration, embracing classic elegance and sophistication infused with current trends and style while remaining true to the love story behind every wedding.

      Our boutique services are tailored to you and your needs, and we offer you design direction, creative styling ideas and our trusted pair of hands to manage the whole process alongside you.

      We are offering a boutique service with our friendly, professional practicality and our creative imagination. Our team will work with you to understand your dreams for your wedding celebration. We will work tirelessly, carefully considering every detail to ensure everything is flawlessly executed both on the day and throughout your entire wedding planning process.

      Classique Event - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 422369361

      Wedding Destination

      With Literally the whole world to choose from, select a destination you can vision your wedding. The look and feel are important, but so is the budget. It might be where you first met, or a holiday dream vacation that you loved, an exclusive beach wedding to a European wedding in a village. A high-end luxury Dubai or Singapore Wedding might be the dream. Have a budget in mind and how many guests you would like to invite.

      Packages - Contact Form

      Check out our Global Wedding Packages and see if any suits your vision and budget. All Packages can be customised to suit your needs.

      Fill out the form so we get to know a little about what you would like, and we will be in contact with you within the 48hrs (sometimes we are flying to destinations and need time to respond to you)

      In Great Hands

      We are to help and manage your dream Wedding.

      With over 250 weddings Planned, we know the deal. An expert Coordinator will be in touch and put a wedding proposal together that is tailored just for you unless our wonderful packages just fit you perfectly. 

      ​Let’s Get Married

      We will do all the work for you!

      Organise the suppliers and manage all the requirements for the Wedding. The Accommodation, flights and your guest’s requests will also be taken care of. 

      Pick your package, sit back, relax and enjoy the little things that make a wedding fun!

      Classique Event is an Award Winning

      Wedding Management Business. 

      It all started with an obsession with perfection! Karen’s professional career started over 30 years ago, slowly moving up in various client-related roles as a Marketing Manager for a leading National Business to Senior Account Manager role in the National Radio Industry, specialising in events and cross-promotional campaigns. Working closely with all Media outlets, suppliers in the talent and event management business, she had formed a respective liaison with the Industry that would take her to create her own vision in the wedding Industry.

      She dedicated her time to become qualified in Wedding Planning and Management with an extended diploma in Business Management from Australian College. Then became the research, contacts, negotiations and good business practices put in place to deliver first-class Wedding Management for all. Classique Event has won awards every year at the ABIA Awards, winning the BEST Wedding Planner in Victoria back to back. “The best reward is witnessing my clients saying I do.”

      ​Karen grew up in the country and understood the meaning of hard work, dedication and “get the job done!”

      This knowledge is passed on to her staff, and she takes the time to work closely with each team member and client.

      Classique event has grown globally and incorporated the same ethical practices to destination weddings, creating a well-managed Wedding worldwide!

      Classique Event Ethos

      Classique Event is a dedicated Destination Wedding Planning Management service that has the talent and professional experience to design and style a wedding to perfection, within the clients budget and over the expectation. We add the personal touch, the little intrinsic details, the creative edge and the access to personalised vendor matching. Classique Event has travelled the world negotiating and creating the best Destination Wedding Package suited to suit each client.  

      ​Our clients become our Classique family, ensuring they are treated with respect and priority. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service and be that subtle helper, allowing an organised, flowing wedding to feel easy for the client. We want our members to feel relaxed and comfortable with their decisions and be excited about a dream wedding becomes a reality. 

      Wedding Destinations - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      1800 729 437


      15 Years Experience

      Wedding Destinations is one of the oldest and largest destination wedding companies in Australia.

      Our 15 years of experience has allowed us to create a process that guides you step by step through the destination wedding planning journey.

      We have travelled the globe and, between us, visited all of our locations. We understand the weather, culture, food, beaches, shopping, expense, value for money and legalities. We know who to use and who not to use, and we have tips for squeezing your budget to get the most out of every cent. There are times it’s worth spending money and other times we can show you ways to save money.

      We’ve done the research, invested the time and taken the journeys, all so you can enjoy a stress-free wedding planning journey.

      Trusted Suppliers

      If we can give only one piece of advice, it would be this:

      • DO NOT risk the most important day of your life with just anyone.
      • Over the years, we’ve built close relationships with our local suppliers. We have very high standards and do not give much leniency to suppliers who do not meet our high expectations.
      • We are continually striving to source suppliers that are of exceptional quality, reputable, trustworthy and offer value for money. We do not believe in dealing with suppliers who triple their price the minute they hear the word “wedding!”
      • You will get access to the best names on the ground, from hair and makeup artists, photographers and videographers, celebrants and caterers. We know them all.

      Australian Based

      Your only contact will be your personal wedding destinations consultant based right here in Australia!

      We understand each and every couple is unique, so we like to chat with you. We spend a lot of time making sure we discuss all factors of each location until we are both confident that you are matched to the perfect destination.

      From start to finish, you will have your very own personal wedding planner. Your wedding planner is there to guide you through the process of planning your destination wedding. Being based in Australia means that you can just pick up the phone and have a chat at any time.

      All costs are paid before you leave in Aussie dollars too!

      Our company is Australian based and reputable, by dealing with us you are protected by Australian consumer laws.

      1st Class Service

      Wedding Destinations provides a truly unique service never seen before in Australia. Embracing the “one-stop shop” approach, the team at Wedding Destinations has one goal in mind: to make the planning & coordination of your Destination Wedding as simple & as stress-free as possible.

      Our professional Destination Wedding Planners work together with experienced Travel / Guest Consultants, utilising our very own in-house Travel Agency, ensuring you and your guests travel arrangements are coordinated precisely and cost-effectively.

      Wedding Destinations works tirelessly to eliminate any doubt or stress you may have when planning your Overseas Wedding.

      ABOUT US

      If you have read our website and seen all we have to offer, then I bet by now you are screaming out, “Thank God for Wedding Destinations!!” You see, we banish the stress, herd out the hassle and break the fear of planning your Destination Wedding. We understand that this very moment in your life is so precious, and you should enjoy just being engaged, without the hair-pulling frustration of not only planning a wedding but a destination one!

      We are experts, and for that, there comes a price, but we reckon it’s a pretty fair one given how much pressure, stress and time we will save you. Wedding Destinations have spent hours, days, months and years booking the ins & outs of weddings. We are millionaires (in knowledge. 

      of course!) and we’ve executed the best wedding havens, too-easy reception packages, a photographer that’ll shoot everything in their way, and that’s only the start. We’ve made the mistakes, learnt the tricks of the trade, discovered great wedding locations and then ditched the bad ones. We’ve been there, done that, and even bought the t-shirt, all to nail the deliverance of the most amazing day of your life!

      And if that is not enough to convince you that we are the best in the business, we have been voted 2015 & 2016 winners of the highly prestigious Australian Bridal Industry Award for Independent Wedding Planners.

      Elope Around Melbourne - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]


      At Elope Around Melbourne, we love the rule-breakers, the couples who reject bullshit wedding expectations and want to marry on their own terms. Whether you are adventurers eloping from across the seas or you are simple romantics saying ‘I do’ at your favourite National Park, the simplicity and intimacy of our elopement ceremonies create an organic and personalised wedding experience that is entirely your own

      How it works: 

      + Pick your location and tell us your ceremony date here

      + Book and pay your invoice to receive private access to our couples portal 

      + Fill in your NOIM ( notice of intended marriage ) here

      + Meet your celebrant via video before your wedding date to discuss your ceremony and vows

      + Invite less than 15 people: ( trust us, it’s a good thing ) little guests under 5 yrs and furry guests very welcome and not included in group numbers.

      + Attend your ceremony, say your “I do’s”, and live happily ever after

      Darling Don’t Panic - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 476 393 920

      Planning & Styling

      From creating a cohesive design vision out of your must-haves and major hopes for your wedding—to curating a team of suppliers perfectly suited for your style and budget—our planning and styling offering is ideal for couples who are seeking a seamless, stunning celebration that serves up a spectacular guest experience.

       Your dedicated wedding planner will obtain quotes, negotiate on your behalf, oversee suppliers, and manage logistics so you can relax and rest easy—while 24/7 access to streamlined planning software keeps you plenty involved and informed every step of the way...without ever overwhelming you with information-overload or tedious to-dos.

      On The Day Wedding Coordination

      Available as part of your wedding planning package or as a stand-alone offering—booking our coordination service secures a dedicated Darling Don’t Panic wedding planner onsite for your celebration to manage suppliers and oversee setup and teardown because you shouldn’t have a single second of work or worry on your wedding day.

      Also included is two full weeks of planning. Starting 14 days prior to your celebration, your wedding planner will step in to create a day-of timeline, liaise with all suppliers, and attend to any remaining tasks that need attention.

      Destination Weddings

      Are you getting married in Bali or New Caledonia? Simply add on our destination wedding component as you build your quote, and enjoy the full Darling Don’t Panic experience with local support in Australia and a dedicated planner with local connections on the ground at your destination.

      Intimate Weddings & Elopements

      Whether you’ve always been keen on eloping or your plans have changed due to recent restrictions on gatherings, we’re here to help you plan a small celebration that doesn’t skimp on style or substance.

      With over 15 highly experienced wedding planners across the east coast of Australia, New Caledonia, and Bali—the Darling Don’t Panic team is chock-full of seasoned event experts who work hard to bring your vision to life, so you can soak up every precious moment of your engagement and wedding day.

      We’re here to hone in on the little details that leave a lasting impression, labour over logistics, so you don’t have to, and draw inspiration from your story to create an immersive celebration you’ll savour for years to come.

      Whether you’re rocking that newly-engaged glow or have been planning for months on-end and are ready to hand things off to a pro, it’s our honour to step in, shoulder the stress, and plan meticulously on your behalf—so you can rest easy knowing your dream day isn’t just a dream, but a guarantee.

      With a 10-year career producing everything from book tours to burlesque shows, Owner Jac Bowie is no stranger to managing demanding schedules, creative problem-solving on the spot, and curating once-in-a-lifetime experiences with meticulous attention to detail. Her portfolio includes work for iconic clients like Cirque Du Soleil, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney—but she eventually found her true home in the world of weddings, where she could apply her impressive organisational skills and sharp stylist’s eye in a more intimate way.

      As a seasoned event producer with over 500+ events under her belt, an array of specialist wedding planning & event design courses, and the title of “trained travel agent” to her name—all of which come in quite handy as she works to plan everything from intimate elopements to expansive wedding weekends for couples across Australia and beyond. She’s been named one of the top Top 15 wedding, and event stylists in Australia and New Zealand by Truly Madly Deeply and one of the Top 20 Wedding Planners to Follow on Instagram by Hello May—and has events published everywhere from Wedded Wonderland to WedShed.

      Whether she’s diving deep into design details with a couple over cheese and wine, jet-setting to New Caledonia (her favourite place on Earth) to produce a dreamy destination wedding, or firing up her outdoor fireplace for a creative culinary delight—she loves creating meaningful experiences, meeting fresh faces, and embracing never-before-told stories.

      Global Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      1300 763 777

      Want to get married overseas? So exciting!

      Since 2003, Global Weddings have been arranging destination weddings and the renewal of vows in some of the world’s most spectacular locations. With over 30 years of combined experience, we will plan and coordinate everything for you to save you time and stress.

      Want your wedding day to be truly unforgettable?

      We will coordinate food and beverage, photography, flowers, wedding cakes, entertainment, and any other little thing you may want. With our compliments, you also get a personalised web page for your guests with all the information needed about the wedding, destination, and great travel deals.

      Dream weddings... it’s all about location!

      But don’t take our word for it. Explore our dream destinations with exciting venues as well as galleries of photos and videos with testimonials from hundreds of happy couples who have chosen to make their vows in some of the worlds most romantic locations.

      About Us

      Global Weddings has been in operation as its own identity since 2003. Owned and operated by Global Weddings Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 65 091 311 778) Travel Agent Licence 32346. It is also an operating division of JKMN Williams & Associates Pty Ltd (ABN 18 059 682 736), trading as Helloworld Rowville, an independently owned franchise and operating under a franchise agreement with Helloworld Pty Ltd. It has grown from a successful history of organising numerous weddings overseas with the existing clientele of HelloWorld Rowville, formally Jetset Rowville, since 1993. HelloWorld Rowville is located at Shop 105, 1091 Stud Rd, Rowville 3178 Victoria, Australia. Jetset has since been re-branded to Helloworld, so please lookout for the big blue Helloworld sign when you come to visit us.

      Mornington weddings by Fran - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 409 100 225

      Wedding planning guide for Melbourne couples. 

      Wedding planning can be a little bit like a roller coaster, some parts are fun, and you feel like you are on a roll and other times, it can be draining and confusing. As a wedding photographer, I have been to numerous weddings with all kinds of formats: Indoors, outdoors, different religions and traditions, weddings with a theme and without, weddings with white dress and weddings with casual outfits. These experiences have helped me to get to know other wedding vendors and also knowledge and experience on a lot of wedding-related businesses and services. Through this guide, I am hoping that I will help you to navigate the ins and outs of wedding planning and hopefully make the road less stressful. 

      Nice to meet you! I am Fran!

      I’m a Melbourne based wedding and family lifestyle photographer in love with natural light. I have always loved the power that an image can have and how it can take you to different places and times. One of my main goals as a photographer is to capture true emotions and to be able to tell stories through my work. To discover more about my life and latest work, come and have a look at my Blog. 

      I am currently available within Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, and the Bayside area includes the following suburbs: Oakleigh, Mentone, Carnegie, Caulfield, Hampton, Moorabbin, Highett, Cheltenham, Sandringham, Black Rock. 

      Vanessa Rossini - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 413 992 571


      From sourcing the perfect space and fabulous florist to delivering a spectacular reception in a unique location, our wedding planning expertise in traditional weddings allow us to deliver the full ‘white wedding’ service or simply guide you in the right direction. We are happy to take on board the elements you simply don’t wish to deal with, from planning the entire love jamboree to delivering a simple party in the park – your budget, your wedding and your way.


      In an ever-changing modern scene, it’s now pretty hip for the bride and groom to plan their own wedding. From DIY decorations to sourcing the perfect wedding song, tailoring your own pop-up bar for a ceremony in the park, VR events work with you. We can either project manage the whole event or simply work with your vendors and suppliers and tie up loose ends – talk to us today about our DIY style guide service.


      VR Events have access to the countries best providers. We are not just about weddings – having worked on everything from nightclub unveilings to music festivals, corporate parties and hundreds of product launches – our scope is wide and flirtatious. Let us help you create that next special event!


      From the Haute-casual with an outrageous mix of textures to the contrast of something sublime and dreamy, our venue styling service allows your vision to breathe. Tailoring the ‘Look’ of your event is as important as the food, your budget, the drinks and the guest list. Here at VR Events, we take our venue styling seriously. We can either project manage and develop your ideas or deliver you a custom made concept reflecting your vision – either way, having relationships with the best in design allows us to give you the wow factor your event deserves.


      Finding a venue to host your event can be tough work, especially if you plan on bringing in your own team of catering and event planners (moi). Most venues that deal in the art of events will attempt to lock you into in-house catering. We have done the hard yards. Our little black book of friendly and, more importantly, Flexible venues and locations will allow you to take the full package or simply hire the room.


      Are you hosting an event? VR Events prides itself in working closely with the best caterers in town. We have access to Melbourne’s finest food folk, from simple canapés to lavish sit-down dinners. We’ve got it covered. Engaging the right caterer for your event can sometimes be hit and miss. Consistency, delivery and value for money are key factors in our catering relationships, so we’ve done a lot of tasting and testing on your behalf. I know, tough gig.


      Vanessa Rossini has been a major player in Melbourne’s catering and events scene for over 15 years. Vanessa’s client list, straight from the red carpet, would put any faux socialite to shame. From international advertising agencies, outrageous Xmas parties to hosting afterparties for the Logies, her experience is wide, sometimes wild, but flawless in delivery.

      Vanessa Rossini (VR Events) is the culmination of experience gained within the catering, events and wedding industry, working closely in VIP services in the hushed world of celebrity hosting.

      Magical, timeless, elegant, classic, original and immaculate are words often used when describing weddings and events planned by Vanessa Rossini.

      Her attention to detail is innovative, precise and flawless. Delivery is without question and leaves nothing to chance. Customising her services to fit your desires, VR Events offers full production from start to finish, from floral design and styling, venue set up, entertainment, equipment hire, catering, wedding and event planning and management as well as ‘on the day coordination, allowing you the time to enjoy the celebrations with your guests.

      Behind the professionalism, you will discover one of the most energetic and uplifting women you’ll ever meet.

      The Super Styler. - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 421 567 573

      Our Services

      Are you planning a wedding, a party or a very special event? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you need your event planning from start to finish, styled, or maybe you just want a little creative direction, we are here to help. We are completely flexible and can be as involved in your event as much or as little as you like – after all, it is YOUR event.

      We offer full or partial event planning and styling, day-of services, hourly styling consulting, custom invitation and stationery design and a whole lot more! 


      The Super Styler is an innovative event planning and styling studio which brings celebrations to life. Founded by passionate Melbournian Nadia Rados-Christo in 2013, The Super Styler offers exciting and unique event styling solutions that push creative boundaries.

      The journey began back in 2013… Nadia autonomously styled her first wedding, put her heart and soul into the event, and absolutely loved every minute of it! Witnessing her vision come to life and, most importantly, the happiness of her clients on their special day was so rewarding, and from that moment, she knew she wanted to take the next step and turn her passion into a career, with loads of hard work, moral support from her husband and family. Her dreams came true when The Super Styler was born and since has styled over 100 events!

      The design ethos is to keep things simple, as simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Each and every event is meticulously designed and planned to ensure that it is successfully executed.

      From Weddings to Corporate Events, Private Birthdays and more, the super talented and diverse team is here to make each project an enjoyable, relaxing and unforgettable experience. Servicing all areas of Melbourne and Victoria, from the CBD to the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and beyond… We can’t wait to bring your next event to life.  

      Weddings by E - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 421 757 050

      Wedding Coordination

      Your special day is fast approaching, and you need an extra set of hands? This service is perfect for couples eager to ensure their day runs exactly as they planned, with no hiccups or bumps along the way.

      I will be there to set up and style your spaces, bringing your dream day to life. From managing all suppliers to ensuring the run sheet is executed on time, this package allows my couples to sit back and relax on their special day. 

      No matter the size, location, style or type of wedding you’re planning, this service has you covered. 

      Partial Wedding Planning Service

      Venue booked, initial plans in place, but unsure how to bring the final elements of your day to life? This service is perfect for couples finding the process a tad overwhelming and wanting some professional guidance and support.

      Let me step in and take charge of all the final details, coordination of suppliers, vendor payments and any extra potential headaches along the way. 

      Whether you’re coming up to your wedding day and need a helping hand to bring it all together, or you’re mid-way through the planning process and ready to hand over the reins, I can create the perfect customised package that suits you and your lover perfectly. 

      Full Wedding Planning Service

      Recently engaged and ready to fly headfirst into the planning process? This service is perfect for the time-poor couple wanting support with all aspects of bringing their dream day to life.

      Allow me to source the vendors that suit your style and budget best, manage the creative design and all the stressful little details that pop up leading to your big day. 

      This service also includes on the day wedding coordination to ensure you feel supported not only through the planning process but able to relax and enjoy your big day.

      About E

      Your Perfect Day Requires the Perfect Planner

      Hi, I’m Elizabeth! 

      I’m the creative force behind Weddings by E.

      I am passionate about helping busy couples create a unique wedding day their heart’s desire.

      As a modern wedding planner, my goal is to ensure you feel supported, inspired and stress-free throughout the planning process; so you can sit back and enjoy every moment.

      Whether you’re newly engaged or in the thick of wedding planning, let me take over the reins or help tie up those last loose ends. 

      I can support you from a planning perspective and take the stress out of finding your perfect suppliers, all the way through to on the day coordination and making sure your Pinterest board comes to life!

      I pride myself on working with the best in the business, ensuring my couples can expect the same level of perfection from my vendors and suppliers along the journey.

      I celebrate love and inclusivity and can’t wait to start planning your special day.

      EBB Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      ​0414 822 251

      My clients have referred to me as a negotiation ninja, run sheet rockstar, and damage control diva. After all, I have been delivering events in Australia & South East Asia for over 25 years (don’t do the maths….please!)

      Couples come to me when they want a skilled, experienced and professional event manager to plan their wedding. Weddings are events after all – and the most important & expensive one you’re likely to ever organise! 

      I know my s*@t - I’ve revved it up working on the Formula One Grand Prix and for Fiat Chrysler, kicked goals organising dinners for 1,200 guests for North Melbourne Football Club, and even wrangled 11,000 guests at international conferences. 

      So, why am I doing this? I saw a huge gap in the wedding planning market of skilled event managers who know how to plan & execute like a Jedi Master – so, you now get to have me on your team during one of the most exciting (and stressful) times of your life.

      ​My logistic know-how, budget prowess, timeline mastery, and ability to decipher a supplier quote (some of them you think are designed with a secret code to protect national security) are just some of the skills that put me at the top of my game. Not to mention my friendly, relaxed, down to earth approach and my ability to have fun along the way. 

      It’s important that your wedding is planned to perfection, but no need to be boring about it!

      ​​Sit back, leave it to me and Enjoy The Moment.

      Kerr Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0423 358 245

      Planning Package

      This package provides professional assistance in planning a special event or wedding. We have an extensive list of wholesale suppliers we work with, saving you time and money by organising appointments and finding various suppliers to meet your requirements. This can be difficult, particularly when you have a busy daily schedule and would prefer to spend your time enjoying the lead up to your special event.

      Wedding/Event Coordination  

      We assist in the lead up to the special day or event and are onsite from the start of the ceremony to formality completion. We ensure everything is set up perfectly, delivered and in place. We also ensure that everything runs smoothly and to schedule. This is perfect for clients that like to plan everything but want to ensure the plan is executed to perfection.

      Custom Styling Package  

      We assist in the styling aspect of the event by customising looks for all types of functions.

      The price charged is purely for services alone; any styling items or props that are required for purchase or hire are in addition to this fee and will be invoiced separately.​

      Planning, Styling & Coordination 

      This package is perfect for the clients that want a stunning and seamless day without the stress of planning it…and then, of course, someone there on the day to ensure everything is flawless.

      The Ultimate Wedding Planner 

      This is the ultimate package where we are there to assist you in every aspect of each step. This package includes all our services such as planning, styling and coordination with an unlimited amount of assistance.

      We go through every detail and do all the work associated with your special day with your guidance and input. We cover all bases to ensure your day is perfect from, sourcing suppliers, to styling, to providing an RSVP service. You name it, and we do it!

      Lettuce & Co - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0403 191 120

      Anything and everything event related…

      We are the creatives, the stylists, the planners, the prolific list-makers, the logistical engineers, the budget sleuths, the late-night consultants, the dilemma technicians, your co-conspirators and your new ‘favourite’ on your phone.

      Be it a wedding, brand activation, corporate Christmas party, birthday, engagement, bar mitzvah or whatever your excuse for a party is, we’ll work with you to make THAT party… one for the memory bank.

      Lettuce & Co was born from a creative collaboration in 2013, and ever since, we’ve been on an epic ride designing and delivering shit-hot stuff for all types of events in all shapes and sizes.

      We get asked all the time why the name Lettuce & Co?

      It’s not an easy thing to name your child, and this was no different, but to put it simply…we chose a name that essentially sums up why we choose to exist. To have you LET the US take the load and pressure off all that comes with planning and styling that event you wish to remember. The one you got to enjoy from beginning to end.

      Since our beginnings, we’ve tried to stay true to who we are and what we do…

      We are dedicated, honest, passionate and professional. We are laughers and lovers at heart, but when it’s called for, we may drop a naughty word or two or three. Having fun is important to us so much so that we are banging out tunes at our 1 am bump-outs. That’s just how we roll.

      WhistlingWoodz Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      03 8418 1708

      Passionate Creativity

      Wedding Planners’ The Dream Artisans’ in this beautiful industry of event planning. Our exuberant talent turns ‘A celebration to A celebration’. 

      Your gala aura is tinkered with joyous sensations. Our specialised wedding planner skills traverse through the heart, and we own an incredible range of infrastructure for wedding decorations.

      Vibrant Halo

      Wedding decoration services for sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, youngsters bash, and cocktail parties; we own a vibrant inventory for decorations and theme designs. We create a contextualised atmosphere of vivid, vital celebrations.

      Ecstatic Moments

      As expert Indian wedding planners and wedding decoration professionals, we are enacting themes that are our top prowess. We are experts in the richness of designs. Your trust evolves us to oar all our potential ken to canvas your dreams. You dream, We create, & let’s celebrate!

      Happy Planner - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      470 474 550

      Welcome To Happy Planner

      ABOUT US

      Experienced Event Planners, You can Trust!

      Happy Planner is an Australia based event organising & surprise planning company with a passion for creating special events with unique themes and concepts.

      All our partners are Australian based, and we aim to use local products and resources.

      We strive for Respect, Equality, Sustainability, and excellent Customer Service.

      Our Mission is to create outstanding events for our clients by fulfilling all the elements within their budget.


      Birthday, Anniversary, marriage, Office Party, or a Casual Celebration -Partner with us to have a hassle-free experience of organising an event. Our Partnership Starts with Defining your Event, Drafting your Budget, and Work towards accomplishing the best for your event. With our Experience and Knowledge, we will customise the event to your needs and manage every aspect to make it a memorable one. With a Penchant for Customer Service, we will strive to create a wonderful experience for everyone while you focus on your celebration. ‘turn your event into a happy event with a Happy Planner.

      Coral & Co. Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 478 678 456


      Coral & Co. Events is a boutique party planning business based in Melbourne, Australia, that makes Pinterest worthy party planning accessible for all. 

      Coral & Co. Events specialise in tailored party packages for at-home events, all-inclusive date night packages delivered to your door and custom event coordination to bring your one-of-a-kind celebration to life. 

      With backgrounds in corporate events, editorial styling and wedding coordination, our stylists are passionate about putting the pizazz into the private parties of our clients.

      From weddings and perfect proposals to hens’ days, kids’ birthdays and happenin’ house parties, make your ‘do’ modern, fun and fabulous with Coral & Co. Events!  


      Stylish House Parties

      Are you planning a party at home? Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or summer garden soiree, keep it super stylish with the help of Coral & Co. Events!

      Date Nights Delivered

      Surprise and spoil your loved one with the ultimate love fest in the comfort of your own home. From over-the-top florals to decadent desserts - Coral & Co. has you covered.

      Custom Event Planning

      Have an upcoming event or special occasion that just screams to be celebrated? Let us create your dream event and take away the stress, so you can enjoy your big day!

      Perfect Proposals

      Popping the question and want to make it extra special? We create dream proposals, personalising them perfectly to you and your partner.

      Styled Editorials

      From start-ups to established businesses, we can help deliver your unique and personal brand story. Our team will capture your brand’s vision whilst providing you with engaging and fresh content.

      Gift Certificates

      Give the gift of a perfect party with less stress and more fun! Have someone in mind that would benefit from our help? Gift them a consultation or full styling package with Coral & Co. 

      MCO Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 413 185 089

      Event Management Agency in Melbourne

      Though based in Melbourne, MCO Events has the ability to plan corporate events across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. MCO Events is committed to providing the tools and information to assist in smooth event operation. We are here to serve you in all your branding, event and speaking needs.

      Our services include event communications, corporate event organisation and time management, project management, budget management, event staff management and event marketing and public relations. MCO Events commit to a broad range of events management services such as promotion, communications, consulting and equipment organisation.

      In addition, we understand how difficult it is to start up a company or brand, so we have branding packages dedicated to leveraging your brand to the next level and getting noticed.

      We recognise that the real work is in the details that lead up to the event, so our team works at a high standard to ensure your event will run smooth and stress-free. With our flexible packages, we will work with your brand to find the best fit for you and ensure that your event will be handled seamlessly.

      Wedding Planning

      Oh, we are a sucker for love! If you’re getting married and have no idea where to start, pick up the phone or chuck us an email, and we can get the creative juices flowing. There may appear to be one million and one thing on the ‘TO-DO’ list when all you really want to get to is the ‘I do”. Our team of hopeless romantics have hosted and planned hundreds of weddings from wedding venue sourcing, wedding design and concept, to onsite full day wedding operation.

      Your wedding day should never feel like a cookie-cutter procedure with event planners, so MCO Events works with you, listens attentively and ensures we fulfil every element of your brief. All our premium Wedding Packages will be consulted with our head Director, Melissa, and we know you will love our list of close suppliers! If you have your own, we will build instant rapport with your suppliers to get the big day on the road.

      “To plan and nurture every event as if it were our last”

      MCO Events and Branding is a Melbourne-based boutique agency created to assist you and your businesses with everything from brand start-ups to large company re-branding. We offer attentive event services to ensure you and your target audiences needs are met.

      Black Finn - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 412 968 988


      Congratulations on your engagement! So now what?

      At Black Finn, we are a team of wedding specialists and perfectionists who plan, design, manage and take the stress out of your day.

      We can be as involved as little or as much as you like and offer a range of package options to suit everyone. As all clients and events are unique, we can also customise packages based on your specific requirements.

      With 12 years of experience in the Wedding & Events industry in both Australia and the UK, we specialise in planning & event management, inclusive of on day coordination and consultancy services.

      We showcase modern minimalism and prove the adage that less is more. 

      Our weddings are irresistibly timeless and sophisticated in their simplicity which allows the key aspects of the day to shine.

      We focus on the client first and foremost as we know that it’s not about us. It’s about you. We are always striving for a less is more approach and proving to clients that planning, spreadsheets and budgets can be fun – which is really what organising a wedding is all about!

      Our work is serious, but we are not.

      We would love to hear from you and be a part of your big day!



      Our most popular planning package has the below inclusions.

      If you would like further information on pricing and our other offerings, please get in touch, and we would love to chat through what you envision for your big day and how we can assist!

      • Unlimited phone & email correspondence
      • Up to 5 x face to face meetings
      • 1 x venue visit
      • Arranging save the dates and invitations
      • Budget management
      • Creation of run sheet & floor plans for both ceremony & reception
      • Seating chart template access 
      • 3 x Quotes for every supplier - based on your budget, style & personality (with the exception of venue searching)
      • Supplier booking & management
      • RSVP & guest list management
      • Ongoing recommendations and support throughout the planning process

      Yarra Valley Pop Up Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 413 330 712

      What’s Provided


      Short & sweet by an authorised celebrant


      Stunning fresh local flowers to decorate your wedding venue - bouquet & buttonhole, yours to keep.


      Delicious semi-naked unique & delicious baked just for you - decorated with fresh flowers to match your bouquet.

      Champagne Toast

      Bubbly & glorious Yarra Valley champagne + delicious red & white Yarra Valley wines


      Professional photographer - an abundance of photo opportunities at each venue


      Check out our 5 venues & 9 packages. Packages can be tweaked to suit you.

      About Us

      Love the concept of a Pop Up Wedding but are you scared of the logistics? At Yarra Valley Pop Up Weddings, we follow the Pop-Up theme in a permanent location providing the venue, decorations, celebrant, seating, legal paperwork, public address system, flowers, bespoke wedding cake, Yarra Valley wines, champagne, grazing/cheese platters & professional photographer. The only thing that POPS up is you, your wedding party & guests.

      Indulge yourself with our 5 diverse, unique venues catering for every taste and budget. Your guests are catered to & made to feel a part of your very special day with champagne, wines, juices, food & wait staff. Everyone is attended to as your photographer takes advantage of the abundant photos opportunities onsite.

      How does it work? ………………….. It’s everything you’d expect on your wedding day ‘flashed’ into 1 – 6.5 hours. Simply choose your date, time, location, package number & POP UP. We’ll take care of the rest.

      Events by Emma Currie - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 434 251 219

      Melbourne Wedding Planner 

      Hi there, I’m Emma 

      I help couples save time and stress during the lead-up to their wedding with seamless planning and coordination.

      Based in Melbourne, I love working with creative couples who have a clear vision of their day but want a professional to execute the finer details. I specialise in all things coordination, setup and logistics - so you can relax and enjoy every single minute of your wedding experience without the feeling of overwhelming.

      Most importantly, I’m passionate about equipping you with the knowledge, advice and resources you need to plan your dream wedding day. From partial wedding planning and venue styling to my Signature On the Day Coordination service, I’II goes above and beyond to deliver an unforgettable event for you and your loved ones.

      Servicing Melbourne, Gippsland, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. Happy to travel!

      Specialising in On the Day Coordination

      Your wedding day is one of the only times where you’ll have all of your favourite people together in one place, creating unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. Working with a coordinator ensures you and your family can focus on enjoying your time together without worrying about the finer details.  

       I’ll create a customised timeline for your day, outlining exactly how everything will flow from start to finish. On the day, I will be there to set up & style your ideas flawlessly.

      A must-have for private property weddings.

      Evenio Weddings and Events Pty Ltd - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria  

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 478 658 062

      From the moment you say yes, all eyes are on you.

      If you know what you want but don’t know how to make it all happen, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How do you get the look and feel of your big day just right? That’s where Evenio comes in.

      Get one-on-one support and access to our global wedding industry connections to create the wedding of your dreams.

      You are bringing a touch of glamour to your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

      A hopeless romantic with over 20 years in TV and fashion, I was always the go-to party planner who had her lists in hand and a head full of ideas for pulling off the perfect celebration.

      As I packed up my bags from the United States and left the TV industry to come and live in Melbourne, there’s one thing I kept close to heart – my love for stylish events and cosmopolitan flare.

      Sophisticated, high-end weddings are Evenio’s speciality, so let’s get you in a state of being calm, collected and assured that we can design that beautiful day you’re dreaming about!

      Short & Spook - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +61 3 9578 9650


      We’re Short & Spook - an energetic and imaginative event design team based in Melbourne. We create fun, personal and inspiring experiences for everything from weddings to product launches to your bestie’s birthday.


      We create fun, personal and inspiring experiences.

      We love making magic for our clients and offer three levels of design & planning service for your big day. All our packages include:

      • Concept design what is your event going to look like?
      • Planning of design how are we going to bring it to life?
      • Coordination and production of design sourcing, creating, coordinating, buying and building
      • Set up on the day by our fabulous team of stylists
      • Pack up after the event like we were never there!


      If you have your styling pretty much sorted but really want a custom design Short & Spook ceremony arbour, we do offer this as a single service as we truly believe this is our speciality! 

      Celebrant Maree - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0409 235 244

      Hi, I’m Maree, one of the most experienced and professional Melbourne wedding celebrants based in the Eastern suburbs, close to The Yarra Valley.

      I am helping you to celebrate your own memorable, vibrant and personal wedding ceremony simply and easily, with love and laughter. I’ve got your back.

      Where do you begin when planning a wedding ceremony?

      Do these thoughts and questions sound familiar to you?

      • “We have no idea where to start.”
      • “How long should our wedding ceremony go for?”
      • “We want to have a relaxed, laid-back celebration of our relationship and our future together.”
      • “We want a wedding ceremony that reflects us – not too serious, but not too wacky either.”
      • “We just want a small, intimate ceremony with a couple of guests. Can we do this? Is this called an elopement?”
      • “We’ve both been married before. How does this work?”

      And that’s where I step in!

      It’s your wedding ceremony so it should be exactly how you want it to be. I’ve got stacks of ideas, resources, inspiration and information to guide you.

      I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, so I can help you with any questions about getting married in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.

      If you’re keen to know more about me and the getting married process, then read on, or get in touch.

      Meet Celebrant Maree

      As part of creating your fabulous wedding ceremony, I like to find out some things about you, so it’s only fair that you know a little about me!

      I’m a Melbourne based wedding celebrant. I love meeting people and discussing their lives, beliefs and ideas about getting married.

      I’m passionate about the creative, collaborative process we embark on to create a unique and personal ceremony just for you.

      Do you have in mind an “outside the box” idea for your wedding ceremony? I’ll encourage you and offer suggestions about content and logistics. I believe all wedding ceremonies can be meaningful, sincere, warm and inclusive.

      My passion is meeting people, writing and listening to couple’s unique stories – a perfect mix for a wedding celebrant like myself!

      Qualified. Fun. Creative.

      I’ve successfully completed the highest qualification you can attain as a marriage celebrant in Australia.

      In 2004, I graduated with high distinctions with a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Civil Ceremonies) from Monash University.

      It was during this time that I immersed myself in all things ceremony, ritual and history.

      My wedding celebration experience is broad-ranging. I love working with couples from different cultures, heritages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Every couple is different, and there is no “normal” wedding or family situation.

      My role as your wedding celebrant is to ensure your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s all about getting the right balance of fun and serious stuff when it matters. I’d love to help you craft a wedding ceremony that reflects you and your partner’s love and personality.

      will&jac - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0410 535 225

      Melbourne Wedding Planners & Consultants

      Catherine Williams and Clare Jacobsen are Melbourne Wedding Planners and Consultants, will&jac. Together, they offer superior customer service, coupled with expert advice and guidance in the field of Weddings.

      We are in unprecedented times due to the surreal circumstances surrounding COVID, but these restrictions are and will lift, and therefore the Wedding “show will go on”!

      will&jac is now offering a new range of Wedding Planning packages, extending their gained knowledge of the industry to consultancy services designed for like-minded businesses as well as an exciting opportunity for Wedding Planner mentoring – passing our extensive experience onto the next generation of planners. Our signature’ Hand Over the Reigns’ planning package, SOS services, and Venue Scouting is also available.

      will&jac understand that every occasion is different, all couples are unique and that Weddings are momentous celebrations.

      Allow our project management and consultancy skills to shine – we thrive on it – while you immerse yourself in the ride of a lifetime!

      Let Catherine and Clare be part of your celebrations as your Wedding Planning Consultants, as they make your wedding dreams a reality.

      About Us – will&jac is Catherine and Clare.

      Wedding Planners and Consultants Catherine and Clare are will&jac – the pairing of two unique and fabulous friends. Catherine Williams (Will) and Clare Jacobsen (Jac) met while working in the Wedding industry in Melbourne and bring together a total of over 40 years of Weddings and Events experience, planning, coordination and industry knowledge.

      Catherine brings the Queenslander to the business. With a background in the Arts, she is the creative and visionary soul – the ultimate Wedding planning Queen – she is the sophisticated and fun-loving half of the duo.

      Clare is the perfect blend of English elegance and style, helping glamorous planning Weddings in England and Melbourne with an appreciation for all things events related.

      Both perfectionists, personable, obsessive and highly organised – Catherine and Clare are the perfect Wedding planning consultants to support and guide you through this exciting milestone.

      Weddings of Distinction - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      +613 9699 3331

      Real Examples, Real Couples

      While we’re involved in over 500 weddings every year around Melbourne, have a look at some of the couples who have given permission to share their special day with the public in detail.

      Find the Perfect Venue

      After you’ve chosen the wedding venue, ceremony and reception, decorations are some of the most important considerations you can make. Modern weddings almost require a professional degree in event planning. Luckily we’ve established deep relationships with some of Victoria’s premier wedding venues.

      Each Love Story is Unique

      Each wedding has a theme, and the decorations chosen to beautify the venue should reflect and enhance that theme. Express your style and personality the way you want to. Browse through over 500 different popular wedding decorations for hire. In fact, we have the largest range in Melbourne and Victoria, so you can be as fussy as you want to be.

      Getting Married Requires a Lot of Planning

      Getting married is a special time for all couples, but taking care of all the important details can be very stressful. Offload some of that stress by allowing us to offer assistance when making wedding plans and ensure that your event turns out to be as perfect as you envisioned. Weddings of Distinction is a wedding decorator Melbourne specialist with years of experience. Simply tell us your dream and your budget, and we will fulfil your vision.


      Weddings of Distinction is Melbourne’s original garden wedding specialist. We have built an excellent reputation by providing stylish and cost-effective garden weddings for over 20 years. We also specialise in decorating, planning and coordinating wedding receptions, various functions and corporate events.

      At Weddings of Distinction, we promise to provide you with comprehensive and informative wedding or function planning services and solutions, which will enable you to enjoy your day without worrying about any organisational hassles. We work with you to create beautiful, elegant, long-lasting memories and bring you all the expertise, enthusiasm, and aesthetic excellence you’ll ever need to turn your ideas and inspirations into reality.

      We look forward to getting to know you and making your dreams come to reality.

      RUFFLES AND BELLS - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      We are a team of storytellers, dreamers and designers of events helping you make memorable moments one styled celebration at a time.


      The very first event I styled was a wedding for my friend, and I still remember every moment of it. 

      The feeling of excitement was something I would never forget. I love the thrill of creating a vision from an inspiration connecting the couple’s story to a full day of love. 

      That’s why I call what we do ‘event storytelling’.

      My love for details started Ruffles and Bells in 2010, but even at a younger age, there was always this energy that drew me to colours, textures and magical ways to bring a story to life.

      Eleven years later, and here I am, talking to you.

      The passion I felt from the day I styled my first wedding has been growing ever since. I still get the nerves the day before every wedding and event we style, and I still cry (no kidding!) at every pack down out of the excitement of seeing everything come to life. And the next day, I would want to do it all again.

      Styling is more than just a passion for me and my team. It is our core value, and it’s our way to touch lives through beautiful experiences …and, of course, to take the pressure off you so you can enjoy the celebration you and your loved ones deserve.

      We style to celebrate, to create memories and let the world know how beautiful life can be and of course, to tell your love story.

      Let our passion, imagination and storytelling be our gift to you.

      Gee, What a Wedding - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0405 984 670

      Gulsah Gee Tankir

      Wedding Planner

      Diploma in Wedding & Event Planning

      Gee What a Wedding is a Melbourne-based wedding-planning business founded in 2010 by me, Gulsah Gee Tankir.

      I have been involved in events for more than 15 years, but the idea for Gee What A Wedding has an emotional attachment. It developed from witnessing my friends & family suffer mishaps on their big day, as well as deal with frustrations & annoyances in the lead-up to their wedding. Each and every time, it broke my heart.

      This sprung me into action to create a service where couples were not overwhelmed when planning a wedding, allowing brides & grooms across Melbourne to enjoy their big day without unnecessary stress or anxiety.

      My qualifications include a Diploma in Wedding & Event Planning taught at the College of Events, which complements my previous employment in the security & hospitality industries. I also hold a business degree majoring in accounting.

      How can I help you?

      Why I Love Wedding Planning

      When a bride & groom contact me feeling overwhelmed, confused & helpless about their upcoming wedding, it provides me with such a buzz knowing I can replace those negative emotions with positive ones.

      My experience in wedding planning means I can show each bride & groom how I can simplify their wedding & assure them that they are in safe hands.

      However, I’ve been involved in wedding planning long enough to know that the level of assistance that couples wish for is variable. Some couples want me to take care of everything, while others prefer to be strongly involved in the planning process.

      That’s why Gee What A Wedding offers a flexible service, taking care of a little or a lot.

      Gee What A Wedding can plan all aspects of a wedding, including on-the-day wedding coordination, or can assist and provide guidance with only certain aspects of the wedding.

      It’s all up to you. After all, it is your special day.

      Invest Money to Make Money

      Hiring a wedding planner should not be expensive. In fact, an expert wedding planner should save you money and time.

      Mention the word ‘wedding’ to a supplier or service, and you can be guaranteed that the price of that product or service will be inflated. It’s because of this that wedding planning is all about having the right contacts – knowing the best suppliers and getting a fair price.

      The reason for investing in a wedding planner is simple. Unlike your regular bride & groom, we plan weddings all the time! Take advantage of our contacts, expertise, & know-how to save you money, time & hassle. It’s that easy!

      Let’s Have a Coffee!

      Contact me to arrange a free consultation where we’ll discuss the details of your wedding. I’ll guide your decision-making process, select the right suppliers for your budget, discuss your needs & wants and begin to shape the wedding of your dreams.

      I DO - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      61-04 33040092

      Welcome to Wedding Planning Melbourne

      Wedding planning Melbourne is brought to you by I DO wedding planning, one of the biggest wedding planning companies in Melbourne. We are also the only wedding company that can provide a one-stop wedding service.

      I DO Wedding Planning offers a variety of services such as wedding photography, wedding cinematic HD film, wedding planning, bridal gowns and wedding day makeup.

      Say I Do. I Do for you!

      As one of the biggest wedding companies in Melbourne, we are also the only company that can provide a one-stop service. I DO offer a variety of services such as wedding photography, wedding cinematic HD film, wedding planning, bridal gowns and wedding day makeup. We have an experienced professional team full of enthusiasm and love to ensure that every client experience is nothing short of perfect. 

      At I DO, we pour our heart and soul into every wedding we take on, and every wedding is unique. We strongly believe that understanding the client’s needs and attention to detail is the key to delivering the best services and a successful wedding. If this sounds like what you need for that special day of yours, please have a look through our portfolio for some ideas of how your wedding day could look like. Call us, and we will help you create your dream wedding so that it can be embedded into beautiful memories forever.

      At I Do Planning, our job is to take the worries off your shoulders on that special day so that you can be yourself and enjoy that most important day of your life. From our first meeting and throughout the process, we will take our time to get to know you and develop a sense of your personal style, and incorporate that into your desired wedding. I DO Planning will tailor that dream wedding for you, or we can make it simple and provide you with ideas based on the many successful weddings we have seen through.

      KW Weddings & Flowers - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

      Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      0404 716 887


      The world of luxury is not just exclusive. It is highly secretive too. Flowers have to do more today than ever! We prefer inspiration rather than reproduction. We love colours, patterns, textures, and shapes we find along the way. For us, it is all about the power of making our clients and their families and friends confident and satisfied with their floral curator. 

      KW Weddings & Flowers is a Melbourne-based wedding planning and wedding floristry company. Led by professional wedding planner/ award-winning florist Karen Wang, we are an experienced but youthful team. We offer full wedding management, wedding coordination, wedding floristry, wedding styling, wedding and party theme design, and wedding venue decoration services. We have assisted thousands of beautiful couples in creating the perfect day of their life.

      Our mission is to honour the experience and create a meaningful and memorable wedding for you and your loved ones.

      About Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers

      Karen Wang established Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers in 2017, which brings together her enormous love for weddings, event planning and floristry. With more than five years of industry experience, Karen offers her expertise in wedding planning, styling and floristry services to couples all over Australia.

      The breadth of Karen’s experience and her team has afforded them a large network of specialists and suppliers within the realm of wedding planning and coordinating as Karen has been fortunate enough to coordinate and manage the French pianist Richard Clayderman’s Australian Concert Tour across three cities between February and June 2017. Again that year, between July and October, Karen coordinated and managed the Animenz Australia Tour held at Melbourne Recital Centre. Concurrently from 2013 until 2017, Karen was working with Ardeur Weddings and Events as a wedding planner, serving hundreds of couples and working alongside a renowned industry leader.

      Karen is well regarded for her attention to detail and professionalism within the industry, having worked with suppliers and venues for several years. These values are shared among the young, a passionate and creative team she leads, having spent months sourcing the right talent to work with her. Karen’s team includes coordinators, designers and florists. The Florist team is multitalented, comprising of florists from all over the world, such as Taiwan, China, Australia and Japan. The design and styling team is made up of Graphic and Interior Designers sharing a total of 30 years of industry experience. Karen Wang has been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of Melbourne’s best wedding planners.

      Karen couldn’t be prouder of her team and the service she offers. Her passion and love for weddings make all the work she does a pleasure to do. Karen strives to create not just individual weddings but unique, timeless weddings for couples and their families. While Karen’s efforts to make every feature of your wedding look and feel stunning, her greatest reward is being hosted on one of the most important days for you and your family.

      Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

      No one wants to spend their wedding day worrying about anything other than the ceremony. You don't want to worry about your hair, makeup, or even what you're wearing! That's why we've created a list of some of the best professionals in Philadelphia who will make sure that your wedding day is perfect from start to finish. These highly-rated stylists are talented and experienced at making people look beautiful on special occasions like weddings. 

      There are many aspects to consider when planning a wedding, which is why it's essential to start early and think about every detail. What hair and makeup artists you want for your big day often gets overlooked in the planning process.

      To help you get started on your artists hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

      Table of Contents
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        Ultimate List of Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria

        Bellezza Seduction - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        03 9041 5192

        Your professional mobile hair and makeup artist in Melbourne

        If you’re looking for a talented mobile hair and makeup artist in Melbourne, you are in good hands with Bellezza Seduction. We have many years of experience in this ever-evolving industry, specialising in bridal makeup, and we know how to get you looking stunning using only the finest techniques.

        Providing a range of mobile hair and makeup services to melbourne

        We have an extensive amount of experience assisting clients with hair and makeup for a number of different events and occasions, including:


        Between choosing a venue, deciding on the seating arrangements and everything else involved in planning your big day, it can all be a bit overwhelming (and stressful!). One of the umpteen factors you’ll need to take into consideration during the planning process is who to turn to,, like your professional makeup artist. At Bellezza Seduction, our specialty lies with bridal hair and makeup, and we’re here to remove as much stress as possible. We guarantee we’ll arrive on time and provide you with results you’ll absolutely love.

        Bellezza Seduction – Melbourne’s Premier Makeup Artist & Beauty Specialist

        Bellezza Seduction is a Melbourne based make-up artistry business with years of experience. We are experts in bridal, theatrical and fashion make-up. Bellezza Seduction has earned a high profile reputation through accredited work experience in the fashion, film & entertainment industries.

        The managing make-up artist Jasmina first discovered her passion for make-up with a make-up manual at the age of 7 and her mum’s cosmetic kit and since then decided to pursue make-up artistry after entering the performance and entertainment industry, completing numerous beauty and natural therapy courses. Her passion for perfect make-up and client satisfaction has made her a favourite among satisfied regular clientele from the general public to the professional entertainment industry. Jasmina spends her days creating amazing looks that appear regularly in the entertainment and bridal industry. Her down to earth approach and professional, friendly manner makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. She strives to make all clients happy and satisfied with the look they really want.

        Jasmina understands that no two clients are the same. It is crucial as a make-up artist to be able to adapt and create many looks, from understated and classic all the way up to bold high fashion & theatrical. The modern client is more aware of fashion, make-up and hair trends and is particular about the products she uses.

        H M Allure - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]


        About Us

        Award-Winning Artistic Educator wedding hair and makeup Melbourne

        With 20 years of experience in the bridal hair and makeup industry and being recognised by Australia's wedding platform, award-winning artistic educator Helen Donchos is the co-founder of the company H M ALLURE Hair And Makeup Melbourne 

        and trainer educator of HAIR.DO ARTISTRY.

        Trained by the best in the wedding hair and makeup industry, her creativity and inspiration have developed her own brand of styling, creating elegant bridal hair and makeup designs. Her philosophy is to

        '' create the most natural look that makes the bride look feminine.''

        Helen and her dedicated team of hair and makeup artists will work closely with you to assist in creating a look that brings out the most beautiful bride in you.

        Stiletto Styling - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]



        When hiring a private makeup artist for your next special occasion, you want to ensure that they are going to do the job exactly as you envision. After all, it’s not every day that we have the opportunity to indulge ourselves and enlist the services of a professional artist. Therefore, at Stiletto Styling, we work hard to meet our clients’ exact expectations.

        We listen to our client’s requirements for their personal styling and go above and beyond to ensure that they are reached. We know exactly what it takes to accentuate your features and have you looking incredible for the special occasion. Our mobile makeup service is available for all special events throughout Melbourne; simply call, and we can arrange a time for you on the day of the event!


        The team of highly skilled makeup artists at Stiletto Styling don’t limit their service to just one type of event – we do it all! Our creative stylists understand what it takes to make you look gorgeous for every occasion, and we consider the nature of the event to come up with a styling that you will absolutely adore.

        Our list of services includes:

        • Wedding Hair and Makeup: It’s your special day, and you want your hair and makeup to be absolutely flawless. After all, ladies, we have to admit that it’s one of the most important aspects of our special day and to receive a subpar service would be absolutely disastrous. Stiletto Styling never allows for this. We never compromise for quality in our wedding hair and makeup service, as we understand the importance of looking absolutely stunning on this most important of days.
        • Asian Hair and Makeup: Our founder and leading stylist, Shevoune Lim, is a virtuoso in creating stylish Asian makeup for all occasions. She is a leader in the creation of stunning hair and makeup stylings for Asian brides and has been providing a wedding hair and makeup service for years. She will come to you on the day of the event: no having to run around and get to the salon before your special day as Shevoune will come to you.
        • Creative Commercial Makeup and Hair: Achieve the look that attracts your target audience. Stiletto Styling provides a creative commercial makeup and hairstyling service that perfectly suits your brand. This includes airbrush makeup to give you and your label that extra boldness.

        About Me


        Stiletto Styling’s ever-growing portfolio consists of Bridal, Editorials, Commercials and other Special Occasions. Founder, Makeup artist, and stylist Shevoune Lim’s vision are to always bring out the best of her clients and to celebrate their unique individualities.

        ​Shevoune Lim, the founder of Stiletto Styling, began her career as an event planner. In between organising fashion shows and parties, her passion for beauty ignited when she witnessed how skilful hair and makeup artists could transform ordinary women into stunning, glamorous models backstage.

        With that in mind, she creates and designs personalised looks to give each client a truly tailored experience. Her team of qualified professionals is dedicated to making sure you look your best on your special day.

        The ambience at her studio is fun, comfortable and light-hearted – making every visit a relaxed, enjoyable one.

        Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists FAQs

        What are the benefits of hiring a wedding hair and makeup artist?

        Bring Out a Natural Look

        The Best Makeup Artists in Bangalore often get hired by actors, musicians, singers, show hosts, and band players to look more appealing on camera. They have received training to bring out the extraordinary artistry in you and make you look as natural as possible. The Makeup Artists understand the usage of toning and even help you remove pores and make the complexion more appealing. Thus making your guest interactions striking and memorable. You can even ask them to bring out a look similar to a celebrity, and they will do it correctly and without any hesitation.

        Make Use of Professional Products

        While getting ready for the wedding, the bridesmaids often try to bring the best of their remaining home Makeup products that may or may not suit the bride's skin. Therefore, they would need to compromise on the Makeup with limited resources at hand. However, the Best Makeup Artists in Bangalore carry a kit of the best Makeup products with them at all times to avoid such mishappenings. Also, they tend to use the best products in the industry and make out the difference because they are professionals. They even keep up with the ongoing market bridal trends, industry concerns, and techniques and inform the bride and her bridesmaids so that they can decide or take a vote.

        Avoid Making Flaws

        As mentioned earlier, not hiring the Best Makeup Artist in Bangalore can become devastating. The person may not know your facial allergies, hair problems, intended outlook, and irritating substances. Taking such risks on one of the best days of your life can prove to be devastating and chaotic. On the other hand, hiring a Professional Makeup Artist can resolve these issues and provide you with the desired outlook without a hint of a flaw. Moreover, you will look more stunning than you usually do with the assistance of a Makeup Artist because they can see your best features and highlight them and conceal pores or pimples.

        Stay Stress-Free

        Brides and Bridesmaids often worry about gruesome mistakes during the wedding due to makeup blunders. But they can stay free of any stress or anxiety related to Makeup if they hire the Best Makeup Artist. A professional will help to cover anything related to complexion and hair at all times.

        Why hire a makeup artist for your wedding?

        Time: This is the first and most crucial aspect to remember when deciding whether or not to use a professional makeup artist. Do you have the time to let an amateur or aspiring makeup artist do your makeup on the most stressful and essential day of your life? Do you have the patience to sit in a chair for up to two hours getting your makeup applied, or would you prefer to have a professional who does makeup for a living get your face completed in 30-45 minutes, and you know the results will be exactly what you were looking for? The truth is, unless your best friend is a pro makeup artist and has done hundreds of faces of makeup, you could fall behind schedule on your wedding day. Your wedding day schedule is timed to perfection, and imagine how your day could be ruined if you kept your groom-to-be and your guests waiting while you were sitting in the makeup chair. Using a professional means, you will be out of makeup, walking down the aisle and into the loving arms of your groom, enjoying your wedding day stress-free.

        Money: How can hiring a pro makeup artist for your wedding save you money? Choosing not to hire a pro-MUA might seem like an effective cost-saving measure for your wedding budget, but we know this isn't the case. There are many money-saving benefits to hiring a pro makeup artist. First, you won't have to buy an entire wedding day makeup kit, which could run you upwards of $500. Your pro makeup artist will come with a complete kit of wedding day cosmetics plus a set of false lashes, so if your makeup artist charges $150 to do your makeup, you will have saved $350 just by hiring a pro. Remember, time is money and using a pro makeup artist will save you stress and time on your wedding day.

        Stress: When was the last time you had your makeup done by a friend? I'm guessing it's either or not within the past 10 years. Although it can seem like such a fun idea when a friend or relative makes the offer to do your wedding day makeup, it can quickly turn into a very stressful situation for both you and the friend. Tensions tend to run high on the wedding day. Even if you are a calm person by nature, when you sit down in the makeup chair and have time to let your mind think of all the action happening around you, it can turn into a stressful situation if your friend lacks makeup confidence. As a result, you aren't getting the makeup results you were looking to achieve.

        Photos: Your wedding day photos will be one of your lifelong treasures, and how you look in your wedding day photos matters more than you think. We spoke with a few of our wedding photographer friends. Each of them said the same thing, "When a bride hires a professional makeup artist on her wedding day, we are less likely to fall behind on the schedule, the photos need minor touch up edits, and their skills show in the results of our images. With that information to consider, you might ask yourself if choosing a pro makeup artist is, in fact, worth the money to have gorgeous wedding day photos.

        Results: We know that getting your makeup done for free sounds like a good option when a friend offers to do your wedding day makeup but more importantly, are the results you will get by hiring a pro makeup artist, in fact, much more important? A pro makeup artist has honed their skills as a professional and has done hundreds of faces in their career. They know the tricks to get your makeup looking flawless as well as having it last all day. They can apply a set of false lashes with one hand tied behind their back, and one eye closed, they are professionals in what they do, and you will see it in the results you get by choosing to hire a pro makeup artist on your wedding day.

        How do I pick a makeup artist for my wedding?

        Expertise: A Make-Up Artist who knows their Trade

        Firstly, check your prospective makeup artist's training. A two-month makeup course might not be sufficient enough for your makeup requirements. Also, depending on your makeup needs, it'll determine whether a beautician or professional makeup artist would suit you. Anyone training in makeup will do special training in bridal makeup and further training in speciality makeup if trained in a makeup academy. The levels will vary between a beautician and a professional makeup artist, so work out what level of makeup suits you.

        Experience: A Make-Up Artist Who Knows The Ropes

        The next thing is to check their experience. Most makeup artists will have an online portfolio of their work to view. Lots of experience is great for obvious reasons, but don't dismiss someone who hasn't been in the business too long, as it's also important to base your talent decision, level of work, and professionalism. Again, this is important to ensure you can rely on them on the day of the wedding to deliver what you've both agreed.

        A professional makeup artist will keep their skills up to date and know critical trends for the upcoming seasons. In addition, it's worth having someone who's experienced in working with different skin types; you will benefit from this as it's also essential to get your skin in tip-top shape before the big day to make the most of your makeup.

        Manner: A Make-Up Artist Who Gets You

        The morning of your wedding is a special day, so make sure you feel comfortable and secure with the person you choose. Your chosen artist will be a relaxed, calming influence on the day, ensuring you can sit back and relax!

        How much do wedding makeup artists charge?

        Wedding makeup can be solely for the bride or include everyone who is a part of your special day. To create the perfect look for your wedding party, you may want to expand your bridal beauty package to include bridesmaids, flower girls, and other family members. Wedding makeup artists can create bridal looks that are natural and clean, romantic and soft, or bold and glamorous. Optional add-ons include airbrush makeup, a classic vintage look, smokey eyes, bold lips and contouring.

        Here are the average costs of wedding hair and makeup (per service):

        • Bride: $140 – $200
        • Bridesmaid: $120 – $180
        • Others (e.g. mother of the bride, mother in law): $100 – $160

        Not to mention the fact they need to make a little margin, too (as much as it's a labour of love for all the hair and makeup artists we know, they've got to make money just like we all want to make a salary).

        Also, remember the main thing you're paying for here is their knowledge and skills – most wedding hair and makeup artists have spent years refining and perfecting their craft and building their knowledge around skincare and product recommendations. Their prices are usually reflective of this.

        If you're someone who finds the beauty industry confusing (retinol? Hyaluronic powder? Primer?), it's because it is. However, if it is within your budget, it's wise to book a professional hair and makeup artist to help you figure out the best approach for your skin and achieving your desired look.

        Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?


        A makeup artist has experience and skills and knows how to make you look your best not only for the day itself but for your photos. Wedding photographers have an easier job if a makeup artist is hired because there are fewer edits/re-takes needed - the bride looks excellent in all lighting and environments. And, of course, your wedding photos are there for a lifetime. So hiring a makeup artist makes you look your best in your photos that will be looked at for all those years ahead.

        You Can Save time

        Experience counts a lot if you are applying makeup on your clients day after day. That means you can save time because a makeup artist knows that is something you're short of on your day. Yes, it's an enjoyable day, but you're going to be running a tight schedule, so you want to KNOW you will be looking your best before the day begins.

        No Indecision

        This might sound like a strange benefit, but I've seen this happen so often at weddings: the bride either applies her makeup or has a friend do it for her. Then... there's a change of mind. The makeup is washed off, and slightly different tones are applied. Brides can become very indecisive ...because they're nervous. On the other hand, a professional makeup artist knows what they're doing. They're confident, and they know what's best for you.

        Less Stress

        In relation to the above point, delegating the makeup application to a professional is one more minor job you have to worry about.


        This will sound counterintuitive, but hiring a makeup artist might even SAVE you money. How so? Well, you will probably end up buying a complete kit of wedding day cosmetics if you're going to apply your makeup. After all, wedding makeup IS different to your usual office makeup. And those cosmetics can set you back more than hiring a makeup artist! A makeup artist already has wedding day cosmetics. Not only that, but such an artist will have a wide array of cosmetics - a more extensive palette to paint from!

        Princess Brides - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0414 303 501

        Victoria’s leading hair and makeup agency

        Princess Brides is home to some of Melbourne’s most talented wedding makeup artists and hairstylists. With more than 15 years of experience in the bridal industry, Tania and her team of highly professional and dedicated staff are committed to producing the most exquisite results, so you can relax in the knowledge that you will look absolutely amazing!

        About Princess Brides

        The team at Princess Brides understand the importance of creating a look that is not only perfect for your wedding day, but that will also be captured flawlessly behind the camera lens. We also understand that not all brides are the same, so it is crucial as a makeup artist to be able to create many looks.

        We begin with your bridal consultation and trial application, where we will collaborate to create a precise look that will highlight your features and your natural beauty. It is our mission to listen, understand, collaborate and create a look that is perfect for you and your bridal party. Of course, providing a fully mobile service, your Princess Brides makeup artist and hairstylist will come to you at the trial and, of course, the location on your Wedding day.

        Our credits include film, TV, fashion and catwalk, along with many Bridal Magazine shoots. However, above all, our passion is being able to create the picture-perfect bride for both her photographs and her guests. That’s what we do best!

        In choosing Princess Brides, you can be assured you will look your ultimate best on your special day. We are committed to delivering stunning results with affordable beauty styling packages for weddings and special events.

        Your next step is to book a trial. This is done in the comfort of your own home, and the wedding day too. We will design your perfect look and try a couple of styles. We take into consideration your dress, bridesmaids dresses and veils, tiara or headpiece,ce etc. Also, flowers, jewellery, any ideas you have collected and the theme you wish to create be it modern or traditional. Once your look has been created, a schedule of your special day with times, costings and helpful hints and tips will be given.

        Reveal Hair & Makeup - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0417 648 115

        A little about us……..

        Established in 2004, we are a team of hairstylists and makeup artists committed to not only making sure your hair and makeup are amazing but providing our clients with the best experience possible.

        Why choose us for your hair & makeup?

        There are so many hair and makeup artists out there, so why would you choose us?

        1 – Customer Service

        It sounds boring, doesn’t it, but when you are planning a wedding, knowing that the people making you beautiful are always available for a chat or some advice is important. I’m sure you’ve already emailed heaps of suppliers seeking quotes, and a lot of them didn’t even get back to you, right? We do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

        2 – No Hidden Extras

        We provide as close to set prices as possible, and you’ll always know the full costs before we arrive. The only additional cost we have is parking, and we’ll chat to you about this before the big day.

        3 – No minimum or maximum numbers

        We can cater for a booking of just one person or enormous groups.

        4 – Back up staff in the case of an emergency

        We all know family emergencies happen or an illness can hit at any time; however, with our team, we always try and offer a backup if something unforeseen was to occur so you can rest assured we’ll do our utmost to ensure you have a stylist on the day.

        5 – Experience

        There are so many hair and makeup experts out there, and most of them do a beautiful job, but working with a bride on the big day is more than just hair and makeup. Being on time, reading the mood of the clients, managing nerves and family politics, working in partnership with other vendors to ensure our clients are ready when they need to be – it all takes practice, and we have that in abundance!

        Flawless Hair & Makeup - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0407 812 099

        For true sophistication and elegance, and to bring out your natural glowing beauty, Flawless Hair & Makeup will create the perfect look for your special occasion.

        Flawless Hair & Makeup understands the importance of creating a look that is right for you, make you feel confident and will photograph beautifully.

        We tailor a hair and makeup look to suit you and your personality. Whether you like fresh, soft and natural, glossy makeup or a sultry, glamorous look – you can be confident in receiving professional and individual care.

        About Sheridan Miller:

        Sheridan is a makeup artist and hairstylist who has worked in the bridal and beauty industries since 2002.  

        Making women feel beautiful and confident on their wedding day and special occasions is her specialty. Sheridan and her team have built a professional rapport that ensures her clients have assured the best possible look for their occasion.

        Working with brides and their bridal parties; getting women ready for special events such as Spring Racing Carnival, the Brownlow, VIP clients for book launches, red carpet events, magazine shoots, corporate presentations, awards ceremonies, Myer Fashion on the Field finalists, school dinner dances, school valedictories, university functions, debutantes and photoshoots and of course girls just wanting to look and feel beautiful for a dinner out or a special function.

        Flawless Hair & Makeup offers a completely mobile service to all areas of metropolitan Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas and country Victoria.

        SHARI-LEE BROMLEY - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 414 223 757


         The big day has finally come, and preparations are on their way! Hair & Makeup is usually on the top of a Bride’s

        List as it's a priority for you and your wedding party to look perfect on your big day. Whether you want to look naturally beautiful or fabulously glamorous, I'll be right there by your side to create a personalised look for your special day. 

        As one of Melbourne's most popular mobile bridal hair & makeup artist, there is no doubt I will create the look you desire, making you and your wedding party look and feel beautiful as well as bringing the calm and caring energy to what can sometimes be a stressful day.

        Hair and makeup are available as a package or as separate services.


        My journey in the industry all started back when I decided to leave the corporate world and enter the creative one. I've always been a creative person with a passion for art. Inspired by this passion and my background in hairdressing and beauty, I began a professional career as a freelance hair & makeup artist right here in Melbourne. 

        Now one of Melbourne's popular freelance hair & makeup artists, I work across the bridal, events, beauty, fashion and commercial industries. My warm personality will make you feel at ease when I'm working on making you look and feel beautiful. With a broad spectrum of work, I have a wealth of industry knowledge and am known for always bringing my calm and happy energy.

        Also experienced in other beauty areas, my knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry will set her apart from the rest. Shari prides herself on her professionalism, organisation and, of course, my talent! 

        Please don't hesitate in contacting me with any questions about my mobile hair and makeup services.

        NT Designs - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 408 311 253

        Welcome to NT Designs

        Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists here at NT Designs are 'EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED', in great demand, and preferred by customers everywhere to create the perfect look YOU desire!

        NT Designs' makeup artists and hairstylists take pride in providing professional and personalised, excellent customer and product service - with special attention to detail and quality. Expect no less than 'THE BEST'.

        We can help you make decisions on styles and colours to create the look you're after.

        Choose from natural beauty, classic and timeless, modern fashion, high fashion & couture, old Hollywood & movie star glamour, or perhaps something entirely different. We welcome your ideas and are happy to offer experienced, valuable advice and suggestions when required.

        A bit about me

        Hello, my name is Nerida Beardsell. I am the artist, stylist, designer and founder of NT Designs.

        My keen interest in makeup artistry began in the mid-late ‘90s.

        I completed my professional Advanced Makeup Artistry qualifications; this was complemented soon after with further qualifications in professional Hair Styling for bridal, fashion and photography, covering advanced skills in modern styling and traditional hair up techniques.

        I have been professionally and extensively trained within high industry standards—the results: multiple industry awards and highly consistent levels of outstanding customer satisfaction.

        During my profession, I have established a successful career and business, spanning over thirteen years (and still going strong), enabling many and a variety of rewarding and exciting opportunities.

        With years of industry experience, my passion for makeup artistry and hairstyling has inspired me to continue developing the craft - regularly updating my skills to keep on top of current trends and techniques. My love for creating beautiful makeup artistry prompted me to pursue and branch into professional hairstyling, which includes expertise in human hair extensions. I have been very fortunate and privileged to learn from world-class, award-winning, and International makeup artists and hairstylists, which, I believe, learning from the best has contributed to shaping my own success.

        My passion for creating beautiful, picture-perfect make-overs ensures that... you will love the transformation!

        Amy Bysouth - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 417 556 974

        Let's create the perfect look for your special day! I'll make sure you've never felt more beautiful and confident. 

        ​You can relax in your robe and drink champagne while I get to work. You've got your own personal glam team, like a celebrity! We're gonna have so much fun.

        You want to look like the best version of yourself on your big day, right?

        ​With your ideas and my knowledge, we can create the perfect look for you.

        I'm sure you've got more than one idea, though! That's why we have a trial. We'll try different things and make adjustments until we're 100% happy.

        The day will run so smoothly now that we've met, and I understand your style.


        Hi, lovelies!

        I'm one of Melbourne's leading Hair and Makeup Artists, and I've been working in this industry for 8+ years.

        I'm obsessed with glam.

        Before I got into this job, there was a very limited amount of high-end makeup brands in Australia. So when I flew to America for the first time and saw all the products, my mind was blown! The Sephora artists would tell me amazing stories about life as a makeup artist. That was the moment that I realised I needed to make this my full-time job. 

        As for hair, I've always been great at styling.

        All my friends in high school were envious of my straightener curls! A lot of my techniques are self-taught. But I'm always trying to up my game by learning from other well-known hairstylists, like Lorna Evans and Sharon Blain.

        I'm blessed to have been able to take my hair and makeup skills internationally! Holding masterclasses and training Sephora staff in South East Asia. I wanted to be one of those girls in Sephora, and now I'm training them!

        I love teaching you guys all my secrets. Whether it’s through masterclasses, one on one lessons or video tutorials. I was a singing teacher before I started hair and makeup. But please don't make me sing for you...

        When I'm not slamming you, beautiful people, I'm busy getting creative on photoshoots. I love working with models, photographers and stylists to create works of art. In my line of work, it's super important to make sure that every look translates into film. My editorial work is even published in magazines! You can check them out here.

        ​I take a lot of pride in my work ethic and consider myself to be a die-hard perfectionist. I can use my experience and knowledge to help you look amazing! You'll feel comfortable and have a few laughs along the way.

        Zoe Fink - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0411 728 054

        ZOE FINK

        Zoe has spent over 18 years working in the makeup industry.

        Zoe has spent over 18 years working in the makeup industry across Film, Fashion, Television, and Bridal both here in Australia and overseas.

        Very much in high demand, Zoe’s philosophy is to “bring out a client’s own natural beauty to a higher level”, a quality that is hard to find in many professional makeup artists.

        Zoe is against the heavy application of ‘caked on’ makeup and prefers not to make a bride look like a different person but to make her clients look like a perfected version of themselves. Extremely passionate about healthy skin, Zoe only uses the best makeup and skincare products. Her toolkit is regularly replenished with an array of premium products to suit all different skin types and concerns. Zoe’s favourite makeup brands to work with are Bobbi Brown and Jane Iredale.

        Zoe is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is available for interstate and international bookings. She is conveniently located in the sunny south-eastern suburb of Caulfield South. 

        Alison Larwood - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0413 342 876

        Beautiful, natural hair and makeup for your wedding

        Melbourne-based makeup artist and hairstylist Alison Larwood provides a professional mobile hair and makeup service, specialising in beautiful, natural-looking bridal makeup and gorgeous hair for your special day.

        Alison works closely with you to create a personalised look for you and your bridal party, creating a stunning overall effect while highlighting each individual’s personal beauty.

        Bridal Hair and Bridal Makeup Artist

        Alison has been specialising in Bridal Hair and Makeup for over 11 years, and whether you are looking to be naturally beautiful or fabulously glamorous, she will work closely with you to create a personalised look for your special day.

        She is happy to offer both hair and makeup services, or one or the other if that is preferred. Alison is a calm, professional presence who encourages you to take time out and enjoy being pampered.


        Alison is a Melbourne based professional makeup artist and hairstylist who has been working her magic on Melbourne brides for over 11 years. She trained under Nik Dorning, one of Australia’s premier makeup artists, as well as Sharon Blaine, the world-renowned hairstylist. Her clients range from private individuals to catwalk models, with looks ranging from naturally enhanced beauty to striking avant-garde.

        Mobile Makeovers - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0414 316 199

        The JOY Of Getting Ready At Home Or On Location….

        How lovely will it be to relax in the comfort of your own home or chosen location? Enjoying a bottle of champagne and chatting while your hair and makeup are attended to?  

        This is the service we provide for weddings and special occasions. We come to you. Sit back and relax and enjoy your pampering.

        Your wedding day will be a flurry of activity, and the last thing you need is to have to go out for many hours. You are sitting in a salon with other strangers having your hair and makeup done. Then have to brave the outside elements before you even get to your ceremony or are ready for photos!!

        Having been in the wedding industry for over 15 years, I have come in contact with many wedding suppliers that I have total respect for. I have put together below a group of wedding professionals that I personally have either worked with or have extensive knowledge of their work.

        We LOVE working with any of these Professionals… We know that our Brides are in good hands.

        They are all very highly regarded for their skills and expertise in their fields, and I certainly do not hesitate to ask you to consider any of them…

        Mobile Makeovers is also a proud member of the Melbourne Wedding Group.

        MERTON MUAREMI - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 422 562 679

        "Makeup and hair is my passion. It's not a job for me. It’s my playground! Being creative is such a blessing."

        Merton Muaremi is a Melbourne makeup artist with 17 years of experience who travels on fashion’s superhighway as an international makeup artist and hairstylist. He's worked at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival under the direction of Rae Morris, on shows for Vogue, Dion Lee, John Paul Gaultier for Target, I.D runway, Jets swimwear and Alex Perry.


        Muaremi also trains makeup professionals and everyday makeup lovers. He's travelled to Jakarta as an international guest artist to teach a master class in Red Carpet Vs Fashion Makeup to over 500 students at the Jakarta International beauty show.

        Merton’s background in Visual Arts has given him the skills to analyse facial structures, allowing him to interpret and meet the makeup requirements of his clients, producing both a creative and technically accurate visual representation of their goals. 

        His understanding of the right pressures to apply on brushes when using different cosmetic mediums on the face enable a seamless progression- from captivating, natural makeup to directional high-end fashion looks. 

        ​Before Merton takes his first brushstroke, he’s already crossed the boundary between reality and the artist’s dream. 

        Born in Australia, Muaremi’s earliest memories are filled with pencils, paintbrushes and vivid splashes of colour. As a representational artist, he also loves to experiment with expressing himself in other creative works. 

        Muaremi’s artistry has featured in advertising campaigns, editorials, and runway shows for Gucci, Versace and Chanel in Australia and internationally for August Man, Cosmopolitan, Collection Magazine, Culture, Harper's Bazaar, Kurv, Manifesto, Marie Claire and Remix. 

        His career as a credible makeup artist has taken him around Australia, the US, Canada, Indonesia and Europe. 

        Merton is based in Melbourne, Australia.

        COLOUR ME PINK - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]



        As an Educator/Artist, sharing my knowledge and making people look and feel their best is my biggest achievement thus far. “When I started, I didn’t have a role model or mentor in the beauty field to look up to and help me. All I knew was that I loved it. But even after going to school, I felt as if I was in an industry with very little real-life knowledge. Schools were very “by the book”, teaching basic techniques which didn’t hold up in the real world. I was thirsty for more. Everything I learned, I had to learn on my own, through experience. After years of experience and practice, I am finally where I always dreamt I would be, but it doesn’t have to be this hard for others.


        HAIR & MAKEUP

        Whether it be a Wedding, Hen Night, Party, Prom, Royal Ascot or just because you deserve it. We will create a custom look that suits you make you stand out.


        Courses can range from three months a year. For a makeup artist to be successful, aspiring artists need to have a strong foothold in the industry.


        It’s the most important day in a woman’s life and keeping that in mind, we will create a look, which is just perfect for you.


        You will get to play with products from our professional makeup kit, and we'll guide you on the right products for your face now so you can stop wasting money on things that don't suit you.


        Glamming up for a party is more exciting than ever before. After all, that short period away from makeup was really a troubling time.


        Preetika is a published artist and specialises in creating different editorial and red carpet looks.

        Welcome To Colour me Pink

        “Driven by a passion for fashion, I love all things pretty and pink. I believe when it comes to makeup, beauty lies in the hands of the brush holder.”– Preetika Oberoi.

        Preetika Oberoi’s passion for beauty and dolling herself up, friends and folks led her to realise the innate ability to make people look and feel their absolute best. Working in the field of fashion for over 8 years (National and International brands like Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, s. Oliver, Benetton& AZA Fashions), Preetika was drawn to beauty at a young age. Preetika started mixing her own makeup and fashion concoction and developed a sense of beauty and style that was anything but subtle. Hence, in March 2014, she took the plunge to pursue her passion professionally. A young, feisty Hair and Makeup Expert and Educator, Preetika Oberoi specialise in Bridals/Party/Editorial makeup &tutorials etc.

        Preetika holds an Advance Diploma in Hair and Makeup Artistry and, over the years, has been trained by the Pioneers in the Hair and Makeup industry. Both national and international artists and Brands like Mac, Inglot, kryolan and artists like NettaSzekely, ShariKramer, James Vincent, Sunil Kumar, Shani Baruch, Ido Raphael, Lina Raja Mourey and Matyldabojdato, name a few.

        Colour Me Pink was found on 18th March”2014 and opened its first store on 17th Oct 2016.

        AIDA WOLDU - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 402 439 410

        Aida is a Melbourne based freelance hairstylist and makeup artist specialising in editorial, commercial, bridal and special occasion hair and makeup. 

        Since attaining a Certificate III in Hairdressing and a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services, Aida has spent over 10 years refining her skills. She has created hundreds of hair and makeup applications for individuals of varying ages, ethnicities, physical attributes and aesthetic preferences.

        She has worked for such notable brands as MAC and Biba Salons, as well as numerous editorial and commercial photographers, fashion designers and private clients. Her hair and makeup applications have appeared in publications such as Peppermint Magazine and at A list events such as L’Oréal fashion week, the Brownlow Medal and ARIA awards.

        Whether it be for an editorial or a client’s special day, Aida’s goal remains to produce clean, long-lasting designs that highlight her clients’ individual style and enhance their natural beauty. 

        Charlene Hyde - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]



        Charlene Hyde is a professional Hair and Makeup Artist based in Melbourne. She has worked in the film and television industry with some of Australias most popular celebrities. 

        Charlene enjoys the diversity her work brings, which has included long form/short form drama in television and film. She also has experience in music clips, fashion, catwalk, tvc's, live events, corporate and bridal.

        Charlene is passionate about her work and always aims for satisfaction for her client, whether it is a director or a bride.

        Vine Artistry - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]


        Almost ten years ago now, my passion for hairstyling began. Shortly into my career as a hairstylist, I completed my Diploma in Makeup, discovering my second passion, makeup. Qualified in both Hair and Makeup, I specialise in creating soft and natural hair and makeup styles for brides, enhancing beauty from the inside out using high-quality products for long-lasting, flawless results.

        ​My makeup products are cruelty-free. Organic products are available on request.

        Zoe Karlis - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0422 239 071


        Zoe’s passion for the industry commenced at a very young age, growing up in her mother’s hair salon and being amongst traditional old school glamour.

        Her love for the industry saw her move to London, where she received further intensive training and experience from London’s premier academy. She quickly established herself and became a much-sought Makeup and Hair artist and worked alongside some of the UK’s most renowned talent.

        Zoe now brings Australia her wealth of knowledge and creativity within the industry. Along with her friendly and bubbly personality, her signature clean and fresh skin remains admired among her peers. Zoe prides herself on offering her clients a bespoke service, and her contribution to a team is invaluable.

        Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Elle Vietnam, IKI Magazine, Ellements Magazine, The Collective, Peppermint Magazine, MYER Emporium, Salon Melbourne, Ladeda Magazine, Women’s Weekly, Ok Magazine, New Idea, New Weekly, Stellar Magazine and Melbourne Brides.

        Clients include MYER, Amazon, Bonds, universal music, sony music, Australian ballet, Priceline, Scanlon & Theodore, Pandora Jewellery, The Como Melbourne, Nicole Fendal, Rise of Dawn, Melbourne Aquariam, Sportsgirl, Portmans, Revlon, Top Shop, Kozminsky Jewellery, Network Ten, Guess, Brooksfield, Christina Re, YSL Beauty, Kmart, Foxtel and Tony & Guy.

        Zara Hair and Makeup - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0403 092 441

        Located in Melbourne and founded by two passionate HMUA and Stylists, Zara Hair and Makeup promise to take care of all the makeup, hair, and styling needs requiring for your big day. The creative team at Zara put a special emphasis on enhancing the natural beauty present in every woman and work hard to successfully cater to the individual needs of every client.

        ​The combination of 7 years of salon experience and an understanding of the traditional and modern influences on Indian and South Asian bridal styling is clearly reflected in Zara Hair and Makeup’s portfolio of work, which depicts glowing brides (and bridal parties) from a range of cultural backgrounds.

        Debra Kelly Creative & Co. - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 429 290 512

        MAKEUP & HAIR

        Melbourne based Makeup and Hair Artist offering services for fashion, editorial, print, commercial, headshots, branding, weddings, graduations, debutante and special occasions.


        A vast selection of wardrobe hire, prop hire for events, workshops, photoshoots. Stylist services are available for special events and photoshoots. 


        Creative Direction is the convergence of Art and Design to meet an end goal and vision. A Master at her craft, a visionary and a jack-of-all-trades, Debra has an obsession for the finer details to produce the utmost quality with an attitude of ‘almost good enough’ won’t do. Creative Directive services entail liaising with the client, managing a collective to sweat out the finer details, making sure the design brief is championed. 

        THE STUDIO

        The Studio is home to Debra Kelly Creative & Co in the heart of Olinda – Mount Dandenong Ranges. A beautiful boutique styled space with lounge area housing vintage styling props and apparel for sale and hire. They were professionally fitted out with makeup and hair stations for bridal parties, makeup events, training, photography, portfolio building, creative workshops and networking events.


        Artisan, visionary, a jack-of-all-trades with an impeccable eye for detail.

        Debra Kelly is a multi-talented Makeup Artist and Visual Artist with International experience in makeup artistry, creative direction, design and education. Debra has moved back to Australia after travelling extensively for 18 years, working in Europe, Asia and North America and trained globally in Los Angeles, New York, Calgary and Melbourne with elite artists such as Alex Box, Roshar, Rae Morris, Danessa Myricks, Beau Nelson, Kevin James Bennet, James Vincent and Dina Ousley to name a few.

        Her career propelled with agency representation with Artist Within during her five-year stay in North America and has been featured in many publications such as HACID, STELL, ELEMENTS, STANDOUT PUBLICATIONS and HUFF. Debra excels and is well respected in all areas of her industry and highly experienced in the role of mentor and educator, having taught at the prestigious makeup school NIIDM in Alberta, Canada and Beauty EDU in Melbourne, Australia.

        Debra is known for her innovative flair and evocative design pieces from paper and organic materials, which incorporate all her design and makeup skill set into works of wearable art. Her masterpiece YAEZAKI stood proudly in gallery windows of downtown Calgary and has been featured in artisan shows such as RAW and, most recently SESHEN, an exquisite Lotus design featured at The Royal Melbourne Flower Show. Her exceptional skill set is sought after by many photographers, with her most recent collaborative works featured at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2019.

        Debra has won the hearts of many with her passion, nurturing nature, authenticity and has been instrumental in developing and encouraging aspiring artists, leading them to successfully pursue their goals. Her new journey and goals in Australia are aimed towards delivering high-quality education in airbrush makeup and creative mastery for makeup artists wanting to elevate their makeup artistry to another level.

        The Distinctive Dame - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        (03) 9640 0556

        Our arms, chairs and hearts are open to looking after anyone in need of fancy hair and makeup for their wedding: a huge to-do, small backyard gathering, registry visit or elopement.

        There are so many ways to interpret the brief of a wedding and curate an experience that is a true and honest reflection of you. We would love to be part of that process and nurture you through to the stage where you feel like the hair and makeup look that we create together is spot-on, one that is authentically you.

        Often the finishing touch to any iconic look is beautiful hair & makeup.

        This is where you get to showcase your personality and your flavour. Nothing is off-limits.

        Let’s work together to create a look that makes you look and feel fabby but is still a highly recognisable version of you (this is especially important if you’re not a day-to-day fancy babe).

        You’ve probably been cruising Pinterest for inspiration.

        Maybe you’ve got a couple of boards going.

        Maybe you know the kinds of flowers you’re going to have, the outfit that you’ll wear. 

        Or maybe you’re hoping for a bit of friendly guidance from a team of fashion & beauty lovers because it’s so damn overwhelming, and you don’t look anything like those babes on Pinterest or insta (who does?!), and you’ve left it all to the last minute (this is So fine btw, some of us produce our best work at the last minute)

        Who is The Distinctive Dame?

        Every day I would watch my mother – a strong, vibrant woman – transform herself into Fierce Queen via her chosen armour: glamour and adornment.

        This daily ritual was something I took on for myself from a fairly young age.

        Much like my mother, I developed a strong sense of occasion and took such pride in experimenting with and curating many looks. Along the way, I have developed and refined my skills in the realms of fashion, beauty and styling, intuitively applying what it is I know, live, and breath to my clients. 

        This is something I want to gift to you because I know how powerful this kind of transformation is and how special it is to be looked after and cared for.


        This business was birthed many moons ago, sometime in August 2013.

        It was the byproduct of a synchronistic encounter and also an example of what happens when you jump in with both feet (perhaps a little blindly).

        It has had a few iterations along the way but has always been a vehicle for self-expression, connection, community, kindness, creativity, feminine power and the reverence of self.

        • 2013 – Dames of Distinction 
        • 2015 – The Distinctive Dame 
        • 2017 – The Golden Poodle x The Distinctive Dame
        • 2018 – Studio Lucky Star x The Distinctive Dame
        • 2019 – The Distinctive Dame HQ @ The Manchester Unity

        Priscilla Armstrong - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0410 353 005

        Priscilla Armstrong created Bright Makeup, formerly Filthy Gorgeous Melbourne Makeup Artistry, in 2007, inspired by her passion for creating, her love of makeup and a commitment to bringing a commercial standard of work to the Bridal Industry.

        Priscilla’s many years of experience provide an invaluable understanding of what will be captured behind the camera lens as well as creating a look that you are comfortable with and is perfect for you on your wedding day.

        Using only the highest quality products, the ability to understand the individual’s needs and Priscilla’s artistic flare, you will not be disappointed with your decision to choose Bright Makeup for your special occasion!

        As a child, Priscilla revelled in makeup, song and dance and dress ups. Now, as a hair & makeup artist, she uses her creativity to allow people to be and to feel their most beautiful for any event, wedding or special day.

        It is essential as a makeup artist to be able to create many looks, from understated natural makeup and classic glamorous, all the way up to a more high fashion and editorial makeup look.

        Makeup artistry is an ever-changing industry, and Priscilla continues to be inspired by new techniques, products and the latest trends. Priscilla agrees most of her training has been on the job, having assisted some of Australia’s best makeup artists early in her career. Her formal training in makeup was with the ‘Academy of Makeup’ and hairstyling with the world-renowned Sharon Blain.

        Priscilla’s makeup expertise and natural way with people make her a welcome guest at weddings across greater Melbourne and all the way to Bright and greater North East Victoria.

        *Mobile service to North East Victoria

        *No travel fees within a 30km radius.

        *Professional & experienced for peace of mind

        *Affordable, realistic prices.

        *A schedule for your wedding day prepared at your trial.

        *Prices include lashes for the entire wedding party & lipstick for the bride.

        Bridget Sophie - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]


        Bridget Sophie believes that professionalism is priceless. That’s why she doesn’t charge for phone calls, coffee catch-ups, helping you find your wedding or event inspiration, or just being a nice person you can rely on to get things done. 

        When you hire Bridget - you’re hiring a true professional who is passionate about her work and takes great care and time in her craft but also your experience. 

        Her bubbly nature paired with her calm collectiveness on even the busiest of bookings makes her a favourite among Melbourne Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists. Some things you just can’t put a price on.

        For the rest of her services, and not wanting to compromise on quality, Bridget uses only the best of the best when it comes to her products - at a price you can afford. 

        At a minimum, for her looks, she uses a combination of products that would cost you over $900 to purchase (and that’s not including the premium brushes and other tools she uses). Yours for just $150 per face. That’s because Bridget believes that everyone deserves to feel pampered, loved and number one at an affordable price for a premium service. 


        Awarded for #3 Victorian Bridal Makeup Artist Of The Year 2020 at the ABIA Awards was incredible. Being awarded on the same night as #3 Victorian Hairstylist Of The Year 2020 was more than a blessing. 

        These awards meant the world to me because they weren’t just about skill and application - they were about overall client experience and services. And that’s what I pride myself on. When you book with me, you’re booking a professional who comes on time, works efficiently, makes sure your happiness is the number one priority and is someone you can depend on.


        From the age of 2, I was picking up brushes and painting. I was always fascinated with colours and shapes before I really knew what they were. 

        Throughout my schooling life, I furthered my studies in fine art, photography and design, while also studying Theatrical Makeup. 

        With my continuing passion for design, I completed my Bachelor Of Communication in Advertising. From there worked as a Senior Art Director for over a decade on brands such as Renault, Target, Bank of Melbourne, Honda and Puma. 

        I loved my job, but my underlying passion for makeup had been burning strong - so I went back to study makeup while working full time. Yes, it was hectic. No, I had no time for anything. But to be back on the brushes left me feeling energised and full of life again.

        So I left a career I had built. And started again. Building Bridget Sophie Studio from scratch.

        Top End - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0407 568 133

        Our Creative Director

        Top End Hair & Makeup is owned and operated by Melbourne based hair & makeup artist Elise.

        Elise HAS A PASSION AND EYE FOR HAIR AND MAKEUP AND has an extensive background of almost ten years working in the hair & beauty industry. Elise has worked on Projects including Brownlow hair & makeup, runway hair & makeup, e-commerce hair & makeup, along with also attending training by international top makeup artists.

        Top End has a team of professional stylists and hairdressers who are qualified in bridal, editorial, runway and fashion hair and makeup, including airbrushing. Top End stylists offer professional, creative & individual looks to each booking. Top End will take the stress away from your occasion or creative project.

        Prive Hair Australia - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0405 907 240

        We are passionate about creating the perfect Wedding Hair and Make-Up for your special day

        – specialising in Bride and Groom parties!

        Upon each booking, we organise a consultation and trial with our stylist to ensure you and your party have selected the perfect hair and makeup for your special day. Every booking is different, and we are with you every step of the way to help tailor everything to your needs. Touch up services throughout your day into the evening are also available.

        About Privé

        As a luxury mobile company, we pride ourselves on delivering a 5-star experience every time. This starts with each stylists demeanour, personality and experience within their field. From the consultation, until they leave, you will always feel like the priority & at ease, knowing your hair and makeup is in safe hands. Our stylists are talented, passionate, driven and professional; some have won awards for their work, so you can rest assured that each service will be delivered to the highest of quality. Privé has expanded to providing their World Class hair and makeup experiences at hotels, conferences and large events throughout Australia. Sending our team of qualified stylists and artists to wherever our clients may be.

        Jade Louise Crosland: Director & Colour Specialist. Henry Trier: Director Sales, PR & Marketing

        Having worked within the hair industry for 15 years and as a colour specialist globally for over 10 years, Jade has worked within various Toni & Guy UK salons, Selfridges Salon London and managed Toni and Guy in Melbourne. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, making her clients feel good was her “why”. Jade established Privé after noticing a gap within the market. Huge demand for mobile services, however, with the new concept of bringing a luxury salon service to clients. The ultimate convenience, providing salon professional results at any given location.

        Now heading up Privé’s services within Miss Fox Day Spa, Jade created a personalised holistic menu to compliment Miss Fox services for those clients not looking for convenience but complete indulgence within a luxury setting – taking time for self-care. At Privé, our ethos is to empower our clients to be the best, most confident version of themselves. Inspiring joy within them to take on their day looking and feeling their best.

        Now proudly collaborating with Miss Fox, Privé’s hair expertise perfectly complements and completes the range of luxury health and well-being experiences Miss Fox Day Spa provides.

        Saphire - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0408 174 113


        With years of experience and an unrivalled body of work in the Bridal makeup and hair industry, we are proudly considered specialists in this genre of makeup and hair. We are a very dedicated team of artists and our sole purpose is to ensure that every bride we work with fulfils her dream of walking down the aisle looking and feeling both beautiful and glamorous! Using only the highest quality makeup and hair products, we promise to invest our time and all our effort into creating a flawless and long-lasting finish for you on your wedding day. In order to accommodate all our brides, we offer both location and studio services.

        To ensure that all goes well, it is always a good idea that we organise a pre-wedding trial and meet in person. It is very important to us that we establish a good rapport and trust with every client.

        There are often times when we are asked to attend the reception venue in order to provide touch-ups for our bridal parties. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, the alternative being our beautifully presented and personalised beauty kits, which are not compulsory but rather an option. The kits will include all the products necessary to keep your makeup looking fresh and beautiful all day long.

        Bernice Mansfield - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 407 161 186

        Known for her attention to detail, bernice is passionate about enhancing beauty. Having worked with a wide range of photographers and clients, bernice’s makeup experience stretches from commercial advertising campaigns to runway shows.  

        Whether it is working backstage on a parade, on location for a fashion shoot or in a studio, being flexible and easy-going allows bernice to bring out the best in any subject. Having regular exposure to production gives her understanding of the entire team workflow and adjust to the circumstances required in not only meeting but exceeding creative briefs.

        I have always loved art. Being around art. Being around colour. Even as a child, I couldn’t think of anything more exhilarating than having an empty art pad in front of me, surrounded by my large collection of derwent and paints. It pretty much started there. I had no idea that my creative gene would lead me to makeup.! I studied arts all through school but didn’t pick up makeup until 2007. That’s when I felt my life began.

        The many creative people I have met and have had the honour of working with is beyond me.I find nothing more inspiring or challenging than to be a part of a creative team where all our ideas collectively do the beautiful work you see here. I thank everyone one of you. You know who you are.. ��

        Here’s to a bright and colourful future…..  

        Les Couleurs - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]


        Melbourne hair and makeup artist Lucia Caldarelli embarked on her professional hairdressing and makeup career more than 17 years ago.

        She discovered a hunger for fashion and beauty, so she went on to pursue a career as a freelance hair and makeup artist working on high-profile campaigns, weddings and special events, as you will see in her galleries.

        Lucia launched Les Couleurs Hair and Makeup in 2000 and has included a talented professional team of highly skilled hairstylists and makeup artists who have a minimum of 10 years of experience to provide high-quality hair and makeup services for your special event.

        Kristina Canzoneri - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0413 236 983

        Kristina Canzoneri (Simeoni) is a multi-faceted professional Makeup artist and Hairdresser who is based in Melbourne, specialising in Television, Bridal, Fashion, Advertising and editorial. She is sought after in the Industry due to her eye for fashion and knowledge of the latest trends. Kristina is known for her attention to detail, and her passion lies in creating unique & distinctive looks for her clients by emphasising their natural beauty.

        Kristina is a freelance professional who also has her own home-based salon with regular clientele and offers a range of services which include hair colours, haircuts, hair styling & make up.

        Kristina prides herself on offering her clients a bespoke service, whether it be at her home salon for a colour & cut or a sentimental special occasion such as your wedding or a special event.

        You are guaranteed she will only use professional, luxurious products that are carefully selected for their quality and suitability. She is able to provide her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented and professional experience. She is located in inner Melbourne. However, travel is easily accommodated for your special day. Kristina also works with a highly skilled team of Makeup Artists and Hairstylists who are fully equipped to service large parties to ensure your wedding day goes as perfectly smooth as envisioned.

        Elite Hair And Makeup Academy - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        1300 230 883 

        The #1 Australian Makeup And Hair Academy For Work Experience And Job Opportunities. 

        Elite Hair And Makeup Academy is an award-winning school for professional makeup and hair training. Learn from experienced teachers and get hands-on experience at runways, photoshoots and more.


        Elite Hair & Make Up is conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD. It is Victoria's #1 Make-up School offering short courses in makeup artistry showcasing the skills and experience brought by Justine Poniris of Elite Hair & Makeup.

        Elite Hair & Make Up Academy teaches modern makeup techniques used currently in the industry. All courses are conducted by professional and highly trained makeup artists, and classes are limited in size to ensure that every student receives the highest level of attention and instruction.

        So whether you are looking at becoming a professional makeup artist, want to learn how to apply your own makeup, or advance your skills, we will work with you to ensure that you get the most out of our courses.

        Unique U Makeovers - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0430 209 880

        Winnie Wu, founder and creative director of “Unique U Makeovers”, is a Melbourne based mobile make-up and hair artist. She has been working in this industry for over 13 years, both in Australia and overseas.

        In 2002, Winnie studied make-up artistry at Television Academy overseas. In 2008, she came to Melbourne for further study, where she became a qualified Make-up Artist through Cameron Jane Makeup Design and has continued extensive hair and makeup training in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

        Winnie offers a wealth of experience, having worked in television, weddings, commercials, fashion and catwalk shows. Over the past few years, she has been involved in many events such as Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant, The Logies, Runway and Fashion Shows, Charity Functions, Festivals and Special Days, Weddings (specialised in Asian hair and makeup) and more.

        Her make-up and styling range is endless, whether it is classical, contemporary, bridal, beauty, fashion or make-up for film. She can create an artistic array of looks for any occasion or event and works effortlessly to meet the client’s requirements. Through her ambition and passion for make-up, Winnie has developed an intimate understanding of her craft and ability through her capacity to push her skills and knowledge to the next level.

        MAKEUP HQ. - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria 

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 414 545 574

        Welcome to Makeup HQ, a boutique Hair and Makeup studio located in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Whether its hair or makeup services for a Birthday party, graduation, wedding, baby shower, hens day or a night out, let Sara Morrison and her dedicated team of artists provide you with an experience you will enjoy and leave you feeling amazing. Our aim is to ensure that we provide an experience at Makeup HQ that will leave you feeling confident & beautiful!

        Come in and book your next event with us.


        Sara and her dedicated team of hair and makeup artists have years of experience in bridal and understand how important it is to look beautiful and radiant on your special day. 

        We work closely with every bride to create a makeup & hair look that suits them, ensuring it looks natural, flawless and still looks like your beautiful self. 

        We only use the highest quality makeup products to ensure that the makeup lasts all day, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service as well as having the perfect wedding day. We use a combination of the highest quality products the industry has to offer, including Georgio Armani, MAC, Nars, Becca, Stila, Hourglass and many more. Hair products include Kevin Murphy, Whitesands, NAK, Loreal Professional, and Redken.

        Sara also provides airbrushing services. 

        ​Jemima Leanne Artistry - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]



        In the comfort of your own home.

        Jemima Leanne Artistry is a mobile hair and makeup artist servicing the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

        She is a trained artist with over 5 years of experience and a Diploma in specialist makeup services. Jemima will ensure each service is treated with quality and care no matter the occasion. 

        Jemima specialises in Bridal, Formal, Evening, Glamour, Soft Natural, Editorial, Fashion and Stage hair and makeup. 

        Contact her now by phone, email or on social media for your personalised quote. 

        ABOUT ME

        Makeup has always been something I have used to be creative and experiment with. I finally decided to study makeup in 2016, which taught me so much about how to apply myself more to each application. I learnt to place my own personal style in each look. 

        I believe makeup is a great tool to express how we want to feel, so helping women achieve that feeling is the most rewarding part of being an HMUA

        Visan Makeup Artist - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0409 155 314

        Melbourne makeup artist Visan specialises in modern wedding makeup and photographic makeup artistry. With extensive experience in professional makeup for fashion, bridal, film, runway, portrait and special occasions, Visan create wonderfully timeless looks tailored to each individual clients personality and taste.


        Your wedding is the one special day that you need to look and feel you’re most beautiful.

        At Visan Makeup, I take the time to listen to you and work through your vision for your wedding day and then design the perfect makeup for you. You are creating an individual style that will also suit your personality, leaving you feeling flawless.

        I also take the same time and consideration with your family and friends so that your entire bridal party feels beautiful and unique.

        ABOUT ME

        Makeup is my lifelong passion which has created for me an exciting career in fashion and beauty. My expertise includes,

        but is not limited to:

        • Advanced techniques for bridal makeup
        • Makeup for colour and black & white photography
        • Advanced techniques for runway makeup
        • Makeup techniques for film
        • Makeup for the mature woman
        • Professional eyelash application
        • Glamour makeup for special occasions
        • Natural makeup for a flawless finish

        I only use the highest quality products, which includes; MAC, LOreal, Estee Lauder and Mirenesse, plus a fabulous range of mineral makeup.

        Jacqueline Kalab - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        + 61 438 22 88 30

        Jacqueline Kalab is a makeup artist for stars/ VIP’s/ fashion/ television/ high-end advertising. She has worked with thousands of celebrities – both locally and internationally known – from musicians to sports stars, models, actors and politicians and many more; over a hundred television programs spanning all the top networks; international fashion shows and fashion shoots; billboards, publicity and large scale marketing campaigns. Jacqueline has launched her own makeup/ brush range that is gaining a cult following worldwide and is regularly featured on television and in the press.

        S.A.S.S.Y - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0411 625 910


        S.A.S.S.Y is a mobile Hair & Makeup service specialising in Bridal, TV/Commercial, Fashion/Editorial, Runway and Events.

        S.A.S.S.Y has been in the industry since 2007 and has a presence in both Melbourne and Sydney. We have also recently expanded the S.A.S.S.Y experience to Hong Kong in 2018.

        The company’s founder, Stephanie Lin, works with a team of highly qualified professional makeup artists and hairstylists to ensure you feel like a princess on your special day!


        S.A.S.S.Y strives to ``aim at excellence and divine perfection for just that special occasion``!


        We've got our trusted wedding hair and makeup artists to create your perfect bridal look!

        HAIR & MAKEUP

        Our experienced team will be there to cater to all your hair & makeup needs, no matter what the occasion is!


        Take a seat with one of our beauty experts, and let us show you how to master your hair & makeup like a pro!


        With semi-permanent makeup, you can look and feel more beautiful 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are!


        Want some relaxing pampering before your big day? We are just here to provide that!


        Want to look your best and lose that extra stubborn fat before your big day? We have the perfect solution!

        Emma d Make-up and Hair - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        You deserve to feel special.

        At Emma d Make-up and Hair, I help you celebrate that – with pampering hair and make-up consultations that leave you feeling confident – and looking fantastic.

        Whether you have a special occasion, need to create a professional business image, or simply want to reward yourself – when you choose my professional hair and make-up artist services in Brighton, looking good is natural.

        I specialise in stunning hair and make-up for:

        • Weddings
        • Special occasions
        • Corporate headshots
        • Portrait photography
        • Corporate events
        • Business award ceremonies
        • And any special event where you need to look your best …

        For stunning hair and make-up in Bayside Melbourne and beyond, contact Emma d Make-up and Hair today and book your consultation. Because I can come to you, I service a range of areas – providing mobile hair and make-up services to:

        • Sorrento and Mornington Peninsula
        • Brighton / Bayside Melbourne
        • Yarra Valley
        • And more …

        Your Natural Beauty

        Make-up is about highlighting your natural beauty – a tool to help you showcase your individual style and leave you looking good and feeling positive.

        With my expert consultation, you’ll have the confidence to apply make-up that becomes part of your everyday routine – leaving you feeling presentable, confident and happy, even when you are popping out to do the grocery shopping.

        Being made up isn't about layer-upon-layer of products that leave you looking overdone and artificial.

        It's simply being taught what products and colours suit your skin tone – and your lifestyle – to leave you looking awake and fresh and ready to move through your day with style and grace.

        With a personalised consultation at Emma d Make-up and Hair, I help you:

        • Rejuvenate your tired make-up routine
        • Understand the make-up that works for your changing skin
        • Adapt seasonal and fashionable make-up looks to your individual lifestyle
        • Gain the confidence you deserve to look good and feel great, with make-up that is easy to apply and suits who you really are
        • Create a look for that special event
        • Learn the skills you need to apply make-up quickly and effortlessly for the natural beauty that fits in your everyday life

        You don't need a lot in your make-up bag – just a few of the right things that reflect your age, skin and lifestyle.

        To find out more about creating a no-fuss make-up routine that suits your lifestyle, contact me to book a consultation.

        About me

        My career as a Melbourne make-up artist and hairstylist stretches back to childhood – with lots of happy memories. Putting make-up on in front of Nana’s mirror was the beginning of a life-long love for make-up artistry, and as my skills grew, I honed my skills as a make-up artist in the dressing rooms of local theatres and halls.

        In 1998, those humble beginnings took me to the mainstream entertainment industry and the experience of working with high-profile identities at major TV networks, including 7, 9 and 10, made my passion even stronger.

        I loved the way professionally applied make-up and expertly styled hair transformed women, and I wanted to share that joy with everyday women who still deserved to feel special and connected to their full potential.

        Emma d Make-up and Hair launched in 2009.

        Everyone deserves to feel special – and that’s what I LOVE about my business. I put smiles on people’s faces.

        For hair and make-up that leaves you looking radiant and gorgeous, I’d love to talk.

        The Secret Beauty - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0404 662 333

        Welcome to my site! The Secret Beauty

        My aim is to bring the actual beauty you have, the secret that you will never think you have on you.

        You will have the best service with less price

        Services include:

        • Full Face Makeup Adult
        • Kids Makeup available
        • Hair Styles
        • Quality Lashes
        • Airbrush Makeup
        • Bridal full makeup and hair
        • Also, Bridal packages are available
        • Special Effects (Prosthetic Makeup)

        My name is Sally. I am a qualified Makeup Artist. My journey to makeup has started at a young age as I have so many passions for Makeup Artistry.

        LEANZA HAIR & MAKEUP - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 420 489 870

        An artist

        It all started when I was 4 years old, giving my mum braids and ponytails before she would go to sleep. Crazy to say, but that was when I knew I had an interest in hair styling. As I was progressing through my academic years at school, fashion design and art sparked my occupational interest. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, I figured I wanted to take my hair career seriously. 

        At that same time, YouTube began to be the main search engine for everything, and I found myself watching endless make-up videos. My greatest influence was this smokey eye make-up tutorial that Jenn I’m created, and ever since then, I started to slowly build my make-up collection.

        Having accomplished two Certificates in Hairdressing and Makeup, I've learnt so much along the way working in various salons and in luxury retail at Bvlgari and Chanel. I've learnt how to engage with my clients, understand their needs, make them feel welcomed and comfortable and most importantly, to have an enjoyable experience. 

        Sallie Hair & Makeup Artist - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0409 149 285

        Wedding Hair & Makeup

        I have lived and been involved on the Mornington Peninsula for over 10 yrs and have fallen in love with not only the spectacular views, the clean, crisp beaches or the gorgeous hillside wineries. I have also fallen in love with the romance which surrounds all elements of my career and lifestyle.

        I have a deep understanding and with over 25 yrs extensive experience with hair and makeup not only for weddings but for also film and television.

        I have found that brides nowadays prefer a more personalised look. Therefore, I feel because of my film and tv experience. I am more than capable of catering for both natural or a more glamorous style and look.

        Paired with my creative abilities and the gorgeous backdrop of the Mornington Peninsula, you can be assured that your special wedding day will be not only professional but also visually perfect.

        Sallie Hair & Makeup Artist

        Based on the Mornington Peninsula, with over 20 years of experience in the Hair and Make-Up industry, I have forged a career that has led me to work in the TV and Fashion industry, Award Shows as well as TV shows. I have just finished working on the latest season of “Australia’s Got Talent”, and other TV credits include:

        • Channel 7 and 9 News Bulletin
        • Dancing with the stars
        • Logies
        • Spring Carnival
        • The Good Friday Appeal
        • The Price is Right
        • Sale of the Century
        • The Footy Show
        • The Logie Awards
        • Australia’s Got Talent

        My current location and lifestyle have allowed me to work on one of my biggest passions: Bridal Work. I love the collaborative process when working with brides, from the initial meeting, hearing about the preparations for the special day, dress and details, right through to creating the “wedding day look” of their dreams. I consider it an absolute privilege to be a part of the most important day in someone’s life. I like to make my clients feel comfortable in the knowledge that with my expertise and artistic attention to detail, I will do my utmost to fulfil their expectations and create their unique look.

        These are the qualities that have enabled me to enjoy an incredibly fulfilling career that I am as passionate about today as I was 20 years ago.

        Lito Hair and Make-up Artist - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        0402 775 930

        One of Melbourne’s most talented hair and makeup artists, Lito Manandic, has enjoyed a successful career in the hairdressing and beauty industry. His creativity and advanced techniques have earned him accolades in Australia, Europe, the U.S, Canada, and Asia.

        Lito’s unique and personal touch has gained him an excellent professional reputation with a large customer base of individuals, families, and celebrities in Australia and the Phillippines.

        His hairdressing studio offers distinctive expertise in professional make-up, hair cutting and styling, hair straightening and advanced colouring techniques with hair treatment massages.

        Blow Dry Express - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        03-8686 5702

        BLOW DRY

        The ultimate pick me up for any occasion.

        Once you’ve had a blow dry from our experts at Blow Dry Express Melbourne, we guarantee that you’ll be coming back for more. A good blow dry is far more than just drying the hair; it is about bringing out the potentiality of your style and creating something unique, the perfect way to bring out the best in you. We provide you with a shimmer of glamour, letting you shine into any night out in the city.


        What does your colour say about you?

        From the extreme to the subtle, our professional colourists will help you to find the right shade for you, perfectly balanced to enhance your inner beauty and personal style. Our appointments always start with an in-depth consultation, touching on all aspects of your lifestyle so that our colourists can work with you to evolve your colour.

        CUT & FINISH

        We will unlock the potential beauty of your hair.

        One style doesn’t fit all. Whether it’s time for something totally new or you just need some style maintenance, our professionalism and attention will reach in detail and remain constant to bring out the best style in you.


        We insist on the concept of styling hair with deep hair care.

        We are very proud to have created our very own unique recipe for not only repairing damaged hair but also build up healthy hair for clients. Blow Dry Express Melbourne is one of few hair salons supported by these few top brand hair products providers. All these brands have a strong research team to bring out the best from your hair.

        Blow Dry Express is located in the heart of the shopping and catering precinct of Melbourne CBD. Let our team of style and colouring professionals empower you with the beauty and confidence you deserve by liberating your body and mind, leaving you free to enjoy life.

        Creating lasting relationships with our clients is also extremely important to us because it enables us to evolve your style with trust and experience.

        We are all continuing to evolve and welcome customers both old and new, locally and from abroad. Come to our salon and experience the magic. With our team of top-notch professionals, we guarantee that you will walk out radiating with glamour, letting you shine into any day and night out in the city.

        Jacqueline Parker Creative - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 409 377 053


        Mobile Hair & Makeup Artists

        Established in 2006, Jacqueline Parker Creative is a premium hair and makeup agency for top-level stylists in Melbourne.

        We only work with the best in the industry, so you can be assured that your hair and makeup needs will be met perfectly every time. Many of our team members hold hair and beauty awards and have been chosen for their professional excellence, artistic talent and deep passion for makeup and hair.​

        ​Our client list shows the quality of clients we attract and the types of projects and famous faces we have been entrusted with.

        ​Whether you are looking for a reputable stylist for your wedding day, an experienced commercial stylist for your next project, or just someone to glam you up for your next special occasion, we have you covered.

        ​The Makeup Artist's Hustle - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        +61 424 242 170


        The Makeup Artist's Hustle® Melbourne, the best leading bridal makeup and hairstyling service that comes directly to you!

        With over 16 years of industry experience, the crew at TMA Hustle™ prides itself in offering a funky fresh service with a unique style that isn’t all about the glitz and glam. It’s what makes us that little bit different and a little bit special.

        Our bad-ass team knows what it takes to get your makeup & hair game on point, no matter what the occasion.

        Bridal and Weddings, Commercial Makeup, Media and Editorial Makeup gigs, Corporate Event Makeup, Special occasion Makeup and Hair, Drag Makeup, Special FX Makeup and Theatrical Makeup ….you name it, we can do it.

        Our vision is simple. We’re here to make our clients feel comfortable in their own skin irrespective of their race, age, sexual orientation or gender identification. We cater to everyone.

        We also know how to look after our own. The Makeup Artist's Hustle® ensures our incredibly talented makeup artists & hairstylists are compensated for any travel costs, so you know that when you book with us, you’re helping support, local makeup artists in Melbourne to thrive.

        So don’t be a stranger. Take a wander through our galleries and blogs and let us know how we can help. We’d love to hear from you!

        The Makeup Artist's Hustle® humbly acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the occupied land that we are on, the Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin Nation. We pay our deepest respects to their Ancestors, past, present and emerging.

        Jenny Beauty - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

        Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

        1800 781 621

        Professional Makeup and Hair Artist Melbourne

        The Best Mobile Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Servicing Melbourne CBD and Surrounds

        Are you looking for perfect hair or makeup on your special day? Hoping to create a stunning look for a formal event? Welcome to Jenny Beauty, home to one of the leading freelance makeup and hair artists in Melbourne.

        Regardless of whether your special event is a wedding, a birthday, upcoming photoshoot, formal occasion or even school deb, how you look plays a big part in your enjoyment of the occasion. Our team works closely with you to ensure you always look and feel your best on your special day.

        Feel confident, beautiful and glamorous, knowing you have a right look from professional and local makeup artists in Melbourne. While your big day will pass, photos of the event will last a lifetime. With our specialised mobile makeup and hair services in Melbourne, we can make your photos memories cherish forever.

        Most trusted mobile hairstylists and makeup artists

        As one of the best mobile makeup and hair artists freelancing in Melbourne, our team is dedicated to pampering our clients in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home. We can come to you wherever you are located for a stress-free professional or glamorous style.

        At Jenny Beauty, you gain access to a friendly local team who will help you develop the right look for every occasion. Choose from a range of professional, glamorous and stunning styles for your special, formal or corporate event. Our mobile makeup and hair artists for Melbourne’s CBD and surrounds will leave you looking and feeling exquisite with the right design created just for you on your special day. It is so important that your hair and makeup artist is reliable, professional and experienced at delivering consistent creative styles. Too often, we hear about people sourcing simply the cheap makeup and hair artist in Melbourne, who then end up creating a stressful environment through unreliable service or inexperienced work.

        Don’t let this happen to your special or important day. At Jenny Beauty, we are a team of experienced and professional who listens to you and works with you to create the flawless right look. Our team is passionate about developing creative styles and dedicated to providing consistent looks, regardless of the environment or timeframe. Whether you are seeking a professional look for that interview that will