Is a videographer worth it for a wedding?

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    The decision of whether or not to hire a videographer for a wedding is one that can be difficult to make due to the fact that there are valid arguments both for and against the practise.

    Even though it is a wonderful addition to have, wedding videography is generally seen as more of a luxury purchase than a necessary one by the majority of engaged couples. What fewer people are aware of, however, is that the price range for wedding videography is all over the place. You have the option of spending a significant amount of money on video coverage for the entire day, or you can hire a videographer to record only the ceremony. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    However, if your finances are already stretched thin, how can you tell if investing in the services of a videographer for any period of time will be money well spent? Here are some scenarios in which investing in a wedding videographer is absolutely necessary, as well as others in which it is unlikely to be beneficial. To assist you in making an informed choice, we have analysed the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a videographer to record your wedding.

    Is Wedding Videography worth the cost of your wedding?

    A question that frequently arises for engaged couples is whether or not they should invest in the services of a videographer to document their big day.

    Some people are excited about the prospect of having video, while others are not as enthusiastic. Today, we will see that we would like to give you some sound advice on hiring a wedding videographer, and we will answer some of the common answers that couples provide. We hope that you will find this information helpful.

    To begin, a few statistics:

    In 2018, according to the most recent data available from The Wedding Report, approximately 63 percent of couples hired a wedding videographer to some extent. This left approximately 37 percent of couples without any form of Video for their wedding day.

    Nearly ninety-four percent of the couples who participated in the survey one year later said they were sorry they did not have a video recording of their wedding day. When you take everything into consideration, those are some pretty impressive numbers to have.

    Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer? 

    To be honest, that is debatable.

    We understand that not everyone will recognise the benefits of having a wedding film or video made of the event. What we are able to share with you are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring someone to cover at least the ceremony of your big day.

    If you want to be able to show your children the video of your wedding one day, if you want to be able to relive the day, hear the vows, toasts, or speeches that were said, or if you want to be able to see the expressions on people's faces, then you should absolutely get a wedding video.

    Video, in contrast to still photography, captures motion, and it also comes with accompanying sound; as a result, you can visually relive not just a single frame but also that particular instant in time.

    Don't get the wrong idea; we're not trying to minimise wedding photos because they still play an essential role in weddings in this day and age. However, video has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and it's becoming more of an everyday staple in weddings than it was 20 years ago.

    Think of the wedding video as insurance that you'll be able to remember the day in great detail. Hiring a professional to cover your wedding day is an investment, just like purchasing wedding photographs are. The fact of the matter is that as human beings, we have a propensity to forget things very quickly, and as time passes, our memories of things become more hazy.

    We have a propensity to take photographs and videos at significant events such as weddings because we do not have the ability to fully remember what transpired if we do not have a record of the events that took place.

    The age of technology as well as people's perception of it both contribute to the fact that wedding photography is typically regarded more highly than wedding videography.

    Is a videographer worth it for a wedding?

    To illustrate, photography was invented in the middle of the 1880s, and there is a good chance that your grandparents had wedding photographs taken but not video. Back then, video was either 8 mm or 16 mm film, and the majority of it did not have sound. In addition, it was quite expensive to own a motion picture camera during that era.

    When I first started working in this industry in the 1980s and 1990s, the wedding video was still considered more of a luxury item than a standard line item for most couples. Twenty-five years ago, wedding videos were cringe-worthy, two-hour-long videos that most people found to be infuriating to watch while sitting in the living room.

    However, modern couples can enjoy short feature films, extremely high-quality ceremony videos with multiple cameras, and digital quality that we could only have dreamed about in the middle of the 1990s. These things simply did not exist. And despite the fact that the technology available today has allowed for significant advancements in wedding videography, the field is still not nearly as important as its cousin, wedding photography.

    Our exclusive range of Melbourne wedding photography will help you not miss a thing on your wedding day.

    Personal Moments With Guests

    The ability for loved ones to record heartfelt messages onto the video camera for the newlyweds to watch and relive at a later time is a feature that is increasingly common in wedding videos. Those who did not properly congratulate the bride and groom on their wedding day will find this to be an ideal solution.

    Additionally, it is able to record the spontaneous interactions that take place between guests all throughout the event. An unforgettable experience is when you get to witness the coming together and bonding of your loved ones in celebration of your wedding.

    The Benefit of Audio

    The ability to capture movement as well as sound is one of the primary advantages that video has over still photography. This means that the bride's walk down the aisle, as well as the vows and speeches, can be recorded and played back multiple times. Seeing these moments again can be very rewarding because, most likely, you were a bundle of nerves and emotion when you first experienced them.

    View from a New Perspective

    When there is so much going on on your wedding day, it can feel like it goes by much more quickly than you had anticipated. Your wedding video gives you the opportunity to relive the experience at a much more leisurely pace, allowing you to see things from a new point of view and uncover moments that you were previously unaware of. After a few viewings, you will have a comprehensive modern understanding of, and an increased love for, your big day.

    For Those Who Missed It

    If a member of your family or a close friend was unable to attend your wedding, creating a video will allow them to feel as though they were there. A skilled videographer can capture an event from multiple perspectives, giving viewers the impression that they were actually present. As a result of the wonders of digital media, videos of weddings can now be easily distributed.

    Real Candid Moments

    One of the most common and significant complaints about wedding photography is that the majority of the pictures taken are way too staged. Because of the nature of video, it is simple to record genuinely candid moments, primarily because people tend to forget that a videographer is present, which makes it an ideal medium for this purpose. Video, in contrast to photographs, is more likely to capture unplanned and candid moments, providing you with memories that you did not anticipate.

    Budget Concerns

    Weddings are expensive. You will need to find room in your budget to accommodate the additional expense of hiring a videographer for your wedding. Many brides are under the impression that it is an essential component of their big day and that it is well worth reducing their spending in other areas to make room for it.

    You also have the option of asking a friend who is also handy with a camera or editing software to take photos or videos at the event instead of hiring a professional photographer or videographer for either service. You also have the option of asking your guests to take pictures for you. Ask them to use their mobile devices to capture special moments for you and send you the pictures they take.

    Won't They Get in the Way?

    When people think about hiring a wedding videographer, one of their primary concerns is that the videographer will interfere with the work of the photographer. This is a common worry. A skilled wedding photographer should be able to capture all of your most memorable moments with minimal disruption to the flow of the event.

    In addition, if they are able to communicate with the photographer, it will allow them to collaborate in order to ensure that both of them get the best possible shots of your wedding. Communication between you, your videographer, and your photographer is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

    Editing Woes

    When they receive their wedding video, many brides are dissatisfied with the editing choices that were made, which is another problem that they face. The editing process, which can make a significant difference, incorporates transitions, music, and the overall style of the video.

    Asking prospective wedding videographers questions before hiring them is the most effective way to solve this problem before making a hiring decision. Requesting examples of their previous work is the most effective way to get an idea of their aesthetic. Remember that you are the one who is paying for the service, so you shouldn't be afraid to voice your preferences.

    Is Hiring a Wedding Videographer a Must or a Maybe?

    Is a videographer worth it for a wedding?

    Worth It: to See the Moments You Missed.

    Wedding video coverage gives you the opportunity to watch some of the moments that you missed during the wedding. It's possible that you skipped cocktail hour because you were off taking pictures of the sunset; alternatively, you may have done so because you wanted to watch your partner's reaction as they opened your wedding gift while they were getting ready. You might be able to witness some of these moments for yourself if there was video coverage.

    Not Worth It: When the Budget Is Already Spread Thin.

    If you already have a difficult time staying within your financial means, adding Video could push you over the edge. It is possible that the costs will be higher than those associated with photography. It is a lengthy and time-consuming process to edit wedding footage down to a highlight reel, and the most skilled videographers in the industry charge fees that are commensurate with their standing in the industry. You could postpone the hiring process and make it a last-minute addition; however, the best videographers are booked far in advance, so you don't want to hire someone until it's too late in the game.

    Worth It: When You Want to Relive Your Favorite Moments.

    With video coverage, you will be able to relive some of the most memorable moments of your wedding, such as when you and your spouse exchanged vows, when your father gave a toast, or when you and your spouse shared your first look. The absolute best part is that you'll be able to relive these wonderful times with your loved ones and close friends time and time again.

    It's possible that one day you'll even show the video to your own children. In addition, you'll find that you watch it more frequently than you anticipated because it's such a great way to commemorate milestone anniversaries.

    Not Worth It: When You're Especially Camera Shy.

    Consider this recommendation with a pinch of salt, primarily due to the fact that the vast majority of seasoned videographers are well-versed in the art of making covert films: If you tend to get anxious around cameras, you might want to rethink the idea of becoming a videographer, as it can be stressful to have multiple lenses pointed in your direction on the day of the event.

    The sound equipment could also be a bit of a bother, so you'll want to check with any pros you're considering about what he/she typically uses to capture voices. Create lasting memories through your Yarra Valley wedding photography that will be cherished forever. 

    Worth It: When You Care About Capturing the Full Mood of the Day.

    Even the most advanced photographic equipment is unable to capture certain aspects of the world. This deficiency is remedied by the Video, which records not only motion (such as your well-coordinated first dance or the children's procession down the aisle), but also sound (such as your best friend giving her wedding toast). Additionally, it captures the personalities and mannerisms of the people you care about the most.

    The Common Complaints About Not Getting Wedding Video

    There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn't get a wedding video at all, and I'm going to go over a few of the most common ones with you now.

    You Can't Hang Video on a Wall.

    It is correct that a video of any kind cannot be hung on a wall, including your wedding video; however, this is a very common misunderstanding, and the following will explain why.

    Do you think it's safe to take your boat on the highway? Because you are comparing two things that couldn't be more dissimilar, namely photographs and videos, we advised you to drive your boat down the interstate.

    The question now is: would you drive your boat on the highway? You can't possibly pull something like that off, and the same is true for the media. Are you going to watch all of your photos on an HDTV and just keep staring at the same picture of the wedding all day?

    No, you're not.

    When someone says they don't want a wedding video because they can't hang a video on a wall, the listener is aware that the person is referring to two very different things in their statement.

    It's Not Important to Capture My Important Moments on Video

    Listen, having a video of your wedding isn't for everyone; some brides honestly don't care much about their wedding day, and pictures are fine with them. If you're one of those people, a video may not be for you.

    Do you know the reason why Facebook has prioritised video content over image content over the past few years? People tend to stay on a page longer when they are watching a video than when they are looking at an idea, and this contributes to an increase in the number of likes, shares, and ultimately more ad revenue for Facebook. You are more likely to watch a video for a longer period of time than a single image, which is an important consideration in our technological society in the year 2020. This also applies to any type of video.

    It Just Costs So Much

    However, this is not the case.

    Couples typically spend a significantly greater amount of money on wedding photography as opposed to wedding videography. This is due to the fact that photographs have been around for a longer period of time, and historically, couples choose images first because their parents got pictures, and their parents got pictures, and so on.

    Although there is a wide range of prices for professionals, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, the average cost of a wedding video has gone up in the last ten to twelve years. Despite this, it is still more affordable than hiring a professional photographer. At Wild Romantic, we have the best wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula to capture every single moment on your wedding day.

    Wedding Videos Are Long and Boring, No One Will Watch Them More Than Once

    There are those who believe that wedding videos are tedious, drawn-out accounts of the wedding day that can last for up to two hours. Well, that's how they were in the past, but these days, most of them are much shorter (anywhere from three minutes to fifteen minutes), they have background music, edited voice tracks of the couple or the officiant, and they tell a story.

    We must respectfully disagree with the notion that people only watch them once or twice before moving on. Every time I upload one of my wedding films to social media, it receives a large number of views, a great number of comments, and many of my clients tell me that they watch it over and over again.


    We are of the opinion that there is room in the wedding industry for both still photography and videography. In contrast to photographs, which can be printed and hung on the wall for many years to come, wedding videos enable the happy couple to "go back in time" and experience their special day all over again. Everything that happens, including the joy, the excitement, the nervousness, the tears, and the love, is caught on film.

    Sometimes the level of emotion that was being conveyed cannot be captured in a still photograph. However, this does depend on the couple's financial situation as well as the size of their wedding budget. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not they would like their wedding to be documented by a videographer. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

    If you are not interested in having video footage of the event, it is completely acceptable for you to hire only a photographer to document the occasion. Because they freeze time and preserve your most cherished memories, wedding photographs are an indelible addition to the big day. In the end, the decision is up to you, and no one should put any kind of pressure on you to purchase additional services that you aren't interested in.

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