Why Do Photographers Wear Black?

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    It is not hard to distinguish a wedding videography crew from the rest of the guest party at a wedding, particularly if you have attended a wedding in the past. They are the ones who are bustling around dressed in all black attire. Have you ever pondered the meaning behind their choice to dress in all black? A reasonable assumption would be that it was their uniform; however, you will find that almost all wedding videographers wear a similar outfit, and most of the time, they wear all black. This is something that you will notice. Let's delve deeper into the motivation behind why this is the case. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

    FAQs About Photography

    Why Do Wedding Photographers Wear Black?

    Why do the videographers dress in all black? This is the most important question that needs to be answered. The response to this question is not going to provide you with the earth-shattering insight that you were anticipating. They do so in order to maintain a professional appearance, to have a dress code that allows them to stand out from the guests, and to avoid diverting any attention away from the main topic being discussed. Always keep in mind that being professional is one of the most effective ways to market yourself.

    So, why do they choose to dress in all black? It has come to my attention that wearing only black clothing is considered standard practise in the field of photography. This is done to ensure that photographers are as unnoticeable as possible during photo shoots. This way, they do not detract in any way from the primary subject of the photograph or from their capacity to perform their job. If they are hired to perform at an event such as a wedding, it is also considered more professional if they dress in black. Because of this, it gives the impression that they are an official member of the staff rather than a casual participant.

    A black outfit isn't the only rule of thumb that many photographers stick to when choosing their attire. Although it may appear that a photographer shows up to your photo session dressed in a manner that is not overly formal, there is a good chance that they have given a great deal of consideration to their ensemble and have carefully chosen everything they are wearing from head to toe.

    General Clothing for Photographer Outfits

    The majority of photographers have an idea of how they want to present themselves in their head, and some even have pre-assembled outfits that contain pieces that are their standard uniform for work. A photographer does not necessarily need to have a uniform, but think of it like this: kitchen workers make sure they wear shoes that are comfortable because they are on their feet all day, such as sneakers or clogs. Photographers should do the same thing. One more line of work that necessitates the wearer to adhere to particular attire standards is that of a photographer.

    When it comes to getting dressed, a photographer will always reach for the same things, even though they don't wear a uniform per se. These things are as follows:

    • Clothing in subdued or unbiased colour palettes. Even if a photographer opts not to wear black, there is a good chance that the clothing they do wear is composed of shades of grey, beige, or white. They might try to look a little more put together by wearing trendy shoes or a jacket, but even so, they won't draw attention to themselves or stand out in any way.
    • Pants that have multiple pockets in multiple locations. The equipment that photographers use must be ready to be switched out at a moment's notice, and bags are the ideal place to store spare memory cards and batteries. This allows photographers to be ready for anything.
    • It may happen that the location of the photo session is changed, or that people will end up taking pictures while it is pouring rain.
    • Photographers are required to be ready for any weather condition at any time, both in terms of their camera gear and the clothing they wear. They almost always have a hat with them to protect them from the sun, and if they aren't wearing a hat when they arrive, you can be sure that they have one stashed away with their gear just in case they need it.
    • Shoes that are both sturdy and comfortable. Photographers spend their days on their feet because their work often requires them to walk, climb, and otherwise move around quite a bit. Additionally, their jobs demand a significant amount of physical activity. During the shoot, the last thing they want is to be in pain or become exhausted, so they make sure to wear shoes that are particularly comfortable for them.
    • Garments that are not only lightweight but also resistant to moisture. Again, photographers put in a lot of effort throughout the day, and while their shoot might be disrupted by the weather (for example, rain), they are also susceptible to the effects of other extremes, given that they are working in the open air. Because their clothing is designed to resist moisture, they are able to keep their attention on the task at hand rather than on how much they are perspiring.

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    What Does A Photographer Tend to Wear?

    When it comes to what to wear for work, photographers should either have an outfit that is already put together or at the very least a select few pieces that they can always reach for in their closet. When they are getting ready, they will have one less thing to worry about as a result of this, and they will be able to concentrate on ensuring that they have all of their gear. A significant number of photographers rely on the following tried-and-true pieces for their work attire:

    • Black or dark jeans
    • Black Slacks
    • A black belt
    • Black shirts with buttons down the front or black polo shirts.
    • A black blazer or a lightweight jacket, preferably black
    • Tennis shoes that are black or a dark colour
    • A hat with a brim that is either floppy or flat, one that does not impede their ability to take photographs.

    The goal is to project an image that is polished and professional while at the same time avoiding creating any kind of distraction. There is no prescribed attire to be worn. However, photographers are required to maintain a balance between looking good and wearing clothing that serves a purpose.

    What Factors Does A Photographer Consider for Their Outfit?

    Why Do Photographers Wear Black?

    A photographer usually considers their outfit as an expression of their style and an extension of their brand. However, there are general factors that every photographer will consider as they carefully select their brand and style statement for the day.

    • They look at the forecast before they start getting dressed. A photographer is always aware of what is going on around them, and they pay particular attention to the time of day and the location of the shoot. In this way, they will be able to bring the appropriate clothing layers, put on shoes that are sturdy, and grab a hat to shield the sun from their eyes.
    • They are ready for any strange circumstance that may arise. Photographers frequently find themselves in unusual poses or scenarios (they end up lying directly on the ground or leaning out of a window to get that perfect shot). They always make sure they are ready for whatever may come their way, and they wear clothes that they don't mind getting ruined in any way, be it through dirt or rips.
    • Real photographers aren't afraid to get their clothes dirty because they know that this isn't the kind of job where their attire will remain spotless and impeccable.
    • They dress in garb that is completely comfortable. No matter what they're doing, photographers always make sure they have plenty of room to move around. They are well aware that they may end up climbing, hiking, squatting, or lying in awkward positions, and as a result, they wear clothes that are flexible enough to accommodate these activities.
    • They steer clear of anything that could be construed as overly revealing. Photographers avoid wearing anything that could be considered revealing in the event that they are required to stoop or bend over in order to get a good shot. Any serious photographer will ensure that they are fully covered at all times and will always wear a belt with their pants.

    This is where the balance of style, professionalism, and functionality comes into play. Photographers should be comfortable but avoid looking too casual or sloppy. Nothing makes a photographer seem unprofessional more than being unprepared, so they are prepared for anything. Wild Romantic Photography has the best range of services of wedding photography Yarra Valley. Check them out here.

    The Technical Reasons Behind Wearing Black

    In addition to the benefits of comfort and decency, there are a number of practical reasons why photographers frequently choose to dress in black or at least in darker colours. The most important one from a technical standpoint is to prevent their reflection from being captured in the shot.

    In addition to minimising the risk of being noticed or misidentified as a visitor, donning all black can be advantageous from a purely practical standpoint.

    The first factor to consider is the amount of light. When taking pictures or videos, the majority of the light is reflected onto the subject from the photographer or videographer. No one wants to see their reflection in the subject's eyes, nor do they want a brilliant yellow cast from the shirt they were wearing. Something like that has the potential to completely destroy the core of the picture. Wearing clothes with dark colours mitigates the risk of this happening. They are able to stand confidently in front of the subject and take a large number of pictures without feeling any anxiety.

    Another advantage of wearing black to a wedding is that it can help photographers stand out in the event of an unexpected emergency. Let's say the photographer wants to take a portrait of a guest, but the backlight is either too strong or otherwise creating some kind of distraction. If this were the case, they could use a member of their crew who was wearing a black shirt as a background, which is a concession that they would gladly make in order to get the perfect shot. It is not too difficult to cover it up with black using photoshop or colour correction software, which will prevent the audience from seeing it.

    The fact that photographers and videographers spend their entire days working in challenging environments and under harsh lighting, which, if we're being honest, can cause them to break a sweat, is an additional perk. Because sweat stains aren't exactly the most attractive thing to look at, the bride and groom don't want to have to deal with them throughout the day. The colour black is relatively effective at concealing stains, which enables them to go about their day without concern for the mess they might make.

    If the photographer is wearing a white or otherwise light-colored shirt, their reflection is much more likely to be seen in the photograph, regardless of whether they are taking pictures of a human face or some objects that could capture their figure (windows, shiny cars). This is the case whether they are photographing a human face or some objects that could capture their figure (windows, shiny cars). Consider the following scenario: someone is taking pictures of their dog. There is a possibility that you will be able to see the person's reflection in the dog's eyes if they are wearing a bright yellow shirt. To avoid giving the impression that they are reflected in their pet's eyes, the photographer should wear a shirt that is either black or dark, unless doing so was part of their plan.

    Even cars with dark colours have the potential to cause sneaky reflections in photographs. Dark clothing is worn by photographers so that they do not show up in photos when there is a dark object in the background, such as a car.

    Does a photographer need to dress a certain way for a wedding?

    Weddings constitute one of the most common types of events for which photographers are hired. In this situation, it is absolutely necessary for a photographer to have a professional appearance and to avoid drawing attention to themselves. A photographer may arrive at a typical photoshoot wearing a bucket hat, jeans, and sneakers; however, for a wedding, they should make an effort to look a little more put together and arrive wearing slacks or dress pants, black flats or dress shoes, and a button-down black shirt.

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    What Should a Wedding Photographer Wear?

    It is critical to dress in the manner of a professional photographer for two significant reasons.

    To begin, when you dress like a professional, you automatically have the mindset of a professional. Because of this self-assurance, your clients will feel more at ease during their wedding photography photoshoot, which will ultimately result in a more satisfying experience.

    Second, and hopefully most importantly, this is not the last wedding that you will be photographing. There are a lot of other people looking for a wedding photographer, and they will base their opinion of you on how you present yourself. People will approach you with positive inquiries for a photoshoot if you are dressed in a professional manner. This will increase the likelihood that you will book the shoot.

    When deciding what to wear to a wedding photoshoot, there are some best practises that you should be aware of. Here are some of those practises.

    Don't Dress Like a Guest.

    You are not dressing as a guest but rather as the photographer, which is a very significant difference. Do not accessorise yourself with jewellery or anything else that could draw attention to yourself. You should instead dress in a way that allows you to blend in with the surroundings. In most situations, it's best to wear clothes that are understated and dark. Even wearing all black is an option. Just avoid "loud" colours and prints.

    Wear Comfortable Shoes

    Put on a pair of shoes that won't slow you down when you're on the move. It's impossible to predict what moves you'll have to make in order to get the shot... It is possible that you will need to climb on a ledge or step in a puddle. Flats with closed toes and sneakers are two great shoe options. If you're shooting a casual beach wedding, heels and sandals are not appropriate footwear.

    Look Sharp

    A sharp and professional vibe can be conveyed effectively through the use of clothing that is understated and well-tailored. Denim, shorts, and other clothing that are too casual should be avoided. However, you shouldn't go and get dressed up either. Always keep in mind that the clothing you wear needs to be functional so that you can move around quickly. A tuxedo, despite the fact that it may look nice, can become constricting throughout the course of the event.

    Be Modest

    This is not the place for low-cut tops, form-fitting clothing or short skirts. Again, you don't want to attract attention to yourself, and you need to move around freely.

    Consult the Bride & Groom

    If you are unsure about what to wear to your client's wedding, you can always ask them what the dress code is. Inquire as to the level of formality, whether it be semi-formal or casual. What do those terms mean in the context of your client's situation? Are there any hues that you should steer clear of? For instance, in some cultures the colour white is associated with mourning and therefore may not be appropriate to wear to a wedding.

    Now that you are familiar with some fundamental guidelines regarding how wedding photographers should dress, let's take a look at some potential outfits for both male and female photographers.

    Wedding Photographer Attire: Male Photographer

    Why Do Photographers Wear Black?

    We advise gentlemen to wear a dress shirt with comfortable slacks so that they are able to move around easily with their photography equipment and sit on the floor if necessary. When attending a formal wedding, the appropriate attire includes dress pants, a button-up shirt, a jacket, and possibly a tie. When photographing a wedding, under no circumstances should you dress in baggy clothing or wear shorts.

    Making sure that the clothes you wear are tailored to your body will assist you in projecting an image of competence. As was just discussed, it is best to use darker colours. Utilize the following suggestions for attire for male wedding photographers as a springboard for coming up with your very own ideal attire for male wedding photographers.

    Wedding Photographer Attire: Female Photographer

    Wedding photographers who are female have a little bit more leeway in terms of their wardrobe choices. It's fine to show off your personal style, but keep in mind that you'll need to be able to move around unencumbered for the duration of the shoot.

    Similar to how men should dress, women should wear dark colours so that they do not draw too much attention to themselves. Keep in mind that you don't want to steal the show from the guests or divert any attention away from the bride and groom in any way. If you decide to wear a skirt, make sure it is long enough so that you are not restricted in the angles from which you can shoot.

    These female wedding photographer outfit ideas can get you started and serve as inspiration for creating your wedding photography outfit. Starting to think about hiring a wedding photographer? Check out our range of Mornington Peninsula wedding photography here.

    Accessories For Photographers

    When it comes to the planning of a wedding shoot, photographers and videographers take into consideration a variety of factors in addition to the attire of the participants. If you could keep in mind this fact, it would be helpful. Even the smallest of their accessories, such as their shoes and hats, are not just there for the purpose of making a personal statement; rather, they are designed to boost productivity.


    There are no constraints placed on the process of selecting the shoes; however, it is important to keep in mind that they will most likely be on their feet for the entirety of the workday. Therefore, comfort is of utmost importance. They take off the pair of heels and replace them with their well-worn sneakers; it doesn't matter that the shoes don't go together.

    Sometimes in order to get the perfect shot, they have to move around, stand in mud or puddles, lay down in contorted positions, and a lot of other things; if the shoes can't support them through all of that, then they can't wear that pair.


    People frequently and incorrectly assume that the purpose of the hats and caps worn by photographers and videographers is to look the part. In point of fact, there is a great deal more to it than that. The hats do serve a practical purpose, particularly at weddings that are held outside. You don't want your photographer to botch the shot because he was trying to block the sun from his eyes while he was taking it, do you? Imagine that you are walking down the aisle of a wedding, and the sun is directly shining above the head of a photographer. They would be discouraged from performing their duties if they did not wear hats.

    There is a wide variety of headwear available, but only a select few of those hats offer adequate protection from the sun and don't get in the way of a photographer's ability to do their job. These hats include the following:

    • Baseball caps. Even though these caps are more commonly seen at sporting events, many photographers choose to wear them while they are on the job. These offer wonderful defence against the sun and are versatile enough to be worn with a variety of different outfits. However, these will not protect the neck or the ears, and if the brim is curved, the photographer's camera will constantly push the cap upwards, causing it to fall off of their head.
    • Narrow-brim Fedoras. Fedoras are well-known among photographers due to the fact that they can play a significant role in the overall appearance of the photographer as well as in how they present themselves. Depending on the theme or purpose of the event, it can also serve as a fantastic piece of costumery to have on hand. This variety of hat offers protection from the elements, including the sun, the wind, and the rain; in addition, if the brim is quite narrow, it won't obstruct your view nearly as much as a baseball cap would.
    • Driver's caps made of tweed. These hats are not only very fashionable but also give off an air of complete and utter professionalism.
    • Because of the length of their brims, cameras won't be obstructed by them. However, they do not provide a significant amount of protection against the sun, and it is possible that they are only suitable for certain photoshoots.
    • Bucket hats. Fishing enthusiasts and people who like to explore the great outdoors frequently wear hats like this one. However, they are also an excellent choice for photographers, and you will find that the majority of people who are taking pictures are wearing this particular style of hat. The brim encompasses everything and has a lot of give to it. In addition to not getting in the way of the camera, the wide hat offers complete defence against the elements for the head, neck, and face. Even though there are those who believe these hats aren't very stylish and can detract from an otherwise professional appearance, many photographers still opt to wear them.
    • Sun hats with a looser fit. These are the hats that a lot of female photographers go for because they have a wide brim and they are very fashionable. When a photographer is taking pictures on a beach or in a field full of wildflowers, these will not get in the way of the camera, they will provide sun protection, and they are the ideal accessory for the photographer's look.

    These hats are a traditional and functional aspect of a photographer's outfit. They're a tried and true means of keeping out the sun and saving photographers from having to squint. If you’d like to work with professional photographers for your wedding, book with us at Wild Romantic Photography.

    Dress Code

    Some weddings have a specific and stringent dress code, and even though it does not typically apply to the photographers and videographers who are hired for the event, some couples prefer that they adhere to the dress code. In those circumstances, a man ought to dress formally, but his suit ought to be loose enough to allow him freedom of movement. They have to be able to cover the entire range in order to get all of the moments on camera.

    Women, on the other hand, can choose to wear something more subdued; however, they should keep in mind that the neckline of their dress should be cut low enough so that they do not experience any difficulties when shooting from a variety of angles; after all, they may have to get down on the ground or even climb a ladder in order to get the perfect shot.