Top 30 Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne [2021]

Congratulations on your engagement! One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is choosing entertainment. Engaged couples are always on the search for the best wedding bands, singers and musicians in Melbourne. 

Most people think you can only find these artists in big cities, but this is not true. There are tons of talented artists right here in Melbourne that will make your day perfect. 

We have compiled a list of some of our favourite wedding bands, singers and musicians in Melbourne to give you an idea of who's out there!

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians in Melbourne

    Lily Road Band - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    lily road

    0403 859 961


    The Lily Road Band is one of Australia’s BEST wedding bands, comprising a group of select musicians and DJ’s. We pride ourselves on providing top quality wedding entertainment featuring beautiful acoustic music and energetic performances by seasoned professional musicians.

    The Lily Road Band’s broad musical repertoire allows it to tailor its song selection to its audience. We play the right songs at the appropriate time for weddings, festivals, private and corporate events. You’ll find us performing all around Australia and Internationally, but you’ll see us most often at our home bases in Sydney and Melbourne.


    Lily Road packages are always competitive and will include:

    • Live music sets (4 x 45min) over a 5-hour Reception
    • A suitable playlist of songs for in between live band sets
    • Professional Lighting & Sound System including a microphone for speeches if required
    • Bridal dance performed LIVE if desired- a song of your choosing


    Dinner Music

    The Lily Road Band is a 3 piece to perform appropriate relaxed musical styles to suit the mood. This includes a Male Wedding Singer/ Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed live by the Lily Road Band (3 pieces)

    Party Music

    The Lily Road Band (3 piece) will take the night away with upbeat and energetic music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs for weddings.


    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic songs performed with a Male Wedding Singer/Acoustic Guitar blending with either Drums or OR Bass Guitar

    Dinner Music

    The Lily Road Band is a 3 piece to perform appropriate relaxed musical styles to suit the mood. The lineup includes a Male Wedding Singer/Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed live by the Lily Road Band (3 piece)

    Party Music

    The Lily Road Band (3 piece) will take the night away with upbeat and energetic music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs for weddings.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice

    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic songs performed with a Male Wedding Singer/Acoustic Guitar blending with either Drums or OR Bass Guitar

    Dinner Music

    The Lily Road Band is a 5 piece to perform appropriate relaxed musical styles to suit the mood. The line up of the band includes a Male Wedding Singer, Female Wedding Singer, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard and Drums

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed live by the Lily Road Band (5 piece)

    Party Music

    The Lily Road Band (5 piece) will take the night away with upbeat and energetic music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs for weddings.




    Our wedding dance mix is a progressive modern twist on classic and popular wedding songs. Led by our DJ, we perform your musical favourites, classics and popular songs! The DJ sets the scene, and our singer or band jumps in to create a unique and stunning adaptation of one of your favourite songs. The mood will be set, and your wedding guests will be enthralled!

    The Lily Road team will work with you to create playlists that feature the perfect mix to entertain your wedding guests for hours. Feel free to mix and match. Our musicians and our DJs love music and can perform a vast repertoire from any era. For a truly unique musical experience – make it a DJ and live band combo with Lily Road, where magical weddings are shaped by outstanding music!


    Besides food, drink, and special guests, the one must-have for a wedding day or special event is great music. Since everyone has different tastes in music, you also need entertainment that can handle anything from “Summer Wind” to Snoop Dogg. It also helps to have entertainment professionals with years of experience on hand to deliver a spectacular wedding.

    You can choose from many DJs in Melbourne or quite a few DJs in Sydney, but why settle for the same old thing when you can get the best in wedding entertainment with a twist? Get a wedding band and a DJ company rolled into one! A DJ with live singer and brass section, a DJ alone or wedding band for superb live music combined with a professional wedding DJ! 


    Lily Road packages are always competitive and will include:

    • A DJ playing background music over dinner and for the entire night, including band breaks 
    • Bridal dance performed LIVE if desired- a song of your choosing
    • Live Music DJ Led Sets (2 x 45min) over dance segment 
    • Professional Lighting & Sound System including a microphone for speeches if required


    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (3 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax and Female Singer.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice.

    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (4 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax, Female Singer and Male Singer or Drums.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice.

    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic music songs performed with a male singer/ acoustic guitarist.

    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band or, if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (5 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax, Female Singer, Male Singer, Drums.


    Ceremony Music

    Heartfelt Male Wedding Singer/ Acoustic Guitar to perform 3 songs of your choice

    Canapes Music

    Background popular acoustic songs with Male Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar blending with either Drums or OR Bass Guitar

    Dinner Music

    A solo DJ to provide appropriate relaxed music to suit the mood.

    First Dance

    A song of your choice to be performed LIVE by the DJ Band if you wish or cued up directly by the DJ.

    Party Music

    The Lily Road DJ Band (8 Piece) will take the night away with energetic and upbeat music to have the dance floor full with the right choice of songs. This includes DJ, Sax, Female Singer, Male Singer, Drums, Percussion, Trumpet, Electric Guitar.


    Lily Road Band Melbourne brings a unique twist to wedding DJ entertainment. Our professional DJs form a musical ensemble with our singers and/or live band to create a unique wedding experience that combines the spontaneity and personal feel of a live performance with the supporting beats, dynamic tempos and engrossing musical backdrop of a DJ track.


    Your wedding should be a memorable one. The magical combination of our DJs and professional band guarantee you’ll hear your favourite songs and best dance tracks in a new and unforgettable way. From greeting your guests to your entry into the venue to the first dance and beyond. We’ll cover all your favourites with a mix of great live music and vocals combined with modern beats.

    Led by our DJ team, we’ll be sure to put your unique signature on the proceedings, playing your favourite songs for a romantic, memorable wedding day. Put a unique twist on your wedding day with the Lily Road Band’s special DJ offering. 

    Make your wedding extra special 

    Our DJs and musicians have played hundreds of weddings. The combination of a great live band, playing live music until the wee hours paired lead by a DJ who sets the tone with subtle backbeats and instantly recognisable hooks – It’s a match made in heaven!

    Your guests will be raving about your event online and, more importantly, dancing all night on the dance floor. Make your wedding day memorable. Book our Melbourne DJ and live band combo today!

    Find the DJ that suits your musical style

    Googling “Melbourne Wedding DJs” will only get you so far. DJs come in all sorts – from kids earning their stripes to experienced professionals. You’ll find our Lily Road Wedding DJs fall into the latter category. They’re very experienced and skilled. They’ll tailor their set to your specifications and work hand-in-hand with the Lily Road Band to deliver a most unique, dare we say it, “a classier brand” of wedding entertainment.

    Choose from a variety of performers by combining your DJ with solo singers, duos, trios or a full live band. Lily Road will deliver an unforgettable musical wedding your guests will rave about and hold up as the benchmark in quality entertainment.

    The right DJ for a spectacular Melbourne Wedding

    Your big day demands a big, memorable soundtrack, the kind of musical set your family and guests will readily associate with you and unleash the party when it’s time to cut loose.

    We understand how hard it is to find the best wedding DJ for your special day. That’s why we only hire the very best wedding DJs in Melbourne. Our DJs will lead the singer or band, so it’s important they can read the room and adjust on the fly. We can scale our offering to suit your wedding, from a small and intimate DJ and solo singer combo to a full five-piece band and DJ power group. We can cater to your musical tastes and to the occasion. Book Lily Road today. We guarantee a great musical wedding!

    Professional DJs for your Melbourne Wedding

    Our Melbourne wedding DJ crew come from many walks of life, but they share a common trait – they’re very experienced wedding DJs.

    That experience comes in handy when paired with our accomplished singers or live band. There’s truly nothing that compares to the combination of a live band and a DJ. Some weddings will be remembered for their food, for the speeches, for the dress or the vows, but we can promise your wedding when you book Lily Road will be remembered for its magical musical entertainment!

    Professional Wedding Singers

    Nothing sets the scene better than a great lead singer and live band or a creative and experienced DJ to make your wedding day go with a bang! We add energy and style to the proceedings to ensure it remains a fond and unforgettable memory for friends and family.

    We have set wedding singer and band or wedding DJ packages to cover most things or simply can customise to your needs.

    Classic & Modern Wedding Music to Suit Any Audience

    Music is a big part of your wedding. It sets the mood with attendees and creates an ambience. Our performers have a solid repertoire of classic and modern songs and years of experience in performing at live venues throughout Australia. To get the party started or sustain it long into the night, our wedding singers and bands are a cut above the rest. Take a look at some of our videos to see for yourself the quality of our singers and their extensive repertoire. We love to perform, and it shows!.

    From solo wedding singers who also DJ to proper wedding music bands!

    We can scale our offering depending on your needs — from a full day solo acoustic singer-guitarist/DJ to a full 3-9 piece wedding band for your reception, depending on the size of your wedding venue.

    With many years of wedding entertainment experience, it goes without saying, your Lily Road Wedding Band will bring high-quality sound and lighting equipment suited to the wedding venue. Our singers also ensure professional-grade wireless microphones are available for you and your wedding party for use for speeches.

    Make your Melbourne wedding that extra bit special – book a DJ and a band (or a singer!) You’ll thank us (and recommend us) later!

    Melbourne Entertainment Company - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    melbourne entertainment company



    Your perfect music and wedding entertainment starts here. We’ll guide you from your ceremony to beyond the last dance, ensuring everything that is important to you and your fiancé is catered for. Whether you’re after a wedding DJ, an acoustic duo, a wedding band, or a mix of everything, our experienced musicians have you sorted!


    Your upcoming wedding day is a significant, once in a lifetime experience. It should be forever treasured and remembered as the most exciting, sentimental, beautiful and fun day of your life! Together, our polished wedding entertainment performers will have a profound impact in creating peak moments of joy on this happy and wonderful occasion!


    Our committed wedding DJs and entertainers are youthful, skilled, perfectly presented and versatile in catering to audiences of all ages and music preferences. We lovingly listen to your desires and ideas to curate a fresh & modern playlist for your special day.


    Our live wedding entertainment options know how to bring a vibe-ing atmosphere to your special day. Don’t be stuck with an out-of-touch has-been DJ. Look at our exciting young & fresh talent. The addition of Saxophone or Vocals to a regular DJ performance brings an incredible surprise to the dance floor.


    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events, entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable, go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.

    We pride ourselves on having the best talent in Melbourne. Our performers are not only incredible at what they do, but go the extra mile to ensure that their client’s events are a complete success. Our elite DJs, Singers, Saxophonists, Bands, Acoustic Musicians, and more specialise in providing a unique “wow-factor” to performances that will have you and your guests raving.


    One of our core values is our commitment to creating ‘peak moments’ for our clients. These are memories that will last for a lifetime. Our aim is to have the entire wedding pumping on the dance floor, from bridesmaids to grandparents. We love nothing better than performing to a crowd that is vibrantly dancing, laughing and smiling. We strive to create this kind of atmosphere each and every time we perform.

    Explore some of Melbourne’s most incredible talent performers available for hire. Our artists are committed to creating the most memorable and magical of experiences whenever they perform.

    Blue Avenue Entertainment - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    blue avenue entertainment

    0423 328 907

    Melbourne’s Best Wedding Bands

    A wedding is never complete without the excitement only a live band can deliver. True quality cannot be replaced. Treat your guests to one of our carefully selected brands and dance the night away with Melbourne’s top musicians performing 100% live for a real entertainment experience you and your guests will remember for a very long time to come.

    Soul City

    With a mission to play funky music, Soul City has developed a live show that packs out dance floors. With the band’s members being some of Melbourne’s most in-demand musicians, Soul City has performed at all of the biggest venues across the city.


    Featuring two sensational vocalists backed by a super funky rhythm section, look no further than Masterblasters for your next event!

    Stolen Apples

    After one event with this band, you will understand just what a party is all about! Stolen Apples provides an electrifying and high energy show that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories and keep them smiling and on the dance floor the entire night.

    Electric Night

    Catering for all tastes with a huge selection of music covering your favourite genres from Pop, Top 40, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Soul and the classic hits. This 4-piece band are a seriously experienced wedding band and are guaranteed to fill the dance floor.

    Dream Shake

    A truly unique Melbourne band that specialise in Soul, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae and Pop music. This flexible 3 or 4 piece outfit utilises up to three vocalists covering anything from Old School Soul and R&B to Modern Pop and Classic Favourites.

    Radio City

    Professional Funk, Motown, Pop & Soul band is consisting of the best musicians from the Melbourne music scene. Radio City breathe feeling into the hits that you know and love bringing rhythm and soul to every song they play.

    Black Tie Boogie

    Made up of internationally recognised artists and born entertainers playing the finest music ever created, they are a dedicated party band playing hits from The Stones to Outkast, The Beatles to Dr Dre, featuring five core members from Melbourne’s deep-rooted soul, jazz and party music scene.


    Led by an exciting singer/guitarist, this 4-piece band consists of highly talented musicians with extensive local & international experience. Performing a mix of Pop, Rock n Roll, Soul & Reggae and armed with a setlist to suit everyone’s tastes.

    Midnight Mayhem

    One of the most versatile bands in Melbourne, offering a selection of the most popular music spanning decades and covering almost every genre imaginable. Weddings, corporate functions and private events are not complete without Midnight Mayhem.

    Tee & 2

    The powerful band was fronted by a sensationally charismatic lead singer and guitarist. With influences ranging from John Mayer, Bon Jovi to Michael Jackson, this band will make any event special!

    The Payback

    The Payback fuses all the groove you can handle with funk, pop and party anthems. They mix unbelievable showmanship and talented musicians with a perfect repertoire fit for any party or wedding.

    Funk Kitchen

    Providing a seamless night of entertainment for any event, the band promise to deliver a memorable night full of RnB, Soul, Funk and Top 40 hits performed by professional, dedicated and talented musicians.

    Luke J Band

    Diverse, experienced and talented frontman Luke J performs in his high-octane band, delivering amazing shows night after night, offering flexible lineups tailor-made for any event.

    Breaking Bad

    Classics, rock anthems, ballads & pop hits… this band has you covered! Featuring four members ready to put on a-rockin’ show that’s friendly, fun and always engaging with the audience


    A high-energy cover band fronted by charismatic singer Kristie who has spent most of her life behind a microphone performing in bands, including a stint on the 2019 season of The Voice.


    Fronted by Jimmy Cupples (Channel 9’s The Voice), LeCure features Australia’s finest musicians who create a soul-thumping entertainment experience that will leave your guests impressed and begging for more.

    The Grooves

    Fronted by a leading member of the Australian rock outfit The Androids famous for their hit “I’d Rather Do It With Madonna”, The Grooves offer an energetic, experienced and extremely fun 3-6 piece band.


    A slick 4-piece band featuring remarkable vocals backed by musicians with a wealth of experience will make you feel part of the action all night long. From luxurious background music to dance floor derbies, Tanzanite has something for everyone!

    All Night Long

    An impressive all-live band is featuring Melbourne’s top talent. Offering a rocking 4-piece band up to a mind-blowing 11-piece ensemble. All Night Long will have your guests up and dancing in no time!

    The Automatics

    Melbourne’s ultimate live band performing your favourite Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz and Top 40 tunes. The pinnacle of professionalism, the band’s huge repertoire covers classics from the past six decades and will keep your guests entertained and dancing all night!

    Diggity Melbourne Band

    If you’re looking for a fresh & talented band, then you must check out Diggity. Fronted by The Voice 2013 contestant Maya Weiss, this band will keep your dance floor packed all night with their groovin’ selection of tunes.

    Six Degrees Wedding Band Melbourne

    From 70’s, 80’s and 90’s right through to RnB classics, their repertoire is a catalogue of unforgettable tunes to keep a crowd partying all night long. Consider Six Degrees your human jukebox.

    Into The Groove Melbourne

    Toe-tapping, hip snapping and groovy, Into The Groove deliver shows that bring audiences to the dance floor, keeping punters happy with their high energy shows and repertoire.

    The Twilighters

    Specialising in Chinese weddings, the hugely crowd-pleasing Melbourne act The Twilighters will fill the dance floor with today’s Top 40 hits and everybody’s favourite tunes from the past five decades.

    First Floor Band Melbourne

    Born out of the idea that there’s groove, funk, and soul to be found in all Pop music, First Floor is a live cover band equipped to bring a fresh and electrifying atmosphere to any event.

    Virtual Reality

    Whether it will be smooth ballads or the grooves that have guests packing the dancefloor, Virtual Reality’s versatile repertoire covers the 60’s right through to today’s classics and will guarantee to leave you wanting more.

    Choosing a wedding band for your big day

    Create a day that won’t be forgotten quickly with our lineup of impressive artists and musicians. Dedicated to providing exceptional wedding entertainment solutions, we’re the first choice when you’re looking to keep your guests engaged at the reception.

    Working right across Melbourne, Blue Avenue is a top-tier team that’s committed to offering the very best acts from across the region. No matter what kind of atmosphere you’re looking to achieve, we can provide you with a musician that fits your interests from start to finish.

    Having worked with specific requirements and clients from all walks of life, our experts can match the best possible wedding entertainment option to your Melbourne event.

    Well-versed in the field and committed to exceptional customer support, our experts know what it takes to put the finishing touches on your big day. With an extensive portfolio of talented artists on offer, Blue Avenue can support you in finding an artist or group for your reception. We do this by:

    • Matching your specific requirements, location and intended vibe with our choices;
    • Outlining your budget and present you with options most suited to it;
    • Establish the ultimate atmosphere for your reception, creating memories that won’t be forgotten;
    • Deliver the very best in Melbourne live music possible.

    We’re ready to get started and guide you through the process. We’re always more than happy to answer questions about your specific needs and criteria.

    Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians FAQs

    Why should I hire someone rather than do it myself?

    91% of all couples in Australia will hire a professional wedding music supplier for their wedding day. This is a massive majority and shows that couples value having someone to manage that service for them. It not only takes time off you before the big day, but it also means you do not have to worry about it ON the day.

    A major benefit of hiring a professional is that all the equipment is brought to you. So you’re guaranteed to get good quality sound at the right level. Professionals will also vibe with your audience, so you know there’s no need to skip certain songs.

    If you’re on a budget, chat with your music supplier about what services they can offer. For example, they might offer additional services like MCing or photo booths to save you money in the long run.

    The music at your wedding will help set that atmosphere that your guests will remember for years to come. So whatever it is, make sure you take the time out to enjoy it yourself!

    How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Singer?

    There are plenty of singers, but how do you connect with the wedding singer that is perfect for you?

    Sometimes, social media can be very helpful. For example, wedding directories can guide you to the right place. See these wedding entertainment photos for ideas on where to begin your search.

    Check with friends who have recently been married and ask for referrals. Visit lounges that provide live entertainment. There is a surprising amount of talent out there. Wedding singers frequently take other singing gigs.

    There are entertainment companies with lists of entertainers to suit all needs. This can save you the time of going to lounges or bars to find your singer. In addition, they will provide you with promotional materials featuring their entertainers. This gives you a wide range of people from which to choose.

    Another advantage of working with an entertainment company is that they will undoubtedly be insured, but be sure to ask. Insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if your particular wedding singer is unable to perform for whatever reason, the company will send a replacement. Again, it may not be your first choice, but it will undoubtedly be better than nothing.

    Splurging on the right wedding singer will add much to your wedding day. The right singer will create the mood that can turn your wedding reception from humdrum into a memorable experience for everyone.

    How Long Do Other Musicians Play For?

    We represent a variety of popular wedding musicians on our website for hire. They all offer slightly different packages, so we advise getting in touch directly to discuss further details if you’re interested in a particular act.

    However, below is a rough guideline on how long acoustic acts, pianists, harpists and string ensembles perform and the most popular wedding packages they offer.

    How long do wedding musicians perform during the drinks reception?

    Acoustic guitarists, duos, trios and beyond tend to offer 2 x 45 or 2 x 60-minute sets (with the option of splitting the latter up into 3 x 40-minute sets). They typically arrive an hour before the performance, as they don’t take as long to set up (roughly 20-30 minutes), and will perform their live sets over a set time period, i.e. 2 x 45-minute sets over 2 hours or 3 x 40-minute sets over 3 hours.

    However, if you want them to perform a set during the drinks reception and then a set after the wedding breakfast, you may find that the price increases. This is because they will be on-site for longer and will need to increase this time period to accommodate your schedule, i.e. 2 x 45-minute sets over 5 hours.

    Pianists, Harpists & other Solo Musicians

    Our wedding soloists offer similar packages to both our acoustic acts and our string ensembles. Harpists and pianists are ideal for wedding ceremonies and will often put forward packages that include some, if not all, of the following; Pre-Ceremony performance (20-30 minutes), Ceremony (roughly an hour) and Drinks Reception or Wedding Breakfast (2 x 45-minute sets over 2 hours).

    You’ll also find that some musicians will even offer a full day package to cover the entire wedding. This would consist of the following; Pre-Ceremony performance, Ceremony performance, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast, Evening Reception, + DJ service until midnight. We highly recommend enquiring about Spenser by clicking here if you’re interested further in receiving a quote for an all-day wedding package.

    String Ensembles

    Bands For-hire has a superb selection of wedding string quartets and string musicians for hire. Our string ensembles and musicians tend to offer their time per hour, so you’ll find that most quotes include pricing for a 1 hour, 2 hours and 3-hour booking as standard. To clarify, this does not include arrival time and set up, and we ask all musicians to arrive an hour prior to a performance.

    For a 1-2 hour booking, most musicians will typically play straight through, but they will require rest breaks (10-15 minutes at most). For bookings longer than 3 hours, musicians will require a lunch break (30-40 minutes), so please discuss this further before booking to understand their requirements.

    If the musician that’s been hired is to move location (whether this is from the church to the wedding venue or from one room to another at your chosen venue), then please do discuss this further with them to make sure they are agreeable. You may also find additional costs are involved if further travel is required.

    How Long Should You Book Your Wedding Band For?

    When planning a wedding or corporate event, you may be looking to hire a band, but when is the right time to start your enquiries?

    Generally speaking, you should hire a wedding band 7 to 12 months in advance as it fits in perfectly with the hiring and planning of every other aspect of your wedding and will mean you avoid any possible availability disappointments. Leaving the hiring of a wedding band to anything much later than five months is not advised, but there is no limit or real disadvantage to how far in advance you hire a live wedding band.

    However, most people plan to get married around a year ahead, so that is the most common time to book. The majority of band bookings are taken 8-12 months before the wedding day, and any later than that, you start to miss the boat with your favourite wedding bands.

    What to Look for in a Good Music Supplier?

    It’s hard to know what to look for in a supplier when you might not have ever booked a band, DJ or duo before. So we took some notes from previous couples to see what they value in suppliers and what to watch out for.

    Couples love having a professional supplier who can offer advice on the flow of music and its formalities. This is a big part of how your night runs and can be the difference between a reception that feels like it’s stopping and starting or a party that feels like it flows on.

    Couples also like it when their suppliers can offer music options for both the ceremony and reception. If you’re making a statement with your reception music, it makes sense to add this to the ceremony. The majority of couples say their ceremony is the most important part of their wedding. So we’re not surprised they’re making their big ceremonies stand out with quality musical features.

    Another plus is when your musician can also double as a DJ. This could be a great option for having an acoustic ceremony touch with a party feel at the reception.

    Couples feel their suppliers could improve when it comes to how animated a DJ or MC is and the timing of important songs. Couples also want to make sure the package they are given matches what has been agreed upon before the big day.

    Make sure you read plenty of reviews to see what previous couples say about wedding music suppliers.

    Melbourne Club Band - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    melbourne club band

    0402 405 991

    The smallest of our “Big Bands”, this wedding band has a classic sound and huge party energy. It looks and sounds amazing. It has the wow factor without breaking the budget. For a bit more edge, add another brass and make it a 6 piece.

    Rocking Your Dance Floor

    If you decide we’re the right band for your wedding, you can book us and relax knowing we’ve got your entertainment completely covered. Being full-time musicians, we’re available anytime, day or night, for when you have questions or just think of some great ideas. We love this stuff! And of course, if you’re too busy, we’ll make sure we’re in contact with you to make sure every detail is covered off. You’ll get fast, professional service all the time.

    Melbourne Club Band are proud to represent the best music Melbourne has to offer, right here in the world’s most livable city. The musicians in the band have been carefully auditioned and curated to combine a mix of youthful energy and professional experience. Many of us are conservatorium graduates and jazz enthusiasts, and all of us are passionate, full-time musicians and entertainers.

    Some of the guys have played and toured overseas with ridiculously high profile acts and have shared stages here in Australia with the likes of John Butler Trio, Powerderfiger, Sia, John Farnham, the Dancing With The Stars band, and Australian Idol. We’ve also played stages at Bluesfest, A Day On The Green, St Kilda Festival, Big Day Out, Brunswick Music Festival and the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Just another day in the office! Seriously though, we’re incredibly fortunate to be full-time in an industry like this, and we treat each of our bookings as unique and special – we’ll make sure that the music at your event is unforgettable and exactly how you want it.

    Coming to see us live is the best way to get a feel for what we can do for you, for our vibe and professionalism, and see for yourself the standard of quality you can expect at your event. It will also help determine what band size will suit you best!

    Andrew Rozen - Wedding Singer & Musician Melbourne

    andrew rozen

    0403 489 669

    Andrew Rozen is a guitarist & singer, and musician for hire. He specialises in weddings, corporate events and other private functions in Melbourne and Australia wide.


    Andrew and his team of talented musicians are seasoned wedding entertainers and absolutely love being a part of people’s most special day. Andrew plays ceremonies, canapé sets and reception, and his music services are scalable to your event, whether you require a solo act, duo, or full band. DJ options are also available.

    Andrew has an extensive setlist guaranteed to create the right mood. Andrew brings his soulful energy to any event, and he would love to be a part of yours! 

    Jewish Weddings

    Andrew Rozen specialises in live music for chuppahs, canapé sets and horas. He plays traditional Jewish songs as well as modern Israeli & other Hebrew songs and will even learn your favourite songs for the aisle. He brings young, soulful energy to any simcha. Andrew’s music services are scalable to your event, whether you’d like him to perform solo/duo (e.g. for chuppah and canapés) or with a full band (horas and dance floor). He would love to be a part of your Simcha!

    All packages include:

    • Seasoned wedding musician (singer + guitarist)
    • Scalable entertainment (solo, duo, acoustic or power trio, full band, DJ)
    • Stunning set up with ornamental rug and fairy lights
    • State of the art PA system
    • Speeches & MC using our wireless mic
    • Song requests for those special moments (the aisle, first dance, etc.)
    • Music in any breaks from curated playlist
    • Happy to discuss song selection
    • Guaranteed to create the perfect mood!

    Get in touch to enquire about packages offered.

    YOMAMA Cover Band - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne


    0422 887 141

    Yomama can cater for any event. 

    Whether it be a small function/ wedding, a crazy pub, a huge wedding or a large party, Yomama will have the crowd dancing. We provide what most other wedding bands provide in terms of equipment and services, and we will not use this page to write 500 paragraphs trying to convince you that the service we offer is better.

    We’re just a little more fun!


    Yomama isn’t your ordinary act. Music is supposed to be fun, and it’s supposed to get people dancing and having an unforgettable time at your event. That’s what we do!

    Yomama always puts on a show, and we play from the heart. We play with energy and excitement. This is our genuine passion, entertaining people with great music. We love what we do, and we want to make sure that when we play at your event, you love what we do as well.

    50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s current and Top 40. We do it all, and we sound good doing it, LISTEN HERE.

    We provide Lighting, PA system, Sound Engineers and 4 guys who are ready to make your night as fun as it can possibly be, all while delivering a high-quality show that is guaranteed to have your guests dancing and leaving with a smile on their faces.

    So if you’re looking for a band that is 100% focused on making your night as fantastic as it should be, then look no further, you found them!

    We are available for Weddings, Corporate Events, pub shows and Parties.

    Memory Lane Entertainment Co - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne


    Memory Lane Entertainment Co is an expert in knowing how to create the perfect atmosphere for outstanding weddings, corporate functions, and private events. 

    We not only provide our clients with world-class vocalists, exceptional musicians and electrifying DJ’s for your entertainment, but to make your special night complete, we also offer Celebrant Services for your Ceremony, MC Services for your Reception and Private Lessons for your personalised first dance as a married couple.

    We pride ourselves on top quality, professional entertainers who have been in the industry for over 15 years and know exactly how to make your special night one to remember. 

    Our music packages range from beautiful acoustic duos and trios to string quartets to create a touch of magic for your ceremony, alternatively to an energetic and dynamic band or DJ for your Reception including Singers, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Sax and DJs that are sure to get you all up on the dance floor.

    Our musicians are wonderful at reading the room and are incredibly versatile, playing styles from Pop, Soul, RnB, Rock, Jazz and House. We guarantee that we will make your special night one to be remembered and talked about for years to come.

    Don’t miss out! Dates book up quickly and well in advance. So secure us today and be sure that your entertainment is left in safe hands.

    Reception Packages

    DJ Entertainment Package 

    Exclusive DJ + Special Effects Lighting + All Equipment Provided

    Our exclusive DJ’s are highly experienced and will make sure that your wedding reception is unforgettable. To ensure that your special day runs smoothly, our DJ will arrive early to set everything up well in advance. They will be formally dressed and will be the life of the dance floor, allowing you to let your hair down and enjoy the night.

    What does this package include?

    • A personalised one-on-one wedding consultation prior to your big day
    • Perfectly presented performers, dressed & styled to impress 
    • Access to your own online portal to select the songs you would like to be played on your special day those who wish to curate their own music playlist
    • Up to five hours of live DJ Entertainment 
    • Premium Pioneer DJ Equipment & Sleek Black DJ Surround & Table Linen 
    • 2 x 15 inch JBL Speakers (for up to 150pax)
    • Access to our wireless microphone for speeches/MC (if required)
    • Special effects dance Lights
    • Travel time within 90min of CBD, 1-hr set up and pack downtime 
    • Unlimited friendly and timely phone & email correspondence with your Entertainment Manager 

    Acoustic Duo + Full Band Experience Package 

    Female Vocalists and Male Guitarist/Vocalist with Tracks

    This package offers live acoustic entertainment in the earlier stages of your reception, followed by a full live band experience, getting your guests off their feet and onto the dance floor. Our acoustic duo will take you and your guests on a musical journey serenading you with your most treasured songs, from the timeless classics to the modern-day hits and absolutely everything in between.

    What does this package include?

    • A personalised one-on-one wedding consultation prior to your big day 
    • Perfectly presented performers, dressed & styled to impress
    • 2 x 45-minute acoustic sets while you and your guests are eating entrees and mains
    • 2 x 45-minute sets with the full band experience, once all the formalities are out the way.
    • First dance song
    • Ambient music played in-between all sets
    • State of the art PA sound system and stage lighting
    • Access to our wireless microphone for speeches/MC (if required)
    • Access to your own personal online portal to select the songs you would like played for your special day
    • Timely and professional communication with your entertainment manager
    • 10% discount on ceremony or ceremony and canapé packages

    Acoustic Duo + DJ Combo Package 

    Female Vocalist + Male Guitarist/Vocalist + Exclusive DJ

    This package offers 135 minutes of live acoustic entertainment in the earlier stages of your reception. The DJ will then amp things up, taking your guests onto the dance floor for the following two hours. Our DJ’s are more than happy to receive detailed song lists prior to the wedding/event and will also take song requests on the night.

    What does this package include?

    • A personalised one-on-one wedding consultation prior to your big day 
    • Perfectly presented performers, dressed & styled to impress
    • 3 x 45-minute acoustic sets while you and your guests are eating entrees and mains. You can split these times up however you choose to fit around your formalities, so long as the live music takes place within the first 3 hours of the 5-hour time frame.
    • 2 hour DJ set
    • DJ services in-between all acoustic sets
    • Access to your own online portal to select the songs you would like to be played on your special day
    • Photo Booth (50% Discount)
    • 10% discount on ceremony or ceremony and canapé packages

    Additional Band Options

    We also offer additional instruments upon request.

    • 3 Piece up to 9 piece band 
    • Keyboard/Pianist (For a touch of class and smooth jazz vibe.)
    • Percussion (Bringing some serious energy, getting the crowd dancing)
    • Horns: Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone (Add some funk & soul to your night)

    Additional Services

    DJ sets and/or live acoustic sets requested to extend beyond the 5hr call will be charged per half hour or per hour for each performer.

    Layout: Example

    6pm – 6:45pm: Acoustic Duo play chilled set

    6:45pm – 7:15pm: Speeches

    7:15pm – 8pm: Acoustic Duo play chilled set

    8pm – 8:15pm: DJ control background music

    8:15pm – 8:55pm: Acoustic Duo play chilled set

    8:55pm: Bridal Dance performed live by a band

    9pm – 11pm: DJ takes over and plays upbeat dance music.

    Ceremony Packages


    • Vocalist or Guitarist/Vocalist

    Acoustic Duo 

    • Female vocalist + Male Guitarist/Vocalist

    ​This package offers a 20 minute acoustic set prior to the ceremony, as the guests arrive, the ceremony itself, as well as a 20 minute set as the event transitions.

    Canapé Packages


    • Vocalist or Guitarist/Vocalist

    ​Acoustic Duo

    • Female vocalist + Male Guitarist/Vocalist

    ​This package offers a 45-60 minute acoustic set during canapés and drinks. We create a beautiful ambience in the room while guests are mingling before the reception.

    Ceremony & Canapé Packages


    • Guitarist/Vocalist

    Acoustic Duo 

    • Female vocalist + Male Guitarist/Vocalist

    ​This package offers a 20 minute acoustic set prior to the ceremony, as the guests arrive, the ceremony itself, a 20 minute set as the event transitions as well as a 45 minute set over canapés.


    • 1 x 20 minute pre-ceremony acoustic set as your guests arrive
    • 3 x selected songs as you walk down the aisle, sign the register and exit as a married couple 
    • 1 x 20 minute acoustic set as the event transitions


    • 1 x 45minute live solo set over canapés

    Additional Band Options

    • We also offer additional instruments upon request.
    • 3 Piece up to 9 piece band 
    • Keyboard/Pianist (For a touch of class and smooth jazz vibe.)
    • Percussion (Bringing some serious energy, getting the crowd dancing)
    • Horns: Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone (Add some funk & soul to your night)

    Additional Services

    DJ sets and/or live acoustic sets requested to extend beyond the 5hr call will be charged per half hour or per hour for each performer.

    Karla Adele has been a singer and dancer in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. She made her professional debut in Australian Music Theatre at the age of 17 and continued to tour around Australia and Asia in some of Australia’s most well-known musicals.

    Over the last several years, Karla made it a goal of hers to also get to know the wedding, corporate and bar/club entertainment scene and has now become one of Melbourne’s most sought after performers, providing world-class entertainment across the country. Karla’s versatility and talent are showcased through her ability to cover all genres of music. She has performed alongside numerous DJs, Bands and Orchestra’s at exclusive venues for corporate events, weddings, launches, and private parties. She has also been a Guest Entertainer for many major Cruise Ship Companies, including Celebrity Solstice, Pacific Princess and P&O. 

    Word spread quickly, and there was a growing demand for Karla’s dynamic performances, so she decided to follow her passion and create Memory Lane Entertainment as a platform for herself and other incredibly talented musicians to provide unique and world-class entertainment for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Functions around Melbourne.

    ​What sets Memory Lane Entertainment Co apart is that we not only provide our clients with exceptional vocalists, musicians and electrifying DJ’s for live your entertainment but to make your wedding complete, we also offer Celebrant Services for your Ceremony, MC Services for your Reception and Private Lessons for your personalised first dance as a married couple.

    Under Karla Adele’s management, you can trust that Memory Lane Entertainment Co is an expert in knowing how to create the perfect atmosphere for any of your upcoming events.

    FLAXXON Music - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne


    0400 578 641

    Welcome to Flaxxon Music, we’re so thrilled that you have reached our page! 

    Whether you are after a pocket-rocket duo or a live band for your special day, look no further. As a power duo, we will wow the crowds with our harmonies, country twang, pop raps, ballad high power range and twinship.

    Our music range is Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Country/Pop, Ballads and Techno. We especially love inspiring the younger generation through our Pop/Country Ballads.

    If you’d like to book us for your next event or have any questions, please get in touch!

    Flaxxon music is identical twins from Melbourne with love for singing and performing since the age of 5. Together, Yasmin and Yolanda offer a sound of Hip Hop, Rap, Country/Pop, Ballads and Techno. The talented duo also plays the acoustic guitar, string guitar, bass guitar and banjo, offering a unique sound at every event.

    Top Notch Entertainment - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    top notch entertainment

    0417 014 178

    The Melbourne Wedding DJ - Vocalist

    Not only are we one of Melbourne’s best wedding DJ’s, but we are also able to take care of your wedding ceremony music as well.

    We take the stress out of dealing with multiple companies to organise all the music for your wedding. We can take care of your ceremony music by providing the PA System (sound system), an iPod or MP3 player for recorded music, or we can supply a guitarist and our vocalist to set that real romantic atmosphere.

    At pre dinner canapes, we can provide a separate sound system and run your music selections for you, or you can choose to have our in-house guitarist entertain your guests to start the night of entertainment.

    Later, you can have one of Melbourne’s best Wedding DJ’s and MC’s entertain your guests to really get the party started.

    Music solutions for Your Wedding Day

    Deal with one company to organise the music for your entire wedding day.

    Have one entertainer organise your ceremony music, entertain your guests during pre-dinner drinks, then be your Wedding DJ and Wedding MC for your reception—everything’s taken care of with ease!

    • Ceremony Music
    • Pre Dinner Drinks Music
    • Wedding DJ
    • Wedding MC
    • Guitarist
    • Vocalist
    • Lighting Effects
    • Written Contracts
    • Unlimited Meetings
    • Meet Your Actual DJ

    About the Wedding DJ, Singer, Wedding MC and Guitarist

    We specialise in providing professional entertainment solutions for weddings, schools, corporate and private functions.

    If you need a Wedding DJ for your reception, a guitarist for your wedding ceremony or just a Professional MC to coordinate and run your reception, we’ve got the solution for you.

    Craig Francis Music - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    craig francis music

    0403 072 104


    It’s a big day, right? For many couples, there is no bigger. And amongst all the things that go together to create a great wedding experience, great music can be the icing on the…. cake or even an important part of ceremonial proceedings. Whether you’re looking for live ceremony accompaniment, a live band and MC that’ll ignite the reception, or all of the above, look no further than Craig Francis and his wedding band.

    Hundreds of happy couples across Melbourne and Victoria have boogied to this collection of some of the most talented and in-demand musicians you’ll find in Australia. Is it your turn now?

    Achieving the perfect atmosphere is the key to your big night, so check out our LIVE VIDEOS and let us make sure that all you need to do is SING. DANCE. PARTY. REPEAT. Our mission for every wedding is to make it a memorable one and not only for what a special day it is but also for what a great time you and your guests have when it’s time to loosen the neckties and hit the dance floor! We can also work in some ‘incidental’ music options for accompanying ceremonies and provide a complementary soundtrack to meal and drinks courses.


    We will work with you to make sure that your reception is the one EVERYONE will be talking about! We deliver the perfectly tailored entertainment and great customer service that you deserve for your party and your guests. Craig Francis music is here for you and your special day. We want to make sure it’s just right, so open the conversation with us now — we work with the wedding coordinator or whoever is in charge to make sure that the music integrates seamlessly into proceedings.


    Craig Francis Music is the wedding band Melbourne is dancing to! Providing perfectly tailored live music and atmosphere, we work with you to make your wedding reception the one to remember. We are the stylish, professional and modern choice for Melbourne.

    Experienced and contemporary, we boast unmatched versatility and some of Melbourne’s best musicians, live entertainers, DJ and MC services, which means all you have to do is dance. So get your friends and family up and moving with the Wedding Band Melbourne loves to party with!

    Melbourne Premier Entertainment - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    melbourne premier entertainment

    1300 52 54 51

    Welcome to Melbourne Premier Entertainment!

    At Melbourne Premier Entertainment, we have on offer a wide spectrum of the very best in live entertainment and event services that’s sure to impress at your next event. Whether you’re looking for a DJ, photographer, MC or even a fireworks display, we have something perfect to suit you. Catering to all your needs, be it a large scale celebration, an intimate birthday party, wedding day or a corporate event, Melbourne Premier Entertainment has you covered, ensuring guests will be talking about your event for time to come.

    We understand the value in quality and pride ourselves in maintaining high levels of professional service no matter what you’ve opted for. Our unique selection process ensures that every performer or product we supply is nothing less than PREMIER because we want our clients’ entertainment factor to be a great experience every time around. That’s the MPE Guarantee!

    Choose from our huge range of specialised services.

    Wedding with Melbourne Premier Entertainment Company

    Your special day is a once in a lifetime event and a reason to pull out all the stops. A big part of that is choosing the soundtrack that will compliment the whole event, not to mention jaw-dropping entertainment your guests will be in awe of. We know just how crucial that is to have the perfect wedding day to remember.

    There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking the right music, having it blend seamlessly into your theme and complement the overall ambience, be it at the ceremony, reception or dinner, and each should be a reflection of the moment in time.

    That’s why we have a wide range of entertainment options to suit your personal style. We’ll start by sharing with you everything there is to know about each artist and performer, images, setlist, videos etc., so you can picture the feel of their performance.

    Once decided, we’ll arrange a one on one meeting to go through each small detail of your big day, confirming your choice of songs and music wanted. Liaising with the venue and other parties involved to make sure everything goes off without a hitch! You’ll even be able to communicate directly with the entertainers prior to the wedding to go over your requirements and prepare exactly what you want to produce the finest possible entertainment available.

    Not only that, but we go the extra mile to comply with all regulations and music licensing fees, so nothing gets in the way of your special day.


    Need an experienced DJ for your next event? Whatever the style, we have a great range on offer to set the right mood for any occasion.

    They’ll not only sound the part but also look great doing it, bringing magnitudes of charisma and charm to liven up the night and using their professional experience to give the crowd exactly what they want to make sure everyone has a great time.

    Whether you need a male, female or want to make it a duo, we’ve got a huge selection to choose from playing the best in Top 40, RnB, House, Latin, Soul, Funk, to 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

    Our DJs are a perfect addition to any event, especially on high requests for weddings, because we create the right atmosphere for any part of the night – ceremony, pre-dinner drinks/canapé hour or reception.  

    DJ Band

    Think just a DJ won’t cut it and want to really blow the roof of your next event, then your definitely going to want to consider getting a DJ Band for the best of both Live and contemporary music; because nothing gets more attention and crowds involved than a great voice and live music. Our typical lineup can include a DJ, Singer, Saxophonist, and Percussion with options for other instruments, so pick and choose a unique offering to complement the mood at your next event.

    We’ll recommend some amazing acts and floor dropping singers that will get heads turning all within your budget.

    For whatever event you may be thinking about getting a DJ, you’ll be happy you chose Melbourne Premier Entertainment!

    Duos & Trios

    Sometimes just one singer isn’t enough, and you want to have the capabilities to mix between a variety of different styles, especially if you’ve got male and female performers. It brings a lot of different elements to the table that complement each other in the best way.

    Have them perform some of your all time favourite songs, the latest hits or take it old school with some classic soul and funk music, the list is practically endless. We’ve got a fantastic range to choose from that will complement almost any event because the options are simply so versatile.

    Jazz Bands

    Our Jazz performers are a culmination of years of experience playing great music, and true passion rolled into one great package. You’ll be transported to an era of blues, soul and classic jazz that will take you on a journey of a lifetime.

    Adding a distinctive and memorable performance that produces nothing but good vibes and vivacious entertainment for the whole event.

    Need any extra help finding a photographer, florist or stylist you can trust? We’d be happy to help provide you with tried and tested people we personally recommend.

    It’s our mission to create a truly memorable wedding day for our clients, guaranteeing each bride gets the special attention she deserves and a truly unique day she’ll never want to forget.

    Undercover Band - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    undercover band

    0419 525 828


    Finding music for your Melbourne wedding is a tough gig! 

    So…why make it so hard on yourself?

    The members of Undercover pinch themselves every time they have the honour to bring this type of entertainment to celebrations near you.

    Music is our passion, our calling and our goal to make your event memorable to everyone in attendance, one that makes people turn and say, “I’ve never enjoyed myself more!”


    Our complete package starts with our extremely high standard of musicianship found in our advanced repertoire of covers dating from the 70’s to today.

    We aren’t just like every other Melbourne wedding band.

    We love to rock. Undercover plays pop and rock music from the 50s to today. So whether you love some Elvis or some Fleetweed Mac, with some Footloose and a few Maroon 5 songs thrown in for good measure, our song list will have every guest on their feet - from kids to grandparents! 

    Undercover pride ourselves in a tidy appearance and, naturally, use premium performance and lighting gear.



    Rob: Electric Guitar/Acoustic/Vox

    Iwan: Electric Guitar/Vox

    Patrick: Bass

    Brendan: Drums/Vox


    • Front of house and fold back Yamaha dxr12 speakers
    • Yamaha dxs12 Subwoofer
    • 3 microphones which can be used for MC and speeches
    • Lighting rig to light up the dance floor and surrounding space 
    • iPod connectivity


    • Songs from the 50s to today that will get everyone on the dance floor
    • The background sets are perfect for when guests arrive and during dinner


    • Extra sets of music.
    • Live acoustic music for your wedding ceremony as your guests arrive, bridal processional, signing of the register and first dance
    • The ability to play requested songs from the bride and groom
    • MC service from one of our highly charismatic and skilled band members.

    Groove Junction Entertainment - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    groove junction entertainment



    Groove Junction Entertainment offers live music entertainment services by the finest musicians performing in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia wide. Specialising in Corporate Events, Wedding Entertainment and Private Parties, our live band will take your event to the next level. 


    Our Wedding Entertainment is offered in a range of packages designed to match the mood at each stage of the day.

    Create an intimate and romantic atmosphere with our Acoustic Duos and Solo Artists as your ceremony unfolds or as guests mingle over canapes. Music is the life and soul of any party, and there is nothing like a live wedding band at your reception to get everyone, young and old, on the dance floor. Then, keep the party going with our wedding DJ, who knows how to keep the night alive.

    Groove Junction is not just a Melbourne wedding band. We have enjoyed performing in the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Ballarat and Bendigo. Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter the location.


    Groove Junction Entertainment Wedding Band is the premier choice for Wedding Entertainment in Melbourne and Australia Wide. Our best memories are shaped by the emotions that great music can evoke. Our professional musicians are experts in creating special moments that will ensure your wedding entertainment creates a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Our talented musicians understand that it is your special day. We will work with you to tailor your wedding music to your specific needs at each step of the way. From the ceremony and reception to the dance floor, Groove Junction is here to create your perfect live music experience.  


    Our wedding band is available in a range of options to ensure your wedding music suits your event perfectly. Choose from a 4 piece to 9 piece format with a horn section.

    We also have a selection of Melbourne’s finest singers, each with unique styles and sounds. Groove Junction Wedding Band perform a diverse array of dance floor packing classics. Our Wedding Song list includes Pop, Reggae, Funk, Soul, R&B and Jazz music. 

    Add a DJ or Acoustic Duo to your band package to treat your wedding guests even more! 


    Groove Junction Entertainment has a selection of Melbourne’s finest artists for hire. Their repertoire spans a wide range of genres, sounds and styles. Our singers are available in a variety of formats such as an Acoustic Duo, in a Wedding Band, Cover Band, or as a solo artist. 

    Providing a first-class entertainment experience, our wedding bands are available in a 3-10 piece band format. We also offer acoustic duos, solo performers and DJ services.

    Enquire now to find out why Groove Junction is one of Melbourne’s most popular cover bands for functions and weddings!

    The Chill Project - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    the chill project

    ‘The Chill Project’ Duo/Band - Live Entertainment! Covering all styles of music from the 70’s to Now! Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Blues & of course Classic Party Hits to dance the night away!

    The Chill Projects’ Sophie Katinis and Andrew Cleak are a musical duo that can definitely entertain any crowd with their humble ways and rocking tunes! From the start of the ceremony, right to the end of the reception, they will capture heartstrings, create an atmosphere full of love and laughter, and no doubt leave behind some sore feet and fun dancefloor memories. Both with over 20 years of experience performing in bands and solo, across Australia and Internationally, these two combined create a music experience you’ll want to have on your special day!


    Sophie is an Australian Singer, Actor and Voice Over Artist! A Graduate from WAAP.A - (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts), with a B/A in Music Theatre, Sophie is a highly skilled and accomplished entertainer! She has starred in many Theatre Productions, Concerts and Television shows across Australia and Internationally! One of her greatest achievements was playing the role of ‘Ellen’ in the hit Cameron Mackintosh musical ‘Miss Saigon’. She’s also performed alongside some of Australia’s most loved stage and screen personalities at Channel 7’s ‘Carols in the Domain’, had the opportunity to tour the USA singing in shows at Disneyland and Hawaii, and was part of the original popular children’s band Hi-5 as the 6th member/swing, where she covered all 5 members on TV and live on their world tour! On television, Sophie has had many lead roles and guest appearances on Home & Away, Packed to the Rafters, Underbelly, Out of the Blue, Stupid Stupid Man, COPs L.A.C, to name a few. 

    Sophie has always loved singing with live bands and has fronted many cover bands over the years, with most recently leading one of Sydney’s premier Party Bands, ‘Planet Groove’, and also one of Melbourne’s most sought after corporate and wedding bands, ‘Higher Ground- HG4’! Sophie currently sings with Melbourne covers band ‘The Crawdaddys’, with regular performances at Gibsons Wine Bar in Hawthorn, and for private functions and events. 


    Andy is a 40yr old Australian with a BA in Music from Monash University. After studying Voice and guitar, Andrew has gone on to form a career working as a musician in top bands in Melbourne. Andrew joined Princess Cruiselines for two contracts playing with the Showband as a solo guitarist and singer. He then took his own 5 piece band on the Disney Wonder Cruiseship, where he was bandleader, vocalist and guitarist—recently joining Carnival Cruiseline as a fly on soloist – singer/Guitarist. A regular performer for Australia’s top Agencies performing for Corporate, weddings, pubs and clubs.

    Stephanie Sarah - Wedding Musician Melbourne

    stephanie sarah

    0405 028 279

    Bespoke wedding music for your special day in Melbourne!

    The quality of your wedding music can make a huge difference to how you and your guests enjoy and remember your wedding day. The best wedding music will reflect your desired mood and atmosphere, whether that be a unique, show-stopping performance or just classical and instrumental background music. 

    Given the variety of wedding venues in Melbourne, it is important that the music is adapted to suit the acoustics and ambience of the special setting where you tie the knot.

    Before the day, you can have as little or as much input into the wedding music selection as you like. That way, you can relax and enjoy the day with your loved ones – with one less thing to worry about! 

    Stephanie Sarah Stamopoulos is an award-winning cellist based in Melbourne, Australia.

    Steph studied at the Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK), under the tutelage of Karine Georgian and Sally Pendlebury, and attained a Bachelor and Masters degree in Cello Performance. Following this, Steph moved to Austria to study with Maestra Natalia Gutman at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK) under their exceptional student program.

    Steph has won awards at a number of competitions, including first prize at the 2020 Mahler Cello Competition (Czech Republic), Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition and The Royal Northern College of Music Salon Prize.

    As an avid orchestral and chamber music cellist, Steph has performed with the BBC Philharmonic (UK) and has also performed as Principal Cellist with Opera North (UK). As a chamber musician, Steph won the Olwyn Game Memorial Award (Australia) and has enjoyed performing in Vienna with her piano quartet.

    Steph has performed all around the world in concerts, events, weddings and functions on both acoustic and electric cello. From VIP sporting events in the UK to weddings in Lake Como (Italy), Steph has a plethora of experience performing all genres of music.

    Song requests of any genre or religion are welcome. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    For more information, feel free to check out my Easy Weddings profile.

    Blazyn Nights - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    blazyn nights

    0419 882 377

    Blazyn Nights is a professional and reliable service that will provide you with music for your special day at a reasonable rate.

    Your Wedding, Engagement, Birthday, Corporate or Sporting Event sometimes requires a personal touch. We can cater to your needs at any given event or function. Blazyn Nights strive to ensure that your special event is thoroughly planned and precisely delivered. We will communicate with you regularly throughout the planning phase and during the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    As a small business, Blazyn Nights will ensure that you always get the care and attention that you deserve for any special occasion. This means that we will speak to you in person, by email, text and make sure that our channels of communication are open. We can meet with you before your event at the venue or at another destination to arrange music and run sheets. This is especially important in the case of weddings and larger events that have a lot of planning and other services involved.


    All weddings are looked after with professionalism and care as this is your big event. We will meet with you to do a pre-wedding consultation to discuss any personal requests.

    • Weddings are packaged at a minimum of 5 hours. If additional time is required, please contact Blazyn Nights to discuss your needs.
    • We are happy to liaise with other professionals at your event, e.g. event management, MCs, photographers and videographers.
    • We have a cordless microphone that can be used for speeches and used to transmit audio to the professional in charge of your video recording for the night.
    • Music can be chosen by you to play at your function (please refer to our song lists).
    • We will play your guests’ music requests, chosen on the night.
    • Blazyn Nights will always provide the most experienced DJ/MC on the night of your event. This will ensure that there are no hitches, making your event a most memorable occasion.
    • We are able to MC your function on request.

    The DJ behind the music is:

    Natalie – DJ / Singer (Contemporary & Jazz) / Drummer

    Natalie has played gigs since the age of 15 and is an accomplished singer. Natalie also plays drums/percussion and sings jazz with the ‘The Doctors’ and, more recently, the Xheka Quintet. With her extensive experience in the music industry, Natalie has played and sung a wide and eclectic variety of music styles.

    Australian Entertainment Services - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    australian entertainment services

    03 9481 7109


    We specialise in booking great entertainment for weddings and corporate events.

    We understand how important it is to book the right act. Our value is in our 20+ years of experience organising entertainment and equipment for all types of events.

    You’ll choose us because:

    • Budget: We make sure you don’t overpay for an act.
    • Reliable: We steer you away from unreliable acts and those that will cancel for a better offer.
    • Protection: We can replace acts at short notice when illness or mishaps threaten to ruin your event.
    • Accountable: We don’t pay acts until they’ve completed the gig.

    Call us or use our contact form, and one of our experienced specialists will answer any questions and guide you through the process of booking entertainment for your wedding or corporate event.

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect background musician for your wedding ceremony, a carefully curated DJ set during dinner, a live band to get everyone out on the dance floor or even an experienced MC to keep the event on track, we have the experience and connections to make sure you get exactly what you want on the best day of your life.

    The Wedding Entertainment Service

    At AES, we represent the very best in wedding entertainment as well as additional wedding services. As part of our Wedding Band Service in Melbourne, we are here to help guide and advise you on one of the most important days of your life. Our aim is to make your day memorable and stress-free whilst always being mindful of your budget.


    AES can also organise the celebrant and music for your ceremony. We have a fantastic array of solo guitarists, harpists, violinists, vocalists and string ensembles to choose from. Australian Entertainment Services are renowned for having the leading wedding bands in Melbourne. . As a result, you are left with no doubts about the quality of your wedding entertainment.

    How it Works

    Once you have selected your entertainment, your designated consultant will assist with organising your evening. Based on 21 years of experience, we offer function running sheet templates for your consideration. All of our acts perform up to 1 x 40 minute dinner set followed by 2 or 3 x 40-minute party sets (flexible if need be). Our acts are happy to learn or assist with making the right choice for your ‘first dance’ music. Please make an appointment with one of our consultants with the contact form (obligation free) to assist with your special day.


    Australian Entertainment Services has the largest selection of bands for hire around Melbourne and Victoria. 

    From Top 40 cover bands to classical, swing, country and instrumental ensembles. Australian Entertainment Services has a band to suit your venue, budget and audience. All of our bands for hire maintain the highest quality of professionalism. Therefore they value the importance of being able to make your event as special as possible. 

    At AES, we pride ourselves on being able to make your event as easy as possible. Therefore, this means that we are there every step of the way, from the initial chat, choosing and hiring the band and the smooth running of the day itself.

    Contact us below, and we will be in touch for a no-obligation chat about the right band for you!


    Australian Entertainment Services proudly represents some of Australia’s most sought after acoustic and electronic solo performers, duos and trios. We also represent a collection of some of the best Disc and Video Jockeys around.

    We can work with you to find the act most suitable for your venue or event, so contact us today for a no-obligation chat about what Australian Entertainment Services can do for you.

    Australian Entertainment Services proudly represents some of Australia’s most sought after acoustic and electronic solo performers. In addition to amazing duos and trios. AES also represents a collection of some of the best Disc and Video Jockeys around. We can work with you to find the act most suitable for your venue or event, so contact us today for a no-obligation chat about what Australian Entertainment Services can do for you.

    Australian Entertainment Services (AES) is Australia’s leading supplier of corporate and contemporary entertainment. AES has a large amount of artist listings on board. Therefore, we have the most complete and comprehensive range of performers available to you.

    AES is a unique agency that was created by Entertainers. Today it is run by present and ex-entertainers. Our advantage is that we have extensive experience within the industry. This spans over 30 years. Because of this, our team have knowledge of both venues and entertainers.

    We also pride ourselves on our unique ability to provide any type of entertainment and tailor it to you. As a result, our acts can suit any personal requirements you may have. So no matter how large, small or unusual the occasion may be, we have entertainment for you. The team here at AES combines knowledge, creativity and experience with friendly and professional service. If you are looking for immediate entertainment booking advice, including pricing, please call 03 9481 7100 or use our contact form.

    Ben Fox Band - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    ben fox band


    Ben Fox Band is an extremely versatile DJ, band and solo musician supplying live music for weddings, corporate functions and more. Ben’s approach is to bring the perfect atmosphere to your wedding, corporate function or private party while making the planning process easy and enjoyable. Ben Fox Band will learn songs and take requests at your event, along with an extensive song list that will ensure a great night for all age groups.

    Ben Fox Band’s flexible packages allow you to deal with just one supplier to handle all of your wedding or corporate music needs. Book Ben’s “one man band” show on acoustic guitar and vocals, with a duo partner, as a DJ or choose your preferred band arrangement from the list under the WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT or CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT tabs above.

    About Ben Fox…

    Since I was young, my passion has always been music. My parents gave me my first guitar at the age of 14, and from there, I explored my dad’s cd collection, learning Hendrix and Led Zeppelin songs. I remember, much to my neighbours’ dismay, spending most of my free time as a kid rocking out in my bedroom to my favourite guitar solos. I’m surprised I still have heard, I used to turn my amp up near full and play for hours.

    After high school, I went on to complete a Bachelor in music at my local TAFE, where I found my love for live performance, recording and audio engineering. After graduating from TAFE, I decided a change of scenery was needed, so I packed my things and moved from Cairns to Sydney and completed a Bachelor in Jazz performance at the International Conservatorium of Music (AICM). I managed to stumble my way into a few amazing performance opportunities, which led me to the wonderful world of weddings and corporate events.

    I couldn’t think of a better career, and I am thankful to everyone that takes the time to listen.


    Perfect for weddings where space or budget are limited. As a soloist, Ben can provide an environment suitable for both relaxed cocktail parties or upbeat social functions. Ben Fox Band’s most booked package is the SOLO + DJ combination.

    With Ben Fox Band’s SOLO + DJ all day wedding package, you will have live acoustic entertainment for your ceremony, canapés and dinner service, then Ben will switch to DJ for your party sets.

    Band - Trio/Quartet

    Customise your band size by adding extra musicians, the basic TRIO size has Ben on vocals and guitar plus a bass player and drummer. Chat to Ben today about optional additions.

    Full day wedding packages include Ben performing solo acoustic music during your ceremony and canapés, then band for your entire reception.


    Have Ben DJ at your wedding and choose your favourite songs for your dance floor, as well as make requests on the night. Download Ben’s song list here for a sample of what you’ll hear on your wedding night.

    Combine this with Ben Fox Band’s Solo or Duo package & have the addition of live acoustic music throughout your wedding ceremony, canapés and dinner service, then switch to DJ to open up the dance floor.

    ALL STAR - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    all star

    404 836 047


    High energy performances, engaging crowd interaction and smart song choice have solidified ALL STAR as Melbourne’s #1 party band to hire for weddings and corporate events.

    Playing the latest Top 40 songs plus all the classics from decades past, ALL STAR will have you and your guests on the dance floor in no time.

    With over 2000 performances between them, ALL STAR boasts Melbourne’s most professional working musicians. 

    Clients ALL STAR have played for include:

    Nandos, RSPCA, IBM Australia, Crown Melbourne, McCain Foods, Isuzu, Showtime Events, Melbourne University, Associated Retailers Limited, Wyndham Resorts and more.

    Your next steps...

    1. Bookmark the website

    2. Read the FAQ’s

    3. Contact them to check availability for your event date

    4. Register your attendance at the next live showcase

    ALL STAR look forward to hearing from you!

    Secret Sounds - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    big room entertainment

    0422 322 709

    You’re getting married! Congratulations.

    This day is all about you.

    Big Room Entertainment recognises that this is the biggest day of your life, and we are proud to provide the helping hand for designing your perfect wedding.

    Music and entertainment play a very significant role in your big day, and we are proud of our history to boast such a success rate and quality service for weddings.

    We are committed to providing the much-needed atmosphere.


    Big Room Entertainment is proud to present some of the most talented singers in Melbourne.

    Coupled with the entertainer is the DJ Band, which complement the performance for an outstanding and memorable event.


    Our Guitarists are sure to delight, with extensive experience playing in front of crowds of all sizes, from small intimate gig’s to wedding receptions to playing in front of thousands at some of Melbourne’s most premier venues.

    With only the most sought guitarist’s on our roster, they are sure to leave a lasting impression from all genres, including Rock, Pop, Funk and Soul to Top 40.

    Our guitarists are even able to customise some of their songs to include the names of our clients in the event.

    With such an impressive list, we are sure to match up your event with a fantastic artist.

    For 20 years, we have been providing entertainment for weddings and, fair to say, and we know what we are doing with our solid reputation and can accommodate all requests to make sure the day goes off without one hitch and all praise from guests.

    ​We understand that no two weddings are the same, so we personalise each one to suit the happy couple. We are always happy and willing to help with any questions or requirements.

    Not only can we provide a DJ, but also you can bundle a DJ band together. Organise a photo booth and guitarists, arrange photographers and videographers, MC’s, audio recording of speeches.

    The list goes on.

    Take advantage of our Entertainment packages, bundle together your DJ entertainment with a Photobooth for amazing savings and a fun-filled evening.

    Contact us today and talk to our industry experts to see what we can do for you.

    You have been dreaming and planning and saving for the wedding of your dreams. Now it’s time to relax in the one aspect that will make your party memorable – the entertainment.

    Let’s be honest, and we’ve all seen the cheesy DJs or bedroom iPod amateurs who try to deliver a one-of-a-kind vision but then end up falling woefully short. Since we opened our doors, it’s been our mantra to change that stereotypical event experience. No longer do you have to wonder, stress or settle for passé entertainment. At Big Room Entertainment, we look to take your vision to the next level with creativity, passion, and a unique set of talents that will have your guests lavishing you with comment after comment about how incredible the entertainment was. You will leave the event saying, “Big Room Entertainment really made our party.”

    At Big Room Entertainment, your party is not just another event on the calendar for us. We’re looking to create the wow factor that results in the “oohs and aahs” from your guests. We take great care to capture the musical soundtrack that best represents who you are and keeps you and your guests singing along, dancing the night away. Plus, we have a ton of enhancement options to truly set your event apart. From your initial planning consultation straight through to the day of your party, our highly skilled entertainment experts, DJs and polished MCs listen carefully to your vision and then execute a flawless party that is guaranteed to exceed expectations! You take centre stage and are our priority from the moment you reach out to us, as it should be.

    We love our DJ’s and Our DJ’s love us.

    We have the most reliable, honest and well-presented artists in the game, period.

    Big Room Entertainment boasts an impressive list of Melbourne’s most sought after function DJ’s that will always leave you wanting more for your next event, whether that is a Wedding, Corporate event or Birthday Party, our experienced DJ’s will ensure your celebration will be the most complete and satisfying to date.

    All our DJ’s have wealth and passion for music that only years and even decades of experience can provide. Combine this knowledge with the unique ability to read a crowd, and you have the perfect formula to ensure everybody from the youngest to the eldest guests will be up dancing!

    Take advantage of our Entertainment packages, bundle together your DJ entertainment with a Photo booth for amazing savings and a fun-filled evening.

    If you are looking for something more, then why not compliment the music style with a unique twist. Add a saxophonist, percussion or singer together with the DJ.

    Or, for the ultimate package, include all four for a distinct DJ band combination, each artist complimenting the next with an upbeat and vibrant mix of talent to make your event that ‘extra’ special.


    Big Room Entertainment is proud to present some of the most talented singers in Melbourne.

    Coupled with the entertainer is the DJ Band, which complement the performance for an outstanding and memorable event.


    Our guitarists are sure to delight, with extensive experience playing in front of crowds of all sizes, from small intimate gig’s to wedding receptions to playing in front of thousands at some of Melbourne’s most premier venues.

    With only the most sought guitarist’s on our roster, they are sure to leave a lasting impression from all genres, including Rock, Pop, Funk and Soul to Top 40.

    Our guitarists are even able to customise some of their songs to include the names of our clients in the event.

    With such an impressive list, we are sure to match up your event with a fantastic artist.

    Contact us to find out more, including artist bios.

    Mr Boutique - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    0419 167 444

    Mr Boutique wedding band

    When you invite us to be a part of your wedding day, we bring the experience of a brilliant wedding band that’s performed at hundreds of wedding ceremonies, receptions and engagement parties since 2011.

    We’ve done it all, from high-formality occasions to low-key celebrations – and everything in between. We’re passionate about weddings, one of the most special community events that bring people together from all walks of life. We make sure our wedding band performs music for each and every one of those guests and helps to bring them together for a time to remember.

    We play soul, funk, pop, RnB, jazz & classic party songs

    We perform classics from artists including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Van Morrison, Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Gnarles Barkley, Ray Charles, Adele, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Paul Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé and heaps more.

    Top Melbourne musicians with a passion for performing.

    Mr Boutique Melbourne Wedding Band Wedding SingersMr Boutique was founded in 2011, when Tom Barton, a professional singer trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, felt the need for a whole new breed of wedding and function band service.

    Tom’s goal was to address what was missing in the industry: Personalised and trustworthy service, with musicians and singers of the highest professional calibre.

    Mr Boutique uses only the best musicians and singers in Melbourne. Our limited pool of elite artists all have rich professional careers – in the wedding/function band industry and with their own original music. We don’t employ lists of hobbyists or amateurs like other agencies will do to attract as many bookings as possible.

    Mr Boutique is built on trust. If you book one of our singers and band, then that’s exactly who you get for your performance. We’ve had several clients tell us about agencies who act otherwise, and that’s just not cool.

    We aim to simplify the band booking experience. It’s usually pretty rare for our clients to have booked a band before, so we don’t assume any knowledge. We encourage you to ask questions, and we explain the process in plain language. We want you to feel that Mr Boutique has been an invaluable ally in your planning process.

    The result is our boutique music performance service: Engaged consultation, valuable experience and guidance, and some of the best musical performers in the world—all at a modest price point made possible by dealing with the band directly.

    Included in every booking

    Any musical style

    From cocktail parties to packed dance floors – music for all occasions.

    All sound equipment

    Full professional sound system, free mic for speeches & background music.

    Local business

    We’re local Melbourne musicians. Know and trust who you’re booking.

    Real service

    We stay with you all the way with support and guidance.

    Robert Rothko - Melbourne Wedding Singer

    robert rothko

    0403 779 577

    A well-rounded, classically trained vocalist and guitarist perfect for religious and secular music; style ranges from Josh Groban to Ed Sheeran.

    Robert Rothko is a world-class vocalist and musician originally from Indianapolis, USA. He studied opera in Vienna and earned a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance from the number-one-ranked vocal school in the United States: The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

    Robert has been singing in weddings since the early age of 12; he employs his extensive training, versatility, and years of experience to meet any request and deliver the perfect entertainment for your special day.

    • Performs during wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions
    • Comfortable playing religious and secular music in a wide range of styles – from operatic to contemporary rock and pop
    • Accompanied by piano and/or guitar
    • Able to learn specific song requests and tailor the music perfectly to your taste
    • Professional Bose sound system that delivers crystal-clear, high-quality audio

    Lua Lua Music - Wedding Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    lua lua

    03 9498 5473

    These incredible musicians can create beautiful atmospheres or up the tempo for something more exciting!

    Lua Lua is the joint cover music project of Paul Cooper & Tamblyne Brittaine. Based in Melbourne, this modern duo showcases the many multi-talented skills that both Paul & Tamblyne possess as seasoned musicians.

    Lua Lua harbours a range of variations within their act, featuring the classic & timeless instrumentation of piano & violin both in its classical form & contemporary as well as dual vocal, stompbox and electric guitar.

    Lua Lua has the ability to produce full, lively soundscapes as well as ambient & relaxing atmospheres.

    The Mood Merchants - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    the mood merchants

    0409 095 638

    We play at dozens of functions all around Melbourne and Victoria, and we’re fortunate to work with lots of great people and businesses who come together to make those events successful. Here are some who really stand out.

    The Mood Merchants come together in four regular jazz-focused groups, each suited to a range of common situations (weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions and promotions). They also specialise in creating custom ensembles for unique or unusual situations.

    The Mood Merchants Quintet features the sublime vocals of Mary Louise Hatch over tight arrangements of classic jazz songs and jazz-infused Latin, pop and soul numbers. It can play everything from quiet, intimate background music to full-on dance sets. It is perfect for weddings and corporate events in medium-to-large venues.

    The Mood Merchants Trio has three different configurations, each with its own instrumentation and specialist musicians.

    There is a swinging background music group, perfect for creating an atmosphere at weddings, events and corporate functions.

    There is a group dedicated to restaurant roving, a quiet and fully acoustic trio that can go from table to table, providing intimate and interactive entertainment to diners.

    And there is a street roving group, a fully acoustic and mobile trio that can create a carnival atmosphere for outdoor events and promotions.

    These four groups can cover lots of situations, but if your event needs something a bit unique, we specialise in creating custom ensembles to meet your needs.

    Kellie Anne Music - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    kellie anne music

    0439 636 680

    Kellie Anne Band is an incredible Melbourne based band made up of Australia’s best musicians. Whether you choose an acoustic duo or a 7 piece band, we aim to deliver quality music, fun-filled dance floors and high energy performances that captivate any audience and create an unforgettable experience. Each wedding playlist is built around you and can be customised to suit all the music you love.

    You obviously have good taste.

    Welcome to the place of quality music & fun-filled dance floors.

    On behalf of all your future guests…. Thank you for being here!

    A Little About The Lady…

    • Her brand is her excellence.
    • Her reputation speaks volumes.
    • And if you’ve seen her perform, you will not forget it.

    Mixing rich vocals, killer high energy and the warmest heart, each performance is.. just unforgettable.

    You’re in good hands

    • The Incredible Melbourne based band is made up of the most sought after musicians in the country.
    • Always performing at the highest of standards, with musical skills that enchant and captivate any audience.

    We know that planning an event is a lot of work! So we hope to be involved and make the music part an easy, reliable process for you.

    Tampa Bay’s Premier Live Wedding Band - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    tampa bay wedding music band

    (813) 431 3121

    First of all, understand that this is absolutely not a sales pitch. The truth is, live entertainment or any form of entertainment at your wedding is not something that you need. Let’s not forget what marriage is all about. It’s a public declaration of love and lifelong devotion between two soulmates. Everything else is just icing on the cake. That being said...Who doesn’t love icing!!?? And if you have a lot of family and friends who you want to share this momentous occasion, you may as well treat them to the time of their lives! It’s all about creating memories that will last forever. A fun and upbeat WEDDING BAND can do just that. Nothing completes an exciting event quite like a LIVE MUSIC experience!

    Tampa and Orlando’s Best Live Music and Entertainment

    From Me To You is a Florida-based, high energy top-40 dance band specialising in Tampa Bay weddings, corporate functions and private parties, and we proudly serve the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Naples, Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville areas!

    Fronting the group are three-star quality vocalists, each specialising in specific genres of music. These young and charismatic entertainers will have your guests dancing all night long with their renditions of everyone’s favourite hits!

    We understand your guest list will include a wide range of age groups. Everyone from your baby cousins, brothers and sisters, friends and former classmates, mom and dad, all the way up to grandma and grandpa! For this reason, it’s SO important to have a band that is diverse and able to pull off a variety of styles to please multiple generations. Our song list covers standards from the early days of Rock N Roll, Motown, 70’s Disco and Classic Rock, on up through the Retro Rock and Pop of the 80’s, a multitude of popular 90’s styles all the way up to the dance hits of today. We got you covered, from Elvis Presley to Bruno Mars and everything in between!

    The band from Tampa is comprised of highly experienced professional musicians, all from very active performing backgrounds. Our instrumentalists are able to provide wedding ceremony music as well as cocktail hour music with the option of classical guitar, keyboard or a combination of both. If a more specific kind of ensemble is desired for these events, I am more than willing to work out the details. For the wedding reception, we provide our own state of the art PA system, professional sound engineer and concert quality stage lighting. And yes, that includes additional smaller setups for the ceremony and cocktail hour if needed!


    Have a special song that you and your lifemate want to dance to? Need a slightly altered version of it to help the night flow better? How about parent dances? Would the bride and her father like a special dance? Maybe the groom and his mother? Perhaps there is another close friend or family member that you’d like to have a special song played for. Whatever it is, we will work it out. The important thing is that we get it just right for your specific celebration. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime occasion!

    The bottom line is, WE GOT THIS! The musical entertainment portion of your event is in good hands with us! I’ve been on both ends of this process, and I know that you have lots of planning to do and lots of details to iron out. The last thing you need is to have to stress over the musical aspect of your special day. My job is to ensure that your guests will be thoroughly entertained all night long and that you all walk away from this night with precious memories that will resonate in your hearts for many years to come. You have my word that I will do just that!

    Miss Rosie Events - Wedding Singer Melbourne

    miss rosie events

    0418 565 147

    Modern ​DJ, Singer and Master of Ceremonies packages for Melbourne Weddings and Events. With over 15 years of entertainment experience, including touring Australia as a professional vocalist, my wedding and event packages are tailored to suit my client’s style and aesthetic. 

    I offer the following entertainment services:

    • DJ
    • Solo Singer (quality acoustic tracks)
    • Master of Ceremonies
    • Event themes 

    Melbourne Female Acoustic Singer with quality backing tracks

    Female Singer Rosie Kalber is available to provide elegant + stylish live vocals for your Melbourne wedding or event, accompanied by quality acoustic piano + guitar tracks.

    Rosie has over 15 years as a professional vocalist, having toured Australia as both a lead + backing vocalist.

    If you seek a wedding ceremony singer, reception entertainment or event entertainment, our acoustic female singer package is a wonderful + cost-effective live music option for your next event.

    Melbourne Wedding, Event + Party DJ

    With over 10 years of experience as a DJ + Entertainer in the Melbourne + Australian Industry, I specialise in personalised, stylish + fun DJ Entertainment.

    My packages accommodate all party music styling + provide assistance in music selection. I specialise in RnB, HipHop, Commercial Dance + the 80s, 90s + 2000 plus music mixes. 

    Rosie Kalber will keep your event flowing with a Wedding Master of Ceremonies Service that provides effective time management, + keeps guests involved + entertained throughout your function.  

    ​The Wedding MC Package provides a detailed planning process for a smooth + seamlessly executed event, including:

    • a meeting to design the event to bring your unique vision to life
    • discussions of schedules and timelines
    • arrangement of key activities
    • a run-through of the event prior to the day

    ​Rosie Kalber is a respected + in-demand professional Melbourne Wedding MC + will add a touch of class + fun to your wedding or event. With years of experience managing + hosting events all over the country, Rosie will ensure that your event runs smoothly + your guests are confidently directed throughout the proceedings.

    Chantelle and Jon Melbourne Acoustic Duo - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    chantelle & jon melbourne acoustic duo


    Chantelle & Jon Acoustic Duo...

    Our Melbourne’s premier acoustic cover duo, blending today’s hits with ageless classics. This duo delivers a versatile range of live music to suit all tastes, whether you are looking to hire a band for your wedding, bar event or function. 

    Choosing the best entertainment for your event is important. An acoustic duo can significantly enhance your customers’ experience at your bar/café and can create a memorable event. 

    Chantelle and Jon Acoustic Duo delivers some of the highest quality live cover music Melbourne has to offer. If you’re looking to hire a band for your event, this duo is sure to make it an unforgettable experience.

    WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT with Chantelle and Jon Melbourne Acoustic Duo 

    Let Chantelle and Jon Acoustic Duo take you on a musical journey of all your favourite songs, from early classics to the modern-day hits and everything in between.

    The duo has had many years of experience playing weddings and other events and functions. So you can be confident that Chantelle and Jon Acoustic Duo are the right choice for your wedding and help make your dream day come true.

    Chantelle and Jon are professional wedding duo. This is some of the highest quality wedding entertainment Australia has to offer. There has never been an unhappy client, and we’re sure you’ll be happy too! Chantelle and Jon Acoustic Duo has the highest level of musicianship and quality.  

    Not only do they provide beautiful acoustic music for you and your guests. They also can provide music played over the PA system during the breaks and after the acoustic music has finished. This is when the celebration can continue, and the Bride, Groom and guests have fun on the dancefloor. You’re also more than welcome to use the mic and PA system for speeches.

    Your night is fully customisable to whatever you wish. Chantelle and Jon will consult with you and make the perfect plan for your wedding and make it a reality. They have an extensive song list where they can cater to any particular style you would like and will also learn some of your special requests. 

    Throughout your wedding, you can also choose when you would like the music. Such as:

    • When guests arrive
    • Walking down the aisle
    • Over canape’s 
    • Over Dinner
    • First Dance name a few


    Package 1 - Canape's / Ceremony package 

    • 2 x 45-minute sets over 2 to 3 hours (Over canape’s, ceremony, as guests arrive etc.)  
    • Microphone and PA system for speeches
    • Break music of your choice supplied
    • 2 x songs of your choice (people sometimes use these for walking down the aisle, first     
    • dance, bridal party entrance etc.)
    • Can supply any specific songs by chosen artists played over PA (Bridal party entrance etc.)

    Package 2 - Standard Package 

    • 3 x 45-minute sets over 4 hours (Over canape’s, ceremony, as guests arrive etc.)
    • Microphone and PA system for speeches
    • Break music of your choice supplied
    • 3 x songs of your choice (people sometimes use these for walking down the aisle, first dance, bridal party entrance etc.)
    • Can supply any specific songs by chosen artists played over PA (Bridal party entrance etc.)

    Package 3 -Full package 

    • 4 x 45-minute sets over 5 hours (Over canape’s, ceremony, dinner, as guests arrive etc.)
    • Microphone and PA system for speeches
    • Break music of your choice supplied
    • 4 x songs of your choice (people sometimes use these for walking down the aisle, first dance, bridal party entrance etc.)
    • Can supply any specific songs by chosen artists played over PA (Bridal party entrance etc.)
    • ​Prices are for weddings in the CBD / inner suburbs areas. For weddings outside this area, just get in touch, and we can quote to fulfil your requirements for the most special night of your life.

    One Fun Band - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    one fun band

    0402 405 991


    Looking for an awesome entertainment option for your wedding, party, or corporate event, without paying a fortune for a band? One Fun Band offers outstanding live musicians to charm your crowd and rocks your party all night within the budget of a DJ! For only $1100 including GST, for 5 hours, our soloist package will have all your guests up dancing with an energetic and fun show – all lighting & PA included! Band options are also available – contact us for a quote today!


    Earlier in the night, the music will set the scene. After formalities, the party lights switch on, the energy levels kick right up, and the dance floor becomes the focus. Don’t book entertainment that hides in the shadows – our live energy and audience interaction start the party from the word go and will get even your conservative guests up on the dance floor. Great music is what a lot of people will remember about your wedding reception, party or corporate event, and you can trust us to strike the perfect chord. Over 70 5-star reviews mean you’re in good hands – contact us now to check availability and get an itemised quote.

    Neon Jam Music - Wedding Bands, Singers & Musicians Melbourne

    neon jam

    0437 306 423

    A vibrant and energetic acoustic duo, Guaranteed to enhance your special day.

    Neon Jam performs a vibrant selection of music ranging from popular upbeat hits to laid-back acoustic ballads.

    Neon Jam is a dynamically versatile duo specialising in wedding and corporate event entertainment. Consisting of Vocalist Crystal Hegedis and Guitarist/Vocalist Carlos Peregin, Neon Jam perform a vibrant selection of music ranging from popular upbeat hits to laid-back acoustic ballads.

    With over 40 years of combined experience, this duo seamlessly adapts to any situation thrown their way.

    Whether you need guests kicking up their heels on the dance floor or a more subdued ambience is preferred, Neon Jam is the duo for your occasion!