Wild Romantic Photography

Of earth and salt, petal and pearl, of sweeping horizons that sing forever, we bring to life the passion and authenticity of true romance and capture moments that you will cherish for evermore...

Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of inspired artists, photographers and dreamers who are passionate about capturing precious moments that will speak to your heart forever. Our creative documentary style photography packages are meticulously tailored to the unique elements of your special day and include beautiful retouching of the memories we photograph to instil blissful nostalgia.

We believe that each of our lives are uniquely made of precious moments; moments that define us and shape our essence. Through this we strive to capture the spontaneity of each event so you can remain mindful in the moment and we can deliver the true expression and feelings of your romance and love. The moments may fade but the memories will remain.

Our work is dedicated to the Wild Romantic.

The Wild Romantic behind the brand

Hi, my name is Elle.

Wild Romantic Photography is the creative extension of my life long obsession with art, photography and film. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of how the power of photography could convey a universal language. I love how an image can communicate visual concepts, emotions and the beauty of all things universally.

  • First and foremost, I am an artist. My job is to make you look immaculate on your wedding day.
  • I love to tell a love story from start to end.
  • Think of me as your pair of safe hands. I worry myself sick about all of the fine details so you don't have to. One less thing for you to think about.
  • I have shot and delivered over 100 weddings to 100 happy couples.
  • I received my high calibre technical training from RMIT University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography.
  • I have worked as a personal assistant to marketing and PR manager for celebrated fashion and lifestyle brands such as Cristina Re, Nicole Fendel, and Pedla to gain valuable business experience before following my true calling in creative wedding photography and film.
  • I am visually tormented by the ever changing beautiful colours of the sky.
  • I love the smell of rain.
  • Family is everything.
  • Flowers are a must, always.
  • Pink and blue are my favourite colours.
  • If I could have any power, I would love to heal people.
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