Beach Maternity – 2

Byron Bay, New South Wales

I had the pleasure of capturing my wonderful and creative girlfriend Krystle Knight.

Being a salty water baby herself, Krystle opted to have some fun photos taken of her and baby bump at the beach.

It was a beautiful and sunny day with crystal clear skies with romantic clouds floating around. I personally felt like I was in a dream. How amazing does Krystle look in her photos? I have never seen someone look so beautiful in a set of bikinis.

When trying to select a location for your maternity / pregnancy photos, select a location that fits your personality. If you go to the beach every day, let’s search a beach location. If you love to explore the mountains, let’s pick a mountain location, if you are a foodie and spend your weekends on the hunt for coffee, let’s shoot at a chic cafe. The options are endless. Simply think about what you are after, share your concepts with your photographer and then workshop what works best for you.

Photography is a personal experience, for both you and your photographer. Make it a memorable one.


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