The benefits of getting a couples photography session


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Getting married but don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera? Join the club.

I get told this all the time by couples… We are not photogenic. Or comfortable in front of the camera. Duh! Who is? Unless you are a supermodel or do it for a living. I have been a photographer all of my life and I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera either.

The benefits of getting a couples photography session  by Wild Romantic Photography Melbourne

The best way to get a feel of what photos you like is to get in front of the camera. I highly recommend that you simply book in for a couples portrait shoot. Making time to get couples portrait session or engagement photos can be a big help with the following:

1) You get to have a practise before the big show. Chances are you haven’t had your photos taken by a professional before, so you don’t know what to do. With so much going on the big day, it is great to have one less thing to worry about. Whether you are camera shy or photogenic, the pre-shoot is a great opportunity to in-still confidence and build comfort in front of the camera. It can be daunting to have a camera follow you, it happens to all of us, it’s best to get that anxiety out of the way in advance. Your interactions with each other will become more natural and you’ll learn to avoid the innate reflex to stiff up and smile directly into the camera.

2) Chance to let loose and get creative. Start with the location and pick a place that means something to you both. It can be where you got engaged, a first date or just a very memorable date, where you met (high school / university). Where ever you decide, make it mean something to you.

3) The photos are actually pretty useful. You can use the images for save-the-date cards, receptions seating charts and table indicators, wedding programs, guest books, or even just a really awesome coffee table book for home.

4) Let the photographer to get to know YOU. Not only is it good practice for you, it’s also a great trial run for your photographer. It allows him/her to see how you interact; to learn if you are timid or big on the PDA. They will learn about your personalities, whether you are goofy or serious, and how much direction you’ll need or want. It’s a great time to learn about your love story, chat about your wedding plans, and push to see how affectionate you can get in front of the camera. The opposite is also true, you’ll be able to communicate what you like and don’t like, as well as your preference for angles, expressions, lighting, and editing styles. All this will allow them to tailor the photos to make your images more personal and memorable.

5) Get to know your photographer. It’s great to have your photographer get to know you, but it’s more important that you get to know THEM. Get a taste of their shooting style and learn how they direct you.


Tips on how to prepare for the shoot:

1) Outfit. In regards to outfits, I recommend sticking to neutral tones because they work best. This could be black, white, navy, grey, olive, tan, etc. Or you can wear a neutral colour with one print.

2) Tags. Please review your outfit and cut off any tags. These sneaky tags can turn a great photo into a crap one. Nothing worse than a tag hanging out or making a visible line from the inside out. Photoshopping these tags are very time consuming and expensive. Best way around it is, preparation and prevention.

3) Nails. We suggest getting a manicure and a pedicure. Why? Because you can see both of your hands in the photos! Especially if you want a close up ring shot, it is essential to have this. You don’t want to have regrets later.

4) Hair and makeup. This one is up to you. If you are interested in getting hair and makeup done professionally, please enquire and we can recommend our team of preferred suppliers.

5) Ring. A few clients have commented that that the best thing they did before the shoot was to get their ring cleaned. I am just passing on the message, this is a personal choice.

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